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Meeting May 10, 2006

   10:02 JaneW        ok shall we start?
   10:02 highvoltage  i choose gimp.
   10:02 cbx33        indeed
   === highvoltage nods
   10:02 JaneW        highvoltage: thought you would
   10:02 JaneW        ;p
   === ogra pokes flint
   10:02 LaserJock    highvoltage: "Don't EAT ME!"
   10:02 highvoltage  LaserJock: i'll try
   10:02 JaneW        yes I hope the rest of the world appreciates this time, I nearly feel asleep just now :/
   10:03 Bluekuja     hehe, its ok for me
   10:03 JaneW        ok do we have a tech update?
   10:03 juliux       is there an agenda for today?
   10:03 ogra         i find it an intresting feeling to have an edubuntu meeting at night :)
   10:03 LaserJock    JaneW: what is your local time?
   10:03 JaneW        ogra: there was mention of a new bug in last thurs meeting
   10:03 highvoltage  me too, it doesn't feel real somehow
   10:03 JaneW        LaserJock: 10pm (but I am tired)
   10:03 highvoltage  it's like goint to school at night
   10:03 cbx33        juliux, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda
   10:03 ogra         https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda
   10:04 ogra         JaneW, there was ?
   10:04 juliux       thxs
   10:04 LaserJock    JaneW: well the last one was 5am for me, so it feels weird to have one in the light ;-)
   10:04 highvoltage  ogra: this is the part where you talk about lack of cd space and next beta release :)
   10:04 JaneW        ogra: so are there any serious bugs or other tech issues?
   10:04 ogra         all i can report is that i fixed ALL (!!!) ltsp bugs the last days, only whishlist ones are left
   10:04 JaneW        how's flight 7 looking?
   10:05 ogra         there is no flight 7
   10:05 JaneW        wow, sounds great
   10:05 cbx33        well done ogra
   10:05 LaserJock    ogra: way to go!
   10:05 highvoltage  ogra: nice :)
   10:05 Amaranth     nice
   10:05 ogra         we skipped 7
   10:05 Amaranth     going straight to RC?
   10:05 juliux       ogra, good job
   10:05 JaneW        ogra: for edubuntu only?
   10:05 ogra         flight 8 will be prepared at the end of this week
   10:05 cbx33        I always feel sorry for ogra at this point...everybody jumps on him :p
   10:05 JaneW        ogra: I didn't notice that
   10:06 ogra         JaneW, i wasnt notified before and i refuse to start preparing flights if i get notified 12h before
   10:06 JaneW        ogra: why did we not do flight 7?
   10:06 JaneW        oic ok
   10:06 JaneW        yes I recall that is was pretty sudden and unannounced
   10:06 highvoltage  quite
   10:06 ogra         its way too short time to get the CDs in shape, since a package from upload to archive currently takes ~4h
   === cbx33 too
   10:06 JaneW        do you think we needed it though?
   10:07 JaneW        edubuntu has been fairly static for a while now
   10:07 ogra         nope, it has changed a lot the last days
   10:07 JaneW        ok, so 8 should be good?
   10:07 cbx33        i tested a daily a few days ago
   10:07 cbx33        seemed fine
   10:07 ogra         i.e. the gcompris guys provided a patch that actually shrinks the package by 5M
   10:07 JaneW        how many more flight will there be do you think? 3 week to release now...
   10:07 cbx33        ah excellent
   10:07 ogra         8 should be great !
   10:07 highvoltage  wow! that's great of them
   10:07 JaneW        ogra: cool
   10:08 ogra         i think that'll be the last flight before RC
   10:08 cbx33        w00t
   10:08 highvoltage  hopefully gcompris will be more stable and less memory consuming too
   10:08 JaneW        ogra: can we implement that patch?
   10:08 ogra         but i'm not the release manager ;)
   10:08 ogra         JaneW, already done
   10:08 cbx33        JaneW, I think it's already done isn;t it ogra ?
   10:08 JaneW        ok, good
   10:08 highvoltage  gcompris in our tuxlabs often gets the load average to 80 on the server
   10:08 ogra         we need to drop *something* from amd64
   10:08 ogra         (3.5M oversized)
   10:08 JaneW        ogra: so you are happy to put you name in shining lights on Edubuntu 6.06?
   10:08 cbx33        ooooh
   10:08 JaneW        ogra: any suggestions?
   10:09 cbx33        and that's without artwork/docs ogra ?
