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Meeting February 15, 2006

01:01 JaneW      hi all
01:02 pips1      hi
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01:02 JaneW      hi pips1 ltns
01:02 JaneW      hi flint
01:02 jsgotangco *bamf*
01:02 flint      good morning campers!!!!
01:02 flint      JaneW, good morning my dear!
01:02 JaneW      hi jsgotangco
01:03 JaneW      ogra: ping
01:03 flint      JaneW, I actually have the lab running here finally.
01:03 fabbione   hey flint !
01:03 pips1      JaneW, I've been very busy with my day job
01:03 flint      fabbione, my god it's the Italian Stallion!!!!
01:03 fabbione   ahah
01:03 jsgotangco lol
01:03 jsgotangco isn't that Rocky?
01:03 JaneW      flint: excellent
01:04 fabbione   man.. i can't hide anywhere
01:04 JaneW      hi fabbione
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01:04 pips1      JaneW, lot's of overtime
01:04 fabbione   hey Jane
01:04 JaneW      pips1: ahh :/
01:04 flint      fabbione, this is like a visit from the pope, Fabio you are most Welcome!
01:04 ogra       moin
01:04 JaneW      where's ogra?
01:04 ogra       :P
01:04 jsgotangco jeezz
01:04 JaneW      there he is
01:04 JaneW      hi Oli
01:04 fabbione   flint: thanks :)
01:04 ogra       ok, tech update:
01:04 ogra       fixed a lot of smaller ltsp bugs, thin-client-faster startup about to be finished (should be
                 done tomorrow)
01:04 ogra       merged a lot of debian fixes for our ltsp package (especially important for lower memeory
                 the bug that caused icon themes, wallpapers and themes to be broken if you were logged in with
01:04 ogra       the same user twice is fixed, so internet cafes and schools that want to use only one account
                 on evey thin client will be much happier (fix is in seb128's hands, to be uploaded).
01:04 ogra       gdm theme handling was fixed so the customization doesnt break theme handling anymore
                 (important for edubuntu-artwork)
01:04 ogra       low memory spec fot ltsp should be finished before next meeting
01:05 JaneW      yes ogra is first, and let's behave today
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01:05 JaneW      ogra: sounds good
01:05 ogra       pre flight 4 testing is still not started ...
01:05 JaneW      how much more to do before FF next thurs?
01:05 ogra       we're having small problemns with the NEW process in soyuz that breaks the CDs
01:06 JaneW      ogra: what's holding flight 4 up?
01:06 JaneW      oic
01:06 ogra       if thats done, we can start the first flight4 tests
01:06 JaneW      how serious is it?
01:06 JaneW      cause for mild panic?
01:06 jsgotangco builds
01:06 flint      ogra, you were busy... we got a good image but soyuz cannot generate it?
01:06 ogra       its serious for the whole distro, not only for us ... i hope thats fixed soon
01:06 JaneW      agreed
01:06 ogra       flint, we dont
01:07 ogra       flint, the image is missing packages that are stuck in the NEW queue
01:07 JaneW      ogra: is there an eta on a fix yet?
01:07 ogra       and there are problems to process that easily ...
01:07 flint      ogra, gotcha... I finally get off my ass and get the lab in and the distro breaks (I am a most
                 bitter old man :^)
01:07 JaneW      is Kamion still estimating THIS week?
01:07 ogra       a paste from the canonical channel:
01:07 ogra       <silbs> March 2006, Linux Journal (the US one) has a 3/4 page on Edubuntu by Doc Searls.  Title
                 is "Edubuntucation"
01:07 ogra       fyi
01:07 ogra       !
01:07 ogra       :)
01:08 jsgotangco Doc Searls!
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01:08 JaneW      ogra: awesome we must get a copy
01:08 jsgotangco god that is good
01:08 ogra       JaneW, i think so
01:08 jsgotangco Doc Searls!
01:08 flint      yea buddy that is good ink!
01:08 ogra       jsgotangco, depends what he writes :P
01:08 jsgotangco still
01:08 jsgotangco Doc Searls!
