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Meeting June 7, 2006

   10:00 cbx33       <--------------------------------------------meeting notes start here---------------------------------------------->
   10:00 neuralis    pygi: i'm in croatia; ping me outside of the meeting, we'll have a beer.
   10:00 JaneW       not great
   10:00 pygi        neuralis, nice, great ;)
   10:00 ogra        hi all
   === Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:01 cbx33       hey ogra
   === highvoltage beams in
   10:01 highvoltage hi edubuntero's
   === cbx33 is wrestling with pygtk treeviews
   === dan_young [n=dyoung@fw11x.mesd.k12.or.us] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Burgwork thinks highvoltage is a crazy trekkie
   10:01 lucasvo     hi everybody
   10:01 cbx33       Burgwork, he could mean he's smiling
   === crimsun [i=crimsun@pdpc/supporter/silver/crimsun] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:02 ogra        i dont think we need to got through the general agenda items today
   10:02 ogra        edgy isnt open yet
   === JaneW looks for agenda
   10:02 cbx33       Burgwork, having just read #edubuntu I was wrong
   10:02 Burgwork    cbx33, no comment
   10:02 JaneW       ogra: we got member candidates?
   10:02 ogra        yes, two
   10:02 lucasvo     JaneW: yup
   10:02 HedgeMage   JaneW: me! :D
   10:02 JaneW       HedgeMage: :)
   10:03 highvoltage whohoo!
   === jenda waves at HedgeMage
   === JaneW prepares the flaming hoops
   === cbx33 tries remember HedgeMage's bribes
   === HedgeMage waves back
   10:03 ogra        just a short update, i'm working on a fix for dapper-updates for edubuntu-artwork (in case you didnt notice we're missing the cursor theme)
   10:03 HedgeMage   rofl cbx33
   10:03 cbx33       cool ogra
   10:03 lucasvo     cbx33: don't you see the tons of chocolate in front of you?
   10:03 cbx33       ahhh....that's waht it was
   10:04 cbx33       ogra, i see the homies have been making an appearance in a lot of places
   10:04 ogra        additionally, thanks to highvoltage LaserJock and cbx33 for adding specs and spec ideas on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuEdgyIdeas
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   10:04 highvoltage cool. more specs will populate that space shortly :)
   10:04 cbx33       oooh, what  you have up your sleeve?
   10:04 lucasvo     what is our agenda today?
   === JaneW congratulates all. Edubuntu currently at 25 on DistroWatch last 7 days list http://distrowatch.com/index.php?dataspan=1
   10:04 ogra        in case you want to add something still, only things with initial spec attached will be considered
   10:05 HedgeMage   :)
   10:05 pygi        highvoltage, indeed, along with new S-C-P specc :)
   10:05 jsgotangco  morning
   10:05 JaneW       is the whole EC here?
   10:05 lucasvo     only voting for edubuntu members?
   10:05 JaneW       jsgotangco: ?
   10:05 JaneW       oh hi jsgotangco
   10:05 jsgotangco  4am =)
   10:05 ogra        JaneW, LaserJock is missing it seems
   10:05 JaneW       LaserJock?
   10:05 cbx33       pygi, cool
   10:05 cbx33       he;s around
   10:05 cbx33       but v.busy
   10:05 HedgeMage   S-C-P == ?
   10:05 ogra        just not here
   10:05 jsgotangco  student control panel
   10:05 lucasvo     HedgeMage: student control panel
   10:05 cbx33       nope
   10:05 ogra        HedgeMage, student control panel
   10:05 HedgeMage   lucasvo: ahh cool
   10:06 ogra        i'm just writing on the spec
   10:06 cbx33       cool
   10:06 pygi        ogra, oki, tell me so I can see what needs to be done, or add something perhaps ;)
   10:06 cbx33       I'd like to see it too
   === LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:06 LaserJock   sorry people
   10:06 lucasvo     hi LaserJock
   10:07 JaneW       hi LaserJock
   10:07 cbx33       woh LaserJock fancy meeting you here ;)
   10:07 JaneW       ok everyone is here
   10:07 ogra        pygi, in principle it will only list the stuff from the TODO and two or three additional features
   10:07 Amaranth    so, what spec did you guys want to kidnap me for? :)
   10:07 JaneW       so this is my last EC meeting. I will be around for next week's Edubuntu regular meeting.
   10:07 ogra        ok, enough edubuntu stuff lets start with the fun :)
   10:07 cbx33       :( JaneW
   10:08 HedgeMage   JaneW: we'll be sorry to see you go :(
   === mhz hughs JaneW
   10:08 JaneW       I obviously have to step down from the EC...
