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Meeting November 23, 2005

01:00   JaneW   hi all
01:01   juliux  hi
01:01   JaneW   **roll call**
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01:01   JaneW   I'll note who was at each meeting so that if decision are taken, we'll have a record of who participated in them
01:02   Simira  morning JaneW
01:02   JaneW   hi Simira
=== mhz is here, alive and kicking
01:02   JaneW   so if you want to be listed say 'here' now
01:02   mhz     JaneW: hi Ms. Cakes
=== JaneW notes the silence ;)
01:03   JaneW   hi mhz
01:03   ogra    here
01:03   juliux  JaneW, here
01:03   ogra    :)
01:03   ogra    where is flint
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01:03   mhz     everybosy say 'here' and put your hands in the air
=== Seveas waves
01:03   crimsun here
01:03   juliux  but i cann't promise that i can be at all meetings  because 12 UTC isn't a goog time for students
=== kjcole is Kevin Cole
01:04   JaneW   hi kjcole
01:04   mhz     juliux: but yor are not a student... you are an ubuntu memeber :)
01:04   spacey  hi
01:04   juliux  mhz, argh
01:04   mhz     hehehe
01:04   kjcole  Well, I want a reasonable New York time... or we'll invade your country and bring "freedom and democracy". ;-)
01:05   mhz     kjcole: lol
01:05   Seveas  spoken like a true Bush :)
01:05   juliux  kjcole, lol
01:05   mhz     you have already
01:05   juliux  kjcole, come on, i will wait for you here
01:05   kjcole  We'll do it again! And get it right THIS time... for sure!!!
01:05   juliux  *g*
01:05   mhz     juliux: maybe you could play some german experiments on kjcole
01:05   mhz     :)
01:06   juliux  mhz, we have in germany something thats called "suse"
01:06   mhz     juliux: LOL!!
01:06   kjcole  Noooooo!
=== ogra wonders what "german experiments" might be
01:06   mhz     ogra: simply adding lemon juice to his wounds will do
01:06   spacey  JaneW, here :>
01:06   juliux  ogra, merkel?
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01:06   ogra    ah, yes, suse ... but thats not german anymore ;)
01:06   mhz     indeed
01:07   ogra    juliux, thats no experiment... thats simply just sucking
01:07   ogra    hey flint
01:07   kjcole  Mr. Flint... You just missed me being an Ugly American.
01:07   juliux  ogra, ok
01:07   ogra    morning
01:07   flint   ya it is morman...
01:07   juliux  hey flint
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01:07   mhz     hi there flint
01:07   kjcole  Jeff Elkner said last night he'd be joining us this morning...
01:07   mhz     wow, more people!
01:07   flint   oh god.. it is early, hi kevin it is snowing in vermont...
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01:08   ogra    kjcole, he's in #edubuntu
01:08   mhz     flint: unveliebalbe, its raining in Chile (this never happens in this time of year)
01:08   ogra    heh, speaking of the devil
01:08   mhz     flint: maybe it is Day After tomorrow's efect
01:08   flint   mhz, hey dude.
01:08   mhz     hip
01:08   ogra    JaneW, do we have something like an agenda ?
01:09   jelkner kjcole: i'm here now (thanks to ogra)
01:09   flint   mhz, it is beautiful anyway, what is up Jane?
01:09   mhz     indeed
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01:09   mhz     jsgotangco: wb
01:09   flint   hey jeff!
01:09   jelkner hey paul!
=== jsgotangco accidentally closed client
01:10   mhz     jsgotangco: was playing games again? :D
=== jsgotangco playing guild wars atm
=== ogra wonders if JaneW's line dropped again ....
01:10   mhz     heheh
01:10   ogra    seems common at this time of day
01:10   jelkner so what's on the agenda?
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01:10   ogra    heh
01:10   kjcole  Jeff, after this meeting I'm at the Accessabilty/Special Needs meeting... (Different Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel)
01:11   ogra    wb jane
01:11   mhz     ogra: you are a geniuos
01:11   Seveas  ogra was right :)
01:11   flint   morning Jane...
