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Meeting December 20, 2006


  • ogra: edsadmin (user/group admin) is in the queue
  • cbx33, aliasvegas, sbalneav: MOTD/ldm login screen concept agreed on
    • caveat to keep size down
  • roadrvus to start focussing on education work in 2007
    • initially on testing, integration and CD build
    • looking at other education related devices (e.g. whiteboards)
    • OLPC on hold, Thai government dropped involvement


  • See MOTD login screen concept above


  • TopicBasedHelp has been moved into svn trunk

  • EdubuntuWikiCleanup process started

  • LaserJock: new yelp front page for edubuntu

  • sbalneav: working on LTSP sections for handbook
  • need to define role of handbook
    • so that we can decide on what other supporting docs we need
    • and how to integrate with TopicBasedHelp

  • Release Notes should be linked from releases.ubuntu.com
  • ESA is in doc-team svn
    • move to bzr


  • cbx33 attending BETT2007
    • RichEd will check with Canonical as to what resources and materials will be available

09:04   RichEd          ogra: any technical news ?
09:05   ogra            not really, edsadmin (the new user/groups admin tool) for edubuntu-network-auth-server is in the new queue
09:05   ogra            apart from that i was busy with merges and poking around in ldap
09:05   LaserJock       ogra: is that only for network auth?
09:05   LaserJock       edsadmin
09:05   ogra            yeps
09:06   ogra            thats the replacement for the user and groups tool
09:06   LaserJock       ok, but what about local users and groups?
09:06   LaserJock       I'm not really sure how all that works, I should read up
09:07   LaserJock       I was hoping it would be relatively simple to tie user/group managment to the menu GUI
09:07   ogra            if edubuntu-network-client is installed, the menu entry for users and groups is replaced by esdadmin
09:07   ogra            or if edubuntu-network-server is installed ...
09:08   ogra            so as long as the machine has one of these installed, the machine is either client or server in the edubuntu network and has no local users
09:08   LaserJock       so you get one or the other
09:08   rodarvus        ogra: *no* local users?
09:08   ogra            (apart from the defaul system users indeed)
09:09   ogra            well thats about it, oh, and gcompris is at version 8.2.2
09:10   LaserJock       I saw that
09:10   stgraber        Sorry, I didn't really follow the discussions about edubuntu-network-server, is any Windows compatibility planned ? (through Samba for example) ?
09:10   highvoltage     on testing, there's been only some response, which is ok considering that Feisty is only at the first alpha release.
09:11   ogra            stgraber, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-network-auth-client and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-network-auth-server have all the info
09:11   cbx33           ok...I have a piece for tech ogra so let me know when ;)
09:11   ogra            i'm done
09:11   highvoltage     the only bug seemed to be about the gdmsetup program not starting up. testing will continue to get more aggressive as alpha releases become available.
09:12   ogra            i havent seen that one ...
09:12   cbx33           ok, can I take the stand
09:12   cbx33           I was talking to aliasvegas earlier
09:12   cbx33           and sbalneav
09:13   cbx33           we came up with a concept I wanted to put before people
09:13   cbx33           on the ldm login screen....
09:13   cbx33           what do people think of this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Palette?highlight=%28palette%29
09:13   cbx33           with a real working analog clock
09:13   cbx33           and.....a MOTD section
09:14   cbx33           it's just a conecpt....but borders on tech/art
09:14   willvdl         ooh, I like the message idea
09:14   cbx33           I'm willing to code up the clock if people think it's a good enough concept
09:14   ogra            to much graphics for ldm ... you cant do any fullscreen graphics, it slows it down to much
09:14   willvdl         nobody will be able to miss that
09:14   cbx33           willvdl: we were thinking of literaslly /etc/motd
09:14   highvoltage     cbx33: that is seriously cool
09:14   cbx33           ogra: ok
09:15   cbx33           no way we can compress or do something seriously funky.....i guess that owuld take us to spec stage
09:15   ogra            if you manage to keep the graphics small it would be fine indeed :)
09:15   highvoltage     cbx33: would the real analogue clock also come from the gdesklets code? :)
09:15   cbx33           yeh?