   10:08 mhz         -h
   === cbx33 starts the group hug
   10:08 JaneW       but am happy to vote tonight - if I may
   10:08 JaneW       ?
   10:08 mhz         nope :D
   10:08 highvoltage +1
   === JaneW *hugs* all
   10:08 ogra        Amaranth, willow-ng is enough, really ... if you still have sparetime you can add https filtering :P
   === highvoltage *hugs* JaneW
   10:08 Amaranth    hehe
   === HedgeMage hugs JaneW
   10:09 JaneW       are you guys happy to remain with an EC of 4 from now on, for the next while?
   === LaserJock tries to end his forum posting spree and focus on Edubuntu
   10:09 ogra        JaneW, you can evenn stay in the council if you want i see no reason why not
   === jenda [n=jenda@unaffiliated/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:09 cbx33       ogra, true
   === HedgeMage agrees with ogra
   10:09 cbx33       tut tut LaserJock
   === highvoltage too
   10:09 cbx33       +1
   10:09 JaneW       ogra: I am not sure I can commit to carrying out responsibilities
   10:09 ogra        so we'd at least see you once a month :)
   10:09 cbx33       oh wait I already did
   10:09 LaserJock   ogra: should the EC vote to keep JaneW in the EC ;-)
   10:09 ogra        lol
   10:09 cbx33       heheh
   10:09 mhz         heheh
   10:09 JaneW       ogra: I'd like to remain a member though?
   10:09 cbx33       by the looks of things it already has
   10:09 ogra        JaneW, sure
   10:10 JaneW       ogra: I shall certainly try to be here though
   === cbx33 is going to burn his laptop if this keyboard issue persists
   10:10 ogra        JaneW, we want to keep our lara (edubuntu) craft (girl) *g*
   10:10 jsgotangco  JaneW: as long as you dont play bliss anymore i'll ack
   10:10 LaserJock   hehe
   10:10 highvoltage heh.
   10:11 ogra        jsgotangco, well, as long as she doesnt play it in public at least :)
   10:11 JaneW       jsgotangco: haha, agreed
   10:11 jsgotangco  yes that must have been the cause of the plague
   10:11 JaneW       !
   10:11 cbx33       awww
   10:11 LaserJock   anyway, back on task?
   10:11 ogra        soooo
   10:11 Amaranth    ogra: lara croft
   === Amaranth derails it again...
   10:12 ogra        there is this mario danic guy who wants to be a member
   10:12 lucasvo     who is that?
   10:12 ogra        anybody know him ?
   10:12 lucasvo     Nick?
   === JaneW can;t wait for Dapper CDs to arrive
   10:12 cbx33       hmm
   10:12 Amaranth    never heard of him
   10:12 cbx33       I think I've heard of him
   10:12 cbx33       He's helped me out a lot
   10:12 ogra        *grin*
   10:12 Amaranth    hehe
   10:12 cbx33       great guy
   10:12 highvoltage mr pygi
   10:12 cbx33       really dedicated
   10:12 highvoltage (some might say too dedicated)
   10:12 lucasvo     oh, embarassing, that's pygi
   10:12 JaneW       pygi: want to present yourself?
   10:12 ogra        pygi, so show us your two line intro :)
   10:12 JaneW       highvoltage: :P
   10:13 HedgeMage   ogra: I think he's worth keeping around ;)
   10:13 Amaranth    lucasvo: we were joking :P
   10:13 pygi        ogra, intro? I don't have a intro :P
   10:13 lucasvo     Amaranth: I wasn't, *gettingredface*
   10:13 jsgotangco  surely you have one, i woke up at 4am just for this =)
   10:13 ogra        pygi, its usual to have prepared two lines introducing yourself ...
   10:13 pygi        o joy :)
   10:13 Amaranth    pygi is my hero
   10:13 ogra        you can do that on the fly if you like :)
   === cbx33 hopes pygi is a fast typer
   === HedgeMage did it
   10:13 Amaranth    there is one line ;)
   10:13 highvoltage pygi: you wrote a big part of the cookbook, surely you can come up with two lines :)
   === HedgeMage is feeling organized today
   10:14 cbx33       by that I assume you have your HedgeMage
   === HedgeMage nods to cbx33
   10:14 JaneW       pygi: you basically need to tell us who you are, what you have done so far, and what you intend to contribute in the future...
