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Meeting April 19, 2006

   02:02 flint       Good Morning from the frozen north...
   02:03 kjcole      Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time....  It's not quite as miserable starting an hour later. ;-)
   02:03 JaneW       hi all
   02:03 cbx33       Hi
   02:03 AndreaVeri  hi JaneW
   02:03 AndreaVeri  :)
   02:03 cbx33       Hi AndreaVeri
   02:03 AndreaVeri  hello pete :)
   02:03 BugMaN      hi
   02:03 AndreaVeri  oi BugMaN
   02:04 BugMaN      andreaveri: :-)
   02:04 AndreaVeri  jane its all ok?we can start?
   02:04 JaneW       ok as usual, standard format
   02:04 AndreaVeri  oliver?
   02:04 ogra        yep
   02:04 JaneW       I have made notes to discuss the following The Dev Status, Bug Status, Testing Status, Artwork, Web Site progress, Documentation, Cookbook, Edubuntu Memeber status and anything else required to be discussed.
   02:04 AndreaVeri  hello :)
   02:04 AndreaVeri  ok
   02:04 cbx33       Excellent
   02:04 JaneW       ogra is busy so let's not take much of his time today
   02:05 ogra        i'm a tad busy with beta CDs
   02:05 AndreaVeri  ok perfect
   02:05 JaneW       ogra can you give us a 5 min update?
   02:05 AndreaVeri  okie oliver np
   02:05 ogra        testing of the next build (in 2-3h) would be very appreciated btw
   02:05 cbx33       I can test the tomorrow
   02:05 ogra        so tech update ....
   02:06 flint       ogra, I can try but time is now a problem for me..
   02:06 JaneW       ogra: time stamp?
   02:06 ogra        we're building beta ... still missing artwork and edubuntu-docs ...
   02:06 AndreaVeri  ok ill start testing
   02:06 JaneW       ogra: is that all that remains now?
   02:06 AndreaVeri  for me its ok today
   02:06 ogra        should be  20060419.1 for both
   02:06 cbx33       where can i get them from?
   02:07 ogra        some small bugs i didnt manage to fix before beta as well
   === azeem [n=mbanck@host45.natpool.mwn.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:07 ogra        i.e. the dhcp.config will currently produce a question on upgrades that shouldnt happen
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   02:07 AndreaVeri  ok
   02:07 JaneW       ogra: things have gone really well this cycle, well done
   02:07 ogra        it's a minor change mdz is notified about
   === Klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:08 JaneW       ogra: we only had the hicoughs with arguing about what was in and what was out initially
   02:08 ogra        the gobby upstream author contacted me
   02:08 JaneW       ogra: oh?
   02:08 cbx33       hehe
   02:08 flint       ogra, interesting what has gobby got to say...
   02:08 ogra        JaneW, you remember we had to demote it to universe in london because it depended on howl
   02:08 JaneW       yes
   02:08 ogra        he offered me a fix
   02:08 ogra        *yesterday*
   02:09 JaneW       oic, too late thogh right?
   02:09 Klaidas     @schedule GMT+2
   02:09 Ubugtu      Schedule for Etc/GMT+2: Current meeting: Edubuntu | 19 Apr 11:30: Xubuntu | 20 Apr 18:00: Dapper Development Status | 25 Apr 18:00: Technical Board | 26 Apr 10:00: Edubuntu | 26 Apr 11:30: Xubuntu
   02:09 ogra        so with a lot of begging at mdz's desk i can probably get it back to main and on the CD
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: er what's the chance of that?
   02:09 ogra        it is approved for main
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: it;s WAY past too late
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: yes I guess
   02:09 ogra        so it *could* be a no brainer, depending on mdz
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: well try, there's no harm in trying
   02:09 flint       ogra, good luck.
   02:10 JaneW       unless he beat you up! ;)
   02:10 ogra        its not to late for something we had already in imho... but its up to him
   02:10 JaneW       ogra: sure, I agree put the case to him and let him make a call
   02:10 ogra        i have fixed the issue with dhcpd.conf autogeneration btw
   02:11 ogra        sadly no dapper material anymore
   02:11 flint       ogra, is gobby on the cd now?
