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Meeting June 28, 2006


  • ogra - Informed us that ltsp has been merged with the modularisation changes from debian, which will greatly simplify further development. It was also noted that ltsp.org will merge with our ltsp over the next two releases.

  • ogra - Pointed people towards https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs to read the specs from Paris

    • ogra - Confirmed that there will be an autoconfiguration dhcp config in edgy

    • ogra - Informed us that the local devices spec was also approved

  • cbx33 - Enquired whether local apps was going to be developed and ogra pointed him to the fat client spec

  • ogra - Mentioned that the edubuntu spec and ltsp discussion was particularly good this summit

  • flint - raised concerns about the fact that k12ltsp had a better feature set than edubuntu

    • ogra - discussed about edubuntu being in it's infancy, and that popularity will win through eventually

  • ogra - mentioned that Mithrandir will be working on putting an ltsp server on the live cd

  • cbx33 - Asked if it was still planned to remove kdeedu from edgy

    • ogra - Replied, only if alternatives can be found

    • cbx33 - Suggested replacing kdeedu apps on an as and when basis


  • cbx33 - Mentioned he was going to email Canonical about BETT2007 next week


  • ogra - Raised the need for an artwork team leader

    • cbx33 - Suggested job specs for some of the volunteer members, so they know what to expect

    • cbx33 - Mentioned AliasVegas was considering the role

    • rodarvus - Mentioned his wife was an accomplished designer, and could be bribed Wink ;)