   10:14 Amaranth    HedgeMage: me too, i'm actually using evolution to keep appointments :)
   10:14 pygi        JaneW, I know, sec ;)
   10:14 HedgeMage   hehe
   10:15 lucasvo     maybe HedgeMage could begin?
   10:15 Amaranth    that might be good
   10:15 lucasvo     to give pygi a little bit more time?
   10:15 jsgotangco  sure
   10:15 Amaranth    give pygi some time to prepare
   10:15 JaneW       HedgeMage: yes if you are ready now...?
   10:15 HedgeMage   sure...
   10:15 lucasvo     HedgeMage, go for it!
   10:15 HedgeMage   I've been working with computer technology in education since 1992, and with Linux since 1995.  In my 2+ months with Edubuntu, I've become an editor of the Cookbook with pygi (Mario Danic) and general helper on IRC, the mailing lists, and wiki.  I hope to pick up some development tasks in the future, when cookbook feels "finished", FSVT.
   === HedgeMage wonders if irssi truncated that
   10:15 Amaranth    FSVT?
   10:16 HedgeMage   "for some value thereof"
   10:16 Amaranth    ah
   10:16 HedgeMage   it's never really finished... heh
   10:16 ogra        so shoot then :)
   10:16 ogra        haha
   10:17 jsgotangco  well HedgeMage wrote much of the release annoucement for edubuntu dapper too if its worth mentioning
   10:17 HedgeMage   Yep, thanks jsgotangco :D
   10:17 ogra        yes, unless we stop development it will be an all time changer :)
   10:17 JaneW       HedgeMage: you have also been a good consistent presence here
   10:17 HedgeMage   :) thanks JaneW
   10:17 LaserJock   HedgeMage: have you had much interaction with non-Edubuntu people?
   10:17 cbx33       HedgeMage, has been fantastic
   === LaserJock puts on his BBQ hat ;-)
   10:18 ogra        i like the introduction of your wiki :)
   10:18 JaneW       HedgeMage: so you are interested in getting into the dev side too?
   10:18 HedgeMage   LaserJock: LOL as in #ubuntu non-edubuntu people, or as in "do you have a life, HedgeMage?"
   10:18 highvoltage link?
   === HedgeMage nods to JaneW
   10:18 HedgeMage   ogra: thanks
   10:18 JaneW       HedgeMage: excellent
   10:18 lucasvo     I think it's depressing, being in school and reading the sentence " The most important things I've learned were never taught.:
   10:18 JaneW       HedgeMage: lol
   10:18 Amaranth    HedgeMage: You're an IRCOP?
   10:18 LaserJock   HedgeMage: as in, interecation with Ubuntu and Kubuntu devs, doc writers, etc.
   10:19 LaserJock   HedgeMage: have you been or are you planning on contributing outside of Edubuntu is sort of my question?
   10:19 HedgeMage   LaserJock: Not to other ubuntu stuff, no.  I may in the future if an interesting opportunity comes up, but I'm particularly interested in the educational stuff.
   10:20 JaneW       LaserJock: oi just rem you have an edubuntu hat on here ;)
   === cbx33 pokes LaserJock
   10:20 cbx33       he's poaching
   10:20 ogra        HedgeMage, which area would you want to work onin edubuntu  if you'd do development
   10:20 ogra        s/onin/on in/
   10:20 cbx33       onion?
   10:20 LaserJock   JaneW: I do but I think it's important to note that we are a part of a larger community ;-)
   10:20 HedgeMage   ogra: haven't decided yet... I'm trying not to get too interested in another project while Cookbook still needs so much attention
   10:20 JaneW       HedgeMage: I think it's really helpful here that you have educational knowledge and background, besides your IT skills. :)
   10:21 LaserJock   JaneW: it wasn't a negative thing as much as a wondering :-)
   === spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:21 spacey      hi
   10:21 HedgeMage   ogra: I'm easily distracted if I'm not careful ;)
   10:21 spacey      :o
   10:21 HedgeMage   hi spacey
   10:21 JaneW       LaserJock: understood :)
   10:21 HedgeMage   JaneW: thanks... I was raised by a teacher, and used to teach disabled kids, so it is very helpful :)
   10:21 LaserJock   JaneW: particularly if she wants to work on development she will probably want to be involved with the MOTU
   10:21 ogra        HedgeMage, i can totally feel with you here, i have the same prob
   10:21 JaneW       HedgeMage: you made an edubuntu cake!?
   10:22 LaserJock   \o/
   10:22 HedgeMage   JaneW: yes, but I don't have a digital camera so there are no pics until I get film developed
   10:22 Amaranth    HedgeMage: would you be able to make sure the accessibility stuff is working right?
