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Meeting April 12, 2006

   02:02 JaneW            ok who is here?
   === ogra hides
   === Hobbsee shuts up as well, seeing that the meeting is starting :P
   === flint thinks that this is not a question to answer in the negative...
   02:02 JaneW            Hobbsee: you are welcome to participate, if you haqve an interest in Edubuntu
   02:02 JaneW            -q
   02:03 ogra             absolutely !
   02:03 JaneW            anyone else here for the edubuntu meeting?
   02:03 flint            indubidably...(sp?)
   02:03 JaneW            seems to be the usual guilty suspects
   === juliux here
   02:03 ogra             do we wait 5 mins or do we start ?
   02:03 JaneW            hi juliux
   02:03 juliux           hi JaneW
   === apokryphos has come to observe :)
   02:03 JaneW            I think we should wait 2 mins
   === Hobbsee will observe as well
   02:03 ogra             ok
   === bimberi is lurking
   02:03 Hobbsee          you cant use the standard "if hobbsee is here, then everyone is, because hobbsee's always the latest" here though...
   02:04 Hobbsee          /offtopic
   02:04 JaneW            ogra: since your 2 min updates are usually the meat that the meeting chews on for most of the rest of the time...
   02:04 ogra             heh
   02:04 ogra             i have not much this week ...
   02:04 flint            JaneW, in elkners defense, the little whiner is likely teaching class, probably on a flight 6 system...
   02:04 JaneW            highvoltage, you here?
   02:04 ogra             flint, crazy guy
   02:04 JaneW            flint: great, so he is actively testing
   02:04 Hobbsee          JaneW: do you have a meeting agenda, that you'll be using today?
   02:04 Hobbsee          i'm not terribly familiar with edubuntu, or it's meetings
   02:04 JaneW            Hobbsee: we have a standard (very loose) format
   02:05 JaneW            start with tech discussion
   02:05 JaneW            move to documentation
   02:05 JaneW            then artowrk
   02:05 JaneW            artwork even
   02:05 Hobbsee          ok, cool, thanks
   02:05 JaneW            then community and other
   === Hobbsee isnt even noticing the spelling errors :P
   02:05 flint            Hobbsee, note the use of the term "very loose"
   02:05 ogra             https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingRecords#head-5e7f70a61c134d6b4d43164288d5c686da158155
   02:05 Hobbsee          hehe
   === freeflying-ibook [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:05 ogra             Hobbsee, ^^
   02:05 Hobbsee          thanks very much ogra
   02:06 JaneW            Hobbsee: sorry my typing is bad :(
   02:06 JaneW            hi freeflying-ibook
   02:06 Hobbsee          man!  i like the red of the logo and background!  *considers a red kubuntu*
   02:06 JaneW            ok let's hit it
   02:06 freeflying-ibook JaneW: hi
   02:06 ogra             so its five minutes after, lets start
   02:06 JaneW            Hobbsee: yeah our graphics ROCK
   02:06 Hobbsee          they do!
   02:06 ogra             Hobbsee, feel free to make kedubuntu :)
   02:07 Hobbsee          hehe
   02:07 JaneW            ogra: where do we stand on the dev side?
   02:07 juliux           ogra, lol
   02:07 ogra             not much happened edubuntu wise on my desk last week ...
   02:07 ogra             (i was mostly busy with ubuntu bugs)
   02:08 ogra             i prepared a patch to the installer part of ltsp though, that should let us get rid of the post install editing of the dhcp config
   02:08 ogra             i also worked on a better progress reporting of the ltsp part in the installer
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:08 ogra             additionally i looked over highvoltages edubuntu getting started doc, which i'd like to ship by default in edubuntu-docs
   02:09 ogra             thats all i did on a tech side ...
   02:09 JaneW            Does Edubuntu have many bugs?
   02:09 JaneW            over and above the ubuntu ones?
   02:09 ogra             a hand full
   02:09 ogra             (~5) :)
   02:09 JaneW            sounds good
   02:09 jsgotangco       :)
   02:09 JaneW            how serious are they?
   02:10 ogra             not very
   02:10 JaneW            and think they will get fixed before the release?
   02:10 ogra             and mostly they turn out as ubuntu bugs
   02:10 juliux           what is with the alt +f7 bug?
