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Meeting February 22, 2006

12:58 JaneW        2 mins to Edubuntu dev Update Meeting
12:59 highvoltage  Hi everyone
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01:00 JaneW        hello, are we all here?
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01:00 pips1        hi
01:00 JaneW        hispacey, jelkner, pips1, mhz, highvoltage
01:00 JaneW        is ogra here?
01:01 jelkner      hi Jane!
01:01 JaneW        we are waiting on flint, jsgotangco, kjcole ...
01:01 JaneW        Can we try to keep focused and on topic today please?
01:02 JaneW        Else we just ramble for 2+ hours
01:02 highvoltage  JaneW: yes, is there an agenda?
01:02 JaneW        jelkner: do you have time constrainst today?
01:02 jelkner      yes, i'm getting ready to leave for PyCon, and i was out yesterday
01:02 JaneW        nless otherwise stated the meeting agenda is as follows:
01:03 JaneW            *
01:03 JaneW              Technical
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Progress over past week
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Issues/ Blocks
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Planned Activities for coming week
01:03 JaneW            *
01:03 JaneW              Documentation
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Progress over past week
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Issues/ Blocks
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Planned Activities for coming week
01:03 JaneW            *
01:03 JaneW              Art Work
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Progress over past week
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Issues/ Blocks
01:03 JaneW                  o
01:03 JaneW                    Planned Activities for coming week
01:03 JaneW            *
01:03 JaneW              Management and/or Community - any further issues that need to be
                   discussed. These may be tabled in advance as required.
01:03 JaneW        would anyone like to table any specific items for today which deviate from
                   the above?
=== ogra waves
01:04 JaneW        If anything needs a lengthy discussion we'll schedule a sep time for it, as
                   we eventually did last week for the Drupal/Moin decision
01:04 JaneW        hi ogra
01:04 JaneW        jelkner: can we let ogra go first?
01:04 jelkner      sure
01:04 highvoltage  JaneW: yes, let him loose please
01:04 JaneW        great, I prefer it that way :)
01:04 JaneW        ogra: HIT IT
01:05 ogra         i have not much to say, the final work on the goals is done, flight4 is out
01:05 JaneW        w00t!
01:05 highvoltage  ogra++
01:05 pips1        clap clap
01:05 JaneW        ogra: are all your goals implemented fully?
01:05 JaneW        besides the deferred ones of course
01:05 mhz          _o/ \o/ !!
01:06 JaneW        argh, I am getting oops's in LP so can't check
01:06 ogra         JaneW, nope , we decided to defer the nbd (swap over network) part for
                   dapper+1 since the change we want is to intrusive
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01:07 highvoltage  oh no :(
01:07 flint        oh it is early...
01:07 ogra         so thin-client-memory-usage will only be partially implemented... but i'll
                   put up a doc how to set it up manually, its very easy
01:07 JaneW        ogra: screensaver default images - that's still pending images right - but
                   it's not edubuntu specific...
01:07 highvoltage  that was my favourite dapper ltsp feature
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01:07 highvoltage  ogra: so swap over nbd can still be done manually?
01:07 JaneW        ogra: so it's as done as it;s going to be then? t-c-m-u..?
01:08 ogra         JaneW, 3/4 is implemented, i need to create an empty package in
                   ubuntu-artwork for it... then its technically done
01:08 ogra         (screensaver-default-image)
01:08 ogra         JaneW, yup... there will only be fixes i'll merge from the debian guys now
01:09 ogra         the rest is implemented ...
01:09 JaneW        ogra: is mdz aware of/happy with that?
01:09 highvoltage  ogra: apart from the swap-nbd question, how much RAM does a thin client
                   currently use? i haven't had a chance to check yet.
01:09 ogra         i think so ...
01:09 JaneW        ogra: cool
01:09 ogra         he told me not to do the nbd stuff anymore ...
01:09 JaneW        ogra: well done! You are well within the deadlines this time :))
01:09 JaneW        ogra: is there more to squeeze in before FF?
01:10 ogra         since what we want is a totally automatic swapserver ... and thats not
                   achievable in time
01:10 flint        morning jonathan, ollie at this stage can we still reset the default file in
                   firefox?  btw I missed. what is nbd?
