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Meeting April 26, 2006

   02:01 JaneW            ok let hit it
   02:02 JaneW            hi everyone
   02:02 blugtu           hi jane
   02:02 jelkner          hi jane
   02:02 JaneW            5 weeks to Dapper release
   02:02 jelkner          class starts for me in 15 minutes
   02:02 sivang           hey JaneW
   02:02 JaneW            hi sivang
   02:02 JaneW            edubuntu is in pretty good shape
   === highvoltage can't wait
   02:03 highvoltage      edubuntu is great!
   02:03 jelkner          edubuntu is fantastic!
   === ogra just created https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda
   02:03 JaneW            thanks to ogra for that
   02:03 jelkner          thanks, ogra!
   02:03 cbx33            edubuntu rawks :D
   02:03 JaneW            thanks ogra
   02:03 cbx33            thank you ogra
   02:03 ogra             stop now, i'm blushing :)
   02:03 jelkner          i have a quick question...
   02:03 ogra             shoot
   02:03 JaneW            we have it on the top of https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingRecords too
   === cbx33 imagines ogra's handsome face blushing :p
   02:04 jelkner          ogra: can you please tell me again how to chroot when you dist-upgrade to dapper?
   02:04 ogra             JaneW, we need a dynamic agenda
   02:04 JaneW            ogra: agreed
   02:04 jelkner          or rather rebuilt the ltsp-chroot
   02:04 cbx33            I think it is becomming increasingly necessary
   02:04 ogra             jelkner, can we do that outside of the meeting ?
   02:04 highvoltage      jelkner: that's a question for #edubuntu :)
   02:04 jelkner          yes
   02:04 JaneW            esp with the edbuntu membership
   02:04 ogra             yep
   02:05 ogra             so from the tech side :
   === highvoltage is interested to hear more about that
   02:05 ogra             not miuch to say, i'm merely busy with ubuntu bugs
   02:05 ogra             we decided to have an update for the beta CD, so beta2 might be released tomorrow
   02:05 JaneW            ogra: there a load of them though like 10k or such like...
   02:05 ogra             (i'm testing isos as i speak)
   02:05 cbx33            nice,
   02:06 cbx33            I know ther are loads of bugs, I'm trying to help out where I can
   02:06 ogra             JaneW, yes, but that also includes whishlist and trivial bugs
   02:06 cbx33            but not so many specific edubuntu bugs
   02:06 cbx33            hehe
   02:06 ogra             the serious amount is way lower (but still to high)
   02:06 JaneW            ogra: oic, does it look like serious bugs are manageable?
   02:06 ogra             nope
   02:06 highvoltage      nope!?
   02:06 JaneW            even with the new bug guy?
   02:06 ogra             but we have simon now to care for our QA
   02:07 ogra             he will kick our butts if we dont get them solved in time ;)
   02:07 sivang           hey highvoltage :)
   02:07 JaneW            ok, and I meant QA guy not bug guy
   02:07 cbx33            oh dear
   02:07 highvoltage      ogra: do we have a list of the most critical bugs in edubuntu?
   02:07 highvoltage      hi sivang
   02:07 JaneW            although it's much of a muchness ;)
   02:07 ogra             he will also assign edubuntu specific bugs to the new edubuntu bugsquad in launchpad instead of assigning them to me personally
   02:07 JaneW            highvoltage: I think that should read most critical bugs for edubuntu?
   === No1Viking [n=Viking@h-83-140-104-3.ip.cust.port80.se] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:08 ogra             so if you want to help bug triaging, subscribe to it
   02:08 JaneW            since we don't seem to have many IN edubuntu - right ogra?
   02:08 JaneW            ogra: that's a good idea
   02:08 highvoltage      JaneW: right
   02:08 ogra             https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-bugs/+join
   02:08 JaneW            ogra: will anyone else help with those yet, or is that for future expansion?
   02:09 ogra             JaneW, there isnt even a single bug assigned to that team yet
   02:09 highvoltage      blugtu and i wanted to get testing more formalised, we've been meaning to talk to ogra about that for the longest time
   02:09 ogra             and the overall count of edubuntu bugs is ~100
   02:09 ogra             err
   02:09 highvoltage      but schedule clashes have made that difficult
   02:09 ogra             ~10
   02:09 sivang           highvoltage: there a rough ubuntu test plans on the wiki, I reckon you could derive upon them and add the additional edubuntu / ltsp bits.