   02:10 JaneW            do you think this extra QA time is helping ? In general, and for edubuntu specifically?
   02:10 ogra             i havent got a bug about that yet
   02:10 ogra             not really
   02:11 ogra             edubuntu would be ready so far if we wanted it
   02:11 juliux           ogra, because we dont know where the bug is in xorg or ltsp or something else
   02:11 JaneW            things seem much more relaxed and less panicked than last time
   02:11 ogra             but indeed we build from ubuntu packages that have open bugs
   02:11 juliux           see the mail from jeff elkner
   02:11 JaneW            which is nice, but I hope we don't lose momentum and the excitement
   === mhz [n=mhz_chil@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:11 juliux           hi mhz
   02:11 ogra             juliux, i refuse to read *any* mail from jeff that contains the word bug
   02:11 JaneW            hi mhz
   02:11 juliux           ogra, ok
   02:12 mhz              hi there! sorry i am late (agan)
   02:12 juliux           ogra, i will open a bug against edubuntu
   02:12 ogra             i told him 100 ties to please file them in LP
   02:12 flint            ogra, he actually filed a bug report finally Ollie...
   02:12 JaneW            juliux: thank-you
   02:12 ogra             flint, against what ?
   02:12 juliux           ogra, but if you dont know against which package there is a problem
   02:12 JaneW            unfortunately jelkner is not a good bug filer
   02:12 ogra             i dont see any bugreport from him
   02:12 JaneW            but he is a useful tester
   02:12 jsgotangco       you dont need to know what specific package is to file in rosaetta
   02:13 JaneW            so if anyone can help to file the bugs he finds that would be very helpful
   02:13 jsgotangco       you can put it blank
   02:13 flint            I believe he told me against edubuntu... I will backtrack and verify based upon this.
   02:13 JaneW            ogra: agreed? ^
   02:13 ogra             juliux, if in doubt, file it against edubuntu-meta and i'll push it to the right package
   02:13 juliux           ogra, ok
   02:13 jsgotangco       a triage team will then direct it accordingly
   02:13 ogra             99% of the bugs are ubuntu bugs anyway
   02:13 JaneW            yes as long as a bug is filed ogra can do something with it, please don;t expect ogra to file all the bugs himself
   === spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:14 spacey           hi
   02:14 spacey           sorry i'm late
   02:14 JaneW            hi spacey
   02:14 jsgotangco       can anyone specify the exact bug #
   02:14 ogra             JaneW, i dont care about filing them myself as long as i dont have to read a several pages big email to find one line at the end that tells me about the bug
   02:14 JaneW            ogra: fair enough
   02:15 ogra             ok, so much from the tech side ....
   02:15 ogra             i have something else ...
   02:15 JaneW            ok so either file a big or send a concise and clear description of it to ogra (pref with steps to reproduce?)
   02:15 JaneW            ogra: yes?
   02:15 ogra             yep
   02:15 JaneW            big=bug
   02:15 ogra             malone is always preferred indeed
   02:15 ogra             https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members
   02:15 ogra             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   02:15 JaneW            yes bug to be filed in MALONE
   02:16 JaneW            oops sorry
   02:16 ogra             we have CC powers !!!
   02:16 JaneW            do that again, I won;t mess it up ;P
   02:16 mhz              JaneW: is there a EdubuntuHowToFileABug (mini instructions)
   02:16 ogra             (or something like that)
   02:16 ogra             mhz, there is HelpingWithBugs that should totally suffice
   02:16 flint            ogra, nice touch the arrows...
   02:16 JaneW            mhz: good point but we should pull it from ubuntu, as it's no different
   02:17 JaneW            ogra: was that decides at last nights CC?
   02:17 JaneW            decided
   02:17 mhz              ogra: okis, JaneW, then agree if I make that page and link it to HelpingWithBugs?
   02:17 ogra             so we have a launchpad team now that enables us to approve members like the CC does
   02:17 JaneW            mhz: perfect thanks ! :)
   02:17 flint            ogra, I swear a mighty oath that elkner said he "maloned" the bug he found.  I will get to the bottom of this. I have emailed him just now.
   02:17 ogra             additionally all members of that team will have @edubuntu.org mailadresses
   02:17 JaneW            ogra: do we have a clear process for that?
   02:17 JaneW            w00t!
