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Meeting May 3, 2006

   02:01 JaneW            hi all
   02:01 jsgotangco       hey ajmitch
   02:01 ajmitch          hi
   02:01 JaneW            Edubuntu meeting time
   02:02 cbx33            w00t
   02:02 Bluekuja         hi all
   02:02 jsgotangco       ok
   02:02 flint            Good morning Jane and all the gang...
   02:02 Bluekuja         i just arrived :)
   02:02 ogra             heya
   02:02 cbx33            hey Bluekuja
   02:02 Bluekuja         hey pete
   02:02 Bluekuja         hi oliver
   02:02 Bluekuja         hi jane
   02:02 highvoltage      hi flint
   === rikai listens in.
   02:02 Bluekuja         ooh highvoltage
   02:02 flint            hey Jonathan!
   02:02 Bluekuja         hi
   02:02 JaneW            ok today's meeting is somewhat momentous
   02:02 ogra             ok, no topics added to the agenda, thats great :)
   02:02 ogra             https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda
   02:03 JaneW            and a bit more official that some of the others we have had
   02:03 cbx33            indeed
   02:03 ogra             yeah, welcome to the first edubuntu council meeting evah :)
   02:03 JaneW            as it is our first ever EC nominations/votes/inauguration
   02:03 JaneW            RAH
   02:03 ogra             so do we follow the general agenda first ? #
   02:04 ogra             i dont have much from a tech POV
   02:04 JaneW            I think we should do EC first
   02:04 JaneW            agreed?
   02:04 cbx33            yes
   02:04 Bluekuja         okie
   === jsgotangco raises hand
   02:04 ogra             hmm
   02:04 ogra             k
   02:04 ogra             jsgotangco, ?
   02:04 JaneW            as the rest tends to becomes rambling discussion, let's do official business first
   02:04 JaneW            agree/disagree now
   02:04 flint            ok
   02:05 jsgotangco       oh go ahead
   02:05 highvoltage      yep
   02:05 ogra             JaneW, you chair ?
   02:06 JaneW            yes sorry I was merrilly typing in wrong #
   02:06 JaneW            JaneW ok officially
   02:06 JaneW            JaneW The edubuntu council will review membership candidates at every first meeting in a month, please add yourself below and subscribe to [WWW]  https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members, the same membership rules as in ubuntu apply.
   02:06 JaneW            JaneW ok who do we have up for membership today?
   02:06 cbx33            heheh
   02:06 JaneW            just cbx33 today?
   02:07 JaneW            and is highvoltage approved already?
   02:07 ogra             shouldnt we first make the EC complete ?
   02:07 JaneW            (I am not clear on that)
   02:07 ogra             nope, we'll need to vote
   02:07 cbx33            who can vote?
   02:07 ogra             we have two EC  nominations
   02:07 highvoltage      well, i suppose the EC should exist first before it approves members :)
   02:07 JaneW            ogra: ok
   02:07 JaneW            ogra / highvoltage : yes good point!
   02:07 ogra             i think only EC should vote for EC
   02:07 JaneW            ogra: ok want to run with this part?
   02:08 JaneW            ogra: yes but like CC we can hear argument from outsiders
   02:08 highvoltage      let the arguments begin!
   02:08 JaneW            which can help the EC to decide
   02:08 JaneW            so who is the EC
   02:08 JaneW            so far ogra
   02:08 ogra             and you
   02:08 JaneW            and I
   02:09 JaneW            I think we need at LEAST one and preferably 2 more
   02:09 ogra             so praise the candidates *now* !
   02:09 ogra             i'd say we need at least 2, preferably 3 :)
   02:09 JaneW            what will consistute a quorum? 2 or 3?
   02:09 highvoltage      ogra: any candidates from university?
   02:09 JaneW            I'd say 3
   02:09 ogra             JaneW, we need a weight against employee power
   02:09 LaserJock        highvoltage: me
   02:09 jsgotangco       stand au loin
   02:09 JaneW            ogra: yes
   === Seveas does a cheerleading dance for highvoltage
   02:09 ogra             so at least two for now
   === bimberi praises highvoltage
   === cbx33 advocates both highvoltage and LaserJock
   02:10 JaneW            ogra: should we look at other Ubuntu ppl (Kamion, mdz etc some to mind)
   02:10 flint            I would suppose that all this should be written on a web site and ratified by a popular vote.
   02:10 cbx33            thank you both for all your help and support
   === Bluekuja quote cbx33
   02:10 ogra             JaneW, i doubt they have ambitions to become EC members :)
   02:10 JaneW            ogra: I don't know
   02:11 Kamion           JaneW: please not me; I'm already on the Community Council and the whole point of this is to delegate
   02:11 Kamion           not much point in delegating to myself
   02:11 ogra             flint, it was discussed on the mailinglist over the last week
   02:11 JaneW            Kamion: ok, noted
   02:11 bimberi          hehe, i think they have enough meetings :)
   02:11 cbx33            heheh
   02:11 JaneW            ogra: what about jsgotangco or mhz?
