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Meeting July 5, 2006

   10:00 ogra        hey everybody
   10:00 cbx33       hello Mr ogra
   10:00 rodarvus    hello
   10:00 spacey      hi
   10:00 highvoltage howdy
   === LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:01 cbx33       hi LaserJock
   10:01 ogra        as usual there is not much from the tech side that will take us only short (45min as usual :P)
   10:01 cbx33       haha
   10:01 cbx33       that was funny last time
   10:02 highvoltage i'm actually glad to see that this time, i'm quite tired :)
   10:02 cbx33       awww
   10:02 ogra        there were some major changes in ltsp last week
   10:02 spacey      oe
   10:02 ogra        i work tightly with debian to create a 'real' upstream branch
   10:03 ogra        i.e. adding makefiles all over the place and make regular tarball releases from that
   10:03 highvoltage which is the real upstream branch now, debians? or ltsp.org?
   === freemanen [n=freemane@c83-248-211-162.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:03 ogra        our
   10:03 highvoltage oooh.
   10:03 cbx33       we have the power
   10:03 ogra        https://launchpad.net/products/ltsp/+branches
   10:03 ogra        ltsp-mainline is the upstream branch now
   10:04 cbx33       that is fantastic news
   10:04 ogra        ltsp-common-buildsys is the branch where we make the change to the makefile structure
   10:04 cbx33       ogra: are there changes to be made to my man pages?
   10:04 ogra        if the feature works and is tested we'll merge it back in the upstreasm one
   10:04 cbx33       if so shout nd I can get them done early
   10:05 rodarvus    ogra, any timeframe to have ltsp-common-buildsys stabilized and merged into mainline?
   10:05 ogra        my edgy-ltsp branch will become the base for the edgy package
   10:05 rodarvus    should I wait for it to be merged before working on my own?
   10:05 ogra        rodarvus, i hope we manage it until UVF
   10:05 rodarvus    I mean, I suppose the changes there are quite intrusive
   10:05 ogra        not really
   10:06 ogra        they only change the strucdture and we add Makefile.am and configure.in
   10:06 ogra        the rest is autoconf automake stuff
   10:06 rodarvus    good, no need to wait, then
   10:06 cbx33       rodarvus: go go go
   10:06 cbx33       :p
   10:06 ogra        the filesystem structure changed a bit though
   10:07 rodarvus    cbx33, its merge time still, no time for LTSP yet :)
   10:07 ogra        we added all bits that need compilation to a src dir
   10:07 cbx33       rodarvus: heheh
   10:07 ogra        exactly
   10:07 ogra        feature development starts afetr UVF
   10:08 cbx33       I'm catching up on my work at work, so I can start to work on it at work if that makes sense
   10:08 ogra        the big advantage is that we dont need to have a native package anymnore
   10:08 ogra        additionally if you worked on ltsp, please have a look at the new plugin structure for ltsp-build-client
   10:08 highvoltage that sounds interesting.
   10:09 cbx33       yeh that does sound very interesting
   10:09 ogra        you can add features by adding a plugin
   10:09 cbx33       do you want me to continue maintaining the man pages ogra ?
   10:09 ogra        every distro will have its own plugin subdirt
   10:09 rodarvus    the plugin hooks are documented somewhere?
   10:09 cbx33       or will that be handled by someone else now?
   10:09 ogra        cbx33, indeed !
   10:09 cbx33       Excellent
   10:09 rodarvus    (just curious)
   10:09 ogra        rodarvus, not yet
   10:10 cbx33       once new features are in I'll get right onit
   10:10 rodarvus    then they are/should be documented on the TODO document ;)
   10:10 ogra        rodarvus, but looking at the code will reveal the structure to you, its idiot proof simple
   10:10 rodarvus    ok
   === cbx33 likes the sound of that
   10:10 ogra        (i understood it, must be idiot proof)
   10:10 cbx33       I thought you were about to say I wrote it so cbx33 could understand it
   10:10 cbx33       wrote the spec in crayon eh?