01:08 jsgotangco heh
01:08 ogra       JaneW, thats all from my side for today
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01:09 JaneW      ogra: i created https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuFlight4Announcement
01:09 JaneW      ogra: ready for you to fill in with cool features etc
01:09 ogra       yup, saw it in #edubuntu
01:09 jsgotangco i saw it on email too
01:09 mhz        re
01:09 ogra       i'll do ... let me finish my fater startup spec first :)
01:09 JaneW      think we need a grpahical page like ubuntu has? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperFlight4
01:09 mhz        wow, JaneW indeed that Ubuntu dapper announcement looks very cool
01:10 ogra       JaneW, urgh ... thats a day work or even more ...
01:10 flint      janew, does the flight 4 page have an iso behind it now? or is this for the future.
01:10 ogra       taking all these screenshots and make them ready takes a lot of time
01:10 jsgotangco future
01:10 JaneW      ogra: also are you updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/CurrentEdubuntu?
01:10 ogra       and we dont have a new theme yet
01:11 ogra       JaneW, nope, not yet ...
01:11 JaneW      ogra: nod, that's why I am asking...
01:11 flint      JaneW, you probably remember the "harry potter" angle...
01:11 JaneW      ogra: think it's worth the effort yet, esp without a new theme and look yet?
01:11 ogra       i'm very busy with coding and wouldnt like to be distracted by paperwork if possible ...
01:12 ogra       i dont want to risk my gaols ...
01:12 JaneW      ogra: understood.... here is your chance to trawl for help...
01:12 JaneW      *HINT HINT*
=== jsgotangco is away
01:12 ogra       haha
01:12 mhz        JaneW: I'd gladly do it but It wont be possible for me until I get to put my hands on that lab
                 i told you (1 more week at least)
01:13 ogra       flint, what about you, you are eager to test, would you mind making a little testplan ?
01:13 ogra       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/CurrentEdubuntu
01:13 mhz        JaneW: I have not tried dapper yet :(
01:13 flint      JaneW, hey, I am getting a lab together.  let me talk this offline with the Janester...
01:13 ogra       cool :)
01:14 JaneW      I am still a little scared of Dapper
01:14 flint      ogra, ok I see a test plan, and a good one.  who did this?
01:14 JaneW      it didn;t pass the first Jane test cycle yet...
01:14 ogra       flint, dholbach
01:14 jsgotangco this was taken from dholbach's originail test plan
01:14 flint      ogra, this is really fine.
01:14 ogra       yup :)
01:15 jsgotangco ok
=== jsgotangco waits for his turn
01:15 JaneW      ogra / flint: I think we just need to test the tesp plan and see if it needs any amendments
01:16 JaneW      ogra: will you keep us informed on flight CD status and let us know when the announcement needs
                 to be ready?
01:16 flint      JaneW, put testing on the agenda.  I agree we need to walk this space...
01:16 ogra       JaneW, absolutely
01:16 JaneW      and we need to list of cool new features, known issues and bugs etc
01:16 ogra       JaneW, lets have it prepared for the weekend ...
01:16 Kinnison   ogra: which 'NEW' bug is this?
01:16 JaneW      ogra: agreed
01:17 JaneW      ok well then tech discussion done.
01:17 ogra       Kinnison, we cant process NEW apparently ... Kamion knows more ...
01:17 JaneW      next up Docs
01:17 JaneW      jsgotangco: you first
01:17 jsgotangco cool
01:17 jsgotangco i've uploaded new docs and should be available at http://doc.ubuntu.com/
01:17 jsgotangco but i forgot to upload the makescript so wait for a few hours
01:18 jsgotangco and i've been testing the amd64 builds hoping for a working system but alas
01:18 jsgotangco ...
01:18 jsgotangco so i'll just depend on the live workstation builds for the meantime
01:18 flint      jsgotangco, any paticular place on http://doc.ubuntu.com/?
01:19 jsgotangco i've also started a small draft for a quickguide for end users intead of admins of the system
01:19 JaneW      jsgotangco: as you mentioned to me earlier?