   02:11 ogra             JaneW, aslo i think two canonical employees is really enough
   02:11 flint            typically the beginning of governance starts with a vote of aclaimation.
   02:11 Kamion           I think it's important that the Edubuntu council are people who are actively involved in Edubuntu, not just Ubuntu in general
   02:11 ogra             flint, as it happened on the ML
   02:11 highvoltage      i think both jsgotangco and mhz would be good candidates
   02:12 ogra             yes, jsgotangco would be great
   02:12 jsgotangco       err?
   02:12 JaneW            highvoltage: additionally they cover different timezones, which is handy
   02:12 flint            ogra, was there a posting of quorum?
   02:12 ogra             mhz is rarely around recently
   02:12 JaneW            jsgotangco: !
   02:12 JaneW            ogra: yes, but he might be able to fix that
   02:12 Kamion           flint: FWIW this is delegation of governance not initiation of governance
   02:12 ogra             flint, there was an explanation how we want to go forward with that, some nominations and praising
   02:13 highvoltage      ogra: he's been real busy 'out there' though
   02:13 flint            Kamion, i missed one meeting was there a vote to initiate this council?
   02:13 ogra             highvoltage, right
   02:13 JaneW            jsgotangco: you interested?
   02:13 jsgotangco       ack
   02:13 Kamion           flint: it's a delegated body requested to be created by the Ubuntu Community Council
   === juliux [n=juliux@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:13 jsgotangco       :D
   02:13 JaneW            I'll take that as a no...?
   02:13 jsgotangco       i thought we are nominating?
   02:13 ogra             JaneW, ack usually means acknowledged
   02:13 flint            JaneW, I believe that is so.
   02:13 JaneW            ogra: the problem is that the longstanding active community is still pretty small.
   02:13 cbx33            ogra: not in calvin and hobbes :p
   02:14 JaneW            ack can be like GAH!
   02:14 LaserJock        cbx33: hehe
   02:14 flint            Kamion, I agree that the UCC says go but do WE say so?
   02:14 ogra             JaneW, yes, but we have people like LaserJock highvoltage and jsgotangco applying for the job, so i think thats fine
   02:14 JaneW            ogra: great, let's take all 3. ?
   02:15 jsgotangco       JaneW: i don't mind doing this for the interim till we get stable enough for proper voting
   02:15 ogra             we'll get more people involved with a working council simply through membership
   02:15 ogra             i'd also like to suggest a time limitation on the job
   02:15 ogra             i.e. max two release periods
   02:15 jsgotangco       yeah
   02:15 highvoltage      time limitation is great
   02:15 LaserJock        yep
   02:15 JaneW            Yes that's a good idea
   02:15 highvoltage      does membership also have time limitation?
   02:16 bimberi          ogra: yes, tying it to release periods is a very good idea
   02:16 ogra             people can apply again and get voted again though
   02:16 cbx33            ogra: good
   02:16 ogra             highvoltage, yes, two years by default iirc
   02:16 ogra             LP setting
   02:16 JaneW            yes I think that's it
   02:16 highvoltage      ok, great.
   02:16 ogra             so JaneW would you be happy with these three then until eft+1 ?
   02:16 JaneW            ok do we have the core EC then?
   02:17 ogra             looks like :)
   02:17 JaneW            LaserJock/ highvoltage / jsgotangco  you happy with that?
   02:17 highvoltage      JaneW: yep
   02:17 ogra             jsgotangco, highvoltage, LaserJock welcome to the powerful world of the EC :)
   02:17 JaneW            I need a clear affirmative
   02:17 jsgotangco       JaneW: sounds fun
   02:17 ogra             yeah
   02:17 highvoltage      mhuahahaha
   02:17 highvoltage      JaneW: YES
   02:17 LaserJock        yes, I am here ;-)
   === jsgotangco evil grin
   02:17 JaneW            ok Done
   === cbx33 congratulates highvoltage LaserJock jsgotangco
   02:18 ogra             LaserJock, and you are fine with it ?
   === JaneW slams down wooden hammer
   02:18 rikai            Congrats guys :)
   02:18 LaserJock        ogra: yessir
   02:18 JaneW            we'll need a cake...
   02:18 ogra             great :)
   02:18 flint            JaneW, should the candidates be special in their interests or merely involved in development?
   02:18 bimberi          \o/
   02:18 JaneW            flint: not so much dev related, more COMMUNITY issues, by definition
   02:18 ogra             flint, the EC candidates should be members for some time already
   02:18 JaneW            but I am sure dev will be touched on too
   02:18 flint            should a teacher or a student be involved, maybe one or the other already is?
   02:19 ogra             flint, we're done for now with that part ...
   02:19 highvoltage      flint: read ogra's last post to edubuntu-devel, he said exactly that :)
   02:19 LaserJock        flint: I'm a PhD student and teach a bit as a part of that
   02:19 flint            LaserJock, excellent.
