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Meeting August 2, 2006


  • LaserJock - mentioned he was still working on the dynamic menus solution

  • ailean - asked if Edubuntu will include slab, LaserJock replid "no"

  • ogra - mentioned ltsp will merge with edubuntu from now on

  • ogra - stated the decision still hadn't been made about the switch from firefox to edgy

  • cbx33 - asked if Edubuntu was still having to include kdelibs in the latest release, the reply came back yes. Unless someone has gnome versions of all out apps.


  • pygi - confirmed the new name of the cookbook is the Edubuntu Handbook


  • ogra - asked AliasVegas for an icon for willow-ng

  • AliasVegas - showed the team https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Worksheet

  • ogra - mentioned his intention to have a new and improved usplash image.

    • AliasVegas - assured him it's already on the list

  • ogra - was also keen to know when the login screen was done

  • ogra - mentioned talking to the author of gartoon, to get the missing icons done

  • cbx33 - asked if it was possible to redo the icon theme, ogra said it would take too many people and too much time for one release


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