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Meeting February 8, 2006

   01:01 JaneW       hello
   01:01 kjcole      hi
   01:01 licio       hi
   01:01 flint_      good morning jane, nice reporting from the sprint.
   01:02 jsgotangco  cheers
   01:02 kjcole      flint, suck  up.
   01:02 JaneW       flint_: thanks
   01:02 JaneW       I had to get creative
   01:02 flint_      I have coffee today kevin, and I am a suck up!
   01:02 flint_      :^)
   01:02 JaneW       there are only so many ways to say 'everyone threw up
                     today' ;)
   01:03 jsgotangco  heh
   01:03 flint_      yea that was interesting... still haven't talked to matt
                     was he sick?
   01:03 ogra        say "kate moss wednesday"
   01:03 jsgotangco  food poisoning can be bad
   01:03 JaneW       Wednesday was the worst of it
   01:03 ajmitch_    JaneW: sounds like the aftermath of linux.conf.au :)
   01:03 JaneW       yes Matt was sick
   01:03 kjcole      ogra,  ouch!  harsh.  ;-)
   01:03 flint_      ubuntu sprints on its stomach....
   01:03 JaneW       it was more a virus than food poisoning I think
   01:04 jsgotangco  at least it wasnt the distro sprint of doom
   01:04 ogra        kjcole, but matches somehow ;)
   === juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:04 jsgotangco  only death
   01:04 jsgotangco  =)
   01:04 JaneW       well I am calling it the Gastro Sprint now ;)
   01:04 ajmitch_    yes, LCA had the linux virus of doom striking down
   01:04 JaneW       ok are we all here?
   === mhz [n=mhz_chil@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:04 jsgotangco  gastro sprint ewww
   01:04 JaneW       ajmitch_: :/
   01:04 flint_      ogra, ollie i got a flight3 install questioin swtiching
   01:04 ogra        is highvoltage around for website stuff ?
   01:05 mhz         hi all
   01:05 ogra        flint_, i answered it yesterday
   01:05 JaneW       is jelkner planning to attend?
   === mhz had not seen the time
   01:05 JaneW       I think he wanted to go first again today?
   01:05 kjcole      no jelkner...
   01:05 ogra        flint_, but feel free to ask again ;)
   01:05 JaneW       kjcole: you wanna do it
   01:05 flint_      ogra, on the irc?
   01:05 ogra        yes
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   === hno73 [n=henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:05 JaneW       hi hno73
   01:05 jsgotangco  heh mark suggested a docteam sprint in london...that can
                     be scary
   01:06 kjcole      hold a sec
   01:06 JaneW       jsgotangco: brace yourself!
   01:06 JaneW       highvoltage: you here?
   01:06 hno73       hi JaneW
   01:06 JaneW       we need to make web decisions today - or at least
                     confirm them
   01:06 jsgotangco  henrik!
   01:07 hno73       jsgotangco: ! (sorry I was away friday)
   01:07 JaneW       ok who has updates for me?
   01:07 kjcole      I'll be brief.
   === jsgotangco just uploaded new edubuntu-docs and will prepare a script
   to publish on doc.ubuntu.com for preview
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   01:07 flint_      I am supposed to be standing in for Jeffster...
   01:07 flint_      kevin should report.
                     ltsp had 36 code commits since last week ... we support
   01:08 ogra        a lot more options now (serial mice, 16Bit graphics
                     cards etc) and i did a lot of fixes ...
   01:08 JaneW       jsgotangco: great thanks :)
   01:08 jsgotangco  serial finally got tested?
   01:08 JaneW       belated Hi mhz
   01:08 ogra        i'm just starting to prepare for flight 4, testing and
                     feedback before would be fine ...
   01:09 mhz         ;)
                     Not a lot to report, actually.  Working with a lore
   01:09 kjcole      developer, we now have an indexing system (or the
                     beginnings of one)
   01:09 JaneW       yes ogra was busy last week
   01:09 JaneW       (and not just drinking) ;)
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   01:09 JaneW       ogra: does flight 4 have a date yet?
   01:09 jsgotangco  yeah right he's caught on camera with a bottle of
                     bourbon or something..
   01:09 JaneW       I haven't heard...
                     additionally i have a good bunch of code offered by the
   01:09 ogra        debian ltsp team ... i'm currently reviewing their
   01:09 JaneW       jsgotangco: yup ;)
   01:10 ogra        JaneW, filght CDs never have a date ... only a rough
                     "this week"
   01:10 ogra        it depends on the bugs we find during building the CDs
                     I just secured some space at my school where we can set
   01:10 kjcole      up a Dapper Edubuntu "lab" and work from that to get a
                     real feel for how it all fits together.
   01:10 ogra        thats why testing *before* is so important
   01:11 ogra        (which nobody but me is doing normally :( )
   === jsgotangco volunteers to test amd64
   01:11 ogra        yay !
