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Meeting June 14, 2006



  • ogra - announced that it was JaneWs last day. Every one wished her well for the future

    • JaneW - promised to stay in touch

  • ogra - announced rodarvus will be the new Technical Lead for edubuntu

  • ogra - announced RichardW will be the new Top Level Manager for edubuntu (Education Programme Manager)

    • JaneW - announced RichardW is her husband and he will be starting mid-July

  • ogra - mentioned that mdz and Keybuk performed the specification run yesterday for the Paris summit

  • ogra - mentioned he was concerned mdz wasn't in the reporting chain in the new structure

  • bluekuja - asked for input about guidelines for membership of the testing team

    • ogra - suggested talking to sfllaw as a first point of call, which rodarvus seconded

    • LaserJock - suggested also talking to the BugSquad

  • bluekuja - asked if it.edubuntu.org could point to the loco team page for edubuntu

    • highvoltage - said he would talk to znarl to get the change made

  • pips1 - requested cbx33 and highvoltage setup a meeting for the website

    • highvoltage - agreed but asked if it could be postponed till after the summit


  • cbx33 - mentioned AliasVegas was on the lookout for mug shots for the edubuntu homies


  • cbx33 - announced that he hoped to have the ESA in printed form soon

    • flint - expressed joy at having a marketing doc now

  • bluekuja - mentioned the ESA should be translated into Italian soon

   02:00 cbx33       <--------------------------------meeting notes start here--------------------------------------->
   === Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:00 Seveas      <------------- no, here --------------->
   02:00 kbrooks     heh Seveas
   02:00 cbx33       damn you :p
   === Yagisan [n=jamie@60-240-210-170.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:00 ogra        <------------- no ... , here --------------->
   02:00 flint       ogra, good morning!
   02:00 kbrooks     damn you ogra :P
   02:00 ogra        hey Flik
   02:00 JaneW       <----- here----->
   02:00 ogra        heh
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   02:01 ogra        flint too
   02:01 Seveas      hi JaneW !
   === dholbach [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/dholbach] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:01 ogra        sooo
   02:01 kbrooks     JaneW: you're silly. :-)
   02:01 JaneW       hi everyone
   02:01 ogra        we have some major changes i'd like to talk about in advance
   02:01 DanielC     hi everyone, first time at an Edubuntu meeting.
   === Yagisan is here, but just lurking
   === JaneW promises not to be disruptive
   02:01 cbx33       ogra: sounds ominous
   02:01 ogra        rodarvus, around ?
   === kbrooks waits
   02:01 rodarvus    ogra: I'm here
   02:01 ogra        yay
   02:02 ogra        ok, as you all might have seen on the mailing list, JaneW is leaving us today
   02:02 flint       JaneW, Bummer...
   02:02 DanielC     :(
   02:02 kbrooks     !!!
   02:02 kbrooks     why?
   === JaneW waves
   === zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   === cbx33 starts the hugs
   === Seveas hugs JaneW
   02:02 cbx33       maybe we should all go on strike
   02:02 flint       JaneW, what is it, Kids, health or new horizons?
   02:03 ogra        please giver her a long big hug if you ever meet her in person, the first edubuntu release would never have happened without her
   === JaneW *hugs* everyone
   === kbrooks hugs JaneW :(
   02:03 bluekuja    JaneW: thanks
   02:03 JaneW       flint: bit of everything, but mostly looking for sane hours
   02:03 kbrooks     ogra: doesnt surprise me
   === rodarvus hugs JaneW
   === cbx33 hugs Lara ;)
   02:03 ogra        heh
   02:03 JaneW       ogra: pah, edubuntu is all YOU
   02:03 ogra        not at all
   02:03 kbrooks     ogra: other changes?
   02:03 ogra        i wouldnt have managed any of the paperwork
   === JaneW expects everyone here to keep making edubuntu better and better