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: how are the bugs looking, need triage help?
   02:11 ogra        flint, not since the london sprint
   02:11 JaneW       flint: no
   02:11 flint       damn
   02:11 ogra        JaneW, not specifically for edubuntu bugs, no
   02:11 ogra        there are not many
   02:11 cbx33       good good
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: do you most need the community to test more than anything else?
   02:11 ogra        most edubuntu bugs are ubuntu bugs
   02:11 JaneW       and document!
   02:11 ogra        yep
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: yes
   02:12 cbx33       I can document and test
   02:12 ogra        while documenting is also on my desk, since nobody knows the ltsp code as good as me, but cbx33 already offered some help
   02:12 flint       ogra, elkner has a question about this.  i told him that any but on the ubuntu cd reports as an ubuntu bug.  is that ok?
   02:12 ogra        so i'll just review and flesh out what i get
   02:12 flint       any bug...
   02:13 ogra        not really
   02:13 JaneW       ogra: I do think we are going to need to rely on you for some of the technical documenting (I am happy to do english grammar editing for you, so don't waste time on that), but if there are ppl willing and able to help, that would be wonderful
   02:13 ogra        having a distinction by package on launchpad wouldnt make much sense that way
   02:13 cbx33       JaneW:
   02:14 ogra        JaneW, yep
   02:14 cbx33       I'm open to all documenting if you need it
   02:15 flint       ogra, we will need to clarify then how a bug reports.  Keep in mind that in malone now there is no "ubuntu" bug category
   02:15 ogra        i'll have to write a documented example lts.conf that nobody else will be able to do, but to write manpages for things like ltsp-build-client you just need to check the help of the script and flesh it out a bit
   02:15 cbx33       Initial setup of ltsp is a must unless it's somewhere i dont know
   02:15 ogra        so many doc thingies can be done by others
   02:15 ogra        cbx33, that happens by the installer
   02:16 ogra        apart from the dhcpd.conf
   02:16 cbx33       well i was trying to use an existing dhcp server to point to the ltsp server
   02:16 ogra        the only doc you need post install is https://wiki.edubuntu.org/LTSPServerSetup
   02:16 ogra        yes, we need a big warning that you shouldnt run two dhcp servers in one network
   02:16 cbx33       found that the tftproot doesn't hold the pxelinux.0 file
   02:16 cbx33       it's in a sub dir
   02:17 ogra        i was pondering to put it on the CD cover,, but it seemed a bit to scary
   02:17 ogra        cbx33, which is fine
   02:17 cbx33       yeh, seeing as it'll be a small amount of people using it
   02:17 ogra        and which no user should touch anyway
   02:17 cbx33       ogra: that's ok, just checking
   02:17 JaneW       cbx33: many thanks for offering to help with this
   02:18 cbx33       I had to point it with my current dhcp server, after following the wiki links it said just use pxelinux.0 which of course didn;t work....but no biggie
   02:18 cbx33       JaneW: np
   02:18 ogra        our tftpserver uses the right values... as long as you user the ltsp-* scripts for maintenance, all should function flawless
   02:18 cbx33       that's great then
   02:18 ogra        only special cases need documentation ...
   02:18 cbx33       indeed
   02:18 ogra        like powerpc
   02:19 cbx33       I had that nfs problem too
   02:19 ogra        (which needs some extra dhcp options)
   02:19 cbx33       now I'm pretty confident that that's because i was trying to use an existing dhcp server
   02:19 ogra        yep
   02:19 ogra        thats one of the most common bugs we have
   02:19 cbx33       is it possible to put in some docs about that
   02:19 ogra        sure
   02:19 cbx33       a lot of people will already have a dhcp server, esp in education
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   02:19 ogra        it should be in the edubuntu getting started doic and in the cookbook faq
   02:20 cbx33       yes I agree
   02:20 ogra        its fine if you have a two NIC setup
   02:20 ogra        you can part the networks easily
   02:20 cbx33       could we doc that too>
   02:20 ogra        sure
   02:20 flint       ogra, ya i thought that a 2 nic setup was standard.