   01:11 flint_      ogra, ollie you seem to be on a workstation
                     binge.  Anything you are working on the server side?
   01:12 JaneW       jsgotangco: you are great!
   01:12 JaneW       thanks
                     ogra: I do apologize for not being helpfull at all in
   01:12 mhz         this testings but I have almost no hardware where i can
                     test now
   01:12 JaneW       ogra: right but as the magic date gets near it becomes
                     apparent, no?
                     mhz will be pleased to know that jelkner has "seen the
   01:12 kjcole      light" and we're trying to keep something on the wiki in
                     parallel with our docs.
   === jsgotangco has 3 amd64 machines at his disposal at the moment
   01:12 flint_      ogra, The Veromont testing facility is spooling up to
   01:12 ogra        cool :)
   01:12 ogra        mhz, you do enough ... i only want people with decent
                     bandwith to be testers
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   01:13 kjcole      Bad news: We don't think we'll have something
                     mid-april.  Shortly thereafter, is jelkner's prediction.
   01:13 jsgotangco  its ok
   01:13 flint_      ogra, I will be sending you a copy of the Vermont Lab
                     facility documentation when complete.
   01:14 ogra        flint_, great :)
                     ogra: good potential news is that on friday/monday I
                     should have a definit answer wether I have at least a 5
   01:14 mhz         pc lab and one server to test Edubuntu whatever and
                     invite teachers to it, to give us feedback on monthly
                     basis :D
   01:14 ogra        kjcole, the #edubuntu channel is grown a bit recently
                     ... probably you can recruit more people there
   01:15 jsgotangco  i notice a trend on #edubuntu though, a lot of people
                     ask about desktop apps rather than server
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   01:15 jsgotangco  just today i had 3 random people asking
   01:15 kjcole      We're looking at qemu as a possible screen-capture
                     mechanism (among other things).
   01:15 ogra        jsgotangco, yes
   01:16 jsgotangco  kjcole, imagemagick can't do enough for app-specific
   01:16 kjcole      A lot of my week has been LoCo-related and getting space
                     for the lab.
                     jsgotangco: yup, seen that too. And in #edubuntu-es..
   01:16 mhz         many users show up just for 'ubuntu-stuff' rlated issues
   01:17 jsgotangco  yeah
   01:17 ogra        mhz, point them to #ubuntu
                     jsgotangco, we're hoping for screen captures from the
   01:17 kjcole      get-go: The splash screen, and at least some of the
                     install screens that are Edubuntu specific -- LTSP NG
                     DHCP config etc.
   01:17 jsgotangco  mostly newbies though, lots of patience needed
   01:17 jsgotangco  kjcole, qemu =)
   01:17 jsgotangco  VMWare GSX Server =)
   01:17 mhz         ogra: they usually come from #ubuntu or #ubuntu-es
   01:18 ogra        mhz, but #edubuntu(-es) is not for general #ubuntu stuff
   01:18 JaneW       kjcole: we really need a cook book for 6.04 - even if
                     it's lean
   01:18 jsgotangco  yeah
   01:18 JaneW       kjcole: we missed it for 5.10 which was dissapointing
   === jsgotangco failed the first time
   01:18 ogra        mhz, we support the edu apps and ltsp in #edubuntu ...
   01:18 kjcole      Will inform jelkner
   01:18 JaneW       is there no way we can get ppl to collaborate with you?
   01:19 JaneW       it's the one thing ppl would like to help with
                     ogra: heheh, yeah, but 2 users who usually help on
   01:19 mhz         little edubuntu stuff (testing, mainly) have complained
                     that if nobody is talking, why not give help on ubuntu
                     topics in the mean time :(
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   01:19 JaneW       I know you guys are aiming for perfection, but I;d be
                     happy with 'good enough' - on time
   01:19 JaneW       no pressure ;)
   01:20 jsgotangco  at least something to review
   01:20 jsgotangco  :)
   01:20 mhz         ogra: edubuntu-es is usually 4 people and 3 or 5 more
                     that come twice a week
   01:20 mhz         hence the urgent need of "the tour" idea :)
   01:20 mhz         urgent = maybe not
   01:21 jsgotangco  mhz, i think ES is your sphere of expertise, you are
                     very much authoritative to decide on what's best
   01:21 flint_      mhz, I have never been on ubuntu-es what is so special?
   === jsgotangco no habla espanol
   01:22 flint_      mhz, i ment edubuntu-es...
   === spacey__ [n=spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined
                     jsgotangco: maybe yes that's why before scaring or
   01:22 mhz         inviting people go somewhere else, I usally take some
                     vitamin C and patience and let them ask ooftopics :)
   01:22 spacey__    hi
   01:23 mhz         flint_: oh, just supposed to be another channel but for
                     edubuntu users/admins needing support and help
   01:23 flint_      oh, ok.
