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Meeting July 19, 2006


Present : RichEd, ogra, highvoltage, HedgeMage, cbx33, AliasVegas, Mithrandir, LaserJock, mhz, rodarvus, Riddell, Burgwork, peterretief

  • ogra - Announces the first knot-1 CD milestone for edubuntu

  • cbx33 - Asks for people to try grasynco, for syncing up the rsync repo of the iso images

  • ogra - Notes the ltsp tarball builder script is almost done

  • LaserJock - Enquired as to the status of specs

    • ogra - Stated that SCP is behind schedule, and that ltspfs isn't started yet


  • HedgeMage - Announces the cookbook was renamed to the Edubuntu Handbook

  • highvoltage - Asked how we should go about getting docs on help.ubuntu.com

    • ogra - Stated that all the wiki docs are there, but suffer from a slow redirect

  • cbx33 - Asked if the ssl certificate for edubuntu would be fixed

    • Riddell - Replied it had been requested, but may need another prod

  • highvoltage - Mentioned there was an edubuntu section on doc.ubuntu.com, and that the ESA was already there

    • cbx33 - Asked if ES could go onto help.ubuntu.com and highvoltage agreed

    • mhz - Said he was working on translating the ESA into Spanish


  • AliasVegas - Asked for a one liner from each person on what they did not like about dapper theme and what they want to see in edgy, which was agreed by all to be a great idea

  • cbx33 - Enquired whether there could be an edubuntu-artwork Mailing list

    • highvoltage - Mentioned there were 20 people on the edubuntu-artwork team on LP

  • AliasVegas - Also asked for a meeting with everyone to discuss artwork

  • AliasVegas - Also noted she would send a mail out requesting help to the ubuntu-artwork ML

  • mhz - Expressed an interest in creating more artwork, posters, banners, tee-shirts etc


  • RichEd - Is the Education Programme Manager, and stated his aim, to get as many people using linux as possible

    • cbx33 - Asked if we could come up with some edubuntu literature, like a pack

      • RichEd - Stated he has a meeting with Mark, in the week Aug1, and will bring all ideas up then

