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Meeting December 14, 2005

   12:55 ogra       seems Jane is ill ....
                    jelkner, so we'll have to decide if we run without her or
   12:56 ogra       postpone, but lets wait until the others are here to
                    decide that...
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   12:57 jelkner    ogra: ok
   12:57 lucasvo    the edubuntu-fr team is arriving
   12:58 ogra       yeah :)
   12:58 lucasvo    or better say edubuntu-ch
   12:58 ogra       thats one reason why i wouldnt like to postpone :)
   12:58 ogra       s/one/the/
   12:59 ogra       no flint ?
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   01:01 jelkner    he's probably still sleeping
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   01:01 ogra       oh...
                    Hullo all.  This morning it's my connection that's a
   01:01 kjcole     little shakey, and so perhaps instead of Jane dropping
                    out it will be me.
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   01:01 jelkner    ahh, here he is
                    seems Jane has some stomach problems, so we have to
   01:02 ogra       decide if we want to run the meeting without her or
                    postpone it
   01:02 flint      you are bad people to have a meeting this early it is 12
                    degrees F in Montpelier
   01:02 ogra       since i invited the edubuntu-fr guys to jin us today i
                    would prefer to not postpone ...
   01:02 ogra       *join
   01:02 kjcole     Flint, ah how I miss the GWN (Great White North)... NOT!
   01:03 flint      well Ollie, I am actually making progress up here,
                    (http://www.flint.com/home) mostly javascript...
   01:03 jelkner    ok, less chatter, more focus
   01:03 jelkner    what is the agenda
   01:03 jelkner    ?
   01:04 flint      normally Ollie talks tech and then elkner makes vague
                    promises of documentation.
   01:04 ogra       our general one on MeetingNotes plus introduction of the
   01:04 ogra       team
   01:04 claude     who is from edubuntu-fr ?
   01:04 ogra       claude, you arent ?
   01:04 claude     i just joined the mailing list this week
   01:05 jelkner    why don't we start with edubuntu-fr?
   01:05 ogra       i saw that manu_ubu was here this morning, but he seems
                    not to be around now
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   01:05 aya_       hi all
   01:05 claude     ogra: no, he told he couldn't come
   01:05 flint      aya_, hi there!  Good morning...
   01:05 ogra       could someone of the french speaking guys look if he is
                    in #ubuntu-fr and invite him ?
   01:05 ogra       claude, ah, k
   01:06 ogra       so we'll have to do that on the mailing list then
   01:06 ogra       fine, then lets jst go through the general items
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   01:06 ogra       yay, hi manu_ubu
   01:06 claude     hello manu
   01:06 ogra       wondeful
   01:07 manu_ubu   hello all
   01:07 ogra       we were just talking about edubuntu-fr
   01:07 manu_ubu   sorry for late
   01:07 kjcole     Roll?  Or unneccessary?
   01:07 ogra       would you like to introduce the project a bit  ?
   01:07 flint      kjcole, yes I want marmalade and butter on mine next to
                    my coffee!
                    seems there was a edubuntu-fr project developed in
   01:09 ogra       parallel to us, they have a good bunch of documentation
                    in french on http://wiki.ubuntu-fr.org/edubuntu/, made
                    their own liveCD and have an own mailing list already
   01:10 ogra       my idea was that we should coordinate the forces a bit to
                    not duplicate work and efforts
   01:10 ogra       hello ? anyone here ?
   01:10 manu_ubu   yes but the edubuntu-fr is little team for doc
   === kjcole is Kevin Cole (and still here)
   01:11 Yagisan    I've just arrived ogra
   01:11 ogra       ah
   === jelkner is Jeffrey Elkner
   01:11 manu_ubu   for the develop we not many
   01:11 ogra       i thought my line dropped
   === Yagisan is Jamie Jones
   01:11 manu_ubu   developper
   === ogra is OliverGrawert btw
   01:11 Yagisan    btw I may come and go, the riots are still going down
   01:11 manu_ubu   sorry but I am no easy speak english for me
   01:12 ogra       manu_ubu mailed the list yesterday with an introduction
                    mail  ...