   02:18 ogra             i think the usual CC process applies here
   02:18 jsgotangco       heh another spam bait forwarder lol
   02:18 ogra             so you need to be a member already or comply to the rules to become a member to join that team
   02:19 mhz              cool
   02:19 juliux           ogra, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/edubuntu-meta/+bug/39294 i hope my english isnt to bad
   02:19 Ubugtu           Malone bug 39294 in edubuntu-meta "No ldm login on the thinclient" [Normal,Unconfirmed]
   02:19 mhz              good marketing/encouraging people feature
   02:19 ogra             so we'll take the big crowd of edubuntu member applicants from the CC in the future :P
   02:19 ogra             juliux, thanks !
   02:19 JaneW            juliux: thanks
   02:20 JaneW            games of chance are fun! :)
   02:20 mhz              juliux: your english is not so buggy :D
   02:20 JaneW            (sorry I was channeling flint for a second)
   02:20 JaneW            ok artwork
   02:20 ogra             the question with that team is, how do we want to handle it ?
   02:20 JaneW            are we any nearer to anything artwork wise?
   02:20 ogra             we'll need meetings like the CC meeting to review and approve people
   02:20 JaneW            oops sorry, we still busy with the other topic
   02:21 flint            JaneW, I do pretty well, considering I am a native speaker... :^)
   02:21 ogra             JaneW and i both agree that we dont want an additional meeting on our schedule
   02:21 mhz              ogra: but these Edubuntu Council :D meetings could be held every 3 weeks or every 2 weeks?
   02:21 JaneW            possibly monthly initially
   02:22 ogra             so the proposal was to have the meeting we have now on a two week schedule instead of weekly and have a ECC meeting in the new two week gap
   02:22 JaneW            depends on the volume of discussion
   02:22 JaneW            is once ever 2 weeks enough for dev meetings?
   02:22 ogra             i guess monthly would be anough as well
   02:22 JaneW            esp in a normal dev cycle which is much faster
   02:22 flint            JaneW, while you may laugh at this discussion of empowerment, I would like to propose to the CC that they set up a certification in edubuntu...
   02:23 ogra             i think in the beginnig we can start with reviewing people who want to join the team once a month additionally to that meeting without changing the schedule
   02:23 JaneW            LOL
   02:23 mhz              flint: but let's 1st finish Ubuntu Certifiaction ;)
   02:23 JaneW            flint: you are kidding right?
   02:23 ogra             later we can make them 2 weekly
   02:23 JaneW            ogra: I agree with that
   02:23 jsgotangco       flint: that's hardly needed, edubuntu is ubuntu :P
   02:23 flint            JaneW, no.  mhz separate and distinct from the cannonical ubuntu certification.
   02:23 ogra             so lets say every first meeting in a month we do our approval
   02:24 JaneW            ogra: agreed
   02:24 flint            jsgotangco, no it is very different. ask Olli
   02:24 JaneW            ogra: it will need to be listed  clearly in an agenda
   02:24 ogra             yes, we'll need an agenda like CC and TB have
   02:24 mhz              ogra: +1
   02:24 JaneW            ogra: so #1 will be the first week of May
   02:24 ogra             yep
   02:24 JaneW            +1
   02:25 JaneW            done, I guess
   02:25 flint            JaneW, I would propose that membership and certification be based upon contribution.  This would motivate people to get things accomplished (beyond Oliver and yourself)
   02:25 ogra             yup, done
   02:25 jsgotangco       ogra: cheater you only look at edubuntu-meta :P
   02:25 JaneW            flint: you still seem confussed about what certification means
   02:25 ogra             flint, the same rules apply as they do for ubuntu members
   02:25 ogra             the process is well documented
   02:26 JaneW            ogra: we'll need to put something on the wiki
   02:26 ogra             jsgotangco, ?
   02:26 ogra             yup
   02:26 flint            JaneW, cannonical certification is a commercial certificaiton. i am not confused even though I am a bitter old man.
   02:26 ogra             but we only need to link to the appropriate ubuntu pages
   02:26 JaneW            flint: it's not an internal qualification
   02:27 flint            JaneW, the qualification would come from the edubuntu council.
   02:27 JaneW            and means nothing (or is not nec relevent)here in our community
   02:27 flint            the community certifies the practictioner.