   10:02 ogra         ok, lets go :)
   === cbx33 starts running round the meeting room
   10:03 cbx33        oh you mean the meeting....
   10:03 ogra         not much on the tech side as usual :)
   10:03 ogra         we have a knot 1 milestone CD
   10:03 highvoltage  the first knot is tied, right?
   10:03 cbx33        w00t
   10:03 highvoltage  :)
   10:03 ogra         which in fact took me since friday to get everything right
   10:03 highvoltage  anyone install it yet?
   10:03 cbx33        not yet
   10:04 ogra         but now we have something we can break
   10:04 ogra         muhahaha
   10:04 highvoltage  mhuhaha
   === cbx33 volunteers to break things
   === ogra pokes rodarvus with an evil look in his eyes
   10:04 Mithrandir   knot-1 is all but released, yet.  That is, I'll release it tomorrow morning, since I've drunk something closer to a bottle of wine now and I don't think I should futz around with cd images then. :-P
   === soviet [i=www-data@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:04 Mithrandir   s/yet/yes/
   10:04 ogra         Mithrandir, well, it wont change anymore :)
   10:04 ogra         enjoy your wine :)
   === highvoltage will download tomorrow
   10:05 cbx33        and the hangover
   10:05 Mithrandir   ogra: true. :-)
   === dan_young [n=dyoung@fw13x.mesd.k12.or.us] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:05 ogra         highvoltage, keep the iso around so you can try cbx33's gui sync tool ;)
   10:05 cbx33        I was gonna mention that
   10:05 cbx33        if anyone is interested in beta testing grasynco
   === mhz wanna plays with it too!
   10:05 rodarvus     hi
   10:05 rodarvus     sorry
   10:05 cbx33        it's on REVU at the moment
   10:06 ogra         soo ... apart from that there is not much n the tech side ...
   10:06 rodarvus     I was concentrated updating libx11
   10:06 cbx33        and also on LP
   10:06 highvoltage  ogra: i intend to do that!
   === rodarvus reads the backlog
   10:06 cbx33        may I ask you all to keep a backup of the isos....just in case
   10:06 ogra         the ltsp tarball builder script is nearly done ...
   10:06 cbx33        :D
   10:06 HedgeMage    :)
   10:06 cbx33        unless you don;t mind downloading again
   10:06 highvoltage  cbx33: just beware, I'm quite crazy with feature requests, just ask ogra :)
   10:06 ogra         the first try can be seen on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/ltsp-tarballs/
   10:07 cbx33        highvoltage, that's cool
   10:07 cbx33        I'll try to accomodate
   10:07 ogra         highvoltage, heh, yes, you are (sometimes :) )
   10:07 LaserJock    where are we with specs?
   10:07 highvoltage  ogra: have ltsp upsream made any announcement yet?
   10:07 ogra         LaserJock, SCP is still lacking some love, i'll jump on that tomorrow ...
   === cbx33 will be jumping on that too
   10:08 ogra         highvoltage, nope, the system needs to run automatically
   10:08 cbx33        but I'll wait till ogra has finished
   10:08 cbx33        otherwise people may talk :p
   10:08 LaserJock    ogra: LTSP specs are looking good?
   10:08 ogra         what you see on the url is the first test run
   10:08 highvoltage  ogra: what would be the difference between those tarballs ans a standard Edubuntu ltsp chroot?
   10:08 ogra         LaserJock, well, the udeb is ready now to add the dhcp stuff ... SCP isnt approved yet but i had no time to fix stuff, mdz is notified
   10:08 highvoltage  ogra: are they mostly the same so far?
   10:09 ogra         ltspfs stuff isnt started yet
   10:09 LaserJock    k
   10:09 ogra         highvoltage, they are 100% the same
   10:09 HedgeMage    If anyone's interested, we are planning a meeting for Edubuntu Handbook (formerly Cookbook) Friday at 21:30 (just scheduled, so may not be on fridge yet, I'll post to the mailing lists momentarily)
   10:09 ogra         but we'll have arch specific ones ;)
   10:09 highvoltage  ok. so no need to download then.
   10:09 ogra         HedgeMage, docs are next
   10:10 HedgeMage    ogra: oops, sorry
   10:10 ogra         highvoltage, nope, but if you ever want powerpc clients you can just grab the tarball ;)
   10:10 highvoltage  ogra: i'll keep that in mind!
   10:10 ogra         no need for fiddling around with nfs exports
   10:10 ogra         i'll probably make an installer package that downloads and unpacks it
   10:11 highvoltage  with a cbx33 front-end?
   10:11 ogra         so you can install ltsp-multiarch-powerpc
   10:11 highvoltage  *g*
   10:11 ogra         heh
   10:11 cbx33        highvoltage, if you really really want it :p
   10:11 ogra         or ltsp-multiarch-sparc ;)
   10:11 highvoltage  cbx33: of course :)
   10:11 cbx33        dang it :p
   10:11 ogra         highvoltage, well, that should be an extra tab in ltsp-manager rather :)
   10:12 highvoltage  cbx33: the LTSP people would love that
   10:12 ogra         soo ...
   10:12 cbx33        highvoltage, wanna mail me a brief outline
   10:12 ogra         thats all from the tech side for this week ... i have noting t addd
   10:12 cbx33        sometime and I'll see what I can dig up