01:19 jsgotangco yes
01:19 jsgotangco its for end users who log into as clients
01:19 flint      jsgotangco, this is a good thing.
01:19 JaneW      jsgotangco: what format will the quick guide be?
01:19 JaneW      jsgotangco: lovely :))
01:19 jsgotangco instead of showing thema ll the usual ubuntu stuff
01:20 jsgotangco we'll focus on the core desktop apps that they can use
01:20 jsgotangco kedu for instance
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01:20 jsgotangco the screenshots are not a problem i'm very much used to this
01:20 jsgotangco i just need a working system so i'll probably settle for an i386 as long as it works
01:21 jsgotangco me and mhz talked about this in passing earlier
01:21 flint      jsgotangco, where are you?  maybe we can find a donation.
01:21 jsgotangco we might make a TOC on the wiki
01:21 JaneW      jsgotangco: that's great, cos many people don;t know/care about the technical stuff, they just
                 wanna know what end user stuff they can DO with it
01:21 JaneW      I like the idea a LOT
01:21 jsgotangco flint, i'm in +8 (Manila)
01:22 mhz        jsgotangco: I already have the junior part 90% ready with Gcompris (in spanish)
01:22 jsgotangco it won't take that much time on my side and workable on a weekend
01:22 JaneW      mhz is this similar to what you spoke to me about before?
01:22 flint      jsgotangco, ok how do I ship a computer to you?  also do you need the monitor?
01:22 mhz        JaneW: before?
01:22 ogra       jsgotangco, i'll look up the last working liveCD for you ... there you can make screenshots ..
01:22 jsgotangco flint, let's discuss that later
01:22 JaneW      mhz: the spanish docs
01:23 flint      jsgotangco, email me flint@flint.com
01:23 pips1      jsgotangco, I have a working AMD64 edubuntu dapper... yours is broken? oh, you need the
                 hardware ?!
01:23 jsgotangco the good thing is that we (docteam) already have good fondation templates
01:23 mhz        JaneW: ohh, 2 weeks ago,, yes. And we'll put some parts together with jsgotangco (me has to
                 translate them now :D )
01:23 jsgotangco pips1, heh i have 3 amd64 machines here
01:23 JaneW      mhz: cool
01:23 ogra       pips1, i'm fine, but i dont have time to make screenshots currently
01:23 jsgotangco i can do the shots
01:23 ogra       pips1, jsgotangco has no working installation
01:23 jsgotangco i can just update this dapper too
01:23 jsgotangco and grab the apps instead
01:23 JaneW      ogra: have we got our 3 themes etc ready? (I mean icons and fonts etc)
01:24 ogra       JaneW, not at all ...
01:24 ogra       art freeze is still far out
01:24 jsgotangco yeah
01:24 mhz        yeah!
01:24 jsgotangco i'll churn out an email this week about this
01:24 ogra       JaneW, and i havent anything from silbs yet
01:24 jsgotangco i first have to make a docbook framework then commit
01:24 mhz        JaneW: I am very worried about this
01:25 jsgotangco the worst we could do is use the existing human theme
01:25 jsgotangco which isn't bad
01:25 JaneW      ogra: I know we don;t have the silbs stuff but aren;t we chosing our own icons and fonts etc
01:25 jsgotangco the docs should build here:
01:25 jsgotangco http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/about-edubuntu/C/index.html
01:25 jsgotangco http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu-releasenotes/C/index.html
01:25 jsgotangco but they'll 404 for now
01:25 JaneW      I still have to say I like the current distinct look edubuntu has, I don't think it should be
                 too similar to ubuntu
01:25 jsgotangco give it a few hours
01:26 ogra       JaneW, yes, i havent gotten to this yet, the gdm theme breakage and gnome-settings-daemon
                 breakage were more important for themeing yet ...
01:26 JaneW      jsgotangco: ta, will you post to #edu too later please?
01:26 jsgotangco yes
01:26 JaneW      ogra: do you need someone to look into it?
01:26 jsgotangco when the cron starts to build
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01:26 ogra       JaneW, did you read my report above ?