   02:04 ogra        kbrooks, patiency is golden :P
   02:04 kbrooks     ogra: OK
   02:04 ogra        JaneW, we will and if only to please you
   02:04 LaserJock   hehe
   02:04 kbrooks     ogra: i'm interested in the changes
   02:04 ogra        soooo
   02:04 ogra        that were the negative changes ....
   02:05 ogra        without JaneW edubuntu would go down the drain, thats a known fact at canonical :)
   02:05 ogra        so the team was/will be enhanced by two people
   02:05 ogra        guys ....
   === ogra *drumrolls*
   === cbx33 joins in
   02:05 cbx33       as he is a drummer :p
   === bluekuja too
   === Seveas bangs on the table
   02:06 ogra        let me introduce you to our new star rodarvus !!
   02:06 cbx33       hi rodarvus
   === rodarvus raises his hand
   02:06 rodarvus    hi all :)
   02:06 Seveas      hi
   === cbx33 slaps rodarvus 5
   02:06 DanielC     hi rodarvus
   02:06 LaserJock   hi rodarvus
   02:06 bluekuja    hello rodarvus
   02:06 ogra        rodarvus, you might introduce yourself and tell us about what you'll be doing ...
   02:06 rodarvus    sure
   02:07 rodarvus    briefly talking about my past:
   02:07 ogra        (i'm not sure about that myself yet ... but mark said you'll be technical lead aside from OLPC)
   02:07 rodarvus    I've been doing development on linux for the last twelve years
   02:07 rodarvus    worked at a few places such as Conectiva, Terra Lycos and Nokia Institute of Technology
   02:08 rodarvus    I've worked doing distro development for quite a few years now (first rpm based, and later, deb based distros)
   02:08 rodarvus    and in the last few years gained some expertise on the embedded/semi-embedded market too
   02:08 JaneW       welcome rodarvus and enjoy the ride
   === highvoltage arrives
   02:09 rodarvus    as ogra mentioned, I'll work on OLPC, and, in theory :)
   02:09 bluekuja    welcome man
   02:09 flint       rodarvus, welcome, where you from?
   02:09 rodarvus    will be the "Edubuntu Engineering Lead" - I promise to work hard on it :)
   02:09 ogra        :)
   02:09 rodarvus    flint: I'm from Brazil
   02:09 rodarvus    JaneW, bluekuja: thanks :)
   02:10 JaneW       where the nuts come from
   02:10 flint       rodarvus, excellent.
   02:10 JaneW       *hide*
   02:10 ogra        heh
   02:10 ogra        JaneW, nuts like kiko you mean ?
   02:10 rodarvus    as a coincidence, Brazil is one of the countries which will very likely adopt OLPC in the very near future
   02:10 JaneW       indeed
   02:10 highvoltage JaneW: you will be missed.
   02:10 flint       JaneW, and good tek...
   02:10 rodarvus    ogra: heh :D
   02:10 JaneW       highvoltage: *bow*
   02:10 bluekuja    rodarvus: np :)
   02:11 rodarvus    I'm quite eager to meet you guys at Paris, next week (or in the future, for the ones who won't be able to be there)
   02:11 rodarvus    specially ogra, of whom I have heard great things about :)
   02:11 cbx33       wish I was going to Paris with you guys
   02:11 flint       rodarvus, I would look forward to meeting you in Sao Paulo myself.  How close to the capitol do you live?
   02:12 highvoltage rodarvus: you're going to paris, cool!
   02:12 ogra        cbx33, next time
   02:12 cbx33       I hope so
   02:12 ogra        rodarvus, i'm looking forward to it too ;)
   02:12 rodarvus    in the next few hours I'll start commiting spec braindumps into Blueprint (mostly for OLPC, but also for Edubuntu and Ubuntu itself)
   02:12 rodarvus    flint: I live in Curitiba, about 600km from So Paulo
   02:12 highvoltage :)
   02:12 rodarvus    highvoltage: indeed!
   02:13 flint       rodarvus, nice touch the tilde...
   02:13 ogra        rodarvus, make sure to ping mdz and/or Keybuk about it they did the approval run yesterday already, so yours dont get lost
   02:13 ogra        (for the specs that is)
   02:13 cbx33       yeh I have 2 sitting in there that are awaiting approval
   02:13 cbx33       be interesting to see if they get in
   02:13 rodarvus    overall, the first days at Canonical have been great, already - I sense it will be a *magic* experience to be part of this great team! (in both meanings)