   10:10 ogra        nope, thats from vagrantc and otavio
   10:11 cbx33       heh
   10:11 ogra        vagrant runs freegeek.org and otavio is .br debian developer
   10:11 cbx33       ah cool
   10:11 ogra        oh, and ltsp messages are translatable ...
   10:11 ogra        we have a .po file now
   10:12 highvoltage i've read some stuff from the freegeek guys, they have some bright people contributing there. lessdisks also seem to come from freegeek.
   10:12 ogra        but enough ltsp ... its not the ltsp meeting :)
   10:12 ogra        lessdisks was written by vrgrant
   10:12 ogra        *vagrant
   10:12 ogra        he is merging much of the lessdisks code into our ltsp
   10:13 ogra        sooo
   === Klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   10:13 ogra        SPECS !
   10:13 rodarvus    you wanna start? :)
   10:13 ogra        we have a ton of specs, my last assigned one is in review
   10:13 highvoltage oooh, nice. he could certainly help on the diskless fat clients then, i'll bug him some time, but as you say, enough about ltsp :)
   10:13 ogra        apparently LaserJock's was just approved
   10:13 LaserJock   \o/
   10:14 ogra        highvoltage, he's in #ltsp from time to time
   10:14 ogra        so are you all fine with the status of the specs on https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs ?
   10:14 rodarvus    I have three assigned to me, none of them approved yet. two of them are semi-approved. third one will be reviewed by fabbione when he returns
   10:14 ogra        anything thats important and missing ?
   10:14 rodarvus    nope
   10:15 rodarvus    basically, all set
   10:15 ogra        me too
   10:15 ogra        anybody else ?
   10:15 cbx33       nope
   10:15 cbx33       my specs never made it to paris
   10:15 ogra        LaserJock, set the LP status to approved please :)
   10:15 Amaranth    what are we discussing? :)
   10:15 ogra        oh, you did :)
   === Amaranth is late, as usual
   10:15 ogra        Amaranth, specs
   10:15 ogra        https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs
   10:15 highvoltage Amaranth: specs, as part of the EC meeting
   10:15 rodarvus    ogra, isn't it not done by ubuntu-reviewers?
   10:16 ogra        rodarvus, i think only the owner can change it, but i might be wrong
   10:16 LaserJock   it is set at approved
   10:16 rodarvus    actually, I thought it could only be done by one of them :) (set it as approved)
   10:16 ogra        yep
   10:16 ogra        it wasnt before i reloaded :)
   10:17 ogra        ok, any other tech stuff ?
   10:18 rodarvus    not from my side
   10:18 cbx33       seems all quiet
   10:18 ogra        anybody want to speak up about docs ?
   10:18 ogra        were there any changes ? was there a cookbook meeting ?
   10:18 ogra        (are any cookbook ppl here ?)
   10:19 cbx33       there is a meeting tomorrow
   === HedgeMage [i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:19 cbx33       so the schedule says
   10:19 ogra        there !
   10:19 cbx33       or is that ubuntu?
   10:19 cbx33       hey HedgeMage
   10:19 ogra        HedgeMage, will clearify :)
   10:19 ogra        ogra> anybody want to speak up about docs ?
   10:19 ogra        <ogra> were there any changes ? was there a cookbook meeting ?
   10:19 ogra        <ogra> (are any cookbook ppl here ?)
   10:19 HedgeMage   I'm sorry I'm late... TT is having a rough day :/
   10:19 HedgeMage   What did I miss?
   10:20 rodarvus    there is a cookbook meeting tomorrow (as the topic says :) )
   10:20 ogra        tech stuff
   10:20 HedgeMage   The cookbook meting is scheduled for tomorrow due to a conflict that caused us to postpone
   10:20 ogra        there was none last week ?
   === HedgeMage shakes her head
   10:20 HedgeMage   nope
   10:20 HedgeMage   pygi had a conflict, and so did 3 other people, that's half our team
   10:20 ogra        ah, k
   10:21 ogra        any other doc stuff  ?