   10:09 highvoltage  tuxtype?
   10:09 ogra         the other arches are fine (until i upload the new artwork package tonight or tomorrow i guess)
   10:09 cbx33        ogra, we have the new artwork?
   10:09 JaneW        ogra: the artwork shouldn't be too large
   10:09 ogra         i got the final artwork today, will perpare the package asap
   10:09 cbx33        excellent
   10:09 ogra         so flight 8 will have the finals
   10:09 cbx33        means we can start screenshots :D
   10:09 juliux       can we do an package with the old artwork?
   10:10 juliux       too
   10:10 JaneW        ogra: is the artwork going to be kept secret until the release date?
   10:10 JaneW        ogra: oh, ok^^
   10:10 cbx33        someof it is already released?
   10:10 JaneW        yes we need the screenshots
   10:10 ogra         and after working a week with the wallpaper i think we can go with red and orange to keep at least a minimal "warm" color
   10:10 cbx33        :D
   10:10 JaneW        ok so in the next week we should start seeing the final look
   10:10 ogra         else the artwork is *very* cold now
   10:10 ogra         yep
   10:11 JaneW        ogra: agreed, let's try stick to our themes as much as possible, without obvious clashing
   10:11 ogra         tomorrow you should :)
   10:11 cbx33        did you want lisas wallpaper in the aditional package?
   10:11 JaneW        so we may need to tone things down a bit
   10:11 ogra         cbx33, YES !
   === zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:11 JaneW        cbx33: did she finish it?
   10:11 cbx33        JaneW, we have this
   10:11 cbx33        www.progbox.co.uk/3.jpg
   === ogra would even take it unfinished as is)
   === JaneW looks...
   10:11 juliux       perhaps we can do an package edubuntu-art-work-warm ;)
   10:11 azeem        W 28
   10:11 azeem        sorry
   10:12 ogra         juliux, no space on the CD
   10:12 juliux       ogra, no on the cd
   10:12 ogra         cbx33, AWESOME !!
   10:12 JaneW        loading SLOWLY here
   10:12 cbx33        jane i have a smaller version?
   === zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   10:12 juliux       cbx33, cool
   10:12 cbx33        www.progbox.co.uk/33.jpg
   10:12 ogra         really kudos
   10:12 highvoltage  cbx33: yeah, it's really nice
   10:13 cbx33        ogra, will that be on the cd or as a universe package?
   10:13 JaneW        cool
   10:13 ogra         that'll be in the edubuntu-artwork package
   10:13 JaneW        cbx33: is she happy for us to use it?
   10:13 cbx33        highvoltage, we're still working on othe thing too :p
   10:13 JaneW        it's lovely
   10:13 ogra         if you run dpkg-reconfigure edubuntu-artwork you can select the young flavor
   10:13 cbx33        of course JaneW she drew all the characters for you :p
   10:13 highvoltage  cbx33: excellent :)
   10:13 JaneW        cbx33: what are the black things though, with the logo on them?
   10:13 cbx33        skateboard
   10:13 JaneW        cbx33: THANK-YOU LISA!!!!!
   10:13 ogra         JaneW, skateboard
   10:14 ogra         yeah, THANKS LISA !!!
   10:14 Bluekuja     cbx33: it's really a nice work
   10:14 JaneW        oh of course, I totally didn't notice that!
   10:14 ogra         its so great
   10:14 juliux       much better then the worldcard
   10:14 cbx33        :D
   10:14 JaneW        I thought it was 2 old LPs or something
   10:14 ogra         JaneW, Burgwork had the same prob
   === highvoltage considers doing a figlet for lisa, but decides to follow suite with THANK YOU LISA!
   10:14 cbx33        hehe
   10:14 ogra         ok, thats from the tech side
   10:14 highvoltage  he thought it was two old launchpads?
   10:15 JaneW        my new wallpaper :)
   10:15 LaserJock    hehe
   10:15 JaneW        it will be hard to say goodbye to edubuntu girl...
   === neutrinomass [n=pandis@ppp17-144.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:15 JaneW        but this at least makes me smile too, so it will be ok.
