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Meeting May 31, 2006

   02:03 JaneW       hi all
   02:03 highvoltage hi JaneW
   02:03 GrumpyPiano Hey
   02:04 JaneW       so it;s the day before the release
   02:04 GrumpyPiano Mhmm cant wait :D
   === JaneW is not feeling very talkative today
   02:04 JaneW       who has updates?
   02:05 ogra        just a word about the CD
   02:05 HedgeMage   Hmmm... I don't see pygi so I could update on Cookbook I guess.
   === HedgeMage listens to ogra
   02:05 JaneW       ogra: go
   02:05 ogra        edubuntu live is gold for all arches and wont change anymore from the 20060531 iso
   02:05 ajmitch     excellent :)
   02:05 jsgotangco  \o/
   02:05 JaneW       ok
   02:06 JaneW       ogra: more testing needed?
   02:06 highvoltage whohoo!
   02:06 JaneW       well done ogra :)
   02:06 azeem       ogra: congrats
   02:06 HedgeMage   :)
   02:06 HedgeMage   ogra: good job!
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   02:06 highvoltage ogra: so edubuntu is the first to get to release point? ogra you deserve a medal :)
   02:06 ogra        edubuntu install 20060530.2 which i tested through this night was good as well, there was a minor bugfix which caused a 20060531 iso which needs new testing (but i expect no regressions)
   02:06 JaneW       everyone who is going to paris please buy ogra a drink for me!
   02:07 HedgeMage   :D and one for me
   02:07 jsgotangco  no he needs a game of bliss after this
   02:07 HedgeMage   hehe
   02:07 jsgotangco  ;D
   === jeffwaddell [n=jeff@c-71-197-189-235.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:07 HedgeMage   hi jeffwaddell
   02:07 ogra        edubuntu dvd is problematic, i just finished the tests of the complete set but was offline most of the morning so i didnt know there are new isos (since 30min)
   === highvoltage will make sure that ogra never has to pay for beer in paris
   === jeffwaddell grumbes about not being that comfortable in Xchat
   02:08 JaneW       jsgotangco: with you?
   02:08 LaserJock   jeffwaddell: no irssi?
   02:08 highvoltage ogra: what's the problem with the dvd's?
   02:08 ogra        during the night i could rsync a dvd in 11mins ... te ETA on the current one is 5.3h
   === jsgotangco thinks
   02:08 highvoltage ouch :(
   02:08 ogra        which makes 15h for 3 arches
   02:08 HedgeMage   ouch.
   02:08 JaneW       ogra: and are the CD sizes ok now?
   02:08 jsgotangco  eww
   02:09 LaserJock   ogra: they really should get a mirror that isn't advertised for devs or something
   02:09 jeffwaddell LaserJock, Xchat is on this ubuntu (yeah!!!) box, don't know if irssi is but know that BitchX is not
   02:09 ogra        JaneW, we wouldnt be able to release if there were breakages
   02:09 LaserJock   jeffwaddell: irssi is on by default
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: true
   02:09 ogra        and we certainly will release all flavors for all arches ;)
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: does mdz have to 'sign off' or something?
   02:09 JaneW       ogra: great
   02:09 ogra        at least thats how it looks atm
   02:10 ogra        if i dont fall asleep before i have tested everything ;)
   02:10 jeffwaddell LaserJock, I see that is...having never used it before I wonder if it's more comfortable than xchat
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   02:10 JaneW       ogra: you feeling finished?
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: I hope you aren;t ill too?
   === LaserJock sends ogra some caffeine pills to help get Dapper out the door
   02:11 JaneW       jeffwaddell: can you discuss that elsewhere please?
   02:11 jeffwaddell janew, yep
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: you can crash after you party
   02:11 JaneW       pr before if you really have to
   02:11 JaneW       ogra: I think you have done GREAT this cycle
   02:11 JaneW       thank-you
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   02:11 ogra        i'm not done yet
   02:12 ogra        send your congrats tomorrow after the release
   02:12 ogra        oh, btw if someone could prepare a release announcement, that would rock
   02:13 HedgeMage   I could do that I think... just a little "here it is" sort of thing?  how long?
   02:13 JaneW       jsgotangco: ..?^^^
   02:13 JaneW       ogra: are we announcing them all together?
   02:13 ogra        there is surely a template of the ubuntu one on the wiki
   02:13 JaneW       HedgeMage: thanks
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   02:13 jsgotangco  ogra: i thought we're announcing them all at the same time???
   02:13 HedgeMage   cool, np
   02:14 highvoltage how about updating the previous release announcement?
