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Meeting January 11, 2006

   01:02  JaneW       wow we have no meeting notes since 7 dec...
   01:02  JaneW       must fix that
   01:02  kjcole      JaneW, Hi.   (Asked jelkner to phone me before
   === mhz [n=mhz_chil@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:02  juliux      hi mhz
   01:02  JaneW       kjcole: got it, was just being silly
   01:02  kjcole      Morning, mhz.
   === mhz is MauricioHernandez
   01:02  JaneW       hi mhz
   01:03  mhz         hi you all guys
   01:03  sivang      edubuntu meeting right?
   01:03  jelkner     mhz: buenos dias! (btw. still waiting for edubuntu-es
                      log ;-)
   01:03  JaneW       mhz: lol, we do know who you are by now ;)
   01:03  kjcole      JaneW, my cylinders aren't all firing this early. ;-)
   01:03  mhz         jelkner: it was happily sent days ago
   01:03  mhz         ;)
   01:03  ogra_ibook  hi all
   01:03  mhz         JaneW: hehehe
   01:03  jelkner     mhz: oops, i may have dropped it :-(
   01:03  JaneW       sivang: yes
   01:03  JaneW       is ogra in the house?
   01:04  ogra_ibook  JaneW, nope
   01:04  ogra_ibook  :P
   === mhz checks logs just in case, for jelkner tranquility
   01:04  JaneW       ogra_ibook: :P
   01:04  kjcole      JaneW, He was disguised as ogra_ibook.
   01:04  JaneW       ogra_ibook: why you making me type so much more with
                      the _ibook part? ;)
   01:05  ogra_ibook  this machine also highlights on "ogra" ;)
   01:05  JaneW       ok, what's news? I am a bit out of the loop and am
                      struggling to catch up this week...
   01:05  ogra_ibook  edubuntu-desktop should be installable again by today
   01:05  JaneW       ogra: good them ogra you'll if you don't mind ...
   01:05  ogra_ibook  the ltsp sound stuff is in the archive and fully
                      implemented since yesterday
   01:06  JaneW       ogra: can you give a summary of what's happened since
                      the week before Christmas please?
                      i worked on the several ltsp tasks ... the ubuntu
   01:07  ogra_ibook  innstaller broke completely before christmas dur to the
                      second stage disappearing
   01:07  ogra_ibook  this should be solved now
   === flint [n=flint@69-164-122-221.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined
   01:07  ogra_ibook  as well as the several *-desktop packages were
   01:08  ogra_ibook  most of my work during the holidays and the week before
                      went into powerpc support
   01:08  JaneW       ogra: ok so how are we looking schedule wise?
   01:08  ogra_ibook  so we have working ppc now (pending upload)
   01:08  ogra_ibook  sound is in, parts of the low memory stuff are ready
   01:08  JaneW       ogra: also did you see the e-mail re Tollef *maybe*
                      looking at TC Local deivices?
   01:09  ogra_ibook  yes, that would be a nice task for the sprint
   01:09  JaneW       ogra: also I noticed a lot of your specs were pushed
                      back to drafting :/
   01:09  ogra_ibook  but we're past UVF at the sprint already
   01:09  JaneW       ogra: think Tollef could do it? and in time for Dapper?
   01:09  ogra_ibook  nope, sound is implemented
   01:09  JaneW       ogra: right
   01:09  ogra_ibook  JaneW, only the dbus parts
   01:09  ogra_ibook  the ltsp stuff is for my desk
   01:10  ogra_ibook  (local devices)
   01:10  JaneW       ogra: have you set the sound spec to implemented yet?
   01:10  ogra_ibook  not yet, i had to clearify something with pitti before
                      (which i did 30min ago)
   01:10  ogra_ibook  it will be set to implemented today
   01:11  ogra_ibook  the faster startup spec is approved and partially
   01:11  ogra_ibook  err
   01:11  JaneW       ogra: ok we'll clarify the statuses at the dapper
                      meeting tomorrow and set accordingly...
   01:11  ogra_ibook  that was memory usage, sorry
   01:11  ogra_ibook  the faster startup spec needs a minor change
   01:12  flint       kinda like watching a tennis match so far...  Startup
                      time is not as vital as local storage or sound even.
   01:12  ogra_ibook  all three will be dione before UVF
   01:12  ogra_ibook  flint, local device support is and always was a low
                      priority spec
   01:12  JaneW       ogra: what's your gut feel atm? better that for breezy?
   01:12  JaneW       s/that/than
   01:12  ogra_ibook  faster startup always was my highest priority
   01:13  ogra_ibook  yup, sure
   01:13  JaneW       i.e. are we on track and ready to deliver to required
   01:13  flint       why?  in a classroom environment, the desktops are only
                      started once...
   01:13  ogra_ibook  even if we dont make the device support for dapper it
                      will be a lot better
   01:13  JaneW       we were the 'black' sheep last time
   01:13  ogra_ibook  mdz knows that
   01:13  flint       JaneW, this time we can be the grey sheep!!!
   01:14  ogra_ibook  flint, i dont set the priority of the specs
   01:14  JaneW       flint: I am getting there believe me...
   01:14  flint       and I never figured out who did.  all I can do is
   01:14  ogra_ibook  flint, and the other specs did eat a lot of time,
                      especially the low memory stuff
   01:14  mhz         flint: but that would also spend more 'energy' and if
                      so, it's less environment friendly ;)
   01:14  ogra_ibook  flint, mdz sets the ppriority for me
   01:15  flint       the memory was actually important.  I know, and I
                      suppose I can go and wine at him :^)
   01:15  JaneW       yes priorities are set by management, and at this
                      latish stage we can not be arguing them anymore
   01:15  jelkner     when will we know if local devices will make dapper?
   01:15  JaneW       we can however keep trying to achieve as much as
                      possible, allowing us to GET to the low prio items.
   01:15  jelkner     the reason i'm asking is that our loco team is working
                      with a school to setup a lab
   01:16  ogra_ibook  jelkner, its unlikely they will make it unless we get
                      an exeption from UVF for ltsp
   01:16  JaneW       jelkner: I sent 2 e-mails this morning, I will let you
                      know if/when I get a response from mdz
   01:16  jelkner     thanks!
   01:16  ogra_ibook  i rather want to make the stuff thats partially there
                      now to work 100% than having all of it at 70%
                      jelkner: someone has offered to *maybe* pick it up, but
   01:16  JaneW       he also has other priorities so once again it's mdz's
   01:16  JaneW       and as CTO it's his prerogative
   01:17  ogra_ibook  and he will unlikely do the ltsp side of it
   01:17  JaneW       ogra: how much work is that by your estimation?
   01:17  JaneW       ogra: and if Tollef can do the rest how feasible is it
                      that you would even get to the LTSP side?
   01:18  ogra_ibook  JaneW, i doubt its doable in UVF time
   01:18  JaneW       FWIW I agree that it's required and pretty important
                      from a functionality POV
   01:18  JaneW       damn
   01:18  ogra_ibook  if we can get an exception until feature freeze it will
                      be fine
   01:19  mhz         JaneW: what does FWIW stand for?