01:11   mhz     Seveas: no wonder he's Mr. Edubuntu
01:11   jsgotangco      kjcole: what time is that?
01:11   jane_   hi, what was the last thing I said that went through - please
=== jsgotangco thought this was the a11y meeting
01:11   kjcole  Was supposed to be one hour from now, but the fridge says two.
01:11   ogra    jane_, should we move the meeting times a bit ? your line dropps every meeting around this time :)
01:11   mhz     jane_: you said hi
01:11   mhz     :)
01:11   jsgotangco      we'll have to wait for henrik then or dholbach
01:11   Seveas  a11y is at 14:30 utc - it is 12:11 utc now...
01:12   jane_   ogra: I know, it;s damn annoying!
01:12   ogra    jsgotangco, this is edubuntu .... we'll have another one later
=== jane_ is going to repeat comments...
01:12   mhz     jane_: if you need me, i can go there and kick your ISP butt
01:12   jsgotangco      ok (im supposed to be here anyways)
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01:12   jane_   Ok in order to make the session a bit more structured and make note taking quicker and easier let's try to stick to the following format for each meeting:
01:13   jane_   We have following categories: Technical,
01:13   jane_   , Documentation
01:13   dholbach        i'm here too :)
01:13   jane_   , Art Work
01:13   jane_   , Community, Management etc
01:13   jane_   let me know if there are others required...
01:13   jane_   for each of these let's work though:  Progress in last week, Issues/Blocks, Planned Activities for next week.
01:13   ogra    looks fine to me
01:13   mhz     jane_: Social
01:13   jane_   we can also discuss requirements for additional meetings in any of these areas
01:13   jane_   Ideally I'd like for each category to have a leader, or representative, who will discuss it
01:13   ogra    mhz, community
01:13   mhz     jane_: I meant education
01:13   jsgotangco      Social is community imo
01:13   jane_   is there agreement on this?
01:14   jane_   hi dholbach
01:14   kjcole  Aye.
01:14   mhz     ogra: would education be community too?
01:14   jelkner you're the boss, jane
01:14   jsgotangco      basically
01:14   flint   jane, what about educational as a category?
01:14   mhz     flint: thx
01:14   ogra    mhz, hat specific educational things would you like to discuss ?
01:14   jane_   I also mentioned that I will note who is present at each meeting, so that we have a record and know who partook in decision etc...
01:14   flint   elkner is such a suckup...
01:15   mhz     ogra: mainly, teachers work, students work, schools needs, etc
01:15   mhz     ogra: or maybe they are Technical ?
01:15   jelkner i have a number of educational things i would like to discuss, but i think they are dapper+1
01:15   flint   JaneW, the idea here is to develop coursework, but also as part of an operational category
01:15   jane_   ok so we will start each week as usual with Oli, and hopefully his growing dev team on the technical, progress, issues and plans
01:16   jelkner mhz: it looks like the broader educational goals of edubuntu need to wait until after dapper
01:16   ogra    mhz, i think they spread over the other categories
01:16   mhz     flint: indeed. We'll start desingning training courses for teachers
01:16   jane_   flint: I am not sure we are in aposition to develop course work at this stage
01:16   mhz     flint: we = in chiel
01:16   mhz     flint: we = in chile
01:16   jane_   flint: we are still building a framework.
01:16   mhz     jelkner: okis
01:16   flint   na, you have a released product.  
01:17   spacey  jane_, presence here:)
01:17   jane_   thanks space
01:17   jane_   y
01:17   mhz     jane_: IIUC, we'll start with Technical?