   10:12 ogra         documentation ?
   10:12 highvoltage  cbx33: sure, we can chat about it tomorrow on #edubuntu, then send to the mailing list and get some larger input
   10:12 cbx33        sure
   10:13 cbx33        we can build it onto ogras ltsp manager
   10:13 ogra         HedgeMage, the CookBook was renamed ?
   10:13 highvoltage  cool.
   10:13 HedgeMage    ogra: yep, at our last meeting.
   10:13 ogra         HedgeMage, tell us about it, since not everyone was there :)
   10:13 mhz          please
   10:14 HedgeMage    ogra: Since it's not quite a cookbook format any more, we decided to vote for a new title... people posted suggestions to the wiki and our last meeting was a vote
   10:14 HedgeMage    it's now the "Edubuntu Handbook"
   10:14 ogra         great
   10:14 cbx33        :D
   10:14 HedgeMage    Same fun stuff, new title :)
   10:14 mhz          EHB
   10:15 highvoltage  i think it's a good idea, merely because it will eliminate confusion about all the previous cookbook attempts :)
   10:15 cbx33        I agree
   10:15 ogra         yup
   10:15 mhz          yup
   10:15 HedgeMage    That's the icing on the cake :)
   10:15 rodarvus     heh
   10:15 highvoltage  lol
   10:15 mhz          and it will be more 'handy' :D
   10:16 HedgeMage    Anyhow, we have a meeting on Friday, wiki info is at http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuHandbook
   10:16 ogra         btw LaserJock was praised in http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1990777,00.asp :)
   10:16 highvoltage  also on documentation, does anyone know what the best way is, and whether we should, get the edubuntu docs on http://help.ubuntu.com?
   10:16 HedgeMage    I haven't updated the meeting page yet since this was scheduled literally 5 minutes ago :)
   10:16 cbx33        highvoltage, I talked with mdke about that a while ago
   10:16 ogra         highvoltage, all wiki docs are there already
   10:16 highvoltage  all the other official ubuntu distros docs are there, I think Edubuntu should be there too, since people would ask.
   10:16 cbx33        you need permissions to create new pages
   10:17 highvoltage  ogra: it's not listed on the front page: http://help.ubuntu.com
   10:17 ogra         oh
   10:17 ogra         but they imported all our pages ... i have a painful slow redirect for nearly every wikipage
   10:17 cbx33        is anything going to be done about the ssl certificate on the wiki?
   10:17 ogra         i dont think so
   10:18 cbx33        grrr
   10:18 ogra         i could raise it agan ... but paied certs are not the best topic to dicuss with mark somehow :)
   10:18 highvoltage  yes, I think I'll ping mdke this weekend and ask if he could add an Edubuntu section on the frontpage of help.
   10:18 mhz          it is not wiki's fault (not moin)
   10:18 cbx33        ok
   10:18 cbx33        mhz, I know
   10:18 cbx33        ogra, ok cool
   10:18 ogra         mhz, we have bought one afaik, but thats limited to ubuntu.com
   10:18 cbx33        highvoltage, yes good idea
   10:19 mhz          grr!
   10:19 mhz          :)
   10:19 highvoltage  that's ironic.
   10:19 cbx33        I'll do the same, as I'm owed a creatoin account on help.ubuntu.com i think :p
   === peterretief [n=peter@PET-181740-C-112-30.saoldsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:19 LaserJock    highvoltage: we would have to ship something to put it in help.ubuntu.com
   10:19 mhz          but, isn't markie related to Certificates?
   10:19 highvoltage  LaserJock: does it need to be in a certain format?
   10:19 ogra         Riddell, do you know anything about the certs ? i know you asked about them
   10:19 peterretief  highvoltage: hi
   10:20 LaserJock    highvoltage: those docs are created from the doc team svn repo
   10:20 highvoltage  mhz: it's how he made his money :)
   10:20 highvoltage  hi peterretief
   10:20 mhz          yeah, hence my point
   10:20 Riddell      ogra: filed an rt request, not heard anything back, feel free to poke harder
   10:20 ogra         mhz, quote: "i've seen enough certs in my life"
   10:20 HedgeMage    lol
   10:21 rodarvus     :)
   10:21 ogra         Riddell, rt # ?
   10:21 mhz          lol
   10:21 Riddell      ogra: no idea, it was ages ago
   10:21 highvoltage  LaserJock: we could probably get someone from docteam to help us out? there should be some people who are common in edubuntu-doc and ubuntu-doc that I'm sure would assist.
   10:21 ogra         Riddell, lol, ok
   10:21 LaserJock    highvoltage: umm, jerome and I are happy to help
   10:21 cbx33        highvoltage, what about jerome
   === ogra doubts we'll get one :)
   10:22 highvoltage  LaserJock: excellent :)
   10:22 LaserJock    highvoltage: edubuntu school advocacy is already on doc.ubuntu.com
   10:22 cbx33        is it ?
   10:22 cbx33        crikey
   10:22 LaserJock    highvoltage: mdke made an Edubuntu css
   10:22 mhz          is it???
   === cbx33 must have missed that one
   10:22 ogra         wasnt that renamed ?
   10:22 highvoltage  great. so it just needs a link from the home page.
   10:22 LaserJock    yes, I had them make an Edubuntu section
   10:22 LaserJock    doc.ubuntu.com