   10:21 ogra        where is pygi ?
   10:21 HedgeMage   tomorrow we'll be voting on a new name, assigning specific authors to their tasks, and working out the rough spots in our timeline
   10:21 HedgeMage   He's had some non-ubuntu stuff going on and hasn't been available much.
   10:21 ogra        cool
   === pygi [n=pygi@83-131-228-138.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:22 HedgeMage   ahh... there he is now :)
   10:23 ogra        pygi, anything you want to add about doc stuff ?
   10:23 pygi        ogra, I wasn't here, I can't know what was mentioned, but...
   10:23 pygi        I just wanna add that we must and we will make Edgy "Cookbook" even more rocking :)
   10:24 ogra        :)
   10:24 HedgeMage   :)
   === highvoltage2 [n=jono2@mtngprs7.mtn.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:24 ogra        ok, next, artwork ...
   10:25 ogra        do we want to handle the additional topic now as well ?
   10:25 rodarvus    +1
   10:25 HedgeMage   cbx33: might you have time to bring me up to speed since ogra is busy running the meeting?
   10:25 HedgeMage   (in /msg)
   10:26 cbx33       HedgeMage: bit diffcult atm, AliasVegas and I are sharing one computer
   10:26 HedgeMage   ouch ok
   10:26 HedgeMage   I'll just play along and read the minutes later
   10:26 cbx33       ok cool
   10:26 ogra        the ubuntu artteam requested that we should have an artteam leader ... as lead as well as as single point of contact for them
   10:27 ogra        additionally this person should take the decisions about edubuntus look and feel
   === HedgeMage hides as she is quite busy and an artistic disaster
   === cbx33 tries but often fails
   10:27 HedgeMage   cbx33: you are quite good :D
   10:27 ogra        when the topic came up in paris, only one name came up all the time ...
   10:28 highvoltage sorry, my connection died there
   10:28 ogra        ... that was AliasVegas :)
   10:28 highvoltage i missed the last few minutes too :/
   10:28 highvoltage :)
   10:28 AliasVegas  :)
   === cbx333 [n=542de178@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:29 ogra        we all know her awesome artwork ... and had conversations proxied through cbx33... imho she's well suited for the job as we can see by what we already got from her ;)
   10:29 cbx333      right we now have two computers :D
   10:29 rodarvus    ogra, I suggest you explain the details of the proposed task/responsability, and "officially" ask her if she is interested
   10:29 ogra        AliasVegas, how about introducing yourself :)
   10:29 AliasVegas  thanks lol
   10:30 HedgeMage   ahh, so this is the famous wife and artist... I only know you from legend ;)
   10:30 ogra        rodarvus, go ahead ...
   10:30 AliasVegas  Im Lisa, Just turned 21....
   10:30 ogra        (i dont need to lead all of the meeting ;) )
   10:30 rodarvus    oh yeah you need :P
   10:30 pygi        ogra, just most :)
   10:30 AliasVegas  I'm currently involved in freelance webdesign
   10:31 AliasVegas  and of course edubuntu..... :)
   10:31 cbx333      I do harp on about it quite a lot right AliasVegas ?
   10:31 AliasVegas  yep
   10:32 AliasVegas  I would be very interested in helping out with anything I can
   10:32 rodarvus    nice
   10:32 rodarvus    well, let me tell you about our proposal :)
   10:32 ogra        :)
   10:32 cbx333      :p
   10:32 rodarvus    we are in need of a official artwork lead for the Edgy development cycle
   10:33 rodarvus    this person will have close contact with the Ubuntu artwork team
   === highvoltage nods
   === licio [n=licio@ubuntu/member/licio] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:33 rodarvus    and as a lead, will have the final "nod" on what is done with regards to artwork on Edubuntu (of course, with help from the artwork team)
   10:34 ogra        and from the edubuntu community :)
   10:34 cbx333      indeed :D
   10:34 rodarvus    another "bonus" would be to help bring more hands into our artwork team, of course :)
   10:34 rodarvus    ogra, indeed
   10:34 ogra        we always decided after discussion in the meetings about artwork stuff
   10:34 rodarvus    when I say "Edubuntu artwork team", I really mean Edubuntu community members interested in all artwork related aspects of Edubuntu
   10:34 ogra        even though the word of an art person should have the final say i dont think we should break with that tradition
   10:35 ogra        well, we actually never had a separated artwork team ...