=== spacey herman
01:17   ogra    ok, lets get started, my technical report is small this time ... i was busy with ubuntu stuff last week, but the Cd builds have started and i was promised a live filesystem for the liveCD this week
01:17   spacey  :P
01:18   jane_   ogra: and are you expecting it to build and work already ?:)
01:18   ogra    i havent done much with ltsp the last week, but have started a little tool in my sparetime for managing ltsp setups
01:18   flint   ...as opposed to a dead file systen :^(  I am all for that :^)
01:18   ogra    http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/LTSPManager/
01:18   flint   ogra, what and why a live file system?
01:19   kjcole  Flint, for a LiveCD...
01:19   ogra    if you want to test the CD, have a look at the report of the current build
01:19   ogra    http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/current/report.html
01:19   spacey  ogra, looks fancy :)
01:19   ogra    if its empty, it will most likely work
01:19   flint   ogra, kjcole, oh yea, still sleepy...
01:20   ogra    note that the CD depends on ubuntu, so if there is breakage at a low level in ubuntu, it will affect many packages
01:20   jelkner ogra: wow, oliver, that looks cool!
01:20   ogra    feel free to contribute ;)
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01:21   ogra    flint, the live FS will be the base for the liveCD
01:21   mhz     ogra: wow, nice work
01:21   ogra    it will contain only the workstation install, no server parts yet
01:21   flint   ogra, Gotcha... thanks.
01:22   mhz     ogra: i agree WS are more important here
01:22   ogra    but if ltsp manager might oonce work, we could ship it on the livecd together with the ltsp packages and it would be easy to setup
01:22   mhz     atm
01:22   mhz     indeed
01:22   flint   so you can use the live cd to boot a workstation?
01:22   ogra    but since i do it in my sparetime i'm not sure if it can make dapper ... if not some contributors step up
01:23   ogra    flint, you can use the liveCD as you use a ubuntu livecd
01:23   ogra    just with the edubuntu desktop on top
01:23   flint   gotcha... that talk of workstation confused me in my pre-coffee state.
01:24   ogra    i mean the workstation install we offer on the install CD :)
01:24   mhz     flint: hehehe
01:24   ogra    my tech plans for next week:
01:25   ogra    * getting ldm changed to please mdz's requirements
01:25   ogra    (he's not yet happy with my code)
01:25   ogra    * getting the sound stuff implemented completely ..
01:25   flint   go ollie!
01:25   ogra    * finishing the spects
01:26   ogra    * having our first liveCD build
01:26   ogra    s/spects/specs
01:26   jsgotangco      yay
01:26   mhz     ogra: you know you have one "pain_in_the_back_ tester here
01:27   mhz     ogra: thx for such load of work
01:27   ogra    oh, and * doing some etherboot tests, it seems to become a problem that it wasnt tested proerly
01:27   jane_   ogra: any issues/blocks?
01:27   ogra    jane_, only mdz and his eagle eyes that find the bugs in my code ;)
01:27   flint   mhz, ogra, I expect to be testing in my new lab in 1 week.
01:28   jane_   ogra: LOL
01:28   ogra    sound is merely done, just needs the code around it ...
01:29   ogra    liveCd is mostly done by others, i only have to care for it to be done (indeed i want to know more about theprocess to be able to do this myself, but thats not relevant for the current CD)
01:29   mhz     ogra: what yo mean by "etherboot tests, it seems to become a problem that it wasnt tested proerly"?
01:29   mhz     ogra: others such as highvoltage?
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01:29   ogra    we have no proper solution for etherboot (nobody tested it for breezy) and the amount of support quetions wrt etherboot raises
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01:30   kjcole  (FYI: 12:30 UTC...)
01:30   ogra    i got some etherboot cards at ubz, but havent worked with them yet, so setting up a client and do some tests is on my agenda for next week
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01:31   ogra    thats all from the tech side for now, any questions ?