   01:19  ogra_ibook  we naever made any promises for this spec
   01:19  jelkner     JaneW: from the field, I have to repeat that without
                      local devices, we don't have edubuntu
   01:19  jelkner     for a lot of folks, anyway
   01:19  jelkner     we have a school in dc that wants edubuntu
   01:19  jelkner     but not without local devices
   01:20  jelkner     no way to save data
   01:20  ogra_ibook  jelkner, you repeated *several* times that we wont have
                      any stand in the field without low memory support
   01:20  flint       JaneW, I have asked this before, but what url has the
                      priority list printed?
   01:20  jelkner     ogra_ibook, that's true too
   01:20  jelkner     for many labs we have running classic ltsp now
   01:20  ogra_ibook  jelkner, my day only has 24h
   01:20  jelkner     i understand
   01:20  jelkner     so you need help
   01:21  jelkner     i don't mean to be a pain
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   #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
   01:21  ogra_ibook  and i told you in the beginning after UBZ that its not
                      on top of my prio list
   01:21  jelkner     i'm just telling you the straight truth from users
   01:21  JaneW       https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+specstable
   === kjcole [n=kjcole@dsl092-145-217.wdc2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined
   01:21  JaneW       FWIW = For What It's Worth
   01:21  ogra_ibook  yes, and i dont want to support a broken or partially
                      broken implementation for 5 years ...
   01:21  jelkner     so the real issue than, is whether edubuntu is a
                      priority at all
   01:22  ogra_ibook  everything we do during this release cycle needs to be
                      100% and rock solid
   01:22  flint       Here is what your direction has been set to:
   01:22  flint       1. Low Memory
   01:22  flint       2. Fast Startup
   01:22  flint       3. Sound
   01:22  flint       4. Local Devices
   01:22  mhz         JaneW: thx, kjcole had just told me
   01:22  flint       Here is what is needed
   01:22  flint       1. Low Memory
   01:22  flint       2. Local Devices
   01:22  flint       3. Sound
   01:22  flint       4. Fast Startup
   01:22  ogra_ibook  flint, but thats not the reality
   01:22  jelkner     i agree with flint
   01:23  JaneW       ogra: is fast startup linked to ubuntu faster startup?
   01:23  jelkner     and sound is done
   01:23  JaneW       in which case I understand the priority
   01:23  ogra_ibook  yes
   01:23  JaneW       if not, I don't really....
   01:23  flint       ogra_ibook, I am merely making the observation.  I
                      believe that this is the facts of this prioritization
   01:23  ogra_ibook  10-20% are done by Keybuks changes
   01:23  jelkner     fast startup was never a major concern of anyone i've
                      worked with
   01:24  JaneW       Ok, well decreasing the startup time is a major goal of
                      ubuntu for dapper, we can't mess with that
   01:24  jelkner     at all edubuntu sites running here, the machines run
                      all the time
   01:24  ogra_ibook  JaneW, getting down from 2minutes + startup time is a
                      very important thing
   01:24  jelkner     libraries, community centers, schools
   01:24  flint       hang on, there are no rank orders on the priority list
                      beyond "low" "medium" and "high"
   01:24  JaneW       ok, so you may be booting once a day maybe? not for
                      each lesson or session?
   01:24  jelkner     it doesn't matter how long it takes to boot (well, an
                      hour would be unacceptable ;-)
                      JaneW, the regressions in ltsp are totally different
   01:25  ogra_ibook  fromm ubuntu itself, thus its only 10-20% i can get
                      from keybuks changes
   01:25  JaneW       fint: and essential
   01:25  jelkner     none of the intances in dc boot more than once a day
   01:25  jelkner     most less than that
   01:25  JaneW       ogra: what's your personal opinion here? which is more
   01:25  flint       ogra_ibook, there is no numeric rank order of
                      priorities, is there jane?
   01:25  JaneW       flint: no
   01:26  ogra_ibook  JaneW, all other stuff apart from local devices, since
                      it wont be 100% stable and ready
   01:26  flint       JaneW, i grant you essential...(and existential :^)
   01:26  jelkner     without low memory support, we could not upgrade from
                      k12ltsp to edubuntu in 2 existing labs
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   01:26  jelkner     without local devices, most folks don't want edubuntu
   01:27  flint       note that in a classroom you boot the silly
                      workstations never if they are working correctly.
   01:27  JaneW       Mithrandir: ping
                      JaneW, imho shipping all the other parts 100% reliable
   01:27  ogra_ibook  is more important than having local deviaces in and
                      producing a hell lot of bugreports we cant fix during
                      the next 5 years
   01:27  kjcole      flint, she meant "essential", "high", "medium", "low".
   01:27  ogra_ibook  jelkner, thats not true
                      Mithrandir: sorry to bother, but can you comment on
   01:28  JaneW       ThinclientLocal Devices please? we are in an Edubuntu
                      jelkner, we have a ton of happy users that work fine
   01:28  ogra_ibook  with the breezy implementation which doesnt have any
                      addons at all
   01:28  jelkner     ogra_ibook, what's not true
   01:28  JaneW       ogra: will it be very buggy if implemented?
   01:28  JaneW       ogra: was that the reason for not prioritising? Forgive
                      me I don;t know the technical details here...
   01:28  ogra_ibook  JaneW, thats hard to predict, but it willl take a lot
                      of time to get it right
   01:28  jelkner     ogra_ibook, we would have *way* more if we had local
   01:28  Mithrandir  JaneW: pong
   01:29  jelkner     you can't say it is not true just because we have x
                      number of happy users
   01:29  ogra_ibook  JaneW, thats a question only mdz can answer
                      I understand jelkner and flint points very well, and
                      agrre with them on the fact that local device support
   01:29  mhz         is very 'convincing' issue for modern end-users. But
                      can't the dc instances start using edubuntu and wait 6
                      months or less?
   01:29  JaneW       Mithrandir: hi, thanks.
                      Mithrandir: sorry to bother, but can you comment on
   01:29  JaneW       ThinclientLocal Devices please? we are in an Edubuntu
   01:29  Mithrandir  JaneW: I think it's doable for dapper, but it requires
                      somebody to have time for it allocated.
   01:29  ogra_ibook  jelkner, and you cant say we dont get users because
                      local devices are missing ;)
   01:29  jelkner     what about the 3*x number of users we don't have
                      because we don't have local devices?
   01:29  jelkner     i know we are missing users because of this
   01:29  flint       kjcole, gotcha so the rank order contrast would look
                      like this, Here is what your direction has been set to:
   01:29  flint       essential. Low Memory
   01:29  flint       high. Fast Startup
   01:29  flint       medium. Sound
   01:29  flint       low. Local Devices
                      Mithrandir: sorry to put you on the spot, but I am
   01:29  JaneW       trying to establish if it is in any way possible to get
                      the spec implemented suuccesfully and entirely and
                      stability for dapper
   01:29  flint       Here is what is needed
   01:29  flint       essential. Low Memory
   01:30  flint       high. Local Devices
   01:30  flint       medium. Sound
   01:30  flint       low. Fast Startup
   01:30  Mithrandir  JaneW: I think it is.