   10:35 ogra        it was most of the people attending the meeting
   10:35 cbx333      nope, but I don;t think that that's the way it would function anyway,
   10:35 ogra        (indeed there was/is a team on LP)
   10:35 HedgeMage   IOW, don't let clueless people like me tell you how to make things pretty when I should be coding or writing docs or something :P
   === pygi can bring two people to art team, which should help Lisa ^^
   10:36 AliasVegas  :)
   10:36 ogra        HedgeMage, critics are always welcome :)
   10:36 rodarvus    I can bring someone to this team too
   10:36 rodarvus    to help AliasVegas and all interested
   10:36 rodarvus    anyhow
   10:36 cbx333      excellent
   10:36 highvoltage did AliasVegas accept? sorry, i missed a big part.
   10:36 ogra        i can only bring myself (2 years of graphics design experience) but sadly not my time
   10:36 cbx333      we need to collect emails from these people, and mail out to them once the team is established
   10:36 rodarvus    highvoltage, he haven't even asked her officially yet :)
   10:37 cbx333      ogra stop being so modest :p
   10:37 highvoltage cbx33, you read minds? i was about to say something similar :)
   10:37 HedgeMage   highvoltage: I think we haven't given her the chance to get a word in edgewise ;)
   10:37 highvoltage rodarvus, ok
   10:37 cbx333      highvoltage: I steal your thoughts in your sleep
   10:37 cbx333      mwuuhahahah
   10:37 AliasVegas  He does the same to me
   10:37 rodarvus    AliasVegas, as a last comment, you'll obviously have all the necessary technical help you'll need, from us
   10:37 highvoltage cbx33, geez, that's when i have the most dangerous thoughts!
   10:38 ogra        yeah, you wont have to care for packaging or how to get the art into the distro
   10:38 cbx333      I won;t tell everyone your super amazing world domination plan
   10:38 AliasVegas  Oh good lol
   10:38 rodarvus    so you, and the other people interested only in artwork (if this is the case), don't need to worry about technical aspects
   10:38 rodarvus    from past work experience, I know this is very important :)
   10:39 AliasVegas  :)
   10:39 ogra        while we're at past work experience ...
   10:39 rodarvus    anyone would like to add anything regarding the "job" responsabilities? :)
   10:39 ogra        would be nice to have you as a member AliasVegas :)
   10:39 cbx333      ogra: are you meaning edubuntu membership?
   === highvoltage nods
   10:39 ogra        (official edubuntu-member that is)
   10:40 ogra        cbx333, well, it a big job membership should go alongside here ...
   10:40 cbx333      true
   10:40 pygi        ogra, and I waited for membership for a month even when I was accepted ^-^
   10:40 AliasVegas  What do I need to do to get membership?
   === pygi promises to be quiet :)
   10:40 cbx333      give ogra a bribe :p
   10:41 rodarvus    usually you'd need to introduce yourself
   10:41 rodarvus    and be voted
   10:41 HedgeMage   pygi: that's because you don't nag people as well as I do :P
   10:41 AliasVegas  ok :P
   10:41 ogra        AliasVegas, cbx333 already did it ... your art contributions should suffice i think
   10:41 rodarvus    but this seems to be a case of popular acclamation
   10:41 rodarvus    santo subito!
