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Meeting January 25, 2006

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01:00   JaneW   hello
01:00   jelkner good morning!
01:00   juliux  hi all
01:00   JaneW   hi jelkner
01:01   jelkner JaneW: hi jane, did you get my email?
01:01   JaneW   jelkner: you are up first today :)
01:01   jelkner cool!
01:01   JaneW   let's just give it 2 mins
01:01   jelkner ok
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01:02   juliux  hi mhz
01:02   mhz     hi juliux
01:02   JaneW   Q: Who is the target audience for the Edubuntu Cookbook? Hosted by jelkner - 5-10 mins
01:02   flint_  good morning edubuntu'ers
01:02   JaneW   flint_: wanna do minutes?
01:02   kjcole  Hi all.
01:02   JaneW   hi kjcole
01:03   JaneW   hi juliux
01:03   JaneW   hi mhz
01:03   kjcole  jelkner, outlines at http://docbox.flint.com/~kjcole/outlines.html
01:03   mhz     hi JaneW
01:03   flint_  JaneW, we need to talk this offline.  is matt around?
01:03   mhz     flint_: hi edubuntero
01:03   JaneW   flint_: I think he is yes
01:04   JaneW   ok is ogra around?
01:04   ogra    yup
01:04   JaneW   highvoltage: ping
01:04   JaneW   hi ogra
=== mhz is MauricioHernandez
01:04   JaneW   who else do we need?
01:04   ogra    i dont have to telly you much this week ...
01:04   JaneW   mhz: I do know that :)
01:04   mhz     heheh, it was for minutes purposes
01:04   JaneW   ogra: is that good or bad?
01:04   JaneW   ogra: do we have flight 3 testers?
01:04   ogra    good for ubuntu, bad for edubuntu :)
01:05   JaneW   :((
01:05   JaneW   ok lets not get into that yet
01:05   ogra    i have done mostly ubuntu UVF work last week
01:05   JaneW   are we ready to start?
01:05   jelkner tell me when
01:05   flint_  Mauritzo, I like it ... edubuntero indeed!
01:05   JaneW   I have promised that jelkner can go first, since he has limited time...
01:05   JaneW   jelkner: hit it
01:06   jelkner Ok, the question we need to resolve is: "Who is the target audience for the cookbook?"
01:06   JaneW   I would say the peron who sets up the lab
01:06   highvoltage     JaneW: pong, i am just about to go into another meeting though :/
01:06   jelkner the answer to that question will determine which way we go forward
01:06   JaneW   so either a teacher or beginner techie
01:06   JaneW   highvoltage: ok, can we have a web update next week?
01:06   highvoltage     JaneW: yep
01:07   jelkner JaneW: that was my orignial assumption
01:07   JaneW   highvoltage: can you respond to question above?
01:07   JaneW   "Who is the target audience for the cookbook?"
01:07   flint_  Morning Johnathan...
01:07   JaneW   I don;t think it's the kids necessarily, although they may read it too
01:07   JaneW   ogra?
01:07   jelkner Keep in mind there are direct implications to how we work depending on what we are aiming at.
01:07   ogra    JaneW, ?
01:08   jelkner and we don't want to aim at "everyone"
01:08   highvoltage     hi flihnt
01:08   JaneW   ogra: looking for an opinion on "Who is the target audience for the cookbook?"
01:08   jelkner makes the book not that usable by anyone
01:08   ogra    yes, i wonder why  :)
01:08   highvoltage     JaneW: i think the answer to that is, from a technical pov, it should be doable by teachers without any help
01:08   JaneW   the book is about how to set up a lab ,right?
01:08   highvoltage     but organisations who would like to replicate should be able to use it
01:08   ogra    the atrget should be the admin who sets up the lab in first line
01:08   highvoltage     got to run, i'm being called!
01:08   JaneW   highvoltage: so you agree with my 'either a teacher or beginner techie'
01:08   JaneW   bye
01:09   flint_  highvoltage, I promise by next meeting I ill learn how to spell...
01:09   ogra    but the content should make it possible to use the cookbook in a class as well to explain ltsp and edubuntu
01:09   JaneW   jelkner/ kjcole : think that's possible?^
01:09   jelkner ogra: what do you mean by "use the cookbook in a class"?
01:09   kjcole  JaneW: How to set up and use (as in ok, now I've got a lab... how do I use it to teach... Moodle, etc)... maybe.
01:09   lucasvo I don't know in which class one is supposed to learn something about edubuntu
01:10   JaneW   jelkner: he is saying it can also be used to teach 'what is linux' 'what is FOSS'
01:10   ogra    jelkner, as teaching material ..