  • pips1 - Suggested a glossary for edubuntu

   02:01 ogra           so how many people are we today
   02:01 ogra           looks rather empty
   02:02 pips1          hiya
   02:02 ogra           hey
   02:02 pips1          just the two of us?!
   02:02 DanielC        I'm just observing.
   02:02 ogra           well, then it looks like its just the two of us and DanielC :)
   02:02 DanielC        :)
   === cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:03 ogra           ah
   02:03 DanielC        one more person, whoo hoo!!
   02:03 pips1          hi cbx33
   02:03 cbx33          hey everybody
   02:03 cbx33          I won't be able to stay the entire meeting I fear
   02:03 ogra           well, i dont have much on the tech side today
   02:03 Hobbsee        hey?  DanielC hope you werent meaning me - i know nothing :P
   02:03 cbx33          but there will be minutes
   02:03 DanielC        :)
   02:03 cbx33          ogra I'm shocked :p
   02:03 ogra           i'm personally rather busy doing ubuntu merges, so there is no particular edubuntu work atm
   02:04 ogra           ltsp is merged with the modularization changes from debian
   02:04 cbx33          oh yeh, I forgot we were in merge stage now
   02:04 ogra           so development of new features will be way easier
   02:04 cbx33          ogra, excellent
   02:04 cbx33          that is great tech news
   02:04 ogra           and ltsp is fully translateable now
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   02:04 ogra           thanks to debain as well
   02:04 ogra           *debian too
   02:04 cbx33          cool
   02:05 ogra           we wrote a good bunnch of specs in paris
   02:05 ogra           https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs
   02:05 ogra           ^^^^ list of them
   === bimberi listened (literally) to one of the sessions
   02:05 DanielC        *click*
   02:05 ogra           two are already approved, the others in review
   02:05 cbx33          bimberi, cool
   02:06 DanielC        ltsp dhcpd.conf :  good man!
   02:06 ogra           most important is that we will have an autoconfigured dchpd in our next release after install ;)
   02:06 cbx33          heheh yeh
   02:06 bimberi        \o/
   02:06 ogra           will add one additional question to the install though :/
   02:06 ogra           but better than the current status
   02:06 cbx33          yes
   02:06 cbx33          very beneficial in my opinion
   02:07 ogra           additionally the local device implementation is approved
   === flint [n=flint@montpeliervt-cuda1-24-50-146-93.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:07 cbx33          thats also great
   02:07 DanielC        Definitely a good improvement.
   02:07 cbx33          ogra, is ther eany news on local apps?
   02:07 ogra           and most important news from the summit....
   02:07 cbx33          that's something I'm very keen on
   02:07 ogra           ltsp.org will merge with our ltsp over the next two releases
   02:07 DanielC        meaning?
   02:07 ogra           so there will only be one ltsp
   02:07 DanielC        cool
   02:07 ogra           based on our work
   02:08 pips1          wow
   02:08 cbx33          that's great news
   02:08 ogra           merged with the features they have
   02:08 DanielC        What are the current differences between ltsp.org and what edubuntu has?
   02:08 pips1          big applause
   02:08 DanielC        clap clap clap clap
   02:08 ogra           see the ltsp-convergence spec
   02:08 flint          ogra I was talking to the fedora folks, and they and Eric Harrison had a different story...
   === rraphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:08 DanielC        ok
   02:08 ogra           the incidents listed there must be resolved over the two next releases
   02:09 flint          ogra, what is the url of the ltsp-convergence spec?
   02:09 DanielC        ogra, ltsp-convergence doesn't have any information.
   02:09 DanielC        https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-convergence
   02:09 pips1          https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LtspConvergence
   02:09 ogra           my personal next step is to establish the ltsp-daily-image-tarballs infrastructure
   02:09 ogra           thats a prerequisite
   02:09 cbx33          yeh
   02:09 DanielC        pips1, thanks
   02:09 ogra           then it will be very easy to install ppc chroots on i386 from the tarball ;)
   02:10 ogra           that makes multiarch easier then ever ;)
   02:10 cbx33          ogra, great !
   02:10 ogra           localapps were not discussed, see the fat-client spec for reasons ...
   02:10 cbx33          <ogra> well, i dont have much on the tech side today
   02:10 cbx33          :p
