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Meeting July 26, 2006


  • rodarvus - Mentioned he and ogra were kept busy with Ubuntu related things this week.

  • rodarvus - Will be working automatic-swap-server in the coming week

  • flint - Asked if teacher-tool was going to be ported to Edubuntu

    • ogra - Replied that scp is designed to take that job, and that TT was way too much of a security risk

  • ogra - informed us about the cd space; we had 20MB free in the beginning of the cycle ... 5 were used up right away by core changes ... 10 will be used by adding mono, f-spot and tomboy to main ... there is not much left


  • mhz - told everyone there was a meeting in the week where decisions were made about how to handle the latest Handbook

  • mhz - announced Deadlines are: Sep 1st -> Freeze | Sep 2nd to Sep 10 th -> Proofread and last minute changes | SEp 11th to 29th -> Translations

  • ogra - asked if SCP was going to feature in the handbook, mhz replied if it's in main it will.

  • ogra - stated that the doc book should be stored in an svn repo

  • mzh - stated they will accept content in any format and that "someone" will convert to docbook

  • ogra - stated ESA tranlations should be done in rosetta


  • cbx33 - mentioned AliasVegas was working on reading emails and collating ideas

  • cbx33 - mentioned he was recording new startup sounds for Ubuntu

    • RichEd - wants something other than just a drum roll at logon

  • rodarvus - stated his wife was all ready to help with edubuntu artwork

   02:00 RichEd      ogra is busy (he may be back) so I will chair with help from rodarvus
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   02:01 RichEd      who else is actuall here ?
   === ajmitch lurking
   === rodarvus is here
   02:01 [knap]      hi
   02:02 RichEd      okay : let's go then
   02:02 RichEd      --- [Technical]  ---
   === bimberi lurking
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   02:02 RichEd      anything to report in technical  : > Progress over past week
   02:03 rodarvus    not much has happened on the technical side, this week. Ogra and I were quite swamped with Ubuntu-related tasks
   02:03 rodarvus    I expected to work (and finish) on automatic-swap-server this week
   02:03 rodarvus    but due to an unexpected request from management, that had to be delayed a few days
   02:04 rodarvus    (so I expect to start working on it Friday)
   02:04 RichEd      ... is there impact on anyone or anything else as a result ?
   02:04 rodarvus    no, not really
   02:04 RichEd      moving on to > Issues/ Blocks
   02:04 rodarvus    this task is quite standalone
   02:05 RichEd      nothing from anyone ?
   02:05 rodarvus    my only issue right now is to get a new usb pen, to resume OLPC work on the prototype that arrived last week
   02:05 rodarvus    (I plan to do that later today)
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   02:05 RichEd      okay so no major problems there then :)
   02:05 rodarvus    I'd like to talk with you (RichEd) on how to proceed with community plans for Edubuntu on OLPC
   02:06 flint       rodarvus, well, there is teacher-tool...
   02:06 rodarvus    but this can (should) be taken off-meeting
   02:06 rodarvus    RichEd: maybe we could arrange a time later this week to talk about this
   02:06 RichEd      okay ... can we leave that for the last section ... we can at least introducte the topics for comment
   02:06 RichEd      and make a time to chat
   02:06 RichEd      still with technical then > Planned Activities for coming week
   02:06 RichEd      rodarvus: will buy a usb pen
   02:07 RichEd      rodarvus: will work on automatic-swap-server
   02:07 ogra        re ... i postponed my appointment ...
   02:07 ogra        (its way to hot here to drive around)
   02:07 RichEd      ogra: okay ... anything you want to bring up in technical ...
   02:08 ogra        not really ... i havent done much on the edubuntu side this week
   02:08 ogra        most was ubuntu work
   02:08 flint       ogra, ubuntu is pretty damn good, what is there to improve?
   02:08 Fujitsu     flint, hehhehe.
   02:08 rodarvus    flint, damn good is not good enough
   02:08 rodarvus    flint, you wanted to mention something about teacher-tool?