   02:27 JaneW            flint: anyway we can discuss that further in the ECC meetings
   02:27 JaneW            agreed?
   02:27 flint            done
   02:27 JaneW            ty
   02:27 JaneW            ok artwork
   02:27 mhz              hehehe
   02:27 JaneW            are we any nearer to anything artwork wise?
   02:28 JaneW            did anyone manage to get anything out of toxictoadz?
   === Gloubiboulga [n=gauvain@ubuntu/member/gloubiboulga] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:28 JaneW            I don't think so
   === jsgotangco raises hand
   02:28 JaneW            which means we still don;t have our young/naive background
   02:28 JaneW            jsgotangco: yes?
   02:28 jsgotangco       JaneW: do i still get to do the Firefox page?
   02:29 JaneW            jsgotangco: the about edubuntu page?
   02:29 jsgotangco       or do we stick to Ubuntu page
   02:29 ogra             jsgotangco, go go go !
   02:29 JaneW            yes, I'd say so
   === nomed [n=nomed@host146-163.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:29 jsgotangco       JaneW: that's easy i could whip it up starting tommorow (holidays)
   02:29 JaneW            or rather any reason why not to do it?
   02:29 mhz              nomed: hey! welcome!
   02:29 jsgotangco       JaneW: the Ubuntu FF homepage are now translated
   02:29 JaneW            I think it's def appropriate to have it
   02:29 nomed            hi mhz
   02:29 JaneW            and we can have edubuntu spec stuff and links
   02:29 flint            welcome nomed
   02:30 mhz              nomed: we are just starting to discuss about edubuntu artwork
   02:30 JaneW            jsgotangco: if you can do it please do
   02:30 Florob           Wouldn't that break doc freeze somehow?
   02:30 ogra             jsgotangco, as long as we can still use an untranslated version, all is fine
   02:30 JaneW            I think mhz would be happy to help with translations
   02:30 jsgotangco       Florob: not at all
   02:30 ogra             Florob, edubuntu has no doc freeze
   02:30 JaneW            mhz? ^
   02:30 ogra             we shoot ourselves in the foot with that
   02:30 mhz              JaneW: +1
   02:30 JaneW            wasn;t there a technical constraint with it last time?
   02:30 ogra             *we'd
   02:30 Florob           didn't no you're THAT seperate from ubuntu
   02:30 JaneW            mhz: +10 :)
   02:31 mhz              JaneW: however, afaik, 'es' is already done. Sure, I can help on edubuntu.es for firefox
   02:31 ogra             Florob, we arent, but we'll use the extended time to finish up missing docs, that was claer from the beginning
   02:31 JaneW            mhz: yes for edubuntu.es
   02:31 highvoltage      sorry, i have a local meeting here and will miss most of this meeting, but will catch up later
   02:31 ogra             if the docteam wants to restrict itself, its allowed to do that, we wont :)
   02:32 Florob           ogra, didn't know that, thanks
   02:32 JaneW            highvoltage: ok, quickly, did you hear from toxictoadz??
   02:32 ogra             highvoltage, local meetings are overrated
   02:32 juliux           highvoltage, where is edubuntugirl?
   02:32 JaneW            ogra: but not attending can be a CLM
   02:32 mhz              JaneW: okis, I'll follow jsgotangco lead (again)
   02:32 ogra             heh
   02:32 JaneW            mhz: super thanks
   === JaneW wants the edubuntu children of the world background finished
   02:33 ogra             juliux, that can wait until after release, we have some release critical things first ;)
   02:33 JaneW            can we use it as is if we have to?
   02:33 juliux           hmpf
   02:33 ogra             why not
   02:33 JaneW            it is a bit too bright and busy I'll admit, it would be better adjusted
   02:33 flint            edubuntugirl somebody is making this up...
   02:33 JaneW            unless someone wants to creat some new and wonderful designs
   02:33 JaneW            flint: NOT handicapped ducks though
   02:34 ogra             i'd be fine with using it
   === JaneW too
   === mhz has no clue what you are talking about.... tooo many days off the team, so it seems.