01:32   juliux  ogra, the skolelinux people use eherboot i think
01:32   ogra    juliux, yes, with ltsp 4.something
01:32   jane_   guys please look at http://wiki.edubuntu.org/MeetingRecords and see if this format is useful
01:32   juliux  ogra, and there will be some of them in essen so you/we can talk with them
01:32   jane_   nothe that I am editing, so please don;t try to edit NOW
01:32   ogra    juliux, that wont help
01:32   juliux  ogra, ok i will be quite
01:33   ogra    juliux, they are different implementations ... i need to find the right solution for our implementation
01:33   juliux  ogra, ah ok
01:33   ogra    which should be straight forward, once i have the HW set up :)
01:34   kjcole  jane_, lots to read there, but at a quick skim, the MeetingRecords look pretty good.
01:35   jane_   kjcole: focus on the tables near the top for now, that's the change
01:35   mhz     jane_: wow! that takes time to wiki it! Thx. I would be ok with it, too, if it were only lisitings :)
01:35   flint   jane_, how did you generate the outline.  That is very cool.
01:35   jane_   I am thinking it's easier to skim through than a wad of notes
01:35   jane_   flint: my copius wiki knowledge ;)
01:35   flint   jane_, indeed!
01:36   jelkner jane_: looks great
01:36   jane_   mhz: thanks for all your testing and other help
01:36   mhz     jane_: np, I love what I do :)
01:36   jane_   ogra: so are all your items covered in the table?
01:36   ogra    yup
01:36   ogra    looks good
01:36   crimsun ogra: I'll ping you post-meeting RE: sound (read the spec on earlier)
01:36   kjcole  jane_ clear, concise... I like it.
01:37   ogra    crimsun, the spec isnt accurate yet ...
01:37   mhz     jane_: however, i'd suggest that for your own time saving sake, you think of listing over tabling (in this current Moin version. Next will include 100% WYSIWYG editor)
01:38   jane_   mhz: cool, cos table editting in moin suck atm!
01:38   mhz     and so tables will be easier to deal with
01:38   mhz     jane_: exactly!!!
01:38   mhz     lol
01:38   jane_   mhz: but I handled the BreezyGoals table, so I can do anything ;P
01:38   ogra    heh
01:38   mhz     jane_: current Moin beta already supports it
01:38   jane_   ok, do we have a doc team person here today?
01:39   mhz     jane_: indeed, you grok Moin syntax
01:39   ogra    jsgotangco is here
01:39   jsgotangco      aye
01:39   jane_   hi jsgotangco :)
01:39   kjcole  mhz, oh? Do tell! (Time for me to install the beta.)
01:39   jane_   jsgotangco: are you still our man for Dapper?
=== mhz is just a wiki person. still no docbook skills)
01:39   ogra    there was a request for a "where to purchase" webpage
01:39   jsgotangco      jane_: hi :) sorry just got to talk to cvd over the phone
01:39   jane_   jsgotangco: hope we haven;t list you to the worl of cell phone gaming....
01:39   jane_   world even
01:40   mhz     kjcole: you'll love it
01:40   jsgotangco      jane_: i'm always your man
01:40   jane_   ogra: oh right, ok I'll add that
01:40   jsgotangco      jane_: but i believe some people have started some stuff
01:40   jsgotangco      like kjcole and elkner
01:40   jsgotangco      ?
01:40   jane_   ogra: any news on CD prints from your contact?
=== kjcole finally installed Edubuntu (and am underslept), and have started fooling with docbook in earnest.
01:40   jsgotangco      i'll be happy to help them out on the docbook conversion stuff
01:40   jsgotangco      kjcole: you can focus on the writing...
01:41   jane_   yes kjcole and jelkner how's that cookbook?
01:41   jelkner kjcole and i are meeting to start on the book next week
01:41   ogra    jane_, not yet \sh is meeting him more often ...
01:41   jane_   jelkner: awesome :))
01:41   ogra    jane_, i know he already has edubuntu for sale in his online shop
=== kjcole has also put in a small handful of documentation bugs for the current stuff into launchpad.
01:41   mhz     jane_: sorry, is lightweight, Technical?
01:41   jsgotangco      sure
01:41   jane_   ogra: really? and how is it packaed?