   02:14 rodarvus    ogra: that will be great!
   02:14 rodarvus    our OLPC target is not for Edgy, afaik (but I might be wrong)
   02:14 flint       rodarvus, writing code remains the process of nailing jello to a wall...
   02:14 flint       :^)
   02:14 rodarvus    we'll surely have to discuss this a lot, next week :)
   02:15 ogra        well, edgy would work if you had 10 monkeys coding for you :)
   02:15 ogra        but given that mark doesnt hire monkeys, i tend to agree :)
   02:15 rodarvus    right :)
   02:15 flint       ogra, edgy would work if you had a blue-ray to write it to...
   === cbx33 could be a monkey for you guys :p
   02:15 flint       :^)
   === LaserJock looks around for monkeys
   02:16 ogra        flint, we'll fix the CDs
   02:16 cbx33       wait what am I saying I already am
   02:16 ogra        ok, next change ....
   02:16 flint       LaserJock, I would prefer that you called us primates... :^)
   02:16 ogra        we'll also get a new top level manager for edubuntu
   02:16 cbx33       oooh?
   02:17 flint       ogra, a TLM eh?
   02:17 ogra        a so called "education program manager"
   02:17 ogra        i know there are negotiations going on with someone, but i havent heard the final outcome yet, so i cant say much more
   02:18 ogra        JaneW, do you know anything we could make public ?
   02:18 JaneW       I think there is a signed agreement now
   02:18 ogra        YAY
   02:18 highvoltage cool.
   02:18 cbx33       w00t
   02:18 rodarvus    great news :)
   02:18 JaneW       but that's insider trading :P
   02:18 ogra        hehe
   02:18 rodarvus    haha
   02:18 cbx33       JaneW: you naughty girl
   02:18 JaneW       start date mid-July
   02:18 highvoltage JaneW: heh. are you giving it away there ;)
   02:18 highvoltage ?
   02:18 LaserJock   hehe
   02:19 JaneW       I wish it was me
   02:19 JaneW       but it's not :(
   02:19 cbx33       awww
   02:19 DanielC     :(
   02:19 JaneW       but it is someone I know very well
   02:19 ogra        highvoltage, that job is up one or two levels in hirarchy (and payment i guess) compared to JaneW'S current job
   02:19 ogra        edubuntu will be its own little department inside canonical now
   02:19 flint       JaneW, I will miss you.
   02:20 highvoltage interesting.
   02:20 cbx33       ogra: exdcellet
   02:20 LaserJock   ogra: cool
   02:20 cbx33       all the more reason to go to BETT2007 !!!
   02:20 ogra        cbx33, something to discuss with our new manager then :)
   02:20 highvoltage ogra: i can't pretend that i understand it all 100%, but my instinct tells me that it will work out good.
   02:20 flint       cbx33, do not forget NECC in Beautiful San Diego CA...
   02:20 cbx33       indeed
   02:20 LaserJock   ogra: so you, rodarvus and the new manager?
   02:20 cbx33       flint: indeed
   02:20 ogra        LaserJock, yeps
   02:20 highvoltage and EC?
   02:21 JaneW       so the new program manager, who will look at getting edubuntu installed around the world is RichardW
   02:21 flint       ogra, TLM == ECM?
   02:21 highvoltage EC will still vote new members, etc?
   02:21 ogra        what about EC ?
   02:21 ogra        sure
   02:21 ogra        yeah
   02:21 LaserJock   ogra: so what's your position? if you don't mind me asking ;-)
   02:21 ogra        our new manager aalso is babysitter for JaneW's kids ;)
   02:21 ogra        (sometimes)
   02:21 highvoltage also a parent of them :)
   02:21 LaserJock   lol
   02:22 bluekuja    highvoltage: :D
   02:22 ogra        LaserJock, i'll report to rodarvus
   02:22 JaneW       and I have full whipping power with them too
   02:22 ogra        LaserJock, thats all i was told yet
   02:22 flint       JaneW, Is your husband RichardW taking over?
   02:22 highvoltage ogra: is rodarvus like a mdz for edubuntu?
   02:22 ogra        flint, hey, you grokked it !
   02:22 flint       JaneW, not that this is a bad thing...
   02:23 ogra        highvoltage, rather Richard ...
   02:23 rodarvus    Richard is, I think
   02:23 JaneW       flint: yes