09:15   cbx33           highvoltage: could do....or we could write our own
09:15   RichEd          artwork looks very slick i must say
09:15   cbx33           it's just a concept....hmmm....
09:16   cbx33           we could possibly use a canvas and draw it....?? what d'ya think ogra ?
09:16   cbx33           instead of using a screen shot?
09:16   willvdl         so admins could easily add MOTD's to the pool?
09:16   cbx33           yes
09:16   cbx33           we could even have it on a rotating basis
09:16   ogra            it is a canvas
09:16   willvdl         or maybe fortune?
09:16   cbx33           then all is cool
09:16   cbx33           willvdl: as you wish
09:16   ogra            so you can draw what you like indeed :)
09:16   cbx33           ogra: I'll take a look at that if you think it's a good idea
09:17   ogra            just keep the smallness of bitmaps in mind, thats all i demand, ldm is slow enough ;)
09:17   cbx33           ok
09:17   ogra            sure, go ahead
09:17   willvdl         nice
09:17   cbx33           ogra: is it pixel sizes that kill
09:17   cbx33           or just overall size ?
09:17   ogra            bytes
09:17   cbx33           ok
09:17   cbx33           gimme a limit
09:17   ogra            its a matter of network and bandwith
09:17   cbx33           I'll try to work to it with graphics.....
09:18   cbx33           if not I'll look at drawing
09:18   ogra            currently the logo in 200x50px or something is the limit, dunno how big you can go
09:18   willvdl         cbx33, presumably scaling down the palette would do the trick?
09:18   cbx33           willvdl: that was my idea
09:19   highvoltage     imho the graphics for the login manager only makes a small difference compared to the rest of the data a thin client reads to boot off from the network. but ogra is right, no need to make it slower :)
09:19   cbx33           maybe have a more raytrace type shadow instead of shadowmaps
=== RichEd remembers when windows had the ability to embed web info into the desktop, like a stock ticker tape, and wonders if a school would find that useful for a "school or principals" message / announcement stream.
09:19   cbx33           RichEd: sounds good
09:19   ogra            RichEd, thats what gdesklets does ....
09:19   cbx33           if this works...we could have a deskbar applet that reads the same info
09:19   willvdl         ActiveDesktop
09:20   RichEd          where it us a text feed, and local HTML rendering
09:21   cbx33           so good to experiemnt with then eh?
09:21   ogra            sure
09:21   cbx33           cool
09:21   RichEd          It would need a simple tool to edit the news / message to show the principal ... it may be a small "selling feature" when doing a demo.
09:21   cbx33           and now SCP
09:21   cbx33           np sbalneav I just pitched your MPTD idea
09:21   cbx33           MOTD
09:21   cbx33           it's a big hit
09:22   ogra            MOTD ?
09:22   cbx33           ogra: we'll leave it till after christmas if you like
09:22   cbx33           message of the day
09:22   sbalneav        Stylin' and Profilin' :)
09:22   ogra            ah
09:22   LaserJock       RichEd: there are some apps that show things like MOTD or system logs in the background
09:22   cbx33           can we sched a meeting for SCP
09:22   LaserJock       perhaps we could adapt something like that
09:22   ogra            cbx33, tomorrow ?
09:22   sbalneav        ogra: got a quick patch for you, I'll try to get it in my bzr tree by end of day.
09:22   cbx33           ogra.....ok what time
09:22   cbx33           early is good for me
09:23   cbx33           like 9-11 UTC kinda time
09:23   cbx33           9am :p
09:23   cbx33           too early for you?
09:23   ogra            hmm, thats bad for me ...