01:10   jelkner hmm..
01:10   ogra    JaneW, nope, not in this wide range
01:10   ogra    only what is ltsp, what is edubuntu
01:10   JaneW   jelkner: got a URL for the cookbook so we can see what's in it now?
01:10   ogra    there are enough good docs explaining FOSS out there :)
01:11   lucasvo I think there should be a general part and a part with a step by step explanation(something like: do this: sudo do this: rm -rf / do this ....)
01:11   jelkner there can never be enough! ;-)
01:12   lucasvo so at the beginning of every chapter for e.g. Installation of Network hardware, there should be a theoretical part explaining TCP/IP, netmask and that kind of stuff
01:12   jelkner Can I take a few minutes to explain what prompted this discussion?
01:12   JaneW   we need the url, so ppl like lucasvo can see it
01:12   Seveas  licio, pong
01:12   JaneW   jelkner: YES please do
01:13   jelkner OK, we started with the TuxLab Cookbook
01:13   lucasvo we need a "server" for bzr, so people can checkout and merge
01:13   jelkner which is very much like the book most of you are describing
01:13   JaneW   ogra: you got a server for us? ;)
01:13   flint_  lucasd, got one.  docboc.flint.com
01:13   JaneW   jelkner: yes, cos that's what we have seen ;)
01:13   flint_  corrction docbox.flint.com
01:13   jelkner Ou original plan was to keep to that text as much a possible
01:13   jelkner and to modify for Edubuntu
01:14   ogra    JaneW, if i can store the hwdb on your home PC you can have some space on my server :P
01:14   JaneW   jelkner: right, and has that changed?
01:14   jelkner If we pursue this path, we will need help from ogra and others who actually built the system, to make sure we get it right
01:14   JaneW   sure we'll need some technical reviewing
01:15   ogra    jelkner, i'm a bit overloaded until after the sprint (feature freeze) after this i'll have some more time to care for docs etc ...
01:15   jelkner in Kevin's discussion with ogra, he seemed to suggest that we won't need alot of the detail we were asking him for
01:16   flint_  ogra, ollie, do not lie to the nice tech writer, you are a programmer.  Documentation is your sworn enemy :^)
01:16   jelkner and we didn't want to be a pain and keep bothering him, but while we can right, we don't know the details
01:16   jelkner also there is the question of others wanting to participate more
01:16   JaneW   jelkner: right and is it very different to the current text?
01:17   jelkner that got us thinking about a very different kind of cookbook
01:17   mhz     lucasvo: in an edubutu training class
01:17   ogra    i just led a new user through ltsp installation last night, i could advise him with two lines to get it working ... there are not much details you need to know ...
01:17   jelkner one aimed not at technical folks, but at end users
01:17   JaneW   jsgotangco and mhz have become fairly involved they may be able to help with the tech writing
01:17   ogra    but the end users are technical folks in our case
01:17   jelkner not true
01:17   ogra    i.e. school admins, teachers that care for the server
01:18   jelkner at least in our area, most of the "users" aren't technical people at all
01:18   Treenaks        ogra: more technical than 'the general public', but still not sysadmin gods
01:18   ogra    i didnt say sysadmin gods ;)
01:18   JaneW   yes I also think that even 'technical' types my be only familiar with MS stuff
01:18   ogra    that should be enough
01:19   jelkner the big question is around installation
01:19   jelkner the TuxLab book is mostly about setting up a lab
01:19   jelkner and *much* less about using it
01:19   kjcole  The original cookbook went into great detail about the stages of booting ("... then tftp bla-bla-bla...")   Who was that intended for?
01:19   jelkner Edubuntu is different in two ways:
01:19   jelkner 1. It is much easier to setup
01:20   jelkner 2. The applications is comes with are much more standard
01:20   JaneW   jelkner: know what, I am happy for you to create it in the way that you think it;s required, my reason for this is 3 fold.
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01:20   JaneW   1) Your are doing the work
01:20   JaneW   2) You are an educator and are closest to the type of traget audience we are looking at
=== lucasvo1 hates GNU screen
01:20   JaneW   3) We have limited time to get it done and out there
01:21   kjcole  jelkner 3. No grants, standard equipment, etc.
01:21   jelkner 4) This is not the only book, only one of many
01:21   JaneW   we can always amend it again, if we decide it needs to change for Dapper +1 for whatever reason
01:21   jelkner so if it fills some good need and we can get it done, we are ahead
01:21   JaneW   is there agreement of my sledgehammer non-democratc approach?