   === JaneW is impressed
   10:22 HedgeMage   :D
   10:22 jsgotangco  interesting now we have solid competition of ubuntu food
   10:22 Amaranth    or do you mean a different kind of disabled?
   === highvoltage waits in anticipation of those pics
   10:22 HedgeMage   Amaranth: definitely.
   === jenda endulges the Ubuntu diet...
   10:22 lucasvo     HedgeMage: you can read braille?
   10:23 JaneW       HedgeMage: if you can help with accessability that's +++ from me :)
   10:23 HedgeMage   Amaranth: didn't have any blind kids (by chance, not design) but many deaf kids, and kids with emotional, developmental, and/or physical problems.
   10:23 HedgeMage   lucasvo: nope
   10:23 HedgeMage   lucasvo: could probably learn, and probably should, I have a blind nephew
   10:23 jsgotangco  HedgeMage: we neeeeeed more people with realy life a11y experience
   10:23 jsgotangco  s/realy/real
   10:23 HedgeMage   I'm often an accessability nag :)
   10:23 Amaranth    Score.
   10:23 jsgotangco  profit
   10:24 ogra        jsgotangco, we (edubuntu) need more people with general dev knowledge :)
   10:24 LaserJock   shall we vote? or shall we continue the HedgeMage love fest?
   10:24 JaneW       ogra: INDEED
   10:24 jsgotangco  well i was talking with m a11y hat on :/
   10:24 JaneW       I am ready to vote I think
   === jsgotangco sits in a corner
   10:24 JaneW       anymore questions anyone?
   10:24 cbx33       HedgeMage, where do you think edubuntu needs most improvement?
   10:24 ogra        i think we all know HedgeMage good enough :)
   10:24 HedgeMage   cbx33: hmmm...
   === HedgeMage thinks
   === LaserJock thinks cbx33 is running for a EC seat ;-)
   10:25 cbx33       who me sir?
   10:25 JaneW       heh
   10:26 JaneW       ok let's vote.
   10:26 jsgotangco  alright
   10:26 JaneW       All in favour of HedgeMage as Edubuntu Member?
   10:26 HedgeMage   cbx33: I think we need to make sure we have an installer that offers some lighter stuff for more hardware-poor areas as defaults.
   10:26 jsgotangco  happy to vote based on merits, but should sign CoC
   10:26 HedgeMage   cbx33: that would be #1 on my list.
   10:26 highvoltage +1 for HedgeMage
   10:26 ogra        +1 from me based on good experience with HedgeMage
   10:26 HedgeMage   jsgotangco: ack, I did that right before my lappy died... must not have gotten posted well
   10:27 jsgotangco  cheers
   10:27 cbx33       +1 from me if I were able to vote :p
   10:27 JaneW       +1 definitely (with note to say please strongly consider getting involved in dev side, as it's the biggest single need)
   10:27 ogra        +++
   10:27 HedgeMage   :)
   10:27 ogra        LaserJock, ?
   10:27 ogra        jsgotangco, ?
   10:27 HedgeMage   I think I bored him to sleep ;)
   10:27 LaserJock   doh, sorry, keyboard was acting up
   === j_ack [n=nico@p508D8CDA.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:27 LaserJock   +1 from me
   10:28 ogra        jsgotangco, fallen asleep ?
   10:28 JaneW       jsgotangco: yes COC signing would be a prereq anyway
   10:28 LaserJock   HedgeMage: you're an awesome part of the Edubuntu community and I wish you luck as you continue your efforts :-)
   10:28 jsgotangco  no still here
   10:28 HedgeMage   LaserJock: Thanks!
   10:28 mhz         heheh
   10:28 ogra        indeed, we can approve LP team membershib for non ubunteros
   10:28 jsgotangco  ogra: huh?
   10:28 ogra        *cant
   10:28 mhz         oh
   10:28 HedgeMage   I'll re-do and re-upload right now
   10:28 ogra        jsgotangco, your vote ?
   10:28 JaneW       jsgotangco: please give a clear vote + or - please
   10:28 Amaranth    that reminds me, i need to figure out how to get my key signed
   10:29 jsgotangco  +1 sorry
   10:29 highvoltage +ONE!!111!11cos(0)
   10:29 JaneW       jsgotangco: thanks
   10:29 ogra        or 0
   === HedgeMage realizes her private key is only on the dead lappy and in a safe deposit box
   10:29 ogra        yay
   10:29 JaneW       HedgeMage: it's unanimous then, welcome!
   10:29 HedgeMage   grrr
   10:29 HedgeMage   JaneW: Thank you!