   02:19 jsgotangco       yeah he has a Laser
   02:19 JaneW            cbx33: is also involved with a school
   02:19 cbx33            indeed I am
   02:19 ogra             flint, and highvoltage closely works on the frontline with teachers and schoools
   02:19 jsgotangco       im not messing with a guy with a *Laser*
   02:20 flint            ogra, I have very good feelings about Jonathan.
   02:20 LaserJock        jsgotangco: heh, you better not ;-)
   02:20 JaneW            ok, on to today's candidate/s
   02:20 highvoltage      flint: :)
   02:20 ogra             jsgotangco, pfft, just get a big mirror
   02:20 ogra             he cant harm you :)
   02:20 jsgotangco       lol
   02:20 JaneW            we have cbx33
   02:20 ogra             yeah, membership candidates please prepare the 3 liner
   02:21 ogra             oops phone
   02:21 highvoltage      and a wiki page
   02:21 JaneW            cbx33: can you breifly tell us why you'd like to join
   02:21 highvoltage      but you don't have to phone us.
   02:21 JaneW            and what you plan on doing?
   02:21 highvoltage      :p
   02:21 cbx33            ok
   === cbx33 is Peter Savage, 24 year old IT Manager currently working in a school in Southampton UK. Have been using linux for about 2 years in various forms and recently moved to Ubuntu. Run a small LUG at the school called YouthLUG, where we teach Ubuntu to the pupils. I started contributing to Ubuntu/Edubuntu at the beginning of April. Spearheading Ubuntu advocacy at the school, giving out ShipIt CD's.
   02:21 cbx33            Been working heavily on documentation recently, creating SchoolsAdvocacy page, eventually hoping to be a printed pamphlet to send to schools. Wrote LTSP man pages, and LTSP DHCP and multi boot docs. Perform testing on Edubuntu CD's, whenever required. Working on the edubuntu testing plans and report templates. Reporting bugs, submitting fixes wherever possible. Offering support whenever I can to the #edubuntu channel.
   02:21 cbx33            I hope to push Edubuntu to schools more and more. Would love to showcase Edubuntu at the BETT show in London next year. More testing. Organise a team to write an edubuntu book for school administrators. Get involved with getting better Active Directory integration for easier migration for schools. More bug fixing, learning python and contributing to the LTSP manager package. Aim to be come a MOTU.
   02:22 cbx33            http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PeteSavage
   02:22 jsgotangco       the advocacy page is exactly what i wanted for a desktop guide before
   02:22 Bluekuja         hehe
   02:22 jsgotangco       it lists the basic apps that differentiate edubuntu
   02:22 cbx33            :D - were working on it
   02:22 JaneW            cbx33: sounds great thanks
   02:22 highvoltage      cbx33: is the ltsp man pages available on-line somewhere?
   02:23 JaneW            cbx33: yes and that advocacy page looks great, I am sure it will be very usefull.
   02:23 cbx33            they are in my LTSP bazaar branch
   02:23 cbx33            I do have some online links too
   02:23 ogra             highvoltage, i'll upload the ltsp package with the manpages today
   02:23 cbx33            thank you ogra
   02:23 jsgotangco       i made some hi-rez screenshots of the applications, if you want, i can turn them over to you
   02:23 highvoltage      ok, nice.
   02:23 ogra             but there is also the bzr branch from cbx33
   02:23 JaneW            cbx33: hopefully we can print them as a brochure, but I can't commit to that unfortunately
   02:23 cbx33            nice jsgotangco :D
   02:23 cbx33            JaneW: I understand
   02:23 LaserJock        cbx33: when did you first get involved with Edubuntu?
   02:24 cbx33            I've been involed with the development of edubuntu ie joinging the community since the beginning of April
   02:24 cbx33            but was using and testing it a little while before, though hadn't been part of launchpad
   02:24 JaneW            from what I have seen so far cbx33 is not only keen, and enthusiastic, but reliable and available too, which counts for a lot.
   02:24 ogra             and cbx33 did an awesome job since then
   02:24 jsgotangco       cbx33: care to elaborate about the testingplan?
   02:24 ogra             i bet youre the most active community contributor currently
   02:25 JaneW            So even though you have only been around a short while, if you plan to stay on for a while, I am happy to gve you my vote.
   02:25 highvoltage      I know Ubuntu memebership is about long-term, sustained contribution, but i think that cbx33 has already proven his dedication to us in this short perioud.
   02:25 highvoltage      *period.
   02:25 highvoltage      ogra: i second that
   02:25 Bluekuja         yeah, cbx33 is doing a great work
   02:25 cbx33            Sure, the testing plan will detail, similar to the ubuntu testing plan, what we need to do to fully test the betas, in particular the difference to ubuntu
   02:25 ogra             oh, btw, EC quorum is 3 of 5, right ?