01:10 ogra         only fixes on the artwork package and one fix on gnome-settings-daemon is
                   ogra: the content filtering, enyc asked about that this morning, so i told
01:10 highvoltage  him you were thinking of privoxy at some point. did you go with that, or
                   something else?
01:10 ogra         highvoltage, willow
01:10 spacey       hi
01:10 highvoltage  flint: morning
01:11 JaneW        highvoltage: we have someone willing to pay $100 for 'aprental control' pref
                   dans guardian
01:11 highvoltage  ogra: this one?
01:11 JaneW        highvoltage: ogra likes willow for Dapper+1
01:11 ogra         highvoltage, http://www.digitallumber.com/software/willow/
01:11 highvoltage  ogra: i was just about to post that link, thanks
01:11 ogra         it works with very low maintenance
01:11 JaneW        sorry aprental=parental
01:12 highvoltage  nice. low maintenance++
01:12 ogra         but you can also do very fine grained stuff with it ...
01:12 JaneW        ogra: what do you still need before edubuntu 6.04 is DONE?
01:12 highvoltage  how does it work, with a web interface?
01:12 JaneW        ogra: TESTING and bug filing...
01:12 ogra         JaneW, exactly ...
01:12 spacey       willow works great
01:12 spacey       have it few months in production now
01:12 JaneW        ogra: the 3 x artwork selections for the 3 themes
01:13 flint        willow looks interesting!
01:13 ogra         a wee for nbd would be great ... i'd really have loved to get it in ... but
                   well ...
01:13 JaneW        ogra: the screensaver images
01:13 ogra         *week
01:13 spacey       ogra: can't get it packaged in universe/multiverse?
01:13 flint        ollie what is nbd?
01:13 ogra         spacey, tomorrow is feature freeze ...
01:13 JaneW        ogra: don;t fight mdz on it, but if it can be done safely we should
01:13 ogra         flint, an easy way to setup swap over network
01:13 spacey       so1  day left?
01:13 spacey       :p
01:14 flint        ok
01:14 JaneW        ogra: what time is FF at midnight in LA tomorrow night?
01:14 ogra         flint, the current problem is that you need to create a swapfile before you
                   can use it ...
01:14 ogra         JaneW, no idea ... but i hope so :)
01:14 flint        gotcha...this is the workstation blues...
01:15 highvoltage  ogra: the way that ltsp.org creates swapfiles, is that too crude?
01:15 JaneW        ogra: actually it will probably be around the time of our meeting
01:15 ogra         flint, and i'm working on a patch that creates it automatically, so you can
                   run the daemon via inetd and just get swapspace on demand
01:15 JaneW        ogra: we'll know what's made it and what hasn;t by then, and mdz will
                   probably make selective exceptions then too
01:16 JaneW        ogra: the meeting is at 20:00UTC tomorrow
01:16 ogra         highvoltage, the fix needs to be done in nbd-daemon to get it right... nit
                   with wrapper scripts
01:16 ogra         ah, fine ...
01:16 highvoltage  ogra: ok
01:16 flint        JaneW, the one thing I want to know is can you reset the firefox default page
                   on the install cd?
01:16 ogra         flint, reset ?
01:16 ogra         how ?
01:17 flint        set it to something else rather than what it is.
01:17 ogra         what is it ? i have no fresh install handy
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01:17 ogra         i thought it was the current edubuntu intro page ...
01:17 flint        the standard ubuntu page
01:17 ogra         hmm, sure ?
01:17 flint        which comes in as a file
01:18 ogra         nope, as an alternative ...
01:18 JaneW        ogra: wasn;t there a translation issue with having the edubuntu page last
01:18 flint        I am thinking that there may be a more useful page for an educator, or
                   possibily links to other files in the edubuntu documentation on that page.
01:18 ogra         i'll look if there is anything wrong in the artwork package with the set
                   alternative stuff
01:19 flint        ogra, ollie could you reset the base url as part of an artwork shift?
01:19 ogra         you mean matching the selected age of the theme ?