   10:29 mhz         ya! HedgeMage is EC!!!
   === HedgeMage does a happy dance
   10:29 ogra        HedgeMage, welcome aboard !!!
   10:29 highvoltage HedgeMage: welcome to the team :)
   10:29 mhz         duh
   10:29 cbx33       congrats HedgeMage
   10:29 ogra        now get your CoC signed :)
   10:29 mhz         EM
   10:29 highvoltage mhz: EC? i thought we were voting for member!
   10:29 JaneW       mhz: no edubuntu member not EC
   === jenda shakes HedgeMage's hand... and then stops getting in the way of the meeting...
   === Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   10:30 HedgeMage   ogra: once I visit the bank :/   I could make a new key, I guess.
   10:30 LaserJock   HedgeMage: safe deposit box? that should make here geeky enought to work on the dev side, right ;-)
   10:30 mhz         highvoltage: sorry guys... one handed at this point
   10:30 HedgeMage   LaserJock: heh
   10:30 JaneW       jenda: it's ok, we are a bit less formal here :)
   10:30 ogra        HedgeMage, well, it needs to be signed
   10:30 HedgeMage   thanks, jenda :) and thanks for coming to support me
   10:30 highvoltage mhz: please keep both your hands on keyboard during meetings *ahem*
   10:30 cbx33       HedgeMage, you deserve it
   10:30 HedgeMage   ogra: I'll make a new one right now
   10:30 jenda       support? I was just looking ;)
   10:30 Amaranth    *giggle*
   10:30 JaneW       highvoltage: !
   === HedgeMage closes screen for a sec to do that
   10:30 mhz         highvoltage: can't right now, but will in a mins.
   10:30 highvoltage lol!
   10:31 Amaranth    pygi: Ready?
   10:31 pygi        Amaranth, yup :P
   10:31 ogra        then move on :)
   10:31 pygi        excuse me for bad writing first :P
   10:31 JaneW       ogra: is there any auto checking for COC signed before allowing membership, or do we need to check manually?
   === jarufe [n=jarufe@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:31 pygi        My name is Mario Danic, and my FOSS life started somewhere
   10:31 pygi        around Slackware 2.x. I am contributing to Ubuntu since it's very
   10:31 pygi        own starts and first release, and trying to randomly help
   10:31 pygi        where I am welcome to do so. For Edubuntu, I've been maintaining
   10:31 pygi        and writing the "How to Cook Edubuntu?" stuff with Susan (HedgeMage),
   10:31 pygi        which I hope will even improve in the future. For other things, I've made
   10:31 pygi        effort with few other people to bring and package n-m 0.6.2 into/for dapper,
   10:31 pygi        and fixing all that bunch of bugs. For Edubuntu in general for Edgy,
   10:31 pygi        I plan to pursue S-C-P to make it the best tool of it's kind
   10:31 pygi        ever, and I hope to even more bug ogra and the rest of folks
   10:31 mhz         HedgeMage: cool, women's ideas are always needed
   10:31 pygi        at #edubuntu, and will be holding amongst others, presentation
   10:31 pygi        about Edubuntu at Hungarian Linux Users Conference.
   10:31 pygi        On other thoughts, I plan to contribute to Kubuntu for Edgy
   10:32 pygi        in form of KDE UI for bzr, and perhaps, but just perhaps writing
   10:32 pygi        a guidance module for  Grub. Also, I am mentoring 3 students
   10:32 pygi        for SoC, so perhaps we can have some great stuff for edgy if
   10:32 Amaranth    eek
   10:32 pygi        it all turns out good. If I am forced again, I might pursue
   10:32 pygi        membership in MOTU so I wouldn't need to bother ogra for every lill'
   10:32 pygi        upload :)
   10:32 pygi        o joy :)
   10:32 Amaranth    two lines :P
   10:32 ogra        JaneW, manually is the safe bet think
   10:32 ogra        pygi, wow that were two long sentences :)
   10:32 highvoltage that's a long two lines indeed.
   10:32 cbx33       nice pygi
   10:33 JaneW       pygi: thanks
   === cbx33 notes pygi has helped out me a lot with learning python to get me started on the dev side
   10:33 Amaranth    am i the only one who just started this stuff with ubuntu 4.10? :P
   === ogra knocks on the wiki "hello ?"
   10:34 ogra        ah, now it loads :)
   10:34 highvoltage Amaranth: i used ubuntu since it was called no-name-yet.com
   10:34 JaneW       pygi: generally I think you are very enthusiastic and keen, and are very motivated
   10:34 Amaranth    i meant linux in general
   10:34 Amaranth    again, pygi is my hero :)
   10:34 ogra        pygi, slack 2.0 ? that was '95 or something ?