   02:10 ogra           we need a authentication mechanism in place first
   02:11 ogra           cbx33, :P
   02:11 ogra           turns out to be more than expected ;)
   02:11 cbx33          ok
   02:11 cbx33          that's cool
   02:11 ogra           over all the spec side was the best we ever had wrt edubuntu on any conference
   02:11 cbx33          excellent
   === pips1 checks ltsp-fat-clients
   02:12 ogra           i had amazing feedback from ltsp.org as well as from jonathan jerome rodrigo and jordan about the teamwork and community stuff that happened there
   02:13 ogra           (i must admit i didnt go out with themm in the evenings to get the specs done)
   02:13 bimberi        ogra: it must have been good to have them there, more efficient
   02:13 ogra           flint, https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs has the list of all specs
   02:13 ogra           bimberi, yes, it absolutely was
   02:13 pips1          ogra "teamwork and community stuff that happened there" ?
   02:13 ogra           way more than on other ubuntu conferences
   02:14 ogra           yep
   02:14 cbx33          ogra, you work-a-holic you :p
   02:14 ogra           pips1, well, usually people are just busy working
   02:14 flint          ogra, I had a chance to participate in a shoot out between k12ltsp and edubuntu.  I got shot.
   02:14 ogra           and in the evenings you sit at the bar and slurp your beer ...
   02:14 ogra           but there was some edubuntu spirit this time
   02:14 pips1          flint, ?
   02:14 ogra           i dont know how to express it in words
   02:15 ogra           flint, so you switch to k12 now ?
   02:15 flint          pips1, This thing called NELS... NorthEast Linux Symposium in Bethel Maine...
   02:15 flint          ogra, I suspect that Jeff will switch.
   02:16 ogra           well, he'll get our ltsp anyway in april :)
   02:16 ogra           one way or the other :)
   02:16 pips1          flint, reasons?
   02:16 flint          ogra, it loads from 6 cd's (their bad) but it wipes us off the map.
   02:16 ogra           if he doesnt like the system i cant help it
   02:17 flint          ogra, you have a better meta-system, this fedora core k12 ltsp distro just needs to be emulated in all ways...
   02:17 ogra           i suspect rodarvus and richard will improve the edu situation beyond my tech skills a lot
   === pips1 only understands 2% of what is being talked about
   === DanielC thinks that pips understands 2% more than him
   === rodarvus winks
   02:17 ogra           pips1, k12ltsp is the redhat based edu distro
   02:18 rodarvus       sorry, I arrived late (was on a phone call)
   02:18 pips1          could you be a bit more explicit for the benefit of the rest of us? :-)
   02:18 ogra           shipping the same stuff we do ... preconfigured ltsp edu apps etc
   02:18 ogra           they are the eduredhat
   02:18 flint          ogra, They have another symposium comming up at University of New Hampshire in July.  I want to present about the future of Edubuntu.
   02:18 ogra           while we are the edu-ubuntu
   02:18 flint          ogra, nicely put.
   02:19 flint          ogra, they won the day - on merit!
   02:19 ogra           in fact the edubuntu idea comes from the founder of k12ltsp :P
   02:19 ogra           he created the spec for it in sydney
   02:19 flint          ogra, is that Eric Harrison?
   02:19 ogra           yep
   02:19 pips1          right, so this is some kind of sideshow of the "distro war"?
   02:20 ogra           i never saw it as a war
   02:20 flint          pips1, this is the best distro wins...
   02:20 ogra           we surely are in our early stages compared to k12
   02:20 ogra           but we are on place 52 on distrowatch ...
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   02:20 flint          ogra, the issue is that strategically launchpad and the ubuntu methodology will win out, the bad news is when.
   02:20 ogra           so i guess our popularity will gain us more ground in the future
   02:21 spacey         hi / sorry i'm joining so late
   02:21 DanielC        This is sounding a lot like a distro competition.
   02:21 flint          ogra, we are in a very difficult box.  6 CD's is about a DVD.  When are we on a DVD?
   02:21 ogra           there is no competition in there
   02:21 flint          ogra, i agree completely with Ollie.  This is all about technical merit.
   02:21 ogra           flint, we are
   02:22 flint          ogra, I came late.  when and where?
   02:22 ogra           http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/6.06/release/
   02:22 ogra           since the release already
   02:22 DanielC        Could someone then explain this deal about ltsp.org and edubuntu merging and the thing about edubuntu being more popular, and them being edu-hat and us being edu-buntu?