   10:15 ogra         JaneW, she's still in #edubuntu, we wont loose her
   === neutrinomass [n=pandis@ppp17-144.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   10:15 highvoltage  i think she has a feeling that something's going on
   10:16 JaneW        ogra: now we have da edubuntu homies ;)
   10:16 ogra         yeah, saw that
   10:16 cbx33        the homies rock
   10:16 highvoltage  yeah, they do
   10:16 ogra         JaneW, yep in eft+1 we'll have an "edubuntu gang" bot ;)
   10:16 JaneW        highvoltage: your personality split is getting scary
   10:16 JaneW        ok we'd better move on
   10:16 ogra         that can include edubuntu girl :)
   10:16 Burgwork     JaneW, I thought the person was fingering the watcher
   10:16 ogra         tech is done :)
   10:16 JaneW        so tech stuff - done
   10:16 highvoltage  JaneW: which personality split?
   10:17 JaneW        artwork - done
   10:17 ogra         heh, yes, alongside
   10:17 highvoltage  edubuntu girl NG
   10:17 JaneW        ogra: do you have all the artwork you need now?
   10:17 ogra         JaneW, yep
   10:17 JaneW        what about young splash?
   10:17 ogra         err
   10:17 cbx33        :D
   10:17 ogra         nope
   10:17 ogra         wait
   10:17 cbx33        want lisa to work on that?
   10:17 JaneW        and young login screen
   10:17 ogra         i have no usplash, i understood that we should get a new one as well
   10:18 ogra         mdz asked about it in his mail
   10:18 ogra         but since i didnt hear from silbs i guess we wont get one :/
   === HedgeMage [i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:18 HedgeMage    thanks, highvoltage, I almost forgot
   10:18 cbx33        ogra, if you want any edubuntugang stuff, just submit specs to me and I'll pass them to lisa
   10:18 HedgeMage    it's been on eof those days
   10:18 mdz          ogra: we can try to get one, but there is very little time
   10:18 JaneW        ogra: we'd better send a mail to silbs and mdz detailing each of the themes and showing what we'll be using, to make sure there are no major issues
   10:18 ogra         to be honest, the artwork situation this release was quite horrible
   10:18 JaneW        ogra: could you compile that please?
   10:18 ogra         yep
   10:19 JaneW        ogra: but we saw examples, and you designed at least one...
   10:19 ogra         mdz, yep, thats why i answered we could take the old one
   10:19 ogra         JaneW, me ?
   10:19 ogra         not the usplash, no
   10:19 JaneW        ogra: well you showed me a few, in any event
   10:19 ogra         i mean, i designed the current one, yes
   10:20 ogra         JaneW, are you sure you are talking about usplash ?
   10:20 JaneW        ogra: the circle of friends one, and that other shiney one etc
   10:20 ogra         thats the gnome splash
   10:20 ogra         we have one from the design company now
   10:20 JaneW        ogra: no, I think I am talking gnome splash
   10:20 JaneW        not Usplash
   10:20 highvoltage  edubuntu is 40% shinier than any of the other ubuntu distro's
   10:20 cbx33        is there a seperate young gnome splash?
   === Riddell disagrees with highvoltage there
   10:21 highvoltage  Riddell: you would :)
   10:21 ogra         highvoltage, not anymore ... in fact it looks quite cold and uncomfortable ...
   10:21 JaneW        erk, let's not have a derivative war!
   10:21 JaneW        we are all shiny
   10:21 ogra         i'm trying what i can to compensate that but i only have the window borders and the menu highlight color
   10:21 JaneW        (but some are shinier than others)
   10:21 highvoltage  ogra: ok, the shiny red theme not default theme anymore?
   10:21 cbx33        we are all ubuntu after all
   10:21 ogra         highvoltage, i think we'll keep that
   10:22 ogra         it works with the chalkboard
   10:22 JaneW        ogra: do you need further artwork help?
   10:22 ogra         JaneW, nope
   10:22 JaneW        ogra: and can Lisa do designs for the U & gnome splashes etc?
   10:22 ogra         apart from the final homies pic if lisa wants to d more on it
   === HedgeMage is finishing the cookbook stuff she signed up for as we speak
   10:22 HedgeMage    Anything useful I can do once that's finished?
   === ogra applauds HedgeMage
   10:23 JaneW        HedgeMage: great we'll discuss that next
   10:23 ogra         :)
   10:23 sladen       a black and white chalkboard for the edubuntu usplash would work very well
   10:23 JaneW        ogra: so are you happy you have artwork under control?
   10:23 cbx33        ogra, what's the deadline for the homies stuff
   10:23 ogra         sladen, please not more chalkboards
   10:23 highvoltage  cbx33: you said you had a jw homie, could you upload that too?