   01:30  jelkner     i have potential users ready for me to setup labs, but
                      not without a way for there students to save data
   01:30  jelkner     i'm also catching a bit of hell from current users who
                      keep asking me "when can we save data?"
   01:30  ogra_ibook  Mithrandir, i'm fine with putting time into the ltsp
                      side if someone cares for dbus and the g-v-m side
   01:30  JaneW       Mithrandir: are you proposing doing the LTSP parts as
   01:30  jelkner     i keep telling them "patients, its coming"
   01:31  jelkner     that's why i'm such a pain around this issue
   01:31  JaneW       jelkner: is it a hospital?
                      jelkner, at the university here we have sun thinclients
   01:31  juliux      and there is no local device support availiable,
                      because the admins have disabled it
   01:31  Mithrandir  JaneW: but it requires somebody who understands dbus &c
                      to do it, it's probably tricky to get correct.
   01:31  jelkner     juliux: yes, students have network storage
   01:31  ogra_ibook  jelkner, why do you do that ? i told you long time ago
                      its not reliably fixed yet
   01:31  jelkner     so local devices are not a problem
   01:31  JaneW       Mithrandir: right, and it's mdz's call whether we can
                      even try...
   01:31  jelkner     common in university settings
   01:32  flint       the folks who use this thing have a perception of the
                      priority order that contrasts the project management.
   01:32  jelkner     not common in elemantary schools, libraries, community
   01:32  juliux      jelkner, but not everybody need it
   01:32  JaneW       flint: huh?
                      JaneW: yes.  My out-of-the-air guess is a week to get
   01:32  Mithrandir  it working somewhat, double that or so to get it
                      working nicely.
   01:32  jelkner     juliux: i never said everyone needed it
   01:32  jelkner     i don't, for example
   01:32  jelkner     i did say most do
   01:33  jelkner     and the communities i feel we are trying to reach need
                      it most
   01:33  flint       JaneW, local storage is a higher priortiy for the users
                      than say sound.
   01:33  ogra_ibook  Mithrandir, do you agree asking for a UVF exception and
                      extend the time until feature freeze would be enough
   01:33  JaneW       Mithrandir: ok, we'll take it further with mdz. Thanks.
   01:33  flint       by users i mean line teachers in a classroom.
   01:33  Mithrandir  ogra_ibook: yes, it's not something which can be done
                      before UVF.
   01:33  ogra_ibook  Mithrandir, thats what i would go for ...
   01:33  JaneW       flint: no not really
   01:33  ogra_ibook  oki
                      JaneW: if I were to do it, I would prefer to do the
                      whole delivery, since coordinating with oneself is less
   01:34  Mithrandir  work than coordinating with somebody else.  You might
                      need to fight with mdz/Kamion about taking time away
                      from working on live cd/installer stuff.
   01:34  juliux      flint, i think sound is more neede as local device
                      Stating the obvious perhaps, but here in the US, there
   01:34  kjcole      are enough computers that students (and others) will
                      need access to their materials away from the
                      lab.  Especially if they are doing "home" homework.
   01:34  JaneW       Mithrandir: erk, isn't liveCD installer more NB?
   01:34  ogra_ibook  i thought it was taking time from network auth
   01:34  flint       juliux, actually the last thing you need in a classroom
                      is more sounds :^)
   01:35  JaneW       flint: head phones
   01:35  Mithrandir  JaneW: I'm hacking on some not-live installer bits to
                      get better keyboard support into the live cd
   01:35  flint       JaneW, or another think for the child to
   01:35  juliux      flint, but you also dont want that the students can
                      bring there one programms on a usb stick
   01:35  Mithrandir  JaneW: I'm not touching espresso, though I think I
                      shall look at it at some point.
   01:35  juliux      flint, i am a student and students love it to attact
                      the lan
                      Mithrandir / ogra: could you 2 have a word with mdz if
   01:35  JaneW       you see him later, and we can discuss again in the
                      Dapper meeting tomorrow morning?
   01:35  jelkner     juliux: why not?
   01:36  Mithrandir  JaneW: mdz is around now
   01:36  ogra_ibook  JaneW, yup
                      juliux, actually, if the kid shows up with the game he
   01:36  flint       just wrote in python, we get down on our knees and
                      praise god.
   01:36  flint       is mdz up?
   01:36  ogra_ibook  he's awake ?
   01:36  JaneW       isn't it a bit early still?
   01:36  flint       I will call him and get him on the channel is you all
   01:36  ogra_ibook  havent seen a trace
   01:36  jelkner     people must have a way to save data, simple as that
   01:37  juliux      webspace?
   01:37  flint       it is 4:49 local time Los Angeles
                      ok anyway we have discussed this long enough here,
   01:37  JaneW       we'll speak to mdz, and let you know what the verdict
   01:37  jelkner     juliux: fine for privileded users, not fine for those
                      who don' t have it
   01:37  JaneW       what's next?
   01:37  juliux      jelkner, most have it
   01:37  jelkner     not true
   01:37  jelkner     perhaps in your setting
   01:37  juliux      jelkner, every student have one
   01:38  ogra_ibook  the edubuntu-artwork package is ready so far
   01:38  jelkner     not here
   01:38  juliux      jelkner, also in us
   01:38  JaneW       ogra: great, you still need artwork though right?
   01:38  ogra_ibook  it will hit the archive today or tomorrow with the age
                      selection built in
   01:38  jelkner     i am in us
   01:38  JaneW       ogra: and will you have several selections after
                      install? as discussed previously?
   01:38  ogra_ibook  but indeed i need some artwork to put in :)
   01:38  JaneW       ogra: great thanks
   01:38  jelkner     and most students do not have their own web space
   01:39  ogra_ibook  JaneW, sudo dpkg-reconfigure edubuntu-artwork will give
                      you 3 choices
   01:39  juliux      jelkner, but webspace from the university
   01:39  mhz         ogra: there are some backgrounds almost ready to be
   01:39  jelkner     juliux: yes, university students do
   01:39  mhz         1 for each age selection
   01:39  ogra_ibook  mhz, i have to wait for something official
   01:39  jelkner     not elementary students, community folks, etc
   01:39  mhz         (they're supposed to be ready by friday afternoon)
   01:40  mhz         ogra: ahhhhh
   01:40  JaneW       mhz: are you going to put them on the art site?
   01:40  mhz         JaneW: of course :)
   01:40  ogra_ibook  i'm happy to add community stuff now, but dont be
                      disappointed if it gets replaced by something
   01:40  JaneW       ogra: but I think we'll only get one official wall
                      paper, for the default install
   01:40  mhz         ogra: i know the drill ;)
   01:40  JaneW       ogra / mhz: we can and should have community
                      contributed stuff too
   01:40  ogra_ibook  JaneW, i still have no answer from silbs about that
   01:41  ogra_ibook  JaneW, i asked if we get one or three designs
   01:41  JaneW       mhz: yes we will need to explicitly run them by the
                      powers that be this time though, so avoid a lynching ;)
   01:41  mhz         JaneW / ogra : we are working on GTK theme drafts
   01:41  JaneW       s/so/to
   01:41  JaneW       mhz: YAY :)
   01:41  flint       ok, i just talked to mdz.
