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Meeting March 8, 2006

01:01 JaneW       hi everyone
01:01 JaneW       who is here
01:01 JaneW       ?
=== ogra hides
01:02 flint       JaneW, flint is flint... good morning, my girl child is vacationing from school,
                  life is hell
=== jelkner is Jeffrey Elkner
01:03 JaneW       ogra: get*back*here!
01:03 ogra        heh
01:03 ogra        but i dont have much to tell today ...
01:03 JaneW       highvoltage: you in the house?
01:03 JaneW       pips1_away had to leave
01:03 jelkner     JaneW: don't let him lie to you, she dragging him to concerts and stuff... life's a
=== highvoltage is here!!!!
01:03 JaneW       is mhz, spacey or jsgotangco here?
01:03 JaneW       and no kjcole
01:03 JaneW       ok let start anyway
01:04 jelkner     kjcole was at FOSE
01:04 jelkner     he may not make it here today
01:04 JaneW       ogra: please start, can you do a quick 2 week summary, since I was away last week?
01:04 flint       I did see George Clinton last night (note not the ex-president:^)
01:04 ogra        hum ...
01:04 ogra        i need to dig up last week then ....
01:05 flint       JaneW, last week we ended the meeting early remember Ollie?
01:05 JaneW       ogra: ok just this week then if it's a problem
=== JaneW does not believe it!
01:05 highvoltage flint: uhm, your previous president was Bill Clinton, not George Clinton ;)
                  this week i was mainly busy with fixing gnome-screensaver bugs ... there is not
01:05 ogra        much to tell for it ... last week i built the first edubuntu-docs package with
                  highvoltages docs and cared for the CD
01:06 JaneW       highvoltage 's docs? what the tuXlabs troubleshoot guide?
01:06 flint       highvoltage, jonathan it should have been George Clinton.  P-Funk would have been
                  his cabinet.
01:06 highvoltage flint: :)
01:06 ogra        over the weekend i did the last ltsp merges fro other peoples branches, this was
                  the last merge, now ltsp wont change much apart from bugsfixing
01:06 highvoltage JaneW: it's pre-release updates to our howto, which included some Edubuntu stuff
01:07 flint       ogra, you got a flight to test?
01:07 highvoltage JaneW: ogra cleaned it up a bit and packaged it, in order to achieve first draft
                  status in time, iirc
01:07 JaneW       nice, thanks
01:07 ogra        flint, flights are announced on the mailing list
01:07 ogra        i doubt there will be one within this week ...
01:07 flint       ogra, just wanted you to know I am ready.
01:07 flint       :^)
01:08 ogra        note that producing a flight takes two full workdays for me ...
=== highvoltage apt-gets edubuntu-docs
01:08 ogra        i cant bear to loose two days of a week currently
01:08 ogra        highvoltage, it has a bug, i'll fix it today
01:08 JaneW       ogra: when do we expect the next flight? Next week possibly?
01:08 ogra        but feel free to send me changes
01:09 highvoltage ogra: where can i get the ubuntu docs on my system?
01:09 flint       excellent work you two.  my only question is does the apt-get alter the default
                  page of the browser to show the docs?
01:09 JaneW       how is our testing and bug fixing going this cycle?
01:09 ogra        JaneW, likely ... i dont know what Kamion does, i guess he wants espresso in shape
                  before the next flight
01:09 flint       ..to reveal the docs...
01:09 JaneW       yes espresso is his main priority, infinity may do the next flight
01:09 ogra        highvoltage, /usr/share/ubuntu-docs/ i think
01:09 highvoltage flint: i would suggest that the main page link to the docs
01:10 highvoltage ogra: ok thanks, i looked in /edubuntu-docs/
01:10 ogra        flint, it will
01:10 flint       highvoltage, bingo.  I know how to do this...
01:10 ogra        highvoltage, you asked for ubuntu-docs :)
01:10 flint       ogra, ...and so do you... thanks.
01:11 highvoltage ogra: oops! ogra, I can't find the edubuntu docs :/
01:11 ogra        apart from that i'm currently fiddling with the artwork package
=== highvoltage looks inside package :)
01:11 ogra        there must be 2 html pages
01:11 ogra        but they have a bug, the patch is wrong ... i havent looked into it yet
01:12 ogra        *path
01:12 ogra        if you cant find them, just get the source packlage
01:12 highvoltage ogra: i got it, i think i was to hasty in getting there
01:12 ogra        apt-get source edubuntu-docs
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:13 spacey      hi ;o
01:13 JaneW       ogra: how is the roadmap to the release looking? Do you want to publish something
                  on the wiki?