   10:23 LaserJock    on the right there is an Edubuntu section
   10:23 highvoltage  doc.ubuntu.com is meant for work in progress, right?
   10:23 cbx33        I see
   10:23 LaserJock    yes
   10:23 LaserJock    doc.ubuntu.com represents our svn repo
   10:23 highvoltage  ESA is completed, isn't it?
   10:23 cbx33        is there the possibility of ESA making it onto help.ubuntu.com?
   === j_ack [n=rudi@p508D999C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:24 cbx33        or is that not the place for it?
   10:24 mhz          lovely http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/school-advocacy/C/index.html
   10:24 highvoltage  cbx33: thinking the same thing here :)
   10:24 LaserJock    help.ubuntu.com has what has been shipped
   10:24 ogra         wow, esa is impressive
   10:24 highvoltage  i think ESA should be on help.ubuntu.com as well.
   10:24 LaserJock    we have a doc team meeting on Friday
   10:24 cbx33        we try ogra :p
   10:24 LaserJock    I can ask
   10:24 cbx33        thanks LaserJock
   10:25 LaserJock    so far we have only put the docs that were shipped on CD on help.ubuntu.com
   10:25 ogra         highvoltage, it is
   10:25 Burgwork     I have a half finished case study, using some of the stuff from esa
   10:25 cbx33        the ESA gets everywhere
   10:25 highvoltage  ogra: i can't find it
   10:26 ogra         wow ... your doc work is massively impressive guys :)
   === mhz is happy some folks will have no excuse to translate ESA into spanish now
   10:26 ogra         highvoltage, the link mhz pasted
   10:26 cbx33        yes please
   10:26 LaserJock    so from the doc team's perspective I think we are ready to go, we just need content
   10:26 mhz          highvoltage: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/school-advocacy/C/index.html
   10:26 highvoltage  ogra: that's on doc.ubuntu.com, not on help.ubuntu.com
   10:26 cbx33        I passed the esa to RichEd to pass onto the canonical marketting dept
   10:26 mhz          highvoltage: yeah, good point
   10:26 ogra         highvoltage, aww, now i understand
   10:26 ogra         cbx33, good !
   10:26 RichEd       yep ... got it open .. will review & coment
   10:26 mhz          please, not redirections this time
   10:27 mhz          ;)
   10:27 cbx33        RichEd, if you want my page mockups feel free to take those
   10:27 RichEd       okay
   10:27 cbx33        they were a mock of what the pamphlet could look like
   10:27 cbx33        hang on I'll grab a link
   10:28 cbx33        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuSchoolAdvocacy
   10:28 cbx33        ignore everything on the page
   10:28 cbx33        apart from the 4 images at the bottom
   10:28 LaserJock    hehe
   10:28 ogra         heh
   10:28 RichEd       tx
   10:28 cbx33        I'll delete it I think
   10:28 mhz          cbx33: where's the mockup?
   10:28 cbx33        down the very bottom
   10:29 mhz          oh, still downloading
   10:29 mhz          thx
   10:29 cbx33        sorry
   10:29 cbx33        that was our wip page
   10:29 mhz          cbx33: nice mockup idea
   10:29 cbx33        ESA started like that before any text was written really :p
   10:30 HedgeMage    :)
   10:30 LaserJock    anyway, if anybody wants docs to go on doc.ubuntu.com (and eventually help.ubuntu.com) please let the doc team or at least jerome or I know
   10:30 mhz          cbx33: I am working on one for Chile (with Chilean colors)
   10:30 highvoltage  LaserJock: ok
   10:30 highvoltage  sounds like doc discussion is quieting down?
   10:30 ogra         well, then lets move on
   10:31 ogra         aaaaaaartwork
   10:31 ogra         whoops
   10:31 mhz          that KBD!
   10:31 mhz          ;)
   10:31 highvoltage  i think you missed an 'a' there
   10:31 AliasVegas   Hi everyone
   10:31 ogra         heh, i'm not 100% used to it yet :)
   10:31 mhz          AliasVegas: hi
   10:31 highvoltage  hi AliasVegas. just in time :)
   10:31 ogra         hey AliasVegas nice to see you !
   10:31 HedgeMage    hi AliasVegas
   10:31 AliasVegas   I'm really glad that so many people like the edubuntu wallpaper that I did, and I think it's crucial to build on the success of that in the edgy release.
   10:32 ogra         yay
   === HedgeMage wants to request that someone with more talent than HedgeMage start thinking about appropriate cover art for the Handbook
   10:32 mhz          HedgeMage: I can propose something
   10:32 AliasVegas   Yeah, I'll see what I can do if you want
   10:32 highvoltage  AliasVegas: I've set you as administrator on the artwork team, sorry, should have done that earlier :)
   === mhz is forced to have more time now
   10:32 AliasVegas   What I thought we could do, to make a quick start is just ask for a single line from everyone on what they dislike about the dapper theme (if anything), but to be precise.  Not just, I don't like the chalkboard, but why don't you like the chalkboard, too commercial etc?
   10:33 ogra         AliasVegas, great idea !
   10:33 mhz          AliasVegas: yeah
   10:33 AliasVegas   Then just another single line about what you would like to see in edgy?
