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Meeting March 15, 2006

01:01 JaneW         hello
01:01 JaneW         Edubuntu Meeting goes check-in now
01:01 JaneW         s/goes/goers/
=== jelkner is Jeffrey Elkner
01:02 spacey        hi
01:02 JaneW         hi ogra, kjcole, jelkner, pips1_away, highvoltage, Yagisan, spacey
01:02 ogra          hi
01:02 JaneW         is flint joining us today?
=== Yagisan waves hello
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01:03 JaneW         ok let's hit it
=== ogra twiddles thumbs ...
01:03 JaneW         jelkner: you here for long?
01:03 jelkner       30 minutes
01:03 JaneW         can we start with tech, or do we need to start with docs?
01:04 jelkner       then students come
01:04 ogra          tech update: made flight 5 :) thats all
01:04 JaneW         ok docs first
01:04 kjcole        hi all
01:04 JaneW         ogra: you not getting off that lightly! :P
01:04 ogra          my ubuntu tasks are taking all my time currently ...
01:04 jelkner       things are moving forward with the cookbook
01:04 JaneW         jelkner: \o/
01:04 ogra          JaneW, i didnt do more :)
01:04 jelkner       and now we have an extra 6 weeks, yes?
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01:04 JaneW         is the 6 weeks decided yet?
01:05 JaneW         I don't think so
01:05 ogra          jelkner, we're discussing a 6 week delay, if and only if we would do that, the doc
                    deadline would move
01:05 JaneW         but I missed the TB last night
01:05 ogra          TB had nothing to decide
01:05 jelkner       i thought that was discussed yesterday
01:05 JaneW         there hasn;t been a definite call either way yet AFAIK
01:05 JaneW         jelkner: it was discussed
01:05 ogra          we made the proposal for a new schedule *if* we postpone
01:05 JaneW         at length
01:05 JaneW         the decision is still pending though
01:06 ogra          (we == TB in that case)
01:06 jelkner       for edubuntu that would be *great*
01:06 ogra          nope
01:06 ogra          not really
01:06 flint         JaneW, I will find out.
01:06 JaneW         it's a fairly strong possibility though
01:06 jelkner       yes, really
01:06 JaneW         we can not change our goals
01:06 ogra          edubuntu is ready and on track for releasing april 20th
01:06 jelkner       a june yearly release is what we need
01:06 JaneW         no new features will be accepted
01:06 ogra          there is nothing i can do anyway ...
01:06 jelkner       i understand
01:06 jelkner       but the june release date would be better for the future
01:06 JaneW         only exceptions for thing that were meant to be in anyway, like espresso and l10n
01:07 ogra          the freezes will stay (apart from ui freeze for polish) so there is not much
                    edubuntu gains
01:07 JaneW         jelkner: it's a once of change
01:07 JaneW         s/of/off
01:07 JaneW         it would be back to April next year
01:07 ogra          and it will only this one release that will change it
01:07 jelkner       why?
01:07 ogra          the dapper+1 release will be back on schedule for oct
01:07 flint         this will give use time to make "dapper docs" :^)
01:07 JaneW         flint: yes it would
01:07 ogra          so in fact its very bad, since we wont likely get localdevices in oct either
01:08 jelkner       why april?
01:08 ogra          (time for dapper+1 is to short for big changes)
01:08 jelkner       for edubuntu, a june release is *much* better
01:08 JaneW         ok we can't argue whether it should or shouldn't happen - here. The town halls were
                    held, and the TB and CC will weigh in and a decision will be made
01:08 ogra          jelkner, yes. but its ontly a one tier
01:08 JaneW         we will have to deal with it either way
01:08 ogra          and cripples the next release
01:08 ogra          *timer
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01:09 Yagisan       jelkner: edubuntu is married to the ubuntu release. It can't get divorced.
01:09 spacey        can we get back to the cookbook stuff? :p
01:09 jelkner       i understand
01:09 JaneW         ogra: unless you have time to start on it pre Dapper release? But I guess not,
                    since you get sucked into ubuntu work?
01:09 ogra          from a ubuntu perspective its fine, from an edubuntu perspective i'm very unhappy
01:09 jelkner       so i was hoping this june thing would become permanent
01:09 ogra          JaneW, yep
01:09 JaneW         jelkner: well it won't - sorry
01:09 ogra          see my tech update above :)
01:09 JaneW         ok so back to the cookbook
01:09 JaneW         we MAY havenmore time
01:09 ogra          screensaver will draw my time the next weeks ..