01:13 JaneW       hi spacey
01:13 highvoltage oosh. /me finds some old typos.
01:13 ogra        not yet ... i'm to busy with ubuntu stuff ...
01:13 highvoltage ogra: can I just make changes to that html file, and send it back to you?
01:13 ogra        the screensaver still needs a lot of love
01:13 ogra        yup
01:14 ogra        thats why i picked html ...
01:14 highvoltage ok excellent.
01:14 flint       ogra, I am really sorry I missed mdz's performance in London - not! :^)
01:14 ogra        we can convert it later into something sane
01:14 ogra        (and if we miss that we still have html :) )
01:14 highvoltage yep :) (i'm completely fine with html)
01:15 ogra        oh, i'm working on a edubuntu menu logo, many people were intrested in that
01:15 highvoltage ogra: about the testing, do you feel that we need more testing, and can you
                  elaborate on where we need more testing?
01:15 JaneW       so where does that leave us ito the cook book?
01:15 ogra        highvoltage, all the time ...
01:15 flint       highvoltage, I standby ready to test.
01:15 JaneW       ogra: yay thanks - re logo, that will help
01:16 ogra        highvoltage, major area is ltap and indeed the edu stuff that distinguishes use
                  from ubuntu
01:16 highvoltage ogra: i've been testing it quite intensely for the last week or so, and I can't
                  find new things that's wrong with it anymore
01:16 flint       ogra, ltap == ltsp?
01:16 ogra        JaneW, it doesnt look much different ... i even doubt people recognize the
                  difference at this size ...
01:16 highvoltage cross bewteen ldap and ltsp?"
01:16 ogra        flint, yes
01:17 flint       ogra, so inventing new protocols again eh? :^)
=== mhz [n=mhz_chil@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:17 ogra        highvoltage, the fix for the ssh-key creation sould be in the package this week ...
                  so there will be testinstalls needed
01:17 JaneW       ogra: I think ppl notice it's not right, but may not notice when it is...
01:17 ogra        JaneW, yep
01:18 jelkner     ogra: what does ltap stand for?
01:18 ogra        for a typo
01:18 flint       jelkner, it was a typo!!
01:18 jelkner     sorry ;-)
01:18 ogra        s is aside a on my keyboard ... :)
01:19 highvoltage JaneW: on the cookbook question, i think that dapper won't include the entire
                  cookbook, just the software and technical module updates from tuxlab howto 2.0
01:19 JaneW       ok, but does that mean all the other cook book effort was in vain, or will that
                  still be used?
01:19 highvoltage ogra: can you confirm that i'm correct there?
01:19 highvoltage JaneW: it will still be used
01:19 jelkner     JaneW: have you seen the wiki?
01:19 ogra        highvoltage, yes
01:19 JaneW       ok, good
=== JaneW is glad
01:20 highvoltage JaneW: the new modules will just be swallowed by the work already done
01:20 JaneW       jelkner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook ?
01:20 ogra        JaneW, its just not ready enough yet ...
01:20 jelkner     JaneW: and it won't be by release
01:20 JaneW       ogra: ok, so we can publish it on the wiki then etc
01:20 jelkner     the cookbook is shaping up to be a community document
01:20 ogra        but we wont ship without docs, thats why we coose the current path
01:20 highvoltage JaneW: but we will have the basic documentation covered
01:21 jelkner     it will evolve as users submit "recipes" on how they use Edubuntu
01:21 JaneW       jelkner: ok, but let's not lose momentum and let it die out. It needs to be
                  finished and used
=== ogra still needs to put a day into the ltsp specifics ...
01:21 JaneW       ok
01:21 highvoltage which covers installation, troubleshooting, basic tweaking, some very basic
                  administration, etc.
01:21 spacey      how to get online
01:21 spacey      :P
01:21 jelkner     JaneW: kevin and i plan to continue meeting to work on it
01:21 spacey      to look for more docs
01:21 ogra        hehe
01:22 jelkner     but it will be much easier for us *after* dapper is released
01:22 jelkner     we won't have to write about a moving target
01:22 highvoltage i think the edubuntu cookbook is a big job, i have confidence in flint's drive in
01:22 JaneW       jelkner: excellent, thank-you :))
01:22 ogra        jelkner, but everything you wrote is obsolete then
01:22 highvoltage (and jelkner and kevin, of course) :)
01:22 ogra        since we have a new moving target
01:22 jelkner     ogra: why?