   02:23 flint       ogra, I am slow, but i make up for it by being pretty stoopid.... :^)
   === pips1 [n=philipp_@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:23 JaneW       ogra: I am not sure if he will be that *technically* involved, prolly more directional
   02:23 flint       JaneW, that is pretty romantic (awwwwwwww!).
   02:23 ogra        just on a sidenote, i'm not happy about not having mdz in the reporting chain
   02:23 JaneW       ogra and rodarvus will be the technical gurus still
   02:24 JaneW       flint: pah! :P
   02:24 rodarvus    actually, I'm still quite new to emit opinions, but I think mdz is kind of unique
   02:24 highvoltage ogra: i was thinking the same thing, but decided not to say anything, since it doesn't affect me personally.
   02:24 flint       ogra, mdz will be in London.  Trust me he will be in the chain big time.
   02:24 rodarvus    in terms of management & techincal skills
   02:24 ogra        rodarvus, we'll be doing a lot stuff inside the ubuntu distro team, we should talk with sabdfl in paris about the structure
   02:24 ogra        i think distro team lead involvement is essential (but thats only me)
   02:25 rodarvus    so I believe it will require involved teamwork to reach the standard of quality mdz has on his work
   02:25 ogra        yeah
   02:25 flint       while mdz can be distant, abstract and generally annoying anywere he will be directly applied when he resides in London....
   02:25 rodarvus    ogra: sure, I agree
   02:25 flint       and I mean that in the nicest way...
   02:25 ogra        but we dont develop very much thats unique usually (OLPC might change that)
   02:25 ogra        usually we change ubuntu distro packages ...
   02:25 cbx33       ogra: indeed
   02:26 cbx33       so really big changes then
   02:26 ogra        adding a feature or two ...
   02:26 flint       ogra, what the heck is OLPC?
   02:26 rodarvus    OLPC might change that radically (but this is talk for paris ;) )
   02:26 ogra        but well, that something to discuss with sabdfl
   02:26 rodarvus    flint: http://www.laptop.org/
   02:26 JaneW       I am pretty certain mdz will stay involved
   02:26 rodarvus    its a acronym for One Laptop per Child
   02:27 flint       oh yea One Laptop Per Child...
   02:27 ogra        JaneW, not in the structure overview i got from sabdfl ...
   02:27 flint       the MIT thang...
   === pips1 waves at JaneW
   02:27 rodarvus    flint: right, it has lots of potential for students, specially in developing countries
   === JaneW can almost not help trying to get involved...
   02:28 flint       I presume that a OLPC terminal will pixie boot just like anything else eh?
   02:28 ogra        flint, terminal ?
   02:28 JaneW       hi pips1
   02:28 rodarvus    what means "pixie boot"?
   === luzi [n=luzi@dhcp-202-59-vpn.unizh.ch] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:28 flint       rodarvus, the only problem would be the RF link.
   02:28 ogra        rodarvus, PXE
   02:28 pips1       hi JaneW
   02:28 rodarvus    ohh
   === Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:29 rodarvus    flint: no. the OLPC hardware has its own flash card (about 500mb large, btw)
   02:29 ogra        flint, you cant PXE boot wireless devices and i doubt the plan for OLPC is to tie the kids to a LAN wire
   02:29 pips1       JaneW, I really am a bit sad to see you go.
   === pips1 hugs JaneW
   02:30 flint       ogra, I am slow this morning, the Edubuntu thing has always been a server that ties kid computers into a classrooms together
   02:30 rodarvus    the OLPC hardware quite specialized - plas for battery life are 24h, uses mesh wifi instead of normal wifi, small memory/storage
   02:30 rodarvus    s/plas/plans/
   02:30 flint       ogra, now with the big flash, shared storage could be a thing.
   02:30 ogra        flint, yes, thats one of edubuntus areas
   02:30 ogra        (ltsp)
   02:30 flint       rodarvus, I smell a fork.
   02:30 ogra        but onlya one of many you can cover with edubuntu
   02:30 rodarvus    OLPC also "includes" one (or more) server(s) on the school