   02:23 ogra           it has only the contents of main though
   02:23 flint          ogra, I used 40 install disks I made of 6.06 and they were CD's.
   02:23 ogra           flint, well, why didnt you take the dvd :)
   02:23 ogra           its available since dapper development started
   02:23 ogra           but since we'll never ship a dvd it doesnt get much attention in advertisin
   02:23 flint          ogra, this was 6 CD's of LTSP base, you needed this to do the install.  I do not need the universe.  have you ever loaded k12ltsp?
   === digitalmouse returns from lunch
   02:24 digitalmouse   greetings programs!
   02:24 ogra           also most of our users arent even capable of downloading or using a dvd due to bandwith or tech (no dvd player) restrictions
   02:24 flint          I never had,
   02:24 spacey         whats wrong with 1 cd
   02:25 spacey         instead of 6 or a dvd
   02:25 ogra           nothing :)
   02:25 flint          ogra, Olli, the features they had, and the silly thing worked out of the box with no patching!
   02:25 ogra           patching ?
   02:25 flint          dhcpd3.
   === digitalmouse reads with interest the talk of LTSP
   02:25 spacey         why would you need to patch dhcpd3?
   02:25 ogra           flint, did you see the specs ?
   02:25 flint          and then some...
   02:26 flint          ogra, I saw the result.
   02:26 ogra           edgy *will* work out of the box
   02:26 ogra           without touching dhcp configs
   02:26 ogra           dapper works ut of the box if you pick the right ip net on install
   02:27 ogra           so i really miss to see the problem here
   02:27 flint          ogra, I will be releasing a compelte document on this topic, based upon Jonathan's earlier work.  One of the chapters will be a comparison.  You are going to team with LTSP.org with is Jim McQuillan, which is good.  What about Eric Harrison?
   02:27 ogra           additionally it looks like Mithrandir is working on a liveCD that would make ltsp support possible
   02:28 ogra           so we even might ship a liveCD next release
   02:28 ogra           what about eric ?
   02:28 flint          ogra, the man can package a damn fine distro. and the word is that he needs help.
   02:29 digitalmouse   ooo... a live ltsp cd.. neat
   02:29 ogra           one of his emplloyees is permanently in #edubuntu and even helps supporting people
   02:29 ogra           flint, i wont resign and work on a rpm based distro
   02:29 flint          ogra, he is a teacher, to my knowledge he employs no one.
   02:29 ogra           he's free to join edubuntu development and bring his ideas to us
   02:29 DanielC        What is this about working on an rpm distro?
   02:29 flint          ogra, I am completely behind you on that (rpm --nodep yech!)
   02:29 DanielC        Guys, I'm really not understanding what's going on.
   02:29 ogra           DanielC, k12 is redhat based
   02:30 DanielC        yes, I know that part...
   02:30 flint          ogra, actually fedora based and thus free...
   02:30 ogra           flint, so what are we discussing here, he knows we're here
   02:30 flint          gang I went to the races with our car and I got left in the dust.  that is my report.
   02:30 ogra           hes free to come over and make edubuntu k12edubuntu
   02:30 ogra           (even though i'd oppose the name ;) )
   02:30 DanielC        Could someone summarize what's going on?
   02:31 ogra           you said something different before
   02:31 ogra           you said eric needs our help
   02:31 ogra           we could need his help as well ... its a question of what we base on
   02:32 ogra           sooo
   02:32 flint          DanielC, I am mentioning that two distributions of K12ltsp were at the NELS conference in Bethel Maine.  Edubuntu did not triumph in comparison to K12LTSP.
   02:32 DanielC        flint: Ok, I'm slowly catching up...
   02:32 ogra           that was a lot tech stuff, i think we should do discussions afetr the meeting in #edubuntu rather
   02:32 flint          NELS has another conference in New Hampshire, and there is the NECC conference comming up.
   02:33 pips1          so flint, you are saying k12ltsp currently offers more out of the box and should thus be advanced, rather than redoing an ltsp (edu) distro on the base of debian/ubuntu?
   02:33 spacey         if there are some interesting points compared to other distro's it is more use if you write them up and send to list?
   02:33 ogra           yeha
   02:33 flint          ogra, Oliver, I spent a week thinking about this.  You have much on your shoulders, particularly management.  What can I do to help you make your product better?  The first thing I could think of was to tell you this.