   10:23 cbx33        will do, :D
   10:23 JaneW        sladen: we are not terribly fond of chalkboards anymore :)
   10:23 ogra         JaneW, for some kind of minimal value of control, yes
   10:23 ogra         (very minimal)
   10:24 cbx33        ogra, cease this mumbo jumbo :p
   10:24 ogra         i have the artwork and we can go with the old usplash
   10:24 JaneW        ogra: LOL (understood)
   10:24 cbx33        minimal values blah...make sme think I'm back at uni
   10:24 LaserJock    cbx33: the Edubuntu uni ;-)
   10:24 cbx33        :p
   10:24 JaneW        ogra: surprise us
   10:24 ogra         all i have to do is packaging it and make sure we have the space on the CD
   10:24 highvoltage  ogra: just not naked people again please
   10:24 JaneW        ok artwork - discussed, TBC soon
   10:25 JaneW        ok documentation
   10:25 JaneW        let's talk about TDC
   10:25 JaneW        The Dreaded Cookbook
   10:25 cbx33        heh
   10:25 JaneW        where are we with that?
   10:25 ogra         i was approached at linuxtag by some guys who want to make a german translated printed edition of it :)
   10:25 HedgeMage    ogra told me it was due on the 10th, so naturally I'm doing it at the last possible moment.
   10:25 HedgeMage    But, it'll be done in a couple of hours :)
   10:26 JaneW        spacey and pygi took ownership...
   10:26 ogra         HedgeMage, i told you ?
   10:26 HedgeMage    where it = my parts
   10:26 highvoltage  ugh. it's the 10th today
   10:26 HedgeMage    ogra: I think it was you
   10:26 JaneW        ogra: awesome, ... now we just need to finish it
   10:26 highvoltage  HedgeMage: you mean pygi
   10:26 highvoltage  pygi is going to kick my ass tomorrow
   10:26 ogra         unlikely, i tend to ignore deadlines where i'm allowed to
   === cbx33 is happy to proof and make corrections if that's needed?
   10:26 HedgeMage    highvoltage: could have been, it was near dawn my time when the discussion was had
   10:26 highvoltage  i'll have to stay up late to work on the cookbook then
   10:26 ogra         and edubuntu docs is something where we can slip
   10:26 HedgeMage    cbx33: I'd like that when mine goes up
   10:26 JaneW        ogra: how much?
   10:27 JaneW        ogra: to the end of the week?
   10:27 LaserJock    ogra: the doc team is starting a lulu.com store for print copies of doc team material
   10:27 ogra         i'd say until short before RC
   10:27 cbx33        HedgeMage, just ping me or mail me a link : silentkeystroke@googlemail.com
   10:27 highvoltage  also on docs, cbx33 is going to do some wiki cleanup (which is *much* needed)
   10:27 highvoltage  cbx33: perhaps you'd like to mention your plans?
   10:27 HedgeMage    cbx33: okay, will do
   10:27 cbx33        indeed i am
   10:27 JaneW        ogra: but we need time to proof and finalise, so the sooner the better
   10:27 ogra         but given that we might need to get corrections in, probably end of the week is better
   10:27 JaneW        what's the likelyhood that this beast is going to be done?
   10:27 HedgeMage    cbx33: what kind of plans? World domination?
   10:27 cbx33        I've started a clean up wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuWikiCleanup
   10:28 cbx33        please if you have any comments on pages just add them below
   10:28 cbx33        I intend to make a new mockup of the wiki front page ~ASAP
   10:28 JaneW        cbx33: great thanks, that will help a lot
   10:28 HedgeMage    cool
   10:28 cbx33        any ideas comments just mail em to me, I'll setup a mock page tomorrow morning
   10:28 JaneW        we need to make the content valid for the dapper release
   10:28 cbx33        indeed
   10:28 cbx33        that is the main plan
   10:28 ogra         note that we need to make the ltsp docs common, they are not edubuntu specific
   10:28 JaneW        good
   10:28 cbx33        also there is a lot of redundnt data in the old one
   10:28 ogra         even if i always put them below edubuntu docs
   10:28 JaneW        ogra: yes
   10:29 cbx33        see the cleanup
   10:29 highvoltage  ogra: noted
   10:29 cbx33        ogra, noted about the ltsp
   10:29 cbx33        i will edit mine
   10:29 highvoltage  ogra: so they should stay out of the /Edubuntu namespace?