   02:09 highvoltage      testing and bug hunting / fixing probably goes hand in hand
   02:09 blugtu           yeah ,we need to create a first structure for the testing team
   02:09 cbx33            indeed
   02:10 highvoltage      sivang: noted
   02:10 JaneW            sivang: yes, but I think we have a very basic test plan...
   === JaneW looks
   02:10 ogra             highvoltage, blugtu, cbx33 helped a lot with testing the beta isos ... he can give some hints ;)
   02:10 ogra             JaneW, we only have a copied version of the ubuntu testplan
   02:10 cbx33            anything I can do guys
   02:10 sivang           highvoltage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing
   02:10 ogra             90% of that stuff doesnt need testing in edubuntu
   02:11 ogra             we need to test other bits ...
   02:11 cbx33            I'm often testing on non-compliant hardware or older hardware
   02:11 JaneW            ogra: right ok we should get that customised then
   02:11 sivang           https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Long
   02:11 ogra             since if the things work in ubuntu and we didnt modify anything, they *must* work in edubuntu as well
   02:11 JaneW            cbx33: would you like to do that?
   02:11 cbx33            sure
   02:11 ogra             in any case we rather need our owm testplans worked out ...
   02:11 cbx33            I'll give it a shot
   02:12 cbx33            indeed as you stated ogra most of the ubutnu stuff is tested else where
   02:12 JaneW            ogra: did you respond to the mail about our CD cover copy? is that signed off now>
   02:12 JaneW            ?
   02:12 blugtu           sivang: if you want to take a look to edubuntu testing team wiki , here it is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuTestingTeam
   02:12 ogra             since it makes most sense to test the edubuntu specifics beyond the ubuntu install we test anyway
   02:12 JaneW            cbx33: excellent, thanks
   02:12 cbx33            totally agree
   02:12 cbx33            infact most of what I have been testing is non-ubu stuff anyway
   02:12 JaneW            we actaully need to go through the whole edubuntu wiki and do a springclean and update
   02:12 ogra             yes
   02:12 cbx33            because that's what I'm eventually oing to use it for
   02:12 cbx33            JaneW: agreeed
   02:13 ogra             we should do that around release or shortly before
   02:13 JaneW            to make sure the info is valid, current and well presented
   02:13 cbx33            make sure we get it all done in time
   02:13 sivang           ogra: agreed, however if someone edubuntu tests those bits, he can feed bugreports upstream to ubutnu as well :) (regardless of his edubuntu specific bits) Bt I agree this may be out of scope for edu ;-)
   02:13 ogra             (what doesnt mean we shouldnt start already indeed ;) )
   02:13 sivang           blugtu: looking
   02:13 cbx33            ogra: :p
   02:13 blugtu           sivang:   ;)
   02:13 JaneW            yes, and if you find any of my typos please correct them!
   02:13 ogra             sivang, yes, but i'm not intrested in reports about that, since we'll solve them in ubuntu anyway
   02:13 JaneW            we had one of my typos mentioned in a review last time :/
   02:14 cbx33            JaneW: oh dear
   02:14 cbx33            :p
   02:14 sivang           ogra: sure :)
   02:14 cbx33            they're so unforgiving
   02:14 ogra             if your thin client bootsplash is wrong, thats something that intrests me, if openoffice is broken, i'm sure it will get solved in ubuntu anyway
   === cbx33 bites his tongue
   02:14 cbx33            :p
   02:15 ogra             ok, so apart from that and still missing artwork/doc stuff edubuntu is fine
   02:15 JaneW            ogra: you feeling onfident we are on track and have enough testing so far that we won't have major surprises in the next 5 weeks?
   02:15 cbx33            it makes perfect sense that way seeing as there are many more people to fix ubu spefiic bugs
   02:15 ogra             i have another topic, not tech related
   02:15 ogra             JaneW, yep
   02:15 JaneW            cool
   02:15 JaneW            ok the tech side is good, well done again!
   02:16 JaneW            ogra: you havent seen my whip for a while now :)
   02:16 ogra             i was approached independently by several people asking if we could rotate the meeting time
   02:16 JaneW            ogra: next?
   02:16 cbx33            I can see why ogra
   02:16 cbx33            I'm lucky my boss actually wants me to attend these meetings
   02:16 JaneW            I am not commiting to another 4am meeting :(
   02:17 JaneW            ok who is this time really BAD for?
