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Meeting March 1, 2006

01:00 ogra           hey all
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01:01 highvoltage    hey
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01:02 ogra           where is flint ?
01:02 ogra           ah
01:02 ogra           :)
01:02 Kamping_Kaiser lol
01:02 pips1          hi
01:02 ogra           so can we start ?
01:02 flint_         ogra, I want to get one of those remote starters to pre warm ubuntu-meeting so it is warm when
                     we get here!
01:02 flint_         :^)
01:03 ogra           tech update is rather small today
01:03 flint_         ogra, lol exce..ent
01:03 ogra           flint_, heh
01:03 pips1          is JaneW coming?
01:03 ogra           the CD exploded some days ago when the ubuntu example-content package was added, i dont think
                     we can ship it :/
01:04 ogra           nope, JaneW has a bank holiday
01:04 ogra           elections in southafrica
01:04 pips1          ah
01:04 highvoltage    what's the example-content package?
01:04 pips1          ogra: you mean, we won't be able to ship the example-content on the edubuntu cds?
01:04 ogra           its a 7Mb package and we simply dont have this much ... i'm not even sure we have 1MB on ppc
01:04 flint_         small general good news, crsoosver 5.0.1 and ms office on top work on the badger version of
                     edubuntu real well...
01:05 ogra           highvoltage, example content for all apps we ship to play around with
01:05 highvoltage    ogra: i see. does that include example content for ktouch? that seems to be in high demand.
01:06 ogra           its an awesome idea ... but as long as we ship kdeedu we wont have the space
01:06 ogra           highvoltage, nope
01:06 ogra           its ubuntu specific, not edubuntu
01:06 ogra           there are some openoffice docs, some svg and bitmaps etc ...
01:07 ogra           summing up to a 7MB package
01:07 ogra           i'd really appreciate if someone could start research for replacements of kdeedu for dapper+1
01:08 ogra           that would gain us ~100Mb (guessed)
01:08 highvoltage    ogra: i suppose it's a lot of work to do a dvd version, hey?
01:08 highvoltage    really? wow! i didn't realise it was *that* much
01:08 pips1          ogra: how do the space requirements add up in all? I mean, how much space is ubuntu taking in
                     comparison to edubuntu-specific stuff?
01:08 ogra           highvoltage, not really, but we decided we want to be available in areas weher no DVD players
                     are available
01:09 ogra           highvoltage, even if its 50, it would be wonderful ...
01:09 ogra           pips1, we take more than 70MB more and i already disabled what i could from ubuntu
01:10 flint_         highvoltage, it is not just the dvd player, it is the bandwidth necessary to deliver a 4.8Gb
                     iso eh
01:10 ogra           note that amd64 with the same set of software wouldnt even build, we dont have tuxpaint on
                     amd64 ...
01:11 ogra           highvoltage, we still have the DVD that contains all of main...
01:11 ogra           but it wont be our main media for now
01:11 pips1          ogra: you are saying that you need to get rid of 70 MB because it exceeds the limit for a cd
                     currently, right?
01:11 ogra           i guess at some point where we ship something that enables you to manage the whole school we'll
                     have no choice ...
01:11 highvoltage    yep, i'm just in two worlds about kde-edu, it's a real nice, active project, just a pity we
                     need to install so much in order to run it
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01:12 flint_         highvoltage, keep in mind that 70 mb of cd is 10 percent...
01:12 ogra           pips1, i cann keep the CD in shape .... currently its fine, but we dont have any space left ...
01:12 ogra           which brings me to the next tech topic
01:12 highvoltage    dvd players seem to be vrey, very common already. perhaps by dapper+2 it would be much more
01:12 ogra           we have a edubuntu-docs packag since last week
01:12 ogra           i'm waiting for Kamion to push it through NEW
01:13 Kamping_Kaiser highvoltage: but only in 'the first world'
01:13 flint_         ogra, got a url?
01:13 highvoltage    Kamping_Kaiser: and 3rd world
01:13 ogra           it contains a modified version of the two ooo docs highvoltage presented last time
01:13 ogra           flint_, once its through new: sudo apt-get install edubuntu-docs
01:13 highvoltage    ogra: that's in html now, right?
01:13 ogra           yup
01:13 ogra           i'll rework it
01:14 flint_         ogra, this is excellent news!  bet he did not have a beautiful illustrator to charm like
                     jonathan did...
01:14 ogra           but first i'm adding some basic docs for our ltsp ...
01:14 pips1          ogra: what's up with the feature freeze... did schooltool make it in time?
01:14 ogra           pips1, schooltool sits in debian and waits for a sync ...
01:15 ogra           the launchpad feature for syncing is still not ready, so we're all waiting for that
01:15 ogra           but it was requested and approved in time ...
01:15 ogra           so we'll get it, dont worry
01:15 flint_         ogra, shcooltool is important.  will the old version be included otherwise?