   10:34 jsgotangco  yeah
   10:34 pygi        ogra, :P
   10:34 highvoltage pygi: after the cookbook is complete, do you plan on doing additional modules/writings for it?
   10:35 JaneW       pygi: I would just caution you to be aware of not being too demanding at times, and to realise that sometimes there are priorities. So people can't always get to your task immediately. I do think you know this though.
   10:35 pygi        highvoltage, yup, ofcourse, improving cookbook is always there :) We even plan on publishing "How to cook Edgy Edubuntu?" :)
   10:35 JaneW       pygi: I have been very impressed with you taking the Cookbook on and actually getting something done with that (and many thanks to HedgeMage for that too)
   10:35 jsgotangco  pygi: out of curiousity rather than edubuntu related, what's your plan on n-m?
   === jsgotangco sorry had to ask that
   10:36 pygi        JaneW, ofcourse, no worries :)
   10:36 pygi        jsgotangco, Keybuk said we wont provide further integration, and considering I am not any kind of uploader, I cant do much with it currently :(
   10:36 LaserJock   pygi: did you start with the EdubuntuCookbook when you started the How to cook Edubuntu doc?
   10:36 JaneW       pygi: and thanks for all the help with the SoC application reviewing etc, I know it took a lot of your time, so thanks for being ever willing with that :))
   10:36 ogra        LaserJock, the are the same
   10:36 ogra        *they
   10:37 ogra        EdubuntuCookbook is just the old name
   10:37 pygi        LaserJock, "How To Cook Edubuntu?" = Edubuntu Cookbook ;)
   10:37 LaserJock   ogra: umm, you sure? They didn't look the same to me
   10:37 pygi        JaneW, thank you ;)
   10:37 JaneW       pygi: I think if you can manage to become a MOTU that will help a lot, and you will become that much more useful to ogra
   10:37 lucasvo     Amaranth: I started using linux when 4.10 was already released, but I first used Suse then switched to ubuntu in 5.04
   === highvoltage thinks the ? at the end of How to cook edubuntu is a bit strane :)
   10:37 HedgeMage   umm, what's MOTU ?
   10:37 mhz         Amaranth: I did
   10:38 LaserJock   HedgeMage: wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU
   10:38 ogra        HedgeMage, masters of the universe
   10:38 cbx33       Master of the Universe HedgeMage
   10:38 lucasvo     HedgeMage: master of the universe
   10:38 pygi        highvoltage, hehe :)
   10:38 HedgeMage   ahh
   10:38 ogra        HedgeMage, the universe maintainers
   10:38 mhz         Amaranth: I did started ubuntu stuff with warty
   10:38 ogra        mhz, he meant linux stuff :)
   10:38 ogra        in general
   10:38 LaserJock   pygi: have you talked to the doc team about the cookbook?
   10:38 Amaranth    before warty i only knew enough about linux to chmod stuff so it would work with CGI :P
   10:38 pygi        LaserJock, ofcourse :)
   10:38 mhz         ogra: i noticed right after <enter>
   10:38 mhz         :(
   10:38 ogra        :)
   === th1a [n=hoffman@pool-64-222-17-79.prov.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === mhz is also one handed and one-eye it seems :)
   10:39 Amaranth    then i started looking for up-to-date gnome packages for debian and saw something about ubuntu (i think on slashdot) :)
   10:39 pygi        jsgotangco, perhaps we'll see if we can integrate more n-m if new upstream product is out in edgy timeframe
   10:39 ogra        mhz, so do you want to help out the a11y team with testing while youre that handicapped ?
   10:39 pygi        I contacted upstream about it
   10:40 mhz         ogra: lol!
   10:40 jsgotangco  pygi: cool the current one is amazing already just wanted to give kudos =)
   10:40 ogra        pygi, whats your vision beyond s-c-p for edubuntu development ?
   10:41 ogra        any specific direction you'd like to move in development wise ?
   10:41 mhz         pygi: I have read some many parts of the cookbook, not all yet, but yeah, great !
   10:41 ogra        (or education wise even)
   10:41 JaneW       pygi: also will you be advocating edubuntu in your local community?
   10:42 pygi        ogra,  I'd like to get more involved in this LTSP stuff so we  could improve it, and working on HUB *which is not just edubuntu related* for backup stuff
   10:42 ogra        cool
   10:42 pygi        JaneW, ofcourse, see wiki :P
   10:42 pygi        ogra, if you agree ofcourse :)
   10:42 jsgotangco  ogra: are you still pursuing ltsp-manager?