01:22 JaneW       jelkner: I thought you liked a challenge
01:22 JaneW       jelkner: but point taken
01:23 JaneW       jelkner: so you'll finish just in time to start the next version
01:23 highvoltage perhaps it's just a bigger challenge for ogra to keep good backward compatibility
                  with settings :)
01:23 JaneW       ?
=== JaneW hides
01:23 jelkner     lol
01:23 highvoltage this version is a bigger job than future versions,
01:23 spacey      anyway i fill fix up the hardware requirements page of the cookbook before next
01:23 highvoltage because the first version was based on K12-LTSP
01:23 ogra        jelkner, 80% of the stuff i'd have written for breezy would have to be wiped for
                  dapper the distro changes with every release
01:23 spacey      that worksheet is completely empty btw
01:23 JaneW       spacey: thanks
01:23 highvoltage once it's edubunturised, it will be easier to update
01:23 jelkner     as it grows, it will be easier to update
01:23 JaneW       oh and congrats to spacey
01:23 spacey      does it correspond with the work that has been done?
01:23 spacey      JaneW: thanks :)
01:23 JaneW       he was granted ubuntu memebership yesterday
01:24 highvoltage what's currently the biggest challenge with the cookbook?
01:24 highvoltage spacey: cool, congrats!
01:24 spacey      yey thanks
01:24 spacey      :P
01:24 jelkner     highvoltage: getting people to submit recipes
01:24 flint       never forget the groucho marx quote "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts
                  people like me as members."
01:24 flint       :^)
01:24 highvoltage ah, right. it's more than just a howto, right? it contains a bunch of mini-howto's
01:25 jelkner     highvoltage: exactly
01:25 highvoltage jelkner: i could get you some tuxlab-specific recipies, which could be modified.
01:25 jelkner     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook
01:25 spacey      well you need to cover the basics first
01:25 mhz         spacey: wow! congrats!!
01:25 jelkner     highvoltage: go for it
01:25 spacey      mhz: ty:)
01:26 highvoltage jelkner: i'll try to have it upline before the end of the meeting
01:26 spacey      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook/Worksheet <<--
                  almost empty
01:26 highvoltage *online
01:27 flint       spacey, congratulations on the membership btw...
01:27 spacey      ty
01:27 flint       ok, regarding the book, I think what you lack is an editor.
01:28 highvoltage flint: i thought you were the editor?
01:28 jelkner     flint: kevin and i will do that
01:28 JaneW       highvoltage: no jelkner and kjcole are editing
01:28 flint       highvoltage, see what i mean?  writers love to be editors...
01:28 spacey      jelkner: maybe add an extra column which describes the status(completed, wip, etc)
                  for each chapter to the worksheet.
01:28 flint       like programmers love to be developers...
01:28 JaneW       spacey: that's a good idea
01:28 jelkner     good idea, spacey, i'll add that presently...
01:29 highvoltage flint: if i love to create, what does that make me?
01:29 JaneW       jelkner: : you can use my cool colours too
01:29 JaneW       highvoltage: a father?
01:29 JaneW       *duck*
01:29 flint       jelkner, you are the writer, not the editor.  an editor manages the work.
01:29 highvoltage JaneW: eh.. not yet, no :)
01:29 JaneW       highvoltage: sorry, just kidding
01:29 highvoltage :)
01:29 flint       JaneW, you do as good a job of this as anyone... but I would say your plate is
01:30 JaneW       I could look at *some* of it
01:30 highvoltage you know, when it comes to writing, there's nothing like a bit of pressure
01:30 JaneW       but can;t volunteer for the whole job as I'd never manage to finish it
01:30 flint       highvoltage, it makes you a jewel, a pearl of rare price...
01:30 highvoltage what about setting a deadline, even if it's unreasonable, for say, the end of April
                  for a complete first draft?
01:31 jelkner     ok, status column is there.  kjcoloe and i will update that this sunday
01:31 spacey      maybe also add some quality control, personally i think each chapter should at
                  least be checked twice by other persons. a tech person and a grammer nazi.