   01:12 claude     ogra: on what aspect would you like to coordinate ?
                    claude, our doc team is focussing on some stuff that
   01:13 ogra       might be worth to be translated into french for example
   01:13 ogra       (thinking of the cookbook)
   01:13 claude     yes, i'm interested in that
   01:13 ogra       so it would be nice if there could some coordination go
                    on ...
   01:14 manu_ubu   we can tested edubuntu dapper and participe to traduction
   01:14 claude     we talk with kjcole on ubuntu-doc ml
                    additionally there is no need for developing an own
   01:14 ogra       liveCD anymore ;)
                    http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily-live/ just
                    arrived ;)
   01:14 claude     about cookbook format
   01:14 manu_ubu   ogra:  super ;-)
   01:14 flint      ogra, excellent!!!!
   01:15 jelkner    yeah, ogra!
   01:15 ogra       so caring for it being right in french would be nice from
                    a technical point of view :)
                    it's worth noting that those images won't actually work
   01:15 Kamion     yet, so don't rush to download them - next build should
                    be better
   01:15 kjcole     ogra, congrats!
   01:15 ogra       dont just grab it, it hs still a bug, the 0051214.1
                    version should be fine
   === mhz [n=mhz_chil@pc-252-84-215-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined
   01:16 ogra       or 20051215 .... whenever it arrives....
   01:16 ogra       but its there :-D
   01:16 mhz        hi all, I apologyze for being this late
   01:16 Yagisan    no worries mhz
   01:16 manu_ubu   can I use this liveCD for create us liveCD localized
                    apllications on FR ?
   01:16 jelkner    i will need to go soon, so is there anything you need me
   01:16 ogra       mhz, edubuntu-cl, meet edubuntu-fr :)
   01:17 kjcole     mhz, under discussion: merging efforts of the French team
   01:17 claude     so first point : manu_ubu should keep in contact with
                    official team to develop an official french LiveCD
   01:17 Yagisan    mhz: basic intro, and ogra made a livecd so far
   01:17 ogra       jelkner should we move the doc point to the top then ?
   01:17 jelkner    please
   01:17 ogra       Yagisan, Kamion made it :)
   01:17 ogra       only with my packages ...
   01:17 mhz        thanks ogra kjcole Yagisan for the update :)
   01:17 jelkner    issues with the cookbook:
   01:17 Yagisan    thanks Kaimon too :)
   01:18 jelkner    1. setting up on launchpad
   01:18 ogra       jelkner has the stage ...
   01:18 ogra       jelkner, thats rosetta ?
   01:18 jelkner    bzr?
   01:18 jelkner    there is already an svn repository
   01:18 jelkner    it is all too confusing
   01:18 ogra       aha, ok ... i thought rosetta for translators
   01:19 jelkner    we aren't ready for translators yet
   01:19 flint      jelkner, Jeff, what kind of problems are you having
                    setting up on launchpad?
   01:19 jelkner    it is too much of a moving target
   01:19 claude     ogra: launchpad is a set of tools
   01:19 claude     rosetta is one of the tools
   01:19 ogra       so you want to put it in a bzr archive to get rid f
                    duplication ?
   01:19 mhz        kjcole: jelkner: my html is as good as my chineese :)  Is
                    it ok if I use Moin and save pages as HTML ? (too messy?)
   01:19 claude     my point is that cookbook should be in same format that
                    official Docteam
   01:20 claude     we then can use same procedures
                    ogra, pre-rosetta.  History: I grabbed the tuxlab svn
   01:20 kjcole     from Jean Jordaan (original author), not knowing there
                    was an ubuntu svn.  converted to lore and bzr, and put it
                    on my web server.
   01:20 claude     same translation infrastructure
   01:20 ogra       kjcole, do the contents differ much from the svn version
                    thats already there ?
   01:20 claude     but i understand that kjcole has already done much work
   01:20 flint      kjcole, what is the url for your and jeff's stuff kevin?
                    while this is a cookbook, the best thing at present might
   01:20 jelkner    be for kevin and i to setup a working environment and set
                    of proceedure before others join the effort
   01:20 kjcole     ogra, but i cannot get push to work.  I'm assuming if the
                    branch were out on launchpad, "bzr push" would work.