   02:25 Bluekuja         just taking a look to the advocacy page
   02:25 JaneW            ogra: yes
   02:25 cbx33            the report tempalte is supposed to provide a way of signing off packages to say they have been tested and approved by at least 2 people
   02:26 LaserJock        I've had very good interactions with cbx33. He did proofreading for the Ubuntu Packaging Guide and I'm helping him with the Advocacy page a bit
   02:26 cbx33            JaneW: I plan to stay :p
   02:26 JaneW            ogra: but I think if only 3 memebers are present (quorum) then the vote would need to be unnanimous (agreed?)
   02:26 cbx33            thank you highvoltage
   02:26 highvoltage      JaneW: yep
   02:26 highvoltage      sorry, you asked ogra
   02:27 ogra             JaneW, i'd think 4 weeks of *very active* contribution is enough to call it sustained, even if he'd disapper tomorrow he would have contributed a lot already :)
   02:27 Bluekuja         yeah
   02:27 JaneW            do you all agree that 3 votes are needed to get in? regardless of now many EC members are in attendance?
   02:27 ogra             JaneW, yep
   02:27 Bluekuja         he's working really hard for the project
   02:27 LaserJock        JaneW: agreed
   02:27 highvoltage      ogra: yep
   02:27 jsgotangco       ack
   02:28 ogra             so does anyone have any additional questions to cbx33 ?
   02:28 Bluekuja         nope
   02:28 cbx33            https://launchpad.net/people/petesavage/
   02:28 cbx33            whoops i forgot to add that
   02:28 ogra             the wikipage talks for itself i think and we all have already worked with him
   02:28 JaneW            ok so official voting now. Who would like to vote cbx33 as EC member?
   02:28 bimberi          no, agree with what's been said so far - great work cbx33!!
   02:28 JaneW            +1
   02:28 ogra             +1
   02:28 highvoltage      +1
   02:28 JaneW            that's 3, you're in!
   02:29 Kamion           JaneW: EC member or Edubuntu member?
   02:29 cbx33            :D
   02:29 flint            cbx33, nice wiki page indeed
   02:29 LaserJock        +1 with some reservation on the time, but I really like cbx33's work
   02:29 bimberi          cbx33: the first Edubuntu member - congratulations!
   02:29 JaneW            to be clear that's as Edubuntu Member
   02:29 Bluekuja         congrats cbx33
   02:29 Bluekuja         :)
   02:29 jsgotangco       +1 for hard work (did my vote matter?)
   02:29 jsgotangco       :D
   02:29 cbx33            Thank you all for all your support
   02:29 ogra             cbx33, wow, thats 5 of 5, welcome aboard !
   === ogra approves in LP
   02:30 JaneW            congrats cbx33 , and that's for your excellent work so far. And for your wife's art.
   02:30 cbx33            this community is the most helpful I've ever worked in, and no eliteism either
   02:30 cbx33            thank you ogra
   02:30 ogra             and congrats for being the first :)
   02:30 jsgotangco       err where's the LP page?
   02:30 Bluekuja         great pete welcome :)
   02:30 cbx33            https://launchpad.net/people/petesavage/
   02:30 ogra             there are two other people on the LP page
   === KOnsumer [n=KOnsumer@drsd-d9b843a9.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === cbx33 removes his flame retardant gear
   02:30 LaserJock        JaneW: oh yeah, I was going to mention he should become a member through marrage ;-)
   02:30 JaneW            are they here?
   02:30 JaneW            cbx33: did you need it?
   02:30 ogra             (not listed on the wiki though)
   02:30 cbx33            no
   02:30 highvoltage      cbx33: i second that (most helpful community i worked with before)
   02:31 ogra             is Arnnstien1 around ?
   === highvoltage is glad that JaneW forgot to fuel the hoops
   02:31 JaneW            highvoltage: that's in large part due to you too
   02:31 JaneW            damn, next time
   02:31 highvoltage      JaneW: thanks ;)
   === cbx33 is relieved
   02:31 ogra             freeflying applied accidentially i think, he's already ubuntu memeber, so no need to apply additionally to edubuntu-members
   02:31 highvoltage      cbx33: congratulations!
   02:31 bimberi          cbx33: interesting process innit?
   02:31 jsgotangco       do i add myself here?
   02:32 highvoltage      cbx33: and welcome :)
   02:32 JaneW            ogra: so are there any more to consider?
   02:32 LaserJock        quick question. Are the EC by default Edubuntu members?
   02:32 cbx33            indeed it is
   02:32 ogra             JaneW, only Arnnstien1 and freeflying are on the list
   02:32 cbx33            thank you highvoltage
   02:32 ogra             LaserJock, yes
   02:33 highvoltage      ogra: really?
   02:33 ogra             JaneW, apart from the fact that neither seem to be here, the above i wrote applies at least to freeflying
   02:33 LaserJock        ogra: and is there an EC LP team?
   02:33 JaneW            the next EC sitting to consider candidates is Wed 7 June
   02:33 highvoltage      ogra: as far as i understand, they have exactly the same rights and everything else, although they're not exactly the same in name
   02:33 JaneW            will we keep it at this time or at 20:00?