   02:17 blugtu           for me its ok
   02:17 cbx33            ogra: will the introduction of the CC ease this issue?
   02:17 blugtu           but wednesday its not a good day
   02:17 cbx33            having more people available to chair the meeting?
   02:17 ogra             we said as long as nobody complains we want to stick to that time, but now with edubuntu membership and with community demand, i guess we should have at least two times to jump between
   02:17 highvoltage      JaneW: i would like a meeting that takes place out of office hours, so that i can attend it 100%
   02:17 JaneW            we have other meetings on Tues and Thurs
   02:17 highvoltage      JaneW: just as a question of preference
   02:18 JaneW            perhaps if we have 2 diff times which alternate each week, then at worst ppl attend every second meeting?
   02:18 ogra             thats my plan
   02:18 cbx33            sounds good
   02:18 highvoltage      btw, http://distrowatch.com/index.php?dataspan=1
   02:18 JaneW            are we sticking to wednesday?
   02:18 highvoltage      edubuntu #24 for last 7 days :)
   02:18 JaneW            WOW!!!
   02:19 ogra             so move the current one a bit earlier and have an alternate time for the evening
   02:19 highvoltage      JaneW: seems so
   02:19 JaneW            when Dapper releases we are going to storm the charts :))
   02:19 ogra             highvoltage, that will drop to nowhere with the new artwork :P
   02:19 JaneW            ok 10:00 UTC or earlier?
   02:19 JaneW            ogra: :((((
   02:19 JaneW            yes we need to discuss that
   02:19 ogra             10:00 UTC sounds fine
   02:19 cbx33            earlier I'd like
   02:20 cbx33            ah ok :p
   02:20 JaneW            cbx33: what TZ are you?
   02:20 JaneW            oh UK
   02:20 cbx33            GMT
   02:20 cbx33            :p
   02:20 blugtu           for me its not good
   02:20 blugtu           10 utc
   02:20 ogra             what about 18:00 UTC for the other, is that to late for you JaneW ?
   02:20 JaneW            you get up early?
   02:20 blugtu           so early
   02:20 cbx33            but it's ok
   02:20 highvoltage      ogra: we'll make lots of noise about that, I promise. that's bound to peak some interest in edubuntu though ;)
   02:20 ogra             highvoltage, hopefully
   02:20 blugtu           ogra: 18 utc is perfect
   02:20 cbx33            that'd be great
   02:21 JaneW            ogra: too late for work day, and too early for night meeting I have to spend 5-8pm (my time with family and kids - sorry)
   02:21 cbx33            ok
   02:21 cbx33            make it 22
   02:21 highvoltage      18:00 utc is great for me too (but for the same reason it's bad for janew :/ )
   02:21 ogra             isnt 18:00 UTC 8pm for you ?
   02:21 cbx33            listen forget me...I can work around it
   02:21 JaneW            20:00 UTC works for me
   02:21 cbx33            20:00 is great for me
   02:21 blugtu           ogra: yes
   02:21 highvoltage      yeah, i think we can discuss this some other time in #edubuntu.
   02:21 highvoltage      wednesdays 12:00 is working Ok.
   02:22 cbx33            yes brilliantly
   02:22 JaneW            ogra: I can't really commit before 19:00
   02:22 ogra             UTC ?
   02:22 freeflying       20:00 UTC is too early for asian
   02:22 JaneW            ok let's debate this on the mailing list of #edubuntu then?
   02:22 cbx33            make it the late one then
   02:22 ogra             yep
   02:22 blugtu           JaneW: OK
   02:23 ogra             but it seems we have a tendency for 10:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC, right ?
   02:23 JaneW            I am UTC +2
   02:23 JaneW            ogra: yes that would work for me
   02:23 ogra             yep, as i am
   02:23 blugtu           20 utc is good
   02:23 JaneW            on a wednesday?
   02:23 ogra             ok, lets take these for the proposal and see what feedback we get
   02:23 ogra             yep
   02:23 ogra             lets keep the day
   02:23 JaneW            ogra: er that will suck on the day we have the 4am the next morning, but we'll cope :)
   02:24 ogra             i usually dont sleep before the 4am meeting, so i'm fine
   02:24 JaneW            yikes
   02:24 cbx33            heheh
   02:24 ogra             the question is if you can sort it
   02:24 cbx33            oh dear ogra
   02:24 JaneW            let's try that
   02:24 JaneW            so what time next week?