01:10 JaneW         which will assist with completeing the cookbook
01:10 spacey        i think we need another call for more writers.
01:10 spacey        jelkner: that cookbook worksheet still has emty status columns.
01:10 JaneW         we can;t count on it until the decision is made though...
01:10 spacey        quite hard to determine what has to be done
01:10 JaneW         jelkner: you said it is going well...?
01:10 ogra          if we postpone, i might have spare time after april 20th ...
01:10 jelkner       yes, we have recipes on backup
01:10 flint         edubuntu may be married to ubuntu, but ubuntu is staying out late...  we do not
                    know it may become permanent.
01:11 ogra          flint, it wont
01:11 ogra          we know
01:11 JaneW         jelkner: cookbook update please...
01:11 jelkner       and another one coming on content filtering
01:11 ogra          flint, instead dapper+1 will only have 4.5 months for development
01:11 jelkner       and one more on multimedia stuff in the works
01:11 ogra          and we'll have to cut down features a lot
01:11 spacey        jelkner: what software do you offer in the content filtering?
01:12 JaneW         jelkner: another what on content filtering? I don't follow?
01:12 jelkner       squid guard and dan's guardian
01:12 spacey        JaneW: cookbook part
01:12 JaneW         jelkner: oh recipes
01:12 jelkner       yes, recipes
01:12 JaneW         great, sounds good :)
01:12 spacey        but the basic ingredients are still not there
01:12 jelkner       spacey ?
01:12 JaneW         jelkner: is the end in sight yet? or is the task still monumental?
01:12 spacey        the basic stuff
01:12 spacey        of the cookbook
01:12 ogra          what is the backup one using ?
01:12 spacey        is missing
01:13 flint         spacey, yes, but the concept is there!
=== ogra hopes not mondo/mindi
01:13 jelkner       JaneW: the "end" of a cookbook is *never* reached ;-)
01:13 spacey        its really fancy you write up stuff like content filtering but if you dont cover
                    proper installation i think you miss your point
01:13 jelkner       we just keep collecting recipes as we go
01:13 JaneW         jelkner: that's encouraging ;)
01:13 JaneW         jelkner: sounds like a Harry Potter book :P
01:13 flint         ogra, i agree that mondo/mindi is a bit rough... but what are the alternatives?
01:13 jelkner       lol
01:13 JaneW         jelkner: but we get to a 'can be published' point at some stage I hope?
01:14 spacey        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook/Worksheet <-- still
01:14 JaneW         spacey: good point
01:14 flint         JaneW, you knew I would get my HP licks into this eh?
01:14 jelkner       JaneW: me, too, but let's cross that bridge when we come to it
01:14 ogra          flint, jelkner, sivang is developing a backup tool that should hit universe these
                    days and will be the official backup solution for dapper+1
01:14 ogra          please talk to him
01:14 JaneW         jelkner: I was just wondering if we know how far away that bridge is...?
01:14 JaneW         ogra: if mdz allows it in. It's a bit late.
01:14 ogra          JaneW, universe
01:15 JaneW         ogra: yup
01:15 flint         ogra, that is worth knowing, thanks.  got any info or a url beyond this?
01:15 ogra          mondo/mindi is nothing i like to have in the cookbook
01:15 jelkner       JaneW: as you can see from what ogra just said, we are writing a desciption of a
                    moving target
01:15 ogra          it requires to compile kernel stuff and uses incompatible kernels
01:15 jelkner       i'm not so sure publication off the web is such a good idea
01:15 jelkner       things change too fast
01:15 ogra          nothing we should do to teachers
01:15 spacey        dapper doesn't change
01:15 jelkner       an on the web cookbook is more useful because it is easier to keep up to date
01:16 flint         ogra, one of the most unsettling things abou the cookbook, it that it is there for
                    the users, and many parts will not please developers.
01:16 ogra          jelkner, moving target ? the backup spec was developed in motreal ...
01:16 spacey        flint: what part will not please developers?
01:16 jelkner       ogra: is that ready to go now?