01:31 highvoltage and then we make someone like flint the editor and give him the whip?
01:31 flint       highvoltage, indeed a writer needs a fixed goal.
01:31 flint       highvoltage, oh i so much prefer the blade...
01:31 highvoltage spacey: absolutely
01:31 highvoltage flint: that can be arranged
01:32 flint       JaneW, or deadline is march 26 or so.  where is that url?
01:32 JaneW       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseSchedule
01:32 flint       thank you jane
01:32 JaneW       March 23rd
01:32 JaneW       Doc Freeze
01:33 spacey      so
01:33 highvoltage i don't think it's realistic that a high-quality, finished document will be
                  available by then :/
01:33 flint       JaneW, indeed i misspoke from memory.
01:33 spacey      thats hard work :P
01:34 flint       highvoltage, you can have it good, cheap or fast.  pick two.
01:34 highvoltage flint: good, cheap
01:35 highvoltage perhaps we should arrange another meeting for docs?
01:35 highvoltage JaneW: time to move on?
01:35 JaneW       highvoltage: yes
01:35 JaneW       ok, web site?
01:35 highvoltage sure.
01:35 highvoltage the proto.edubuntu.org.za is set up
01:36 JaneW       but we can't see it...
=== flint listening to elkner whine on voice...
01:36 highvoltage i'll send the username and passowrd to everyone with gpg keys on launchpad soon
01:36 JaneW       highvoltage: ok thanks :)
01:36 highvoltage there's not much to see at the moment, Znarl could only give me login access to the
                  server today
01:36 JaneW       highvoltage: so how does it look?
01:36 highvoltage so the theming fun will only start from now
01:36 JaneW       oic
01:37 highvoltage JaneW: like a very dull plain drupal site
01:37 JaneW       highvoltage: have you got your ideas worked out?
01:37 highvoltage JaneW: due to change shortly
01:37 JaneW       great
01:37 highvoltage JaneW: yep, mostly.
01:37 highvoltage JaneW: i haven't worked out how they'll fit in with philips plans, but we'll make
                  it work.
01:37 JaneW       ok, are the 2 of you in contact?
01:38 highvoltage JaneW: yes, almost every day
01:38 JaneW       there are only about 5 weeks to get everything sorted, with Easter in between
01:38 JaneW       highvoltage: excellent thanks
01:38 highvoltage Easter is probably when I'll get the bulk of it done
01:38 highvoltage i'd like to get the theming and layout sorted ASAP
01:38 JaneW       oh... yay then
01:38 highvoltage and then pump in content, especially over easter
01:38 highvoltage when people stop bothering me
01:39 JaneW       are you wroking independently from the official 6.04 theme?
01:40 JaneW       highvoltage: also we are thinking about using that wallpaper I showed earlier - esp
                  if the guy tones it down a notch
01:40 highvoltage i looked at the style-guides, apart from that, i haven't seen a 6.04 theme yet
01:40 JaneW       for the young version anyway
01:40 highvoltage JaneW: i think he'll need to tone it down quite drastically, it won't look nice in
                  a lab if it's repeated over 20+ PC's, but i'll send him my suggestions as well
01:41 JaneW       ogra: which one will be the dfeault again? the older one?
01:41 highvoltage ogra: with theming, at one stage it was discussed that debconf will ask which art
                  set you want. is that dapper+1? (i'm thinking cd space here)
01:41 ogra        JaneW, mid age+
01:41 highvoltage edubuntu girl :)
01:41 JaneW       ogra: right
01:41 ogra        highvoltage, nope
01:42 ogra        we'll install mid age by default
01:42 JaneW       highvoltage: so that wouldn't be in a lab unless the young one is chosen
01:42 highvoltage ok.
01:42 ogra        the admin can dpkg-reconfigure the edubuntu-artwork package
01:42 JaneW       highvoltage: I expect home users are more loikely to chose the young install
01:42 highvoltage ogra: will all the wallpapers be installed by default, so that a user can choose
                  another one?
01:42 JaneW       highvoltage: but can you contact him? or should I?
01:42 ogra        highvoltage, yep
01:42 highvoltage JaneW: I don't mind contacting him
01:42 JaneW       highvoltage: cool thanks - you have a better artistic eye too :)
01:43 highvoltage JaneW: I think i will regardless, but you can contact him too if you want
01:43 highvoltage JaneW: :)
01:43 JaneW       highvoltage: you negotiate the changes, and I'll negotioate that he's happy we ship
                  with it (if we do). Ok?