   02:33 ogra             LaserJock, https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members
   02:33 ogra             yes
   02:33 ogra             i'll make the rest of the EC team admins after the meeting
   === kjcole [n=kjcole@ubuntu/member/kjcole] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:34 ogra             JaneW, we decided to do every second meeting in the evening, didnt we ?
   02:34 JaneW            yes we did
   === jsgotangco doesn't mind 20UTC
   02:34 ogra             highvoltage, edubuntu-members is a member of ubuntu-members
   02:34 LaserJock        JaneW: I suggest a rotation. This meeting started at 0500 for me
   02:34 JaneW            ah right, sorry I miscalculated, I was thinking it was going to stay day time, it's all good
   02:35 ogra             so ubuntu-memebership automatically applies
   02:35 highvoltage      ogra: ok, great
   === highvoltage is fine with 20UTC too
   02:35 JaneW            ok next EC sitting on 7 June at 20:00UTC
   02:35 ogra             LaserJock, thats why we said we'd do every second one at 20:00 UTC last week
   02:36 ogra             can the rest of the EC please apply for membership at https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members, so i can make you admins
   02:36 bimberi          ogra: you might consider an edbuntu-council (say) LP team as well
   02:36 JaneW            ogra: done
   02:36 ogra             bimberi, all admins of the edubuntu-members team are the council
   02:37 ogra             i dont think we need a separate tem
   02:37 ogra             team
   02:37 JaneW            I agree
   02:37 jsgotangco       yeah i have too many emblems already
   02:37 bimberi          yep, just though of that myself as you asked them to apply :)
   02:37 ogra             emblems !!!
   02:37 JaneW            this needs a better emblem
   02:37 ogra             highvoltage, edubuntu-members has no emblem yet !!!
   02:37 JaneW            it's not even an edubuntu emblem...
   02:37 LaserJock        ogra: done
   02:37 highvoltage      ogra: *GASP*
   === highvoltage will have to make one, complete with firey hoops and all
   02:38 JaneW            highvoltage: cbx33 : next task - emblem!
   02:38 cbx33            hehehe
   02:38 LaserJock        what? no emblem? That's it, I'm out ;-)
   02:38 ogra             yeah
   02:38 ogra             heh
   02:38 JaneW            ok we'd better move on
   02:38 JaneW            ogra: tech update?
   02:38 ogra             ok, any other EC business ?
   02:39 ogra             flint, when will you apply for membership ?
   02:39 flint            when invited.
   02:39 flint            i will consider it.
   02:39 ogra             flint, thats not how it works
   02:39 ogra             you need to apply for it :)
   02:40 flint            ogra, that is how I work.  in the mean time someone needs to be an advocate.
   02:40 ogra             same as ubuntu membership :)
   02:40 flint            I am not an ubuntu member either.
   02:40 JaneW            flint: it's like politics, you get involved, get noticed, and get in the running
   02:40 ogra             you'll become one automatically if you apply for edubuntu membership :)
   02:40 jsgotangco       yeah
   02:41 JaneW            ogra: hang on a sec, don;t all members need to sign the CoC?
   02:41 ogra             yep
   02:41 JaneW            we haven't mentioned that have we?
   02:41 LaserJock        uh oh
   02:41 flint            thank you all.  I will consider this and accept this as offered.
   02:41 bimberi          it's ok, cbx33 has
   02:41 cbx33            of course I have
   02:41 jsgotangco       hmm didnt notice cbx33's monster karma
   02:41 JaneW            cool
   02:42 cbx33            I submitted hte first bug on 1.0.1 not being signable :p
   === JaneW checks
   02:42 ogra             JaneW, if the LP page of the people says "Ubuntero: yes" then its fine
   02:42 cbx33            as fas as I know
   02:42 ogra             (that means they signed)
   02:42 cbx33            there are 4 duplicates now :p
   02:42 cbx33            jsgotangco: I don;t quite know what happened with karma
   02:42 LaserJock        jsgotangco: yeah, he's go more karma than me :/
   02:42 JaneW            yikes
   === JaneW better work on increasing karma
   02:42 jsgotangco       cbx33: you got lots of specs
   02:42 cbx33            it just kinda happened one day
   02:43 JaneW            that's it I am not answering e-mail anymore
   02:43 jsgotangco       4 of which are edubuntu specs
   02:43 highvoltage      karma shouldn't count for membership
   02:43 cbx33            indeed
   02:43 highvoltage      (not yet anyway)
   02:43 highvoltage      the karma system is still a bit dodgy :)
   02:43 cbx33            i don;t think it's enough of an indication
   02:43 jsgotangco       yeah but 4 edubuntu specs
   02:43 highvoltage      (no offence to launchpad admins)
   === jsgotangco thinks spec karma is too much
   02:43 JaneW            ok we are running out of time
   02:43 ogra             yes
   02:43 cbx33            well, I'm trying, jsgotangco, depends if they are any good
   02:43 JaneW            highvoltage: don;t worry they know and are working on it :)
   02:43 cbx33            hehe
   02:44 ogra             lets move on to normal meeting business
   02:44 highvoltage      jsgotangco: it's an incentive for people to use a new lp feature ;)
   02:44 LaserJock        highvoltage: I agree, although having any karam indicates you have done something anyway
   02:44 highvoltage      LaserJock: yep
   02:44 JaneW            AFIAK specs have highest karma, then bugs and then translations.