   01:23 mhz         ogra: good thing is there are many people subsrcibed to
                     ML (weired)
   01:24 flint_      JaneW, maybe we need a docsprint.  we writers want to
                     get wretching sick from hotel food...
   01:24 flint_      :^)
   01:24 mhz         lol
   01:24 JaneW       heh
   === mhz is so much wanting to put hands on CookBook translation and maybe
   01:24 JaneW       so what's the plans for the next week?
   01:24 jsgotangco  flint_, you'll probably get your wish by the end of
                     march if things go well
   01:24 JaneW       also where is highvoltage ?
   01:24 flint_      JaneW, you would be invited to bring your world famous
                     collection of beadpans!
                     JaneW, I'm not opposed to the idea...  I've been
   01:25 kjcole      following jelkner's lead, since he'd published a book
                     and I haven't.
   === Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@CPE-144-136-113-76.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined
   01:26 flint_      kjcole, "those who cannot do...teach"
                     sorry for being late, but was there a list of
   01:26 spacey__    documentation missing? last week was noted that such a
                     list would be avail this week. ?
   01:26 JaneW       flint_: I supply Amarula to those that
                     Also, there was the business of choosing Twisted Lore
   01:27 kjcole      over Docbook or wiki, though as I say, he's now been
                     convinced to at least start using the wiki for
   01:27 jsgotangco  amarula?
   01:27 jsgotangco  ahhh
   01:28 flint_      that is a great shot of ollie hunched over a keyboard...
   01:28 jsgotangco  liquer or something...
                     Jeff put an outline in place of what was on the wiki
   01:28 kjcole      before and we're hoping to add to that this week from
                     our Lore docs.
   01:29 JaneW       kjcole: think we can get it done somehow?
                     kjcole: flint_: I am collecting pieces of info because
   01:29 mhz         if all my plans go well, in May I'll start a book about
   01:29 mhz         and obvioulsy reinventinn the wheel is my worst option
   01:29 flint_      JaneW, ever do a project plam?
   01:30 flint_      mhz, is this stuff up on the docbox yet?
   01:30 JaneW       flint_: sure, they are most ignored
   01:30 flint_      mhz, you have an account.
   01:30 JaneW       flint_: at best they are snap shots in this
                     non-conformist community
   01:30 flint_      JaneW, you never send me your project plans... I am
   01:31 jsgotangco  bzr..*cough*
   01:31 flint_      I read science fiction avidly
   01:31 mhz         flint_: can we have a short 'let's talk' after meeting
                     in #edubuntu, with coffee on table?
                     JaneW, Dunno.  I've not done any collaborative work
   01:31 kjcole      before.  I'll try to get jelkner et al onto #edubuntu
                     later today and see if we can speed things up.
   01:31 mhz         jsgotangco: you mean ! :D
   01:31 flint_      I have a window up for both you and ollie...
                     kjcole: I realise it's putting pressure on you, but we
   01:32 JaneW       can give you more ppl, will you talk to jelkner about
                     the first edition not needing to be PERFECT (not that
                     we'd mind if it is) ;)
                     JaneW, you know I would never defend these two if I did
   01:34 flint_      not see their problem.  The issue here is the classic
                     infastructure one of women months and babies. Get it?
   01:34 kjcole      JaneW, understood.
   01:34 flint_      you cannot add more women and get the baby faster than 9
   01:35 flint_      the reason I thought project plan was to get some
                     subtask milestones to shoot at.
   01:35 jsgotangco  huh?
   01:35 mhz         kjcole: _o/   \o/    \o_     (a cheering you!  based on
                     CC meetings)
   01:35 flint_      a project plan is sort of like kicking the mother to
                     induce premature birth...
   01:36 flint_      saves you a month but is tough on the baby :^
   01:36 jsgotangco  why was it not raised from the start?
                     There's also the issue of documenting something that's a
   01:37 kjcole      moving target.  (It would be nice to document what
                     Edubuntu WILL be in April, rather than what it WAS in
                     October or MIGHT be.)
                     jsgotangco, hindsight is 20/20, this enterprise is
   01:37 flint_      geared to hacking software, not writing books.  The
                     infastructure for hacing code (eg bzr) is in
                     place.  Does this work for books?
                     However, I realize that it's probably reasonably settled
   01:37 kjcole      now and from Flight whatever we should be working with
                     something close to the finished look and feel...
   01:37 jsgotangco  it works for the docteam surely
   01:38 kjcole      There is that.
   01:38 flint_      what kevin and jeff ( and maybe me) have been involved
                     with has been forging the tools to write the book.