   01:41  ogra_ibook  mhz, we want to kepp the default theme from ubuntu ...
   01:42  ogra_ibook  mhz, at least for the gnome desktop
   01:42  flint       the deal here is that it is not a priority issue.
                      juliux, Universities have had computers for centuries,
                      and are generally well ahead of what the K-12 crowd has
   01:42  kjcole      in the way of computers, network access, tech support
                      people, etc.  One look at the apps labeled "education"
                      in Edubuntu tells you who the current target audience
                      is, and it ain't university students...
   01:42  mhz         ogra: okis, I long ago understood there will be no
                      'coordination' with 'central work'
   01:42  mhz         :(
   01:42  flint       he feels that no one has figured out how to do local
                      devices to his satisfaction.
   01:42  ogra_ibook  (gtk that is)
   01:43  ogra_ibook  mhz, thats not true
   01:43  flint       btw do not call him again, he is "entertaining"...
   01:43  ogra_ibook  mhz, but changing the gtk theme was never in scope
   01:43  mhz         ogra: it is and you just told you have not 'heard' from
   01:44  mhz         ogra:  ? IIRC, we said (looong ago) "we need 3 themes"
   01:44  ogra_ibook  mhz, nope, its not, we can ship a lot of community
   01:44  ogra_ibook  mhz, its just that the default will be a professionally
                      designed one
   01:44  mhz         ogra: yes, we can ship but we are not working
                      "coordinated" with slbs, are we?
   01:44  ogra_ibook  and i dont know yet if all three defaults will be or
                      only one
   01:45  ogra_ibook  but beyond that, we can put a ton of wallpapers into
                      the artwork package or additional stuff to select from
                      yes, thats cool, i am not complaining :) I am just
   01:45  mhz         saying that I have no clue what slbs and the designers
                      are working on
   01:45  JaneW       ogra: do you think so? I woiuld think it should look a
                      bit distinct...
   01:45  mhz         no roadmap or anything
   01:45  ogra_ibook  mhz, silbs works with an art agency
   01:45  ogra_ibook  mhz, there is the dapper release schedule ...
   01:46  ogra_ibook  it should have artwork deadlines
   01:46  mhz         ogra: heheh, yes, I know about the shcedule
   01:46  mhz         but i'll put it this way: Here, in this meeting we are
                      talking as Edubuntu community to work on stuff or help
                      dont care what silbs and the designers are working on,
   01:46  ogra_ibook  just go on with your stuff ... as i said, i think we'll
                      have enough space on the Cd this time to add artwork
   01:46  mhz         I have never heard of slbs plans on design
   01:47  JaneW       flint: you saying it's not worth us talking to mdz
                      about the issue?
   01:47  flint       JaneW, No.  Read carefully.
   01:47  mhz         ogra: exactly, I appreciate you can have some room for
                      artwork, hence we are working on 3 gtk drafts
   01:48  JaneW       flint he feels that no one has figured out how to do
                      local devices to his satisfaction.
                      ogra: but i am just saying "I know we (commnity) dont
   01:48  mhz         work in coordination with 'official hired artwork
   01:48  flint       JaneW, yes, exactly! Zimmerman says that the current
                      spec is incomplete
   01:48  ogra_ibook  mhz, the -artwork package isnt prepared to handle gtk
                      themes and was never intended to do so
   01:48  mhz         ogra: ooops, i didnt know that
   01:48  flint       if the specification for local devices was complete we
                      could move forward.
   01:48  jelkner     i gotta run guys, same time next week?
   01:49  ogra_ibook  mhz, thats why i said the above :)
   01:49  flint       indeed elkner, do not give up on what you need to
   01:49  mhz         and then, JaneW and ogra, what should i understand by
                      "we need 3 age-splittted-artwork" ?
   01:49  ogra_ibook  flint, Mithrandir knows how to implement it ... we'd
                      have to sort it in a meeting with mdz
   01:50  ogra_ibook  mhz, the artwork package will offer to select one of
                      three age categories
   01:50  ogra_ibook  (post install)
   01:51  mhz         ogra: okis, and what will that include? only
   01:51  ogra_ibook  involving icons, splash and wallpaper
   01:51  mhz         ahh
   01:51  flint       ogra_ibook, can Mithrandir write a specification to
                      satisfy mdz?
   01:51  mhz         hmmm, Icons will take much longer
   01:51  ogra_ibook  gah, i have a horrible lag here ...
   01:51  mhz         unless we use Tango, Gartoon and other
   01:51  ogra_ibook  flint, i can write it after having a meeting
   01:52  ogra_ibook  mhz, yes, thats the plan
   01:52  flint       ogra_ibook, do you have the time to do this?  I can
                      help with specs...think of me as your secretary!
                      we are ging to have to try to have one of these
   01:52  JaneW       meetings where we don't spend an hour + arguing, but
                      rather try to collaborate... that would be a novel
                      change .
                      flint, we had a wonderful clear spec after the first
   01:53  ogra_ibook  BOF meeting ... that was going a bit confusing during
                      the next ones
   01:53  flint       ogra_ibook, that is correct, imagine me in a short
                      dress on your lap....hmmm.
   01:53  ogra_ibook  eeek
   01:53  JaneW       we haven't even discussed the cook book yet.
   01:53  JaneW       and I fear the bickering puts people off...
   === Simira [n=rpGirl@118.84-48-121.nextgentel.com] has joined
   01:53  JaneW       flint: arrgh!
   01:53  ogra_ibook  flint, will you carry pompoms ?
   01:53  flint       kevin is here and much progress has been made in this
   01:54  flint       ogra_ibook, pompoms only if you are good, and bring
   01:54  kjcole      My cue, I guess...
   01:54  ogra_ibook  sure i will :)
   01:54  mhz         JaneW: true but if not here, when?
   01:54  mhz         :)
   01:54  mhz         JaneW: the good thing is we are reaching agreements ;)
   01:54  mhz         or so it seems
   01:55  JaneW       mhz: granted, but this happens each week. We really
                      need a good face to face pounch up to get it all out ;)
   01:55  mhz         heheh, indeed
                      Cookbook: Now more than halfway through the first
   01:55  kjcole      pass.  Also, with the help of ogra, jblack, lifeless
                      and flint, I've been getting a much better handle on
                      how to use bzr.
   01:55  mhz         cool!, Kamion
   01:55  mhz         cool!, kjcole
   01:55  mhz         (this autocompleting!)
   01:55  JaneW       kjcole: excellent :))
   01:55  mhz         (it should present matches before)
   01:56  JaneW       kjcole: how much editting is it needing?
   01:56  flint       and do not forget the help from mhz!!!
   01:56  ogra_ibook  mhz, it does if you dont hit enter to quickly :)
                      I see launchapd is now tracking our revisions too (as
   01:56  kjcole      of yesterday, it appears).  I put the branch in there
                      while we were sitting in Montreal.
   01:56  mhz         flint: I have not been of any help yet
   01:57  flint       mhz, mhz has been of excellent help setting up a bzr
                      repository for the use of the cookbook project.