   02:30 highvoltage rodarvus: so you like franks sinatra heh? :)
   02:30 rodarvus    but students can take their notebooks home
   02:31 rodarvus    highvoltage: indeed - how do you learned that? :)
   02:31 flint       rodarvus, you have big problems running LTSP on wifi.
   02:31 ogra        i'm really looking forward in rodarvus work for ltsp, since a shrunk down system will help us a lot there
   02:32 ogra        i.e. i can use the embedded stuff for the ltsp clients and cut down a lot of ram requirement i guess
   02:32 rodarvus    exactly
   02:32 highvoltage rodarvus: your blog page
   02:32 rodarvus    highvoltage: oh :)
   02:32 flint       ogra, if it gets faster I vote for it (if I voted...)
   02:33 flint       :^)
   02:33 ogra        highvoltage, we all need to learn brazilian now :)
   02:33 flint       ogra, Portugese...
   02:33 ogra        well
   02:33 ogra        :)
   02:34 ogra        shall we move on with the agenda ? we're at 30min
   02:34 flint       ogra np :^)
   02:34 rodarvus    actually, brazilian portuguese
   02:34 rodarvus    :)
   02:34 ogra        :)
   02:35 flint       rodarvus, never could spell anything.
   02:35 bluekuja    ogra: well I added a point in agenda regarding the Testers Team, to discuss about membership guidelines, todo list etc
   02:35 bluekuja    with all of you
   02:35 ogra        from the tech side there is not much i can tell yet, the archive isnt ready for uploads yet, so no packaging work is going on atm ...
   02:35 bluekuja    to decide a stable guideline for the future
   02:36 ogra        we have a bunch of approved specs for paris that are listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuEdgyIdeas
   02:36 flint       ogra, we would like to add gin.  is this the place?
   02:36 ogra        i'm subscribed to most of them in launchpad so you can find another overview that also shows the status under https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs
   02:37 ogra        flint, gin ?
   02:37 flint       gnome instant nationalization.  helps a lot when setting network xterms up.
   02:37 ogra        flint, you mean https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-login-and-session-handling
   02:37 ogra        ?
   === theoddone [n=hgibson@hgibson.ee.sun.ac.za] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:38 flint       ogra, na, dclug wrote this quickie.  I started and competent folks finished it in python.
   02:38 ogra        seems mdz didnt see any urge for that, it hasnt even gotten a priority assigned
   02:38 flint       i suppose mdz does not spend too much time using edubuntu eh?
   02:39 flint       it is necessary
   02:39 ogra        flint, we wont tolerate scripts that change /etc/environment or other files that are forbidden to be touched by debian policy
   02:39 flint       ogra, how do we do this?
   02:39 ogra        its not the way to solve your prob, i told you this seberal times already
   02:39 ogra        gdm or ldm are the right place to attack it
   02:39 flint       the program is written and it works.
   02:40 ogra        (depending which one we'll use in the future)
   02:40 flint       the program is vital to multi lingual systems.  https://wiki.edubuntu.org/gin
   02:40 ogra        flint, it breaks the systems, /etc/environment *has not to be touched by anything* in a debian based system
   02:41 ogra        we discussed it before
   02:41 flint       ok how do we gain the functionality?
   02:41 ogra        its not something to solve with a hack
   02:41 ogra        do it in the right place which is the login manager in this case
   02:42 flint       ogra, i am a hacker.  this hack is to demonstrate the requirement.
   02:42 highvoltage sorry, had an interuption (/me catches up)
   02:42 flint       ogra, I wish I could program, but likely i am too old :^)
   02:42 ogra        flint, you apparently *can* program ;)
   02:42 ogra        just do it in the right place ;)
   02:43 flint       ogra, I want to know how to do this.
   02:43 ogra        ldm has all functionallity to set the language since its become themed ...
