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Meeting July 12, 2006


  • ogra - Explained he was working on the edubuntu artwork fix in dapper and that the metapackages and seeds were in place ready for the milestone CD

  • Mithrandir - Mentioned that there were a lot of broken packages and the milestone CD may not happen on the 13/07

  • rodarvus - Informed us that Kalzium was broken, but believed the issue to be KDE related

  • ogra - Asked for testers for i386 and amd64

    • rodarvus - Volunteered for i386 testing

    • jsgotangco - Volunteered for amd64 testing

  • ogra - Mentioned that the common build system for ltsp was on the way


  • rodarvus - Informed us that his wife would be willing to help with the artwork


  • ogra - Mentions 'flights' are called 'knots' this release cycle

  • ogra - Introduces RichardW, the new educational manager

  • jsgotangco - Said he will talk to the ubuntuforums people to get an edubuntu specific forum

   02:00 ogra           meep
   02:00 jsgotangco     hi
   02:00 ogra           seems cbx33 is missing for the minutes
   02:01 ogra           also there are no extra points on the agenda ... thats fine
   02:01 ogra           so lets keep it short :)
   02:02 ogra           from the tech side:
   02:02 ogra           i'm lagginng a bit with the edubuntu-artwork fix for dapper ... due to two merges for ubuntu i hadnt planned buit i'm doing atm
   02:02 ogra           +but i hope to get it done this week
   02:03 ogra           the metapackages and seeds are in shape so far (if you have seen the changelog of my edubuntu-meta upload... its huge, we dropped a lot)
   02:03 ogra           so we should be ready for tomorrows first milestone CD
   02:04 jsgotangco     nice
   02:04 JaneW          first milestone already?
   === RobinShepheard [n=robins@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:04 JaneW          cool
   02:04 Mithrandir     ogra: it might very well not happen tomorrow unless a lot of packages are fixed.
   02:04 JaneW          what are they called this time?
   02:04 ogra           apart from that i'm most busy with ubuntu stuff as rodarvus is ...
   02:04 Mithrandir     JaneW: knot
   02:04 jsgotangco     knot 1
   02:04 rodarvus       ogra: lets just hope the rest of the distribution is fixed by tomorrow :)
   02:04 JaneW          weird
   02:04 rodarvus       which as Mithrandir mentioned, I'm not really confident is going to happen
   02:04 JaneW          I liked scuttle
   02:05 ogra           Mithrandir, well, at least our -meta side is sorted, that was on top of my TODO :)
   02:05 rodarvus       right :)
   02:05 ogra           rodarvus, doesnt matter i'm only looking from a edubuntu POV atm
   02:05 Mithrandir     ogra: sure, just trying to not give people too high hopes about having something tomorrow.
   02:05 ogra           Mithrandir, i'm happy if i dont have to test all night :)
   02:05 jsgotangco     edubuntu-specific syncs and merges no issues?
   02:06 ogra           no "high hopes" here :)
   02:06 rodarvus       jsgotangco: Kalzium appears to be broken ATM, but I believe it is due to KDE specific stuff
   02:06 jsgotangco     right
   02:06 ogra           jsgotangco, sure, but they didnt have a deadline today :)
   02:06 ogra           err ..
   02:06 rodarvus       actually, I'm doing another dist-upgrade right now
   02:06 ogra           forget about my last sentence :)
   02:06 rodarvus       so in a minute I'll tell you if Kalzium is still broken :)
   02:06 ogra           i was reading "promotions to main"
   02:07 ogra           there is nothing left to merge for edubuntu
   02:07 ogra           rodarvus, it might need a rebuild if libs underneath changed
   02:07 rodarvus       ogra: indeed
   02:07 ogra           thats a typical KDE thing ...
   02:07 rodarvus       I wish our build system could trigger library upgrades
   02:08 ogra           the kdeedu package itself should be fine though....
   === bimberi [n=bimberi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:09 jsgotangco     ill just skip dist-upgrading for now and wait for knot before testing
   02:09 ogra           in other bad news, my amd64 laptop died this week ... so i currently can only do powerpc testing (which isnt very helpful)
   02:09 jsgotangco     im going to fill in for amd64 if you want but my bandwidth isnt that great
   02:09 ogra           it would be very appreciated to have some i386 and amd64 testers once the knot CD is up
   02:10 rodarvus       my upgrade to 2mb dsl arrived yesterday
   02:10 rodarvus       I can do i386 testing
   === jsgotangco curses his bandwidth