   01:57  mhz         flint: I will. jelkner and kjcole will let me in once
                      they finish 1st part
   01:57  JaneW       mhz: just saw your pic, you look quite a lot like Jeff
                      Waugh ;)
   01:57  flint       mhz, you already have access to the depository, say the
                      word and I put you back in the sudoers file...
   01:58  mhz         JaneW: is that a good or bad thing :) ?
                      JaneW, I wish we'd gotten to this before jelkner had to
   01:58  kjcole      split.  We have very similar styles regarding wording,
                      but different priorities.  Since jelkner has actually
                      published and I have not, I bow to his priorities.
   01:58  flint       JaneW, do not scare the poor man off!
   01:58  mhz         ogra_ibook: ohh, it does it, thx
   01:58  mhz         (tab Tab)
   01:59  JaneW       kjcole: yes sorry I wasn;t watching the clock closely,
                      we'll def do cook book first next week
   === lguerra [i=lguerra@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:59  JaneW       kjcole: does it cause conflict between you at all?
   01:59  mhz         kjcole: wise it is, unless until cookbook is out and
                      then you would also stop being a 'padawan' :D
   01:59  flint       JaneW, this priority stuff had to take priority :^)
                      JaneW, His approach is "Keep as much of the tuxLab
                      Cookbook as possible.  Whittle it down.  When finished
   01:59  kjcole      whittling, add in material specific to
                      Dapper.  Release.  Add in more "How to teach usung
                      Edubuntu."  Release again."
   02:00  mhz         lguerra: bienvenido!!!
   02:00  lguerra     Hi mhz
   02:00  flint       my evil contribution was to look over the cookbook
                      outline...and revise it for use on planet earth.
   02:00  mhz         JaneW: lguerra is being the only 'other' active person
                      in #edubuntu-es, very willing to help and test
   02:01  JaneW       kjcole: seems to make sense...
                      JaneW, Not much conflict, no.  I just worry that people
   02:01  kjcole      might be expecting marvelous changes from what we both
                      already consider to be a very fine piece of work we've
                      started from.
   02:01  flint       lguerra, any friend of Mauritzo is a friend of us.
   02:01  lguerra     tks Flint
                      kjcole: no I don;t think major changes are expected, we
   02:02  JaneW       just have to makes sure it is relevent and there are no
                      weird tuxlab references that make no sense in the
                      edubuntu context
                      JaneW, that is the most dissapointing part, there is
   02:02  flint       little conflict.  I feel about conflict and arguement
                      like a vampire feels about blood....
   02:02  JaneW       flint: I know but you are into S&M
   02:02  mhz         lguerra: we are now listening about kjcole and jelkner
                      advances on CookBook for Edubuntu
   02:02  JaneW       flint: and swinging, and beastility and who know what
   02:02  mhz         flint: thx
                      seriously, the real challange is that the tuxlab book
   02:03  flint       was written very closely to the Shuttleworth foundation
                      requirements in SA.  This must be much more general.
   02:03  JaneW       flint: agreed
                      ogra_ibook, I had sent you the LTSP startup stuff from
   02:03  kjcole      the tuxLab Cookbook for you to revise.  Had a free
                      second to work miracles there as well as everywhere
                      else you've been working miracles?
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg@host-202-163-253-29.dhcp.infocom.ph] has joined
   02:04  mhz         jsgotangco: wb
   02:04  JaneW       hi jsgotangco
   02:04  flint       JaneW, one thing you could really help with...the
                      graphics in the tuxlab book are...what is the word?
   02:04  JaneW       flint: cool
   02:04  JaneW       ?
   02:05  ogra_ibook  heh
   02:05  JaneW       flint: what do you need?
   02:05  flint       JaneW, is Johnathan Carter on the line?
   === jsgotangco tiptoes into meeting...
   02:05  JaneW       flint: not sure...
   02:05  JaneW       highvoltage: ping
   02:05  JaneW       flint: you can be candid
   02:05  flint       JaneW, I just do not want to hurt highvoltages
                      feelings, he is a crack kinda guy...
   02:05  JaneW       Jonathan didn;t draw them anyway, there was an
   02:06  jsgotangco  crack?
   02:06  flint       there is a pix of RMS in the original that must be seen
                      to be believed!!!
   02:06  JaneW       who got paid
   02:06  flint       JaneW, ok get the money back.
   02:06  flint       JaneW, now.
   02:06  JaneW       I think it was meant to be amusing and a bit tongue in
   === Simira [n=rpGirl@118.84-48-121.nextgentel.com] has joined
                      JaneW, jelkner likes them.  I find them to be
   02:07  kjcole      "consistent" which is a big plus, and "gentle" which is
                      also okay.  Am I thrilled by them? Not exactly, but no
                      real complaints.  (I'm easy.)
   02:07  flint       JaneW, darlin' I mean "damn"
   02:07  JaneW       kjcole: ITA with your interpretation
   02:07  ogra_ibook  i'm not sure we have the allowance to ship the graphics
   02:07  mhz         lol
   02:07  mhz         I can place a picture of myself
   02:08  JaneW       ogra: I think we can... but I'll need to dbl check
   02:08  jsgotangco  what's the status of the manual?
   02:08  flint       ogra_ibook, me I want that eurotrash look, kinda
   02:08  mhz         I have gained more wight last 2 months
   02:08  ogra_ibook  flint, cool !
   02:08  mhz         and from a 10 mt distance, I can play RMS very well
   02:08  ogra_ibook  flint, make some drawings ;)
   02:08  flint       ogra_ibook, exactly!
   02:08  mhz         ogra: and you can have my permission to include it
   02:09  flint       mhz, you probably do not like tea and bathe
                      regularly.  we will consider you... maybe!
   02:09  mhz         heheh
   02:09  kjcole      ogra_ibook: LTSP (moo cow?) bootup walkthrough?
   02:09  ogra_ibook  nah
   02:09  ogra_ibook  not needed for us
   02:10  flint       JaneW, seriously, there is a crying need for an
                      artistic theme here.
   02:10  ogra_ibook  as well as only lts.conf settings we support should
                      show up in the cookbook
   02:10  flint       JaneW, were you involved in the original tuxlab book?
   02:10  JaneW       flint: again I don' think it's a priority, but if
                      someone does it, great we'lll be very happy.
   === jsgotangco sits in a chair
   02:10  JaneW       flint: no not at all, I first heard of it at the London
   02:11  flint       JaneW, think of the book as print advertising for the
                      ogra_ibook: Dunno who we need authority from on
   02:11  kjcole      graphics but the I've been in touch with the original
                      author and the illustrator and both gave us their
   02:11  JaneW       flint: which is where I first got to know Jonathan and
                      Hilton too
   02:11  mhz         flint: we could also help with those graphics as soon
                      as we get time to read and work on it
   02:11  ogra_ibook  kjcole, ok, thats enough
   02:11  JaneW       ok oiur time is up, anything else/
   02:11  JaneW       ?
   02:12  ogra_ibook  i was remembering the original was under a strange
   02:12  jsgotangco  :)
                      i suppose my thought here is that the default themes of
   02:12  flint       edubuntu should closely match the illustration style of
                      the book.
