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Meeting August 16, 2006


  • ogra - mentioned that localdev was almost complete, and that he would make sure CD images were usable by the weekend

  • ogra - mentioned that cbx33 had been working on SCP, but he had not had a chance to look at it yet

  • ogra - mdz was looking for a list of specs that may get dropped

  • ogra - informed that the swap server, ldm login and session handling would be prioritised

  • ogra - asked people to give feedback on URGENT specs from a community POV

    • highvoltage - said that the two specs mentioned were on his list and LaserJock and cbx33 seconded that

  • LaserJock - asked if sabayon would be fixed

  • ogra - asked peoples opinion about shipping a predefined lts.conf

    • highvoltage - and cbx33 thought that rather a good idea

  • LaserJock - mentioned he had his edgy box up and running and would be working on his spec

  • ogra - asked everyone to test willowng

  • RichEd - mentioned sabdfl was willing to use a DVD this release, but everyone agreed that CD should still be our major medium, in order to be totally compatible


  • cbx33 - informed everyone to check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Palette for some initial ideas for splash and login screens

    • ogra - mentioned that ldm won't be able to support such high quality graphics, and cbx33 said that was already taken care of

    • LaserJock - wondered if the colours were a little too bright

    • RichEd - and the rest of the group thought we should try some more images that included people of other ethnicities

  • cbx33 - mentioned he had had a great reply from sabdfl on the UbuntuSounds, and was looking to incorporate bimberis playground sounds


  • cbx33 - mentioned the need for scp documentation, ogra also added the need for willow docs too

  • cbx33 - asked how many people actually use the minutes, as he was thinking of stopping them. However so many people used them he decided to continue


  • rodarvus - mentioned his "secret" again, but wouldn't tell anyone about it

  • highvoltage - expressed his desire to stop doing website maintenance, in favour of doing more "fun" stuff, and asked for volunteers

    • ogra - said matthew handles all the updates to the server, and it would be the community that would need to create the content

  • RichEd - mentioned the appointment of JonoBacon as the new Community Manager

  • RichEd - asked for more help, as Ubuntu is getting bigger, Edubuntu will too

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