   02:24 sivang           blugtu: according to what ogra said, why do yo have there a section about "Installation" ? this is already getting tested part of ubuntu no?
   02:24 JaneW            10:00?
   02:25 ogra             JaneW, next week == first meeting in the month
   02:25 cbx33            sivang: no
   02:25 JaneW            ogra: yes
   02:25 cbx33            ther eare extra bits in the edubuntu installation
   02:25 sivang           cbx33: ah I see, ltsp related?
   02:25 cbx33            yes
   02:25 ogra             we should take care for a third ECC member today as well
   02:25 JaneW            ogra: anything else?
   02:25 ogra             yes, see above
   02:26 blugtu           sivang: yep but we will see for details during a testing meeting
   02:26 JaneW            take care?
   02:26 ogra             vote, elect
   02:26 Riddell          ECC?
   02:26 JaneW            we'll discuss the ECC election next week no?
   02:26 ogra             or do we want to sort that on the first ECC ?
   02:26 sivang           ECC?
   02:26 ogra             Riddell, edubuntu CC
   02:26 freeflying       Riddell: we'd have KCC :)
   02:26 ogra             Riddell, like the KCC ;)
   02:26 JaneW            ogra: do we need to discuss the process or what?
   02:27 ogra             JaneW, i guess we need to *define* a process first
   02:27 JaneW            ogra: ahh
   02:27 JaneW            ogra: mailing list discussion?
   02:27 ogra             yep
   02:27 cbx33            self nomination, seconded, vote, elect ?
   02:27 JaneW            or here and now?
   02:27 JaneW            cbx33: yep sounds good
   02:27 ogra             sounds very good
   02:27 cbx33            :)
   02:27 blugtu           i quote cbx33
   02:27 JaneW            ogar: think we must follow CC processes as far as possible
   02:28 JaneW            ogar! lol
   02:28 cbx33            heheh
   02:28 ogra             JaneW, not for the ECC itself
   02:28 ogra             but for the member approval
   02:28 JaneW            ogra: yes that's what I meant
   02:29 sivang           ogra: special TB/CC per each derivative? :)
   === ogra adds a membership candidates section to the new agenda page
   02:29 JaneW            ok the new WEB SITE, highvoltage any news on that?
   02:29 JaneW            ogra: thanks
   02:30 highvoltage      JaneW: been talking to Znarl in PM... he's on it
   02:30 JaneW            highvoltage: excellent, got an ETA yet?
   02:30 highvoltage      JaneW: i'll ask him quickly
   02:30 JaneW            highvoltage: we can let it slip in unnoticed
   === klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:31 highvoltage      JaneW: what do you mean?
   02:31 highvoltage      oh, right
   02:31 cbx33            hehe :p
   02:32 highvoltage      JaneW: i've been in contact with znarl over the weekend and monday, yesterday, and today, so it's unlikely to just slip by unnoticed.
   02:32 JaneW            can=can't sorry
   02:32 JaneW            highvoltage: cool ok thanks
   02:32 JaneW            can't wait
   02:32 JaneW            :))
   02:32 cbx33            w00t
   02:32 highvoltage      pips1 and i will still make lots of changes to it in the future
   02:32 JaneW            we are still waiting for final dapper artwork
   02:32 ogra             if you want to apply for membership, please add yourself at the bottom of https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda
   === highvoltage needs to run, wil try to pop in again before end of meeting
   02:33 cbx33            cya highvoltage
   02:33 JaneW            I think it's being kept largely under wraps till closer to the release
   02:33 JaneW            bye highvoltage
   02:33 cbx33            JaneW: any news on the artwork theme yet?
   02:33 blugtu           cya highvoltage
   02:33 JaneW            but it looks like our default theme is going to be the chalkboard one
   02:33 JaneW            which is dark green
   02:33 ogra             which i strongly oppose
   === JaneW too for the record
   02:34 highvoltage      JaneW: i haven't seen it yet, but if ogra's unhappy with it, then so am i!
   === cbx33 again
   02:34 JaneW            we are still free to provide nice alternatives for the 'Young' theme
   02:34 ogra             yes, i didnt recieve any wallpaper yet
   02:34 cbx33            JaneW: but not the default?