   02:34 ogra           flint, i have two new colleagues now
   02:34 ogra           it should resolve as soon as we found our path, give us some tie to grow together
   02:34 DanielC        Ok, thanks pips1 and spacey. I think I've caught up now.
   02:34 flint          ogra, I would propose that you duplicate my observations.
   02:34 ogra           *time indeed
   02:35 spacey         ogra: who's new?
   02:35 cbx33          I'm popping back in, sorry to clarify, ogra did you mean a live cd that can boot onto an ltsp network?
   02:35 cbx33          or a live cd containing an ltsp root?
   02:35 cbx33          I'm thinking the former
   02:35 ogra           cbx33, nope a livecd with ltsp server
   02:35 spacey         cbx33: i think for installation
   02:35 cbx33          WOW
   02:35 ogra           it wont be very useable
   02:35 cbx33          I would love Mithrandir forever
   02:36 spacey         ogra: i guess it could install as well then?
   02:36 ogra           i.e. you dont want to use more than one client actively
   02:36 ogra           spacey, indeed
   02:36 cbx33          ok sure
   02:36 ogra           the disk IO is way to slow on a cd
   02:36 cbx33          does our live cd support copying the entire cd to ram like knoppix
   02:36 Mithrandir     my use case is actually not ltsp, but rather "share this live cd" where the live cd has all the parts needed to netboot other machines.
   02:36 Mithrandir     cbx33: no.
   02:36 ogra           but well, we'll have a libe installer cd then
   02:36 Mithrandir     installing ltsp onto there should be quite easy, though.
   02:36 cbx33          Mithrandir, ok cool
   02:37 ogra           Mithrandir, which is a trivial small step away from using it for ltsp :)
   02:37 bimberi        sounds like what knoppix does?
   02:37 ogra           well, not as hackish i guess :)
   02:37 bimberi        lol, kk
   02:37 ogra           but similar, yes
   02:37 cbx33          my use case is..I have a very powerful server, own by an outside company, we're not lalowed to reinstall/open it, but we can't use it for what it was built
   02:37 Mithrandir     bimberi: knoppix is doing a bunch of the same stuff as we want to do, yes.  The difference is our live cd tries quite hard to not diverge from the distro as such.
   02:38 cbx33          so I was looking for easy options forme, and others to use it
   02:38 cbx33          for something useful
   02:38 ogra           the idea is to have something to easily demo ltsp with
   02:38 cbx33          ogra, exactly what I want it for
   02:38 ogra           and to be able to ship the livecd
   02:38 cbx33          I know every school in the city here has one of these boxes
   02:38 cbx33          and half of them don't use it
   === Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:38 ogra           currently we can only ship install because of the ltsp bits and the installer part for it
   02:38 cbx33          ogra, presumably this is going to mean even tighter space constraints
   02:39 ogra           not really
   02:39 ogra           we have far more space on the livecd due to the compressed filesystem
   02:39 cbx33          is it still planned for edgy to get rid of kdedu?
   02:39 ogra           i.e. the livecd ships 6 languages, the install cd only one
   02:39 DanielC        cbx33: what is kedu?
   02:40 ogra           cbx33, not if we dont find replacements
   02:40 ogra           which i dont see yet
   02:40 cbx33          DanielC, kdeedu - a lot of the education apps rely on kde libs
   02:40 ogra           we should target it for edgy+1
   02:40 cbx33          which are large
   02:40 cbx33          we want to replace with gnome apps to save space
   02:40 ogra           and find people writing the necessary apps in that time
   02:40 DanielC        cbx33: Ok, I know those. Like Kalzium and KStars.
   02:40 cbx33          DanielC, yes
   02:40 ogra           yep
   02:40 cbx33          porting is an option in some cases no?
   02:40 ogra           kstars is easily replaced
   02:41 cbx33          celestia?
   02:41 ogra           but there is no such thing as kalzium
   02:41 cbx33          ogra, true
   02:41 ogra           cbx33, ever tried to port a Qt app to gtk ?
   02:41 Riddell        ogra: are you splitting out kdeedu language packs?
   02:41 cbx33          ogra, you know about my gtk skills
   02:41 ogra           a rewrite is faster in most cases
   02:41 ogra           Riddell, i wanted, yes
   02:41 DanielC        What's the objective for removing them? Is it just to make the ISO smaller by removing KDE libs?
   02:41 cbx33          DanielC, yes to fit more stuff on
   02:41 DanielC        ok, thanks
   02:42 ogra           but for now i focus on xulrunner and we got 20MB for free through the seed clanup