   01:38 mhz         kjcole: but if we can get something done based on
                     breezy, in a couple of weeks we could have dapper ready
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   01:38 JaneW       flint_: what kind of subtasks you looking for?
   01:38 mhz         (even after release)
   01:38 jsgotangco  we've relesed preview docs since flight 2
   01:38 JaneW       flint_: if you are refering to the cook book, that was
                     left up to Msrs Elkner and Cole to handle
   01:38 flint_      JaneW, you and I have got to fight that out offline...
   01:39 flint_      JaneW, they are doing it, I bear witness to that.  are
                     they moving as fast as the developers? nah.
                     ok highvoltage is still not here, but we have discussed
   01:39 JaneW       the option of using MoinMoin for the whole edubuntu site
                     instead of Drupal
   01:39 JaneW       mhz: what do you think of that?
   === dsa [n=dsaa@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:40 kjcole      Mea (or whatever the Latin for "we" is) culpa.
                     as soon as they get a section done, (say the
   01:40 flint_      installation section) I read in your reports that there
                     is a graphical user interface for dapper!!!!!
   01:40 JaneW       hno73: thin we can call it decided now? (MoinMoin
                     instead of drupal?)
   01:40 JaneW       thin=think
   01:40 flint_      JaneW, moinmoin drupal who cares that is not the book.
   01:41 jsgotangco  go Moin
   01:41 hno73       JaneW: I think so yes
   01:41 jsgotangco  its pretty damn stable
                     JaneW: hehehe, I know Moin has some limitations (php can
   01:41 mhz         obvioulsy deal with much more "features" today) but I am
                     not sure these limitations do affect edubuntu-gang
   01:41 jsgotangco  and we already got working proofs
   01:41 freeflying  hno73: hi
   01:41 mhz         JaneW: however, Moin 1.5 lets you do more stuff
   01:42 jsgotangco  meh
   === hno73 is just re-doing the main site community section with pretty
   icons: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/CommunitySection
   01:42 hno73       the layout is quite flexible
   01:42 hno73       hi freeflying :)
   01:42 spacey__    possible to link the edubuntu site with all the other
                     logins? launchpad/ubuntu wiki?
   01:42 spacey__    think that is important criterium
   01:42 flint_      spacey__, that would be the best!
   01:43 hno73       spacey__: yes, that's possible
   01:43 freeflying  hno73: I'd prepare using moinmoin for www.kubuntu.org.cn
                     ,will u give me any advice?
   01:43 mhz         JaneW: jsgotangco: however, I would not feel comfrotable
                     if we dont see/test highvoltage efforts on drupal
   01:43 spacey__    i think that is one of most important points at least
   === juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has left #ubuntu-meeting
   01:43 JaneW       mhz: are you willing to help us with Moin magic?
                     spacey__, this issue of namespace is an infastructure
   01:44 flint_      issue that mere writers should not be inconvienced by,
                     and they currently are...
   01:44 mhz         JaneW: OF COURSE!
   === mhz apologizes for the caps but you know Moin is my other 'lover' :D
   01:45 hno73       freeflying: look at the 'balanced' themes here:
   === ogra_ [n=ogra@p5089D017.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   01:46 mhz         jsgotangco: and yes, moin as 'loverl is a scary thought
   01:46 hno73       they are nearly the same as the ubunt/kubuntu ones
   01:46 jsgotangco  heh
   01:46 hno73       (I should post some updates soon)
   01:46 mhz         hno73: I downloaded balanced 2 days ago :D
   01:46 freeflying  hno73: may we use the artwork of kubuntu ?
   01:46 mhz         freeflying: yes, you can
   01:47 JaneW       mhz: yay, that was the response I was HOPING FOR :)
   01:47 mhz         ;p
   01:47 JaneW       we have 12 mins left, is there anything else official to
   01:48 hno73       mhz: I'll send you the latest copy of my theme (it's
                     fairly stable now)
   01:48 JaneW       does every/anyone want these meetings more structured?
                     hno73: I will email you about my questions.. yesterday
   01:48 mhz         the phone call was too long and after that I had to do
                     other stuff
   01:48 spacey__    that would be nice
   01:48 jsgotangco  im cool with the current stuff
   01:48 spacey__    structure
   01:48 mhz         hno73: thx!
   01:48 spacey__    but i really missed that part on missing documentation?
   01:48 flint_      JaneW, we have the doc section and the programming
   01:48 ogra        JaneW, just going back to the structure we once had
                     would already suffice
   01:48 mhz         hno73: and one of the topics is I do want to make a CSS
                     for a11y
   01:49 ogra        we once had structure
   01:49 ogra        it just vanished over the last meetings
   01:49 mhz         hno73: so, edubuntu users could choose a11y theme if
   01:49 hno73       mhz: I pretty much have that complete, just need to sort
                     out some javascript magic for switching
   01:50 mhz         JaneW: so basically your idea is I help hno73 i guess?