01:43 JaneW       flint: and you will be happy that it's diversity sensitive
01:43 highvoltage JaneW: yes sir!
01:43 highvoltage erm.. mam!
=== licio [n=licio@licio.estaminas.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:44 highvoltage JaneW: i'll check with the diversification as well ;)
01:44 highvoltage but we can make sure that the others are happy too
01:44 flint       JaneW, absolutely.
01:44 JaneW       highvoltage: we'll def get a vote on it first
01:44 JaneW       it will NOT be on my head this time
01:45 highvoltage JaneW: of course
01:45 JaneW       we are talking about a modification of this btw
01:45 JaneW       for the Junior wallpaper
01:46 highvoltage i'm going to suggest that he makes the heads much smaller, put them at the left
                  halfway in the brown part
01:46 highvoltage with the edubuntu logo at the right
01:46 highvoltage then make the hill smaller, and add some more hills
01:46 highvoltage and put the rainbow on the hill thats closest to the edubuntu logo.
01:46 ogra        be carefull with the red logo on the green background
01:46 highvoltage something like that, and then we modify from there
01:47 highvoltage ogra: yeah, the edubuntu logo will have to be more or less completely in the brown
01:47 highvoltage ogra, JaneW: are we very strict that the edubuntu logo should keep its colours?
01:47 ogra        or add a drop shadow if you put it on green ... just dont put it plain into the
01:47 highvoltage if you look at the Ubuntu wallpaper, they modified the logo to fit in with the
01:48 highvoltage ogra: ok. i agree.
=== mhz silently whishes everyone uploaded SVG's + png's or jpg's
01:48 JaneW       highvoltage: yes the logo is the logo now, we can;t tinker with it
01:49 JaneW       highvoltage: so yo are saying he must totally change it! lol (but I agree)
01:50 highvoltage JaneW: no, not totally change it, just possible fade it, or make the colours more
01:50 JaneW       yup, agreed
01:50 highvoltage JaneW: like Ubuntu's artwork
01:50 JaneW       the hues on the current wall paper are nice
01:50 highvoltage they are. they remind me of mario brothers, somehow. makes me nostalgic.
01:50 mhz         :)
01:51 highvoltage it has an element of fun that other distro's don't have
01:51 JaneW       yup
01:51 JaneW       it's very discriminatory though
01:51 JaneW       makes me feel marginalised
01:52 JaneW       because they have no noses ;)
01:52 JaneW       lol
01:52 mhz         lol  -->  EdubuntuGirl_1024x76..> 31-Dec-1969 19:00   56K
01:52 JaneW       mhz: oh!
01:52 JaneW       gosh, ok edubuntu - the distro with no nose
01:53 ogra        damned
01:53 ogra        we'll get tons of complaints again
                  highvoltage: when I could finally upload/submit 1 wallpaper for edubuntu dapper (1
01:54 mhz         month ago or so) it was never shown. Was that too ugly? Then I tried to upload 2
                  more... unsuccessfully
01:54 highvoltage ogra: we'll just cut off their noses, then they can't complain
01:54 JaneW       ok, do we have anymore real topics to discuss?
01:54 highvoltage mhz: the people on your wallpapers had noses. this is unacceptable!
01:54 mhz         lol
01:54 highvoltage mhz: where did you upload it, can we have a look again?
01:55 mhz         highvoltage: a.u.c
01:55 JaneW       mhz: to the artwork site?
01:55 mhz         it took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to do it :(
01:55 JaneW       mhz: they were prolly never processes - I will log in and look...
01:56 mhz         JaneW: it is ok, I usually end up disliking my ideas for artwork when I look at
                  them after 2 weeks :)
01:56 ogra        yeah they need an admin to promote them
01:56 JaneW       hrm, if I find my login I will do it
01:56 ogra        just FYI:
01:56 mhz         lol
01:56 ogra        http://www.acc.umu.se/technical/statistics/ftp/total.html.en
01:56 ogra        thats the download stats for the swedish mirror
01:57 ogra        according to it, edubuntu was downloaded 842005 times sucessfully from there
                  between 3 NOV and today
01:57 ogra        err yesterday
01:58 mhz         hmm, why there are 5 wallpapers dated 1969, same person?