01:26 ogra       JaneW, i fixed it ;)
01:27 JaneW      we have some very competant graphic oriented people here
01:27 JaneW      ogra: yes I read it
01:27 ogra       but that prevented me from doing any other artwork stuff :)
01:27 JaneW      ogra: it didn;t talk about the actual themes to be applied....
01:27 JaneW      ogra: sure
01:27 JaneW      ogra: I am asking more about the selection now though
01:27 flint      ogra ares gratia jane...
01:27 ogra       how about a call for submissions to the ML ?
01:28 ogra       and we vote for the young and old theme then ...
01:28 ogra       (the mid one will be silbs job)
01:28 mhz        JaneW: I stopped the theming plans only because there were uncertainties on priorities about
                 artwork and I had to wisely use the resources
01:28 JaneW      ogra: agreed
01:28 flint      ogra, how "pluggable" are the themes in the code now?
01:29 mhz        JaneW: however, I have been working little by little on a XFCE theme for edubuntu highschool
01:29 JaneW      ogra: I was just trying to gather if you had all the requirements identified and selected
                 already or if we still need to look and decide etc
01:29 ogra       flint, dpkg-reconfigure edubuntu-artwork gives you a menu to select the age
01:30 flint      ogra so edubuntu-artwork is the selector switch...  ok I will screw around with it in breezy...
01:30 ogra       JaneW, i havent yet ... i'm focussing on feature freeze, so coding is my highest priority
01:30 JaneW      ogra: understood, as it should be
01:30 ogra       flint, not much difference yet ... all three themes are the same
01:31 JaneW      ok can the rest of you look at other themey kind of things and see if you can find stuff that
                 yells 'edubuntu' and 'professional' ;)
01:31 flint      ogra, it is all about the mechanism silly man... :^)
01:31 mhz        JaneW: then junior and olds ?
01:31 ogra       mhz, yes
01:31 JaneW      yes we have junior, senior and plain
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01:31 mhz        GTK + icons + backgrounds ?
01:32 flint      JaneW, gotta have cooler names than junior, senior and plain!!!!
01:32 JaneW      plain is simple and monochrome as possible for people who don't want distractions on the
                 desktop at all
01:32 ogra       mhz, no GTK
01:32 pips1      in  dpkg-reconfigure edubuntu-artwork it uses the terms "primary", "secondary" and "highschool"
01:32 ogra       mhz, icons, splashscreen and backgrounds
01:32 ogra       pips1, i'm open for better naming suggestions
01:32 JaneW      we had someone saying he is a teacher and wants his kids to learn and do what they are supposed
                 to and not want to PLAY.
01:32 JaneW      pah
01:32 mhz        ogra: oh, ok
01:33 flint      JaneW, don't go down the road of work and play, not here, not now :^)
01:33 pips1      ogra, JaneW : should it be "junior", "senior" and "plain", then?
01:33 ogra       that would also require menu changes we cant do yet
01:33 ogra       (play/non play)
01:34 JaneW      ok so can everyone have a look at the available options and we can nominate at next week's
01:34 ogra       pips1, sounds good to me ...
01:34 flint      ogra, so the doce says primairy, secondary and high school eh?
01:34 pips1      doce, hehe :-)
01:34 JaneW      ok do we need to discuss the web and wiki?
01:34 ogra       currently, yes ... but thats an interinm anyway ... just to show we *can* distinguish now+
01:35 JaneW      we agreed that we will migrate the HTML pages to moin
01:35 ogra       the naming isnt mandatory
01:35 JaneW      pips1: did you hear about that?^
01:35 pips1      JaneW, yeah, I read that you decided on Moin at the last meeting... :-/
01:35 JaneW      we also need some new content and orgnaisation on the wiki and web pages
01:35 JaneW      pips1: sorry, but it does makes sense in this case
01:36 pips1      in the absence of the "web team" ;-)
01:36 JaneW      many of the articles which are published quote directly from our pages
01:36 JaneW      I think it's time we put some new words up there...
01:36 mhz        JaneW: and we received a suggestion to have 'front page' showing changes or news so it doesnt
                 look as if we did nothing :)
01:36 pips1      where is highvoltage ?