   02:34 JaneW            cbx33: right
   02:34 ogra             but changing to chalkboard will mean to redo *all* themes
   02:34 ogra             else the colors bite
   02:35 cbx33            it is a real shame that this is being forced upon us
   02:35 JaneW            I don't HATE the chalkboard one, but I definitely don't love it, and I don;t think it does anything to help build our brand
   02:35 ogra             yes
   02:35 cbx33            any chance of a petition?
   02:35 JaneW            we can try that yes
   02:35 cbx33            or an appeal
   02:35 ogra             cbx33, JaneW and i did what we could
   02:35 cbx33            I understand
   02:35 cbx33            Wish I could jump on the band wagon too
   02:35 JaneW            ogra and I are powerless alone, but if we have community support that may carry more weight
   02:35 ogra             so its up to the community i guess
   02:36 ogra             which we are not allowed to show the theme
   02:36 JaneW            ogra: are we def not allowed to show it?
   02:36 JaneW            I am not clear about that...
   02:36 cbx33            what is the issue here?
   02:37 ogra             no idea, but its not much different from https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDapperTheme/JonathanCarter/chalk
   02:37 JaneW            ogra: hehe clever
   02:37 ogra             its a little brighter and has more chalk leftovers on it ...
   02:37 blugtu           i have to go Bye all see you later in #edubuntu
   02:37 JaneW            and some smudging...
   02:38 JaneW            bye
   02:38 cbx33            bye Bluekuja
   02:38 blugtu           cya
   02:38 blugtu           ;)
   02:38 ogra             ciao Bluekuja
   02:38 blugtu           lol ciao oliver
   02:38 cbx33            ogra: it just seems very old fashioned
   02:38 JaneW            so like I said before if you have anything better SEND it to us
   02:38 ogra             yes
   02:38 ogra             yeah
   02:38 cbx33            what about swapping it for an interactive whiteboard :p
   02:38 JaneW            we can;t complain unless we have alternatives
   === klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["=)"]
   02:38 cbx33            hehe
   02:38 cbx33            I can do what I can
   02:39 cbx33            my wife is a website designer, I can get her to give it a shot if you want
   02:39 cbx33            she's pretty good with that kind of thing
   02:39 JaneW            cbx33: yes please!
   02:39 ogra             we wanted to stay with the current bright and colorful theme, but were told by our coo that it isnt recognized as edubuntu branding yet
   02:39 cbx33            oh it will be
   02:39 cbx33            if it's the last thing I do :p
   02:39 ogra             (which we both disagree about)
   02:39 cbx33            It;s a gear theme
   02:40 cbx33            *great
   02:40 JaneW            cbx33: see this http://art.ubuntu.com/backgrounds/edubuntu/
   02:40 cbx33            and brands it well
   02:40 cbx33            JaneW: do you have any tips/guidence on what we like/don;t like
   02:40 cbx33            a design brief I suppose I could pass on to her
   02:40 JaneW            we like edubuntu girl but were hoping for more diversity, since that was an issue last time, so were looking at something like
   02:41 cbx33            ok
   02:41 JaneW            http://art.ubuntu.com/images/backgrounds/Edubuntu-Children_Of_Edubuntu_1024x768.png
   02:41 ogra             the goal was to appear more grown up than in last release
   02:41 JaneW            perhaps a bit subtler though
   02:41 cbx33            I see what you mean
   02:41 cbx33            it's nice, but it looses the brainding i feel
   02:41 ogra             we wanted a more neutral wallpaper, but still bright and friendly
   02:41 cbx33            ogra: totally agree with you there
   02:41 JaneW            ogra: for the default yes, but we still want a fun and naive young option
   02:42 cbx33            i think quite a clean background with a definite theme would be nice
   02:42 JaneW            edubuntu girls with her new diverse friends?
   02:42 ogra             yes, the young one can look like edubuntu girl or the children of edubuntu
   02:42 cbx33            hehehe
   02:42 cbx33            I'll get her started tonight, she'll do her best I know it
   02:43 ogra             :)
   02:43 JaneW            ogra use this http://art.ubuntu.com/images/backgrounds/abstract.jpg
   === ubuntu_lt [n=Styx`@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:44 ogra             JaneW, we had that already :)
   02:44 ogra             was the very first wallpaper i packaged :)
   02:44 cbx33            heheh
   02:44 JaneW            yes but it wasn't released
   02:44 cbx33            any more thoughts on artwork?
