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Meeting February 1, 2006

01:10 flint       JaneW, ogra, you folks back from lunch?
01:11 dholbach    flint: not lunched yet.
01:11 jelkner     Are we meeting this morning?
01:11 dholbach    ogra went out for a smoke
01:12 flint       well, I suppose we are...Jeff.
01:12 jelkner     I only have 15 more minutes, if we don't start soon, I'll miss it
01:12 flint       dholbach, of course, I should join him...
01:12 spacey      dholbach, how is it going there?
01:13 flint       jelkner, you could do a doc report and then go tame the screaming
                  kids... :^)
01:13 dholbach    spacey: fine, apart from everybody being ill :)
01:13 jelkner     certainly
01:13 jelkner     kevin and i got together last sunday
01:14 jelkner     we have updated the wiki:
01:14 spacey      dholbach, oh:/ that sucks
01:14 flint       spacey, sorry about the sick part.  the flu?
01:14 spacey      flint, i'm not sick :p
01:14 dholbach    Yep.
01:14 flint       jelkner, strong opening, this is good stuff, what else?
01:14 jelkner     anyone interested in contributing to the cookbook, could choose
                  their favorite "recipe" and write it up...
01:15 spacey      dholbach, contanmination sprint
01:15 spacey      :P
01:15 dholbach    gar! :)
01:15 jelkner     we will be meeting again next Sunday to outline which recipies we
                  think are essential.
01:15 flint       spacey, atta boy! :^)
01:15 jelkner     that's it for our report.
01:15 jelkner     questions?
01:15 spacey      jelkner, where is a list of the recipies?
01:16 flint       I like what I see on  your web site Jeff.
01:16 jelkner     spacey: we will be working on that next sunday
01:16 jelkner     we don't have them yet
01:16 jelkner     next week we will
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01:16 flint       Let me think of a softball question like they would ask Bush at a
                  news conference...
01:16 spacey      jelkner, if you have a list of that, i might have time to write a
01:17 jelkner     spacey: great!
01:17 jelkner     ok, gotta run...
01:18 flint       ...that was painless...
01:19 JaneW       hello :/
01:19 flint       JaneW, you just missed jeff...
01:19 JaneW       yeah sorry
01:20 JaneW       we are at the DistroSprintDeathPlague
01:20 flint       he actually did a very coherant doc report...
01:20 flint       the what?
01:20 JaneW       I am on line so I'll scroll back and catch up
01:20 JaneW       well 9 of the 16 ppl here are down with a nasty bug
01:20 JaneW       the rest are waiting with bated breath to see if we are going to
                  die too
01:21 sivang      JaneW: oh my god, waht seems to be the bug?
01:21 ogra        nobody has grown wings, so it might not be bird flu
01:21 JaneW       sivang: fever, headache, vomitting, diarroea - you get the idea
01:22 JaneW       ogra: got time for a quick tech update?
01:22 ogra        hmpf ...
01:22 JaneW       careful I can throw a danish at you ;)
01:22 ogra        you got that in the sprint update already ...
01:22 ogra        there is not much to add, i could copy and paste though
01:22 flint       ogra, did you enjoy the cigarette with coffee?
01:23 ogra        flint, which of the 10 i head already
01:23 sivang      JaneW: lol
01:23 ogra        (smoking apparently prevents me from getting ill)
01:23 flint       the best times are smoking...
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01:24 ogra        so tech update.... seeing that i get ltsp in shape with all the
                  functions we need before feture freeze
01:24 ogra        we found an evil bug with the system clock i should solve
                  currently instead of chatting ...
01:24 simira      JaneW: are you all right? And how come you speak Danish? Har du
                  noen gang boet i Danmark?
01:24 JaneW       ogra: yeah cut and paste for those that didn;t read
                  seems we need ntpdate to run on the client and a ntp server on
01:25 ogra        the ltsp server, else udev cant create devices if the hardware
                  clock is jfar out of sync
01:25 jsgotangco  edubuntu meeting?
01:25 sivang      jsgotangco: seems so :)
01:25 JaneW       simira: I am ok I think , feeling a bit spaced out though. I mean
                  a Danish PASTRY though
01:25 simira      hehe, ok
=== sivang visualized that, err
01:25 ogra        * LTSP work included sanitizing all the LTSP breakage which
                  occurred due
01:25 ogra        to changes in the underlying Dapper architecture - this is now
                  fixed and
01:25 ogra        running again.