   01:50 flint_      ogra, I think the structure comes from the participants,
                     elkner helps a lot to keep me in check :^)
   01:50 mhz         JaneW: and what will happen to highvoltage's efforts on
                     drupal? lost?
   01:50 JaneW       ogra: I agree, I would prefer to handle the tech side
   01:50 hno73       mhz: or rather that I help you :)
   01:50 ogra        flint_, we started off with a clear structure who speaks
                     when ...
   01:50 JaneW       but jelkner normally attends for 15 mins or so and wants
                     to talk docs
   01:50 ogra        that disappeared
   01:51 mhz         JaneW: yes, I liked your 'structure'  for metings
   01:51 JaneW       the trouble is the docs stuff tends to ramble
   01:51 flint_      ogra: janew: elkner indicated he could not be here he
                     will be back.
   01:51 mhz         hno73: we help each other :D
   01:51 JaneW       let's agree for next week we go back to the original
   01:51 ogra        yes
   01:51 JaneW       Tech progress and calls for testing etc
   01:51 JaneW       the Docs progress and calls for help
   01:52 JaneW       then Artwork update and calls for help
   01:52 JaneW       etc
   01:52 ogra        we can shuffle around the bits, but keep a bit of
   01:52 JaneW       yes agreed
   01:52 flint_      I would like to throw the floor open to nominate a
   01:52 ogra        (phew, that sounds so german)
   === ogra blushes
   01:52 JaneW       as I think we are getting limited benefit now
   01:52 mhz         yes, structure!
   01:52 mhz         +1
   01:52 freeflying  hno73: how shall I configure moinmoin , and make it
                     perform like www.ubuntu.com ?
   01:52 JaneW       +++
   01:52 mhz         ogra: we know you just can't help it :)
   01:52 JaneW       freeflying: you going to help too?
   01:53 freeflying  JaneW: I just want to host www.kubuntu.org.cn using moin
   01:53 ogra        mhz, i'm the chaos in person ...
   01:53 hno73       freeflying: ubuntu.com uses mod_proxy to deal with heavy
                     trafic, but that's a special case
   01:53 jsgotangco  i'll email the list when the script for doc.ubuntu.com
                     is done showing edubuntu-docs
   01:53 ogra        its not my usual behavior to sound german
   01:53 mhz         hno73: so you prefer email better than irc?
   01:53 mhz         ogra: stop drinking then!
   01:53 mhz         :D
   01:54 ogra        heh
   01:54 freeflying  hno73: I know about this
   01:54 flint_      ogra, truth is you sound practically dutch most of the
                     time :^)
   01:54 hno73       freeflying: See http://www.theopencd.org/ for a site
                     that uses moin to do pretty much the same thing
   01:54 JaneW       ogra: when can we start drafting the edubuntu flight 4
   01:54 ogra        flint_, lol
   01:54 hno73       mhz: yes please :)
   01:54 JaneW       let's try to get it out quicker this time
   01:54 ogra        JaneW, as soon as you like ...
   01:54 flint_      mhz, lol
   01:54 spacey__    hm, i'm off, bb
   01:55 ogra        i bet there is a flight 4announcement for ubuntu
                     prepared already
   01:55 ogra        (a draft)
   01:55 JaneW       ogra: ok I'll look for that
   01:55 hno73       freeflying: if you email me on henrik@ubuntu.com I can
                     send you my latest theme files and some suggestions
   01:55 JaneW       can you send me notable edu progress and enhancements
   01:55 flint_      JaneW, one proposal for structure would be to divide
                     into three sections, software, documentation, and web.
   01:55 mhz         hno73: no problem, I can do it and we can add 'urgent'
                     when I need responses in a day time ?
   01:55 freeflying  hno73: yep , just what I want , but how to configure
   01:55 ogra        JaneW, sure
   01:55 JaneW       I'll tack it together and then we can edit finely
   01:56 mhz         JaneW: yes,m there is
   01:56 ogra        freeflying, thats somehow offtopinc in a edubuntu
                     meeting ...
   01:56 freeflying  ogra: sorry
   01:56 ogra        but i guess we're done anyway
   01:56 jsgotangco  \o_ \o/  theopencd.org  \o/ _o/
   01:56 ogra        so go ahead :)
   01:56 JaneW       ogra: will the flight be out this week or next (your
   01:56 mhz         hno73: what if you upload the theme to wiki:HenrikOmma
                     freeflying: well, 'how to configure' is a big question.
   01:56 hno73       Do you want just the conf files, acl settings, a
                     detailed tutorial?
   01:57 ogra        JaneW, i guess weekendish
   01:57 JaneW       ok
   01:57 freeflying  ogra: after kubuntu.org.cn , we shall host
   01:57 ogra        ah
   01:57 ogra        i didnt get that
   01:57 hno73       freeflying: It's difficult to know what place you are
                     starting from. Do you have moin set up for a start?