01:16 JaneW         flint: I don't see that as a problem
01:16 ogra          flint, mondo/mindi is a high level administrator tool ... nothing for teachers/user
01:16 JaneW         I think the book is more for the users
01:16 jelkner       we can only write "recipes" for what works
01:16 ogra          jelkner, please talk to sivang
01:17 JaneW         devs know how to find and ask for info
01:17 JaneW         users don;t, so an compiled book for them to read is best for them
01:17 flint         ogra, I am on sivang, how do I dig him up?
01:17 jelkner       ogra: what is sivang's email?
01:17 ogra          flint, he is on IL time, usually in #ubuntu-devel
01:17 spacey        jelkner: i don't see any moving targets or stuff that doesn't work at all in the
                    cookbookworksheet. but its still almost empty
01:17 kjcole        should we be writing the cookboook to specs?  was the backup spec in montreal
                    targeted at dapper or dapper+1?
01:18 jelkner       spacey: than pick a recipe and write it! ;-)
01:18 spacey        jelkner: i did
01:18 jelkner       good
01:18 ogra          jelkner, flint, sivan@piware.de
01:18 jelkner       thanks!
01:18 spacey        but i can't write all
01:18 flint         excellent
01:18 jelkner       that's how the cookbook will get filled in
01:18 jelkner       spacey: indeed
01:18 jelkner       you can only do what you have time for
01:18 jelkner       this is a volunteer effort
01:19 JaneW         jelkner: agreed
01:19 jelkner       so we can only take what comes
01:19 spacey        kjcole, jelkner i remember last week you wanted to fill in the status column of the
                    worksheet so we have a better understanding of the status and the work to be done
01:19 ogra          even if the tool isnt ready, please dont promote mondo/mindi as a default (its good
                    to have it in a *very advanced* section thjough)
01:19 jelkner       spacey: yes, we couldn't meet last sunday
01:19 JaneW         jelkner: it would help to have the status column populated, can you do that?
01:19 flint         ogra, the nice thing abou this user cookbook framework is that ther is a
                    plug-ability to it.  unplug one reciepe and plug in another...
01:19 spacey        jelkner: when that status stuff is there its easier to ask other people to
                    contribute since its more clean what still needs to be done
01:20 jelkner       ogra: we feel some solution is better than none, even if it is not ideal
01:20 JaneW         jelkner: it would help for volunteers wanting to help to see where input is needed
01:20 jelkner       the cookbook is aimed at end users
01:20 kjcole        That's why the worksheet is there.
01:20 JaneW         jelkner: yes I agree
01:20 flint         when sivan has a receipe that works we put it in the cookbook.
01:20 jelkner       it could provide solutions that are not really ready for prime time, but which are
                    essential to solviing folks problems in the present
01:21 JaneW         jelkner: can you and kjcole fill in the status? or send it to me in a mail and I
                    can do it on the wiki...
01:21 jelkner       so it will change as better solutions come available
                    jelkner, flint, the default reciepe should be a good explanation to set up
01:21 ogra          tar/cronjobs/cdrecord and some scripts ... please dont provide users with rocket
                    science if they only need a bycicle
01:21 jelkner       kjcole: can we agree to do that this weekend?
01:21 ogra          i agree that mondo/mindi is a good thing for people who are unix admins since some
01:22 jelkner       ogra: you don't need to fear that
01:22 ogra          great :)
01:22 kjcole        jelkner, sounds good
01:22 jelkner       one big advantage i have is that i'm not nearly smart enough for rocket science
01:22 JaneW         I would say the point of the cookbook is to 1) Help USERS to understand Edubuntu,
                    and how it is set up and works and
01:22 jelkner       if i can understand, chances are most other people can too
01:22 JaneW         2) to reduce the support requirements, but fullfilling point #1
01:22 ogra          JaneW, but since some of our users need to be the admins as well, it gets a bit
=== pips1 finally caught up with the discussion
01:23 pips1         hi
01:23 JaneW         ogra: true, but admins may not need it
01:23 ogra          so we should provide the easiest ways to achieve the tasks ...
01:23 JaneW         ogra: someone who KNOWS can always find the info elsewhere, so if the info is a bit
                    beneither them it's ok
01:23 JaneW         we can't cater for everyone
01:23 ogra          yep
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01:24 JaneW         ok, so with all that said, is it going ok jelkner and kjcole ?
01:24 jelkner       yes
01:24 jelkner       i think it is
01:24 JaneW         excellent! Thank-you :)
01:25 JaneW         I have faith that it's going to ROCK
01:25 jelkner       cya next week then, same time, same channel...