   10:29 cbx33        think we need to pull these together
   10:29 ogra         i think Applicationselectin can go
   === highvoltage agrees with cbx33
   10:29 cbx33        into a kind of ltsp manual
   10:29 cbx33        cookbook possibly
   10:29 highvoltage  all the seperate ltsp pages is a bit confusing
   10:29 ogra         in favor od the ESA
   === juliux_ [n=juliux@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:30 ogra         *of
   10:30 cbx33        ogra, yes - and ther eare several others like that
   10:30 ogra         it was a crappy page i used as a dynamic list while we did the first appselection
   10:30 ogra         edubuntu desktop can go as well
   10:30 ogra         -software too
   10:30 cbx33        mark them on the cleanup if you could ogra :p
   10:31 ogra         ok
   10:31 highvoltage  most of the original wiki can go. some parts need to be redone.
   10:31 Burgwork     when cleaning up the wiki, remember to look for pages that link in, if you are going to delete
   10:31 ogra         yep
   10:31 highvoltage  but i trust cbx33 with it :)
   10:31 cbx33        thanks highvoltage
   10:31 cbx33        I'll not be deleting anything....but moving for now
   10:32 ogra         the *goals pages are worth archiving
   10:32 Burgwork     cbx33, moving == deleting in moin
   10:32 highvoltage  Burgwork: if we'd want to delete some pages, do we just ping on -doc, or should it just be marked as a category for deletion?
   10:32 Burgwork     highvoltage, just delete them
   10:32 JaneW        yes app selection was hacked together at the summit, I think it' largely irrelevant now
   10:32 Burgwork     we trust you
   10:32 ogra         err
   10:32 JaneW        although we should have a list of packaged apps
   10:32 cbx33        :D
   10:32 ogra         DapperGoals are the ubuntu dapper goals
   10:32 ogra         how did that end up there =
   10:32 ogra         ?
   10:32 cbx33        ogra, its a wiki :p
   10:33 highvoltage  check the history?
   10:33 ogra         our pages are all prefixed with Edubuntu
   10:33 cbx33        if the majority of the cleanup page is approved by you guys I'll start on that tomorrow hopefully
   10:34 ogra         please make things like TeachingTools EdubuntuTechingTools
   10:34 LaserJock    JaneW: all package on the Edubuntu CD or just the edubuntu specific ones?
   10:34 ogra         *Teaching
   10:34 JaneW        LaserJock: relevent ones I think
   10:34 cbx33        ogra, yes will do
   10:34 ogra         LaserJock, even the science packages from universe
   10:35 cbx33        JaneW, does the ESA cover it ?
   10:35 JaneW        so mostly the edu stuff and then mention the other main ubuntu app like OOo xchat etc
   10:35 ogra         i looked at the german edubuntu wiki page today, it links to UbuntuScience ;)
   10:35 cbx33        so ESA should voer it
   10:35 JaneW        yes
   10:35 cbx33        xchat isn't it edubuntu is it?
   10:35 ogra         yes, ESA covbers the installed stuff
   10:35 JaneW        cbx33: yes I have it
   10:35 cbx33        I had to manually install it
   10:35 JaneW        I have edu desktop install
   10:36 ogra         we dont ship any chat program anymore
   10:36 cbx33        ogra, can you confirm
   10:36 cbx33        didn;t think so
   10:36 ogra         its been dropped from ubuntu
   10:36 cbx33        that is supprising
   10:36 JaneW        unless ogra cheated and just gave me the artwork on top of ubuntu
   10:36 ogra         they say gaim is enough
   10:36 JaneW        argh
   10:36 cbx33        give me xchat anyday :p
   === JaneW too
   10:36 Bluekuja     me too
   10:36 Bluekuja     i love it
   10:36 JaneW        anyway that's not our decision
   10:36 ogra         its in universe :)
   10:37 cbx33        :d
   10:37 JaneW        so ppl will learn how to d/l and install
   10:37 LaserJock    ok, so if you want I can work on package lists
   10:37 Bluekuja     hehe yes
   10:37 cbx33        ok can i add a little bit about ESA?
   10:37 highvoltage  ogra: don't we even have irssi in edubuntu!? that should be part of the base install!
   10:37 ogra         if i had the space to play around i'd re-add it, really
   10:37 cbx33        ogra, I believe you
   10:37 JaneW        ok so is anyone owning getting the cookbook finished? still pygi and spacey?