   02:34 ogra             its a bit small though
   02:34 JaneW            oic
   02:34 ogra             (1024x786)
   === JaneW looks for link
   02:34 flint            JaneW, harsh, very harsh ( god i love that duck! \:^)
   === mhz loves JaneW once more ;)
   02:34 ogra             but smalle pics are eating less space :)
   02:34 JaneW            http://art.ubuntu.com/backgrounds/edubuntu/76
   02:35 JaneW            ogra: is it not resizable?
   02:35 JaneW            in all it;s glory http://art.ubuntu.com/images/backgrounds/Edubuntu-Children_Of_Edubuntu_1024x768.png
   02:35 ogra             sure it is, but scaling up looses quality
   02:36 JaneW            flint: it may make him blind, but jelkner can't complain about lack of diversity there....
   02:36 mhz              toxi... is TOOO much "in your face"
   02:36 ogra             having the svg and exporting it at 1600x1200 would be better
   === jsgotangco trolls on the wallpaper..she's to chinky eyed!
   02:36 JaneW            ok I'll mail the creator again, and see if I can get him to respond
   === mhz has troubles understanding why people do not upload "source files" (svg?)
   02:36 flint            JaneW, I kinda like the "Its A Small World After All" (IASWAA) theme of it.
   02:36 ogra             jsgotangco, yes, and there is not *one* blue kid among them !!
   02:36 spacey           thats an awful wallpaper
   === JaneW kicks jsgotangco in the shin - don't start!
   02:37 ogra             spacey, thats fine for the kids theme ... we wont use it by default
   02:37 JaneW            spacey: get a better one then
   02:37 JaneW            yes please note this is not for the default install
   02:37 flint            jsgotangco, everyone is a critic. Ars Gratia Artes...
   02:37 mhz              ogra: jsgotangco , heheheh
   02:37 spacey           i have no creative/art talent unfortunately :P
   02:37 JaneW            it's for the younger look option
   02:38 ogra             spacey, but you work in a school ... poke your arts teacher ;)
   02:38 mhz              JaneW: so default will be...?
   02:38 ogra             mhz, NN
   02:38 JaneW            spacey: how old are the kids there?
   02:38 flint            jsgotangco, if we are going to get critical that tree in the back is pretty phalic... :^)
   02:38 mhz              NN?
   02:38 JaneW            spacey: are you involved with little kids or older students only?
   02:38 ogra             not nominated
   02:38 spacey           ogra: uh 4-16
   02:38 jsgotangco       flint: hahaha
   02:38 spacey           primary school
   02:38 jsgotangco       flint: and bushy
   02:38 JaneW            spacey: cool, well please can you show the pic to some of them and get some responses and feedback
   02:38 spacey           with some special education
   02:39 ogra             spacey, perfect !
   02:39 JaneW            i.e. do they love or hate it
   02:39 spacey           JaneW: sure can
   02:39 JaneW            we need something that appeals to 6-10 year olds
   02:39 spacey           are there more pics then the happy rainbow one?
   02:39 flint            I want to take up a collection to get the white kid and the asian girl eyes...
   02:39 ogra             nope, not yet
   02:39 JaneW            and crosses gender, culture and language borders etc
   02:39 ogra             we should probably do a call on the ML
   02:39 JaneW            spacey: not at the moment, but you can show them our original edubuntu girl too
   02:39 spacey           i have the feeling there are no artistic souls at the school we use edubuntu
   02:40 spacey           JaneW: they already know that one
   02:40 JaneW            this is all we have so far http://art.ubuntu.com/backgrounds/edubuntu/
   02:40 flint            JaneW, the real question is not whether it will appeal to a bunch of geeks (no offense intended :^) but if this art will appeal to teachers and students...
   02:40 spacey           i like that one :)
   02:40 JaneW            we'd welcome more submissions though
   02:40 jsgotangco       they seem to use macs
   === jsgotangco hides
   02:41 JaneW            ok so everyone show artwork to ppl, and get responses and or submissions of better stuff
   02:41 jsgotangco       what happened to consigned artwork?
   02:41 spacey           argh art.ubuntu.com doesn't work with lunchpad logins?
   02:41 JaneW            we don;t want more articles saying 'nice distro, sucky wall paper'
   02:41 jsgotangco       spacey: aye, we're slimy bastards
   02:42 JaneW            alhtough to be honest I think edubuntu girl is the strongest part of our identity now, so I stand by that decision still!