01:25 JaneW         thanks
01:25 JaneW         bye
01:25 Yagisan       kjcole: jelkner: need some docs on securing edubuntu ?
01:25 jelkner       Yagisan: how do you mean?
01:26 kjcole        Yagisan, if written with teachers in mind, sure.  Why not?  (Just keep the intended
                    audience in  mind.  Many who may be a bit timid about Linux.)
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:26 Yagisan       jelkner: securing against malicious users etc. I can't find server security in your
                    cookbook draft
01:26 ogra          jelkner, Yagisan is security cionsultant
01:26 spacey        Yagisan: i don't think the Edubuntu cookbook can go much further then setting
                    proper limits.conf
01:27 JaneW         Yagisan: thanks for offer to help, can you and jelkner discuss in #e or the mailing
01:27 Yagisan       I can assist with basic documentation in that area
=== rgomes [n=ricardo@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
01:27 Yagisan       I'll be in #edubuntu If you'd like it
01:27 JaneW         Yagisan: any doc help would be greatfully accepted
01:27 flint         Yagisan, my deepest condolences on your profession of being a security
                    consultant.  I have don this.
01:27 JaneW         gratefully too
01:27 jelkner       great, now i need to get ready for the arrival of the munchgins...
01:28 JaneW         ok, so flight 5 is out
01:28 JaneW         how's it looking?
01:28 flint         ogra, what is the url for flight 5?  I would like to test it.
01:29 pips1         flint, https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Testing/CurrentEdubuntu
01:29 JaneW         ogra: did the announcement page get updated?
01:29 ogra          flint, the latest link to a dev release is always in the #edubuntu channel topic
01:30 ogra          JaneW, there were not enough noticeable changes imho, and Mithrandir already
                    covered edubuntu in his announcement
=== pips1 updated the links in the above wiki page
01:30 flint         pips1, thanks, I just did not have it handy, Olli, I had a feeling you had it in
                    the same place...
01:30 ogra          flint, if i release a flight i update the topic immediately
01:30 ogra          so safest is to look there
01:30 JaneW         ogra: I saw Mithrandir's announcement linked to edubuntu too
01:30 ogra          yep
01:31 flint         ogra, gotcha, and now i see it.
01:31 JaneW         ok
=== theoddon1 [n=hgibson@hgibson.ee.sun.ac.za] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:31 JaneW         ogra: so there aren't many changes
01:31 kjcole        flint also  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/dapper/flight-5/
01:31 JaneW         bug fixes?
01:31 pips1         ogra, re flight5, did you mainly fix that manual update ssh keys step, or where
                    there other changes too?
=== licio [n=licio@licio.estaminas.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:32 ogra          JaneW, only small ones and the one that required you to run ltsp-update-sshkeys
                    after install ....
01:32 ogra          so currently it should work as breezy did ...
01:32 ogra          wrt install
01:32 JaneW         ok
01:32 flint         ogra, do you think that will fix the login bug?
01:32 ogra          it does
01:33 JaneW         what else need to be done?
01:33 flint         ogra, excellent!!!
01:33 ogra          artwork
01:33 JaneW         are you more or less done with the dev now?
01:33 ogra          i need some days time to jump on the artwork
01:33 JaneW         you mentioned colours not working well...?
01:33 ogra          yes, only bugfixing ...
01:33 JaneW         ogra: cool, well done
01:33 ogra          they are still adjusted in ubuntu, lets see what comes out
01:34 pips1         ogra, are the bugfixes mainly stuff that can be seen in launchpad, or do you have a
                    list of bugs of your own?
01:34 ogra          i get ltsp fixes from debian, our ltsp package was added to debian testing
01:34 ogra          thats very helpful ...
01:34 JaneW         ogra: ok, just keep an eye on it, cos breezy edubuntu looked good (even if a small
                    minority doesn't think so), so we need to make sure we are distinctive
01:35 ogra          pips1, usually i encounter the bugs locally and fix them immediately :)
01:35 pips1         ic
01:35 ogra          pips1, there are only 2 or 3 user reported bugs in LP
01:35 ogra          (for ltsp)
01:35 JaneW         ogra: not sure if that is efficient or lazy ;)
01:35 JaneW         *joking*
01:36 pips1         JaneW, give that man a break!