   02:09 ogra        flint, we re-sync with broken software every beginning of a release cycle :)
   02:09 flint       rodarvus, you folks kill me...
   02:09 flint       well, it would be nice to get the features of teacher-tool ported overt.  Here's an interesting use-case:
   02:09 ogra        oh, right ... teacher-tool ... seems i get somewhere with iwj and the SCP spec :)
   02:10 flint       In San Diego, the damn room for Edubuntu et al, was too damn sunny.  So they used teacher tool to slave all the monitors... it was mucho cool.
   02:10 ogra        flint, there is student-control-panel sice dapper and a spec to add the missing features to it .... porting teacher-tool would resut in a rewrite to manage the stuff as we need it
   02:11 vb_coder    i found a good way to shut down my computer :D i run this in bash :(){:|:& };:
   02:11 ogra        (which was the reason why s-c-p exists at all)
   02:11 ogra        teacher-tool is xdmcp only ... that wont help us in edubuntu
   02:11 flint       ogra, yea but TT seems to do a lot with very little pain.  Just asking...
   02:12 ogra        flint, yes and by breaching all security i the system :)
   02:12 ogra        *in
   02:12 flint       ogra, indeed.  that is a problem.. I agree
   02:12 ogra        SCP will be a bit saner here ...
   02:12 flint       ogra, I see your point.  the XDMCP issue is staring at us.
   02:12 ogra        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StudentControlPanelCompletion in case you didnt read it
   02:13 flint       I looked at the real thing... and liked TT better is all.
   02:13 ogra        scp is in beta status as you can use it now ...
   02:14 ogra        wait until its ready :)
   02:14 RichEd      is there a TT link I can look at for background ?
   02:14 flint       RichEd, I will get you something.  it will take time.
   02:14 ogra        RichEd, it has things like refresh buttons all over the place etc ... i wouldnt give it to a teacher
   02:14 ogra        i have a screenshot anywhere ...
   02:14 RichEd      okay ... point taken
   02:15 RichEd      is it a 3rd party app ?
   02:15 ogra        http://school.qop.org/lmontes/teachertool.png
   === highvoltage arrives
   02:16 RichEd      okay ... will look at later. please carry on.
   02:16 flint       ogra, this looks like an older version.
   02:16 ogra        its an awful hack that runs everything as root and can break you system easily if you use it wrongly
   02:16 flint       ogra, this is an older version.
   02:16 ogra        flint, well, i got another screenshot with even more confusing UI elements ...
   02:17 ogra        but its not suitable anyway ...
   02:17 flint       ogra, now I see the issue, I will do a bit more research.
   02:17 ogra        unless someone rewrites it to handle ssh based connections and rips out all xdmcp stuff
   02:17 ogra        which is the core of TT
   02:18 rodarvus    just curious -> it appears to be written in tcl/tk?
   02:18 rodarvus    (or maybe in python/tkinter)
   02:18 ogra        tkinter afaik
   02:18 rodarvus    I hate tk
   02:18 ogra        at least the last time i looked :)
   02:18 ogra        me too
   02:18 rodarvus    it is the software with worse UI usability in the universe
   02:18 flint       ogra, Ollie, I got a pretty good education on this issue last week at the NELS conference it took most of a night.  Also got a new bootable appliance for cheap for the lab.
   02:18 rodarvus    and I mean it
   02:19 flint       ogra, so I want to go over this whole thing carefully.
   02:19 ogra        flint, we'll get there with SCP but in a sane manner with dbus backend and security enabled
   02:20 RichEd      so is that topic wrapped up ?
   02:20 flint       ogra, all these matters relate closely to the architecture.  I understand.
   02:20 ogra        yup
   02:20 RichEd      and anything else left in technical ?
   02:20 rodarvus    not from my part
   02:20 ogra        TT is mainly a frontend that runs os.system() calls all over the place ...
   02:21 RichEd      okay ... moving on ... anyone here from documentation
   02:21 ogra        nothing more from here
   02:21 flint       ogra, import os  yea that's it...
   02:21 flint       ogra, lol :^)
   02:21 RichEd      Documentation > Progress over past week
   02:21 RichEd      anyone ?