01:25 ogra        * Work was done on Xauthority handling on LTSP to allow secure
01:25 ogra        authentication of thin clients to the Edubuntu server.
01:25 ogra        * Thin Client Low Memory Usage:  netboot mode in initramfs tools
01:25 ogra        and integrated to LTSP - still to be tested and uploaded.
01:25 ogra        * Reverted the change of the SIaddr that breaks the LTSP booting
01:26 jsgotangco  oh great i got to attend one again =)
01:26 ogra        DHCPD. This prevents breakage on upgrades of LTSP set-ups.
01:26 JaneW       jsgotangco: :) wb
01:26 ogra        but currently that time bug has the highes prio, since i need to
                  work with the people that are left before they also fall dead
01:27 flint       from sprint to sick bed :^)
01:27 jsgotangco  ogra, how is amd64?
01:27 ogra        jsgotangco, works fine
=== jsgotangco would like to test an amd daily in a few days
01:28 ogra        i havent gotten around to set the default chroot creation in the
                  installer to i386 yet
01:28 ogra        which i think makes sense ... but i dnot know if its possible to
                  do for just oine arch
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01:29 JaneW       who is in charge of edubuntu documentation for dapper, over and
                  above the cookbook? jsgotangco ?
01:29 ogra        jsgotangco, wait some days before testing, currently the ltsp
                  client is broken ... the next uploads will fix this
01:29 ogra        JaneW, still jelkner and kjcole
                  JaneW, what jeff reported on is:
01:29 flint       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook it
                  is a start.
01:29 jsgotangco  JaneW, what needs to be updated? i still have my olld sources
01:30 ogra        jsgotangco, probably the mizilla page ...
01:30 jsgotangco  JaneW, as for cookbook, i have no relationship to it for dapper
01:30 ogra        *mozilla
01:30 jsgotangco  ok
01:30 jsgotangco  we made a shorter one
01:30 jsgotangco  i'll update
01:30 JaneW       Let me rephrase... who is in charge of edubuntu documentation for
                  dapper, other than the cookbook?
01:30 JaneW       about edubuntu and release notes etc
01:30 jsgotangco  i can only think of releasenotes and about
01:31 JaneW       ditto
01:31 jsgotangco  i'll take charge of that then
01:31 spacey      if there are several parts of documentation that are missing out,
                  i don't might writing it up
01:31 JaneW       jsgotangco: cool thanks, will you have time?
01:31 jsgotangco  JaneW, yes
01:31 JaneW       jsgotangco: have you worked with that pdf guy yet?
01:31 JaneW       spacey, great thanks please co-ord with jsgotangco
01:31 jsgotangco  JaneW, he hasn't been communicating, i'll bug him
01:31 JaneW       jsgotangco: hmmm...
01:32 jsgotangco  JaneW, its a bit too late for dapper, but we can make a plan for
01:32 jsgotangco  DITA is the future
01:32 flint       JaneW, is the plan that all docs be in pdf?
01:33 flint       JaneW, outside of the cookbook I mean.
01:33 JaneW       flint: I am not clear on the plan jsgotangco would know more
01:33 jsgotangco  flint, this is more of a toolchain project rather than edubuntu
=== jsgotangco digs for old emails
01:34 flint       JaneW, you asked about the "pdf guy"  what a great name! :^)
01:34 flint       gotcha Jane
01:34 JaneW       well his name is Mark Johnson, know that I think about it
01:35 flint       jsgotangco, I am slow, what is DITA?
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01:35 flint       JaneW, I think he should change his name... Mark Johnson is
                  pretty plain.  chicks dig "the pdf guy"...
01:36 JaneW       flint: agreed
01:36 flint       orga would the brower in edubuntu default to the doc pages?
01:37 ogra        flint, it will default to the about page
01:37 ogra        (which might contain links to the docs)
01:37 jsgotangco  flint, Darwin Information Typing Architecture
01:37 flint       indeed... the about page could be customized to link to these
                  very docs...
01:37 jsgotangco  (DITA XML)
01:38 flint       jsgotangco, thank you, a morning without a new acronym is like a
                  morning without coffee...like this morning...argh!
                  jsgotangco, the trick with the docs is how to get the average
01:39 flint       install to read them.  when I installed, the first thing I did
                  was click on that silly fox.
01:39 flint       JaneW, I LIKE the fox :^)
01:40 JaneW       ok any more edubuntu business?