01:36 ogra          JaneW, very efficient, but it misses out user bugs ... but unless i get reports i
                    have nothing to fix
01:36 pips1         ah!
01:36 JaneW         ogra: agreed
01:36 flint         ogra, how is malone working out on your end?
01:36 JaneW         pips1: I think he knows it was said in jest :)
01:36 ogra          so either ltsp is perfectly bugfree or users are shy :)
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01:36 pips1         ok, sure :-)
01:36 ogra          flint, great using it daily
01:36 flint         ogra, or no one is testing...
01:37 flint         ogra, that is what I thought... no more bugzilla at all.
=== JaneW was a little concerned about Burgrundavia's comments, but that's a bit OT
01:37 ogra          since bugzilla is nonexistent it would be hard to use it :)
01:37 JaneW         ogra: I think we must post more calls for testing on the mailing list
01:38 flint         It is out there, just not for this.
01:38 JaneW         speaking of which we need to discuss the mailing list name
01:38 ogra          lets just call it edubuntu ...
01:38 pips1         ogra, +1
01:38 JaneW         does everyone agree we should change the 'edubuntu-devel' list to 'edubuntu'
01:38 spacey        yup
01:38 JaneW         ok, so how does that happen?
01:39 JaneW         as per that mail to the list?
01:39 ogra          JaneW, jdub
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:39 ogra          he needs to create the new one ... then we need to subscribe everyone from -devl to
01:39 JaneW         does everyone have to update their saved address only?
01:39 jdub          change or add a new list?
01:39 ogra          then we can delete -devel
01:39 ogra          jdub, name channge
01:39 jdub          would it be useful to keep devel for those discussions?
01:40 JaneW         jdub: the proposal is to change  'edubuntu-devel' list to 'edubuntu'
01:40 ogra          we want it to be edubuntu instead of edubuntu-devel
01:40 JaneW         since ppl are scared to post on 'devel'
01:40 spacey        and its not really a devel channel anyway :p
01:40 jdub          the rough standard we currently have would suggest edubuntu-users - how's that?
01:40 ogra          jdub, not really the terffic is low enough for both ...
01:40 JaneW         and it's an all purpose list as our community is small still
01:40 kjcole        +1 edubuntu-devel ->  edubuntu
01:40 ogra          jdub, it shall cover devel as well as users, so calling it -users might be
01:41 JaneW         jdub: we would splity into devel and users if the traffic grows enough to warrant
01:41 JaneW         ogra: you and I have the same speed-typing bug ;)
01:41 ogra          heh
01:42 JaneW         jdub: so what's the verdict?
01:42 pips1         I'd like to talk a bit about the website...
01:42 JaneW         pips1: yes, that's on my list
                    ok, can i suggest we create an edubuntu-users list, subscribe everyone to it, and
01:43 jdub          you guys can carry out most discussion there, until you need to start pushing stuff
                    over to -devel? i don't want to be doing things out of standard, particularly when
                    it's going to change again (hopefully soon)
=== pips1 waits for his queue
01:43 JaneW         jdub: ok, I can live with that
01:43 JaneW         ogra: ?^
01:43 ogra          hmm
=== jdub tries very hard to keep consistency :-)
01:44 ogra          does it really need to be -users ?
01:44 pips1         hmm too
01:44 ogra          ok, then i'd opt for having -users and -devel rather
01:44 JaneW         ++
01:44 ogra          even if it doesnt make sense with the amount of traffic
01:45 JaneW         ogra: we can push them to the same mail folder...
01:45 ogra          sure
                    ogra: by not doing -users, it means we're inconsistent now, and when you decide to
01:45 jdub          split, it's far less likely that people would want to rename, so we'd be
                    permanently inconsistent :)
01:45 spacey        you gonna subscribe everyone on both lists?
01:45 spacey        or move everyone to users
01:45 JaneW         spacey: hrm...
01:45 spacey        and let them subscribe to devel again?:P
01:45 JaneW         yup, move everyone to users and let ppl sub to devel if they want to...
01:45 jdub          (kubuntu had both lists to start too)
01:45 ogra          spacey, everyone to both and leave it up to them to unsubscribe from one ?
01:46 jdub          ogra: yeah, i think it's easier to do that
01:46 ogra          yep
01:46 spacey        yeah probably best
01:46 JaneW         I prefer my way, else well get dozens of 'take me off this list' mails
01:46 ogra          it will break mail filters though ..