   02:20 JaneW       ogra: exactly which docs are outstanding?
   02:20 JaneW       we have 'about Edubuntu' already right?
   02:20 ogra        flint, nope, one NIC standalone is the standard i worked along
   02:21 ogra        JaneW, needs polish and some adjustment
   02:21 JaneW       ogra: is anyone looking at that?
   02:21 ogra        and no, we dont have it ready to ship yet
   02:21 ogra        me
   02:21 cbx33       i can take a look if you want
   02:21 JaneW       jsgotangco or burgundavia etc?
   02:21 ogra        its already very good, but needs some edubuntu specific adjustment
   02:21 JaneW       oic
   02:22 ogra        and new screenshots
   02:22 JaneW       where is it now?
   02:22 ogra        they are made under the ubuntu theme
   === Lure [n=lure@external-7.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:22 flint       ogra, interesting implications Olli
   02:22 JaneW       I wonder if highvoltage could help with that?
   02:22 ogra        JaneW, he wrote it
   02:23 ogra        he can help indeed, but simply doesnt know some things
   02:23 JaneW       er that's not the start-up page though is it?
   02:23 JaneW       I am referring to the Edubuntu FF page
   02:23 cbx33       is that new to dapper?
   02:23 ogra        like you should never ever add MOUSE_PROTOCOL=IMPS/2 to lts.conf since its autodetected... but you *have* to do it in classic ltsp
   02:24 ogra        the ff page will be "about edubuntu"
   02:24 ogra        i was planning to just have a link in there to the getting started doc
   02:24 cbx33       good plan
   02:24 JaneW       oic, ok
   02:24 JaneW       I thought it was 2 sep things
   02:24 ogra        it is
   02:25 ogra        but i want to link the detailed doc from the common default page ...
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   02:25 ogra        so yu have it right in your face if you open ff for the first time
   02:25 kjcole      ogra, very sensible.
   02:25 cbx33       yeh good plan
   === jimmu [n=jimmu@host165-208.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:26 ogra        http://proto.edubuntu.org/gettingstarted
   02:26 ogra        btw
   02:26 ogra        ^^^ there it is currently
   02:27 kjcole      ogra, slick! Very nice.
   02:27 ogra        also i missed a lot of accessibility features on the CD, i had to add them yesterday night, they eat most of the free space i worked out the last weeks
   02:27 flint       ogra, indeed!
   02:27 JaneW       awesome and wow the site is looking GOOD
   02:27 AndreaVeri  really nice page
   02:27 JaneW       *clap* *clap*
   02:27 ogra        so there goes my big hope for more languages
   === cbx33 [n=c2df514b@mail.trinsite.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:27 cbx33       wow excellent work
   02:28 JaneW       ogra: I see your LTSP diagram is getting used nicely too :))
   02:28 ogra        yes, highvoltage is very good in this
   02:28 AndreaVeri  for italian language its ok for me
   02:28 ogra        JaneW, yeah :)
   02:28 cbx33       not much adaptation for UK :p
   02:28 juliux      ogra, i will ask if somebody can translate it into german
   02:28 JaneW       ok so that addresses my agenda item of web page, and what's happening
   02:28 ogra        juliux, great !
   02:28 JaneW       It seems it is happening in stealth-mode
   02:29 ogra        he occasionally pops in to #edubuntu and asks for opinions
   02:29 ogra        so its not completely in stealth mode ;)
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   02:29 JaneW       ogra: I haven;t seen that for a while
   02:29 JaneW       anyway I think it's awesome
   02:29 ogra        its always there ;)
   02:29 ogra        yep
   02:30 JaneW       and I was pretty attached to the first one
   02:30 ogra        and fits the desktop theme very nicely
   02:30 JaneW       so it was not an easy expectation to match
   02:30 JaneW       it our desktop theme set now?