   01:21 jelkner    that is the number 1 issue
                    claude, note that launchpad will offer a supermirror
   01:21 ogra       based on bzr in the future ... so bzr would be better
                    for  putting it there
   01:21 jelkner    we need to remove the svn repository and create a bzr
                    repository on launchpad that permits collaboration
   01:21 claude     yes, i think Docteam will also migrate to bzr
   01:21 ogra       yup, understood
   01:22 claude     but the problem for me is not SVN or bzr
   01:22 ogra       kjcole, feel free to ping me off meeting to sort the push
   01:22 jelkner    cool
   01:22 jelkner    that's really all we have right now
                    ogra, jerome sent mail to the list indicating unhappiness
   01:22 kjcole     that we aren't basing off the ubuntu svn.  He saw enough
   01:22 ogra       ok, fine ... its progress :)
   01:23 ogra       hmm, would have been nice if he snet it to the edubuntu
                    list too ...
   01:23 jelkner    kjcole: let's continue doing what we've been doing for
   01:23 ogra       i for example dont read -doc
   01:23 jelkner    take *all* existing versions and try to merge them
   01:23 jelkner    as best we can
   01:23 claude     the problem for me is : lore vs docbook
   01:23 ogra       i think you guys want to do the work, so pick the tools
                    you think are right ...
   01:23 kjcole     jelkner, works for me.
   01:23 jelkner    and discourage the creation of any new versions until we
                    are ready
   01:24 ogra       sounds good to me
   01:24 jelkner    great, kevin and oliver will talk off line about bzr
   01:24 jelkner    and then we'll move forward
   01:24 jelkner    that closes the documentation item...
   01:24 kjcole     claude, as I understood from several docteam gurus, they
                    will convert to Docbook (or whatever else may come).
   01:24 ogra       claude, whats that issue ? can you describe it a bit more
                    for a non doccie ?
   01:25 flint      kjcole, wait a minute. what is the url where the source
                    is currently loaded?
   01:25 claude     docteam has an infrastructure for packaging and
                    translation based on DocBook
   01:25 ogra       which also integrates with yelp, right ?
   01:25 claude     DocBook is a SGML based format specifically for
   01:26 claude     ogra: yes
   01:26 flint      claude, lore is a documentation gizmo for python...
   01:26 kjcole     flint, go to launchpad and search for cookbook.  It's a
                    bzr branch,  so you'll  need bzr to play.
   01:26 ogra       would it be possible to convert between the two formats ?
   01:26 claude     yes, i don't say that docbook is better tan lore
   01:26 claude     i think we should coordinate with docteam choices
   01:27 flint      claude, my feeling is lets get the dog dancing, and then
                    get it in costume... :^)
   01:27 claude     maybe for dapper+1 ?
   01:27 jelkner    claude: i'm sure docbook is better than lore, if by
                    "better" you mean more standard, more featureful, etc
   01:27 jelkner    the problem is it is *much* more difficult to learn
   01:27 ogra       the question is how does lore integrate with the current
                    desktop and help structure
   01:27 jelkner    i agree with flint
   01:27 kjcole     flint, specifically
   01:27 jelkner    you can learn lore in about 5 minutes
   01:28 jelkner    someone will be able to convert lore to docbook later
   01:28 ogra       the important thing is that we can get it in a shippable
                    format in the end ...
   01:28 flint      kjcole, thanks kevin!!!
   01:28 jelkner    in the mean time it will make collaboration much easier
   01:28 ogra       which would be docbok as i understand ...
   01:28 ogra       if its possible to convert between these two formats i
                    see no issue
   01:28 jelkner    expecting contributors to know docbook will effectively
                    prevent contributions
   01:29 jelkner    including from me
   01:29 claude     ogra: if the conversion can be automated...
   01:29 jelkner    so unless someone else steps forward and says "i know
                    docbook and agree to teach everyone else"
   01:29 ogra       the only thing is that the endproduct must be
                    integratable in the desktop and the CD
   01:29 jelkner    then we can't use it now
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   01:30 jelkner    ogra: lore produces nice html very easily
   01:30 claude     jelkner: i'm not an expert in Docbook, but i could give
                    some help
   01:30 ogra       so please investigate possibilitys to convert lore to
                    docbook ...