   === jsgotangco is confused
   02:14 HedgeMage   once it's done, where am I putting it?
   02:14 HedgeMage   highvoltage: good idea ;)
   02:15 jsgotangco  HedgeMage: if you can please do, if not, please ping me immediately about it and i could do a 10 minute job again
   02:15 ogra        i dont think so for the final announcement
   02:15 ogra        highvoltage, the *release* announcement should list all new features over breezy
   02:15 ogra        its not like a flight announcement
   === JaneW is looking for an ubuntu announcement
   02:15 HedgeMage   ahh okay
   02:15 jsgotangco  JaneW: try lwn
   02:15 ogra        im pretty sure mgalvin is somehow involved in the ubuntu announcement
   === HedgeMage listens and learns and gets ready to write
   02:15 highvoltage ogra: i wasn't talking about a flight announcement, i was suggesting using the previous release announcement as a template
   02:15 ogra        the breezy one ?
   02:15 ogra        no that wasnt very good :)
   02:16 highvoltage ok
   02:16 jsgotangco  that was a 5 minute job heh
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   02:16 HedgeMage   lol
   02:16 HedgeMage   well, I have given up on sleep, so I have between now and whenever TT wakes to do it
   02:16 ogra        yeah, and worse, it looks like one :)
   02:16 HedgeMage   brb
   02:16 highvoltage jsgotangco: please start your 10 minute job, if you have 10 minutes now. even if HedgeMage does it. then we can combine the best of the two?
   02:17 highvoltage this was the old one: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuReleaseAnnouncement
   02:17 jsgotangco  sure i have some of the technical improvements on paper somewhere
   === jsgotangco starts digging at his pile
   02:18 LaserJock   there were technical improvments in Dapper? ;-) j/k
   02:18 ogra        the technical improvements were all in the flight announcements
   === JaneW can't find anything
   02:18 highvoltage LaserJock: just look at the changelog for ltsp alone ;)
   02:18 jsgotangco  LaserJock: lots in LTSP
   02:18 ogra        jsgotangco, i merged you a list iirc
   02:18 jsgotangco  yeah i have it
   02:18 ogra        and mailed it a while ago
   === jsgotangco has it now
   02:19 JaneW       yikes look at this... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes
   02:20 JaneW       "Ubuntu is a Linux distribution aimed for educators to easily deploy and maintain a learning environment" ...??
   02:20 jsgotangco  JaneW: that seems to be stale lately
   02:20 jsgotangco  original doc i wrote is BreezyReleaseNotes
   02:20 JaneW       jsgotangco: but Ubuntu is not specifically for educators at all
   02:20 highvoltage on system requirements, requirements for "LTSP Server" would also be great
   02:20 HedgeMage   back
   02:21 jsgotangco  it is probably something i wrote without thinking
   02:21 JaneW       ok
   02:21 JaneW       but punting of edubuntu is always good
   02:21 HedgeMage   jsgotangco: can you toss me that list please?
   02:21 JaneW       subliminal advertising
   02:21 jsgotangco  HedgeMage: email?
   02:22 ogra        highvoltage, the ones from the CD cover
   02:22 HedgeMage   jsgotangco: hedgemage@binaryredneck.net
   02:22 jsgotangco  cool
   02:22 highvoltage ogra: there are ltsp requirements on the CD cover?
   02:22 ogra        yes
   02:22 highvoltage ogra: i haven't seen a cd cover for dapper yet. are they public?
   02:22 ogra        argh, amd64 install failed ...
   02:23 LaserJock   :(
   02:23 JaneW       highvoltage: yes
   02:23 JaneW       in DiyMarketing
   02:24 jsgotangco  HedgeMage: you can look at this too http://lwn.net/Articles/155632/
   02:24 JaneW       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing
   02:24 HedgeMage   jsgotangco: thanks
   02:24 JaneW       highvoltage: they are quite nice (if you use a proper pdf viewer)
   === jsgotangco haven't seen the covers either
   02:26 highvoltage (docteam) http://help.ubuntu.com/quicktour/C/quicktour.html lists a screenshot of ltsp.org's website next to LTSP
   02:26 jsgotangco  hey these are old models
   02:26 highvoltage yeah, ignore that for now, I'll bring the page up in ubuntu-doc later
   02:27 JaneW       btw guys I have not heard back from Chrsi Coldwell yet (re that Edubuntu Install Video)
   02:28 JaneW       sorry I meant Chris
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   02:30 jsgotangco  is it required atm?
   === raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:32 highvoltage meeting still going? :)
   02:32 JaneW       jsgotangco: well we wanted it on the site
   02:32 JaneW       last week it was one of my actions to follow it up
   02:32 HedgeMage   highvoltage: yep
   02:32 highvoltage JaneW: it can still go on. we're not bound to release cycles for website updates
   02:32 JaneW       highvoltage: yes
   02:32 JaneW       highvoltage: although it will be a breezy install
   02:33 highvoltage JaneW: although, it would be nice to have it on there asap when people start installing dapper, i see what you mean
   02:33 JaneW       how different is that
   02:33 JaneW       *blush* that I don't know
   02:33 JaneW       highvoltage: ed zachary
   02:33 JaneW       highvoltage: aka exactly
   02:33 highvoltage more or less the same. it's just minor changes as far as i can tell, unless they're using espresso
   02:33 JaneW       ubiquity I tihnk it called now
   02:33 highvoltage which is only applicable if they install from livecd
   02:33 jsgotangco  brb
   02:33 JaneW       yuk
   02:34 highvoltage aaah, so that's what ubiquity is.
   02:34 jsgotangco  where were you?
   02:35 highvoltage jsgotangco: i wish you could spend the last month or so in our office and see for yourself.
   02:35 jsgotangco  heh
   02:35 highvoltage jsgotangco: i've seen a bit of the buzz about ubiquity, but didn't realise what it was about.
   02:35 jsgotangco  it actually works nice
   02:35 jsgotangco  although i only tried it with kubuntu
   02:36 LaserJock   they only thing I've had problems with is partitioning
   02:36 jsgotangco  it actually went fine with me on RC
   02:36 HedgeMage   jsgotangco: got your email, thank you :)
   02:37 HedgeMage   JaneW: I'm sorry, but if you answered me, I missed it -- What should I do with my release announcement draft once it's written?
   02:38 ogra        HedgeMage, put it on the wiki for review
   02:38 JaneW       HedgeMage: um, place it on the wiki
   02:38 JaneW       ogra will most likely get the honour of sending it
   02:38 HedgeMage   okay, will do, anyplace special or just make sure it's easy to find?
   02:38 JaneW       HedgeMage: also ogra will need to add technical details
   === HedgeMage nods
   02:39 jsgotangco  \o/
   02:39 JaneW       HedgeMage: um, how about https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDapperReleaseAnnouncement
   02:39 HedgeMage   :)
   02:39 HedgeMage   got it
   02:41 JaneW       page created
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   02:42 HedgeMage   :)
   02:42 HedgeMage   working on it now
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   02:45 TiganSan    Hello, this is my first time joining an ubuntu meeting.  Is the meeting still goingon or did I miss it?
   02:46 highvoltage TiganSan: still going
   02:46 HedgeMage   TiganSan: It's still going on, but appears to be winding down :)
   === j_ack [n=nico@p508D8D29.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:47 HedgeMage   at least, people are getting quiet :)
   02:47 TiganSan    So I see. That's ok.  Now that I know how to join the meeting, I try to be on time
   === JeffWaddell is having technical difficulties
   02:48 LaserJock   well, it is 0500 here some I'm bound to fall asleep at some point ;-)
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   02:48 HedgeMage   LaserJock: about 6am here, I'm wondering whether or not I'll sneak in a nap before TT wakes.
   02:49 HedgeMage   TiganSan: :)
   02:49 HedgeMage   I think there's an Xubuntu meeting in an hour or so if you care to wait around.
   02:49 LaserJock   oh yeah, it's almost 6 here, my brain isn't working yet
   02:49 JaneW       any cookbook update?
   02:49 TiganSan    Well, I am dialing in from USA-East Cost time so I am just wide awake>-D
   === JaneW is losing focus
   02:50 LaserJock   yeah, are there anymore items we need to cover?
   02:50 highvoltage JaneW: eating before a meeting is not a good idea ;)
   02:50 HedgeMage   JaneW: We have more material up, and active proofing going on.
   02:50 JaneW       highvoltage: this I have just found out
   02:50 JaneW       highvoltage: I feel drugged
   02:50 HedgeMage   JaneW: I think we'll have a good first cookbook for Dapper and an incredible second one for Edgy, now that we have ourselves in order.
   === jeffwaddell [n=jeff@c-71-197-189-235.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:51 JaneW       HedgeMage: excellent, i am so glad it has direction now :))
   02:51 HedgeMage   :D
   === JaneW wants to go read it
   02:51 highvoltage anything else on the meeting agenda? when is the next EC edubuntu meeting?