   02:30 ogra        nope
   02:30 JaneW       bringing us on to artwork
   02:30 ogra        i have nothing from silbs
   02:30 JaneW       :/
   02:30 JaneW       !
   02:30 ogra        she was rather busy discussing CD cover text with me
   02:31 cbx33       silentkeystroke.deviantart.com - any images that can be of use from there feel free to use
   02:31 ogra        but i know mdz wanted to ask her after the last dev meeting
   02:31 flint       ogra, are they actually gonna print cds for this dapper edubuntu run?
   02:31 ogra        cbx33, we are bound to the design agency for the default theme
   02:31 cbx33       np - just offering :p
   02:31 ogra        flint, yep
   02:32 ogra        cbx33, i'd love to just pick one and be done ...
   02:32 flint       That IS good news!
   02:32 cbx33       indeed
   === strapal [n=strapal@dsl51B79931.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:32 ogra        but the default has to be from the same agency ubuntu and kubuntu come from
   02:32 JaneW       ogra: ok we'd better mail her
   02:33 JaneW       ogra: are the colours not even set?
   02:33 ogra        i would expect that mdz's mails triggered her
   02:33 ogra        i dont want to apper pushy
   02:33 JaneW       ogra: cos I am fairly sure your window frames etc can stay
   02:33 cbx33       the firefox logo - sorry just a little thing - looks so close to gimp
   02:33 ogra        i havent heard back about the colors
   02:33 ogra        imho the colors are fine as is
   02:33 ogra        as well as the rest of the theme
   02:33 JaneW       unless the wall paper is VASTLY different
   02:33 cbx33       indeed
   02:33 JaneW       and I hope not, else that messes with our web site colours too
   02:34 ogra        just the wallpaper is missing
   02:34 ogra        yes
   02:34 cbx33       can we not impose any type of request there?
   02:34 ogra        but she said *we never had a colorcode for edubuntu*
   02:34 JaneW       ogra: yes I am assuming the colours can stay, so it;s shouldn't be too much of a panic
   02:34 cbx33       like "Please don;t make us do more work"
   02:34 ogra        that really depends
   02:34 ogra        they wont work if she reallly comes up with a chalkboard design
   02:34 JaneW       ogra: well *we* did, maybe it wasn;t generally known or understood though
   02:35 ogra        yep
   02:35 ogra        thats what i tried to tell her
   02:35 ogra        i'm not sure she agrees
   02:35 JaneW       but atm u-brown, k-blue, e-ornage and red
   02:35 ogra        yep
   02:35 ogra        ubuntu is also orange now
   02:35 JaneW       right
   02:35 ogra        but rather tangerine ... we're darker
   02:36 JaneW       we are organge tending to red
   02:36 cbx33       heheh
   02:36 JaneW       pumpkin orange
   02:36 ogra        s/tending/accentuating with/
   02:36 ogra        :)
   02:36 flint       ...and in english nothing rymes with us.
   02:37 flint       :^)
   02:37 ogra        (red is our cherry on the cake ;) )
   02:37 JaneW       heh
   02:37 AndreaVeri  ehhe
   02:37 cbx33       :p
   02:37 JaneW       flint: lozenge rhymes loosely
   === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:38 flint       JaneW, are you still taking drugs? :^)
   02:38 AndreaVeri  hi Seveas
   02:38 JaneW       ok so we need to pin the artwork down
   02:38 JaneW       flint: no I am drug-free now! \o/
   02:38 flint       lol
   02:38 cbx33       hehehe
   === AndreaVeri [n=AndreaVe@host165-208.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Sto]
   02:38 JaneW       can't you tell I am all high and manic again?
   02:39 JaneW       the morbid depression is gone :)
   === AndreaVeri [n=AndreaVe@host165-208.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:39 flint       JaneW, I just assumed all this talk about lozenges...