01:37 JaneW      also it will tie in nicely if we relaunch the page with an updated look for the new version too
01:37 mhz        and with shots from ...Book
01:37 mhz        or Guide
01:37 JaneW      mhz: yes, we do need a webmaster to keep the pages fresh and up to date
01:37 pips1      sorry, I am trying to catch up re the website ...
01:37 jsgotangco JaneW, are these pages in a separate server? i thought it was in the same servers as that of
01:38 mhz        JaneW: we need a 'teacher-users' community
01:38 mhz        so they can provide 'weekly news'
01:38 JaneW      jsgotangco: I am nt sure where the html pages are now, but the wiki will be on the same as the
                 rest of ubuntu like the wiki afaik
01:38 pips1      I was very busy in the last months with my day job, but this week I started working on the
                 edubuntu website idea again...
01:38 flint      mhz, as opposed to what?
01:38 mhz        JaneW: otherwise all news willbe 99% IT related from ubuntu
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01:39 JaneW      pips1: great, your suggestions where very helpful before
01:39 pips1      I was hoping to touch base with highvoltage today...
01:39 JaneW      highvoltage has been helping intermittently, but is also very busy with his day job
01:39 pips1      ah
01:39 flint      mhz, teachers-users support and development somewhere else?  Like the dining room and the
                 kitchen?  promising idea.
01:39 JaneW      pips1: me too, not sure where he is
01:39 JaneW      pips1: you got his e-mail address?
01:39 pips1      well, I'm actually taking time off work (compensating overtime) now!
01:39 mhz        flint: yup, something like that
01:40 JaneW      flint: I think we must be careful not to take the analogy too far and become really corny
01:40 pips1      is the decisision about using Moin cast in stone now?
01:40 mhz        pips1: so it seems
01:40 JaneW      pips1: well we can't keep changing our minds
01:40 JaneW      pips1: but we need someone to own and drive it
01:40 flint      jane corn on the cob or in a casserole? hehe
01:40 JaneW      pips1: I reckon that person gets the strongest vote
01:41 pips1      I wanted to suggest you give me some time, let's say two weeks to get a drupal site running to
                 convince you to go ahead with drupal... what does everybody think?
01:41 JaneW      pips1: hno73 likes mojn and the main ubuntu site is running in moin now, so it does make sense
01:41 JaneW      pips1: ogra wasn't that happy about drupal security
01:42 ogra       JaneW, in fact i dont care if i dont have to maintin it ...
01:42 flint      JaneW, .... anyway that was a metaphore not an analogy.... (what a college education will do
                 for you :^)  did we not settle this site issue last week?
01:42 JaneW      ogra: good attitude! :))
01:42 ogra       i just pointed out that it ends in upgrade hell ...
01:42 mhz        pips1: and mhz would get crazy if we get back to drupal proposal after he had accepted Drupal
                 and then got surprised we would use lovely Moin
01:42 pips1      drupal, even though it's php, has a very strong community, good core devs, and hasn't had many
                 vulnerabilities so far... i.e. its track record is better than most php fare...
01:43 ogra       i think its up to the guys working with it to decide about the tool ...
01:43 JaneW      flint: right it's a metaphor, but I'd argue that it's an analogy too :P
01:43 pips1      ogra, right
01:44 mhz        well, I am sure hno73 will go for Moin and I sill stand defending it :D
01:44 JaneW      pips1: there was an issue with getting a server to host drupal, and getting our sys admins to
                 find time to do it
01:44 JaneW      pips1: moin took that requirement away
01:44 pips1      I understand there are pros and cons about moin vs. drupal but I think ogra and JaneW are
                 right, it comes down to the question who owns and drives it...
01:44 pips1      JaneW, right
01:44 flint      pips1, keep in mind that I am a rabid zope freak, (taking a zope 3 course with Richter!) and I
                 keep my passion under control drupal is rightous but they made a call.