   02:10 ogra           i'll try to get a new amd64 lappie, but given that i also have to care for my move it might take some days
   02:10 rodarvus       my new laptop (intel core duo) should arrive in one or two weeks, but thats still i386
   02:11 ogra           so, thats all from the tech side so far ...
   === jsgotangco sighs
   === ogra ponders if he forgot something
   02:11 ogra           oh, right, the switch to a common buildsystem for ltsp is going on ...
   02:12 ogra           i just merged some changes from otavio ... i'll testbuild them this week and see if it works
   02:13 RichEd         i'm installing on a HP Pentium M 740 over the weekend ... if that helps as another test enviroment.
   02:13 ogra           once thats done the ltsp upstream guys willl jump on the code and start helping with development
   02:13 ogra           RichEd, what we'll test will be highly unstable ...
   02:13 jsgotangco     very
   02:13 ogra           but if you have space for a spare testing partition, thats fine
   02:13 RichEd         noted
   02:14 ogra           its the first milestone and not really expected to work flawless :)
   02:14 ogra           (i.e. a bug we havent discovered yet might wipe your HD )
   02:14 ogra           so, tech update done i guess ...
   === pips1 [n=philipp@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:15 ogra           nobody from the cookbook team ?
   02:15 ogra           seems they had a meeting ...
   02:15 jsgotangco     well pips1 is here
   02:15 pips1          hi
   02:15 ogra           pips1, any intresting things about documentation ?
   02:15 pips1          nope
   02:16 pips1          but I wanted to discuss the website and how it relates to the documentation...
   02:16 ogra           highvoltage, anything from your side (you were looking for website admins iirc)
   02:16 pips1          sorry for being late, btw
   02:17 ogra           ok, seems there are either no documentation changes or its just nobody here who could tell us about  :)
   02:17 ogra           since lisa isnt here i doubt we'll get an artwork update
   02:17 ogra           but she announced herself on the ubuntu-art mailinglist yesterday :)
   02:18 jsgotangco     yes
   02:18 rodarvus       nice
   02:18 ogra           anything else about art ?
   === flint [n=flint@peter.rfa.org] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:19 rodarvus       ogra: also note that its very unlikely that she'll ever attend early morning edubuntu meetings
   02:19 ogra           rodarvus, you said your wife would be intreasted
   02:19 rodarvus       its probably 5-6am where she lives now :)
   02:19 ogra           rodarvus, lisa ?
   02:19 ogra           she lives in the uk
   02:19 rodarvus       ogra: indeed, my wife is interested, I talked to her already
   02:19 rodarvus       oh
   02:19 rodarvus       sorry
   02:19 flint          greetings sorry I am late in DC...
   02:19 rodarvus       I thougth she lived in the us
   02:19 ogra           nope
   02:19 rodarvus       disregard my comment then
   02:19 pips1          hi flint
   02:20 flint          pips1, hey...
   02:20 ogra           but she has a day job afaik
   02:20 rodarvus       ogra: so, I talked with my wife, she is very competent, and willing to help
   02:20 ogra           great !
   02:20 ogra           we'll need a team going at some point :)
   02:20 rodarvus       indeed :)
   02:21 rodarvus       as an interaction designer, she's totally Windows, though
   02:21 ogra           my GF would also like to help, but given the time constraints we currently have here, that wont happen for edgy i guess
   02:21 ogra           doesnt matter ... as long as she can produce svg and png ;)
   02:21 rodarvus       but only for reference, my wife used to work as a designer of a local linux distribution
   02:21 rodarvus       so the icons/themes thing is really not news for her
   02:21 flint          ogra, imho we need less designers and more coders/testers.
   02:22 rodarvus       flint: we don't need less designers
   02:22 ogra           Flik, the coding front is coming up to speed
   02:22 rodarvus       we just need more technical people
   02:22 ogra           *flint
   02:22 rodarvus       one thing is not related to the other :)
   02:22 ogra           yeah
   02:22 ogra           and i'm not worried about the tech front atm ...
   02:22 flint          rodarvus, i am.  have you seen the other LTSP offerings?
   02:22 rodarvus       flint: ogra and I have been busy doing merges the past few weeks
   02:23 ogra           it works quite well and there are people on their way to become more involved in hacking
   02:23 flint          rodarvus, when can we expect a new version say a flight?