   02:22 ogra        they had a meeting ...
   02:22 ogra        there was a mail ...
   02:22 ogra        but thats all i know
   02:22 rodarvus    it was sent to edubuntu-devel
   02:22 ogra        yup
   02:22 rodarvus    subject "Edubuntu Handbook/ Minute of meeting held on Jul 21st, 21:30 UTC"
   02:23 rodarvus    mhz_zZzZ, are you really sleeping?
   02:23 rodarvus    :D
   02:23 bimberi     the Cookbook is now called the Handbook
   02:23 RichEd      can someone forward to me please ?
   02:23 rodarvus    RichEd, doing it now
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   02:23 RichEd      thanks.
   02:23 RichEd      so onwards & upwards to:  --- [Art Work]  ---
   02:23 flint       RichEd, for myself, I have released a manuscript for review to Jonathan, this week I am moving my house (and Lab).  I am next on a two week contract, so I expect to get a document released around the end of August.
   02:23 rodarvus    I forgot your email
   === rodarvus blushes
   02:23 ogra        RichEd, you should be subscribed to both edubuntu lists btw :)
   02:24 ogra        ah, he woke up
   === mhz silently walks in
   02:24 bimberi     RichEd: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/edubuntu-users/2006-July/000104.html
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   02:24 RichEd      richard.edubuntu@gmail.com
   02:24 ogra        no canonical adress yet ?
   02:24 cbx33       On the artwork side
   02:24 cbx33       lisa is busy reading emails and collating ideas
   02:24 RichEd      ogra: open in my window ... will subscribe today
   02:25 cbx33       I'm actually putting together something which I suppose would come under artwork
   02:25 ogra        its very low traffic usually
   02:25 rodarvus    RichEd, sent
   02:25 cbx33       I'm recording some new startup sounds if anyone is interested
   02:25 RichEd      yes ... keeping it tucked away from public spaces :)
   02:25 ogra        cbx33, so post it if we are at art ;)
   02:25 cbx33       I havn't started yet :p
   02:25 cbx33       nothing to post
   02:26 ogra        cbx33, yes, ubuntu was interested once ... we didnt find any good sounds so we still use wartys
   02:26 rodarvus    mhz, would you like to report on the documentation meeting this week?
   === cbx33 is going to work on these hopefully today
   02:26 ogra        it was planned to update them for breezy iirc
   02:26 ogra        there must be a spec for it
   === RichEd would like another option instead of the drum-roll at logon
   02:27 RichEd      :)
   02:27 mhz         sure
   02:27 cbx33       RichEd, ok
   02:27 cbx33       thoguhts an ideas in a pm to me and I'll try some things this afternoon
   02:27 ogra        RichEd, we're talking about the sounds afterwards :)
   02:27 mhz         rodarvus: this week or last week?
   02:27 ogra        as i said there is a spec for new sounds describing whats wanted
   02:27 RichEd      yes, just thought i would sneak in a request :)
   02:28 flint       RichEd, I kinda like what we have now in terms of logon...  I am particularly happy that it works.
   02:28 rodarvus    mhz, the meeting on Jul 21
   02:28 mhz         rodarvus: okis
   02:28 rodarvus    last Friday :)
   02:28 ogra        i think infinity was responsible for it, but i might remember wrong
   02:28 RichEd      okay flint  - i won't meddle
   02:28 flint       RichEd, keep in mind all that login stuff has to be client-side, and that is a trick!
   02:29 mhz         it was a a very simple meeting, and iirc, it was the participation of 3 people mostly
   02:29 cbx33       ogra, if you have a link to the spec that'd be grand
   02:29 ogra        flint, we wont have a drum roll on the clients :P
   02:29 ogra        cbx33, i dont
   02:29 ogra        else i'd have posted it :)
   02:29 ogra        must be in the wiki somewhere
   02:29 mhz         basically, we agreed on a time line to work on Edubuntu Handbook and some details on how we'd do it
   02:29 cbx33       ok sure
   02:30 flint       ogra, I agree that downloading a wave file via TFTP is not a good idea :^)
   02:30 ogra        mhz, will it cover the new stuff like SCP as well ?
   02:30 ogra        flint, that wuld come via nfs :)
   02:31 mhz         tu sum up, Deadlines are: Sep 1st -> Freeze  |  Sep 2nd to Sep 10 th -> Proofread and last minute changes   |   SEp 11th to 29th -> Translations