   02:39 flint       :^)
   02:39 JaneW       ok edubuntu members
   02:39 JaneW       ogra: you discussed that with elmo last night
   02:39 juliux      yeah
   02:39 cbx33       indeed he did
   02:39 AndreaVeri  yeah
   02:40 flint       JaneW, who has debs on green in the ubuntu galixy?
   02:40 AndreaVeri  the decisions for new members have to be taked by team admins
   02:40 cbx33       or a nice Blue
   02:40 AndreaVeri  *taken
   02:40 AndreaVeri  so oliver and jane
   02:41 ogra        i'd like to have a *real* council for that
   02:41 AndreaVeri  oh
   02:41 ogra        with more than two members
   02:41 cbx33       it would be good
   02:41 AndreaVeri  nice
   02:41 ogra        at least three so one can miss a meeting without holing up everything
   02:41 cbx33       gives a rounder feel to it and also mimicks the upstream policy
   02:41 AndreaVeri  yeah perfect
   02:42 JaneW       flint: you can have it
   02:42 JaneW       flint: actually I think xubuntu is green...?
   02:42 flint       JaneW, thanks.
   02:42 ogra        even five if that makes sense later, but starting with an additional person would be good for the beginning
   02:42 ogra        JaneW, grey iirc
   === cbx33 dibs blue:p
   02:42 AndreaVeri  oliver who will decide other 3 members?
   02:43 JaneW       ogra: yes let's get several memebers to avoid what happened last night
   02:43 cbx33       the roiginal team mebers ?
   02:43 JaneW       I think 2 more than required number is good
   02:43 ogra        yep
   02:43 ogra        thats a good question
   02:43 AndreaVeri  yes ^^
   02:43 ogra        i guess we should make it vial the mailing list
   02:43 ogra        proposals etc
   02:43 ogra        then hold a vote in one of the next meetings
   02:43 AndreaVeri  edubuntu-devel
   02:44 cbx33       proposal, seconded, vote?
   02:44 cbx33       works well for our LUG meetings
   02:44 flint       oh I vote for this...
   02:44 ogra        who cant be here, can send his/her voting via mail
   02:44 AndreaVeri  oh ok
   02:44 AndreaVeri  nice idea
   02:44 ogra        i'll prepare a mail right after beta is out
   02:44 AndreaVeri  ok
   02:45 cbx33       perfect
   02:45 ogra        note that the council members need to be ubuntu members already
   02:45 AndreaVeri  yeah ok
   02:45 cbx33       a good plan
   02:46 AndreaVeri  i have to go now
   02:46 flint       ogra, that could limit educators...
   02:46 cbx33       take care AndreaVeri
   02:46 AndreaVeri  im really really late
   02:46 AndreaVeri  see you all later
   02:46 cbx33       it limits me :p
   02:46 flint       AndreaVeri, chaio
   02:46 cbx33       but then I am a new comer :p
   02:46 flint       AndreaVeri, ciao... better...
   02:46 ogra        flint, we wont make *any* members without signed CoC, a valuable contribution and a LP account
   02:46 AndreaVeri  ciao cbx33 , JaneW,ogra,flint
   02:46 AndreaVeri  ;)
   02:46 cbx33       is that for just edubuntu membership?
   02:46 ogra        flint, the exactly same erequirements as for ubuntu membership apply
   02:46 ogra        cbx33, nope
   === cbx33 ticks 2 of those boxes :p
   === AndreaVeri [n=AndreaVe@host165-208.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Sto]
   02:47 ogra        you are automatically a ubuntu member if we added you to the edubuntu team
   02:47 flint       CoC is the public key?
   02:47 cbx33       just need to get the valued contribution out of the way .......:D
   02:47 ogra        flint, CoC == code of conduct
   02:47 cbx33       CoC is the code of conduct signed with the GPG
   02:47 cbx33       but don't attempt the newer one 1.0.1
   02:47 kjcole      flint, yeah signing the Code of Conduct with GPG.
   02:47 cbx33       unles you are goign to do it without putting spaces in the text
   02:48 cbx33       1.0.1 has a bug
   02:48 flint       cbx33, hence my reference to the public key thing...