   02:23 rodarvus       we are supposed to start working almost-full-time on Edubuntu (and LTSP) starting next week
   02:23 ogra           flint, we have scott and jim aboard for ltsp now
   02:23 ogra           no need to worry about that
   02:23 flint          rodarvus, would this next release be a flight?
   02:23 pips1          ogra: scott and jim?
   02:24 ogra           they will base their next release on our code
   02:24 rodarvus       flint: next Knot ("flight" for Edgy) will be ready soon - it was mentioned in the beginning of the meeting, btw
   02:24 ogra           pips1, ltsp upstream
   02:24 jsgotangco     hmm just to add my wife is not even interested in this stuff im doing sorry =)
   02:24 ogra           flint, they are called knots not flights this release
   02:24 flint          rodarvus, thanks DC traffic etc...
   02:24 rodarvus       supposed to happen tomorrow, but likely to slip, due to merges being still ongoing
   02:24 ogra           flint, it will be knot 1
   02:24 flint          rodarvus, ah a slip-knot! :^)
   02:24 pips1          hehe
   02:25 rodarvus       :)
   02:25 flint          :^)
   02:25 ogra           flint, dont worry about ltsp ... it will come up to speed :)
   02:25 rodarvus       anyhow, back on topic :)
   02:25 ogra           yeah
   02:25 flint          ok
   02:25 ogra           are we done with artwork ?
   02:25 rodarvus       *nods*
   02:25 ogra           fine then ...
   02:26 ogra           so lets come to the intresting part of this meeting
   02:26 ogra           ladies and gentlemen ....
   02:26 ogra           ... i'd like to introduce you all to aour new team mate ....
   02:26 ogra           ... our new educational manger ....
   02:26 ogra           ... husband of a former colleague ....
   === RichEd waves hello
   02:27 JaneW          ogra: is lisa directly involved now?
   02:27 ogra           and surely the best guy we could get for the job !
   02:27 ogra           meet RichEd !!!!
   02:27 rodarvus       RichEd: welcome!
   === RichEd takes a bow
   === rodarvus cheers
   02:27 ogra           JaneW, she's our new baked artteam leader
   02:27 pips1          RichEd: welcome!
   02:27 flint          RichEd, Welcome and give my kindest regards to your wife
   02:27 jsgotangco     welcome
   02:27 JaneW          flint: hello
   02:27 RichEd         Thanks all ... I'm very gladf to be here ...
   02:27 simira         RichEd: who's your wife?
   02:27 JaneW          flint: do it yourself dude! :P
   02:27 ogra           yeah welcome RichEd  :)
   02:28 jsgotangco     simira: JaneW
   02:28 simira         ah
   02:28 simira         btw welcome, RichEd
   02:28 pips1          hello JaneW :-)
   02:28 flint          JaneW, hey kiddo!
   02:28 simira         JaneW, how are you? Tollef told me you left.
   02:28 ogra           simira, only physically :)
   === flint flint is most pleased to see Jane.
   02:28 ogra           she's stilll here as you see
   02:28 simira         ogra: I see that
   02:28 JaneW          simira: good thanks
   02:29 RichEd         simira: she is holding my hand to day :) on her new emploers time & internet connection :)
   02:29 ogra           simira, we wont let her out of our claws this easy ;)
   02:29 simira         RichEd: sounds good.
   02:29 flint          JaneW, who you working for?
   === JaneW doesn't want to disrupt meeting
   === flint ...so I can invest...
   02:29 JaneW          flint we can chat in #edubuntu
   02:30 flint          JaneW, fine
   02:30 ogra           i think we're done for today, unless someone has anything thats not on the agenda yet
   02:30 JaneW          wow, quick meeting
   === jsgotangco cannot think of any
   02:30 ogra           if you have anything that should be discussed, SPEAK UP NOW !
   02:30 JaneW          ow's the cookbook?
   02:30 JaneW          still improving?
   02:30 flint          FYI Elkner and the DC mafia invaded San Diego
   02:30 pips1          ogra: website!
   02:30 ogra           JaneW, nobody from the team was here
   02:31 JaneW          flint: oh yes how did NECC go?
   02:31 ogra           pips1, tell us
   02:31 flint          JaneW, I will send you something... on the cookbook
   02:31 JaneW          flint: ta
   02:31 flint          elkner went to tijuana....
   02:31 JaneW          flint: er... recreationally...?
   02:31 flint          I stayed here.  Big Crowd much interest...
   02:32 pips1          I think it would be very good if we could get more "life" into the website, i.e. more content, but also more interactions...
   02:32 ogra           pips1, highvoltage asked for more webmasters
   02:32 JaneW          pips1, yes more updates and dynamic stuff too