01:20 flint        ogra, the more I play with the prototypes the more I realize that the key to
                   getting good information about operation of edubuntu is the browser default
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01:20 flint        this is where i believe a teacher will start to look for guidance
01:20 ogra         flint, but thats also the page you see every browerstart ...
01:20 mhz          JaneW: what do you mean by "JaneW ogra: wasn;t there a translation issue" ?
01:20 flint        thus it is at this point that the documentation display processneeds to
01:21 highvoltage  ogra: local device support, is that also affected by the nbd problem?
01:21 ogra         oh, JaneW one issue ... i'm waiting for the schooltool guys to finish theor
                   new package ... the old one wont work with our zope ...
                   ogra, that is fine, I can live with links off the base "ubuntu" page, but you
01:21 flint        gotta admit that having an ubuntu page default in edubuntu is a bit odd and
01:21 JaneW        mhz: afair we finished the about edubuntu page late and didn't have the
                   required translations...
01:22 JaneW        ogra: oic, when is it due?
01:22 mhz          JaneW: translations as in "other languages" ?
01:22 JaneW        mhz: yes, install languages
01:22 ogra         its currntly not on the CD ... brian promised me a package before 23rd ...
                   but it doesnt look good ... i'll talk to mdz later today
01:23 JaneW        ogra: oh dear, what's the likely outcome?
01:23 ogra         i know sabdfl has interest in getting the latest schooltool in
01:23 flint        ogra, does this have to do with the zope2 verses zope3 thing?
01:23 JaneW        ogra: does it look like we won;t have schooltool again?
01:23 ogra         so matt wont object i guess
01:23 mhz          JaneW: lguerra (in here, helping ubuntu-cl and edubuntu-es) can help us with
                   translations into spanish if still neded
01:23 ogra         again ?
01:23 JaneW        I do think sabdfl would try to get it in
01:23 flint        JaneW, you gott have schooltool
01:24 JaneW        flint: we want schooltool - but it needs to be ready in our scheduled
01:24 flint        ogra, they have like a "runtime" where they include their silly zope3 as a
01:24 flint        ogra, what did Tom Hoffman say about schooltool?
01:24 ogra         flint, not feasable for us
01:24 jelkner      JaneW: I need to run.  Kevin and I will give an update on the cookbook next
01:25 mhz          JaneW: ohhhm you mean, "late" so there will be no translations ?
01:25 JaneW        jelkner: how's it looking?
01:25 jelkner      we are dealing with hardware now
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01:25 JaneW        jelkner: mail the list the mean time or we can schedule a sep discussion?
01:25 jelkner      setting up a lab so we can take screen shots extra
01:25 JaneW        jelkner: how about tomorrow?
01:25 JaneW        jelkner: that would be great :)
01:25 jelkner      i'm leaving for PyCon
01:25 jsgotangco   ohhh PyCon
01:26 jelkner      see you all next week
01:26 JaneW        jelkner: can screenshots be sent to you, I am sure some other would be happy
                   to scrape the for you...
01:26 JaneW        jelkner: enjoy
01:26 jelkner      thanks
01:26 pips1        what is the status on teacher tool? (sorry for not being up to date)
=== JaneW really hopes we are going to have a Cook Book *holding thumbs*
01:27 JaneW        jsgotangco: we are just moving onto docs now, good timing
01:27 ogra         pips1, no new status, student-control-panel is packaged, does one basic
                   function and still needs love
01:27 mhz          JaneW: jsgotangco and I have some advances
01:27 jsgotangco   oh cool
01:27 highvoltage  ogra: local device support, is that also affected by the nbd problem?
=== jsgotangco just had 3 bottles
01:27 ogra         highvoltage, not really ...
01:27 JaneW        ogra:  what happened with Linus's tool, he never responded to my message...
01:27 highvoltage  ogra: so there will be some kind of local dev support?
01:27 ogra         highvoltage, even i'm willing to do some testing with nbd ...
01:28 highvoltage  cool. and local app support?
01:28 mhz          jsgotangco: is this ok
01:28 ogra         JaneW, no license, not package ... he didnt answer on several requests
01:28 jsgotangco   checking
01:28 ogra         s/not/no/
=== jsgotangco kicks x-chat gnome
01:28 JaneW        highvoltage: local device support is defefferd sadly
01:28 highvoltage  ok.