   02:44 jsgotangco       do we get tech updates?
   02:44 ogra             so tech update: nothing in particular, flight7 is in preparation as i just heard
   02:44 JaneW            ogra: bugs?
   02:44 ogra             most of my recent work was on ubuntu bugs
   02:45 JaneW            starting to stabilise?
   02:45 ogra             yes, we have some
   02:45 cbx33            I've submitted a few edubuntu bugs or contributed to some already present
   02:45 JaneW            4 weeks to go
   02:45 ogra             there is that ldm bug that makes ltsp boot into console which needs fixage
   02:45 ogra             all other bugs a re rather minor
   02:45 ogra             (wrt edubuntu)
   02:45 LaserJock        uggh, I've got a couple squeak bugs I might be able to take care of
   02:45 cbx33            printing is an issue I think
   02:46 cbx33            depends on how everyone else feels about its importance
   02:46 lifeless         JaneW: IIRC the karma is balanced : each section contributes to the total karma equally.
   02:47 LaserJock        cbx33: what is wrong with printing?
   02:47 lifeless         JaneW: but, because there is less history in the system for specs, actions there have a higher amount of value at the moment, this will balance out over time
   02:47 ogra             cbx33, printing ?
   02:47 JaneW            lifeless: oic
   02:47 cbx33            LaserJock: I can't add a printer on the live cd
   02:47 JaneW            lifeless: thanks
   02:47 ogra             cbx33, thats no edubuntu bug
   02:47 cbx33            ah sorry ogra
   02:48 ogra             cbx33, thats rather general ubuntu/cups breakage
   02:48 cbx33            though we were talking about all bugs affecting edubuntu
   02:48 jsgotangco       that's cups its known
   02:48 ogra             (should be adressed indeed)
   02:48 cbx33            my apologies ogra
   02:48 cbx33            can we put pressue on it all
   02:48 ogra             cbx33, we wont release with a completely broken cups :)
   02:49 cbx33            phew :p
   02:49 ogra             if you filed a bug, it should be addressed by pitti
   02:49 jsgotangco       its been on -devel discussion for a weeks
   02:49 cbx33            yeh it's alredy being addressed
   02:49 LaserJock        do we have any mechanism for seperating Edubuntu and Ubuntu bugs? Or is it just ogra weeding his way through the vast fields of bug reports?
   02:49 ogra             LaserJock, we have the edubuntu-bugs team
   02:49 cbx33            I'm trying to search through when i get a sec and reassign them
   02:49 ogra             all new edubuntu specific bugs should get assigned to it
   === freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:50 cbx33            I think on LP it would be nice to include the assignee in a list
   02:50 ogra             that includes edu apps we include or breakage of the metapackages -docs -artwork -meta
   02:50 ogra             (everything that differs to ubuntu)
   02:50 LaserJock        ogra: do you have a feeling for how many bugs, percentage wise, are Edubuntu specific?
   02:50 cbx33            ogra: do we have a definitie list of that somewhere
   02:50 ogra             i know that we have less than 20 bugs
   02:51 ogra             (that are edubuntu specific)
   02:51 ogra             cbx33, nope, not yet
   02:51 LaserJock        ogra: cool, better than MOTU Science at the moment
   02:51 ogra             the bugsquad knows about the edubuntu-bugs team
   02:51 ogra             so future assignements should go to that team
   02:52 ogra             also if you talk to people in #edubuntu that want to file a bug, please advise them to assign it to the team
   02:52 cbx33            will do
   02:52 ogra             other tech stuff ?
   02:52 jsgotangco       yeah
   02:52 highvoltage      ogra: kind of
   02:52 ogra             shoot
   02:53 ogra             (in order please)
   02:53 ogra             jsgotangco, ?
   02:53 jsgotangco       too bad we're frozen at the moment for flight 7 but we already have a yelp page and a firefox startpage
   02:53 LaserJock        ogra: have you considered making edubuntu-bugs the inital bug contact for Edubunt packages?
   02:53 ogra             jsgotangco, isnt that doc stuff ?
   02:53 LaserJock        oh, sorry jsgotangco
   02:53 jsgotangco       ogra: oh sorry
   02:53 ogra             (later on the agenda anyway)
   02:53 jsgotangco       :P
   02:54 JaneW            we have 8 mins so better speed things up
   02:54 highvoltage      right
   02:54 ogra             LaserJock, yes, we should at least subscribe edubuntu-bugs to all packages, i havent gotten around to do that yet
   02:54 highvoltage      ogra: i added a little spec to the add-on cd we discussed: https://launchpad.net/products/edubuntu-addon-cd
   02:54 ogra             highvoltage, you had something ?