   10:33 HedgeMage    good idea, AliasVegas :)
   10:33 ogra         yup
   10:33 highvoltage  AliasVegas: I didn't like the orange hilight in the gtk theme.
   10:33 AliasVegas   I was going to then work from these to collate a plan on how we should proceed with the new themes and artwork.  I have some initial ideas, but I don't want to develop them if there are elements which are not going to work or be to peoples liking.
   10:33 cbx33        I'll start noting these down
   10:33 ogra         highvoltage, by mail :)
   10:33 cbx33        heheh
   10:33 AliasVegas   thanks
   10:34 cbx33        mail would be better
   10:34 highvoltage  oh yes, of course :)
   10:34 HedgeMage    Don't like: The green chalkboard thing clashes with our red gtk-theme, lacking theme-coordinating icons for some apps I like
   10:34 AliasVegas   ok
   10:34 highvoltage  to edubuntu-devel? or to AliasVegas?
   10:34 ogra         so could anyone who wants to participate say +1 so i know whom i have to nag ? ;)
   10:34 ogra         +1
   10:34 rodarvus     edubuntu-users wouild be best I think
   10:34 highvoltage  +1
   10:34 rodarvus     AliasVegas: nice idea, btw
   10:34 cbx33        um, could we have edubuntu-artwork ?
   10:34 rodarvus     +1
   10:35 cbx33        mailing list ?
   10:35 peterretief  +1
   10:35 mhz          +1
   10:35 cbx33        would that be useful?
   10:35 highvoltage  cbx33: i've thought about it before, I think it's at the stage where it's ready for it
   10:35 ogra         cbx33, how many people would we have on there ?
   10:35 cbx33        anyone with an interest in artwork I'm presuming right AliasVegas ?
   10:35 rodarvus     not sure if edubuntu-artwork mailinig list would have critical mass
   10:35 LaserJock    I would think -devel and -users would be sufficent
   10:35 highvoltage  there are 20 people in launchpad who have volunteered to contribute to artwork
   10:35 ogra         cbx33, i want a number :)
   10:35 rodarvus     in other words, would probably become a semi-dead mailing list
   10:35 highvoltage  they would all be added to the new list
   10:35 highvoltage  that's already a good start.
   10:36 AliasVegas   yeah
   10:36 cbx33        Hmm....
   10:36 highvoltage  those who do not wish to be part can then be de-activated from the team.
   10:36 mhz          yeah
   10:36 highvoltage  https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-artwork/+members
   10:36 cbx33        I just wonder that in order to get the artowrk team off the ground, they should have their own ML?
   === slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:36 cbx33        just my 2 cents
   10:36 mhz          or.. keep using -devel but adding [ART]
   10:36 mhz          on subject
   10:36 mhz          just my 2 cents
   10:37 mhz          eek, we have 4 cents!
   10:37 ogra         cbx33, i will need to give an estimated number of initial subscribers ... its not useful to have a list for 10 people ...
   10:37 highvoltage  i wonder if everyone on the launchapd team would be willing to subscribe to edubuntu-devel, we could probably try and ask them
   10:38 cbx33        I get so much spam from that channel?
   10:38 highvoltage  ogra: we already have at least 20 people! :)
   10:38 highvoltage  cbx33: no you don't
   10:38 highvoltage  cbx33: you get admin requests ;)
   10:38 cbx33        i get spam too
   10:38 mhz          cbx33: BTW, I have no logs regarding pwd for ML admin tasks, could you PM it to me, please?
   10:38 cbx33        sure
   10:39 ogra         highvoltage, well, i havent seen much new artwork during dapper, that was more widespread in breezy
   10:39 ogra         the quality raised immensely though :)
   10:39 mhz          ogra: AliasVegas is in town now ;)
   10:39 ogra         yeah ! :)
   10:39 AliasVegas   I want to setup an edubuntu-artwork meeting, for anyone who has any interest in artwork/themes to come along to, so we can really start to brainstorm and get the process moving.  If anyone has some suggestions about times that would be great ;)
   10:39 highvoltage  ogra: i think the announcement that canonical would use a paid-for company for artwork killed things a bit, imho :/
   10:40 ogra         but still ... she will surely need support ...
   10:40 cbx33        highvoltage, I agree
   10:40 ogra         highvoltage, yep
   10:40 mhz          AliasVegas: i have a couple of suggestions but based on my UTC
   10:40 ogra         highvoltage, but it was like that before as well ...
   10:40 mhz          (my TZ)
   10:40 ogra         just that nobody announced it before :)
   10:40 cbx33        does this kinda time suit mhz ?
   10:41 mhz          cbx33: nope
   10:41 cbx33        12 UTC?
   10:41 mhz          11 UTC
   10:41 highvoltage  ogra: i beg to differ, if you go to art.ubuntu.com, you'll see quite a few wallpapers that were made for breezy, some of them not too bad
   10:41 mhz          so I can be before leaving house
   10:41 mhz          cbx33: or 23 UTC
   10:41 mhz          :D
   10:41 ogra         highvoltage, http://art.ubuntu.com/
   10:41 ogra         its down
   10:41 cbx33        23 UTC....
   10:42 cbx33        AliasVegas, will be in bed then
