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Meeting September 13, 2006


  • ogra - lots of bugs in knot3, but the installer works

    • ogra - will create a known issues page, to document things that clearly don't work

  • cbx33 - SCP is now in main

  • LaserJock - dynamic menus in universe

  • rodarvus - to save space kernel building tools will be dropped


  • sbalneav - volunteered to help with the LTSP section in the Edubuntu handbook

  • cbx33 - will write some docs for SCP and pessulus

  • highvoltage - asked cbx33 to get the SCP/pess docs on the website

  • RichEd - asked if it was worth creating a seperate book for internet cafes, the concensus was to create a case studies section

  • cbx33 - asked if it was worth using project management software, it was agreed to trial it on some projects, ESA for example

  • RichEd - to look into creating #ubuntu-education

  • LaserJock - brought up the subject of DVDs

    • cbx33 - asked if we could do meta packages for the addons

    • LaserJock - said a CD with meta packages on would be a good idea

  • RichEd - suggested the idea of edubuntu being as add-on CD, so people would install ubuntu and then use the edubuntu cd to install the extras


  • cbx33 - announced new artwork in knot3, definitely usplash, and promised to get it up on the net somewhere soon for the impatient


  • rodarvus - told cbx33 not to miss the next TB, and to apply for ubuntu-devel

  • RichEd - new structure to canonical website with solution spaces, eg, www.ubuntu.com/solutions/education

  • RichEd - expressed a goal of getting teachers and users of edubuntu to talk with each other

  • cbx33 - asked if a LiveHelp system like craftysyntax.com would be of use from a support point of view

    • LaserJock - mentioned the difficulty of getting quality people

  • cbx33 - has been approached by the ICT Schools Technical Panel in southampton to stand as chair

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