   02:44 flint       ogra, I will take a look.
   02:44 ogra        the problem is to determine the list of langs from the server, if thats solved it takes me less than a minute to enable the selection menu
   02:44 ogra        (in the code)
   02:44 ogra        aything else for the tech side ?
   02:45 ogra        flint, btw, will we see you in paris ?
   === dholbach [n=daniel@i577B0091.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:45 flint       ogra, I just bought a house in Barre Vermont. and while I would like nothing better than a ciggi break with the likes of you, I need to renovate this victorian monstrosity my wife bought.
   02:46 flint       :^)
   === theoddone [n=hgibson@hgibson.ee.sun.ac.za] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:46 flint       ogra, I will get the next one, promise.
   02:46 ogra        heh, good luck :)
   02:46 ogra        seems to be the time tio change houses ...
   02:46 flint       ogra, thanks, exactly!!!
   02:47 flint       ogra, not you too?
   02:47 ogra        flint, i'm currently moving to this one http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/CIMG0517.JPG
   02:47 rodarvus    flint: I feel your pain - we moved to our new apartment two months ago
   02:47 rodarvus    its new, but many, many things had to be done to make it actually a enjoyable place to be
   === cbx33 can't afford to buy :)
   02:47 cbx33       :(
   02:48 ogra        cbx33, inherit ;)
   02:48 cbx33       heh
   02:48 ogra        (best case from an unknown secret rich uncle)
   02:48 rodarvus    ogra: its a beautiful place!
   02:48 cbx33       well, what's left on the agenda?
   02:48 LaserJock   ogra: nice, much bigger then my place in the middle of the Nevada desert ;-)
   02:48 cbx33       seeing as we have 10 mins :p
   02:49 flint       you folks throw a hell of a meeting...
   02:49 ogra        rodarvus, well, i like my current place more, but thats rented, and for the new one we dont have to pay anything
   02:49 cbx33       LaserJock: is an alien
   02:49 ogra        ok, lest move on else we'll be out of time
   02:49 ogra        do we have anything for artwork ?
   02:49 ogra        (me guesses not yet)
   02:50 cbx33       hmm
   02:50 LaserJock   cbx33: oops, I was trying to keep it a secret ;-)
   02:50 ogra        documentation ?
   02:50 cbx33       no thought AliasVegas has said she wants piccies of you all to do the edubuntu homie lookalikes :p
   === ogra kicks his lag ...
   02:51 ogra        cbx33, but thats something we still have 4 months time for :)
   02:51 ogra        any doc stuff ?
   02:51 highvoltage my lag is bad too :(
   02:51 LaserJock   is pygi here? the cookbook people had a meeting yesterday
   02:51 ogra        (i saw you are working with the doc team now)
   02:52 cbx33       um, I'm hoping to fix up ESA into it's printed state soon
   02:52 flint       ogra, I should have something for you doc wise by next week.
   02:52 ogra        flint, cool
   02:52 flint       ogra, np.
   02:52 ogra        flint, i'll really miss you in my cigarette breaks in paris ...
   02:53 LaserJock   ogra: I'm not sure what cookbook people are doing exactly, but it is getting worked on, I think
   02:53 ogra        ok, i think we handled management at the beginning and community stuff during general sidetracked chatter :)
   02:54 ogra        the cookbook developed its own dynamic so i'm confident whats going on is good atm
   02:54 flint       ogra, me too.  I will get you next time.
   02:54 ogra        so we have bluekuja left, do you want to chair for your topics ?
   02:54 ogra        7me hands bluekuja the microphone
   === cbx33 snatches it and runs away
   02:55 bluekuja    yeah, oliver
   02:55 ogra        * Edubuntu Testing Team review: membership,TODO,future (AndreaVeri)
   === pips1 has finally caught up with the meeting and sends a warm welcome to rodarvus
   02:55 bluekuja    well, I want to talk with all of you about the -testing team, to create some guidelines about membership etc
   02:55 cbx33       come on bluekuja you have 5 mins