   02:54 ogra             ah, nice
   02:54 JaneW            can we do docs now?
   02:54 highvoltage      ogra: i will flesh it out a bit more over the following week
   02:54 cbx33            hehe
   02:54 ogra             but thats rather eft stuff
   02:54 cbx33            heeh
   02:54 cbx33            the add-on cd is a great idea
   02:55 highvoltage      ogra: yes, it's eft stuff, so we'll talk about that on #edubuntu then
   02:55 ogra             lets stic to dapper for that meeting
   02:55 highvoltage      JaneW: ok, docs it is then
   02:56 JaneW            k
   02:56 JaneW            jsgotangco: hit it
   02:56 jsgotangco       We're frozen at the moment for flight 7 but we already have a yelp page and a firefox startpage
   02:56 jsgotangco       but with so close to release, should we even consider opening up the firefox hompeage for translation
   02:56 cbx33            hmmm
   02:56 jsgotangco       localisation of firefox is *quite* complicated
   === ogra_ [n=ogra@p548AE622.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:57 JaneW            jsgotangco: what's your call on it?
   02:57 jsgotangco       im not sure if ogra_ is familiar with it
   02:57 JaneW            jsgotangco: is it worth attempting?
   02:57 highvoltage      on documentation, if someone wants to work on a 'getting started with lab administration' section for the getting started guide, that would be great.
   02:57 ogra_            i'm a slacker and didnt include them in edubuntu-docs yet :)
   02:57 highvoltage      even if it's something simple like adding users and managing users/groups.
   02:57 ogra_            sorry for the disconnect
   02:58 jsgotangco       JaneW: im not familiar with it at all, Diziet made a wiki page, but it made my brain fizzle
   02:58 JaneW            jsgotangco: :/
   02:58 ogra_            jsgotangco, thats my job to sort the technical side
   02:58 jsgotangco       although the start page is just 4 or 5 sentences
   02:58 JaneW            jsgotangco: we can;t do anything risky and cause instability, we'll be lynched
   02:58 ogra_            i'll sort it with Diziet
   02:58 JaneW            or worse
   02:59 jsgotangco       if we could finalise the page and make amendments, we can open up translation of the firefox page at least
   02:59 highvoltage      ogra: perhaps not strictly doc, but will firefox have links to schooltool/schoolbell, or will he have it in the start page at least?
   02:59 jsgotangco       no need for rosetta, just send in the same html page would do
   02:59 jsgotangco       highvoltage: it should really
   02:59 cbx33            school advocacy doc is growing big, anyone that want to contribute would be welcome https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuSchoolAdvocacy/Planning
   02:59 ogra_            jsgotangco, did you add that ?
   02:59 jsgotangco       i was thinking of directly linking from the upper right of the page
   02:59 jsgotangco       ogra_: no not yet, i was waiting for you
   03:00 cbx33            jsgotangco: moodle too?
   === jsgotangco needs to install a server later
   03:00 highvoltage      JaneW: that would be nice
   03:00 ogra_            nope
   03:00 ogra_            cbx33, sabdfl wants to go for LAMS
   03:00 LaserJock        sorry, I'm still new. Is there a Edubuntu doc repo? I've seen some stuff in the doc team repo but I don't think that is all of it.
   03:00 cbx33            ah ok
   03:00 ogra_            which is far beyond moodle
   03:00 cbx33            never used it
   03:00 jsgotangco       LaserJock: its our own svn too
   03:00 jsgotangco       LaserJock: im the only one using it
   03:00 flint            ogra, what is LAMS?
   03:00 LaserJock        jsgotangco: ah, ok
   03:01 cbx33            got a link ogra ?
   03:01 jsgotangco       LAMS should be good
   03:01 LaserJock        cbx33: google probably does ;-)
   === venkatachar [n=venkatac@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:01 cbx33            :p
   03:01 ogra_            lamsfoundation.org
   03:01 flint            cool
   03:02 highvoltage      nice
   03:02 jsgotangco       it needs java though no?
   03:02 flint            ogra, the schooltool gang will be less than thrilled with LAMS eh?
   03:02 highvoltage      jsgotangco: can you possibly create a wiki page for how to access edubuntu repro, and how to get documents from it?
   03:02 Bluekuja         highvoltage: there are news from the drupal translation?
   03:03 jsgotangco       highvoltage: sure its not really much to look at though, its basically the docteam repo in trunk
   03:03 ogra_            highvoltage++
   03:03 highvoltage      Bluekuja: yes, it's not currently supported, although Hedgemadge has a friend who's working on some php code that could provide a solution
   03:03 cbx33            nice
   03:03 highvoltage      Bluekuja: but in the meantime, nothing stops us from doing manual translations
   03:03 Bluekuja         highvoltage: great, it would be really nice to have a translated page in the edubuntu website
   === ogra_ has to leave soon
   === JaneW too
   03:04 cbx33            are we over time?