01:46 spacey        they subscribed to devel anyway
01:46 spacey        :)
01:46 jdub          JaneW: oh, later on when e-d starts being used?
01:46 JaneW         whatever
01:46 ogra          can we postpone the decision ?
01:47 JaneW         jdub: we'll mail you :)
01:47 ogra          and ask on the list for the preferred methiod ?
01:47 jdub          heh, ok
01:47 JaneW         jdub: thanks for the input
=== JaneW cues pips1
01:47 pips1         ok
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:47 pips1         highvoltage is on the ball the design/theme
=== theoddon1 [n=hgibson@hgibson.ee.sun.ac.za] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
01:48 pips1         I am working on the content structure
01:48 pips1         the basic idea is that we want to be very inviting for non-geeks
01:49 pips1         I wrote up some ideas about the subject a while ago:
01:49 JaneW         pips1: I saw what highvoltage had done yesterday, looking nice
01:49 JaneW         I agree with your idea
01:49 ogra          JaneW, have you also checkeed pips1s example setup ?
01:50 ogra          its very good
01:50 JaneW         it needs to be encouraging and non-threatening and very intuitive
                    drupal is a very flexible tool... there are many things you can do... but I would
01:50 pips1         like to start it "small" and only grow as needed, instead of offering too much
                    functionality to confuse user unnecessarily
01:50 JaneW         ogra: briefly yes :)
01:50 JaneW         pips1: yes, agreed
01:50 pips1         one thing that's on my mind
01:50 pips1         newbies are very happy to use forums
01:50 JaneW         yes
01:51 JaneW         BUT
01:51 JaneW         they need moderation
01:51 pips1         I remember someone mentioned that they will create a new forum for edubuntu over at
01:51 JaneW         and we can;t expect ogra to provide support there as well...
01:51 pips1         JaneW, yes, that's what I am getting at
01:51 spacey        hook it up to the mailinglist?
01:51 spacey        like they did with others
01:51 JaneW         ok, I'll back off ;)
01:52 ogra          JaneW, you wont get me reading/using a forum :)
01:52 JaneW         ogra: good :P
01:52 spacey        didn't they hook up ubuntu-users with a forum?
01:53 ogra          the prob is that people with only halfbrewed knowledge often give wrong help in
                    forums (at least i see that in the ubuntu forums)
                    so I wonder: we could have a forum on the new edubuntu site, but keep the
01:53 pips1         discussion on non-technical subjects, ie everything that has to do with the
                    operating system, desktop, blablabla will be in the ubuntuforums, BUT we could have
                    some "educational" topic on the edubuntu website forum, what do you think?
01:53 Yagisan       ogra: so polite
01:53 ogra          and that dves very seldom handg around in forums to fix that
01:53 spacey        say again? :)
01:53 ogra          Yagisan, yes, i'm biund to the CoC, you know :P
01:53 flint         ogra, one of the great un-answered issues is the idea of developoer-support before
                    you can think about user-support...
01:53 ogra          *bound
=== Klaidas [n=klaidas@ctv-84-55-6-137.init.lt] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
01:54 ogra          flint, thats what edubuntu-devel was thought for
01:54 pips1         ?
01:54 ogra          on a sidenote and a bit OT, edubuntu was on german TV last week :)
01:54 JaneW         pips1: might be good for edu content discussions and curriculum stuff and
=== pips1 thinks that his idea went past everyone's head
01:54 pips1         :-)
01:55 flint         ogra, I understand, did it work?  or do you have random people giving out bad
                    advice on the edubuntu channels?
01:55 ogra          pips1, thats why we called it -devel first place
01:55 JaneW         pips1: did you see my comment?
01:55 pips1         JaneW, that's what i was thinking... but there are already other site that are very
                    dedicated to educational topics too...
01:55 JaneW         pips1: and ppl can discuss the latest edu app they found etc
01:55 ogra          flint, i'm observing the ML and #edubuntu and #edubuntu-de very closely ... only if
                    one slips through so ...
01:55 JaneW         pips1: yes but our users may not know them...
01:56 flint         ogra, you are like hercules at the gate.  but even you have to sleep.
01:56 flint         ogra, that is no solution.
01:56 ogra          sadly, yes
01:56 pips1         JaneW, yes, maybe that should be the focus on our "own" forum, what edu *apps* do
                    they want to see in edubuntu...