01:28 flint        ogra, could local storage and multimedia at the workstation relate?
01:28 JaneW        ogra: pity
01:28 jsgotangco   wow
01:28 jsgotangco   tick marks!
01:29 mhz          jsgotangco: sure, (./)
01:29 JaneW        mhz: cool page :)
01:29 flint        ogra, I have been doing some work and have concluded that they do.
                   highvoltage, i want it completely implemented in dapper+1 .... but for dapper
01:29 ogra         the user needs to use the scripts from ltsp.org and ltspfs/ltspfsd from
01:29 jsgotangco   errr
01:29 jsgotangco   the question is
=== jsgotangco keeps silent first and let others talk
01:29 mhz          JaneW: thx
01:30 flint        ogra, how documented (or not) are the ltsp scripts?
01:30 ogra         flint, not yet
01:30 Yagisan      ogra: we have a howto for that ?
01:30 JaneW        mhz: jsgotangco would be able to tell you more about the translation issue
                   from last time - I didn't really understand it myself.
01:30 ogra         i'll do a big documentation run on the wiki before release
01:30 flint        ogra, ollie do you think i can get them running in a lab environment?
01:30 mhz          JaneW: okis, i'll talk to him and lguerra at the end of meeting
01:30 JaneW        ogra: do you know when you'll have a chance to look at that? I think the more
                   time we give the doc guys to polish the better...
01:31 ogra         flint, try it out ... search for ltspfs on the ltsp.org wiki ... there are
                   howtos and scripts
01:31 mhz          ogra: sorry, "documentation run" ?
01:31 ogra         JaneW, as soon as i'm not allowed to code anymore ;)
=== mhz is scared to run ;)
01:31 jsgotangco   hold one gimme a minute i gotta go downsstairs
01:31 ogra         read: after feature freeze :)
01:31 flint        mhz, nice doc page.  I would like to get together with you about a
                   documentation hack I kinda have in mind...
01:31 JaneW        did everybody see what the outcome of the Drupal/Moin decision was? We are
                   going with Drupal.
01:31 Yagisan      mhz: he means update and check documentation
01:31 JaneW        ogra: heh, ok fair enough :)
01:32 JaneW        ogra: at 'pens down'
01:32 ogra         :)
01:32 mhz          flint: okis, let's discuss it with jsgotangco and see if we can do it
01:32 mhz          Yagisan: oh, hi there. Got it thx
01:33 mhz          JaneW: yeah, I saw it :( snif, but ok
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01:33 Yagisan      mhz: srry - was late @ work
01:33 flint        highvoltage, regarding documentation, I actually proofread every one of the
                   150 pages of the original tuxlab doc.  It is not a bad piece of work.
01:34 flint        ogra, is the original tuxlab doc on the distro somewhere?
01:34 ogra         nop
01:34 flint        ogra, the damn thing is not that big.
01:34 mhz          flint: highvoltage: it is an excellent piece of work
01:34 highvoltage  mhz: flint: wow. thanks!
01:35 flint        JaneW, the hack is that we spruce up jonathan's prose, and stick in on the
                   distro in html with a link off the default firefox page...
01:35 JaneW        flint: it;s on the wiki
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01:35 pips1        how are general ubuntu features that are important to a school lab with
                   edubuntu doing? e.g.
01:35 highvoltage  i wanted to talk about that
01:35 pips1        network-authentication
01:35 flint        JaneW, that is not as good for the user as having it when they need it, at
                   install time when the net is not working.
01:36 highvoltage  what's the chance that we can have some links at the top of that html page?
01:36 JaneW        flint: after the amount of time that has been spent on turning into an
                   Edubuntu cookbook it seems silly to go back to the original a third time...
01:36 ogra         pips1, deferred
01:36 highvoltage  there's no links to the local schooltool installation, currently.
01:36 pips1        network-magic
01:36 pips1        ?
01:36 jsgotangco   :D
01:36 highvoltage  can we have it in FF as bookmarks at least or something?