   02:51 HedgeMage   JaneW: Go for it.  I'm still transcribing a couple of my bits from handwritten notes... got stuck in an airport for many hours over the weekend without my laptop.
   02:52 HedgeMage   highvoltage: next week, I think.
   02:52 JaneW       HedgeMage: URL?
   02:52 HedgeMage   JaneW: I'm doing the release draft, sleeping (I hope) then hitting cookbook again
   02:52 JaneW       HedgeMage: wiki/cookbook?
   02:52 JaneW       HedgeMage: you are a star!
   02:52 HedgeMage   JaneW: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/HowToCookEdubuntu/Chapters
   02:53 LaserJock   highvoltage: next week, later time, and is time for new members, I think
   02:53 highvoltage LaserJock: great
   02:53 HedgeMage   JaneW: I'd actually like to see the old cookbook stuff (that never really went anywhere except as an impetus for the new) to be relocated or deleted eventually... it seems an easy way to confuse people
   02:54 JaneW       HedgeMage: if it is redundant already point the pages out to highvoltage and he can kill them
   02:54 JaneW       he likes doing that
   === TiganSan [n=tigansan@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:54 highvoltage mhuhahahaha
   02:54 JaneW       see^^?
   02:56 HedgeMage   JaneW: awesome, will do... after I sleep :P
   === HedgeMage watches highvoltage wave his wand of smiting
   02:57 highvoltage smiting? what's that? (highvoltage's engrish isn't that good)
   02:58 HedgeMage   highvoltage: destroying in a godly manner
   02:58 highvoltage oooh, i like that word.
   02:58 HedgeMage   with super powers and such
   02:58 HedgeMage   :)
   02:58 JaneW       highvoltage: smite:    1.
   02:58 JaneW                1. To inflict a heavy blow on, with or as if with the hand, a tool, or a weapon.
   02:58 JaneW                2. To drive or strike (a weapon, for example) forcefully onto or into something else.
   02:58 JaneW          2. To attack, damage, or destroy by or as if by blows.
   02:58 JaneW          3.
   02:58 JaneW                1. To afflict: The population was smitten by the plague.
   02:58 JaneW                2. To afflict retributively; chasten or chastise.
   02:58 JaneW          4. To affect sharply with great feeling: He was smitten by deep remorse.
   02:58 JaneW       is this meeting over?
   02:59 ajmitch     heh
   02:59 HedgeMage   I think so
   02:59 highvoltage i take it that this meeting is smited?
   02:59 HedgeMage   If that was a motion, I second it :P
   02:59 highvoltage great. ---->  #edubuntu
   02:59 JaneW       sorry it was rather discombobulated
   === JaneW refrains from passing a motion :P
   03:00 HedgeMage   rofl
   03:00 LaserJock   lol
   03:00 JaneW       poor cbx33
   03:00 JaneW       having to minute that ;)
   03:00 HedgeMage   BTW, am I sending logs to Pete or is someone else? I seem to remember him asking at least 4 people...
   03:00 ajmitch     JaneW: so SoC stuff, nothing special you require from us slav^Wstudents apart from the spec? :)
   03:00 JaneW       ajmitch: LOL
   03:01 Mithrandir  ajmitch: we require HARD WORK.
   === HedgeMage pictures him buried with many copies of the above log
   03:01 ajmitch     Mithrandir: of course
   03:01 JaneW       ajmitch: is your spec finalised?
   03:01 ajmitch     nah, still a couple of things in the proposal that aren't listed in the spec :)
   03:01 JaneW       ajmitch: you and mentor just have to stay in touch, and you need a clear spec so that it;s easy to judge if you have completed successful or not...
   03:02 ajmitch     well my mentor just demanded hard work, so I think that's possible
   03:02 JaneW       ajmitch: listen to him :P
   === JaneW hands Mithrandir the whip
   03:02 sivang      hehe
   03:03 JaneW       ajmitch: and he seems to be watching you ;)
   03:03 ajmitch     I can see that :)
   03:03 sivang      can I have some whipping myself ? :p
   === trainee [n=jasonx@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === jeffwaddell wonders why JaneW has given the power of the whip to another...perhaps she has a backup
   === Synergy6 [n=Synergy@85-210-93-9.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:04 JaneW       jeffwaddell: I always carry backups
   03:05 jeffwaddell :)
   03:05 JaneW       jeffwaddell: and I need to start farming out my power
   === jsgotangco knows what to ask from JaneW
   03:06 JaneW       ok Edubuntu folk back to #Edubuntu NOW

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