   03:04 JaneW            yes
   03:04 ogra_            you can, indeed
   03:04 JaneW            ok, last words
   03:04 highvoltage      Bluekuja: yep, i suggest you start translating existing pages alread
   === venkatachar [n=venkatac@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   03:04 JaneW            artwork seems to be starting to come together
   03:04 Bluekuja         highvoltage: ok, where i can find them?
   03:04 ogra_            yeah
   03:04 cbx33            lisa's hard at work
   03:04 JaneW            and we have seen some nice first drafts of ideas from cbx33 's wife
   03:04 Bluekuja         highvoltage: drupal website?
   03:04 ogra_            we had some new proposals from the marketing
   03:04 LaserJock        any status change on the Win95 clone?
   03:04 JaneW            please thanks lisa for those
   03:04 highvoltage      on artwork, https://wiki.edubuntu.org/JonathanCarter/emblem <-- ECC emblem :)
   03:04 cbx33            I will
   03:05 ogra_            seems we have no say about the chalkboard
   03:05 Bluekuja         nice one highvoltage
   03:05 Bluekuja         hehe
   03:05 JaneW            highvoltage: nice, but make it ec
   03:05 highvoltage      ogra_: OMG
   03:05 cbx33            ogra_: but we're trying t provide alternatives
   03:05 JaneW            else it's hard to distinguish
   03:05 ogra_            so the dapper release will have a chalkboard wallpaper and all other elements will get adjusted accordingly
   03:05 highvoltage      JaneW: ok
   03:05 cbx33            ogra_: that's insane
   03:05 ogra_            cbx33, no go ...
   03:05 JaneW            yes our default wall paper will be chalkboard themed, it is being improved
   03:06 ogra_            we'll include lisas wallpaper in any case
   03:06 JaneW            and we want to add some ROCKING alternatives
   03:06 ogra_            but it wont be the default theme
   03:06 JaneW            and then make sure everone switches to that :)
   03:06 LaserJock        ogra_: so what about the color scheme? will it be no longer orange?
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:06 ogra_            eah
   03:06 ogra_            LaserJock, it never was orange :)
   03:06 cbx33            ogra: I can't believe we're being forced on this
   03:06 cbx33            mustard :p
   03:06 jsgotangco       will it blend with red?
   03:06 ogra_            we have a dark bordeaux
   03:07 JaneW            cbx33: no it's drak green (chalkboard colour)
   03:07 LaserJock        ogra_: well, whatever. I'm terrible with colors (just ask my wife)
   03:07 JaneW            drak=dark
   03:07 ogra_            i'm working with the new wallpaper as background currently, and the red somewhat "works"
   03:07 ogra_            but i'll see what the design agency proposes
   03:07 jsgotangco       hrmmm
   === cbx33 is gonna cry
   === No1Viking [n=No4Vikin@h-83-140-104-3.ip.rixbredband.se] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:07 cbx33            :p
   03:07 kjcole           ogra_: oh you and your European spellings: It's spelled border. ;-)  (Showing my hick 'merican ways.)
   03:08 ogra_            :)+
   03:08 cbx33            is that a dodgy goaty :
   03:08 JaneW            kjcole: tsk
   03:08 jsgotangco       i gotta go downstairs first for late dinner
   03:08 jsgotangco       anything else for me?
   03:08 highvoltage      ogra_: dark bordeax? not windows 95 teal? ;)
   03:08 JaneW            maroon, or burgandy are easier to spell
   03:09 JaneW            highvoltage: teal is blue/green!
   03:09 jsgotangco       brb
   03:09 cbx33            jsgotangco: expect docs soon :p
   03:09 kjcole           university president.  See news reports.
   03:09 ogra_            highvoltage, the design agency will propse the default window border colors and i'll have to adjust the theme
   03:09 highvoltage      JaneW: sorry, i was thinking about the chalkboard color
   03:09 ogra_            anyway, i have to leave
   03:09 cbx33            see ya later ogra_
   03:10 cbx33            and thank you
   03:10 highvoltage      cheers ogra_
   03:10 JaneW            highvoltage: ok
   === ogra_ has visitors sitting infront waiting that he stops silent typing
   03:10 kjcole           Oops.  I said "Sorry to have been late -- and quiet.  Chaos and minor revolt concerning an unpopular choice of president for Gallaudet.  See news reports.
   03:10 Kamion           JaneW: "burgundy" ;-)
   03:10 highvoltage      JaneW: can you hit your hammer to adjourne the meeting?
   03:10 ogra_            feel free to go on, xubuntu starts in 20 min :)
   03:11 LaserJock        hmm, well this has been a lot shorter than CC meetings ;-)
   03:11 JaneW            Kamion: yes, that's the one
   03:11 JaneW            ok meeting adjourned
   03:11 JaneW            thanks everyone

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