01:41   \sh     aeh...someone pinged me?
01:41   ogra    \sh, amu and CD sales
01:41   jane_   mhz: lightweight?
01:42   ogra    jane_, i havent seen the packaging yet
01:42   kjcole  jelkner, she's been hanging around you too long.
01:42   ogra    probably \sh has
01:42   flint   The cookbook is the update of the Tuxlab stuff?
01:42   kjcole  flint, right.
01:42   \sh     aeh...I never saw a cd of amu...but I can ask him to show me at least on of those...
01:43   ogra    jane_, but i wanted to ask him to use our artwork
01:43   jane_   ogra: If at all possible it would be nice if he used our stuff from mhz
01:43   jane_   ^snap
01:43   ogra    yup
01:43   ogra    :)
01:43   jane_   ogra: also if his version is more 'official' I'll list it above others...
01:43   jane_   as a preferred option
01:43   jsgotangco      kjcole: where are you doing it? some online rcs or something?
01:43   ogra    i just pinged him in #kubuntu
01:44   ogra    lets see, probably he likes to join
01:44   mhz     jane_: cool if it is used (at least some) so I have more arguments to talk about with Pablo :)
01:44   JaneW   mhz: exactly :))
01:44   JaneW   mhz: however it means he'll need to design a whole new one for 6.04 ;P
01:44   \sh     ogra: i pinged him as well on kubuntu-de
01:44   ogra    heh
01:45   JaneW   shall we discuss the translation issue and where / how to store translated wiki pages?
01:45   mhz     JaneW: np, actually I have been drawing some stuff already :D
01:45   JaneW   mhz: great
01:45   JaneW   was there ever an Artwork team meeitng?
01:45   kjcole  jsgotangco, I was trying to learn everything at once: docbook, bzr, launchpad, etc.  But since it's primarily just jelkner and myself, and we live 3 miles apart, we've agreed to speed things up and just get started via e-mail exchanges and/or shared access to a ssh-able account.
01:45   JaneW   pips1 and highvoltage were going to arrange one
01:46   flint   yea, but try to drive that 3 miles...
01:46   mhz     JaneW: regarding lightweight, I am seriusly considering working on wmaker theming stuff, as many of the visits I have done to schools so far (about 6), IT stuff is really poor
01:46   ogra    JaneW, did we document the new artwork requirements somewhere ?
=== ogra cant remember
01:46   mhz     JaneW: no idea about artwork meetings
01:46   jsgotangco      kjcole: if you're doing it in docbook and having a hard time, please let me know
01:47   jsgotangco      kjcole: and i can set up an online repo so we can work with revision control
01:48   kjcole  jsgotangco, so far, what I've seen of docbook doesn't look too difficult, but listening to others talk about it leads me to suspect perhaps I haven't looked deep enough to find such trouble. ;-)
01:48   jelkner mhz: can i get an email for you?  i'd like to ask you some questions about setting up for spanish learners...
01:48   mhz     JaneW: is EdubuntuStudyPackages technical or doc?
01:48   ogra    JaneW, oh, i see you have documented it i the meeting records ...
01:48   flint   jsgotangco, it seems silly to set up YACVS when access to Bazar-NG is upon us...eh?
01:48   mhz     jelkner: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/MauricioHernandez
01:48   ogra    JaneW, note that the artwork stuff is not related to ltsp ...
01:49   mhz     sure
01:49   jsgotangco      flint: not really....
01:49   JaneW   ogra: yes but highvoltage wanted to create a team to manage the wiki, website and galleries etc
01:49   jsgotangco      kjcole: well the docbook thing needs at least to render properly in Yelp if we want it in the distro
01:49   JaneW   mhz: what is EdubuntuStudyPackages?
01:49   ogra    JaneW, its under * Enhancements to LTSP - owner OliverGrawert
01:49   jsgotangco      kjcole: its not really vodoo but it can be hairy sometimes
01:50   ogra    JaneW, it should be a separate item :)
01:50   mhz     JaneW: apt-get install mathematics-keduca (i.e.)