09:23   RichEd          LaserJock yes ... I am sure it it 90% possible at the moment ... with some tweaks to make it look like a school announcement to be noticed.
09:23   cbx33           ok
09:23   cbx33           what about evening?
09:23   ogra            i'd prefer 14UTC or something around that or evening
09:23   cbx33           RichEd: we could tie it into the artwork...so to have a space on the wallpaper...
09:23   cbx33           ogra: 14 UTC is gonna be probably travel time for me
09:23   cbx33           evening would work better
09:24   cbx33           I'll have to confirm
09:24   RichEd          cbx33: that was my first impression before I saw the login box ... i figured it was a wallpaper.
09:24   cbx33           yeh
09:24   ogra            oki, we need to be done before 20:00UTC ... i have a meeting at 21 UTC
09:24   cbx33           ok
09:24   cbx33           we'll get there one day ;)
09:24   ogra            lets say 18:00 UTC
09:24   cbx33           hmmm.bad for me :p
09:25   ogra            19 ?
09:25   cbx33           ogra: let's carry this on in pm
09:25   cbx33           no point holding up the meeting
09:25   ogra            ok
09:25   ogra            well, then tech is done
09:25   cbx33           ogra: one more
09:25   cbx33           did you get my patch this time?
09:25   RichEd          Some tech related news from Rodarvus is that he will be winding up his X responsibilities for the distro team and starting to focus more directly on education work in 2007.
09:26   ogra            cbx33, yes
09:26   ogra            looks fine to me
09:26   cbx33           ogra: is it good to go?
09:26   cbx33           excellent....
09:26   highvoltage     rodarvus: are you still working on OLPC stuff?
09:27   rodarvus        no, unfortunately this is also on hold. (for other reasons)
09:27   RichEd          highvoltage: the thai government have dropped their entire OLPC involvement
09:27   sbalneav        Who's going to be X maintainer now?
09:27   willvdl         I heard someone refer to it as the $200 laptop the other day. Must be inflation
09:27   rodarvus        so, I'll be working on the education team (for real) from now on :)
09:27   RichEd          so rodarvus will stay on top of the OLPC initiative, but it is not a delivery focus
09:28   willvdl         Yay whiteboards! ?
09:28   RichEd          yep ... coming to that ...
09:28   rodarvus        sbalneav: afaik it will be a team effort (as it was before I arrived), until Canonical finds the right person
09:28   highvoltage     willvdl: OLPC said that the initial laptops will actually cost US$200-US%350 to manufacture, but that it should come down to US$100 as the unit quantities scale up
09:28   willvdl         ah
09:29   sbalneav        ogra: I suppose we should file a bug for the X memory preseed.
09:29   sbalneav        So it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
09:29   ogra            yeah
09:29   ogra            dunno who merges xserver-xorg, seb128 is listed on merges.ubuntu.com for it
09:30   RichEd          rodarvus' initial focus will be testing / integration and CD build
09:30   ogra            the fix needs to go into that package ...
09:30   LaserJock       awesome
09:31   RichEd          and he's also going to look at the other education related devices out there that come into the frame ...
09:31   cbx33           coool
09:31   ogra            rodarvus, hacking kernel drivers for electronic whiteboards ?
09:31   willvdl         this is good news indeed
09:31   RichEd          so he's chatting to willvdl about finding out the situation with smartboards / interactive whiteboards
09:31   highvoltage     cool, there's talk that Via will release a laptop that's closer to a 'real' laptop for US$350-US$400, I think that's going to make some inroads into many areas.
09:31   rodarvus        ogra: no way :)
09:32   ogra            heh
09:32   cbx33           rodarvus: oh in that case...maybe you can help me out ;) with my interactive whiteboard
09:32   RichEd          i.e. where are they now w.r.t. open source ... do they need help getting compatile etc.
09:32   cbx33           I have some info on hitachi
09:32   rodarvus        a brazilian company called Positivo released a 400US$ laptop, for a national program for poor students
09:32   cbx33           who do I speak to?