   02:48 ogra        just dont modify it ;)
   02:48 cbx33       heheh
   02:49 cbx33       Next topic?
   02:49 ogra        flint, a) you have a CoC linked on your LP page, b) you need to upload your valid gpg key to your LP account, c) you need to click the sign button on the CoC page of your LP account
   02:49 ogra        thats it
   02:49 ogra        (unless it changed indeed :P )
   02:49 flint       ogra, Ollie, I am a bit of an anarchist...  but I will do this if you suggest it...
   02:50 cbx33       flint: underlying rule : be nice :p
   02:50 kjcole      flint, I thought you already had.  (Didn't I walk you through that?)
   02:50 ogra        if you want and @edubuntu.org mail address, you *need* to do that
   02:50 cbx33       you can be a nice anarchist
   02:50 kjcole      cbx33, well I guess that leaves flint out. ;-)
   02:50 cbx33       hehehe
   02:50 cbx33       ogra: how often can people apply for edubuntu membership?
   02:51 ogra        as often as they want
   02:51 flint       cbx33, FITS == Flint Induced Touretts Syndrome, ask anyone how you can get it...
   02:51 cbx33       flint: by touching you :p
   02:51 ogra        there is no limitation in ubuntu, why should we have one
   02:51 JaneW       but applications will only be considered once a month to start
   02:51 cbx33       ogra: i meant how often will you approve new members
   02:51 ogra        cbx33, talking to him is usually enough :P
   02:51 cbx33       aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
   02:51 ogra        cbx33, we thought about once a month
   02:52 ogra        (the first meeting every month)
   02:52 cbx33       sounds good, by that time I should have made my valuable contribution
   02:52 cbx33       hehehe
   02:52 ogra        youre already doing
   02:52 flint       ogra, Oliver, somethimes just thinking about me will do it...
   02:52 ogra        the testreport was really awesome :)
   02:52 ogra        flint, heh
   02:52 flint       :^)
   02:53 cbx33       thank you ogra want one on ltsp as i have tested so far
   02:53 cbx33       I'll try and try out the flight 6 one tomorrow
   02:53 ogra        rather test the beta release :)
   02:53 ogra        flight 6 is old
   02:53 cbx33       ok
   02:54 cbx33       where can i get a copy
   02:54 cbx33       link in the topic?
   02:54 ogra        flint, btw: https://shipit.edubuntu.org/ exists
   02:54 cbx33       ogra: is kwiki in the edubuntu release?
   02:55 flint       ogra, thanks
   02:55 ogra        cbx33, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/
   02:55 cbx33       thanx ogra
   02:55 ogra        nope we dont have wiki software included by default
   02:55 kjcole      ogra, NICE!  We've got some LoCo events coming up, and it may be time to put in a shipit request soon.
   02:55 cbx33       ogra: good...it's broken
   02:55 ogra        we discussed it, but the moin vs mediawiki argument came up
   02:55 cbx33       i see
   02:56 ogra        so we leave them both optional in universe :)
   02:56 cbx33       I'm working on a fix, but it leads to a string of unsync'd dependencies
   === leetcharmer [n=ch4rm@pool-71-123-235-211.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:56 leetcharmer hihi all :D
   === licio [n=licio@ubuntu/member/licio] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:56 leetcharmer how's the meeting goin'?
   02:57 cbx33       which I'm having to request UVF exceptions on
   02:57 cbx33       great leetcharmer
   02:57 leetcharmer cbx33, good :D what have did I miss so far?
   02:57 ogra        cbx33, if UFV exceptions fix blocker bugs,, they usually get approval
   02:58 cbx33       ogra: think there's a chance of getting sadms in edubuntu at somepoint
   02:58 cbx33       or a similar utility?
   02:58 JaneW       also thanks to mgalvin, we have https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDapperBeta
   02:58 JaneW       but it needs to be fleshed out
   02:58 ogra        sadms ?