01:15 pips1          ogra: ic
01:15 ogra           flint_, that wont work
01:16 highvoltage    flint_: you just won't let that go, will you ;)
01:16 flint_         ogra, gotcha.  does it have to do with its zope3-ishness?
01:16 ogra           yup
01:16 flint_         highvoltage, jonathan, the man the legend :^)
01:16 ogra           but dont worry, schooltool will be in
01:17 ogra           jane and i decided to make a separate spec for the network swap stuff, it can be found at:
01:18 highvoltage    ogra and jane++
01:18 ogra           i'm also thinking about a kiosk mode on ltsp level for dapper+1
01:19 ogra           that should gain us a lot of points in public librarys and internet cafes :)
01:19 flint_         ogra, we marketing weasels always like a good demo kiosk.
01:19 highvoltage    i think it will be a hit
01:20 ogra           flint_, you just had to add the --kiosk argument to the ltsp-build-client command that sets up
                     ltsp and the rest will be done automatically :)
01:20 Kamping_Kaiser i agree with highvoltage and otehrs ther
01:20 ogra           just boot the clients :)
01:20 Kamping_Kaiser *others there
01:21 flint_         ogra, gotcha, which flight should i try this with?
01:21 ogra           ok, thats it with tech update ...
01:21 ogra           flint_, flightX of dapper+1 ;)
01:21 ogra           its a plan for next release ...
01:22 ogra           since the question for kiosk mode comes up quite often
01:22 highvoltage    on the website, there's not too much of a change yet.
01:22 ogra           ok, any news in the doc area ?
01:22 flint_         ogra, ollie, we should move on to annoying the edubuntu cooks
01:22 ogra           jelkner, ?
=== pips1 wants to get his hands on that schooltool release, and wonders how "ready" it is for the class room, since
it it only an "alpha development snapshot"
01:22 highvoltage    sorry, i just jumped in there
01:23 ogra           highvoltage, no, its fine ...
01:23 flint_         pips1, we gotta talk... email flint@flint.com schooltool in subject.
01:23 ogra           if you have something doc related ...
01:23 pips1          maybe it needs to be pointed out in the edubuntu doc that schooltool is an alpha release, cf.
01:23 pips1          ?
=== highvoltage agrees
01:24 flint_         ogra, kcole and jelkner just got back from pycon, and they may be a little "py-eyed" from the
01:25 ogra           pips1, i'm pretty sure thats not what we ship
01:25 jelkner        ogra: yes?
01:25 pips1          ogra: no?!
01:25 flint_         the news from pycon in dallas is that while they may be dead from the flight back to DC, Lore
                     lives! take it away Jeff...
01:26 jelkner        we have the cookbook on the wiki
01:26 flint_         jelkner, now is the moment when you give the url jeffster.
01:26 jelkner        kevin and i will try to write a few chapters on installing and setting up edubuntu as soon as
                     the release gets closer and things are likely to change less frequently
01:27 ogra           pips1, if that the one we ship, i agree, i'll have to check if that 2006, i think its thae last
                     release of the last release we have :)
01:27 ogra           (and not 2006-alpha)
01:28 jelkner        a google search for "edubuntu cookbook" returns the launchpad page on top
01:28 jelkner        this is not what we would like
01:28 flint_         jelkner, the sooner you to get me a url the faster I can whine about details, pepper you with
                     critisim and hector you for minor changes.
01:28 jelkner        https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-cooks
01:28 ogra           jelkner, thats hard to influence
01:28 jelkner        is the launchpad page
01:29 highvoltage    jelkner: many people would like to change their google rankings, you just can't control it :/
01:29 flint_         jelkner, thanks, i mean all that in the nicest way.:^)
01:29 jelkner        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook
01:29 jelkner        is the wiki page
01:29 highvoltage    jelkner: where would you like it to point? perhaps we can make that page more googlable
01:29 jelkner        the wiki page
01:30 highvoltage    jelkner: perhaps you should link to that wiki page then from the launchpad page?
01:30 jelkner        which doesn't show up anywhere in the goolge search that i can see
01:30 ogra           jelkner, can you link the wikipage from launchpad somewhere ?
01:30 highvoltage    jelkner: it will also push up the ranks for the wiki page in google then
01:30 jelkner        we did
01:30 jelkner        but it is not at all easy to follow
01:31 ogra           https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-cooks doesnt have it ...
01:31 jelkner        kevin and i could not figure out how to make a link on the lauchpad page using something like
                     an anchore tag
01:31 ogra           how ddi you get the other link in there
01:31 jelkner        it does, ogra, but you have to See https://launchpad.net/products/edubuntu.cookbook
01:32 highvoltage    jelkner: you can just type it like you did here in irc, you don't need tags and stuff
01:32 jelkner        yes, but it then looks hideous
01:32 jelkner        it is too long to fit in the box
01:32 jelkner        and the text runs over into the sidebar
01:32 ogra           jelkner, ah, just put a hint into the description or something ...
01:33 jelkner        orgra: i'm not sure what you mean?