   02:32 ogra           (last week)
   02:32 JaneW          yes highvoltage will need help, he has a new venture to focus on and won't be able to commit much time here afaik
   02:32 pips1          I have been wondering what would be the best way to go about that... I think it would be great if we could get more educators discussing edu apps etc
   02:32 ogra           yep
   02:33 ogra           he has to be our edubuntu reseller in the future ;)
   02:33 JaneW          pips1, indeed
   02:33 ogra           pips1, ++
   02:33 flint          pips1, right now I am busy making trouble in DC.  After that I teach LTSP at University of New Hampshire (NELS) then I will cause more trouble here...
   02:33 JaneW          I think part of the problem so far was us guessing what what needed rather than getting actual requests
   02:33 simira         JaneW: you will still keep up with your engagement in Edubuntu on voluntary basis?
   02:33 pips1          in general, non technical people like forums and as far as i could see, there is still no edubuntu-specific forum on ubuntuforums?
   02:33 ogra           pips1, i think such stuff will be part of RichEd's job (correcrt me if i'm wrong)
   02:34 flint          JaneW, look at Fedora K12 LTSP and do what they are doing.
   02:34 flint          except do it better...
   02:34 ogra           pips1, there is one in the german forums ... i thought ubuntuforumms has one as well
   02:34 flint          :^)
   02:34 jsgotangco     it does look a bit dull at the moment
   02:34 jsgotangco     and nothing moves
   02:34 pips1          the problem with forums is that you want moderators...
   02:35 JaneW          btw RichEd is disconnect, prolly by ADSL reset
   02:35 pips1          we need some kind of quality assurance for the website, I don't think we can allow anonymous postings, can we...?
   02:35 JaneW          simira, I am going to try to be around a bit, but can't commit to much atm
   02:35 ogra           JaneW, then he can correct me later :)
   02:35 flint          Ah yes the tradition of Commonwealth communications...
   02:35 JaneW          ogra, I think so
   02:35 ogra           pips1, we shouldnt  ...
   02:35 ogra           not for the website
   02:35 jsgotangco     pips1: of course
   02:35 pips1          ogra: agreed
   02:35 pips1          huh?
   02:36 pips1          so JaneW and jsgotangco think we *should* allow anonymous postings?
   02:36 JaneW          no
   02:36 jsgotangco     no way
   02:36 ogra           we have a wiki and we *should* get a forum at some point ...
   02:36 pips1          ah, right
   02:36 flint          pips1, na but make registration painless.
   02:36 JaneW          I was answering ogra saying RichEd should look into it
   02:36 ogra           the forum might have anonymous access allowed
   02:36 rodarvus       we should get a "folder" on ubuntuforums, actually
   02:36 pips1          right
   02:36 ogra           yep
   02:37 flint          ogra, painless registration rather than anonymous is my vote.
   02:37 ogra           rodarvus, but someone has to take responsibility
   02:37 ogra           we cant burden it on the existing forum people
   02:38 rodarvus       agreed
   02:38 rodarvus       but any forums need admins
   02:38 rodarvus       what I mean is that, if/when we are supposed to have a forum
   02:38 pips1          well, drupal , our website cms, is just perfect for building *community* sites.... enabling community communication... the technical stuff is not a problem, but we should agree on who can do forum moderation and who can proof read new content, so we don't publish incorrect technical information, etc
   02:38 rodarvus       it should be ubuntuforums
   02:39 rodarvus       there is no reason (nor rationale) to create our own forums
   02:39 jsgotangco     yes
   === Dilago [n=Dilago@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:39 jsgotangco     i will talk to one of the forum people
   02:39 flint          rodarvus, drupal does the job, what I worry about is subject linkage if you are not part of ubuntuforums
   02:40 jsgotangco     (they guy who attended in Paris)
   === ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:40 rodarvus       jsgotangco: oh, I met him
   02:40 jsgotangco     yeah
   02:40 JaneW          jsgotangco, that was Roald Hopman
   02:40 ogra           grr, i hate my wireless
   02:40 jsgotangco     so yeah I will send him a PM
   02:40 jsgotangco     in the forums
   02:41 ogra           oh, right, we talked the last evening in the smokers corner :)