   02:56 ogra        about the future, i'd like to point the team to sfllaw, who is our QA specialist
   02:56 JaneW       pips1: lol
   02:56 rodarvus    pips1: thanks :)
   02:56 ogra        you should work together with him on testing plans and the like
   02:56 highvoltage ogra: you've mentioned it before, I'll get sfllaw to join our next edubuntu meeting. he'll be in paris, right?
   02:56 ogra        yep
   02:57 bluekuja    ogra: ok great, anyway do you think we need to create some guidelines about the team? creating a working TODO list
   02:57 bluekuja    and more
   02:57 ogra        sure, go ahead :)
   === cbx33 's hand is up when bluekuja is finished
   02:57 rodarvus    we can also tip him him in paris, if necessary ;)
   === pips1 's hand is up next after cbx33
   02:57 ogra        rodarvus, really ? we have a budget for that ??
   02:58 cbx33       I have to go in a while :( meeting soon
   02:58 LaserJock   ogra: community donations ;-)
   02:58 cbx33       in like 3 minutes :(
   02:58 ogra        haha
   02:58 cbx33       nice idea LaserJock
   02:58 bluekuja    ogra: well, I'll try to create some guidelines alone, so we can discuss them at the next meeting. Some ideas to start?
   02:59 ogra        as i said, sfllaw will be the best person to start with ... i dont see the need for guidelines to join the team or something ...
   02:59 LaserJock   bluekuja: I'd talk to the BugSquad (aka sfllaw and #ubuntu-bugs) and check around the wiki
   02:59 rodarvus    bluekuja: seriously, I believe approaching sfllaw (on irc) is a great start
   === JaneW pops out for a sec
   02:59 bluekuja    LaserJock, ogra: perfect
   02:59 ogra        whoops, my baker just arrived, i need to quicky get some bread
   03:00 pips1       lol
   03:00 cbx33       oooh nice
   03:00 bluekuja    yeah, i work with sfflaw with packages too, so it wouldn't be a problem for it
   03:00 cbx33       shute i gotta run peeps, meeting time is over for me
   03:00 pips1       ogra, that's a proper german. :-D
   03:00 cbx33       I'll see you back ing #edubuntu
   03:01 cbx33       pips1: feel free to take my hand
   03:01 LaserJock   cya cbx33
   03:01 cbx33       :p
   03:01 flint       ogra, we call it liquid bread :^)
   03:01 pips1       flint hehe
   03:01 bluekuja    cbx33: soon we'll have ESA in italian too
   03:01 pips1       cbx33 ok, cu
   03:01 flint       bluekuja, what is an ESA?
   03:01 LaserJock   flint: Edubuntu School Advocacy
   03:01 bluekuja    edubuntu school advocacy document
   03:02 flint       bluekuja, got a url?
   03:02 bluekuja    yeah,http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/school-advocacy/C/index.html
   03:02 flint       bluekuja, in italiano e piu bene!
   03:02 bluekuja    :D
   03:02 rodarvus    pips1: I believe ogra is away for a little while - would you like to go on?
   === pips1 looks around for jsgotangco
   03:03 cbx33       ESA is also on www.edubuntu.org/UsingEdubuntu
   03:03 flint       A marketing document at last!!! bluekuja you done good!!!!!
   03:03 bluekuja    we have to say thanks to cbx33
   03:03 cbx33       I ported it to there
   03:03 bluekuja    that started it
   03:03 cbx33       and I'll be deleting it from the wiki
   03:03 bluekuja    and had this great idea
   03:03 highvoltage sorry for my quietness the last week. it's been tough, everything seems to happen at the the same time :/
   03:03 pips1       rodarvus, well, I just want to ask all you guys who are attenting paris to try to push for another edubuntu summit, with educators, rather than developers-only :)
   03:03 bluekuja    np highvoltage
   03:04 flint       highvoltage, Jonathan, how bad?  Death bad?
   03:04 LaserJock   pips1: what? devs don't know everything? ;-)
   03:04 rodarvus    pips1: sure, I believe we can also push this subject with RichardW, when he arrives next month
   03:04 pips1       who of you guys is going to paris?
   03:04 highvoltage flint: no, not quite that bad :)
   03:05 flint       pips1, the educators were the meeting in london.
   03:05 ogra        re
   === LaserJock raises his hand
   03:05 pips1       LaserJock :)