   10:42 lucasvo     pygi: it's free software :)
   10:42 pygi        jsgotangco, yup
   10:43 ogra        jsgotangco, its a spec now :)
   === Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:43 jsgotangco  cool hoping to merge soon then
   10:43 Amaranth    that reminds me, i need to get my local LUG to stop meeting in bars so i can pitch edubuntu to the department of education IT guy :)
   10:43 JaneW       pygi: right, doing so
   10:43 ogra        pygi, what about diva ? it isnt packaged yet in ubuntu ?
   10:44 highvoltage diva?
   10:44 pygi        ogra, no, it isnt packaged because we currently require CVS dependencies
   10:44 Amaranth    video editor
   10:44 ogra        highvoltage, see his wikipage
   10:44 pygi        but that will change in a release that is to happen in like 3 days
   10:44 highvoltage ah
   10:44 jsgotangco  l337 mono-based video editor
   10:44 Amaranth    was a SoC project last year, it's awesome (or will be)
   10:44 pygi        Amaranth, it's is more then awesome ;)
   10:44 pygi        0.0.3 is mini revolution ;)
   10:45 ogra        seems liek a good motu entry project then ;)
   10:45 ogra        *like
   10:45 pygi        ogra, indeed ;)
   10:45 LaserJock   yes
   10:46 ogra        has anybody additional questions or is anybody missing an answer or shall we vote ?
   10:46 HedgeMage   I'm all for voting :)
   === highvoltage is good
   === jsgotangco gives +1 and second mentions awesome SoC work
   10:47 mhz         Can I make a question to pygi ?
   10:47 ogra        sure
   10:47 HedgeMage   so do I get to vote? or am I too new?
   === highvoltage gives +1, and props to good doc work
   10:47 ogra        HedgeMage, only the 5 council members may actually vote, but non council members may cheer :)
   10:47 LaserJock   doh, I had 1 question left, can I ask it?
   10:47 mhz         pygi: how many teachers in your local community may get involvd in Edubuntu?
   10:47 HedgeMage   ogra: ahh okay
   === HedgeMage cheers
   10:47 ogra        LaserJock, sure
   === HedgeMage tries to look less clueless
   10:48 pygi        mhz, just 2 for now actually :-/ I am talking with other schools tho, and they seem willing to make the switch
   10:48 mhz         pygi: i reprhrase.. Have you talked to teachers in your local comm.?
   10:48 pygi        mhz, yup
   10:48 LaserJock   pygi: why are you seeking membership through Edubuntu as opposed to Ubuntu?
   === cbx33 cheers LOUDLY
   10:48 mhz         pygi: thx.
   10:48 pygi        LaserJock, not sure actually, does it matter anyway? :)
   10:49 pygi        I mostly contribute to Edubuntu lately anyway
   10:49 mhz         \o/ \o/ \o/ for pygi
   === HedgeMage cheers for pygi
   === JaneW votes +1, thanks for the hard work so far, and keep it up.
   10:49 mhz         pygi: I am currently looking for teachers to read CookBook, that's the reason to the question :)
   === ogra votes +1 based on well... everything
   10:49 LaserJock   pygi: it does matter in a way, to me anyway
   10:50 pygi        LaserJock, hm, well, as I said, was mostly involved in Edubuntu lately except from that network manager stuff
   10:50 jsgotangco  yes
   10:50 pygi        and was bugging edubuntu people most :)
   10:50 JaneW       heh
   10:50 jsgotangco  but you made a lot of people happy with n-m
   10:51 LaserJock   pygi: ok, fine
   10:51 lucasvo     n-m?
   10:51 pygi        LaserJock, tell if I should explain more :)
   10:51 cbx33       network ager
   10:51 cbx33       manager
   10:51 lucasvo     ah
   10:51 mhz         m+
   10:51 Amaranth    is EM status enough to be MOTU?
   10:51 mhz         heheh
   10:51 HedgeMage   mhz: I already have teachers lined up :D
   10:51 Amaranth    or do you need UM too?