01:21   mhz     ;)
01:22   ogra    JaneW, yes
01:22   lucasvo1        JaneW: what is so non-democratic?
=== JaneW claps
01:22   flint_  so the audience is teachers...
01:22   jelkner ok, in that case, we have a plan that will involve much less work from the technical folks and much more opportuniy for community participation
01:22   mhz     imho, audience = any person in a school taking care of a lab
01:22   lucasvo1        I would say the audiense are teachers with a little aim to get to know something about the techniques used in school
01:22   JaneW   flint_: no the auduence is whoever is going to set the lab up, which is likely educators in a lot of cases
01:22   jelkner we are going to have a real cookbook, complete with lots of recipies
01:23   mhz     (computing lab)
01:23   flint_  ok educator not teacher...
01:23   JaneW   lucasvo: I guess it wasn't that undemocratic, just manipulative ;)
01:23   jelkner kevin and flint have taken a stab at an outline already
01:23   lucasvo1        I would say NO education
01:23   lucasvo1        why shouldn't one use it at home?
01:23   JaneW   mhz: agreed
01:23   jelkner so if anyone wants to participate, we can invite them to submit a recipie
01:24   JaneW   jelkner: nice idea
01:24   mhz     wiki:EdubuntuRecipies :D
01:24   flint_  lucasvol, educator rather than education,
01:24   lucasvo1        I would say: any person who is aimed to learn a at least llittlebit about techniques used and has a goal to set up a lab
01:24   lucasvo1        flint_: yes exactly
01:24   jelkner mhz: great
01:24   JaneW   jelkner: we can also have community contributed hints and tips and 'favourite recipes' etc ;)
01:24   mhz     oooh, that was a thought
01:25   jelkner JaneW
01:25   jelkner JaneW: yes!
=== mhz always speaks his mind
01:25   kjcole  Before we decided to strip down the original, I tossed around an outline idea or three with flint (partially as a practical matter, partially to learn bzr)  Those are at: http://docbox.flint.com/~kjcole/outlines.html
01:25   jelkner ok, we will have an update in 2 weeks
01:25   jelkner can we be early on the agenda for then?
01:25   JaneW   great, thanks guys :)
01:25   JaneW   sure
01:25   flint_  "Who is the target audience for the cookbook?"
01:25   flint_  Two ways this question can be answered. The two ways are...
01:25   flint_  1. "focus Elkner-san" apporoach ..this is a target rich environment.  pick one and nail it.
01:25   flint_  2. "big tent many Clowns"  develop a framework and fill as fast as possible.
01:25   JaneW   next week ogra and I are at the distrosprint, and may not make the meeting...
01:26   JaneW   depends how full our schedule is there...
01:26   ogra    i'd like to make it, but leats see
01:26   mhz     JaneW: jelkner: and we could even have EdubuntuStudyContent (fr whatever LMS we package)
01:26   JaneW   if there is going to be NO meeting I'll let you know by the end of Tuesday.
01:26   jelkner mhz: yes, but that will take longer
01:27   kjcole  flint_ Big KITCHEN, many COOKS (spoil the... never mind)
01:27   JaneW   thanks jelkner and kjcole
01:27   jelkner ok, i've got to go, thanks everyone!
01:27   mhz     jelkner: sure, but I am already listing some contents for a couple of 'pilot' training courses on Edubuntu for Teachers :D
01:27   JaneW   have a good day
01:27   jelkner bye
01:27   flint_  later jeff...
01:27   lucasvo1        bye jelkner
01:27   ogra    ciao jelkner
01:27   JaneW   I ma happy that jelkner and kjcole have swing votes wrt the cook book to ensure that it has direction
01:27   mhz     bye jelkner
01:28   JaneW   ok, on the tech news
01:28   flint_  kjcole, I do like the cookbook motif...
01:28   JaneW   ogra: you been pulled into ubuntu work this week?
01:28   ogra    sure
01:29   ogra    we had UVF, so i had to finish merges etc
01:29   ogra    additionally i was 3 days at the eurolinux conference
01:29   ogra    so not much edubuntu development this week
01:29   JaneW   are all merges done now?
01:29   flint_  neat, how was eurolunux...
01:29   ogra    sure
01:29   JaneW   ok so where are we at?
01:29   JaneW   Edubuntu Flight 3 released
01:29   ogra    flint_, a bit diasappointing
01:29   JaneW   how's it looking?