09:32   rodarvus        this is not "market reality"
09:32   rodarvus        (yet)
09:32   rodarvus        but will, in the future
09:32   rodarvus        the sad part is that they have a very good (and close) relationship with Microsoft
09:33   rodarvus        and the thing will run XP Starter Edition
09:33   rodarvus        cbx33: sure, I can try :)
09:33   cbx33           hang on I'll pm you
09:33   RichEd          so if anyone gets interesting news in this area, or has contacts, send an email to rodarvus
09:33   willvdl         rodarvus, do you if it's true that AMD ship 14000 PICs a month into Brazil?
09:33   rodarvus        any emails/news/info will be appreciated :)
09:34   RichEd          highvoltage & willvdl : rodarvus will also look at the microclient junior / nohrtec appliance to see what help they need with xubuntu or xfce
09:34   rodarvus        willvdl: I don't have any numbers, but its a reasonable number, I'd say.
09:35   RichEd          So on the one hand, rodarvus will have a core dev focus, helping with the Edubuntu product
09:35   willvdl         "Smart" (makers of original whiteboard) have linux support. THey are NEPAD partner...sortof
09:35   cbx33           good to have you (back) rodarvus
09:35   LaserJock       does my calculator count as an educational device? perhaps it could run micro-Edubuntu :-)
09:35   RichEd          And on the other will be some specualtion / strategic stuff ... where you can all help with sending education related h/w news
09:35   cbx33           LaserJock: Casio 9850-G
09:36   rodarvus        yeah, its good to be back :)
09:36   willvdl         RichEd, working with Norhtec guys on that?
09:36   cbx33           now that'd rock ;)
09:36   LaserJock       I've got a TI-92 that people have called a computer
09:36   cbx33           heh
09:36   cbx33           ok where are we?
09:36   RichEd          willvdl: well they have approached us, and say that they have clients using the device and linux ... and they would like to suggest ubuntu to the clients
09:37   LaserJock       tech doc?
09:37   rodarvus        (on the phone, will be back in a minute)
09:38   willvdl         ah. Nigeria
09:38   willvdl         Trying to turn their clients into a LoCo
09:38   highvoltage     their clients?
09:38   highvoltage     that sounds interesting!
09:38   RichEd          willvdl: they have OEM clients who use the Nohrtec appliances in building an end-products
09:39   RichEd          and the OEM clients do not want to pay for a win licence out of their own margin
09:39   willvdl         long story
09:39   RichEd          table side menus that are interactive and let you order from a touchscreen ...
09:40   highvoltage     22:37 < LaserJock> tech doc?
09:40   highvoltage     willvdl?
09:40   willvdl         well, I always get tech doc and community doc confused
09:41   LaserJock       well, it's sort of the same thing isn't it?
09:41   willvdl         but Topic Based Help has been moved into the trunk. I'm getting up to speed as we go
09:42   willvdl         https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWikiCleanup has been going well and is an important excercise
=== willvdl makes call for suggestions/comments on it
09:42   LaserJock       we should see if we could get a new yelp front page for Edubuntu
09:43   LaserJock       for TBH that would include the Ubuntu stuff plus LTPS, etc.
09:43   willvdl         would make sense
09:44   LaserJock       Don Scorgie would be a good resource for that
09:44   willvdl         who is he?
09:44   LaserJock       but maybe Matthew East could too
09:44   LaserJock       one of the main Gnome doc devs
09:44   LaserJock       he's the upstream upstream for yelp
09:45   willvdl         next stop is to rejuvinate the handbook. any thoughts on how TBH would impact it?
09:45   LaserJock       well, I think it would sort of give it the "bite-sized" flavor
09:45   cbx33           well handbook is going well
09:46   cbx33           nixternal: and sbalneav are working on it right?