   02:31 flint       ogra, indeed, I gotta say that for failed login a little Apple Mac style "Not" shake would be cool.
   02:31 mhz         Aslo, i was told that Lulu.com was a candidate to print EHB
   02:31 mhz         also
   02:31 mhz         ogra: well, we could cover it and should, if SCP is shipped default
   02:32 ogra        thats the plan
   02:32 ogra        have you looked over the specs ?
   02:32 rodarvus    mhz, regarding the documentation repository - I suppose we could use bzr and publish the content in an official place
   02:32 mhz         Personally, I will have to include a chapter on Edubuntu with 'cheaper' desktops
   02:33 mhz         obviously, everyone is welcome to join and cover current list of chapter and if needed, add new ones, as long as deadlines are ok
   02:33 ogra        rodarvus, thats what i say since months ... th edocteam insists that it needs to be SVN
   02:33 flint       rodarvus, docbox.flint.com is a bzr repository if you need one.
   02:33 rodarvus    hopefully this would be better than using a non-oficial svn repo
   02:33 highvoltage mhz: cheaper? or older? ;)
   02:33 rodarvus    flint, my point is not bzr vs svn
   02:33 rodarvus    but official vs non-official
   02:33 ogra        rodarvus, apparently there is a svn to docbook interface which bzr is missing
   02:33 mhz         rodarvus: dure, but Susan pointed that there have been  several diff opininons from Doc-Team
   02:34 mhz         highvoltage: hehehe, lighter
   02:34 rodarvus    it gives users, developers and documentation people a better message if we stick to official repositories
   02:34 rodarvus    instead of dropping stuff "somewhere else"
   02:34 flint       rodarvus, I never undertsood official, big personal issue... :^)
   02:34 mhz         the good thing is that contributors won't be forced to use DocBook
   02:34 mhz         they can send TXT or OOO
   02:35 rodarvus    flint, official on this case can be understood as hosted on the same facilities as the rest of the Ubuntu (and Edubuntu) projects
   02:35 mhz         and someone else will make it DocBoob
   02:35 mhz         k
   02:35 rodarvus    sharing administration personnel, backup, etc
   02:35 rodarvus    for instance -> is there a backup policy on the svn repo we're using?
   02:35 flint       rodarvus, be careful what you wish for.  DC-LOCO has had big stability problems at the Cannonical site.
   02:35 rodarvus    what happens if the svn database is corrupted somehow?
   02:36 rodarvus    flint, then this is an issue that needs care and attention
   02:36 mhz         rodarvus: Susan informed us that all opinions (diff ones) have been "official opinions" so we have not had a "YEs, let's use BZR"
   02:36 rodarvus    people are being paid to make sure DC is in good shape
   02:36 rodarvus    mhz, again, my point is not a bzr vs svn one
   02:37 mhz         sorry, true. we have not been formally said to use official repos
   02:37 flint       rodarvus, they say money is the root of all evil :^)
   02:37 mhz         but, i am just giving Susan's info
   02:38 flint       he he
   02:38 rodarvus    mhz, finally, note that I'm in no position to "tell" the documentation team to use anything
   02:38 mhz         sure, me neither ;)
   02:38 rodarvus    I'm just suggesting we use ubuntu facilities to host the repostory
   02:38 rodarvus    for obvious reasons: we won't have to care about stuff which we shouldn't need to (backup, administration, recovery, maintenance, etc)
   02:38 ogra        rodarvus, i think there was a security prob with hosting it in the DC if svn is used
   02:39 mhz         but susan said every EHB meeting there is someone else from DocTeam stating diff ideas about we being able to use official repos or not
   02:39 ogra        thats why they got a separate server
   02:39 flint       rodarvus, and I was merely hoping to challange the authority structure by offering a viable (and stable) alternative... Welcome to FITS.
   === mhz would also prefer to use official repos, and i guess all EHB people would agree too
   02:40 RichEd      is that all for docs & art & sounds then ?
   02:40 rodarvus    mhz, what is the svn plugin you use to grok docbook?
   02:41 rodarvus    RichEd, docs
