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Meeting May 24, 2006 (Informal)


  • ogra - still some problems with oversized isos


  • JaneW - announced that she is leaving Canonical in mid-June and started to prepare for people to take over some roles

    • cbx33 and mhz - volunteered to take over spam duty on edubuntu-devel

    • cbx33 - was asked to take on the role of council/minute scribing and posting, and told to delegate as necessary

  • JaneW - announced that shipit.edubuntu.com was now accepting orders and cbx33 added that orders were limited to 5 at the moment

  • ogra - made a plea for more developers to help with edubuntu

  • ogra - volunteered, to be the official meeting reminder guy Wink ;)

  • mhz - was concerned at edubuntu losing a female voice in Canonical

  • cbx33 - presented JaneW with her likeness sketch drawn by lisa, JaneW]


  • flint - reported that jelkner was experiencing a fantastic feedback from the Homies wallpaper


  • ogra - Brought everyones attention to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CodeNamesToVersionNumbers and urged people to look at it very hard before the release

  • cbx33 - mentioned about the wiki move, ogra mentioned that most of the edubuntu wiki articles would not be moving yet as most of them are still WIP

  • cbx33 - announced that he and highvoltage were working on the new CSS theme for edubuntu.org

  • cbx33 - stated he had been working clearing the wiki and pulling together all the LTSP documents, and the new wiki front page

  • JaneW - mentioned she had mailed the video install author and was waiting for a reply

  • cbx33 - announced ESA had been frozen and that it was currently being ported to scribus and drupal


  • JaneW - expressed concern at there only being 4 EC members left, ogra stated whilst it was not ideal, they could still function.

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