09:46   sbalneav        There's a bit more work to be done on the LTSP side.  Specifically, what's REALLY needed is a good solid "debugging thin clients" section.
09:46   sbalneav        Yes, I'll work on that, and all LTSP related stuff.
09:47   highvoltage     sbalneav: please shout if you need anything
09:47   ogra            i9'll look into merging vagrants ltsp-chroot script
09:47   ogra            so we'll have a commandline maintenance tool
09:47   LaserJock       I think many of the empty sections could be filled from the Ubuntu docs
09:47   cbx33           nice
09:47   ogra            and dont forget ltsp manager ...
09:48   willvdl         sbalneav, I'll help with the outlines etc. and can contribute on the softer stuff
09:48   willvdl         Are there any thoughts on a Desktop Guide like the other distros? Or is the Handbook to take this role?
09:49   ogra            i thought the handbook was supposed to ...
09:49   LaserJock       I see the handbook as Desktop Guide + LTSP + ESA
09:49   ogra            but that might have changed over time, i'm not surte anymore
09:49   cbx33           indeed
09:50   willvdl         that answers question fine, thanks
09:50   LaserJock       I would grab desktop guide material from Ubuntu
09:50   RichEd          willvdl: how would you see the difference (if any)
09:50   willvdl         none really
09:50   willvdl         only in name
09:50   willvdl         there is ubuntu desktop guide & book
09:50   highvoltage     willvdl: it might be a good idea to define the role of what the handbook is? I think a big problem with the handbook has been that there hasn't been a clear definition of what it's supposed to be
09:50   willvdl         we have book as guide
09:51   RichEd          desktop guide sounds very end-user specific ... whereas the handbook is a guide for user as well as admin ?
09:51   willvdl         gotcha
09:51   willvdl         I prefer handbook
09:51   RichEd          yep. me 2
09:51   willvdl         besides, it gets difficult to think of edubuntu in terms of the desktop and server guide
09:51   LaserJock       well, with TBH we don't use the word "Guide" anymore
09:52   LaserJock       it's all about the topic, doesn't matter from which content it comes
09:52   willvdl         ah yes, saw that discussion
09:52   willvdl         but eventually the topics get pulled into something
09:53   LaserJock       a "One doc to rule them all" approach is nice, but difficult to manage and get people involved as it can be a bit overwhelming, IMO
09:53   willvdl         LaserJock agreed.
09:53   willvdl         The nice thing about TBH is it gets easier to pull together a doc for an audience
09:53   LaserJock       yep
09:53   willvdl         on demand
09:54   willvdl         just takes some major forward planning :)
09:54   willvdl         anyhoo, TBH is in trunk
09:54   willvdl         I wanted to ask about the other "docs" as such
09:55   willvdl         Release Notes: they appear for betas, and releases right?
09:56   RichEd          yep ... from my experience ... a release triggers a doc
09:57   LaserJock       yep
09:57   willvdl         where do the beta release notes go?
09:57   LaserJock       wiki
09:57   willvdl         I've noticed some old ones in the wiki
09:57   LaserJock       I think the herds and beta/RC go on the wiki
09:58   willvdl         cool. they then get poached into the svn at release time?
09:58   RichEd          they should also be available as a link to download / save next to any .iso release
09:58   willvdl         RichEd, they are all on help.u.c
09:59   RichEd          yep, but if say a new release requires a certain hardware spec, then it is polite to let a user check that out before downloading an .iso which he does not have enough RAM to run for example.
10:00   willvdl         yip. they are made available with the releases. not exactly sure where though
10:00   RichEd          I am envisaging a kind of a readme before you upgrade / download requirement.
10:01   RichEd          wiki page is fine ... I just am commenting that it should also be listed next to the download file.
10:02   willvdl         I'm looking on releases.ubuntu.com anyon know where they go?
10:03   ogra            https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseNotes ?
10:03   willvdl         ogra, meaning RichEd is right, I don't see them on releases.ubuntu.com...