   10:51 ogra        Amaranth, yep, its enough
   10:51 ogra        UM is contained in EM
   10:51 ogra        :)
   10:51 Amaranth    neat
   10:52 highvoltage Amaranth: you have to either be an EM or UM member to apply for MOTU, but being an EM member != motu member
   10:52 mhz         HedgeMage: cool, that is key to Edubuntu real success, computer guys are easier to get happy with Edubuntu
   10:52 Amaranth    i'm a signed key away from being an ubuntu member :P
   10:52 HedgeMage   mhz: yep
   10:52 Amaranth    for about 18 months or so now :/
   10:52 LaserJock   +1 from me for sustained and substantial contribution to both Ubuntu and Edubuntu communities
   10:52 Amaranth    maybe 12
   10:52 HedgeMage   mhz: I recruited my mom and a few of her teacher friends... won't have them until school gets out in the next week or so, though
   10:52 ogra        yay
   10:52 Amaranth    </random>
   10:52 lucasvo     Amaranth: signed key?
   10:52 ogra        welcome pygi !
   10:52 jsgotangco  LaserJock: that sounded soooo EC-like
   10:52 pygi        thanks ogra ;)
   10:53 Amaranth    lucasvo: need to get my key signed so i can sign the CoC
   10:53 lucasvo     ah
   10:53 LaserJock   jsgotangco: I try ;-)
   10:53 ogra        Amaranth, we'll find someone over time ...
   10:53 mhz         HedgeMage: good, there is a mini survey I would like to pass on to them (oops, in spanish but can get it into english soon)
   10:53 highvoltage Amaranth: you don't need your key signed to sign the CoC
   10:53 Amaranth    highvoltage: err
   10:53 ogra        highvoltage, you do
   10:53 HedgeMage   mhz: yeah, I'd need a translation to English first :)
   10:54 JaneW       also we need more ppl blogging about edubuntu, reviewing it and getting it mentioned in the press...
   === HedgeMage nods
   10:54 LaserJock   I don't think you have to have a signed key to sign the CoC
   === mhz closes his mouth again until meeting is over
   10:54 mhz         (at least about non-meeting stuff
   10:54 highvoltage hmmm... i just used my normal gpg key and it worked (perhaps i'm not understanding properly)
   10:54 Amaranth    LaserJock: you do, otherwise I could create a key saying I'm Mark Shuttleworth and sign it
   10:54 JaneW       highvoltage: you are right
   10:54 pygi        JaneW, slowly things are changing :)
   10:54 JaneW       I signed the COC with my brand new key before it was signed (I THINK)
   10:55 ogra        highvoltage, in any case you cant upload with an unsigned key, if LP accepts unsigned keys for CoC signing, thats a bug
   10:55 LaserJock   Amaranth: and you could sign the CoC with it
   10:55 HedgeMage   That's why I wanted to use my regular key (signed by many people) not the new one, but I can always sign again
   10:55 highvoltage ogra: i think that might be the case, hey
   10:55 mhz         JaneW: I got my second edubuntu article in 900 print outs :)
   10:55 Amaranth    LaserJock: that's what i meant
   10:55 JaneW       I actually physically signed the CoC in ink at first!
   10:55 JaneW       mhz: well done!!
   10:55 Amaranth    LaserJock: I could create a key with sabdfl's name and sign the CoC with it
   10:55 mhz         JaneW: well, that would be about 400 schools only
   10:55 LaserJock   Amaranth: right, and there is nothing stopping you from doing that
   10:55 jenda       whoa... really? I don't have a signed key, and I'm applying for membership...
   10:55 Amaranth    LaserJock: but if i have to be in the PGP trusted set to sign the CoC that doesn't work
   10:56 ogra        wow, we actually filled 1h i wouldnt have expected that without having our general agenda
   10:56 HedgeMage   lol
   10:56 ogra        is there any other business ?
   10:56 Amaranth    because before someone signs my sabdfl key they look at my ID card
   10:56 JaneW       ogra: we do tend to chat ;)
   10:56 HedgeMage   none here
   10:56 lucasvo     did you already vote?
   10:56 ogra        lucasvo, ages ago :)
   === highvoltage is good for bed
   10:56 lucasvo     I think I missed that
   10:56 lucasvo     :)
   10:56 HedgeMage   night night highvoltage
   === JaneW congratulates HedgeMage and pygi again
   === jsgotangco is good to go back to bed
   10:57 HedgeMage   :D
   10:57 HedgeMage   thanks!
   10:57 Amaranth    and they say "you're not sabdfl!" and punch me in the face
   10:57 cbx33       congrats everyone
   10:57 ogra        if nobody has any extra topics, we'll clonse then :)
   10:57 lucasvo     at least I have school late tomorrow
   10:57 pygi        thanks JaneW ;)
   === Amaranth stops talking
   10:57 cbx33       <-----------------------meeting notes end here-------------------------------------->

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