01:30   flint_  ogra, sorry.
01:30   ogra    JaneW, yes, we are at flight 3
01:30   JaneW   and how much more ids there to do?
01:30   ogra    flight 4 will have gobby included
01:30   JaneW   ogra: did you see silbs' response re the artwork?
01:30   JaneW   great, is there a date for flight 4 yet?
01:30   ogra    i only have to finish my goals, am waiting for a initramfs patch that infinity wants to make and a patch to gdm seb128 needs to review
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01:31   ogra    i guess flight4 might be past the sprint
01:31   ogra    i doubt Kamion wants to do only CD work during the sprint
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01:34   JaneW   ogra: no I expect it will be week after next
01:34   JaneW   when is the next freeze date?
01:34   ogra    one week after the sprint iirc
01:34   JaneW   Feb 23
01:34   kjcole  ogra: I forget: Is sobby mature enough to go along with gobby?
01:34   JaneW   Feature Freeze
01:35   JaneW   wtf is sobby?
01:35   ogra    kjcole, sobby is in universe :/
01:35   JaneW   ogra battled to get gobby in, pitti was initially not happy with it.
01:35   ogra    its not really matureds
01:35   kjcole  JaneW a stand-alone server for gobby
01:35   JaneW   kjcole: oic
01:35   ogra    JaneW, sobby is cool, but had only its first release ...
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01:36   ogra    its a bit young yet
01:36   JaneW   ogra: re artwork
01:36   ogra    yup
01:36   flint_  kjcole, you got sobby running eh?
01:36   mhz     ogra: will an LMS be included ready to use ?
01:36   JaneW   if we only get one set of prof work can we use that for the default install?
01:36   ogra    i would like to propose to go with mid age rather than young age as default
01:36   JaneW   ogra: we will then need to use community work for other optional looks
01:36   ogra    but yes, we can ...
01:36   JaneW   ogra: ok, does everyone agree with that?
01:37   kjcole  flint_ tried it out ONCE and it worked okay for the few minutes of testing...
01:37   JaneW   go for a default install aimed at 10-16 year olds
01:37   JaneW   instead of the younger crowd
01:37   JaneW   ?
01:37   mhz     JaneW: i do
01:37   ogra    kjcole, look at it with 20 ppl logged in ...
01:37   JaneW   the 3rd option will just be very plain, so shouldn;t take much
01:37   ogra    JaneW, yup
01:37   flint_  JaneW, the skin of this has always been your call.
01:38   ogra    i'd like to be able to use something from the community for the young ones ...
01:38   kjcole  ogra: +1 re: mid-range
01:38   ogra    having a bit freedom there would be nicer
01:38   flint_  ogra, what about a menu choice of skin in flight 4?
01:38   JaneW   flint_: not really, in the first release I was applying the decisions from the summit, with a good dose of personal preference admittedly ;)
01:38   JaneW   ok then we need to doc this change
01:38   ogra    flint_, already there through dpkg-reconfigure
01:39   JaneW   we have it published that the default is the younger skin
01:39   ogra    flint_, i'm just missing skins :)
01:39   flint_  JaneW, If you do not continue to lead the art aspect, we will have nothing to annoy you about... :^)
01:39   ogra    so all you select looks the same
01:39   JaneW   :P
01:39   JaneW   ogra: so the splash screens will all be the same right>
01:39   JaneW   ?
01:39   mhz     JaneW: so, default = 10 -> 16 y.o ?
01:39   JaneW   just wall papper and fonts and icons will vary?
01:40   JaneW   mhz: it seems so yes.
01:40   ogra    JaneW, we can still decide that later in case we get some community contributions
01:40   ogra    artwork freeze is far in the future
01:40   JaneW   ogra: will management agree? I don;t want a ton of bricks dropped on me again ;)
01:40   ogra    (UI freeze)
01:40   JaneW   ogra: I will need to rally for them
01:40   ogra    we have still time to discuss that
01:41   mhz     JaneW: and slib willprovide what?
01:41   ogra    i'll answer the artwork thread today
01:41   JaneW   silbs will proved one set of art work, not 3
01:41   mhz     ooops, rephrase, and what would slib provide then?
01:41   JaneW   so it;s up to us to arrnage the rest
01:41   ogra    the default artwork
01:41   JaneW   and the prof work will be used for the default install
01:41   kjcole  (I think I can speak for jelkner as a +1 on artwork scaled to an older audience as well. Not that as a high school teacher he has a bias or anything... ;-))
01:41   mhz     yeah but wich age? or you mean 10 to 16 year olds
01:41   mhz     ?