   02:42 JaneW            we will have a professionally designed wallpaper for the default install
   02:42 JaneW            we haven;t seen it yet
   02:42 spacey           i like edubuntu girl wallpaper
   02:42 jsgotangco       JaneW: try the current ubuntu wallpaper heh
   02:43 spacey           jsgotangco: that one sucks imo :)
   02:43 jsgotangco       it has a nice jigsaw puzzle
   02:43 JaneW            jsgotangco: I haven't seen it...
   02:43 flint            JaneW, I am so glad that art is not my department...
   02:43 jsgotangco       spacey: you'll have to thank dholbach's brother for that :)
   === JaneW will put my son's latest drawing up. I asked him to draw a picture of his holiday
   02:44 JaneW            and he produced a pencil drawing of him vomiting spectacularly. Clearly that's his current strongest memeory ;)
   02:44 flint            JaneW, where send a url.
   02:44 spacey           :>
   02:44 JaneW            fun
   02:44 ogra             can we get it as a wallpaper ?
   02:44 jsgotangco       i approve fully of your son then
   02:45 JaneW            ok let's see if we can more of an artwork pool to draw from (pun intended)
   02:45 flint            jsgotangco, got my vote...
   02:45 JaneW            so if you know anyone creative start nagging them
   02:45 ogra             JaneW, mailing list :)
   02:45 JaneW            you can e-mail the stuff to me if you don't want to log into art.u.c....
   === jsgotangco is pretty good at 5 minute gimp jobs that look like processed mustard
   02:45 JaneW            jsgotangco: so is ogra!
   02:45 JaneW            :P
   02:45 ogra             haha
   02:46 JaneW            ok what else?
   02:46 JaneW            we have a cookbook meeting following this
   02:46 jsgotangco       yeah don't go to the art.u.c route its too much pain at the moment
   02:47 JaneW            we could stay here if the flow is good and we are not in the way
   === apokryphos [i=[U2FsdGV@server2.polaristar.com] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["So]
   02:47 JaneW            else it will be in #edubuntu-cookbook
   02:47 ogra             there is a xubuntu meeting in 1h
   02:47 JaneW            jsgotangco: I have an admin login on art.u.c afaik, so I can post stuff there, we might as well use it...
   02:47 mhz              JaneW: sorry I was on phone.. JaneW any of your kids near 6-10 years old?
   02:47 jsgotangco       JaneW: so do i but approval is a pain
   02:47 ogra             but i'd really prefer to use a public and logged channel
   02:48 JaneW            ogra: ok let's stick to #e-cookbook
   02:48 JaneW            jsgotangco: yes both. 4 and 6
   02:48 juliux           if somebody wants to come to the linuxtag www.linuxtag.org in wiesbaden/germany, i have 57 onedaytickets for free!
   02:48 ogra             cant we just do it in #edubuntu ?
   02:48 JaneW            jsgotangco: so I have testers right here
   === ogra has to talk there about edubuntu and suspects he doent need a ticket
   02:48 JaneW            ogra: I suppose, but then we will be in the way of ppl asking support questions
   02:49 ogra             *doesnt
   02:49 jsgotangco       linuxtag!
   02:49 juliux           ogra, sure ? ;)
   02:49 ogra             JaneW, we can bear that
   02:49 mhz              JaneW: so, could ask them what things they like to see in a background or something like that? I will ask my kids too (4 and 9)
   02:49 ogra             juliux, not really :)
   02:49 JaneW            mhz: yes
   02:49 mhz              juliux: I do!
   02:49 flint            mhz, that is a good idea.
   02:50 ogra             JaneW, i'd just like to be able to look up what we talked about in 3 months
   02:50 juliux           mhz, you are coming to germany?
   02:50 JaneW            however my oldest son (of vomit picture) skews the stats
   02:50 JaneW            I showed him edubuntu-mustard vs edubuntu-girl and he liked the MUSTARD!
   02:50 ogra             yay!
   02:50 jsgotangco       lol
   02:50 JaneW            *shakes head*
   02:50 jsgotangco       i would like to say your son has...
   02:50 ogra             mustard for *all* OSes !!!!
   02:50 jsgotangco       excellent taste?