   10:37 LaserJock    highvoltage: it is, I'm pretty sure
   10:37 cbx33        LaserJock, what pacakge list?
   10:37 ogra         cbx33, tell us about ESA
   10:38 LaserJock    cbx33: JaneW wanted an Edubuntu package list
   10:38 ogra         cbx33, scientific apps
   10:38 highvoltage  JaneW: yes
   10:38 cbx33        ESA has come along in leaps and bounds....it's now in the ubuntu-doc svn repo
   10:38 cbx33        hoping to get the screenshots now that the artwork has been finalised
   10:38 JaneW        highvoltage: ok I am going to mail them for an official status update
   10:38 LaserJock    cbx33: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/school-advocacy/C/school-advocacy.html
   10:38 ogra         do you have any estimated size for it ?
   10:39 highvoltage  JaneW: great
   10:39 cbx33        thanx LaserJock
   10:39 JaneW        cbx33: yes
   10:39 JaneW        highvoltage: will you be able to put a few updated screenshots on the site too once they are available?
   10:39 highvoltage  JaneW: absolutely
   10:39 cbx33        I will put the most uptodate ESA on the wiki
   10:39 JaneW        oh and we'll need to start working on our release announcement too
   10:39 ogra         ok
   10:39 cbx33        then we can add screenshots there
   10:39 JaneW        is mgalvin working on those yet?
   10:40 HedgeMage    highvoltage: I could use some help with screen shots for my install chapter, too, if you're willing
   10:40 cbx33        please if someone is using a package, or knows how to use it and can produce good screenshots that would be appreiciated
   10:40 cbx33        we really need to show these off
   10:40 HedgeMage    I can do app/package shots, just not install shots (no vm)
   10:40 HedgeMage    cbx33: just give me a list :)
   10:40 cbx33        HedgeMage, that'd be excellent
   10:40 cbx33        check ESA
   10:40 highvoltage  HedgeMage: ok, there's a whole range of installation screenshots at http://www.edubuntu.org/gettingstarted
   10:40 ogra         the install wont change
   10:40 cbx33        it's all there
   10:40 highvoltage  HedgeMage: but if you need any more, please let me know, and I'll arrange
   10:40 ogra         so highvoltages shots from there are fine
   10:41 HedgeMage    highvoltage: cool thanks you rock
   10:41 ogra         highvoltage, did you change the "admin" thing ?
   10:41 HedgeMage    cbx33: ESA????
   10:41 cbx33        ogra, are we documenting the ubiquity install?
   10:41 highvoltage  ogra: no, not yet. do you recommend that i do?
   10:41 cbx33        HedgeMage, see LaserJock's link above
   10:41 ogra         and please note that the screenresulution question is not a common one
   10:41 JaneW        HedgeMage: there are install shots in OsDir already
   10:41 ogra         it only happens if autodetection fails
   10:41 highvoltage  ogra: 'sysadmin' would be fine, right?
   10:41 HedgeMage    thanks
   10:41 ogra         yep
   10:41 JaneW        those aren;t changing afaik
   10:41 ogra         cbx33, we dont ship liveCDs
   10:42 cbx33        ok np
   10:42 cbx33        just checking
   10:42 ogra         no need to extra document ubiquity, since its identical on ubuntu
   === highvoltage noticed that there is a shipit.edubuntu.org last week
   10:42 HedgeMage    JaneW: in where? sorry :(
   10:42 ogra         just that the windowframe is brown not red :)
   10:42 LaserJock    highvoltage: cool
   10:42 JaneW        HedgeMage: lemme find link
   10:43 ogra         yep, shipit it in test run currently
   10:43 cbx33        nice
   10:43 HedgeMage    question: when I start doing app screenshots, should I do them all with the default theme (for consistency) ?
   10:43 highvoltage  HedgeMage: yep
   10:43 cbx33        HedgeMage, yes, once ogra has released the artwork
   10:43 ogra         yup
   10:43 LaserJock    HedgeMage: yes, or you will be assigned to all related bug reports ;-)
   10:43 HedgeMage    ogra: what's ETA on that?