   02:41 pips1          rodarvus: well, in general, I agree that we should build something that exists already/elsewhere, but there is a big divide between the ubuntuforums communities and the rest of the community (more technical people, who are prefer and are used to use bugtrackers, irc, mailing listes, etc)
   02:41 rodarvus       flint: the thing is, there is no reason to create another forum, no matter which tool is used for this forum - we should stick to what we already have (and which works quite well)
   02:41 rodarvus       pips1: people are trying to address this
   02:41 jsgotangco     ill look into this
   02:41 ogra           rodarvus, well, we always had probs with the forums ... that wont go away
   02:41 rodarvus       as mentioned here, Roald Hopman (one of the ubuntuforum admins) was at UDS Paris
   02:42 jsgotangco     considering were pretty much low traffic for now
   02:42 pips1          *shouldn't build something
   02:42 jsgotangco     it shouldn't be that much of an issue IMO
   02:42 rodarvus       and talked for a long while with sabdfl, jdub and mako
   === RichEd_ [n=RichardW@dsl-146-151-185.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:42 ogra           i'd love to see it solved but unless that happens i wont belive its doable
   02:42 rodarvus       so, all interested parts (Mark included) are aware, and hopefully working on that
   02:42 jsgotangco     what is not doable? an edubuntu forum?
   02:42 flint          rodarvus, we agree on this point for differing reasons... but we agree.
   02:42 RichEd_        hi ... got disconnected ... back ...
   02:43 JaneW          hi RichEd_ welcome to ADSL reset hell
   02:43 ogra           having our own forum would gain us more control ... and given that our userbase is a lot smaller it would probably be easier to manage
   02:43 pips1          since there isn't any edubuntu-specific forum at ubuntuforums, why don't we enable a forum on our own site and see how that goes? or are you guys strictly against that idea?
   02:43 jsgotangco     well drupal has a forum plugin we can use if you want to
   02:43 ogra           jsgotangco, there were various attempts to get the forums in shape over the last two years
   === jsgotangco is completely aware of that
   02:44 ogra           i havent seen any fruitful ones that solved the probs yet
   02:44 JaneW          yes thee are current forum governance issues afaik
   02:44 ogra           i'd love to be proven wrong though
   02:44 RichEd_        JaneW: please can you copy paste & email me the coversantion between [<JaneW> simira: good thanks]  and my return message ... tx
   02:44 pips1          governance issues?! like what?
   02:44 rodarvus       to be sincere, I'm mostly against the idea of having a separate forum
   02:44 jsgotangco     they like to govern on their own
   02:44 JaneW          also edubuntu forums will likely want to attract educators, which may not happen in the current ubuntu forums structure
   02:45 rodarvus       since there is interest on both parties to have a better integration with the existing forum with Ubuntu (and Ubuntu Community Council) itself
   === bimberi , fwiw, agrees with rodarvus
   02:45 ogra           rodarvus, well, having it integrated in ubuntuforums will bring us their problems ...
   02:45 jsgotangco     okay
   02:45 jsgotangco     we can then just activate the drupal forum then
   02:45 ogra           having it separated will bring us maintenance work ...
   02:45 jsgotangco     shouldn't be that complicated
   02:45 RichEd_        i thnk that an education specific forum is important if we want to attract users - teachers are a different breed to regular users
   02:45 flint          Thanks all until next time!
   02:45 ogra           RichEd_, thats out of question
   02:46 bimberi        Jane Silber posted to ubuntu-marketing about the positives of the teams using the same resources.  Admittedly that was wiki focussed, but still applies
   02:46 flint          sksk
   02:46 RichEd_        okay ...
   02:47 pips1          rodarvus: separate in which way? we can always do hyperlinks, it is just a question of the *integration* with the rest of the content... i.e. in drupal, every content get a "unique id", which means that you can re-organise your navigation very easily... you can increase the findability of stuff...
   02:47 ogra           RichEd_, the problem is that we'd inherit all govenance problems they have etc ... and if its on ubuntuforums which has a huge userbase you'll have to deal witn a lot of spam and trivias you wont see in a separate forum
   02:47 bimberi        (for reference - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-marketing/2006-July/000552.html )
   02:47 ogra           we'd have more control in a self governed one ...