01:42   flint_  JaneW, since when are you so worried about management?  ticking off mdz is a shared pleasure.
01:42   JaneW   flint_: yeah but I
01:42   JaneW   'll be seeing him next week, so I'm scared ;)
01:42   ogra    flint_, but you never gain what you want ...
01:43   ogra    flint_, so its just a waste of energy :)
01:43   ogra    (ticking off mdz i mean)
01:43   flint_  ogra, na, you need to take this in a life-context, all I really enjoy is making matt think!
01:43   ogra    flint_, at 4am in the morning ?
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01:44   flint_  ogra, 04:30 and he was awake...
01:44   ogra    i woulddnt expect anyone to *think* at this time
01:44   flint_  you do not know matt.  he was using that as a pretext.
01:44   JaneW   ok what else is on the agenda?
01:44   mhz     JaneW: so, slib will provide 10 -16 ?
01:45   flint_  anyway, the art thing is a good idea.
01:45   JaneW   mhz: I need to follow up with her again
01:45   ogra    me too
01:45   mhz     ooh, okis
01:45   JaneW   mhz: I previously communicated that 6-10 would be the default install
01:45   mhz     hehehe
01:45   ogra    i'm still lagging behind with mail
01:45   flint_  JaneW, who or what is slib?
01:45   JaneW   mhz: we decided to change that today
01:45   JaneW   mhz: so we need to document and communicate that.
01:45   ogra    i think we grew up a bit and the artwork should reflect that :)
01:46   JaneW   ogra: ok
01:46   JaneW   ogra: and gartoon?
01:46   ogra    for 0-6
01:46   JaneW   ogra: the rest of the look and feel?
01:46   mhz     ogra: i totally agree
01:46   ogra    a community wallpaper for 0-6 is easy to grab from a.u.c
01:46   ogra    i'm uncertain about 10-X
01:47   JaneW   ok, I'll mail the powers that be, I'd like to see the font and icon choices etc to see the new look
01:47   mhz     JaneW: ogra: my art boys have not given priority to edubunut artwork because they noticed default won't be ours, so they want on vacation until nextweek ,afaik :(
01:47   ogra    i think font is up to us ... and for the older ages we should just go with the default icons ...
01:48   JaneW   mhz: :( understandable...
01:48   mhz     JaneW: understandable but I dont like it
01:48   JaneW   ppl like the current font and icons in my experience btw...
01:49   ogra    so lets probably keep the icons and font for 6-10 as well
01:49   mhz     JaneW: however, I had done some little stuff for a grown-up dark theme ;) (so at least, wallpaper and GTK theme is ready)
01:49   ogra    and just change the wallpaper between these two ...
01:49   ogra    but that still leaves open 10-X
01:50   JaneW   ogra: I suspect we'll have to have a couple of options and display them to management, and let them make the final call.
01:50   flint_  ogra, I personally fee that an X rates theme will have little classroom use :^)
01:50   ogra    flint_, come on, thats for the grown ups :)
01:51   flint_  ogra, here is where you may have issue with management.  
01:51   ogra    JaneW, fine with me
01:51   ogra    flint_, naah, we have so beatiful nekkid peoplle pics we could use
01:52   ogra    ;)
01:52   flint_  seriously, stick to your guns and make management put resources into the mechanisim of this product.  do not work so hard on the show-y outside as an issue.
01:52   mhz     JaneW: ogra: just let me know if the 'options-to-show' are needed and I will move the earth to get it done very quickly
01:53   ogra    flint_, in any case the screenshots are what people look at
01:53   flint_  ogra, I know, it is just not what I see...
01:55   JaneW   mhz: options-to-show?
01:55   ogra    JaneW, community artwork for inclusion
01:56   mhz     JaneW: I thought you wanted to discuss this with management
01:56   mhz     and if needed community artwork, I could surely put some nice pressure on it
01:56   flint_  mhz, one of my favorite reasons for calling folks at odd hours is that "management" should be here or it should be us!
01:57   mhz     hehehe, :)
01:57   JaneW   we still have http://art.ubuntu.com/backgrounds/edubuntu/ for community art work submissions
01:57   JaneW   please use it
01:57   mhz     in case someone needs daaarrrkk GTK -> https://wiki.edubuntu.org/MauricioHernandez/EdubuntuRelatedPhotos
01:58   flint_  this "management" issue is the major strutural flaw in edubuntu, and someone should communicate it eh Jane?