   01:30 ogra       jelkner, if all docs are in docbook, we shouldnt ship
                    html ...
   01:30 jelkner    ogra: lore is just an xhtml subset
   01:30 jelkner    shouldn't be a problem
   01:30 flint      claude, these guys are serious python fanatics, consider
                    lore a passing perversion...
   01:30 claude     lol
   01:31 ogra       i donc care what you use during development, but the edn
                    product should be integrateable
   01:31 claude     my concern is about translation
                    I had started learning docbook, but in previous IRC
                    doc-team meetings I was told not to worry about markup,
   01:31 kjcole     and just go with whatever.  Since Jeff's already savvy
                    with Lore, that seemed logical.  (Plus as Jeff's
                    mentioned, getting up to speed on Lore takes very little
                    time or effort.)
   01:31 jelkner    i'm the guilty party here (don't blame kevin)
   01:31 flint      ogra, verily, and my understanding of lore is that this
                    will be a necessary step.
   01:31 claude     with docbook, we have scripts that generate .po for
                    pushing into Rosetta
   01:32 ogra       lest not discuss docbook vs lore, lets just see if we can
                    get one to the other ...
   01:32 flint      ogra, the conversion from lore to docbook is not going to
                    be a unique problem :^)
   01:32 jelkner    claude: how do we edit the text?
   01:32 claude     text of docbook ?
   01:32 jelkner    the cookbook
   01:32 jelkner    i don't know docbook
   01:32 claude     by hand :)
   01:32 jelkner    then i can't do it
   01:33 jelkner    so we need someone else to write the book
   01:33 jelkner    that is my point
   01:33 claude     there is editors, but no good one is open source for now
   01:33 jelkner    the tool gets in the way
   01:33 jelkner    books on docbook are huge
   01:33 ogra       jelkner, you dont need to write it in docbook ...
   01:33 ogra       but please look around for a conversion tool
   01:34 jelkner    we would spend what limited volunteer time we have
                    *trying* to learn the tool
   01:34 claude     jelkner: i understand your position
   01:34 ogra       i think the point this boils down to is only getting the
                    two wrlds together
   01:34 jelkner    please let us continue the way we have been
   01:34 flint      ogra, I will look around for a conversion tool.  It is a
                    properly perverse task..
   01:34 ogra       flint, might be ....
   01:34 jelkner    flint: it shouldn't be hard
   01:35 claude     we must still talk with jsgotangco about that
   01:35 jelkner    lore already produces docbook output
   01:35 ogra       but imho its oly a parser that sucks in one and spits out
                    the other
   01:35 jelkner    ogra: yes
   01:35 jelkner    it really shouldn't be a problem
   01:35 flint      jelkner, jeff you write, I worry about docbook.
   01:35 jelkner    flint: thanks!
                    so then its fine ... just produce docbook output after
   01:36 ogra       you commit changes and the docbook guys can run their .po
                    script on it ...
   01:36 flint      I will be right back...
   01:36 ogra       i dont really see the prob here
   01:37 claude     ok, let's try convert the actual version
   01:37 claude     put it somewhere in the bzr branch
   01:37 claude     we'll see what we can do with it
   01:37 ogra       i think bzr even has hooks where you could put a python
                    plugin that converts automatically after each commit
   01:38 ogra       so its merely just a technical prob
   01:38 ogra       and thats easy to solve ...
   01:38 jelkner    ok, i need to run
   01:38 ogra       thanks jelkner
   01:38 jelkner    i'll let kevin fill me in
   01:38 jelkner    see you all next week!
   01:39 claude     see you
   01:39 ogra       ciao :)
   01:39 kjcole     jelkner, you wish.
   01:39 manu_ubu   see you
   01:39 ogra       manu_ubu, what would you use for a fr translated version
   01:40 claude     i think we should try if possible to use rosetta
                    (manu_ubu ?)