   10:41 ogra        only formal stuff like a LP account and a wikipage
   10:41 LaserJock   ogra: what no vote? ;(
   10:41 cbx333      AliasVegas: has a wikipage
   10:41 cbx333      and an LP account
   10:41 ogra        LaserJock, next EC i guess to give her time to prepare
   10:41 highvoltage LaserJock, don't worry, i'm sure you'll get to vote :)
   10:41 ogra        OH !
   10:42 ogra        then we should indeed vote
   10:42 ogra        but then we should also ask the usual questions :P
   10:42 rodarvus    by the way,
   10:42 highvoltage ogra, but next week, right?
   10:42 rodarvus    before we move too further on this subject :)
   === pygi thinks we should also do the cheerleading part :)
   10:43 cbx333      this is all moving too fast
   10:43 cbx333      my head is spinning
   10:43 rodarvus    AliasVegas, do you have any questions, doubts, fears regarding what we say? Would you like us to elaborate more on the subject?
   10:43 ogra        highvoltage, next week is no official EC ... we need to announce it ...
   10:43 highvoltage oh yes
   10:43 AliasVegas  I think my lovely husband has explained most of the gist to me
   10:43 cbx333      I thought today was EC?
   10:44 LaserJock   it is
   10:44 HedgeMage   It should be.
   10:44 ogra        yeah
   === cbx333 grins
   10:44 rodarvus    good
   10:44 HedgeMage   We did my CoC retroactively when my laptop died, can't she do her LP stuff the same way?
   10:44 cbx333      LP stuff is done
   10:44 cbx333      all apart from GPG
   10:44 cbx333      to sign the CoC
   10:44 HedgeMage   cool
   10:44 ogra        ok, but we need the signed CoC
   10:45 cbx333      I can get that done later
   10:45 ogra        AliasVegas, and you need to apply for membership in the https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members/+members team
   10:45 cbx333      on today
   10:45 ogra        ok
   10:45 cbx333      doing now
   10:45 ogra        ok
   10:46 cbx333      ok joined
   10:46 ogra        we can vote in advance i think :)
   10:46 jsgotangco  hey
   === jsgotangco just woke up
   10:46 cbx333      hi jsgotangco
   10:46 HedgeMage   heya jsgotangco
   10:46 cbx333      tired yet?
   10:46 highvoltage morning jsgotangco
   10:46 jsgotangco  sorry im late
   === pygi thinks we should cheerlead first :P
   10:46 ogra        jsgotangco, right in time for the fun :)
   === cbx333 lets pygi don the skirt
   10:47 ogra        pygi, go ahead :)
   10:47 jsgotangco  ill scrollback first
   === mhz [n=mhz@moinmoin/fan/mhz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:47 HedgeMage   pygi: put on this skirt and I'll chuck you across the channel :P
   10:47 HedgeMage   hi mhz
   10:47 AliasVegas  Do I want to know what "cheerleading" is?
   10:47 cbx333      not when pygi does it
   10:47 cbx333      it's scary :p
   10:47 highvoltage AliasVegas, you probably do
   10:47 HedgeMage   AliasVegas: people supporting you being made a member
   10:47 pygi        cbx33, lol, all lies :(
   10:47 ogra        AliasVegas, girls in short skirts jumping and shouting waving with pompoms
   10:48 HedgeMage   just watch out for falling pygis
   10:48 cbx333      I think she meant in context
   10:48 mhz         hey, I was so surprised #edubuntu had no meeting going on...and then I remembered meetings are held here :(
   10:48 cbx333      :p
   10:48 pygi        erghhh :P
   === jsgotangco its 5am here =)
   10:48 spacey      i'm off, gn
   10:48 pygi        cbx33, watch out the python questions now :P
   === cbx333 can't really start the cheerleading...I'm biased :p
   10:48 LaserJock   whatever
   10:48 cbx333      awww shucks
   10:48 HedgeMage   lol
   10:49 ogra        cbx333, thats no excuse
   === cbx333 stands up to the mic
   10:49 ogra        \o_ lisa ! _o/
   === ogra cheerleads if nobody else does
   10:49 cbx333      I think AliasVegas did a fantastic job on the wallpaper
   10:49 highvoltage lisa lisa she's the man, if she can't do it no one can!