10:04   ogra            no, they arent there
10:04   ogra            probably they should be linked from the html ..
10:04   ogra            colin maintains the template afaik
10:05   willvdl         will check with him
10:06   willvdl         so we maintain r-notes in wiki and the then end up in svn before release so that we have formatted copies right?
10:07   ogra            dunno if there are any formatted copies...
10:07   ogra            i only know the wiki version
10:08   ogra            and thats the one that gets linked from the release announcement etc
10:08   willvdl         kubuntu do it
10:08   willvdl         no big deal. just checking.
10:09   ogra            well, it would make sense to ship them probably ...
10:09   LaserJock       release notes get shipped in the -docs
10:09   ogra            ah
10:09   ogra            now you see how much developers look into docs :P
10:09   LaserJock       we have an old one from jerome in svn alreday
10:10   LaserJock       exactly
10:10   ogra            yep, together with an about page iirc
10:10   willvdl         LaserJock, did Jerome normally handle that?
10:10   LaserJock       long ago
10:10   LaserJock       it's basically unmaintained and dormant
10:10   willvdl         OK. should be easy enough to poach wiki page info
10:11   ogra            btw, jerome was disabled from the council, we should talk about a successor (and elect one at the next EC meeting)
10:12   willvdl         which is next year right?
10:12   LaserJock       should we take nominations?
10:12   sbalneav        What's happened to Jerome?
10:12   highvoltage     sbalneav: his new job consumed him
10:12   willvdl         sbalneav, job is taking time
10:14   willvdl         OK. release notes, no problem
10:14   willvdl         About Edubuntu, looking at it, it appears to be another flavour of the release notes anyway
10:15   LaserJock       should be an ESA doc except maybe less marketing flavored :-)
10:16   willvdl         LaserJock, I struggle to differentiate between R-Notes and About-Ubuntu
10:16   willvdl         in terms of content
10:18   willvdl         ogra, do you write the release notes?
10:18   ogra            usually i add the tech bits
10:19   willvdl         gotcha
10:19   ogra            there were release notes i wrote in the past ...
10:19   ogra            but during the last two releases it was rather an edubuntu doc team effort ...
10:20   willvdl         R-Notes + About E + Handbook should keep us very busy on the tech doc side
10:20   ogra            sounds like
10:20   willvdl         ESA and the related wiki bits are very exciting
10:21   cbx33           heheh
10:21   cbx33           ESA was well planned
10:21   willvdl         sooo many opportunities for it
10:21   cbx33           inderdaad
10:22   cbx33           Artwork?
10:22   cbx33           are we there yet mommy?
10:22   willvdl         ESA should basically become Edubuntu Marketing: covering leaflets etc. to promotional material
10:23   willvdl         what I'm still getting head around is trying to find out where targetted docs for specific audiences would lie... Handbook derivitives? Or ESA?
10:24   cbx33           would lie?
10:24   cbx33           as in storage?
10:24   LaserJock       I'd keep the R-Notes, About E, and Handbook in doc team svn as static docs
10:24   willvdl         storage and in development
10:24   ogra            cbx33, no in "chating the reader"
10:24   LaserJock       and the rest go on the wiki or a edubuntu-marketing bzr repo
10:25   willvdl         LaserJock, agree
10:25   willvdl         ESA is currently in docteam svn
10:26   cbx33           yes
10:26   willvdl         it's something we can plan around. I guess first priority is working on the actual handbook
10:27   willvdl         before looking at what different audiences would want
10:27   cbx33           yes
10:27   cbx33           I'd like to get ESA updated
10:27   LaserJock       yeah, first things first
10:27   cbx33           before feb
10:27   cbx33           well before Jan really
10:27   willvdl         sweet. I got enough info thanks guys
10:27   LaserJock       I'd actually move ESA out of the doc team repo into a bzr repo for edubuntu-marketing
10:27   cbx33           RichEd: what kinda stuff can we get for BETT interms of leaflets etc
10:28   cbx33           LaserJock: sounds good
10:28   RichEd          cbx33: I will be speaking to Chris Kenyon about budget.