01:58   JaneW   mhz: I am pretty sure we will need community work, we have been told we only get one set of prof work, and I repleid saying we'd need to use community stuff for the rest
01:58   JaneW   I am assuming 'silence gives consent'
01:58   mhz     JaneW: lol! I love your idea
01:58   ogra    flint_, management issue ?
01:59   JaneW   mhz: wow - why so dark?
01:59   JaneW   mhz: could be good for the plain one that was requested
01:59   mhz     JaneW: because I have intolerance to light
01:59   JaneW   mhz: more terminal like and less distracting
01:59   JaneW   mhz: oic
01:59   mhz     and because I love terminal looks :D
01:59   flint_  ogra, later.
02:00   JaneW   ok our time is up
02:00   JaneW   are we done?
02:00   mhz     JaneW: I was making a greyish one (kind of metalic g4 powerbook) but ended up with black :P
02:00   JaneW   so do we have no voluntary scribe?
02:00   JaneW   mhz: grey could be nice
02:00   mhz     scribe?
02:00   JaneW   mhz: minute taker
02:01   JaneW   mhz: person to document the meeting decisions and actions
02:01   mhz     JaneW: yeah, the idea was grey-water-metallic
02:01   mhz     JaneW: how soon do you need the minutes of the meetings?
02:01   JaneW   mhz: asap, but really we just need them done
02:01   flint_  mhz,  interesting stuff Mauricio, I gotta stick with the janester here, can you turn it up to say, grey?
02:02   JaneW   I was doing them after the meeting each week, but I just never get around to doing them anymore
02:02   JaneW   mhz: ideally within a day of the meeting
=== ogra_ [n=ogra@p5089E25B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:02   JaneW   mhz: in point form would be fine
02:02   mhz     JaneW: if it is ok, I can have them done as soon as I finish my 3 letters and provide breakfast to family (total 4 hours)
02:02   JaneW   mhz: perfect!
02:02   ogra_   grumble
02:02   JaneW   mhz: you really are a star
02:03   mhz     JaneW: then we'll have those minutes today before 5 hours
=== JaneW hugs mhz
02:03   ogra    mhz, btw, its caller 6.04, not 6.4
02:03   flint_  JaneW, this thing with Mauricio is a good thing.
02:03   mhz     JaneW: not a star, just a guy still wanting to try out your cakes :D
02:03   ogra    *called
02:03   mhz     ogra: duh! yeah! food point
02:03   mhz     good
02:03   ogra    :)
02:04   mhz     flint_: grey, sure! that was gonna be it until I thought people would not use such a plain dark thing :)
02:04   kjcole  (mhz, freudian slip "food point" with all that talk about breakfast and cakes.)
02:05   mhz     yup, lol!
02:05   flint_  mhz, did you get an account on the docbox
02:05   mhz     well, I have to run to provide breakfast before you get evening news saying "young very handsome chubby chilean died this morning..."
02:06   mhz     flint_: dont remember.. I have been very bussy trying to get sponsors for Ubuntu Tour in LA
02:06   mhz_food        I'll keep this open for 'minutes' purposes
02:07   mhz_food        See ya all later, alegators!
02:07   kjcole  I plan to write up something of a "best practices" for bzr (as gleaned from talks with ogra, jblack and lifeless) and put them in both the wiki and docbox.
02:07   flint_  kjcole, I think we will serve mhz up on the server eh?
=== Vince [n=vincent@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
02:07   flint_  as they say at Gallaudet, as Kevin has taught me, breakfast awaits stop keying, stop keying := sksk
02:07   JaneW   mhz_food: hehehe
02:07   flint_  bye all sksk
02:08   kjcole  later flint sksk
02:08   ogra    kjcole, according to a mail from sabdfl we'll have the supermirror soon
=== JaneW must go
02:08   kjcole  ogra, yeah I saw that e-mail and sent it to flint and a few others.
02:08   ogra    great
02:09   kjcole  ogra, but what I meant was the ideas of people should expect someone central to pull / merge, rather than each of them trying to push to the central repository.
02:10   kjcole  Time for me to run... as usual.  Ta-ta.
02:12   lucasvo ogra: what means "soon"?
02:12   lucasvo :p
02:12   lucasvo when will the supermirror be available?
02:13   ogra    no idea, the code snippets are there
02:13   lucasvo so it will be integrated into launchpad?
02:13   ogra    but the launcpad team is busy with changing the build environment from buildds to launchpad ..
02:13   ogra    it will be the core of launchpad, yes
02:14   lucasvo ok

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