   02:42 cbx33          so if you're up for writing some edu apps in gnome
   02:42 cbx33          go for it
   02:42 cbx33          ogra, good job
   02:42 ogra           so there might be enough space this time
   02:42 cbx33          ogra, we have a split kdeedu don;t we?
   02:42 ogra           we never started off with spare space into a dev cycle yet
   02:42 ogra           split ?
   02:43 cbx33          it's not the entire kdeedu
   02:43 pips1          ogra, as far as I understand, the kde edu apps are all bundled together, so while it is easy to install them in one go, it makes it impossible.. erm hard to de-install individual apps that aren't wanted...
   02:43 ogra           thats not true
   02:43 cbx33          what I'm thinking is, is it possible to write maybe a few apps to replace those in kdeedu as we go?
   02:43 ogra           there is a metapackage that pulls them all in
   === highvoltage [n=jono@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:43 ogra           we dont use it
   02:43 ogra           we only use the individual apps
   02:43 cbx33          for example if I wrote a replacement for kbrauch
   02:44 flint          ogra, would it be possible to do a kedbubuntu?
   02:44 cbx33          we could swap
   02:44 ogra           the biggest thing are the langpacks
   02:44 ogra           flint, sure it would, feel free to do it ;)
   02:44 pips1          so I *can* de-install individual kde edu apps in edubuntu via synaptic?
   02:44 highvoltage    sorry for being late, got stuck in a meeting at the bank
   02:44 ogra           pips1, indeed
   02:44 cbx33          hi Hawkwind
   02:44 cbx33          hi highvoltage
   02:44 highvoltage    hi cbx33
   02:44 pips1          ogra, oic, ok, my bad
   02:44 cbx33          sheesh damn tab completion
   02:45 ogra           sooo, any other topics for tec ?
   02:45 cbx33          is there the possiblity?
   02:45 cbx33          i mean is it worth
   02:45 ogra           what ?
   02:45 cbx33          asking on ML or something for people to write some edu apps
   02:45 flint          ogra, I know my news is not good.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.  I had to stand there and take it from the k12 LTSP weenies. It hurt.
   02:45 ogra           sureit is
   02:45 DanielC        I'd like to understand this deal about ltsp.org and edubuntu merging.
   02:45 cbx33          some of the apps are so small
   02:45 cbx33          I bet we could have replacements by edgy
   === pips1 reads http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/MueKow
   02:45 ogra           flint, i'm not worried about it and you should neither
   02:46 ogra           flint, they have years of experience in the edu sector ... i dont have any beyond my edubuntu work ... but we have someone who will solve that in edgy
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:46 cbx33          :D
   02:46 ogra           so just trust him to get his job done ;)
   02:47 DanielC        Who do we have?
   02:47 ogra           yes
   02:47 DanielC        This is an example of my being lost.
   02:47 ogra           he starts mid of july
   02:47 ogra           i announced that last meeting :)
   02:47 DanielC        ok
   02:47 flint          ogra, is this Jane's husband?
   02:47 ogra           yes
   02:47 DanielC        ah
   02:47 DanielC        Ok, I'm catching up.
   02:48 ogra           he was educational lead of HP
   02:48 ogra           so i really think he'll get it right ;)
   02:48 DanielC        I hope he knows his stuff :)
   02:48 pips1          talking about years of experience, don't forget to mention the Skolelinux folk :-)
   02:48 highvoltage    i've met him a few times, he's a great guy.
   02:48 highvoltage    i'm sure he'll so great work for edubuntu.
   02:48 cbx33          me too
   02:48 ogra           me too :)
   === lukketto [n=lukketto@host48-154.pool8710.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:49 ogra           so flint, dont worry it will all come together nicely over time
   === cbx33 apologises for his lack of presense this week
   02:49 cbx33          been a bad week
   02:49 flint          ogra, I am going to bet on the future at my next presentation in New Hampshire.
   02:49 cbx33          but should be much better tomorrow
   02:50 cbx33          I'm going to email canonical about the BETT2007 show
   02:50 ogra           i wouldnt want to cope with skole yet, but i think edgy will be in a state to "compete" with k12
   02:50 flint          ogra, what is jane's husband's handle on irc?
   02:50 ogra           no idea
   02:50 jsgotangco     ummmm
   02:50 ogra           i havent met him yet
   02:50 jsgotangco     i thought the meeting was much later
   02:50 highvoltage    why is k12 better than edubuntu again?