01:36 pips1        ogra, oh, that's a shame, that was one of my favorites
01:36 ogra         pips1, partially included (network-manager is on the CD but not preinstalled)
01:36 jsgotangco   mhz: i'm already done with screenshots
01:36 JaneW        highvoltage: yes I think we should have some relevant book marks
01:37 ogra         highvoltage++
01:37 flint        JaneW, the tuxlab stuff was never on the distro.  if it could fit, i say put
                   it up, Kevin Cole, what do you think?
01:37 mhz          jsgotangco: yup, I remember you mentioned that to me, hence it is already
                   ticked ;)
01:37 JaneW        kevin is not here
=== jsgotangco thumbs down
01:37 highvoltage  ogra: what did I do to deserve that? :)
01:37 JaneW        flint: we always wanted to customise the cookbook first
01:37 ogra         highvoltage, schooltoll links :)
01:38 jsgotangco   mhz: can we work on the TOC and layout later if you're not doing anything
                   after this
01:38 flint        JaneW, you are facing a deadline... the cooks cannot make.
01:38 highvoltage  ah
01:38 mhz          flint: +1
01:38 JaneW        flint: have they said so? They haven't told me they can't make it...
01:38 mhz          JaneW: at least as a "complementary alternative"
01:38 jsgotangco   i don't think they can make it
01:39 JaneW        flint: plus I have asked them for weeks and wekks to aim for 'good enough' as
                   a base
01:39 spacey       whats the deadline?
01:39 flint        JaneW, this should not be that hard a command decision.  The deadline is
                   tomorrow, they are on their way to Pycon.
01:39 JaneW        we can always improve on something that's done
01:39 ogra         spacey, documentation freeze
01:39 spacey       thats not tomorrow right
01:39 ogra         yup
01:39 highvoltage  JaneW: well said
01:39 jsgotangco   tommorow is feature freeze
01:39 JaneW        flint: FEATURE FREEZE is tomorrow
01:39 mhz          jsgotangco: I am going to the doctor and then I have 3 meetings. I'll be home
                   tonite at 01:00 UTC
=== jsgotangco remembers to rush something
01:39 flint        fair enough when is doc freeze?
01:39 jsgotangco   mhz: ok i
01:39 JaneW        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseSchedule
01:39 jsgotangco   mhz: ok i'll chug something in the wiki
01:40 mhz          jsgotangco: but, yes, i guess it is time we meet again
01:40 JaneW        March 23rd
01:40 JaneW        DocumentationStringFreeze
01:40 JaneW        1 month
01:40 jsgotangco   i'll finish my g-a-i stuff first won't take a lot
01:40 mhz          jsgotangco: and yes, I can spend 10 munites for a quick meeting after this
01:40 highvoltage  g-a-i?
01:40 flint        JaneW, fair enough, march 23rd.  they can make it by then.
01:40 ogra         highvoltage, the last item in your menu ;)
01:40 spacey       cookbook is not really documenationstring
01:40 JaneW        flint: exactly
01:40 ogra         gnome-app-install
01:41 highvoltage  aaaaah
01:41 JaneW        we have been trying to get the Cookbook going since July August last year...
01:41 flint        JaneW, what I really want is that the documentation be on the CD and be
                   linked at the default firefox page so you do not have to look for it.
01:42 JaneW        to me first goal is to get the damn thing DONE, and then we can decide what
                   to do with it
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01:42 flint        JaneW, elkner and the boys only got involved in November 2006.
01:42 JaneW        flint: that would be nice yes
01:42 pips1        what are the educational applications that are running on the server by
                   default? schooltool? moodle?
01:42 jsgotangco   lol that's like hmmm 10 months to go
01:42 JaneW        flint: I am not directing my anger at them at all. jsgotangco tried valiantly
                   before that...
01:42 ogra         schooltool only ...
01:42 highvoltage  pips1: you mean the web based stuff?
01:42 pips1        highvoltage, yes
01:43 flint        ogra, ollie, jane said the link off the firefox default page would be nice,
                   is it possible?
01:43 ogra         moodle never went to main ...