   10:43 HedgeMage    LaserJock: LOL
   10:43 ogra         the apps artwork wont change ... as long as you dont have the wallpaper in them all is fine
   === HedgeMage hides from the bugs
   10:44 cbx33        ogra, thank you
   10:44 ogra         HedgeMage, tomorrow
   10:44 HedgeMage    ogra: okay, cool
   10:44 JaneW        HedgeMage:
   10:44 JaneW        http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=621&slide=1
   10:44 HedgeMage    ogra: poke me tomorrow and remind me if it's not too much trouble, please
   10:44 ogra         oki
   10:44 HedgeMage    thanks JaneW
   10:44 JaneW        HedgeMage: those are 6.06 beta
   10:45 ogra         JaneW, thats all liveCD
   10:45 ogra         (bootscreen etc)
   10:46 JaneW        ogra: ah right, there were more then...
   10:46 JaneW        ogar: oh and this is what I mean earlier, didn;t you make this http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=621&slide=3
   10:46 ogra         the gettingstarted page has currently the best installer shots we have
   10:47 ogra         JaneW, yup
   10:47 ogra         but intentional as an interim
   10:47 ogra         i found it too dark when i created it already
   10:47 ogra         or rather too saturated
   === highvoltage looks at that osdir page
   10:48 JaneW        it is nice though and certainly better than not having any edubuntu one
   10:48 JaneW        ogra: and what about that install video?
   10:48 JaneW        ogra: shall we try to use it somehow
   10:48 JaneW        ?
   10:48 ogra         we should advertise it, yes
   10:49 cbx33        anyone seen the plethora of edubuntu videos on goolge?
   10:49 highvoltage  yep
   10:49 HedgeMage    nope, I'll have to look
   10:49 ogra         http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/splash_05a.png
   10:49 JaneW        ok I think we should link to some of the better tutorials, esp Chris's one which is very good
   10:50 JaneW        it made me want to install it!
   10:50 ogra         and: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/edubuntu/dapper_art/chalkboard.png
   10:50 cbx33        ogra, nice splash
   10:50 ogra         imagine the splash on the chalkboard :)
   10:50 ogra         makes me freezy
   10:50 JaneW        ogra: that splash matches at least
   10:50 cbx33        JaneW, my point
   10:50 highvoltage  JaneW: what did you mean about that osdir page?
   10:50 JaneW        it goes with the theme
   10:50 ogra         but hey, the guy who made it has studied it i guess
   10:51 cbx33        heh
   10:51 highvoltage  ogra: i see what you mean with cold
   === TobSiCret [n=tobias@hnvr-d9b8eaa4.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:51 JaneW        highvoltage: nm, I thought there were installer screenshots, but there aren't :(
   10:51 JaneW        highvoltage: the other one was the splash
   10:51 ogra         it pretty much the opposite of our breezy appearance
   10:52 ogra         JaneW, there were a lot better ones in the splash selection
   10:52 cbx33        true
   10:52 ogra         that also matched
   10:52 JaneW        ogra: at this point all we can do is say 'I told you so' if it is not well received in the community
   10:52 cbx33        highvoltage, did you post on your blog yet?
   10:52 JaneW        ogra: do we have to keep it for 5 years!?
   10:52 JaneW        3 rather
   10:52 ogra         JaneW, 3 only
   10:52 LaserJock    ogra: quick question, will people that dist-upgrade from breezy still have the breezy theme?
   10:52 cbx33        you're kidding right?
   10:53 ogra         our server luckily depends on desktop stuff :)
   10:53 highvoltage  cbx33: no, sadly i forgot to download ogra's presentation at work the past three days :(
   10:53 ogra         LaserJock, nope
   10:53 cbx33        hehe
   10:53 LaserJock    ogra: that will be a shock
   10:53 ogra         yep
   10:54 highvoltage  Thomas Hoffman complained when he was greeted with edubuntugirl after a dist-upgrade
   10:54 ogra         i only have the opportunity to say "i told you so" afterwards
   10:54 highvoltage  i wonder what he'll say after his next dist-upgrade :)
   10:54 ogra         he'll be pleased
   10:54 cbx33        only if he had the Homies
   10:54 ogra         who knows, probably he was involved in the selection ;)
   10:55 cbx33        anything else?
   === ogra is no friend of t.h. since he asked about bugs and released that as an interview a day later
   10:56 highvoltage  next time we have a meeting at 22:00 we should announce it to the edubuntu list, methinks
   === cbx33 has one final point if ther eis time....
   10:56 ogra         JaneW, any Management and/or Community stuff ?