   02:50 flint          ogra, gotcha...
   02:50 cbx33          highvoltage, it's not :p
   02:50 cbx33          it's a perception thing :p
   02:50 cbx33          hahah
   02:50 pips1          highvoltage, I also want to know... flint, shoot!
   02:50 ogra           highvoltage, because flint feels like ... after he had a "competition"
   02:51 cbx33          edubuntu rules supreme :p
   02:51 flint          highvoltage, jonathan, here is a partial feature list...
   02:51 flint          Features that they had that we did not included:
   02:51 flint          - worked out of the box, not patches
   02:51 flint          - plugged in a usb memory stick
   02:51 flint          - booted a client in 25 seconds
   02:51 flint          - had teacher tool.
   02:51 flint          - supported sound
   02:51 flint          - Booted a mac
   02:51 jsgotangco     cbx33: edubuntu is only a year old
   02:51 jsgotangco     dont be so blinded so much of short success =)
   02:51 ogra           flint, see the spec list its all on there
   02:51 cbx33          jsgotangco, yeh and look how far we've come already.  I'm not saying that we're better
   02:51 highvoltage    ogra: heh
   02:51 cbx33          I'm saying we have so much potential
   02:52 ogra           10 mins left
   02:52 flint          ogra, I was absolutely astonished at their product.
   02:52 jsgotangco     cbx33: it'll happen if we have like at least 2 more developers
   02:52 ogra           DOCUMENTATION
   02:52 ogra           any news here
   02:52 highvoltage    flint: there's also a lot of things that k12-ltsp don't have. i have 200 schools that say they like edubuntu more than k12-ltsp ;)
   02:52 cbx33          there was the edubuntu cookbook meeting?
   02:52 ogra           (lets discuss competition later in #edubuntu)
   02:52 highvoltage    right.
   02:52 jsgotangco     ogra: none on my side, have been busy with g-a-i
   02:53 ogra           any intresting news fromm the cookbook ?
   02:53 flint          highvoltage, I owe you a draft of this document I have based off the tuxlab book.  It is still beta.
   02:53 cbx33          ogra, there was a meeting
   02:53 highvoltage    flint: ok
   02:53 pips1          well, I think it's time that we get that glossary for edubuntu.org... jsgotangco what's g-a-i ?
   02:53 cbx33          and minutes were posted on the ml
   02:53 ogra           well, did anyone attend ?
   02:53 ogra           ok
   02:53 jsgotangco     pips1: gnome-app-install
   02:53 cbx33          i attended the first
   02:53 flint          highvoltage, I think I still have your email.  i will send it to you after the meeting.
   02:54 ogra           ARTWORK
   02:54 ogra           we need an artteam leader
   02:54 flint          ogra, I actuall LIKE the artwork we got!
   02:54 cbx33          AliasVegas is considering
   02:54 ogra           mark wants that every derivative has a leader of the artteam to make decisions etc
   02:54 flint          ogra, fedora really sucked in this way.  They defaulted to purple bubbles this did suck.
   02:54 cbx33          I think she's a little worried by the fact she hasn't been inthe community
   02:54 ogra           and works with the ubuntu artteam
   02:55 cbx33          ogra, is there the possibility of creating job specs for some of these people
   02:55 ogra           cbx33, well, most of the art guys in ubuntu havent either
   02:55 rodarvus       who are the active artists of Edubuntu?
   02:55 ogra           for a volunteer job ... well
   02:55 cbx33          well, yeh
   02:55 ogra           rodarvus, AliasVegas
   02:55 flint          ogra, would it be right to say that the art leader is an inspired job?
   02:55 flint          :^)
   02:55 highvoltage    i think cbx33 has a point... perhaps 'job specs' for people who volunteer isn't a bad idea.
   02:55 ogra           rodarvus, highvoltage does some stuff sometimes
   02:55 ogra           and me
   02:56 rodarvus       Ubuntu and Kubuntu will have part time artists working on Edgy
   02:56 highvoltage    it makes it easier for people to understand what's expected of them.
   02:56 cbx33          at least then they know what is expected
   02:56 cbx33          highvoltage, exactly
   02:56 rodarvus       plus, as ogra mentioned, a edgy artwork release team
   02:56 ogra           rodarvus, i doubt we'll get that in the bugdet (yet)
   02:56 cbx33          i think if AliasVegas knows what's expected she'll be far more likely to get involved
   02:56 flint          ogra, artists have know to become inspired for a price... (I am no artist :^)
   02:56 rodarvus       ogra, yes, that was going to be my next comment :)
   02:57 rodarvus       I'd really love to have at least a part time artist doing stuff for Edgy on Edubuntu
