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Meeting September 20, 2006


  • ogra - localdev is complete and should work fine, it has been tested very well, etherboot should magically work OOTB, the installer now uses DHCP for the first NIC on the server and requires 2 NICS to install.

  • ogra - edgy + 1 to have larger swap devices

  • ogra - printers will be updated in edgy + 1, with a new spec to be implemented in udev

  • ogra - currently printers need to be attached before server is booted

  • ogra - scp needs to die gracefully when client exits and should only start if LTSP_CLIENT is set

    • cbx33 - to fix


  • sbalneav - will document ltsp and work on cookbook

  • willvdl - has framework for handbook, user docs and school advocacy, but ESA needs use cases

  • willvdl - mentioned SpreadUbuntu, and how ubuntu should be mentioned there

  • juliux - mentioned people at expos are asking for documentation


  • ogra - concerned over size of usplash.so file

    • cbx33 - suggests pngcrushing them, but unsure if method will work


  • RichEd - Introduced TeePOG, who is going to help write docs and cases for icafe/net cafe situations

  • RichEd - Asked how to find out the latest features planned for edgy+1, but it was discussed that this is not decided upon until edgy is basically closed

    • ogra - Mentioned his spec page should have everything up to date

  • ogra - mentioned opening up #ubuntu-ltsp to free the load on #ltsp

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