01:40 JaneW       highvoltage: ?
01:40 flint       anyway ollie how hard set is the html for that page?
01:40 JaneW       you said you wanted to discuss web stuff today?
01:41 JaneW       also I have been chatting with hno73 and he supports the idea of
                  MOIN for edubuntu website
01:41 JaneW       mhz around?
01:42 jsgotangco  cool
01:42 highvoltage sorry, i'm here, but i'm also not
01:43 highvoltage JaneW: hi
01:44 flint       hi jonathan!
01:44 highvoltage hi mr flint!
01:44 highvoltage flint: how's the cookbook?
01:45 flint       there is progress:
01:45 flint       highvoltage, it is far from being hot and on the table :^)
01:46 flint       I would say they are cutting up the carrots and looking for the
                  soup pot.
01:46 highvoltage :)
01:46 flint       I personally have found the sherry :^)
01:46 JaneW       highvoltage: Henrik supports the idea of using MOIN instead of
                  drupal for the site...
=== JaneW drank maple whiskey last night...
01:47 highvoltage JaneW: i'm actually very ambivilant between the two, both are
=== JaneW congratualted flint for getting Jonathan right ;)
01:47 highvoltage flint: yes, thank you!
01:47 JaneW       highvoltage: the ubuntu site is moin now and it looks good
01:47 flint       JaneW, I have to go and check EVERY TIME, but you are welcome!!!
01:47 JaneW       highvoltage: it may make sense to standardise, and unify to a
01:48 highvoltage it's less work too :)
01:48 highvoltage it's just philip who feels really, really strong that it should
                  be drupal
                  JaneW, in this case I really feel that it is not about the
01:48 flint       tool.  lets get something out there and deal tools on the back
01:48 highvoltage and he had lots of ideas which he says depends more or less on
01:48 highvoltage but i'm sure you could get those tools in moin with some work too
                  highvoltage, Jonathan I just think of the text processing fun one
01:50 flint       could have cross converting between all these damn tools (choy
                  curl :^)
01:50 flint       I meant "holy curl"
01:50 highvoltage yes, there's that too
01:51 jsgotangco  ok i've seeded initial Edubuntu 6.04 docs (not cookbook) in svn
01:51 flint       I have played with moin and drupal, and a few others.  all can
                  handle content.  as we say in cookbook land, "where is the beef?"
01:51 ogra        great
01:52 JaneW       highvoltage: how involved is phillip now?
01:52 JaneW       flint: look at www.ubuntu.com - like what you see? = moin
01:52 flint       jsgotangco, for the svn crippled, how do I get to them?  we take
                  this offline?
01:52 highvoltage JaneW: he's gone a bit quiet, i think mainly because of the
                  drupal stuff, i think he likes workign with drupal a lot, somehow
01:53 highvoltage if we stick with moin, i can at least get the translators going
                  on the web content.
01:53 highvoltage there's about 7 people wanting to translate the edubuntu site
                  into different languages.
01:53 jsgotangco  flint, you grab it via svn but its in docbook source...i'll give
                  you the link later
01:53 highvoltage (each a different one)
                  JaneW, no need to sell any tool... all I know is that I have to
01:53 flint       register again and again because none of the tools allow cross
01:53 sivang      JaneW: you mean, wiki.ubuntu.com ?
01:54 JaneW       sivang: both
01:54 sivang      JaneW: AFAIK this is Plone at the front
01:54 ogra        we dont use plone since breezy anymore
01:54 sivang      ah , I didn't know plone was moved out from the main site.
01:54 JaneW       sivang: no it's not, it was migrated, it's moin now
01:54 ogra        thats why plone is in universe ;)
=== JaneW has a login now *efg*
01:54 sivang      ogra: heh
01:55 jsgotangco  its moin, we've been doing in the OpenCD project too
01:55 jsgotangco  the tabs are moin
01:57 flint       JaneW, I do know you are hell on wheels with the moin
                  meta-language for links and etc... :^)
01:58 JaneW       well Hendrik made a helpful help page with tips as well, so I can
                  learn more now
01:58 JaneW       highvoltage: anyway think about it, but it's your call in the
                  end, I just rem there were security concerns about drupal.
01:58 JaneW       jsgotangco: indeed
01:58 flint       ogra, my remaining question is how hard set is the "about page"?