   02:41 RichEd      rodarvus: yes we jumped from art back into docs
   02:41 mhz         Personally, on a side topic of EHB, I am surprised this meeting was held by only 3 people mostly (and maybe 2 other), when a task like EHB will need lots of love and hands
   02:41 rodarvus    artwork hasn't been dealt on this meeting with yet, I think
   02:41 ogra        nope it hasnt ...
   02:41 RichEd      we had a bit from cbx33 earlier:
   02:42 ogra        aart from cbx33 throwing in he has something
   02:42 rodarvus    RichEd, sorry for that, I had questions regarding doc, still
   02:42 ogra        *apart
   02:42 mhz         rodarvus: i can't tell you right now. I will get SVN on this pc today.
   02:42 flint       rodarvus, IMHO, the methods of documentation need to be separated from the process.  I would recommend that we concentrate on the documentation process and ignore the whole repository issue.
   === mhz was using a kind of 'backup' HD all thewse last 5 days
   02:42 rodarvus    flint, mhz: ok, up to you really
   02:42 ogra        flint, to loose all we have because of a broken backup if the server crashes ?
   02:42 ogra        :P
   02:42 rodarvus    but be ready to recover if server or svn repo breaks :)
   02:43 ogra        yeah
   02:43 ogra        but that discussion really belongs to a docteam meeting :)
   02:43 rodarvus    anyhow, sorry for the noise, guys
   02:44 flint       ogra, authors are vain folks (I know this :^) they keep backups locally...
   02:44 cbx33       hi all
   02:44 cbx33       sorry
   02:44 ogra        we pay 4 ppl in the DC to do that for us :)
   02:44 cbx33       I just had 17 emails from a client with changes to a website
   02:45 mhz         rodarvus: i appreciate your concerns and beleive me, I would also prefer official repos...at least we'll be able to blame it on someone else if we lose everything :D
   02:45 cbx33       totally 70Mb of data
   02:45 cbx33       brb
   02:45 cbx33       I saw my name mentioned
   02:45 cbx33       oh yeh
   02:45 cbx33       eeek
   02:45 ogra        cbx33, yes, you said you have something wrt artwork to say
   02:45 cbx33       brb
   02:45 flint       ogra, see comment about money and evil earlier...
   02:45 cbx33       I said Lisa was working hard on bringing all the ideas together
   === RichEd recaps with a paste:
   02:45 RichEd      <cbx33> On the artwork side
   02:45 RichEd      <cbx33> lisa is busy reading emails and collating ideas
   02:45 RichEd      <ogra> cbx33, so post it if we are at art ;)
   02:45 RichEd      <cbx33> nothing to post
   02:45 ogra        ok
   02:46 cbx33       she has been trying to keep up with the ubuntu-art ML
   02:46 cbx33       that's one busy list
   02:46 cbx33       :p
   02:46 ogra        yep
   02:46 mhz         rodarvus: and if possible, I'd love to know about OLPC plandsfor edubuntu, later.
   02:46 rodarvus    on artwork related business -> I talked with my wife, she created a LaunchPad account last night, and is willing (and eager) to help on our artwork effort
   02:46 cbx33       rodarvus, excellent
   02:46 ogra        yay
   02:46 rodarvus    she would just like to know where to start, whom to talk to, etc
   02:46 ogra        we'll get a team !
   02:46 cbx33       point her to lisa
   02:47 RichEd      mhz: re OLPC ... some news from Thailand ... will share later
   02:47 ogra        lets give lisa some time to spec out what we'll get :)
   02:47 mhz         Is this the time to ask about procedures for LoCo artwrok and docs?
   02:48 rodarvus    cbx33, I'd like to put lisa & jane to talk - lets us talk after meeting to see how to do it better
   02:48 ogra        mhz, whats the problem ? should all be done through rosetta
   02:48 flint       OLPC was big presentation at NELS in New Hampshire... The question was could they boot as thin clients... or is it all Sugar?
   02:48 rodarvus    they can boot as thin clients, but are not very useful this way
   02:48 flint       RichEd, I understood from the conference that the OLPC OS - Sugar is a Red hat production...
   02:49 ogra        flint, you wont be able to buy them ... whats the usecase for having them as thin clients then ?
   02:49 rodarvus    as their wifi network card is really slow (2mb/s)
   02:49 rodarvus    their wifi is slow to preserve battery life