01:45 JaneW      this was 'resolved' last week
01:45 JaneW      however nothing has been done with either yet afaik
01:45 flint      I was heartbroken that zope 2 did not make the cut :^)
01:45 JaneW      pips1: if you can commit to it I am not opposed to you putting something together which can be
                 voted on
01:46 pips1      flint, zope is cool, but it always depends on what your goals are... :-)
01:46 mhz        but, if there is time and willingness isn't better to use time resource in helping with dapper
01:46 mhz        or dapper complements?
01:46 mhz        .oO(hmm, maybe not 'complements' but complementary material)
01:47 mhz        jsgotangco: Interrogation!
01:47 flint      JaneW, the impression I am beginning to get is that you want to use the "gentlemen start you
                 engines" project management approach.  If someone does something well you will embrace it.
                 JaneW, yes, ok, I think that's what we should do... I spend the next two weeks with getting a
01:47 pips1      "drupal edubuntu site demo" and then let's vote about it.. if people prefer to go the
                 moin/ubuntu way after that, it's fine with me...
01:48 jsgotangco yes
01:48 JaneW      flint: this is a community project (apart from possibly ogra) I can't really make anyone do
01:48 flint      pips1, i was unserious about zope, as I have no intention of investing any time in developing
                 the site I just want to use it.  I am good with the demo idea.
01:48 mhz        ogra: if I finish XFCE theming next week, could you make it available for dapper time?
01:48 jsgotangco flint, we're volunteers
01:48 jsgotangco ogra and JaneW are the only ones paid to do this
01:48 JaneW      flint: all I can do is hope they are excited enough by what needs to be done to want to help,
                 and to harness that it;s something we can use
01:49 ogra       mhz, i can package it, but i think janimo would be the better guy to ask about xfce temes
01:49 JaneW      it;s=into
01:49 mhz        ogra: sure, but I mean this is XFCE edubuntu theme
01:49 JaneW      flint: granted PMing the ubuntu project is more work but FAR easier
01:50 ogra       yes, we can package xfce-edubuntu-theme for universe, no problem with that ... main will need a
                 main inclusion report and a review ...
01:50 neuralis   janew, ogra: i am happy to provide drupal hosting on a well-connected server, and ssh access
                 for edubuntu developers.
01:50 flint      JaneW, what is in it for the perpertrator of this web site beyond bragging rights, think of
                 some excellent reward.  sometthing that will forever grant bragging rights imho.
01:50 pips1      Can I get some thumbs up/votes on me giving drupal a spin for a demo we all vote on in two
01:50 jsgotangco you're given an edubuntu.org forwarder hehe
01:50 jsgotangco joke
01:50 mhz        pips1: but, if there is time and willingness isn't better to use time resource in helping with
                 dapper stuff? and leave drupal/moin voting for Abril 27th and on
01:51 flint      mhz, not a lot we can do about the upstream breakage eh ollie?
01:51 JaneW      sorry I am in decision paralysis on this one
01:51 mhz        ogra: okis, thx,I'll try t find time to finish it durinf bnext week
01:51 JaneW      the camp is divided
01:52 ogra       JaneW, flip a krugerrand ?
01:52 pips1      mhz, well, i've made a headstart with drupal (it's running a test machine of mine) and I want
                 to test drive it for my own good, too ;-)
01:52 JaneW      ogra: yeah right, I have a huge pile right here ;)
01:52 flint      JaneW, I advise going for a demo.  what can it hurt?  Oliver what do you think (i don't care is
                 an optioinal answer :^).
01:52 ogra       heh, i knew you all have them in buckets :)
01:53 JaneW      I think mhz, pips1, hno73 and highvoltage have to 'meet' and decide once and for all, it's
                 their combined project after all
01:53 ogra       flint, sure ...
01:53 ogra       JaneW, ++
01:53 flint      JaneW, good idea.
01:54 pips1      JaneW, that's four people, we need an uneven number ;-)
01:54 JaneW      ok I will set up a meeting for friday 12:00 utc, anyone who cares can be there, and we can hash
                 it out for the last time
01:54 flint      throw all the web-heads in a room and make them play "tag"!
01:54 flint      JaneW, that's when I wash my hair!!