   10:42 cbx33        :p
   10:42 AliasVegas   lol
   10:42 mhz          highvoltage: yeah, like the darkones I did because I prefer black for kids :D
   10:42 cbx33        we can discuss times later
   10:42 highvoltage  ogra: click on "Edubuntu" on the right. it still works
   10:42 ogra         oh no its redesigned :P
   10:42 highvoltage  http://art.ubuntu.com/backgrounds/edubuntu/
   10:42 ogra         yep
   10:42 AliasVegas   I'm also going to post a notice to the ubuntu-artwork mailing list explaining where we are at this stage and ask for volunteers to help edubuntu in this release.
   10:42 mhz          cbx33: then , we could rotate ;)
   10:42 ogra         i know them, i added most of them there
   10:42 cbx33        sure mhz
   10:42 cbx33        I'm sure AliasVegas would be ok with that
   10:43 mhz          cbx33: if meetings are weekly, 3 or 4 diff UTCs is good
   10:43 AliasVegas   2 sounds good
   10:43 AliasVegas   like edubuntu
   10:43 mhz          cbx33: the thing is I am looking for a job now, so most likely is I wont have time for IRC during working hours ;(
   10:43 AliasVegas   ogra, can I ask, how much are we at liberty to change in this release, just wallpapers/splashes, or icons, theme colours too?  cbx33 was talking to me about the work he was doing on his new ubrander project, and I wondered how much gtk-rc editing had been done in the past?
   10:43 highvoltage  ogra: all of those wallpapers in art.ubuntu.com came from the breezy release cycle
   10:44 AliasVegas   fair enough :)
   10:44 ogra         AliasVegas, i'm sure it must be done in communication with the artteam ...
   10:44 ogra         so that we have a recognizable ubuntu look for all distros ...
   10:45 mhz          .oO(hmmm, the *buntu look)
   10:45 AliasVegas   ok that sounds cool
   10:45 ogra         a kind of CI
   10:45 AliasVegas   Not much more to say really, I'm conscious of the time factors involved and have just finished some of my paid freelance work, so I should have some more time to devote to getting the ball rolling here.
   10:45 ogra         but we'll surely have freedom about colors, icons splash screens gdm login theme bootsplash etc
   10:45 AliasVegas   ok :)
   10:46 ogra         there is only some small gtkrc editing been doneby me
   10:46 ogra         mostly adjusting colors
   10:47 ogra         (based on a completely different orange wallpaper btw)
   10:47 AliasVegas   right
   10:47 mhz          AliasVegas: i am VERY interested in creating 'artwork' for Stands (posters, stuff to hang -no idea about english name for it , stand look, etc)
   10:47 cbx33        mhz, cool
   10:48 mhz          and all related to merchandising
   10:48 mhz          Edubuntu based, of course
   10:48 cbx33        I'd need that if BETT2007 went ahead
   10:48 HedgeMage    that's awesome, mhz
   10:48 AliasVegas   Posters sounds like a cool idea
   10:48 ogra         mhz, ++
   === cbx33 imagines darting around town on his blades putting up edubuntu posters all around town
   10:48 mhz          yeah, Teachers loved the idea of having Edubuntu T-Shirts for Labs
   10:48 cbx33        then getting nicked by the rozzers :p
   10:48 HedgeMage    hehe cbx33
   10:49 mhz          and then I thought about Posters for Edubuntu Labs (with messages for the users)
   10:49 AliasVegas   I love the idea of t-shirts
   10:49 ogra         yep
   10:49 cbx33        mhz, heheh.... "Got root....no...cos if you did you'd break things"
   10:49 mhz          lol
   10:49 cbx33        I think I just found my new tagline :p
   10:49 ogra         but posters at least for booths would be grreat
   10:49 highvoltage  cbx33: they can have root on the ro local filesystem :)
   10:50 cbx33        hahaha
   10:50 cbx33        give them the illusion
   10:50 ogra         heh
   10:50 mhz          yeah, we need promo material so people (human beings) know Edubuntu is not just an OS, it is meant for "YOU"
   10:50 cbx33        awww
   10:50 ogra         ogra, time is almost up ...
   10:50 HedgeMage    :)
   10:50 ogra         err
   10:50 cbx33        what about some fluffy Eft soft toys
   10:50 ogra         i wrote ok ...
   10:50 highvoltage  flint said that we have done a good job at keeping edubuntu secret.
   10:50 ogra         stupid autocompletion
   10:50 mhz          www.openpuppets.com
   === cbx33 has always had a vision
   10:51 highvoltage  so getting edubuntu out there is perhaps something everyone should work on.
   10:51 ogra         highvoltage, bah, flint said also that k12 doesnt like us :)
   10:51 cbx33        we need someone to streak a major sporting event wearing nothing but ubuntu logos :p
   10:51 cbx33        get us on the TV
   10:51 highvoltage  ogra: point taken :)
   10:51 RichEd       i'm willing to take marketing suggestions forward : richard.edubuntu@gmail.com
   === mhz got Edubuntu on TV in Chile
   10:51 cbx33        highvoltage, I totally agree....hence my initial creation of ESA
   10:51 mhz          and a couple of magazines too
   10:51 ogra         right
   10:52 ogra         next topic management :)
   10:52 ogra         since you are already at promotion