   === highvoltage jumps
   === rodarvus agrees with cbx333
   10:50 cbx333      from what I hear it's a big hit with people
   10:50 LaserJock   umm, "man" ? ;p
   10:50 ogra        heh
   10:50 AliasVegas  I'm no man! :( lol
   10:50 cbx333      highvoltage: I'm hoping "man" was just to rhyme
   10:50 highvoltage LaserJock, a figure of speach
   10:50 highvoltage cbx3333 yes
   10:50 LaserJock   jeeze, he's not that old
   10:50 HedgeMage   lol
   10:50 LaserJock   anyway ....
   10:50 rodarvus    LaserJock, I hope he's not 333 too :)
   10:51 highvoltage seriously though, I think lisa proved herself with various artwork she's been working on
   === HedgeMage agrees
   10:51 ogra        yeah
   10:51 cbx333      totally +1
   10:51 highvoltage she has the skill and talent, and it is of very professional quality
   10:51 ogra        cbx333, sh onlys the council !
   10:51 ogra        *shh even
   10:51 highvoltage the janew pic was also very impressive, i could tell it was her immediately :)
   10:51 LaserJock   I have no doubt in her artistic ability, but this also requires a fair amount of community involvement
   10:51 cbx333      sorry.... I meant I agree with you guys
   10:51 HedgeMage   and putting up with cbx333 is a testament to her people skills ;)
   === HedgeMage ducks
   10:51 cbx333      grrr
   10:51 ogra        sooo
   10:51 pygi        LaserJock, we can always help her
   10:52 ogra        LaserJock, jsgotangco, highvoltage ?
   10:52 highvoltage AliasVegas, are you prepared to become more involved with the edubuntu community?
   10:52 AliasVegas  YES
   10:52 LaserJock   anyway, I'm +1 as long as she thinks she is up to it and is commited for Edgy at least
   === ogra votes +1 based on former contributions
   10:52 highvoltage AliasVegas, this would typically mean attenting at least one of these kinds of meetings a month, and helping manage whatever art team is formed
   10:53 AliasVegas  yes thats cool
   10:53 rodarvus    highvoltage, actually, I believe its more like at least one (short) meeting per week
   === highvoltage votes +1 based on contributions, willingness to get more involved, and willingness to manage art team
   === cbx333 will drag AliasVegas to the meetings...not that I think I'll have to once she gets going :p
   10:53 highvoltage rodarvus, yes, it is, i was just thinking in terms of minimals
   10:53 rodarvus    highvoltage, me too :)
   10:53 jsgotangco  sorry to spoil but i will have to -1 on this for now and wait for more involvement
   10:54 AliasVegas  Im happy to attend any meetings needed
   === tonyyarusso [n=anthony@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:54 highvoltage rodarvus, hence  the term 'at least' :)
   10:54 ogra        only jeromes vote is missing, but we already  have a majority
   10:54 rodarvus    this is a position of responsability :)
   10:54 AliasVegas  I'm very comitted to my work
   10:54 ogra        on. no, jsgotangco voted :)
   10:54 mhz         ogra: jerome must be already zZzZing
   10:54 pygi        h
   10:54 jsgotangco  no
   10:54 mhz         hehe
   10:54 LaserJock   ok, so was that the vote for art-lead or membership?
   === jsgotangco just did quick scrollback
   10:55 HedgeMage   membership, I though
   10:55 ogra        so thats +3 vs -1 (which will change in the future, i'm sure)
   10:55 HedgeMage   thought
   10:55 rodarvus    membership
   10:55 ogra        LaserJock, membership
   10:55 ogra        i dont think we need to vote on the artteam leadership ... there is nobody else who wants to do it :)
   10:55 highvoltage i would tend to agree with jsgotangco, it's better to see some form of long-term commitment, before committing a +1 for membership, but i also think that since the edubuntu team is still small, you can afford to be more lenient.