01:54 JaneW      pips1: well which ever camp manages to round up the most supporters wins
01:54 JaneW      AND they get to do the damn work afterwards too! :)
01:55 jsgotangco JaneW, it shouldn't exceed 2 hours, it'll clash with docteam meeting at 14UTC
01:55 jsgotangco they could do it in
01:55 JaneW      1 hour at the most
01:55 jsgotangco #edubuntu
01:55 jsgotangco :D
01:55 JaneW      jsgotangco: ok yes, we can stay in #edub
01:55 pips1      JaneW, flint : no joke, on friday I have an appointment with a hair dresser! :-D
01:55 JaneW      I'll send a mail
01:56 pips1      JaneW, is another date/time ok? if not, I'll move my appointment, no prob
01:56 flint      JaneW, high noon, show down at the #edubuntu corrale... this is the stuff of legend!
01:56 JaneW      of course if you have stuff to demo to support your arguments all the better...
01:56 flint      pips1, i cannot breath i am laughing too hard...
01:56 JaneW      pips1: well earlier is too early for the states...
01:56 pips1      flint, LOL
01:56 JaneW      tomorrow?
01:56 mhz        it depends on hno73 possibilities
01:57 pips1      what, that gives me today to come up with a demo?!
=== pips1 has sweat breaking loose
01:57 JaneW      pips1: monday....?
01:57 pips1      monday sounds better :-)
01:57 mhz        .oO("tell me why I dont like Mondays..")
01:57 JaneW      mhz: are you ok with this?^
01:58 pips1      mhz, hehe
01:58 mhz        JaneW: why not, but I am concerned about 2 things
01:58 flint      pips1, friday has more romance to it.  talk to your coiffure maybe.
01:58 pips1      flint, sorry for spoiling your friday romance, friday is hair day! ;-)
01:59 JaneW      I think monday is good, we need to focus on flight 4 this week anyway
01:59 JaneW      ok anything else?
01:59 JaneW      time nearly up
01:59 JaneW      I will send that mail now, 12:00UTC monday
=== ogra would like to hear mhz's concerns ...
01:59 jsgotangco coll with me
01:59 pips1      monday, 12 UTC on #edubuntu, then?
                 JaneW: highvoltage did work on something and I have no clue why we didn' test it,  AND hno73
01:59 mhz        has dedicated a lot of work on preparing a Moin version once decided drupal was not the option.
                 So.. too much wasted time and resources
01:59 mhz        ogra: those are
02:00 ogra       yup
02:00 JaneW      mhz: I do agree with you
02:00 mhz        it's like we tell ogra... you know, we wont release edubuntu
02:00 mhz        we'll use RPMs now
02:00 flint      so I should get to work on the zope python based drupal moin emulator on my zope 3 platform eh?
02:00 ogra       mhz, haha
02:01 mhz        flint: lol
02:01 pips1      mhz, maybe it's better if we talk with hno73 and highvoltage...
02:01 jsgotangco afaik hno73 is on a roll with moin as we have started with theopencd site and ubuntu
02:01 flint      pips1, i want you to know that I feel left out and hurt...
02:01 mhz        pips1: well, yes, of course we must, we owe them at leastr that
02:01 flint      pips1, and relieved :^)
02:01 jsgotangco we're even *this* close to having the whole moin de run off the cd on the livecd
02:02 JaneW      I think mhz, pips1, hno73 and highvoltage have to 'meet' and decide once and for all, it's
                 their combined project after all
02:02 JaneW      as I said before
02:02 jsgotangco yeah
02:02 mhz        well, okis
02:02 pips1      flint, I don't see you having a prob of not getting heard ;-)
02:03 flint      ogra, final prophesy, when do we get a testable flight 4?
02:03 mhz        I'd prefer hno73 and highvoltage set the time. they have spent the most efforts on website
                 issues sor far
02:03 flint      pips1, point well taken and graciously accepted!
02:03 jsgotangco ogra, can we change the menu System -> About Ubuntu to About Edubuntu?
02:03 JaneW      ok meeting over

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