=== jeang [n=jeang@dsl-145-57-227.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
01:58 ogra        they are from the early days of ubuntu ;)
01:58 mhz         ogra: is that little or lot?\
01:58 mhz         ogra: lol
01:58 highvoltage ogra: oh my word, that's a *lot* of edubuntu downloads!
01:58 ogra        eighthundrethousand ?
01:58 ogra        is that little or lot ?
01:59 ogra        :)
=== highvoltage wonders if it's right
01:59 mhz         ooohhhhhhh, times downloaded!!!!?????
01:59 highvoltage it's more than 9 terrabytes of download, if i read correctly
01:59 ogra        we're still 40000 behind Kubuntu :)
=== mhz is still under effects of pills so he's very sloooooowwww
01:59 mhz         (more than usual)
02:00 mhz         ogra: could that info be wrong?
02:00 mhz         or not accurate?
02:00 ogra        unlikely
02:00 JaneW       ogra: oh we told silbs 100 000, when we should have said 1 000 000
02:00 mhz         maybe 'tries' to be donwloaded?
02:00 JaneW       but that sounds WAY too high to me
02:00 ogra        thats a very big university, i think they get the stats for their servers right
02:01 ogra        JaneW, look in #c :)
02:01 ogra        i dont think the stats are wrong ...
02:01 ogra        (we might interpret them wrongly though... but i doubt that)
02:01 highvoltage JaneW: in this case, our estimates of a few thousand was way pesimistic this
                  morning :)
02:01 JaneW       ogra: what you posted here is magnitude of 10 more
02:01 ogra        yes
=== mhz whishes at least 100 of them were teachers providing feedback
02:02 ogra        but what we looked at was a weekly stat
02:02 JaneW       goeie genaade!
02:02 ogra        so it sounds about right
02:03 mhz         JaneW: will edubuntu be shipped this tiem?
=== highvoltage must go now, thanks everyone
02:03 mhz         time
02:03 mhz         highvoltage: c ya
02:03 ogra        yes
02:03 flint       later jonathan!!!
02:03 JaneW       mhz: not yet official
02:03 ogra        only the install CD though
02:03 JaneW       mhz: but a probable yes
02:03 JaneW       *bounce*
02:04 JaneW       bye highvoltage
02:04 ogra        (make that a *very* likely)
02:04 JaneW       thank-you
02:04 mhz         JaneW: what does this depend on?
02:04 JaneW       mhz: management
02:04 ogra        mhz, management decisions
02:04 mhz         again?
02:04 mhz         hehehe
02:04 ogra        always
02:05 ogra        but its pretty sure already that we'll get it
02:05 JaneW       mhz: that's how companies work :P
02:05 mhz         will ubuntu design guys provide CD artwork?
02:05 mhz         ubuntu = caninial
02:05 mhz         canonical
02:06 mhz         .oO(sloppy fingers!)
02:09 mhz         hello?
02:09 JaneW       mhz: I *think* so
=== ogra hasnt heard anything yet
02:09 JaneW       ok is this meeting over?
02:09 ogra        i'd think so
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
02:10 JaneW       mhz: but if the compnay ships them officially, I think the packaging will be
                  official too
02:10 JaneW       jsgotangco: good timing :P
02:10 ogra        even jsgotangco comes to clean up the room ... must be over
02:10 ogra        :)
02:10 JaneW       ogra: hahaha
02:10 mhz         JaneW: then, no need to provide it via community?
02:11 JaneW       mhz: not AFAIK
02:11 jsgotangco  eh?
02:11 jsgotangco  i just finished the day with an edubuntu talk
02:11 ogra        cool :)
02:12 ogra        jsgotangco, you missed the download stats look for edubuntu:
02:12 ogra        :)
02:12 jsgotangco  nnohting to report for me for now till i make an upload this weekend
02:12 spacey      :)
02:12 jsgotangco  i'll make you guys busy next week
02:13 jsgotangco  ZOMG
02:13 jsgotangco  Average Bytes Transmitted Daily2,411,884,642,509
02:13 sivang      still edubuntu? :)
02:13 flint       sivang, we are just breaking up...
02:13 flint       JaneW, expect an email. sksk
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02:16 JaneW       sksk?
02:16 JaneW       thanks everyone
02:17 jsgotangco  cheers

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