10:28   willvdl         LaserJock, cbx33: might be good idea to rename ESA to something more marketingy
10:29   RichEd          We should be able to print our first eduction brochure for a test run at BETT
10:29   cbx33           willvdl: that is the plan
10:29   cbx33           ESA was our internal code name
10:29   cbx33           RichEd: that would be awesome
10:29   cbx33           I'll need that info asap
10:29   cbx33           so I can dedicate time to ESA with will
10:29   willvdl         cbx33 ++ & woot
10:29   cbx33           unless you want Canonical to handle it
10:29   RichEd          Can we do something meaninful with a double sided single page ?
10:29   cbx33           directly
10:29   cbx33           yes
10:30   cbx33           though to me
10:30   cbx33           a trifold stands out more
10:30   RichEd          We'd do a full mock up with text and layout flow.
10:30   willvdl         current ubuntu leaflet is trifold
10:30   cbx33           yeh trifold makes the best impression
10:30   RichEd          And then Chris could run it though the design guys before a final commercial print.
10:31   RichEd          I'd argue though, that given the short timing, we go for a once off test run for BETT.
10:31   willvdl         cbx33 although we do have the templates that Chris and Christina worked on
10:31   cbx33           true
10:31   cbx33           well...you guys know more about marketting than I
10:31   willvdl         (must get updated ones. note to self)
10:32   cbx33           to me.....single sheet means....less effort spent
10:32   willvdl         RichEd, we have a poster design too...
10:32   nixternal       yay, sorry about that, emergency surgery had to be done on my truck before i left tongiht :)
10:33   RichEd          yes ... cbx33 mentioned that
10:33   nixternal       cbx33: i will be working more on the handbook post xmas
10:33   willvdl         showed you in San Fran?
10:34   RichEd          ah that may have been it.
10:34   cbx33           nixternal: nice
10:34   willvdl         nixternal: excellent. looking forward to seeing TBH in action
10:34   RichEd          Pete: how many week days between new year and the show ?
10:34   cbx33           not many
10:35   cbx33           10
10:36   cbx33           i know it's tight
10:36   RichEd          So probably not enough time for the whole formal multiple quotes & proof / approval cycle. I think we should expect to prepare as close to print ready as possible, and then we hava an ad hoc run.
10:36   cbx33           agreed
10:36   cbx33           I'm happy to produce copy etc..........
10:36   willvdl         well we have decent existing work
10:36   cbx33           but probably havn't got the softweare to produce proper print layouts
=== RichEd nods ... to the good existing work ...
10:37   RichEd          cbx33: there should eb ebough time for a final reassemble into print form
10:37   cbx33           so just get it up to date
10:37   cbx33           good good
10:37   RichEd          should be enough
10:37   cbx33           I'll make sure it's finished before Jan 1st
10:38   cbx33           and then you guys can do what you will ;)
10:38   RichEd          cbx33: I'm happy to work on that with you
10:38   cbx33           RichEd: ++
10:38   cbx33           https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuSchoolAdvocacy
10:38   cbx33           here is the WIP for comments suggestions
10:38   cbx33           please read the current ESA and comment
10:38   RichEd          I'll send comments tomorrow some time.
10:38   cbx33           on missing parts
10:38   cbx33           like SCP
10:39   willvdl         which is on doc.ubuntu.com?
10:39   cbx33           hmm
10:39   cbx33           LaserJock: ?
10:39   cbx33           should be
10:39   cbx33           it's in the doc repo
10:39   willvdl         it is
10:39   cbx33           http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/school-advocacy/C/index.html
10:40   willvdl         got access?