   02:58 ogra        did he add my feature list already ?
   02:59 cbx33       the configuration utility for linux to auth against a MS AD
   02:59 ogra        hmm and the participate link is wrong ... didnt we have our own participate page ?
   03:00 ogra        hmm, actually no
   03:00 ogra        the wiki has some rough statements on the frontpage
   03:00 ogra        but thats all
   03:00 ogra        we could need a proper "participate" page then
   03:00 cbx33       that'd be good
   03:01 leetcharmer so -- is Edubuntu ready for the dapper beta release in 11 hrs?
   03:01 ogra        https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWiki "how can i help" is a bit sparse
   03:01 cbx33       of course
   03:01 cbx33       ogra: is working hard
   03:01 ogra        leetcharmer, sure
   03:01 cbx33       for someone who could only spend 10 minutes :p
   03:01 cbx33       I think he's done amazing
   03:01 leetcharmer cool :D
   03:01 ogra        actually rather my nerves work hard ... most of the time is waiting for LP
   03:01 leetcharmer LP?
   03:01 ogra        which is most annoying
   03:02 cbx33       heheh
   03:02 cbx33       I know the feeling
   03:02 cbx33       LaunchPad
   03:02 leetcharmer gotcha
   03:02 ogra        3h until a change is up ...
   03:02 flint       don't we have to pay the Presley estate to use the "...left the building" thing?
   03:02 ogra        then another hour to get CDs ...
   03:02 ogra        then syncing ...
   03:02 ogra        (which is also almost 1h for all isos)
   03:02 leetcharmer I hope Ubuntu final release gets better support for my laptop than Flight 5 did :D
   03:03 cbx33       i hope the battery applet is fixed in dapper
   03:03 leetcharmer worked fine for me
   03:03 leetcharmer what's the problem been?
   03:03 cbx33       it always says AC power
   03:03 cbx33       but that's offtopic now
   03:03 flint       ogra, you are building the final flight then right now.
   03:03 cbx33       what's next on the agenda?
   03:03 leetcharmer final flight = beta, no?
   03:03 ogra        there will be more fligts
   03:04 flint       so we are at flight 7 in this build
   03:04 ogra        we still have some weeks ahead, people shall see the progress
   03:04 leetcharmer ogra, you gonna make a flight 6 before the beta release?
   03:05 ogra        you mean that flight 6 from two weeks ago ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/dapper/flight-6/
   03:05 bimberi     leetcharmer: flight6 is out - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/dapper/flight-6/ :)
   03:05 leetcharmer I mean 7**
   03:05 bimberi     ah
   03:05 ogra        nope, beta == flight 7
   03:05 leetcharmer gotcha :D
   03:05 leetcharmer did we get new graphics yet? :D:D:D:D
   03:06 ogra        ther will be the release candidate and i guess at least another milestone release inbetween
   03:06 flint       ogra, I thought it was 7 and like it better than beta as a name... 7 being a lucky number...
   03:06 flint       :^)
   03:06 leetcharmer :p no such thing as luck
   03:06 leetcharmer ^_^
   03:06 ogra        nope, no new wallpaper yet
   03:06 ogra        we're still waiting
   03:07 JaneW       ok so I'll try to chase the wallpaper with silbs and toxic
   03:07 ogra        and given that i wont change the CD if its not oversized in this build i currently wait for, it wont happen for beta
   03:07 JaneW       let get going with the doc translations
   03:07 JaneW       the site looks great
   03:07 ogra        yeah
   03:07 JaneW       and ogra will ask mdz about gobby
   03:07 JaneW       and get beta out
   03:07 ogra        :)
   03:07 leetcharmer d'oh!
   03:07 ogra        after beta
   03:07 JaneW       everyone else test and report back please
   03:07 ogra        he's busy enough atm
   03:07 JaneW       ogra: ok
   03:07 bimberi     ogra: will the url (in 3 hours) be http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/dapper/beta/dapper-install-i386.iso  ?