   02:49 flint       rodarvus, I agree with Olli how do you boot them via the silly rf net?
   02:49 ogra        you cant
   02:50 ogra        there is no way to use wifi cards without having a kernel locally .... for ltsp at least
   02:50 flint       ogra, I got to get one in the lab before I say can't.
   02:50 ogra        if they dont have a real NIC it wont work ...
   02:50 mhz         ogra: mainly 3 things: a) I got many requests for Bug reporting in spanish |  b) Edubuntu-Cl guys  would like to contribute with artwork related to Chile, as a way to motivate students and tearchers to jump in and join Edubuntu  |  c) Edubuntu-Cl is working on translations of ESA and Edubuntu.org
   02:50 ogra        no point trying it :)
   02:51 ogra        mhz, a has no solution in ubunt either, b use art.ubuntu.com, c should be covered by rosetta
   02:52 flint       ogra, I still want one in my Lab :^)  would be cool!
   02:52 rodarvus    I can read/undestand bug reports in spanish
   02:52 ogra        sure ... but give up the idea of using them as thin clients :)
   02:52 rodarvus    though I'd probably have to answer in english
   02:54 mhz         ogra: a) they want to report in spanish (even via wiki) and have a trasnlation team make it into english  |  b) the idea was to be able to ship some artwork  (thus, encourage participation from schools via contests)  |  c) we are using wiki to do so, and we've been talking to highvoltage in order to place translation on the website (drupal)
   02:54 ogra        well, b is likely a no fro CD space side
   02:54 ogra        *from
   02:54 highvoltage hmm
   === hlabs [n=hlabs@CPE00121788bf68-CM00109558344a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
   02:55 ogra        and ESA translatio should really happen through the transaltion teams in rosetta
   02:55 ogra        thats what we have them for :)
   02:56 ogra        mhz, how is a hadled now ? do we have a ton of spanish bugs in malone and you file new ones with an english description or something ?
   02:56 cbx33       rodarvus, sounds good
   === ogra wouldnt even know which search terms to use for spanish reports
   02:57 mhz         rodarvus: ogra: one of the biggest issues (at least in Chile) has been to encourage people to contribute to the projects. We have tons of users though. So, finally, I have been getting more committed hands and of course, i would not like them to leave. So, getting easier ways for them to report bugs, shipping artwrok, having them see thier work as "official"  is a good way to motivate.
   02:57 mhz         ogra: iirc, we have zero bug reporting from people who dont write english
   02:58 rodarvus    mhz, I agree
   02:58 ogra        mhz, we had 20MB free in the beginning of the cycle ... 5 were used up right away by core changes ... 10 will be used by adding mono, f-spot and tomboy to main ... there is not much left
   02:58 rodarvus    one suggestion is for us to make use of LOCO teams heavily in this case
   02:58 rodarvus    is there an Ubuntu Chile LOCO team?
   02:58 ajmitch     ogra: do you have to have mono, f-spot etc? can't they just go on the ubuntu cd only?
   02:59 ajmitch     as useful as they may be
   02:59 ogra        in any case translations should be handled by translation teams ... make the edubuntu-cl guys joind them
   02:59 mhz         rodarvus: yup, but very informal still
   02:59 ogra        ajmitch, not sure yet
   02:59 rodarvus    mhz, time to formalize it, then :)
   02:59 ogra        ajmitch, its a matter of time i can invest into maintaining an alternative
   03:00 ajmitch     true
   03:00 ajmitch     we recounted, it'll be about 12MB for them
   03:00 ogra        ajmitch, for now i have to compute sizes on the current situation
   03:00 mhz         rodarvus: yeah, that is why i want to bring ways to motivate them.
   03:00 rodarvus    I'd like to spend some time studying the edubuntu seed (and also the ubuntu seed)
   === highvoltage > #edubuntu
   03:00 ogra        ideed its my first candidate for dropping
   03:00 rodarvus    to check if there is some space we can reclaim there
   03:01 rodarvus    anyhow
   03:01 rodarvus    guys
   03:01 rodarvus    we are seriously late with the meeting
   03:01 ogra        rodarvus, not if we dont drop desktop parts we inherit from ubuntu