   01:40 manu_ubu   oh the transaltion it s juste for the livecd-fr for tool
   01:40 manu_ubu   yes use rosetta
   01:40 manu_ubu   if possible
   01:40 claude     i have the experience of trying to coordinate a
                    translation "by hand"
   01:40 ogra       ah, thats fine then ...
   01:40 claude     never again :-(
   01:40 mhz        .oO(claude will use Moin :D ... sorry I couldn't help it)
   01:40 ogra       mhz, :P
   01:41 ogra       ok, any other doc related issues ?
   01:41 mhz        yes!
   01:41 mhz        do we consider 'doc' the wiki pages?
   01:41 ogra       go ahead then (we switched the order today)
   01:41 ogra       sure
   01:42 mhz        then How will we handle some pages needing to be
   01:42 ogra       we consider doc the cookbook, any other documentation as
                    well as the wiki
   01:42 mhz        DefaultEnglish/OtherLanguages?  or
   01:42 claude     i think it's the task of each loco team
   01:43 claude     we do so for Ubuntu Wiki
   01:43 ogra       yes, and since also ubuntu-fr has a edubuntu section,
                    that sounds reasonable
   01:43 manu_ubu   for the fr doc , we have local wik
   01:43 flint      ok back...
   01:43 mhz        claude: I agree, as long as US/EN/AU etc, do use same
                    /data and Latinamerican people use one /data too
   01:43 ogra       i'll ping the german community if someone can show up
                    next week as welll
   01:44 ogra       i know ther germans also have made some own docs ...
   01:44 claude     mhz: yes, that must be language oriented, not country
   01:44 mhz        ogra: indeed, ok then. solved?
   01:44 ogra       my concern here is that its not only translations, but
                    every group brews theor own docs ...
   01:45 mhz        yup
   01:45 ogra       and we should find a way that every group knows what the
                    other is doing so we dont duplicate work
   01:45 manu_ubu   yes
   01:46 ogra       since there might be valuable docs in german the fr or es
                    guys dont even know about
                    ogra, the trick with writting docs is to have a structure
   01:46 flint      to the book.  If the structure is common then all is
                    and then we have not only LoCo translations double work
   01:46 mhz        but also another potential problem... MANY LoCo Teams
                    consider themselves LoCo teams and registered diff
   01:46 ogra       flint, there are different wikis on different loco
   01:46 ogra       and different doc sections as well
   01:46 mhz        flint: ogra: manu_ubu: the good thing about wikis is we
                    can use InterWiki feature
   01:47 ogra       assuming all use moin, right ?
   01:47 mhz        hehehe, i guess it works for any wiki
   01:47 mhz        not sure
   01:47 ogra       ah, great
   01:47 manu_ubu   no moin code on wiki fr
   01:47 ogra       same in germany i think
   01:48 mhz        we gotta find ou about interwiki then, it is extremely
                    useful for the cases being discussed
   01:48 ogra       mhz, would you take the task to check if we can do
                    interwiki stuff between fr, de, es and the main wiki ?
   01:48 mhz        yup
   01:48 mhz        sure
   01:48 ogra       thanks :)
   01:48 mhz        i 'own it' :D
   01:48 ogra       hehe
   01:49 flint      mhz, interwiki, never heard that one... sounds
   01:49 ogra       more doc related tasks ?
   01:49 mhz        flint it is indeed, very much
   01:49 manu_ubu   use single wiki is good ide but no easy
   01:50 ogra       manu_ubu, not a single one but getting a relation running
                    between the ones we have ...
   01:50 ogra       they all have grown on their own it seems ...
   01:50 manu_ubu   ah sorry ..my bad english :/
   01:50 flint      manu_ubu, my feeling is that getting the content in many
                    languages available is the first step...
   01:51 ogra       flint, yes, but also find out who has which content the
                    others dont have and just translate it to your lang
   === mhz would like to discuss about edubuntu loco teams when it is
   01:51 ogra       ok, we're running out of time ...
   01:51 ogra       mhz at the end we have community on the agenda
   01:51 mhz        yup
   01:52 ogra       so let me give a quick tech update ...
   01:52 mhz        oh, please!
   01:52 ogra       as you all saw, the liveCD is on its way
   01:52 kjcole     ogra, launchpad or a similar registry would be a nice
                    central place for translation teams to point each other.