01:43 jsgotangco   i was the only guy who started it and i did good progress i'd say :P
01:43 pips1        ogra, i see
01:43 flint        JaneW, you really look beautiful when you are angry :^)
01:43 JaneW        flint: thing is we could point to it from the wiki in the about docs if
01:43 ogra         i also excluded postgresql from the default install, i notices users tend to
                   prefer mysql ... so its up to them to choose
01:43 highvoltage  flint: with words like thay, you'll just make her more beautiful :)
01:44 flint        JaneW, you look truly radiant when you are bitter...
01:44 JaneW        jsgotangco: indeed, plus you did the other docs so I am grateful
01:44 flint        :^)
01:44 jsgotangco   hmm new kernel
01:44 flint        JaneW, what I am after is that the docs be available even if you do not have
01:45 pips1        ogra, so what non-web non-ltsp servers are runnung by default?
01:45 pips1        mysql ... and ...?
01:45 ogra         samba ...
01:45 ogra         no mysql
01:45 pips1        ah
01:45 pips1        ok
01:45 highvoltage  samba runs by default?
=== highvoltage didn't know that
01:45 ogra         no database preinstalled, as i said above
=== lguerra is now known as lguerra_estudian
01:45 ogra         highvoltage, yes, but also with the default locked down config ...
01:45 flint        ogra, samba is cool, lets not forget that you are running nfs by gosh!
                   flint: agreed, but once again it is a timing thing, the sooner we get a
01:45 JaneW        product, the more we can do with it. If we can get a simple doc out as a
                   first draft that would be great. We can add more graphics and better pics of
                   RS etc etc afterwards...
01:46 ogra         flint, samba is for windows integration ...
01:46 Yagisan      pips1: also tftp, dhcp
01:46 highvoltage  oh, btw
01:46 flint        JaneW, I want to motivate the boys by saying that "here is the hole your
                   stuff must fill by 3/23"
01:46 ogra         Yagisan, yes, the ltsp dedicated things
01:47 flint        ogra, na, windows is just a passing fad, it will never catch on... :^)
01:47 Yagisan      ogra: of course. I just try to be complete
01:47 JaneW        I think questions are how large will it bem and how much space do we have
01:47 spacey       oh btw, should the cookbook actually explain how things work or just say like
                   click here and there
01:47 spacey       ?
01:48 flint        ogra, it is fine as homage to the past however :^)
01:48 pips1        Yagisan, ogran, thanks for your infos :-)
01:48 pips1        groa
01:48 pips1        ogra
01:48 pips1        sorry :-)
01:48 flint        pips1, you forgot arog...
01:48 pips1        hehe
01:48 ogra         hehe
01:48 jsgotangco   spacey: the orginal cookbook used LTSP with an RH distro i believe
01:48 jsgotangco   i might be wrong
01:48 jsgotangco   its been a while since i read it
01:49 flint        pips1, you should have seen what I did to jonathan's name... :^)
01:49 spacey       yeah but how much explaination should it give
01:49 pips1        flint, missed that :-(
01:49 Yagisan      jsgotangco: IIRC you are correct
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01:49 jsgotangco   and our LTSP is designed differently
01:50 highvoltage  jsgotangco: the original cookbook used K12-LTSP, then Ubuntu + LTSP.org
01:50 jsgotangco   there
=== jsgotangco forgot about K12
01:50 flint        spacey, if you are referring to the default documentation page in firefox, it
                   should be a default whale of documentation.
01:50 spacey       flint: i'm not
01:51 flint        highvoltage, how big was the tuxlab doc in html?  maybe 3 megs with the damn
                   pictures (absolutely optional btw)
                   i'm just asking in which way the cookbook should be written. Like we have
01:51 spacey       these services which do.. etc. or just say the commands to enter/what to
01:51 highvoltage  flint: something like that. and a lot of those pics aren't needed, anyway
01:51 highvoltage  (like the RMS or Linus ones)
01:52 flint        spacey, I am less concerned witht he content right now and more concerned
                   with where the user finds it.
01:52 highvoltage  spacey: in my experience it helps to keep things as simple as possible in
01:52 flint        ogra, you got a spare 5 megs on the install?
01:52 jsgotangco   meh
01:52 spacey       well i think there should at least be enough information to understand what
                   your doing a bit, and the pieces fall together (possibly)
01:53 flint        highvoltage, jonathan your words made the tuxlab book.  be proud.