   02:48 highvoltage    sorry for being late again!
   02:48 ogra           iirc one of the reasons why the web guys cried for drupal was the integration of our own forum in the past
   02:48 rodarvus       highvoltage: tsc, tsc
   02:48 jsgotangco     highvoltage: yuppy executive startup bigwig!
   02:48 highvoltage    *g*
   02:48 rodarvus       highvoltage: I'll discount the late time on your monthly payment :D
   02:49 rodarvus       pips1: but what do you mean with "hyperlinks"
   02:49 rodarvus       for me, separate means not in the same database
   02:49 JaneW          <ogra> RichEd_, thats out of question <- what do you mean?
   02:50 rodarvus       many Edubuntu questions are not edubuntu specific
   02:50 highvoltage    rodarvus: ok :)
   02:50 ogra           JaneW, <RichEd_> i thnk that an education specific forum is important if we want to attract users - teachers are a different breed to regular users
   02:50 JaneW          ogra: yes we chose to migrate to drupal with the knowledge that there is forum functionality which we could use
   02:50 rodarvus       Edubuntu users will have to navigate (and register) somewhere else to ask why their intsallation failed
   02:50 bimberi        ogra: the ubuntuforums people might be able to give you all the control you want
   02:50 pips1          as i said, technically, there aren't any real problems, it is more an issue of deciding how we go forward as a community ... i.e. if we want to improve the website, we want the current edubuntu community members on board, contributing content to the website, taking on moderation roles, proof reading content and approve content, etc.
   02:50 JaneW          ogra: that's what I thought you meant, but your response sounded like a 'no, that's out of the question' :P
   02:51 ogra           rodarvus, well, our audience willl be totally different
   02:51 JaneW          rodarvus, your arguments are good
   02:51 rodarvus       ogra: not "totally" different
   02:51 ogra           but i agree that this is a valid point :)
   02:51 JaneW          BUT the current set-up can be pretty newbie-harsh
   02:51 highvoltage    yep
   02:52 rodarvus       JaneW: in the same way it is newbie-harsh to non-edubuntu customers
   02:52 ogra           rodarvus, "how do i get content into this or that edu app" will be more intresting for them than how do i set up a lvm install
   02:52 pips1          ogra: yes, i think so too
   02:52 ogra           they are teacher *using* the system
   02:52 ogra           we're not talking about general support
   === jsgotangco will have to skip his opinion on this since he is not experienced with the education sector
   02:53 RichEd         could there be a Edubuntu user front end, with education specific usability & adoption topics seperate, but pointing tech support install issues etc. back to ubuntu forums / help resources
   02:53 ogra           its rather about the use in schools
   02:53 ogra           thats a good compromise
   02:53 rodarvus       RichEd: that could be a good option
   02:54 rodarvus       a really good one, actually
   02:54 pips1          so what if we start a educational topic-related forum on drupal and ask ubuntuforums to have a edubuntu-technical forum (mainly LTSP) over at ubuntuforums? does that make sense?
   02:54 ogra           the big value in having a drupal forum on our (separated) webserver would be that we could use the forum DB for we content
   02:54 jsgotangco     you will have 2 database of users
   02:54 ogra           *web
   02:54 rodarvus       jsgotangco: no, the proposal would be to have the same database
   02:54 rodarvus       with different frontends
   02:54 jsgotangco     how will you do that?
   02:54 ogra           yes we'd need to use LP accounts
   02:55 ogra           as everywhere in ubuntu
   02:55 jsgotangco     LP is a good compromise but doesn't work in ubuntuforums
   02:55 pips1          yes, we definitely need LP accounts for our drupal site...
   02:55 ogra           it has an API
   02:55 rodarvus       ogra: I believe you are also underestimating the noise the ubuntuforums community can make :)
   02:55 ogra           so for free software it should be possible to write something to use LP
   02:55 JaneW          yes that could work, but there's still the sep login issue...
   02:55 rodarvus       they could get really angry if we just create another completely new forum
   02:55 RichEd         how about this view ... ALL edubuntu users are also ubuntu users, but not all ubuntu users are edubuntu users ?
   02:56 ogra           rodarvus, totally no, thats why i'm voting for a separate forum ;)
   02:56 jsgotangco     correct