01:59 JaneW       pity mhz is not here, he touts moin every chance he gets
01:59 ogra        flint, its the default page, it gets set by the artwork page
01:59 ogra        s/page/package/
01:59 flint       JaneW, the default page of the browser is where the results of
                  our document labor end up.
02:00 flint       na it gets set up in the profile thingy in firefox...
02:00 ogra        firefox can only point to one page that is the same location for
                  ubuntu, edubuntu and kubuntu ...
02:00 ogra        the different artwork packages replace this file ...
02:00 flint       it is not a url at first ollie it is a file
02:00 ogra        its a file:/// url
02:00 flint       ok gotcha...
02:00 jsgotangco  flint, we'd like to put it on docfreeze too to open up for
                  translations (that's why we'd love to do xml)
02:01 ogra        flint, which is hardcoded in firefox
02:01 flint       ogra, am I more nuts than usual to want to find the docs when I
                  open the browser?
02:02 ogra        flint, as i said, there should be no probelm to add links to that
02:02 jsgotangco  flint, do you want to add the cookbook in the distro?
02:02 ogra        (Unote that file:/// can also be a link)
02:02 flint       ogra, there is not enough space on the CD for the cookbook.
02:02 ogra        jsgotangco, i doubt that will be ready in time for being packaged
                  in dapper
02:02 jsgotangco  i agree
02:03 flint       ogra, I think the docs that Jsgotangco is cooking could open as
                  links on the default browser page
02:03 ogra        flint, i'd love to drop all KDE stuff to make space available ;)
02:03 ogra        (but we're lacking replacements yet)
02:03 flint       ogra, that was harsh....
02:04 ogra        flint, it takes a huge amount of space to hold all the
                  dependencys for kdeedu on the cd
02:04 jsgotangco  yeah
02:04 flint       that kevin, he was there all the time!
02:05 flint       anyway, I gotta get coffee.  excellent conspiracy this
                  morning.  Thanks!!!!
02:05 flint       sksk
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02:05 JaneW       sorry that was a bit disjointed folks
02:06 JaneW       we are multitasking here and a bit disease infected.
02:06 JaneW       thanks for the cook book work and updates
02:06 JaneW       same time, same place next week, and hopefully we'll have good
                  progress by then :)
02:06 JaneW       I may have some exciting news to share then too.
02:07 jsgotangco  i still havent seen any cookbook source :/
02:11 highvoltage JaneW: if majority is happy with moin, then so am i
02:11 JaneW       it's lunch time - over and out
02:12 highvoltage btw
02:12 highvoltage here's a very, very early version of the troubleshooter i talked
                  about at the summit:
02:12 highvoltage http://jonathancarter.co.za/projects/xola/index.py
02:13 highvoltage it's layout is awkward and it's still very strange, but it should
                  give you a vague idea of where it might be going to
02:15 jsgotangco  wow
02:16 jsgotangco  that is so cool
02:16 highvoltage thanks :)
                  long term goal is to have a nice wiki-style editor for all the
02:17 highvoltage options, so that the help desk of who-ever is deploying the
                  installations can easily edit the entire thing.
02:17 jsgotangco  yes that would be really cool
02:17 jsgotangco  hrmmm
02:17 jsgotangco  this could be great to adapt for ubuntu itself
02:17 jsgotangco  make it a wee bit smaller i guess
02:17 highvoltage yeah.
02:17 jsgotangco  wonder if this can run off yelp
02:18 highvoltage it's probably going to become smaller anyway, those penguins are
                  expensive on screen space.
02:18 jsgotangco  do you want to try this out on Yelp?
02:19 highvoltage i would if i had the time, i think mdke suggested the same
02:19 highvoltage thign
02:19 highvoltage how would this work with yelp?
02:19 jsgotangco  yelp can render html
02:19 jsgotangco  but that's static
02:19 jsgotangco  this is a python script
02:19 jsgotangco  hrmm
02:21 highvoltage this python script is still very static
02:21 highvoltage i plan to have the data in a sqlite database later on
02:21 jsgotangco  hmm can i take a peek?
02:21 jsgotangco  i can try it over the weekend
02:21 highvoltage of course, don't expect much though
02:22 jsgotangco  its ok
02:22 highvoltage can i tar it up and e-mail it to you?
02:22 jsgotangco  yes thanks
02:22 highvoltage it's less than 800k, including images
02:22 jsgotangco  alright
02:22 highvoltage jgotangco@ubuntu.com?
02:22 jsgotangco  yeah

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