01:33 pips1          Quote from the launchpad page "For a look at the current cookbook, click on the link to the
                     home page in the left menu."
01:33 ogra           "please click on the homepage link on the left to get to the wiki page"
01:33 jelkner        ahh
01:33 jelkner        will do
01:33 ogra           oh, ah
01:33 ogra           i'm blind
01:33 ogra           sorry :)
01:34 pips1          ogra: I had to look twice myself :-)
01:34 ogra           heh :)
01:34 flint_         jelkner, looks pretty good to me...
01:35 jelkner        ok, that's about it for the cookbook
01:35 flint_         jelkner, nah, tell us about lore...
01:35 highvoltage    lore?
01:36 jelkner        lore is twisted's markup language
01:36 jelkner        they use it for all the docs on twitedmatrix.com
01:36 jelkner        i've been using it for stuff that i do on the open book project site
01:36 jelkner        moshe zadka wrote it
01:37 jelkner        george paci is maintaining it
01:37 flint_         highvoltage, jonathan, watch yourself here, there is a very high cliff approaching, great view
                     but dangerous...
01:37 jelkner        and moshe and george are getting together at pycon to sprint on it
01:37 jelkner        (or rather, hopefully they did already ;-)
01:37 highvoltage    flint_: that's how i like it ;)
01:37 jelkner        ok, i gotta run
01:37 flint_         jelkner, jeff the reason you use it is because it is gods gift to indexing eh?
01:37 flint_         thanks jeff!!!
01:38 jelkner        bye
01:38 ogra           ciao jelkner
01:38 ogra           and tzhanks
01:38 ogra           hmpf
01:38 ogra           anything else doc related ?
01:38 highvoltage    tha'ts it for doc then?
01:39 flint_         ogra, imagine getting a meeting done early!  would jane be suprised?
01:39 ogra           heh, might be
01:39 ogra           so, artwork anyone ?
=== ogra didnt do work on the artwork package last week
01:39 highvoltage    if there's any updates? sure.
01:39 flint_         ogra, artwork going once...artwork going twice....SOLD!
01:40 ogra           flint_, to whom ?
01:40 highvoltage    ok, then may i jump in with a very quick website update now?
01:40 flint_         hehe
=== highvoltage goes anywya
01:40 ogra           yeah
01:40 flint_         highvoltage, go for it!!
01:40 pips1          highvoltage: please
01:41 highvoltage    i just aked znarl about the drupal installation, he was rather busy busy last weke, he'll say
                     he'll make a plan to get it installed tomoorrow or the day after
01:41 highvoltage    i've played a bit with the spreadfirefox theme locally too
01:41 highvoltage    it's very suitable for edubuntu allready
01:41 pips1          highvoltage: nice!
01:41 ogra           cool
01:41 flint_         interesting...
01:41 highvoltage    although we'll have to make the colours work, janew was clear that she wanted us to keep the
                     edubuntu colours currently in use.
01:42 highvoltage    that's about it :) any questions?
01:42 ogra           yup, thats our face to the world, we should keep the colortheme
01:42 pips1          highvoltage: did you also check the (drupal) admin screens with the spreadfirefox theme? on
                     some screens, I got some weird overlapping forms.. :-/
01:42 flint_         the orange and the yellow?
01:43 highvoltage    pips1: haven't noticed that yet
01:43 ogra           flint_, red orange yellow the main colors of our desktop
01:43 ogra           flint_, bright and friendly :)
01:43 flint_         ogra, forgive i am not very well red...
01:43 flint_         :^)
01:43 pips1          I have quite a bit of spare time to work on the website in the next weeks... so ideally we get
                     down to it sooner rather than later...
01:44 ogra           flint_, but a bit bordeaux, no ? :)
01:44 highvoltage    flint_: yes. it's nice colours, although odd for websites, but it presents a good challenge,
                     and when we'll make it work we'll have something that's both good looking and unique
01:44 pips1          for the record, I'll be on a holiday when edubuntu is released...
01:44 flint_         ogra, harsh, you could at least pun in German eh?
01:44 ogra           pips1, we'll drink on you :)
01:44 pips1          holiday april 8th - 22th
01:44 highvoltage    pips1: that's great. we'll of course need to continue working on the site after it's launch
01:45 ogra           flint_, bordeaux comes from the hills of france not germany :)
01:45 pips1          highvoltage: sure
01:45 flint_         ogra, god, help me... :^)
01:46 ogra           thats it with artwork ?
01:46 flint_         ogra, ah to be back in the hills of farce... :^)
01:47 ogra           anything else Management and/or Community related ?
01:47 flint_         we could break 15 minutes early and create a newsworthy item.
01:48 ogra           yeah, since it doesnt look like there is any topic left, we can close :)
01:48 ogra           so thanks all, meeting adjouned :)
01:48 ogra           or so ...
01:48 highvoltage    thanks, ogra
01:48 pips1          thanks

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