   01:57 mhz         jsgotangco: at least I started translating some bits of
   01:57 jsgotangco  mhz, yay!
   01:57 ogra        freeflying, then its on topic ;)
   01:57 freeflying  hno73: I have setup moin  kubuntu.3322.org
   01:58 freeflying  hno73: I have setup moin  http://kubuntu.3322.org
   01:58 JaneW       ogra: ubuntu is planning to have flash intros will we
                     just have a progress bar?
   01:58 freeflying  hno73: so I want configure moin like  official website
   01:58 jsgotangco  flash?
   01:58 flint_      JaneW, oh god please no flash!!!
   01:58 kjcole      gotta  run...  i  hope some  of  us  be chatting  before
                     next week.    will  try to set  something  up.
   01:59 highvoltage hi. sorry, i'm here
   01:59 mhz         JaneW: one thing b4 you leave...
   01:59 flint_      kjcole, good job, keep it up!
   01:59 jsgotangco  flash?
   01:59 highvoltage jsgotangco: not as in macromedia, i presume
   01:59 jsgotangco  jeezz i hope not!
   01:59 hno73       freeflying: I see, that's already quite good. OK, I'll
                     send you further instructions on email
   01:59 mhz         JaneW: meeting minutes are sooooo hard to keep on
                     current moin setup
   01:59 flint_      ogra, if they put flash up on the web, you gotta rewrite
                     in visual studio.  Any problems with that?
                     flash> this is in the context of espresso (live
   01:59 Kamion      installer), and it would be Flash 3 so that the free
                     players can deal with it
   02:00 flint_      :^)
   02:00 mhz         JaneW: I'd love to see some solution proposals with
   02:00 freeflying  hno73: thx
   02:00 jsgotangco  Kamion, thanks for clearing that up
   02:00 mhz         highvoltage: hey!!!
   02:00 ogra        JaneW, lets have the same ubuntu has ... but as i said i
                     wont focus on express ...
   02:00 highvoltage mhz: hi
   02:00 ogra        my main target is the install CD, since thats what we'll
                     have pressed
   02:00 jsgotangco  hold on
   02:00 flint_      highvoltage, good morning Jonathan!
   02:00 highvoltage hi flint!
   02:00 jsgotangco  are we doing the livecd route?
   02:01 ogra        nope
   02:01 jsgotangco  ok
   02:01 highvoltage (got the name right again!)
   02:01 mhz         ogra: JaneW: any news from designer work?
   02:01 jsgotangco  so no espresson
   02:01 ogra        we'll have a live iso ...
   02:01 highvoltage ogra: so we'll have plain old d-i? yay!
   02:01 flint_      highvoltage, I am practicing...
   02:01 ogra        and it will have esporesso for the workstation install
   02:01 flint_      highvoltage, thanks.
   02:01 ogra        highvoltage, the server part doesnt fit on the live CD
   02:01 highvoltage ah, ok.
   02:01 jsgotangco  \o_ \o/  edubuntu  \o/ _o/
   === Tonio_ [n=tonio@cac94-5-82-229-219-55.fbx.proxad.net] has joined
   02:02 ogra        the pressed CDs will be the install CDs ...
   02:02 JaneW       mhz: feel free to abandon that format, bullets or
                     wahtever works isfine
   02:02 ogra        as long as we focus on ltsp and server stuff it will
                     stay this way
   02:02 freeflying  ogra: if you can provide us a well Chinese supportted
                     livecd , it will be efficient promote edubuntu in china
   02:03 ogra        freeflying, lets see ... i'm not sure we can fit this
                     many languages on the live iso
   02:03 mhz         JaneW: oh, okis
   === hno73 [n=henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
                     ogra: I think the issue was that the flash stuff feature
   02:03 JaneW       Ubuntu so wouldn;t really go with edubuntu - what do you
   02:03 mhz         JaneW: designer news?
   === ogra would love to drop the KDE apps, that would solve all problems
   02:04 ogra        JaneW, why shouldnt it go with edubuntu ?=
   02:04 jsgotangco  ogra, but you'll loose a lot of edu apps
   02:04 JaneW       mhz: I have not heard anything no, but I know we are
                     getting 1 set of designs
   02:04 ogra        its justa flash movie ...
   02:04 flint_      ogra, can we fork edubuntu to edukbumutu?
   02:04 flint_      er edukubuntu
   02:04 JaneW       ogra: well it will look diff for a start won't it?
   02:04 mhz         JaneW: when could we know?