01:53 ogra         flint, not sure ... we're pretty much out of space, as always
01:53 flint        highvoltage, the fact that you did not date the artist is a mystery best left
                   to history. :^)
=== highvoltage be's proud
01:54 flint        ogra, aw ollie just a few megs?
01:54 highvoltage  flint: perhaps she dated someone else at TSF at that stage ;)
01:54 highvoltage  for just text without images it should be less than 300k
01:54 flint        highvoltage, gotta get you out of the computer room more often...
01:54 ogra         flint, i cant tell unless i tried ... i need to make a edubuntu-docs package
                   anyway today ...
01:54 highvoltage  ogra: may i help there?
01:55 JaneW        ** 5 mins
01:55 flint        ogra, what should i do send you a slimmed down tuxlab so you can see if you
                   can fit it in?
01:55 highvoltage  ogra: i'm getting the hang of .deb packages. it seems it's easier than I
                   always made it out to be.
01:55 ogra         highvoltage, its 3 commands and editing a few lines in the rules file to make
                   an empty package, not really exciting :)
01:55 Yagisan      flint: sure, we'll just dump, um - how about edubuntu-desktop for space ?
                   seriously it can't fit.
01:56 flint        JaneW, let jonathan send a debian, could ollie link it to the default url for
01:56 JaneW        flint: are you in contact with kjcole and jelkner atm?
01:56 flint        Yagisan, harsh, but we could just go to icewm or dsl :^)
01:56 ogra         flint, i'm not yet sure if i like the idea to ship tuxlabs ltsp 4.1
                   documentation ... some stuff will break heavily if you use it
01:56 JaneW        flint: we *need* to know if/when they are going to be able to finish - else
                   we'll need to look at considering a Plan B option
                   JaneW, the position here is that this represents the "box" their
01:57 flint        documentation must fit in if it is to be clickable from the default firefox
01:57 JaneW        flint: I am still hoping they can pull it off, since they had good ideas and
                   invested a lot in it
01:57 highvoltage  ogra: can i still do it!
01:57 ogra         flint, but jsgotangco has the start of a quickguide and we have still 4 weeks
                   ... so that might be finishable in time ...
01:58 flint        JaneW, if (wnen) they do then their deathless prose replace the tuxlab book.
                   and get the default click off of firefox.
01:58 JaneW        flint: I don't see the point, we were looking at possibly printing the book
                   and making it a .pdf etc etc, so why is this suddenly a concern?
                   JaneW, the book part is fine.  while playing with edubuntu in the lab I
01:59 flint        noticed that if you have no network connectivity you have no easy access to
                   any guidance, which is when you need it.
01:59 flint        JaneW, jonathan does a serviceable job of a network troubleshooting guide in
                   the tuxlab book.
01:59 ogra         flint, if we ship such a link in edubuntu, we must make sure the webpage is
                   there the next 5 years ....
02:00 ogra         at least in dapper ...
02:00 flint        JaneW, maybe these are two separate documentation pieces, i do not know...
02:00 JaneW        ogra: 3
02:00 mhz          ogra: ooooh, good point (5 years!)
02:00 ogra         JaneW, classroom*server*
02:00 highvoltage  yes, so no switching from drupal for the next 5 years!
02:00 flint        ogra, exactly.  this is internal get it running documentation for the server
                   and workstation install.
02:01 JaneW        ogra: ah, yes good point
02:01 JaneW        highvoltage: heh
02:01 flint        highvoltage, jonathan this is a simple html page clickable from firefox.  i
                   care not for the moin drupal issue in this case.
02:01 mhz          highvoltage: 5 years too?
02:01 mhz          :(
02:02 mhz          :D
02:02 pips1        highvoltage, had to laugh about that!
02:02 flint        ogra, how much space for onboard documentation?
02:02 ogra         flint, see above
02:02 JaneW        ok our time is up
02:02 jsgotangco   cool
02:02 JaneW        meeting over
02:02 flint        ogra, it is not a web page, it is just html that loads as a default..
02:03 jsgotangco   ciao
=== JaneW prays please can we have a cookbook ready in time
02:03 flint        JaneW, thanks for the excellent meeting.
02:03 JaneW        OM

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