   03:01 ogra        which would be uhmmm, unfortunately at least
   03:02 ogra        but lets close now and move over to #edubuntu :)
   === mhz moves to #edubuntu
   03:02 rodarvus    I believe RichEd wanted to say something here
   03:02 RichEd      okay : ogra can we make a time for the community issues you raised ?
   03:02 ogra        ok
   03:02 rodarvus    before the end of the meeting
   === mhz gets back here
   === ogra scrolls back to see which community issue ...
   03:03 RichEd      and ogra & rodarvus & mhz we seriously need a chat before i go to see sabdfl & silbs
   03:03 mhz         okis
   03:03 mhz         +1
   03:03 rodarvus    agreed
   03:03 RichEd      ogra: you said you wanted to chat about something ,. but offline
   03:04 mhz         btw, when is next Edubuntu Council meeting? next wed?
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   03:04 RichEd      mhz: quick comment regarding the OLPC - Thai delay will push deadline 1 month back
   03:04 ogra        aug 2nd
   03:05 mhz         thx
   03:05 rodarvus    RichEd, what is the new deadline, then?
   03:05 RichEd      but still on track ... i am working on MOU.
   03:05 RichEd      Feb 2007 ...
   03:05 RichEd      when we have our 4 way chat, i can share more
   === jsgotangco lives!
   03:05 mhz         cool
   03:05 rodarvus    sure
   03:06 mhz         RichEd: so far, just let me now when you want it and I'll do my best to make it
   03:06 mhz         jsgotangco: stopped smoking?
   03:06 RichEd      how is monday ?
   03:06 ogra        argh ... the logbot is broken ... only zero byte logs
   03:06 jsgotangco  mhz: :P
   03:06 flint       ogra, I just got hold of a carton of BD's from Pakastan... A very nice smoke!!!
   03:07 mhz         RichEd: monday should be my daughter's 1st day of school (in her life) ;)
   03:07 ogra        nice !
   03:07 RichEd      wow ... enjoy :)
   03:07 RichEd      i'll pop a mail to the 3 for suggestions then
   03:07 rodarvus    RichEd, you want a phone conference, or an irc meeting?
   03:07 mhz         RichEd: ho about tomorrow? 12 UTC or earlier?
   03:07 RichEd      IRC is easier. but we are overtime. will organise cvia mail.
   03:07 flint       ogra, I look forward to splitting a few with you if you have a lighter.
   03:07 mhz         .oO(oh, maybe too soon)
   03:07 flint       :^)
   03:08 rodarvus    we can try to go via Ekiga (using canonical voip service)
   03:08 RichEd      12 UTC friday ?
   03:08 rodarvus    ok
   03:08 RichEd      or earlier ?
   03:08 mhz         11 UTC?
   03:08 RichEd      mhz: okay with me
   03:08 mhz         rodarvus: ?
   03:09 RichEd      rodarvus: ? ogra ? Fri 11 UTC ?
   === jsgotangco is a bit dazed and confused
   03:09 rodarvus    11/12 utc is ok for me
   03:09 RichEd      okay will confirm via mail.
   03:09 mhz         okis
   03:09 mhz         thc RichEd
   03:09 RichEd      i'm done here now.
   03:09 ogra        RichEd, if they didt shut down the dsl in my old house yet (they are not supposed t but i dont trust them)
   03:09 mhz         x
   03:10 RichEd      okay.
   03:10 flint       ogra, Ollie did you already move?  I am still in the middle of it!
   === mhz moves back to #edubuntu
   03:10 RichEd      did anyone log this meeting locally & can send mail to me ?
   03:10 ogra        flint, me too
   03:10 ogra        flint, i'm about to pick up my truck ...
   03:10 mhz         RichEd: I will send it
   === mhz will check immediately he really lhas log
   03:11 flint       ogra, How come you Germans get to have all the fun?  I want a truck!
   03:11 flint       :^)
   === vb_coder [n=ubuntu@64-185-188-248.block2.gvtc.com] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   03:12 rodarvus    any other topic someone would like to raise, or should this meeting be adjourned?
   === jsgotangco missed the meeting completely it seems
   03:12 ogra        flint, rent one (costs me 100/day)
   03:12 mhz         rodarvus: I have another topic but I can raise it on #edubuntu if ok
   03:13 flint       ogra, I hate moving.  You will be down for days!
   03:13 RichEd      going once
   03:13 RichEd      going twice
   03:13 ogra        flint, not as i do it ...
   03:13 RichEd      meeting closed ... resume any threads in #edubuntu

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