   02:44 JaneW            and we replaced it with the fun young one
   02:44 ogra             it was pre mustard :)
   02:44 JaneW            :P
   02:44 cbx33            pre-mustard hahaha
   02:45 JaneW            cbx33: ogra lves mustard
   === cbx33 loves ketchup
   02:45 ogra             i dont even eat mustard :)
   02:45 ogra             but i like the color :)
   === cbx33 pictures handsome ogra in his mustard coloured shirt
   02:45 ogra             lol
   02:46 cbx33            and mustard coloured leather pants :p
   02:46 JaneW            euw
   02:46 ogra             nah ...
   02:47 cbx33            maybe we culd use a picture of hip hop ogra in his mustard attire for the background
   02:47 ogra             they are black i wouldnt wear colored leather
   02:47 ogra             haha
   02:47 Mithrandir       we could just color rotate the image and they'd be mustard.
   02:47 cbx33            right, next?
   02:48 ogra             Mithrandir, heh ... "different kinds of mustard" :)
   02:49 JaneW            ok the dreaded cookbook
   02:49 JaneW            looks like there had been some action this week
   02:49 ogra             is anyone of the cookbook team here ?
   02:49 ogra             spacey and pygi are missing
   02:50 cbx33            I think I'm a n00bie member
   02:51 ogra             HedgeMage is working hard on it it seems
   02:51 ogra             she asked for screenshots last night
   02:51 ogra             but she can only attend the evening meetings
   02:52 JaneW            nice
   02:52 JaneW            ok, we'll carry that discussion over
   02:52 JaneW            but there's deifinately action on it now
   02:52 ogra             an i guess she'd also go for membership
   02:52 JaneW            :)
   02:52 JaneW            good
   02:52 JaneW            ok anything else to discuss?
   02:53 ogra             (i hope we'll get actually some candidates for next meeting)
   02:53 cbx33            for the meeting?
   === cbx33 is a candidate :p
   02:53 ogra             yay !
   02:54 ogra             ok, then i'd say meeting adjourned :)
   02:54 ogra             thanks all
   02:54 cbx33            ooh
   02:54 cbx33            hang on
   02:54 ogra             shoot
   02:54 cbx33            I just wanted to mention
   02:54 cbx33            I've started a team
   02:54 cbx33            https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-school-support
   02:55 ogra             yes
   02:55 cbx33            to try to provide some support material for schools
   02:55 ogra             you should announce it on the mailing list
   02:55 ogra             with a little description and advertisement :)
   02:55 cbx33            I will do later, wated to get some opinions on it first :p
   02:56 ogra             its a great idea :)
   02:56 JaneW            cbx33: excellent idea!
   02:56 JaneW            I am sure jelkner will be interested
   02:56 cbx33            good
   02:56 JaneW            please post on the m/l...
   02:56 JaneW            should help to get things ging again
   02:56 cbx33            well that's all I had to say I think
   02:56 cbx33            apart from
   02:56 JaneW            thanks
   02:57 ogra             highvoltage will be intrested as well :)
   02:57 JaneW            so long
   02:57 cbx33            if anyone has any general dogsbody things that need doing
   02:57 JaneW            and thanks for all the quiche
   02:57 ogra             :)
   02:57 JaneW            cbx33: I'll keep that in mind :)
   02:57 cbx33            I'm ya man :p
   02:57 JaneW            write specs for SoC!
   02:57 cbx33            hehehe
   02:57 cbx33            I'll get the missus working tonight
   02:57 sfllaw           ogra: I won't kick you.  Violence solves nothing.
   02:57 cbx33            ok
   02:57 sfllaw           ogra: Guilt however, I use like a surgeon.
   02:58 ogra             sfllaw, you wont move my fat ass without kicking ;)
   02:58 JaneW            sfllaw: he likes a good whipping
   02:58 Mithrandir       yeah, it's just enjoyment for him.
   02:58 JaneW            pref with some alcohol
   02:58 JaneW            and a smoke
   02:58 ogra             but to be honest, the edubuntu bugcount is marginal
   02:58 Mithrandir       JaneW: in the wounds?
   02:58 cbx33            heheh
   02:58 JaneW            Mithrandir: yeah
   02:58 ogra             eek
   02:59 sfllaw           JaneW: Lady, I like your style!
   02:59 cbx33            hehehe
   02:59 JaneW            *bow*
   02:59 ogra             sfllaw, you wont have to kick much :) i think edubuntu has around 10 open bugs
   02:59 ogra             ok, can we close ?
   02:59 cbx33            yes
   02:59 JaneW            yes adjourned

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