   02:12  JaneW       ogra: that was the draft it wasn;t released yet
   02:12  ogra_ibook  flint, so you want RMs wallpapers o_O
   02:12  jsgotangco  err what's the status of the manual? (nobody answered)
   02:12  ogra_ibook  s/RMs/RMS
   02:12  mhz         ogra: LOL!
   02:12  flint       ogra_ibook, ouch!
                      ogra_ibook: The walkthrough doesn't tell people what to
   02:13  kjcole      do, it just explains (in horrid detail) what happens
                      during the boot.  Since that's all changed (according
                      to jelkner) he wanted you to revise that.
   02:13  mhz         jsgotangco: i have no clue yet
   02:13  flint       jsgotangco, the draft is out on bzr.
   02:13  jsgotangco  url?
   02:13  mhz         hmm, i am also a little lazy, url ?
   02:14  flint       http://docbook.flint.com.  kevin is this correct?
   02:14  JaneW       Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License
   02:14  mhz         lguerra: that is it :)
   02:14  ogra_ibook  kjcole, you wont see anything in the bootprocess except
                      the progressbar of usplash once i'm done
   02:14  jsgotangco  oh its in docbook?
   02:14  flint       oops https://docbox.flint.com kevin help a fella here!
   02:14  kjcole      Lauchpad still points to my copy.  I'll point it at
                      docbox later this morning.
   02:14  ogra_ibook  kjcole, indeed you can describe whats going on behind
                      the scenes
   02:15  flint       i will endeavor to get the silly url correct
   02:15  kjcole      ogra_ibook: That's what the original did: The behind
                      the scenes stuff.
   02:15  ogra_ibook  yup
   02:16  flint       my book will be called "the making of the edubuntu
                      cookbook" it will be a  horror novel.
   02:16  kjcole      flint, FITS
   02:16  ogra_ibook  hehe
   02:16  ogra_ibook  i'll buy one
   02:16  jsgotangco  NOTICE TO USERS
                      This computer system is the private property of its
                      owner, whether individual, corporate or government. It
   02:16  jsgotangco  is for authorized use only. Users (authorized or
                      unauthorized) have no explicit or implicit expectation
                      of privacy.
   02:16  jsgotangco  nice
   02:16  jsgotangco  with a round shiny edubuntu logo
   02:17  kjcole      jsgotangco, hold.  flint was a wee bit premature with
                      that announcement.
   02:17  flint       actually elkner and kevin seem to have this matter well
                      in hand...
   02:17  flint       kjcole, sorry kevin, you are correct. it is not soup
   02:17  jsgotangco  Flint Information Technology Services (FITS)
   02:17  jsgotangco  Montpelier, VT 05602-8361
   02:18  JaneW       flint: sorry but that is SUCH A United States type
                      jsgotangco: CURRENTLY the bzr repository is at
   02:18  kjcole      but I never wanted to keep it there as it is a
                      Gallaudet University machine which I have no rights to
                      make a public repository.
   02:18  flint       jsgotangco, i suppose i need to go look at this
                      thing...every morning something new...
   === JaneW logs off IMMEDIATELY
                      jelkner keeps asking if we can have the master
   02:19  kjcole      repository on launchpad.  As I understand things
                      launchpad would only be a mirror.
   02:19  mhz         flint: and that url is ready to be used as bzr branch?
   02:19  jsgotangco  why not use supermirror?
   02:20  flint       hey at least it is working?  who knows how to use the
   02:20  mhz         .oO(first time I saw 'branch'  I thought you meant
                      brakfast + lunch , or a late morning breakfast)
   02:20  flint       JaneW, I did not put the silly thing up!  this is what
                      happens when you play with other kids...
   02:20  kjcole      jsgotangco: is supermirror different from launchpad?
   02:20  highvoltage JaneW: pong
   02:21  JaneW       highvoltage: hello
   02:21  highvoltage flint: yes, i am now
   02:21  jsgotangco  kjcole, supermirror is basically part of LP
   02:21  ogra_ibook  jsgotangco, supermirror isnt ready yet afaik
   02:21  jsgotangco  (or something like that)
   02:21  JaneW       highvoltage: flint was discussing the cookbook images
                      JaneW: My fault.  I put that there, since I'm not
   02:21  kjcole      certain how docbox will ultimately be used (other than
                      as the Cookbook repository) and it's flint's box.
   02:21  highvoltage meeting still on?
   02:21  jsgotangco  ahhh
   02:21  jsgotangco  hmm
   02:21  flint       highvoltage, johnathan, I was disparaging the tuxbook
                      portrait of RMS...
   02:21  highvoltage :)
   02:22  highvoltage just an update on the cookbook from TSF side, if I may.
   02:22  highvoltage (and it's jonathan, btw)
   02:22  JaneW       linus's one isn;t too bad
                      JaneW: And I know flint to have something of a
   02:22  kjcole      background in computer security.  Last but not least
                      "Flint Information Technology Services (FITS)" is a bit
                      of an inside joke.
   02:22  highvoltage the cookbook is practically being re-written.
   02:22  flint       highvoltage, sorry, I always do that, and it is
                      completely wrong.
   02:22  JaneW       kjcole: yes I noticed that too!
   02:22  flint       highvoltage, johnathan....gotta work on that.
   02:23  JaneW       highvoltage: huh? What? Why?
   === mhz got TOTALLY lost now
                      we're updating a huge amount of the content, which
   02:23  highvoltage we'll give over to copywriters who will merge it with
                      the first version of the book.
   02:23  highvoltage everything will be available in docbook.
   02:23  highvoltage flint: no problem :)
   02:23  kjcole      highvoltage: ????
   02:23  JaneW       flint: J O N A T H A N !
   02:23  flint       kjcole, excellent work ont the repository...
   02:23  highvoltage flint: you're the only person in the world i'll excuse
                      for that
   02:23  flint       JaneW, ok I feel guilty...
   02:23  highvoltage now that I'm here (and sorry for just jumping in like
   02:23  flint       highvoltage, thanks for your kind indulgence...
   02:24  highvoltage i sent the request for the drupel site on
   02:24  highvoltage when people get back into work mode we can get our
                      drupal site nicely set up.
   02:24  JaneW       highvoltage: yipee
   02:24  mhz         kjcole: sorry, CookBook is not the one we needed?
                      highvoltage, we have the edubuntu cookbook in a bzr
   02:24  flint       repository, since you are its mother I will get you an
                      account on the site if you want it.
   02:24  highvoltage JaneW: i was wondering, perhaps we should do the new
                      website launch with the next release again?
   02:24  highvoltage (for maximum effect)
   02:25  highvoltage flint: thank you, that will be good
   02:25  jsgotangco  +1
   02:25  JaneW       highvoltage: yes good idea, that worked well, and we
                      got good traffic
   02:25  flint       highvoltage, i have been playing with drupal for a lamp
                      thing it is not bad.
   02:25  JaneW       highvoltage: can you co-ord the necessary again?
   02:25  highvoltage JaneW: yes
   02:26  highvoltage we also have an increase in the amount of people
                      interested in helping with content on the website.
                      God I hate IRC sometimes.  highvoltage: I thought
   02:26  kjcole      jelkner and I were working on the cookbook as we've
                      been meeting every sunday...