   03:05 bluekuja    Unfortunately I won't be there
   === rodarvus raises his hand
   03:05 flint       highvoltage, Girlfriend bad (that is pretty bad...)
   === ogra raises his hand as well
   03:05 cbx33       my hand
   03:05 highvoltage flint: slightly worse that that. but the recovery should be quicker.
   03:05 cbx33       can I grab it back
   03:05 pips1       flint starting rumors again? ;-)
   03:05 ogra        pips1, our new manager will surely care for edubuntu summits/sprints
   03:06 flint       highvoltage, Jonathan you need a trip to Sao Paulo!
   03:06 pips1       ogra right, cool
   03:06 highvoltage flint: indeed, but let's talk about that later. we're just making noise now :)
   === pips1 nudges highvoltage to raise his hand
   03:06 flint       highvoltage, sorry gotcha...
   === cbx33 pushes backin line
   03:06 bluekuja    ogra: do you think would be possible to have a it.edubuntu.org pointed to edubuntu page in italian loco team page?
   === Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   03:07 ogra        i'm not sure about the naming scheme, but i guess its possible
   03:07 flint       bluekuja, you may want to talk to Kevin Cole of the dcloco team who already went through that loop sucessfully.
   03:07 ogra        highvoltage, has some experience with the webserver and dns things ...
   03:07 highvoltage znarl could organise that, alhtough he seems to be quite busy atm.
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:07 highvoltage i've been trying to get hold of him for the past 3 days.
   03:07 ogra        is it very urgent ?
   03:07 bluekuja    nope
   03:07 bluekuja    :)
   03:08 bluekuja    it would be a great thing, but I can wait
   03:08 ogra        oki, highvoltage would you poke him about that or pint bluekuja in teh right direction  ?
   03:08 flint       bluekuja, seriously, try kcole
   03:08 ogra        *point too
   03:08 bluekuja    flint: ok, I'll try to ping him
   03:08 highvoltage bluekuja: i'll talk to znarl about it when i get hold of him. i PM'ed him about an hour ago, when he returns he'll get back to me, he's very efficient that way.
   === jsgotangco just arrived sorry
   03:09 bluekuja    ok perfect, thanks
   03:09 highvoltage ogra: yep
   03:09 ogra        jsgotangco, you missed all the fun :P
   03:09 flint       bluekuja, kjcole@ubuntu.com
   03:09 ogra        highvoltage, thanks a lot
   03:09 highvoltage my pleasure.
   03:09 bluekuja    filnt: thanks
   03:09 jsgotangco  ogra: sorry it was a long day for me (visa and everything else)
   03:09 bluekuja    *flint
   03:10 bluekuja    ok that's all
   03:10 LaserJock   cbx33: you had something to say?
   03:10 pips1       highvoltage, cbx33, should we try to set a time for a edubuntu website irc meet? to nudge things further along?
   03:10 ogra        jsgotangco, *you* did miss the fnu, not me ... no need to apologize :)
   03:10 ogra        the fun too
   03:10 cbx33       pips1: sure
   03:10 cbx33       LaserJock: just a little
   03:10 ogra        ok, looks like we're done with the meeting then ...
   03:11 ogra        anything urgent we missed ?
   03:11 highvoltage pips1: yes, can we do it after paris though? i'm flooded with work atm, and my visa problems didn't help much there either, i nearly lost two days worth of work
   03:11 cbx33       nope
   === seanh [i=seanh@ukato.freeshell.ORG] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === seanh is now known as chombee
   03:11 pips1       cbx33 are evenings ok for you? highvoltage seems more available in evenings rather than daytime...
   03:11 pips1       highvoltage oic :-/
   03:11 cbx33       pips1: yup
   03:11 highvoltage yes, evenings are better for me, generally.
   03:11 ogra        so i'd say: meeting adjourned, please move over to #edubuntu to make the room free for xubuntu
   03:11 ogra        thanks all
   03:11 highvoltage at the moment my work flows over to evenings too :/
   03:12 rodarvus    thank you
   === highvoltage moves to #edubuntu
   03:12 pips1       thanks

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