   01:52 ogra       thats a major step :)
   01:52 kjcole     ogra, sorry. move on.
   01:52 ogra       kjcole++
   01:52 manu_ubu   ogra: ok
   01:52 flint      well from a community perspective, I miss JaneW!
   01:52 ogra       lest do that via mailing list
   01:53 ogra       flint, yes, me too ...
   01:53 ogra       ltsp:
   01:53 ogra       flint will love that....
   01:53 ogra       themeable ldm is in dapper ;)
   01:53 ogra       the multiarch patch from Yagisan too
   01:53 Yagisan    :-D
   01:53 flint      ogra, thank the heavens!!!
   01:53 ogra       sound support is done on my side and at mdz for review
   01:54 ogra       i guess we'll get it if he comes backl from holiday
   01:54 flint      ogra, do I dare mention removable storage?
   01:54 ogra       the install cd is in pretty good shape for the early time
                    of the release schedule ...
   01:54 flint      mdz went to brazil eh
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   01:55 ogra       but there is a bug i havent found yet that prevents nfs
                    mounting from working :(
   01:55 flint      I never liked nfs...
   01:55 ogra       so ltsp is useless, but if you have capacity to test it,
                    please do so ...
   01:55 ogra       as well as the next liveCD build ...
   01:56 flint      my testing facility should be up by xmas
                    we need as many testers as we can get , so if yomeone has
   01:56 ogra       the bandwith and some HW to test on, please, please,
                    please do
   01:56 ogra       most problematic again is powerpc
   01:56 Yagisan    I hope qemu has matured enough so I can add powerpc on
                    amd64/i386 to finish off the multiarch.
   01:56 ogra       (i'm still waiting on one to be shipped)
   === irvin [n=irvin@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:57 ogra       flint, on the local device front there was not much
                    progress yet ...
   01:57 irvin      did i make it? crappy dial-up
   01:57 flint      my powerpc platform is locked in a sea container
   01:57 ogra       but due to the fact that most of my other specs are done,
                    i'll concentrate on it now
   01:58 manu_ubu   ogra: if you need testing on ppc, i can help because i
                    have many machine apple
   01:58 kjcole     irvin, you *seem* to be here... ;-)
   01:58 flint      ogra, ollie that is excellent news, if i can help email
   01:58 mhz        ogra: any design or ideal procedure steps to follow?
   01:58 mhz        (in the wiki?)
   01:58 mhz        to test i mean
                    note that there is also a distro sprint at end of january
   01:58 ogra       where mark locks us all in a room to do concentrated work
   01:59 ogra       mhz, dholbach has set up a testing plan i need to enhance
                    for edubuntu, i'll mail the list
   01:59 ogra       manu_ubu, wonderful !!
   01:59 mhz        ogra: thankz
   01:59 claude     i have to leave now, bye
   01:59 flint      ogra, Mark does not have the same Sadisim as JaneW... :^)
   01:59 manu_ubu   bye claude
   01:59 ogra       ciao claude
   01:59 flint      claude, thanks for comming!!!
   01:59 claude     :)
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   #ubuntu-meeting []
   01:59 ogra       flint, she'll be there too i suspect ;)
   === irvin checks logs
                    Speaking of sprints, any of you coming to PyCon in TX? It
   02:00 kjcole     may be an opportunity for Edubuntu folks to do some
                    face-to-face work.
   02:00 ogra       ah, and student control panel was adopted by a gentoo guy
                    who made it work wioth classic ltsp ... (as a side note)
   02:00 flint      kjcole, ...all my ex's live in texas...
   === mhz would love to, as usual bu those things are soooo far from here
   02:01 ogra       ok, tech update done ...
   02:01 ogra       anything from the artwork side ?
   02:01 mhz        ogra: gentoo guy? wow, then you made nice code!
   02:01 kjcole     mhz, I feel the same about stuff taking place far south
                    of here.  Especially in colder weather.
   02:01 mhz        kjcole: hehehe
   02:02 mhz        ogra: yes
   02:02 ogra       no artwork updtate ?