   02:26  jsgotangco  content - wiki pages?
   02:26  JaneW       excellent
                      i have received plenty e-mails and I advise people to
   02:27  highvoltage join the web team on launchpad, so when the drupal site
                      is up, they will all be commisioned to start writing
                      specific parts and work on some sub-projects.
   02:27  JaneW       kjcole: I think highvoltage means THEIR version for
                      tuxlabs - right?
   02:27  ogra        kjcole, he's talking about tuxlabs
   02:27  highvoltage jsgotangco: not quite, but similar.
   02:27  JaneW       highvoltage: your re-write is for your own purposes
   02:27  highvoltage sorry, yes.
   02:27  kjcole      Ahhhh, thanks for the clarification all
   02:27  jsgotangco  :/
   02:27  highvoltage let me clarify, version 2 of the howto is for tuxlabs.
   02:27  highvoltage and that's what we are working on at the foundation.
   02:27  flint       kjcole, this drupal input is a good thing...
   === mhz is understanding a little more now
   02:27  JaneW       highvoltage: will your rewrite affect us at all? I.e.
                      changes we should know about and could benefit from?
   02:28  highvoltage however, we will use Edubuntu for installation in the
                      new version, instead of Ubuntu+LTSP.org or K12LTSP.
   02:28  highvoltage JaneW: yes.
   02:28  flint       highvoltage, i would like to have you look over the
                      overall cookbook outline...
   02:28  ogra        highvoltage, then it would be desirable to work
                      together on the new version i think
   02:28  highvoltage it's not very friendly documentation, since we're
                      relying on copywriters to do all the poetry,
   02:28  JaneW       highvoltage: well perhaps you should look at what 'we'
                      (royal we) have done to adapt it ti edubuntu
   02:28  flint       highvoltage, oh so you don't want local storage either
   02:28  highvoltage and it's broken up in modules that doesn't /quite/ make
                      sense at the moment
   02:29  ogra        flint, :P
   02:29  highvoltage but i'll pass it on, there will be some value in it.
   02:29  flint       ogra, ok, i will try to be good...
                      (Anyway, as I was saying earlier, I put the repository
                      out on my office desktop machine which Gallaudet would
   02:29  kjcole      probably not be thrilled with, if they knew.  So, flint
                      has set up docbox.flint.com, which is where launchpad
                      will point shortly.)
                      personally, I feel that this should have been a
   02:29  highvoltage collaborative effort from the start, however, there are
                      some people here who don't agree.
   02:30  jsgotangco  :/
   02:30  ogra        flint, else i'll steal your miniskirt and send you out
                      to the public with only the pompoms
   02:30  mhz         highvoltage: so the idea is we will be using Drupal for
                      the purposes of.... ?
                      Next week though, I will talk to them again, snip some
   02:30  highvoltage of this meeting to show that there *is* outside
   02:30  flint       highvoltage, the deal here is that you gotta do for
   === mhz is not complaining
   02:30  flint       ogra, I have some big pompoms, also made of brass...
   02:30  highvoltage flint: ok
   02:31  ogra        lol
   02:31  mhz         highvoltage: here?
   02:31  highvoltage mhz: sorry, terribly distracted
   02:31  jsgotangco  bah
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has left #ubuntu-meeting
   02:31  flint       highvoltage, the neat thing about drupal / bzr is we
                      can have our cakes and eat them too.
   02:32  mhz         highvoltage: ohh, here = tuxlab ?
                      mhz: that swiss guy (sorry, can't remember his name)
   02:32  highvoltage pointed out some very good reasons to use drupal, so we
                      agreed to try it out for the website
   === doko [n=doko@dslb-084-059-103-061.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined
   02:32  highvoltage mhz: here = at the foundation
   02:32  ogra        there is even a wikipage with the desired structure
   02:32  mhz         highvoltage: okis, and Moin will be dropped then?
   === Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
                      highvoltage, the tuxlabs book specified how to interact
   02:32  flint       with the foundation as part of the install
                      process.  you had standard hardware for
                      servers.  things were much clearer than in the world.
   02:32  ogra        mhz, moin is the wiki and will stay
   02:33  highvoltage mhz: mostly, although we'll keep the wiki, and we'll
                      keep the moin "web" pages as a backup to drupal
   === mhz got lost again
   02:33  highvoltage mhz: just in case ogra's prophecy of an Edubuntu porn
                      site comes true
   02:33  mhz         drupal will be for ....?
   02:33  highvoltage mhz: the Edubuntu website
   02:33  flint       ogra, moin is not a bad thing either...
   02:33  ogra        mhz, we use moin for edu/ku/ubuntu as wiki and wont
                      drop it
   02:33  mhz         isnt wiki = web site?
   === mhz is terribly lost now, sorry
   02:34  ogra        mhz, for the website we currently have static pages
   02:34  highvoltage mhz: not necassarily :)
   === vuntz [n=vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:34  JaneW       highvoltage: Phillip
   02:34  ogra        mhz, we want a content management system so people can
                      also edit the website
   02:34  mhz         ogra: ahhhhh! www.edubuntu.org
   02:34  flint       mhz, Mauritzo, what we have here is a potlatch.  or a
                      battle of pleantful resources...
   02:34  ogra        mhz, so wiki == moin, website == drupal
                      mhz: so the website will be used for fancy things, like
   02:34  highvoltage photo galleries, static pages, feedback forms, etc.
                      While the wiki will be used exactly as it is used now
   02:35  highvoltage JaneW: yes, thanks.
   === vuntz [n=vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === JaneW needs to go, have actually work to do... ;)
   02:35  mhz         highvoltage: / ogra: now I get it right!!!
   02:35  mhz         thx for the extra patience
   02:35  highvoltage mhz: no problem
   02:35  JaneW       ack 3 days into the new year and all my typos are
   02:35  flint       and these subsidiary or development pages can be used
                      at will
   02:35  mhz         www.edubuntu.org and wiki.edubuntu.org
   02:36  mhz         JaneW: this is also work. we are working
   02:36  mhz         :)\
   === vuntz__ [n=vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:36  JaneW       mhz: I know ;)
   02:36  highvoltage mhz: technically, i'm on work time now, so i'm avoiding
   02:36  mhz         highvoltage: lol! you always with your sense of humour,
   === Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:37  flint       highvoltage, wait a minute, I am always in favor of
                      acquiring resources in an unauthorized manner...
   === kjcole finishes dressing and runs out the door... Bound for paying
   work once more...
   02:37  flint       thanks kevin!!!
   02:37  JaneW       highvoltage: but Vickis not there anymore so no
                      problemo ;)
   02:37  highvoltage flint: perhaps that's why I like your style so much
                      highvoltage: i do not understand why we have
   02:37  mhz         http://wiki.edubuntu BUT https://wiki.ubuntu (notice
                      the https)
   02:37  JaneW       kjcole: you been naked all this time?
   02:37  highvoltage JaneW: yes, we are taking over. and Zelda is grrreat
   02:38  flint       highvoltage, thanks ma man... anyway boys and girls,
                      lets blow this pop stand till next week.