01:57 flint         ogra, we need a command "apt-make ogra-clones"
=== ogra looks for his caffeine drip
01:57 JaneW         ogra: that's ubuntu not edubuntu :P
01:57 Mez           JaneW, surely it wouldnt be too hard to link to other forums regarding curriculum
                    etc etc?
=== valis [n=mariusz@chello212186171210.24.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01:57 spacey        nice video fragment :)
01:57 ogra          :)
01:57 flint         spacey, where?
01:57 spacey        <ogra> on a sidenote and a bit OT, edubuntu was on german TV last week :)
01:57 spacey        german is so cute
01:58 ogra          i like when they say "response from schools is appreciated and expected" :)
01:58 pips1         Mez, yes, we just provide links to dedicated sites, and keep the stuff on our site
                    relevant to Education + Edubuntu, that's what I was thinking
=== Riddell likes how that video has KDE logos in the background
01:58 ogra          hehe
01:58 spacey        pips1: yeah thats great
01:58 spacey        pips1: no need to duplicate ubuntu stuff
01:58 ogra          Riddell, so where are the Kedubuntu people ... i want to drop kdeedu :)
01:58 Mez           Riddell, I was thinking that
01:59 Mez           lol - kedubuntu sounds like a headache waiting to happen
01:59 pips1         so, do people think that an integrated forum on the new edubuntu site is something
                    we want?
01:59 spacey        pips1: you can always do it later
01:59 Seveas        Edkubuntu
01:59 ogra          pips1, nope, but its something users will like :)
02:00 JaneW         ah now that I have the WHOLE clip I see edubuntu ;)
02:00 ogra          i think our audience is pretty different from the general ubuntu forum users
02:00 flint         cebit is big time...
02:00 ogra          so i think it makes sense to have our own forum
02:00 kjcole        should be kid-ubuntu, and you could even  have a  superhero / cowboy  'Look!  It's
                    Kid  Ubuntu!'
02:00 kjcole        ;-)
02:00 JaneW         or id oubuntu
02:00 pips1         ogra, right
02:00 spacey        ogra: which kind of end-users do you want to target it at. the endusers that deploy
                    edubuntu or the end-end users who actually use it.
02:01 JaneW         kjcole: I like it!
02:01 ogra          the teachers ... the students ...
02:01 Mez           spacey - or the end-end-end users (the kids)
02:01 pips1         so ogra, would you mind checking in on our "own" forum then? against what you said
                    before in general regarding forums? ;-)
02:01 spacey        ok thats great
02:01 spacey        so really no technical stuff then
02:01 spacey        besides some openoffice tips and tricks
02:01 ogra          spacey, support ...
02:01 spacey        and some tips for linux games
02:01 flint         JaneW, you neve liked my Harry Potter/ magic thing, i think you are playing kevin
                    as your favorite...
02:01 spacey        :P
02:01 ogra          that will include tech stuff
02:02 spacey        ogra: but end-end users don't do that stuff
02:02 flint         spacey, I think they are receipes...
02:02 Mez           pips1, see /query
02:02 ogra          pips1, i'll have to fight me into it i guess
02:02 JaneW         flint: it was your handicapped duck I didn't like!
02:02 ogra          spacey, ?
02:02 spacey        ogra: the end users who use edubuntu daily dont do techinal stuff
02:02 flint         JaneW, that cut, very deep, my art rep is gone!
02:02 flint         \:^)
02:03 JaneW         ok our official time is up
02:03 spacey        the guy or girl who administrators the edubuntu machine does
02:03 ogra          spacey, but the teachers using it might have tech questions
02:03 pips1         sorry, guys, i need to run, I have a meeting!
02:03 flint         thanks all.
02:03 pips1         good input though, thanks!
02:03 JaneW         pips1: ok thanks, I think a small forum is good
02:03 ogra          spacey, and the students might rather have app related ones
02:03 JaneW         we still need to decide what to put in it though
02:03 flint         Yagisan, we might want to talk security. email flint@flint.com
02:03 pips1         cu next wed
02:03 JaneW         ty
02:03 Mez           ogra: you have the people who set it up and admin it - the teachers and the
02:03 ogra          ciao pips1 and thanks
02:03 spacey        ogra: hmm yeah and i forget you can also do desktop installs
02:03 JaneW         thanks everyone

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