   10:52 RichEd       especially those that take it out of the "hobbyist" space into mainstream
   10:53 RichEd       well perhaps an intro from me ?
   10:53 LaserJock    that would be nice :-)
   10:53 ogra         if you like :)
   10:53 highvoltage  RichEd: sounds like no one is objecting ;)
   10:53 RichEd       Mark has just appointed me as "Education Programme Manager" last week ... to be client & relationship facing
   10:53 ogra         i also have something ... for the management side later
   10:54 HedgeMage    RichEd: welcome :)
   10:54 RichEd       The way I see it is that you guys are building a great eductional vehicle ...
   10:54 cbx33        :)
   10:54 mhz          RichEd: oh, you are the one!!
   10:54 highvoltage  RichEd: yes, welcome again
   10:54 RichEd       and my job is to get as many people adopting it a possible.
   10:54 RichEd       I've been in the Education space with HP for 3 years
   10:54 RichEd       Schools, education departments etc.
   10:54 cbx33        give me an external scsi hdd and I'll have an ltsp server running at the school :p
   10:55 RichEd       And seen lots of the "soft factors" that hamper adoption
   10:55 RichEd       "we don't have budget to train in MS and Linux"
   10:55 mhz          hehehe
   10:55 LaserJock    Universities!!
   10:55 RichEd       "we don't have enough tech support"
   10:55 highvoltage  RichEd: this would be internationally, right?
   10:56 RichEd       so we need to build a compelling case for "overcoming the human hurdles"
   10:56 RichEd       yep ... international ...
   10:56 RichEd       So I am here to help ... not interfere ;)
   10:57 mhz          RichEd: thx, then I have lots of stuff tu bug you with
   10:57 ogra         RichEd, we'll gain some ground in germany soon it seems ... :)
   10:57 LaserJock    awesome, thanks. I should be fun
   10:57 RichEd       And will try to take ideas from the community ..., as well as requests from "the clients"
   10:57 LaserJock    s/I/It/ shesh
   10:57 RichEd       And put them in front of the people who can make it happen.
   === HedgeMage nods
   === cbx33 notes he is a client as well :p
   10:57 ogra         i had another call from the guy that is affiliated with the minisrty of education and arts of bayern ...
   10:57 highvoltage  we're going to cover *lots* of ground in .za from Inkululeku
   === RichEd sits down again
   10:57 RichEd       ogra: great
   10:58 highvoltage  it's probably no 'edubuntu' stricktly, because we currently use Xfce
   10:58 ogra         looks like he has arranged stuff like TV interviews etc
   10:58 mhz          highvoltage: me too! :D
   10:58 ogra         in september ...
   10:58 highvoltage  but we're going to sign up as official ubuntu partner, so i guess it would count as official.
   10:58 ogra         we'll need to talk since he wants me to represent
   10:58 RichEd       brb 15 secs
   10:58 cbx33        highvoltage, what does that entail?>
   10:58 cbx33        the partner thing?
   10:58 mhz          RichEd: well, we have a very agressive insertion plan this year for Chile, so I'd  better sum it up and email it to you
   10:59 RichEd       mhz: please yes
   10:59 highvoltage  cbx33: http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/become
   10:59 RichEd       jsgotangco also has some exciting stuff happenng in Philipines
   10:59 cbx33        RichEd, is there the possibility of coming up with a "pack" to send to educational iministers etc
   10:59 RichEd       (apart from an active volcano close to his house spewing lava)
   10:59 cbx33        about edubuntu>
   10:59 mhz          lol
   11:00 RichEd       cbx33: Mark has asked me to get "a directed education message" set up ...
   === teolemon [n=famille@car75-5-82-234-128-149.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:00 RichEd       web site & pdf
   11:00 RichEd       for exactly that purpose
   11:00 cbx33        cool
   11:00 cbx33        esa could be useful there Lp
   11:00 cbx33        :p
   11:01 RichEd       We also have a reporter in India who is pushing for Ubuntu / 6Eubuntu as a C development teaching platform in 60 schools
   11:01 ogra         nice !
   11:01 RichEd       With a route into showing the local govt. how to do it ... and avoid the MS win & sql licence fees
   11:02 mhz          yeah, this is the Year of Edubuntu
   11:02 cbx33        RichEd, yeh see this is what we nned
   11:02 cbx33        mhz, I agree
   11:02 RichEd       And he has a Post Grad student in Florida who is a sidebar assistant
   11:02 RichEd       So lots of opportunity to mine.
   11:03 ogra         sounds very cool
   === cbx33 is thinking about drafting some letters to the Educational authorities in UK
   === cassidy [n=cassidy@f1-pc174.ulb.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   11:03 cbx33        RichEd, that pack would be useful :p
   11:03 mhz          cbx33: ESA has lots of the arguments we'd need
   11:03 cbx33        yes
   11:03 RichEd       Note also that I hope to use my relationship with HP Education Country managers (Europe & ZA & Africa) to try to push Edubuntu
   11:03 cbx33        excellent
   11:04 cbx33        RichEd, how viable do you think BETT2007 is?