   02:38  mhz         highvoltage: could we have them equal
   02:38  highvoltage mhz: what do you mean?
   02:38  mhz         both http or https
   02:39  highvoltage mhz: i can access http://wiki.edubuntu.com fine.
   02:39  mhz         me too
   02:39  flint       mhz, Mauritzo http or https, it matters little...the
                      apache locks them together as a default.
   02:39  ogra        https://wiki.edubuntu.org/ works fine as well
   02:39  mhz         really??????
   02:39  highvoltage works for me.
   02:39  ogra        https should automatically be used if youre logged in
   02:39  mhz         http://wiki.ubuntu ?
   02:40  highvoltage that looks like an incomlete domain name :)
   02:40  flint       germans of course obsess about cryptography, they think
                      it is cool :^)
   02:40  mhz         ogra: my url shows http://wiki. even after logging in
   02:40  flint       ogra, ...must be some german in me...
   02:40  ogra        flint, i'm no tyical german then :)
   02:40  mhz         highvoltage: i was lazzy to type thw whole thing :)
   02:41  flint       ogra, if germans like coffee then "Ich bein un
   02:41  ogra        flint, i'm just struggling with an answer to a request
                      for hardened edubuntu
   02:41  ogra        hehe
   02:41  flint       ogra, that is the silliest thing i have heard all
   02:41  highvoltage flint: what do you mean with a crack kind of guy? i'm
                      not familiar with the expression
   02:41  ogra        lol, yes
   02:42  flint       highvoltage, are you back on the pipe again?
                      flint: and you can always be honest with me, if you
   02:42  highvoltage think that something i did is crap, feel free to
                      express it any way you like :)
   02:42  ogra        highvoltage, try s/crack/crazy
   02:42  highvoltage ogra: thanks for clearing that up :)
   === JaneW starts fading this time of day... it's over 33 degs celcius in
   02:43  ogra        oh, i wish the snow outside would finally melt :)
   02:43  mhz         JaneW: it will be 34 C here in Chile too
   02:43  JaneW       not sure how much higher, cos my thermometer is off the
   02:43  flint       highvoltage, johnathan, the writting is great, the RMS
                      and Torvalds pix...well...
   02:43  highvoltage JaneW: it's nice and air-conditioned here at the office
   02:43  highvoltage flint: jonathan
   02:43  flint       highvoltage, you bad man...
   02:43  JaneW       it's a swiss thermometer and it reckons inside temps
                      range from 8-30 only
   02:43  highvoltage JaneW: not -8? :)
   02:44  JaneW       highvoltage: that's reason enough to drive 70km
   02:44  flint       fyi i believe it is warm here in vermont. about 10 F.
                      anyway, i'm busy sorting my internet connection out
   02:44  highvoltage again, when that's back up i can be involved 100%
   02:44  JaneW       highvoltage: nah it's for indoor temps, mean to be
                      climate controlled
                      my time problems have basically been sorted out, so I
   02:44  highvoltage won't be as scarce as I was since... well since the
                      beginning :)
                      JaneW: but my wife has bought a small pool and an
   02:45  mhz         'amaca' (piece of handcraft made of cloth that you tie
                      up with each top to a tree trank and you can then use
                      it to swing and lay)
   02:45  highvoltage and I also just want to say happy new year to everyone
                      here, while we are still here.
   02:45  mhz         JaneW: so those 34 C will be more bearable
   02:45  flint       highvoltage, what did you think of the idea of having
                      the books art match the product?
   02:45  ogra        oh, yes, happy new year ... forgot that as well
   02:45  highvoltage flint: i'm all for it
   02:46  flint       mhz, she bought it but you probably had to set it up.
   02:46  mhz         flint: hehehehehe, nha, I was at the computer
   02:46  mhz         :D
                      highvoltage, that was basically my point.  Keep in mind
   02:47  flint       how blown away we all were to see that there was any
                      documentation when we got together in London.
   02:47  mhz         flint: she asked "would you help me" I said 'yes' but
                      she never asked "please help me now"
   02:47  highvoltage ogra: how do you feel about the overall status of
                      Edubuntu at present?
   02:47  flint       mhz, soon you will obey without question...right jane?
   02:47  mhz         :)
   02:47  mhz         already do that
   02:48  ogra        highvoltage, very good
   02:48  JaneW       mhz: d'oh I have a pool right here, I am going to leap
                      in quickly. bbiab
   02:48  mhz         i just take advantage of non well asked questions
   02:48  highvoltage ogra: i'm very glad to hear that
   02:48  ogra        highvoltage, (jelkner and flint wil disagree, since we
                      dont have local device support out of the box)
   02:48  highvoltage ogra: tough
   02:48  highvoltage (meant toung in cheek there)
   02:49  flint       highvoltage, change is not the provence of reasonable
   02:49  highvoltage ogra: security issue? is it likely that it will have it
                      in the release following dapper?
                      indeed all the manual setups from ltsp-org work just
   02:49  ogra        fine for local devices, its just not there out of the
   02:49  flint       highvoltage, and ollie, that this pig flies at all,
                      that this dog can dance, it is a good thing.
   02:50  JaneW       ok, I am jumping ship. Bye!
   02:50  flint       JaneW, enjoy the pool.
                      dapper+1 will have it in any case , we try to make up
   02:50  ogra        some dev time for it to happen for dapper, but no
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:50  highvoltage JaneW: cheers!
   02:51  highvoltage ogra: not that I'm properly qualified to say this, but
                      great job!
                      okey YOU ALL guys, gotta get back to kitchen :)  ogra,
   02:51  mhz         we will continue working on  the themes draft (1st
                      times for use playing with GTK) and 3 wallpapers for
                      Eduuntu. Will LDM need backgrounds?
   02:51  highvoltage ogra: edubuntu would have been a disaster if it weren't
                      for you
   02:51  flint       gang I feel I contributed constructively by calling mdz
                      at 4:30 AM and yelling at him...
   02:51  highvoltage yes, and /me need to get back to work, ciao
   02:51  ogra        mhz, have a look, i dropped the fullscreen backgrounds
                      from ldm ...
   02:52  flint       highvoltage, good to hear from you, do not be a
                      stranger Johnathan!
   === mhz hasnt seen dapper yet. I will soon
   02:52  ogra        mhz, it uses only the cropped logo and a background
                      color now
   02:52  mhz         better
   02:52  highvoltage flihnt: ok!
   02:52  ogra        the fullscreen pic at 1600x1200 was simply to big and
                      made the loading slow
   02:52  flint       ogra, ollie i should have my evaluation space set up by
                      next week.
   02:52  ogra        cool
   02:52  ogra        looks like we'll have flight3 very soon
   02:53  Treenaks    ogra: cool!
   02:53  mhz         ogra: shall I just get the edubuntu-desktop source and
   02:53  ogra        for ldm ?
   02:53  ogra        nope
   02:53  flint       ok I am out of here!
   === flint [n=flint@69-164-122-221.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has left
   #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
   02:53  ogra        you need the ldm source which is in the ltsp source
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:53  mhz         ogra: oh, ok
   02:53  ogra        lets move over to #edubuntu
   02:54  mhz         okis

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