01:50   JaneW   ogra: not anymore ;P
01:50   ogra    heh
01:50   mhz     JaneW: apt-get install chemestry-ghemical (i.e.)
01:51   kjcole  flint, that was sort of my thinking: having never used any RVC, CVS, SubVersion, whatever, I figured I'd skip 'em all and go straight to bzr, so I wouldn't have to un-learn anything later.
01:51   JaneW   mhz: yes it sounds like technical why?
01:51   mhz     JaneW: because some LA guys (Venezuela and Chile, so far) we have started some planing on how to do it
01:51   ogra    the packaging is technical, the content is doc
01:51   kjcole  Even if bzr's not quite ready for prime-time, it does appear to be getting used, so I thought "good 'nuf".
01:52   mhz     JaneW: ogra has given some opinions actually, too
01:52   ogra    same as the artwork packages
01:52   flint   kjcole, you are the evil-knevil of version control.  Go ahead and jump!
01:52   mhz     kjcole: I am also very close to start learning bzr, esp. for EdubuntuStudyPackages
01:53   ogra    its very easy
01:53   mhz     so it seems
01:53   jsgotangco      very
01:53   ogra    very very
01:53   ogra    :)
01:53   kjcole  mhz, we definitely need to stay in touch (considering you also have an interest in the Accessible/Special Needs stuff too...)
01:53   mhz     ogra: however, your 'easy' may be very diff from my 'easy' :D
01:53   mhz     kjcole: indeed, sure.
01:54   ogra    mhz, not really ... i never used version control systems before baz... and baz sucked... bzr is fun to use, especially thanks to Keybuk and his bzrk :)
01:55   mhz     oh
01:55   flint   ogra, kjcole has some german in his background, so it might be easier for him than the rest of us:^)
01:55   mhz     I used svn once and it seemed easy when you understand what it does
01:55   ogra    flint, no german knowledge required for bzr ;)
01:55   JaneW   5 minutes to go
01:55   flint   for instance the only thinge easy for the irish are drinking and reproduction.
01:56   JaneW   any other pressing items?
01:56   JaneW   we seem to have no issues so far - which is good
01:56   mhz     ArtWork/ theming
01:56   JaneW   and so far progress seems faurly steady
01:56   JaneW   fairly
01:56   mhz     Doc/Translations of Edubuntu wiki pages
01:56   JaneW   we just need to make sure we are on track for dev milestones
01:56   JaneW   mhz: yes, did you see my e-mail?
01:57   mhz     Community/I need to talk to some guy ogra pointed in order to get the edubuntu-cl ML
01:57   mhz     JaneW: hmm, now I have :)
01:57   ogra    that'd be jdub
01:57   JaneW   mhz: yes jdub is in charge of all mailing lists
01:58   JaneW   mhz: will it be a CHILE list or a general Spanish language list?
01:58   mhz     JaneW: I also saw your spec on 'content'. EdubuntuStudyPackages is considered under that category?
01:58   ogra    oh, just for info, i'll be at linuxtag in essen with \sh and juliux presenting edubuntu ....
01:58   jelkner JaneW: where is the spec on content?
01:59   kjcole  ogra, bzrk... that graphic thing demo-ed at UBZ?  It looked like a neat package.  I'll have to dig it up.
01:59   ogra    additionally there is a IRC based conference i will hold a talk about edubuntu: http://umeet.uninet.edu/
01:59   mhz     JaneW: hmm, I usually prefer small stuff so you can give others more options to contribute. if it were my decision, I'd do it for latinamerica, because spanish is not quite the same, but spanish seems to be more universal concept
01:59   ogra    kjcole, deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~jbailey/snapshot/bzr/ ./
=== JaneW just saw https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuStudyPackages for the first time now, so forgive me if I am a bit lost in this discussion...
02:00   JaneW   what content?