   === jsgotangco sits in a corner and just watches the conversation
   02:57 ogra           cbx33, leadint the artteam ... communication with the ubuntu artteam
   02:57 ogra           thats the job
   02:57 rodarvus       meaning - I'll ask either mark or richardw asap
   02:57 rodarvus       thats why I asked about the active artists on our team
   02:57 highvoltage    it would be funny if his nick is actually RichardW :)
   02:57 ogra           rodarvus, AliasVegas did the alternative wallpaper we ship
   === pips1 looks at jsgotangco who is really good at making a point of sitting in the corner
   02:58 pips1          ;-)
   02:58 rodarvus       ogra, do you know if he (she?) is a professional designer
   02:58 flint          rodarvus, do you have any inclinations to do this art thing?
   02:58 ogra           she's a great artist and took our critics and made an awesome wallpaper out of it
   02:58 rodarvus       flint, no
   02:58 cbx33          ogra, you know we've had a big family stuff, hence she hasn't had a lot of time to think about it
   02:58 rodarvus       my wife is an acomplished designer, though :D
   02:58 cbx33          but I'm pretty sure she'd love to do more
   02:58 cbx33          she's a very creative person
   02:58 flint          rodarvus, I agree with you on this :^)
   02:58 rodarvus       we can try to bribe her for the job, but no promises :D
   02:58 jsgotangco     pips1: im sitting in this corner because i have no clue as to what is happening here at the moment so Im just going to listen here
   02:58 ogra           rodarvus, she's professional artist (and cbx33's wife)
   02:59 rodarvus       I really loved our wallpaper, btw
   02:59 ogra           the chalkboard or the homies ?
   02:59 rodarvus       cbx33, kudos to your wife :)
   02:59 cbx33          I'll pass that on
   02:59 cbx33          it was funny
   02:59 cbx33          because
   02:59 ogra           ok, we're out of time
   02:59 pips1          rodarvus, she did the homies
   02:59 flint          rodarvus, art won us the day in comparison to K12LTSP.
   === highvoltage > #edubuntu
   02:59 cbx33          she did the first wallpaper draft
   02:59 cbx33          because she thought no one would like it
   02:59 ogra           any community/management tasks
   03:00 cbx33          she was totally shocked when every loved it
   03:00 rodarvus       sorry, I don't understand what 'homies' means in this context
   03:00 ogra           or any other business ?
   03:00 cbx33          ogra, nope
   03:00 ogra           rodarvus, the laternative wallpaper
   03:00 rodarvus       oh
   03:00 flint          highvoltage, mail to you in a minute.
   03:00 pips1          homies short for home boys
   03:00 rodarvus       now I get it, thanks :)
   03:00 ogra           ok, going once
   03:00 highvoltage    rodarvus: short for 'homeboys', as in, slang for 'ganster friends'
   03:00 ogra           going twice
   03:00 pips1          highvoltage, heh
   03:00 rodarvus       wait
   03:00 rodarvus       :)
   03:00 ogra           meeting adjourned, thanks everybody
   03:00 ogra           oops
   03:00 pips1          wait
   03:01 ogra           rodarvus, speak up
   03:01 pips1          website?
   03:01 rodarvus       I'd like to propose a (unnoficial?) announcement for request for people to take part on artwork for Edgy
   03:01 ogra           what about it ?
   03:01 ogra           rodarvus, just mail edubuntu-users :)
   03:01 rodarvus       and to have someone officially regarded as responsible, etc
   03:01 highvoltage    flint: ok :)
   03:02 rodarvus       will do it
   03:02 rodarvus       just wanted to hear from you first if it is ok to do so :)
   03:03 pips1          rodarvus, you might want to draft those requirements for artwork volunteers then?
   03:03 ogra           rodarvus, note that AliasVegas has contributed heavily and reacted very good on feedback from the community, she's the one we have experience with ...
   03:03 ogra           thast a big plus imho ...
   03:04 ogra           indeed that doesnt show her management skills ... which are required for a teamleader
   03:04 pips1          highvoltage, cbx33 how is your time looking for website work?
   03:04 rodarvus       ogra, right, I agree
   03:04 rodarvus       ogra, whoever is appointed for this task, will need lots of feedback from us (developers)
   03:05 ogra           and from the community :)
   03:05 ogra           they are the users that have to live with the artwork for 6months :)
   03:05 cbx33          pips1, not too bad
   03:05 cbx33          <#edubuntu
   03:05 ogra           yeah
   03:06 ogra           meeting ends here -------------------------------------------
   03:06 ogra           thanks everybody

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