   02:04 ogra        jsgotangco, some have a valid replacement in gnome
   02:04 ogra        (but not all)
   02:05 JaneW       we need ppl making gnome apps - please
   02:05 jsgotangco  ogra, if its justifiable and still ok for dapper i guess
                     that's a good compromise
   === mhz says we should not include or promote flash movies... it's against
   our manifesto
   02:05 ogra        JaneW, making a screencapture is an easy task ...
   02:05 JaneW       mhz: Jane Silber handles that according to the artwork
   02:05 JaneW       mhz: I think she is handing briefs over this week
   02:05 highvoltage sorry, i don't have time to catch up on the older
                     messages, did hno73 mention anything about the website?
   02:05 ogra        jsgotangco, amd64 and powerpc isos are constantly
   02:05 jsgotangco  argghhh
   02:05 mhz         JaneW: okis...it's just that I'd love to see something
   02:06 JaneW       ogra: ok maybe we can do some with our stuff. Corey is
                     handling the content we should speak to him.
   02:06 ogra        KDE takes a hell lot of space ....
   02:06 JaneW       mhz: me too
   02:06 ogra        and i doubt its justified for the 5 KDE apps we ship
   02:06 jsgotangco  ogra, ok i'll evaluate this weekend
                     mhz: howvere like last time it;s one of the last pieces
   02:06 JaneW       of the puzzle and is not completed or released until
                     right near the end
   02:06 mhz         ogra: I have looked for gnome apps... not very
   02:07 ogra        jsgotangco, king could esily be replaced by drgeo ... it
                     finally matured ... for example
   02:07 highvoltage ok, i'm almost on my way out so just some notes on
                     edubuntu web/wiki site
   02:07 JaneW       highvoltage: we decided on moin in your absence - ok>
   02:07 JaneW       ?
   02:07 ogra        mhz, there are a lot
   02:07 mhz         ogra: but I have found xmaxima (GTK) for higher levels
   02:07 jsgotangco  yeah
   02:07 highvoltage JaneW: yep, that's good, i cancelled the drupal with
                     Znarl (much to his delight)
   02:07 JaneW       where are the gnome app ppl?
   02:07 mhz         ogra: equivalents??
   02:07 JaneW       heh, thanks
   02:07 ogra        mhz, yes
   02:07 ogra        not for all of them ...
   02:07 highvoltage and as far as i understand mhz is going to work with
                     hno73 and do some nice moin tweaking
   02:07 ogra        but for dapper its to late for such a big change anyway
   02:08 highvoltage so that we can do everything with moin we could with
   02:08 JaneW       highvoltage: I only figured out yesterday that drupal is
                     'drupal' <- afrikaans (well dutch actually) for drop
   02:08 flint_      ogra, when is code freeze for dapper?
   02:08 JaneW       hence the water droplet logo d'oh!
   02:08 ogra        flint_, feature freezy is 23rd
   02:08 JaneW       so from now on it's pronounced dripel ppl
   02:08 jsgotangco  ogra, we can still drop the kde apps we're still not in
                     freature freeze yet
   02:08 ogra        and i'm busy with ltsp and edubuntu-artwork until then
   02:09 mhz         ogra: I can do testings for apps, that this HW can do ok
   02:09 JaneW       jsgotangco: er but we'd need to add replacements, and
                     not sure we can still do that...
   02:09 flint_      ogra, I blame all this talk of the dutch on you... :^)
   02:09 ogra        jsgotangco, but there is no time to get replacements in
                     and if it fails we cant go back
   02:09 jsgotangco  right
   02:09 jsgotangco  but overflowing images ain't good
   02:09 jsgotangco  (for other arches at least)
   02:09 ogra        i'll have to drop stuff, indeed
   02:09 JaneW       agreed, but we have had that problem for a long time now
   02:10 highvoltage it'll be available on universe though
   02:10 ogra        and shuffle a bit ...
   02:10 highvoltage ogra: how do you feel about a semi-official edubuntu
                     add-on CD?
   02:10 ogra        lets just keep in mind to check the option to go gnome
                     only in dapper+1  ...
   02:10 mhz         highvoltage: add-on cd?
   02:10 Riddell     ogra: how about all the python modules
   02:10 highvoltage ogra: i'm not suggesting it, since i don't have time for
                     it, but i think it's necassary to think about it
   02:10 flint_      highvoltage, the ticket here is to use the automatix
                     framework for addons.
   02:10 ogra        Riddell, i'll manage, dont woirry ....
   02:11 highvoltage mhz: a CD with some additional .deb's for KDE support
                     and additional, relevant software
   02:11 mhz         ogra: cool, dapper +1. This way I can more easily make
                     that edubuntu lite thing
   02:11 ogra        Riddell, if i drop python stuff elkner will come to my
                     house and whine 24h a day ...
   02:11 highvoltage flint_: automatix? you've got a link to that?