   10:56 ogra         highvoltage, yep
   10:56 highvoltage  i think there's some people in other timezones that didn't know about this meeting
   10:56 JaneW        well there's SoC, but that's not specific to Edubuntu
   10:57 ogra         we should also make the agenda page more promintent
   10:57 JaneW        and the summit in June
   10:57 ogra         yeah, SoC
   10:57 JaneW        the sponsorships are still being considered
   10:57 highvoltage  ogra: noted
   10:57 highvoltage  ogra: it can link directly from our www page?
   10:57 ogra         we have two edubuntu SoC's with mentors now :)
   10:57 Amaranth     JaneW: *crosses fingers*
   10:57 JaneW        we should have definite answers by the end of the week on sponsorships
   10:57 ogra         highvoltage, yep
   10:57 ogra         oh yes, the summit :)
   10:57 JaneW        looks like we'll get 2/3 edubuntu ppl though
   10:57 juliux       JaneW, thats good
   10:58 ogra         UbuntruFrenchKiss :)
   10:58 HedgeMage    nice
   10:58 ogra         oops
   10:58 ogra         *Ubuntu
   === TobSiCret [n=tobias@hnvr-d9b8eaa4.pool.mediaWays.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
   === cbx33 has one final point if there is time....
   10:58 highvoltage  two minutes :)
   10:59 cbx33        and nothing else to discuss
   10:59 juliux       cbx33, some here, because i get an holiday job in london
   === HedgeMage listens
   10:59 highvoltage  cbx33: speak!
   === cbx33 is putting together a proposal
   10:59 cbx33        to take edubuntu to the BETT show in london next year
   10:59 highvoltage  cbx33: paste your wiki link
   10:59 cbx33        it's in January, it's going ot take some convicing, as it isn't cheap
   11:00 cbx33        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BETTShow2007
   11:00 ogra         oh, btw i agreed to sladen that i'll hold an edubuntu talk at http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2006/
   11:00 ogra         while we're at shows
   11:00 cbx33        any ideas for fundraising or 3rd party sponsorship
   11:00 cbx33        please let me know
   11:01 cbx33        also if anyone would be available to come ot london to help out that'd be cool
   11:01 cbx33        thanx guys
   11:01 cbx33        that's me done
   11:01 highvoltage  i'll also be pimping edubuntu next week at linuxworld in Jo'burg
   11:01 JaneW        yes please if you can add to the proposal that would be great
   11:01 cbx33        highvoltage, nice
   11:01 cbx33        this is a chance to show edubutu to educational people
   11:01 JaneW        we need to have a plan before we approach management for assistance
   11:01 highvoltage  (that's when i'm not playing pranks on jdub, of course)
   11:01 Amaranth     the sioux city school district's IT guys started the local lug, i should see if they know about edubuntu
   11:01 JaneW        and need a plan b for funding if management say no, or only partially yes
   11:02 HedgeMage    cbx33: I could come if there were fundage for it, but I don't have the money to travel like that on my own budget :/
   11:02 cbx33        JaneW, exactly
   11:02 highvoltage  JaneW: good idea, i think we might need to put time aside to discuss that, don't you think?
   11:02 JaneW        highvoltage: yes please do!
   11:02 JaneW        highvoltage: are you taking ubuntu CDs?
   11:02 highvoltage  JaneW: yes, i am
   11:03 cbx33        are we shipping over to #edubuntu now?
   11:03 JaneW        highvoltage: yes, but I think we should maybe do it after the release when thing settle down (discuss BETT proposal)
   11:03 cbx33        JaneW, yes i agree
   11:03 ogra         yep, time is over
   11:03 sladen       ogra: good point, did you sort out that talk with agk
   11:03 highvoltage  how is may the 23rd, 12:00 UTC for everyone, for a discussion on approaching management and edubuntu proposals?
   11:03 JaneW        highvoltage: oh please do something nasty to jdub!
   11:03 ogra         lets give Ubugtu an opportunity to clean up the room :)
   11:03 highvoltage  JaneW: ok :)
   11:03 ogra         sladen, not yet ... but end of june is far out :)
   11:04 JaneW        highvoltage: I think we must wait till first week in June
   11:04 JaneW        we have to finish dapper
   11:04 JaneW        cookbook
   11:04 JaneW        ark
   11:04 ogra         sladen, i'll come if no ubuntu schedule gets in the way
   11:04 JaneW        wiki
   11:04 highvoltage  JaneW: ok, we can make a time in the next meeting then
   11:04 JaneW        etc etc
   11:04 JaneW        highvoltage: yes sure
   11:04 JaneW        ok thanks guys
   11:05 ogra         adjourned :)

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