   03:07 cbx33       of course
   03:08 JaneW       let's leave ogar to get on with it
   03:08 ogra        bimberi, nope
   03:08 JaneW       thanks for the time ogra
   === bimberi wants to set up a wget atjob
   03:08 ogra        that'll be the url if the beta release is actually out
   03:08 leetcharmer will edubuntu dapper have a 'create thin client server' setting that sets up all connected machines on a network?
   03:08 bimberi     ogra: ah kk
   03:08 ogra        bimberi, if you already have an older iso around, rsync is the far better choice
   03:09 cbx33       ogra: where can we find the url
   03:09 ogra        (rsyncing between two dailies happens for me in ~10 min, while a wget download trakes 2h)
   03:09 ogra        cbx33, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/
   03:09 flint       ogra, would you care to spew out a working rsync line?  this would help us get it right at our sites...
   === strapal [n=strapal@dsl51B79931.pool.t-online.hu] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   03:09 bimberi     ogra: ah, gotcha - use the daily build :)
   03:10 cbx33       cheers ogra
   03:10 flint       ogra, rsync and I get along but only a little, and I very much like that idea.
   03:10 ogra        the recent upcoming daily and daily-live ( 20060419.1) should be fine (if they are not oversized due to the added accessibility stuff)
   03:10 cbx33       ogra: which ltsp stuff do you need me to document?
   03:11 bimberi     ^^^^^
   03:11 ogra        cbx33, the scripts first place
   03:11 leetcharmer hwat!
   03:11 leetcharmer hawt**!!
   03:11 ogra        ltsp-build-client -upadte-sshkeys and -update-kernel
   03:11 leetcharmer I like EdgyEft :D
   03:11 cbx33       np I'll get on with that, have they changed much from breezy to dapper?
   === freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:12 cbx33       seeing as I don;t have time to install edubuntu dapper at the moment, is ther eanywhere I could get a copy of the scripts from....so i can start docing on the way home?
   03:12 cbx33       ogra: do you use sgml for man pages?
   03:13 ogra        apt-get source ltsp
   03:13 ogra        look in the server subdir
   03:13 flint       ogra, I may actually try to get a wiki going on this rsync thing... downloading the isos is a drag.
   03:13 cbx33       thanks ogra
   03:13 ogra        flint, i have a rsync script
   03:13 ogra        http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/rsyncer.sh
   03:13 flint       ogra, thanks, I could really use it.
   03:14 flint       ogra, damn, thanks.  This could be widely published and available...
   03:14 ogra        run it with --help to see the options ... it defaults to create an edubuntu directory in your current dir
   03:14 ogra        and to download live and install for all arches
   03:14 ogra        you might want to restrict that :)
   03:15 cbx33       heheheh
   03:15 flint       ogra, my god the damn thing is 300 lines long and bulletproof you scare me Oliver!!!!
   03:15 cbx33       sorry ogra - one last question, where does one apply for edubuntu member status  - for future reference
   03:16 flint       ogra, ok, only 138 lines, but it is still a thing of beauty.  needs a wiki page ma man...
   03:16 ogra        cbx33, https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members
   03:16 cbx33       and the offer is still there if you guys want youthLUG to test anything out
   03:17 cbx33       thanx ogra
   03:17 ogra        ok, we are over time, lets move to #edubuntu
   03:18 flint       ogra, really nice.
   03:18 freeflying  ogra: how to aplly for edubuntu membership
   03:18 ogra        :)
   03:18 ogra        freeflying,  https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members
   03:19 freeflying  ogra: seems need approved
   03:19 ogra        freeflying, sure
   03:19 ogra        its the same as ubuntumembers
   03:19 cbx33       of course freeflying
   03:20 ogra        i.e. you have to go through the full newmember process for it
   03:20 freeflying  come to the CC for it ?
   === bimberi dares ogra to set it as an Open team :P
   03:21 ogra        freeflying, nope
   03:21 ogra        i'll mail edubuntu-devel about the proicess next week or on the weekend (after beta)

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