   02:56 RichEd         i.e. edubuntu and education people are a subset ?
   02:56 jsgotangco     yes
   02:56 ogra           yes
   02:56 rodarvus       RichEd: correct
   02:56 ogra           s/no/not/
   02:56 pips1          rodarvus: it would be a "specialised" forum for educators. the technical stuff could stay together with the other technical stuff in ubuntuforums...
   02:56 rodarvus       anyhow, I propose we "write down" on Wiki the pros and cons of the two options
   02:57 ogra           rodarvus, i'm also fine taking the blame for such a decision ...
   02:57 RichEd         so they could have a surface layer of education specific help, but go back to the base for "desktop" help ...
   02:57 rodarvus       pips1: if this is well kept in mind, then it could work
   02:57 pips1          RichEd: correct
   02:57 pips1          rodarvus, I have already written a fair amount on this topic in the wiki
   02:57 jsgotangco     well for what its worth, looking for info in the forums is like wading through the amazon
   02:58 rodarvus       I'd be ok, but this needs to be *clearly stated* in the educational forum :)
   02:58 jsgotangco     so i guess a separate edu-specific forum would be useful
   02:58 ogra           rodarvus, i'm rather worried about the noise the ubuntuforums make inside a edu folder there :)
   02:58 ogra           (on their own servers)
   02:59 pips1          rodarvus RichEd have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilippSchroeder
   02:59 ogra           if i go to the forums i'm scared about the hackish  workarounds etc after 10 mins of reading ... i wouldnt want to scare our teachers away through getting bad advise that trashes their system
   02:59 rodarvus       ok, I don't have any other objections, then - was just trying to make sure we are not diverging too much from Ubuntu itself :)
   03:00 jsgotangco     right
   03:00 RichEd         pips1: tx will do ... JaneW says you are very helpful :)
   03:00 pips1          in particular https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWebsitePlan and https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuCommunityIntegration
   03:00 rodarvus       pips1: thanks for the links, I'll read through them asap
   03:01 ogra           btw, its desired that we make more use of the blueprint system in LP in the future for future releases ...
   03:01 ogra           i.e. such things should have a spec for edgy+1 stuff
   03:01 rodarvus       *nods* completely agreed
   03:01 jsgotangco     wow 1 hour meeting
   03:01 ogra           please point users with ideas to launchpad for that :)
   03:02 ogra           yeah, time is over
   03:02 pips1          ogra: I agree compeletely, we definitely need to avoid those *hackish* workaround solutions on our website... that's why I think we need people to proof read content (i.e. *you* for technical things) before it gets published on the official edubuntu website!
   03:02 ogra           anything majorly important from anyone ?
   03:02 ogra           pips1, if i had the time i'd do it ...
   === thierryn [n=thierry@modemcable251.69-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:02 jsgotangco     drupal will be good for that
   03:03 ogra           but mdz already complained in my performance review that i do too much non packaging/devel related stuff that distracts me ... i have to cut that down in the future :)
   03:03 pips1          so did we come to a general consensus that we will now go with an education-specific forum on our drupal website, then?
   03:03 JaneW          ogra, do you still report into him?
   03:03 pips1          hmm
   03:03 JaneW          pips1, +1
   03:03 ogra           JaneW, yes
   03:04 JaneW          ogra: oic
   03:04 RichEd         pips1 : would you like to work through pro's & cons with me ... and then we can put forward a suggestion for a vote ?
   03:04 ogra           JaneW, i'm still working in the distroteam as well as in the edubuntu team
   03:04 rodarvus       JaneW: also I do
   03:04 rodarvus       I believe ogra and I will report to two different persons now :)
   03:04 pips1          RichEd: yes, very much so
   03:04 ogra           ok, lets finish the meeting here and move over to our own room :)
   03:04 JaneW          yes maybe finalise decision next week, after props and cons and present findings and recommendations next meeting
   03:05 ogra           going once
   03:05 rodarvus       JaneW: agreed
   03:05 ogra           going twice
   03:05 JaneW          ogra: what happend last week with EC?
   03:05 JaneW          gone
   03:05 ogra           meeting adjourned ...
   03:05 ogra           thanks everyone ;)

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