   10:55 LaserJock   heh, true
   10:56 highvoltage or what ogra said :)
   10:56 rodarvus    also note that you can't "vote" for leadership
   10:56 rodarvus    leadership is something you earn
   10:56 ogra        yeah
   10:56 cbx333      true
   10:56 jsgotangco  yes
   10:56 HedgeMage   :)
   10:56 jsgotangco  it should come naturally
   10:56 ogra        yep
   10:56 ogra        and lisa made the commitment already, so no need to do more here for the council
   10:57 rodarvus    it comes naturally
   10:57 rodarvus    and this is what we expect from AliasVegas :)
   10:57 ogra        yeah :)
   10:57 pygi        don't pressure people :P
   10:57 cbx333      she'll be great I know it :D
   10:57 jsgotangco  highvoltage: i wouldn't want to say we have to be more lenient because edubuntu membership = ubuntu membership
   10:57 rodarvus    and again, we are here to help, in any possible way - AliasVegas - just don't forget to ask :)
   10:57 LaserJock   ok, but I'm stuck on this, does being art lead imply being a -member ?
   10:58 ogra        in other news rodarvus got an official ubuntu-member i'll just announce here that i'll add him to edubuntu-members
   10:58 ogra        (after the meeting)
   10:58 highvoltage jsgotangco, hmmm, i haven't considered that
   10:58 jsgotangco  highvoltage: people have waited months to be approved and even had a hard time gathering supporters
   10:58 pygi        cbx33, shhh python :)
   10:58 jsgotangco  ogra: yes please
   10:59 ogra        jsgotangco, but not many people can show off with a wallpaper thats shipped on a *buntu CD
   10:59 rodarvus    jsgotangco, on the other hand, ubuntu-membership == people that care, and contribute
   10:59 cbx333      I know AliasVegas cares a lot and is extremely passionate about her work
   10:59 highvoltage and who have shown long-term, sustained contribution?
   11:00 ogra        yeah
   11:00 jsgotangco  ogra: sure +1 point on that, but we only had 1 contribution for the wallpaper for dapper please correct me if i am wrong
   11:00 mhz         iirc, sustained contrib. is one the top keys
   11:00 pygi        jsgotangco, bleh, but wallpaper was great :)
   11:00 ogra        jsgotangco, JaneW was in discussion with another guy  ... highvoltage who was that ?
   11:01 ogra        he didnt really deliver anything ...
   11:01 LaserJock   pygi: but quality alone doesn't equal sustained contribution
   11:01 pygi        LaserJock, indeed
   11:01 cbx333      I mean the main point is that....in artwork in general, it sis difficult to make a big impression
   11:01 highvoltage ogra: toxictoadz?
   11:01 cbx333      there isn't as much that can be done as in doc/tech is there?
   11:01 ogra        yep
   11:01 highvoltage ogra: he is very talented, but equally hard to get hold of
   11:01 ogra        jsgotangco, but still the vote was 3:1
   11:01 LaserJock   AliasVegas: how long (in hours) would you say you've worked on Edubuntu stuff?
   11:02 ogra        AliasVegas, did i say congrats ! ?
   11:02 jsgotangco  ogra: im not arguing about the vote
   11:02 ogra        jsgotangco, i know
   11:02 AliasVegas  3 days give or take
   11:02 mhz         cbx33: yeah, harder than doc stuff (ie) but still there's always stuff to work on related to art
   11:02 ogra        i just figured i havent congratulated AliasVegas yet :)
   11:02 AliasVegas  Thanks ogra
   11:02 highvoltage AliasVegas, congratulations!
   11:03 rodarvus    AliasVegas, congratulations!
   11:03 highvoltage AliasVegas, and welcome to the Edubuntu team! (officially)
   11:03 mhz         AliasVegas: well, then \o/ !