   11:04 RichEd       (in their solution deals) as well as for Student OEM offerings
   11:04 highvoltage  RichEd: would be nice if you could round them all up again ;)
   === HedgeMage nods
   11:04 HedgeMage    RichEd: Any notes/news about the US?
   11:04 RichEd       As I said earlier cbx33 : we have some routes of least resistance ... like india etc. so not sure if the "money people" will be keen on "ad spend"
   11:04 RichEd       Versus applied project spend
   11:05 mhz          RichEd: in Chile and other countries we're getting together to form the Institute of Free Software for Latinamerica. Edubuntu is the king in such realms
   11:05 cbx33        if we're going to shower the auths with details they must see us ..... in the field like everyone else
   11:05 cbx33        RichEd, I understand
   11:05 cbx33        on a side note, did that spreadsheet seem ok?
   11:05 RichEd       But will table all suggestions when I have to present a plan to Mark in week 1 Aug in London
   11:06 RichEd       I'll try to cover all bases in suggestions ... but he will probably direct resource & money priorities
   11:06 cbx33        sure
   11:06 RichEd       cbx33: looks good on first pass ... will revise & comment
   11:06 cbx33        ok cool
   11:07 RichEd       cbx33 and I will set up a template for "conference funding requests" so the foramt is consistent when we ask for $
   11:07 cbx33        yes
   11:07 RichEd       that's all from me for now.
   11:07 highvoltage  ogra
   11:07 cbx33        we at time up aren't we?
   11:08 highvoltage  ogra said he had something to say
   11:08 RichEd       mhz: please send details re South America :)
   11:08 AliasVegas   remember everyone... email me you artwork comments! :)
   11:08 ogra         highvoltage, i already did
   11:08 highvoltage  oh ok :)
   11:08 ogra         highvoltage, we'll probably get in german TV
   11:08 highvoltage  aah
   11:08 mhz          sure, RichEd. In fact, I sent about 5 emails to Mark telling what is going on, and that we needed help...no response.
   11:09 ogra         with some additional advantage of a bunch of schools in byern switching to edubuntu :)
   11:09 ogra         *bayern
   11:09 mhz          RichEd: politically it is the time for being agressive in LAm, so is the time for market
   11:09 RichEd       mhz: i think i'm supposed to help him with this ... filter & digest & consolidate ... preserve bandwidth
   11:09 RichEd       and i wil respond :)
   11:09 mhz          RichEd: sure, I undersand
   11:09 RichEd       will <- will
   11:10 mhz          RichEd: and I will pke if not :D
   11:10 mhz          poke
   === RichEd puts on chain mail protection
   11:10 mhz          hehehe
   11:10 HedgeMage    lol
   11:10 ogra         heh
   11:10 highvoltage  RichEd: i just set up a filter for mhz
   11:10 cbx33        mhz, use a tazer :p
   11:10 mhz          lol
   11:11 mhz          not yet, let's see him in action firts
   === RichEd puts up a farce field
   11:11 HedgeMage    cbx33: that's just evil... I like it ;)
   11:11 mhz          cbx33: remember he may fight back ;)
   11:11 HedgeMage    RichEd: lol freudian slip?
   11:11 ogra         heh
   11:11 RichEd       nope .. that one was quite intentional ;)
   11:11 cbx33        hadn't thought of that
   === highvoltage is having trouble staying awake
   11:11 mhz          cbx33: but I can throw him a WinXP CD and license
   11:11 mhz          ;)
   11:11 HedgeMage    highvoltage: so go to sleep :P
   11:11 ogra         highvoltage, thast the danger if you sit in bed while meeting :)
   11:12 RichEd       is your "laptop" calling highvoltage ?
   11:12 ogra         hahaha
   11:12 highvoltage  ogra: i'm actually lying, probably more dangerous :)
   11:12 cbx33        ooooh
   === coachJ [n=jeff@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
   11:12 cbx33        lying.....
   11:12 RichEd       remember some virus protection please
   === cbx33 doesn't want any more details
   11:12 ogra         i think we're also 12 mins over time ....
   11:13 ogra         so we should probably close here and move over to ur own room :)
   === LaserJock wonders about Paris ;-)
   11:13 ogra         LaserJock, tell us :)
   11:13 highvoltage  LaserJock: hey! i've seen you in bed with your wife's laptop too!
   11:13 ogra         haha
   11:13 LaserJock    shush
   11:13 LaserJock    ;-)
   11:14 ogra         ok, any other stuff ?
   === RichEd is done
   11:14 ogra         going once
   11:14 AliasVegas   remember everyone... email me you artwork comments! :)
   11:14 highvoltage  this has been a nice buzzy meeting
   11:14 ogra         going twice
   11:14 ogra         AliasVegas, i'll nag them ;)
   11:14 cbx33        test grasynco
   11:14 mhz          AliasVegas: yeah, but URL?
   11:14 ogra         yeah, test the milestone CDs !
   11:15 highvoltage  mhz: that's comments of previous releae
   11:15 ogra         report BUGS !!
   11:15 ogra         meeting ....
   11:15 highvoltage  may the force be with you.
   11:15 ogra         .... adjourned
   11:15 LaserJock    \o/
   11:15 ogra         thanks everyone !

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