   02:11 ogra        highvoltage, no option for dapper
   02:11 ogra        eeek
   02:11 mhz         highvoltage: ahh, good idea
   02:11 highvoltage ogra: and after that?
   02:11 jmont       hello all, sorry that I am late for the meeting
   02:12 ogra        stop even talking about automatix crack while i'm in the
                     room please ... i might go blind
   02:12 flint_      highvoltage, google "ubuntu automatix"  it is multimedia
                     heaven for breezy
   02:12 ogra        automatics is the suck ...
   02:12 jsgotangco  heaven for people at the first but hell when they try to
                     uninstall and upgrade
   02:12 ogra        it breaks users systems and upgradeability  ...
   02:12 flint_      ogra, sorry ma man. it is a hack indeed
   02:13 ogra        i wont even give a line of support to any user who
                     touched it ...
   === mhz dislikes the automatix idea, flint_ ... too much a user dont see
   can't be good
   02:13 flint_      ogra, but it is in the spirit of hackish ness...
   02:13 jsgotangco  oh you can see it, but its not a pretty sight
   02:13 JaneW       ok our time is up.
   02:13 ogra        its not supportable and breaks systems in intresting
                     ways ... please dont advise it to anyone
   02:13 jsgotangco  scary sources.list
                     ah yes, it does seem quite sucky, although we've done
   02:14 highvoltage similar things in tuxlabs, due for change after we
                     switch to dapper, of course.
   02:14 flint_      ogra, i hear you.  however the framework that it
                     developed may prove useful for addons.
   02:14 mhz         jsgotangco: yes! well said. Automatix = Norton stuff
   02:14 mhz         jsgotangco: I mean, they are = when trying to uninstall
                     or upgrade :D
   02:14 jsgotangco  yeah
   02:14 highvoltage hacks are good in my opinion, but when it breaks more
                     than it fixes, it's not worth while
   02:14 ogra        flint_, synaptic is fine for addon stuff
   02:15 flint_      ogra, I am just pleased that I can still create FITS on
                     the channel!
   02:15 jmont       isn't possible to made an Automatix version that simply
                     don't break the system?
   02:15 jsgotangco  we should probably put edubuntu love in
   02:15 highvoltage i was thinking of synaptic for the edubuntu add-on cd
   02:15 highvoltage apt-cdrom add ; apt-get install edubuntu-addons-all
                     ok I need to dash, thanks guys, and let's aim for more
   02:15 JaneW       structure next time. So we can get to the good
                     discussions sooner!
   02:15 jsgotangco  jmont, gnome-app-install is much saner on this regard
                     and can accomodate multiverse apps if needed
   02:15 highvoltage yes, cheers!
   === ogra goes for food
   02:16 flint_      JaneW, good talking.  Ollie I may call you!
   02:16 mhz         JaneW: +1
                     jsgotangco, I undestand... so we should make
   02:16 jmont       gnome-app-install better than Automatix, and make ads
                     about it
   02:16 jmont       I mean, I know gnome-app-install is better... but we
                     should improve it even more
   === mhz goes back to #edubuntu and invites everyone there for a coffee
   break with JaneW's famous cakes
   02:17 flint_      jmont, keep in mind the framework is what i found
   === mhz [n=mhz_chil@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
   02:17 jsgotangco  sure its a nifty bash script
   02:18 jsgotangco  it can be improved upon
   02:18 flint_      ogra, thanks for your insight on automatix
   02:18 jmont       I understand..
   02:18 flint_      ogra, i will contact you when I am back on the edubuntu
   02:18 jmont       flint_, Automatix is C/C++ powered?
   02:19 flint_      jmont, na it is a buncha bash scripts with a gui on top
                     (maybe pycard)
   02:19 jsgotangco  nope it looks more like a python card script
   02:20 flint_      jsgotangco, ollie is correct it is NOT to ubuntu
   02:20 flint_      honestly that is what I found most charming about it.
   02:20 flint_      ...and it gave me muich multimedia...
   02:20 flint_      be back soon...
   02:21 jsgotangco  sure it gets lots of votes on the bling factor
   === highvoltage [n=Jono@ubuntu/member/highvoltage] has left
   #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:23 jsgotangco  i guess we cool now eh?
   02:24 jmont       yup
   02:25 jsgotangco  cool i'm grabbing some late nite dinner
   === slomo [n=slomo@dslb-084-061-162-188.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined
   02:36 jmont       btw, what time is it in GTM/UTC?
   02:37 freeflying  jmont: date --utc
   02:37 jmont       thanks!
   02:43 jmont       btw (again), do anybody know a nice backup utility?
   02:43 jmont       i have tryed rsnapshot, but i need somethink I can
                     upload to an remote FTP backup server (like .tar.gz's)
   02:43 jmont       that dont spend too much disk space
   02:44 jmont       (i will ask this in #ubuntu, sorry)

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