   11:03 ogra        yay
   11:03 AliasVegas  Thanks highvoltage & rodarvus
   11:03 jsgotangco  congrats AliasVegas =)
   11:03 cbx333      congrats AliasVegas :D
   11:03 LaserJock   congrats AliasVegas
   === HedgeMage hugs AliasVegas congrats!
   === cbx333 gives her a real life hug :D
   11:03 ogra        hehe
   11:03 AliasVegas  lol tanks guys!
   11:03 ogra        cbx333, proxy some for us please :)
   11:03 AliasVegas  I really will do my utmost to make a good impression
   11:04 HedgeMage   :)
   11:04 highvoltage that part you've got nailed
   11:04 AliasVegas  :)
   11:04 ogra        oh, we're out of time ...
   11:04 ogra        any other business ?
   11:04 cbx333      well we gotta dash
   11:04 cbx333      so
   11:04 cbx333      can I just clarify
   11:04 cbx333      was the art lead decided upon?
   11:04 highvoltage i really need to sleep, but there's one more thing if i can have a minute
   11:05 cbx333      shoot highvoltage
   11:05 ogra        cbx333, yes, AliasVegas decided for it :)
   11:05 rodarvus    AliasVegas, also, don't forget that Edubuntu (and Ubuntu) is a community - different opinions are welcome, (sane) arguments are welcome - do not take jsgotangco -1 as personal (it wasn't), but also don't let it get you down
   11:05 AliasVegas  Thanks :)
   11:05 jsgotangco  yeah
   11:05 highvoltage i think we need to get a community member who takes care of website content specifically
   11:05 ogra        highvoltage, go ahead
   11:05 cbx333      indeed.....if I remember corectly LaserJock was skeptical about giving me a +1
   11:05 highvoltage i have lots of ideas, but not enough time to manage or implement it
   11:05 ogra        highvoltage, acesureas has fond some bugs ...
   11:06 cbx333      highvoltage: sounds like a good idea
   11:06 HedgeMage   I have to cut out... phone call
   === HedgeMage waves
   11:06 ogra        he's never in #edubuntu but in #ltsp
   11:06 cbx333      did you have anyone in mind?
   11:06 ogra        cia HedgeMage
   11:06 highvoltage so does a few other people, i would like to see someone manage a website content team in the same way that the art team would be managed.
   11:06 ogra        *ciao even
   11:06 HedgeMage   highvoltage: if you need help with that, I can do some interim stuff until we get someone permanent, or help train, since I do so much drupal stuff already
   11:06 highvoltage cbx333, no, i don't
   11:06 ogra        highvoltage, good idea
   11:06 HedgeMage   highvoltage: I don't think I can commit to it as a permanent just-me thing though
   11:06 pygi        highvoltage, I can also help, along with hedge
   11:06 highvoltage it's just something i thought i'd mention, so that people can start scouting :)
   11:06 HedgeMage   now I'm really going
   === HedgeMage waves
   11:07 cbx333      bye HedgeMage
   11:07 AliasVegas  bye :)
   11:07 ogra        highvoltage, we'll see that we get that call in the next ubuntu news
   11:07 cbx333      right we gotta dash now too guys
   11:07 cbx333      see y'all later on
   11:07 highvoltage ogra, good idea, let's do that
   11:07 Lure        Riddell: can you change bug 52021 to wishlist?
   11:07 ogra        cbx333, AliasVegas thanks for attending !
   11:07 Ubugtu      Malone bug 52021 in kdeadmin "Does not support 802.1x/WPA management" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/52021
   11:07 cbx333      np
   11:07 jsgotangco  are we done?
   11:07 highvoltage i think so
   11:08 AliasVegas  it was a pleasure! :)
   11:08 ogra        urgh, since when does Ubugtu bug stuff in here ?
   11:08 highvoltage ogra?
   === VooDoo [n=paul@cpc2-mapp2-0-0-cust650.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:08 rodarvus    AliasVegas, thanks for attending, and again, welcome, and congratulations!
   11:08 AliasVegas  Thanks for the kind words guys
   11:08 ogra        yes, meeting adjourned

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