   02:02 ogra       ah
   02:02 ogra       shoot then, we are late
   02:02 mhz        I sent an email a few minutes ago the list
   02:02 flint      ogra, ars gratia artis...
   02:02 mhz        no need to shoot
   02:02 ogra       oki... so we can discuss it on the list ?
   02:02 mhz        yup
   02:02 ogra       great ...
   === mhz knows we are always running late :)
   02:02 ogra       so then there is only community left
   02:03 mhz        yup
   02:03 kjcole     ogra, and community issues on the list too right?
   02:03 mhz        but we could also use the list if we need to close
   02:03 flint      the live iso is the big news today...
   02:03 ogra       kjcole, if its quick, we can do it here now ...
   02:03 ogra       else lets resort to the list ... i think the a11y team
                    wants the room soon
   02:04 ogra       so all to long to discuss now ?
                    ogra: ok, then how can we deal with LoCo teams (self
   02:04 mhz        called) who register country domains not ubuntu-country?
                    If we have edubuntu loco teams, we'll need their help to
   02:05 flint      mhz, edubuntu and ubuntu locos should be the same IMHO...
   02:05 ogra       hmm thats something we hould coordinate ith smurf and the
                    community council i guess
   02:05 ogra       flint++
   02:05 mhz        ogra: okis
   02:05 manu_ubu   Sorry, I can't stay on channel, bye
   02:05 mhz        flint: 'should' but in reality are not.
   02:05 ogra       edubuntu locos should work with the ubuntu locos at least
   02:05 mhz        bye manu_ubu
   02:05 kjcole     Noooo! Not the CC!  ;-)  Been there, done that.
   02:05 ogra       bye manu_ubu, thanks for coming :)
   02:06 manu_ubu   bye
   02:06 ogra       kjcole, whats wrong with that ?
   02:06 flint      kjcole, and if you are not good you will have to go
                    back... :^)
   02:06 ogra       kjcole, you dont need to bring up everything at the CC
   02:06 ogra       if you have a loco around, just work with them and make a
                    edubuntu loco ...
   02:07 mhz        indeed
   02:07 ogra       the CC is only needed for the initial creation and to
                    solve issues the loco cant solve itself
   02:07 flint      and if there is not a loco around include ubuntu within
                    the edubuntu community.
   02:07 ogra       *** sidenews from -devel: <Kamion> ogra: Edubuntu live
                    ready for testing ***
   02:08 mhz        wow!!
   02:08 ogra       so GRAB IT !!!
   02:08 Yagisan    ogra: torrent ?
   02:08 ogra       flint, exactly
   02:08 ogra       Yagisan, no idea if its seeded ...
   02:08 ogra       http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily-live/20051214.1/
   02:08 flint      ogra, you said tomorrows build would be better for the
                    live or is today OK?
   02:09 ogra       but there is a torrent file
   02:09 \sh        Yagisan: check tracker.ubuntu.com:6969
                    ogra, with the LoCo naming issues brought up at CC,
   02:09 kjcole     things sounded settled, but I'm not sure they are.  But
                    that's another issue, for another place and time.
   02:09 ogra       flint, thats the one you can test :)
   02:09 \sh        sorry torrent.ubuntu.com:6969
   02:09 ogra       (the url above)
   02:09 Yagisan    thanks
   02:10 ogra       kjcole, yes, and something we cant solve in a edubuntu
                    meeting ... i fear thats a CC thing still
   === Yagisan can't see any edubuntu live torrents
   02:11 ogra       ok then, lets close the meeting and move general chatter
                    over to #edubuntu ....
   02:11 mhz        okis and ML
   02:11 kjcole     Done.
   02:11 ogra       thanks all for coming :)
   02:11 flint      Yagisan, there are iso.torrents listed on the page...
   02:11 ogra       meeting adoujned
   02:11 mhz        thanks ograW :D
   02:11 ogra       lol
   02:11 aya_       bye all :)
   02:11 flint      Ok I move we adjourn so I can get a cup of coffee, anyone
                    second this motion?
   02:11 mhz        bye
   02:12 mhz        me!!!
   02:12 ogra       i'll write up the notes on the wikipage as usual

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