02:00   jelkner EdubuntuStudyPackages
02:00   mhz     JaneW: Doc/ or Marketing/ we are working on a paper to hand in with CD's. and also one for Edubuntu only
02:00   ogra    JaneW, do you remember my library server idea from the beginning ? its nearly the same ...
02:00   kjcole  ogra, thanks.
02:00   mhz     in spanish
02:01   JaneW   ogra: oic, well yes it is a good idea
02:01   JaneW   ogra: is someone going to own it and run with it?
02:01   ogra    providing content for the signle apps
02:01   ogra    mhz, ?
02:01   JaneW   guys we need to wrap up and vacate the venue soon...
02:01   JaneW   turn off the lights when you leave and head back to #edubuntu...
02:01   mhz     ogra: ?
02:02   flint   JaneW, mhz, how hard is it to cross link pages in moin?
02:02   mhz     JaneW: this spec http://wiki.edubuntu.org/ExampleContent?highlight=%28spec%29%7C%28content%29
02:02   JaneW   ogra: a bit like example content then?
02:02   ogra    a bit more
02:02   mhz     flint: piece of cake
02:02   ogra    mhz, <JaneW> ogra: is someone going to own it and run with it?
02:02   mhz     flint: i can help you in #edubuntu
02:02   JaneW   flint just mention a page in another and hey presto
02:03   mhz     ogra: own it? (my spanish attacks sometimes)
02:03   jelkner when is the next meeting?
02:03   ogra    JaneW, its real teaching content, not only examples
02:03   flint   mhz, jane could could cross link edubuntu study packages to her page...
02:03   JaneW   mhz: we can help with that, we just don;t have time to love to many whole things at once :)
02:03   ogra    mhz, own it == take responsibility for it ...
02:03   mhz     JaneW: ooooh
02:03   mhz     ogra: I can, yes
02:03   JaneW   ogra: well the ppl with teaching experience and qualifications should handle that
02:03   jsgotangco      mhz: but those things are very country-centric but its your package so :)
=== JaneW looks over towards the USA...
02:04   mhz     jsgotangco: yes, but the effort can be translated
02:04   jelkner JaneW: i *want* to get involved in that, i'm trying to figure out how...
02:04   ogra    JaneW, yup... but packaging it is a ggod idea i think
02:04   mhz     jsgotangco: for example: content about Ubuntu Training Course
02:04   jelkner anyway, when is the next meeting (before we vacate)
02:04   jelkner ?
02:04   flint   this is why i thought finding out more about scorm was a good thing...
02:04   JaneW   yes I have kids to fecth
02:04   jsgotangco      this looks like jdub's sample content stuff for dapper
02:04   flint   I have coffee to drink.
02:05   JaneW   I will finish the meeting notes in the next 10
02:05   jsgotangco      (only that its not a sample)
02:05   jelkner JaneW: so, jane, when is the next meeting?
02:05   JaneW   please edit/ add/ amend as necessary afterwards
02:05   JaneW   jelkner: 6 days 23 hours
02:05   jelkner ahh
02:05   jelkner good
02:05   ogra    JaneW, you noted that we have a a11y/edubuntu meeting at 14:30 UTC ?
02:05   JaneW   same time, same place each week unless otherwise stated
02:05   jelkner ally?
02:05   mhz     okidoki.
02:05   JaneW   ogra: I didn't
02:05   ogra    oh
02:06   flint   nice stuff jane.  I declare a motion to adjourn.
02:06   ogra    jelkner, accessibility
02:06   JaneW   I may miss that or part of it, but I will try to be here at least some of the time
02:06   JaneW   ciao
02:06   mhz     flint: jelkner: would you be interested in packaging educational content?
02:06   jelkner mhz: sure would!
02:06   ogra    bye JaneW and thanks
02:06   flint   mhz,
02:06   jelkner bye jane
02:06   flint   mhz, indeed I would.
02:06   mhz     could we move back to#edubuntu?
02:06   JaneW   thanks to all :)

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