   02:50 Seveas           maybe he's just in the i-hate-girls phase
   02:51 mhz              juliux: nope...sorry, I is just that I'd love to go. Esp. because we are having a big event on June here in chile and would like some to get extra ideas
   02:51 JaneW            Seveas: you may be right :)
   02:51 ogra             microsoft mustard, the successor of vista !
   02:51 jsgotangco       are we continuing here?
   02:52 ogra             lets make the room free for xubuntu ...
   === ogra opens a window to let the sweat and smoke out
   02:52 mhz              JaneW: hehehehehe, sure that happens, that is why we need more kids to see. Actually, I can talk to a junior teacher (for 3 to 5 years old kids) about it too. No worry, we'll get to a solution.
   02:52 JaneW            great thanks
   02:53 JaneW            ok next week please bring your art projects with you :)
   02:53 JaneW            anything else?
   02:53 JaneW            does anyone else want to speak?
   02:53 jsgotangco       my 4 year old doesn't even see the difference she sees the logo its all ubuntu for her
   02:53 ogra             juliux seem to have opened the edubuntu marketing team :)
   02:53 JaneW            else break for coffee for 5 mins
   02:53 juliux           ogra, if you mean
   02:53 Florob           While that is not the reason I was hear I have a suggestion (but maybe that's more appropriate for ML or whishlist bug)
   02:53 ogra             we have a wonderful concept with real prices etc (sorry, german): http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Edubuntu/Konzept
   02:54 juliux           *grummel*
   02:54 mhz              JaneW: what if we took pictures of kids at schools. Could we use these pictures for backgrounds?
   02:54 ogra             (a draft indeed)
   02:54 ogra             juliux, ?
   02:54 jsgotangco       wow
   02:54 Kinnison         mhz: You'd have to get signed waivers from the parents of every kid involved
   02:54 jsgotangco       an all-in one package
   02:54 Hobbsee          i'm kind of wishing i was still at school now - school is thinking of making a computer lab of computers with suse on them...
   02:54 ogra             jsgotangco, yep
   02:54 juliux           ogra, it isnt ready
   02:54 jsgotangco       ogra: that's nice...
   02:55 juliux           in the next days i will do it with old pc as clients
   02:55 ogra             juliux, but announcing it will help ghetting it in other languages with other local prices ;)
   02:55 juliux           and with dualcore server
   02:55 mhz              Kinnison: sure. Maybe we could have a series of pictures of kids of diff ages, so we get diff backgrounds in a series.
   02:55 juliux           ogra, its ok
   02:55 ogra             juliux, it would be a nice to have for all common regions :)
   02:55 mhz              JaneW: what if we made a contest. "send us your class pictures and probaby get backgrounded for edubuntu distro" ?
   02:55 juliux           ogra, that is a lof of wark
   02:55 juliux           work
   02:55 juliux           lot
   02:56 ogra             so if someone wants to do the same, see juliux' draft
   === Deb_ [n=Deb@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:56 ogra             juliux, i didnt say *you* should do it ;)
   === freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Deb_ [n=Deb@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["@]
   02:56 juliux           ogra, i know
   02:56 ogra             ok, coffebrak
   02:56 ogra             *break
   02:56 mhz              JaneW: ?
   02:57 mhz              .oO(she must be getting a coffee and a muffin)
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:59 highvoltage      JaneW: no :(
   === raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:01 freeflying       ogra: anything relate with CJK need we do ?
   03:01 freeflying       ogra: in edubuntu
   03:01 ogra             no idea, i have no feedback at all from CJK users yet
   03:01 JaneW            I'm back
   03:01 JaneW            where are we going?
   03:01 ogra             (no bugs but also no success reports)
   === ogra votes for #edubuntu
   03:02 freeflying       ogra: how about the difault font in edubuntu
   === luzi [n=luzi@dhcp-202-59-vpn.unizh.ch] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:02 freeflying       s/difault/default
   03:02 ogra             freeflying, ah, damned i forgot about that, we'll need to change it, it has utf8 issues
   === luzi is now known as luzi_away
   03:03 ogra             the "normal" fonts are the same as in ubuntu (we cut down the amount of shipped fonts but the defauklt is the same)
   03:03 ogra             we only differ in the default desktop font
   03:04 freeflying       ogra: how about use one chinese font, drop out the exist four
   03:05 JaneW            mhz: nice idea
   03:05 JaneW            ok cookbook meeting in #edubuntu now

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