10:40   LaserJock       yeah
10:40   LaserJock       it's on there
10:41   cbx33           ok I just made a change to the wiki
10:41   cbx33           with a new link directly to it
10:41   cbx33           Can someone set us up a bzr tree?
10:42   cbx33           or shall we use svn for now?
10:42   LaserJock       well, if you have a team on LP it's right there
10:42   cbx33           ok
10:42   sbalneav        Somebody set up us the bzr bomb
10:42   sbalneav        What you say?
10:42   cbx33           heh
10:42   cbx33           right docs covered?
10:43   cbx33           I have to shoot fairly soon - would like to get Artwork in before I do
10:43   willvdl         LaserJock, meaning an LP team can just create a bzr branch just like that?
10:44   LaserJock       yeah
10:44   LaserJock       access is limited to people who belong to the team
10:44   LaserJock       write access that is
10:45   willvdl         cool
10:45   willvdl         lets move to artwork?
10:45   cbx33           thanks
10:46   cbx33           well you've all seen the conecpt lisa came up with
10:46   cbx33           thanks also to sbalneav for his idea about MOTD
10:46   cbx33           we'd love some comments on that design
10:46   cbx33           it is _only_ a concept at this stage
10:47   cbx33           but we thought it fresh and bringing a new level of profressionalism to edubuntu
10:47   willvdl         any comments on design? meaning it has a "school" look to it?
10:47   cbx33           yes
10:47   cbx33           and anything relaly
10:48   cbx33           like it
10:48   cbx33           hate it
10:48   cbx33           heheh you decide
10:49   willvdl         I guess usual question of applicability to tertiary ed springs to mind
10:49   cbx33           yeh
10:50   cbx33           anyone else.....we're going to come up with some more ideas/themes soon...
10:50   cbx33           then post to mailing list
10:50   cbx33           hopefully kick start some ideas off there
10:51   willvdl         I guess we can get that debate going in artwork team circles
10:51   LaserJock       mostly what I'd like to see is like 3-4 different themes for preschoo, elementary, and secondary/uni
10:51   LaserJock       I can pick what I like but I'm horrible at making it up from scratch
10:52   willvdl         then admin can apply theme...
10:52   cbx33           LaserJock: that's the plan......remember last release we were just on person
10:52   cbx33           s/on/one
10:52   willvdl         and did good
10:52   cbx33           thanks willvdl ;) - Lisa is happy ;)
10:53   RichEd          anything else anyone ... we are coming up to pumpkin time ...
10:54   cbx33           hehe
10:54   highvoltage     well,
10:54   highvoltage     I've been feeling lost the last bunch of months or so in terms of ubuntu contributions
10:55   highvoltage     but recently I started learning more about debian-installer and ubiquity, and I'm learning a lot from colin
10:55   cbx33           cool
10:55   highvoltage     and really enjoying it.
10:55   RichEd          colin ? colin watson ?
10:55   willvdl         cjwatson
10:56   ogra            RichEd, yes, he's looking for young blood for the installer :)
10:56   RichEd          ahh ....
10:56   cbx33           right you guys done with artwork ?
10:56   cbx33           I'm gonna have to shoot
10:56   cbx33           thanks for all the help guys
10:56   cbx33           I'll do my best to sort out ldm/ESA and anything else I've said I'll do
10:57   highvoltage     so possibly in future releases of ubuntu I could do some installer tweaks if needed
10:57   willvdl         cbx33, great
10:57   highvoltage     (sorry for strange delay, lost my connection there for a while)
10:57   highvoltage     RichEd: yes
10:57   highvoltage     goodnight guys!
10:57   RichEd          highvoltage: it would be useful to keep rodarvus loosley in the installer loop
10:58   cbx33           bye all
10:58   willvdl         ciao
10:58   RichEd          We may need some assistance with the Edubuntu on 2CDs ... ad-on .iso setup.
10:58   highvoltage     ah yes.
10:58   cjwatson        that's not really tightly related to the installer IMO
10:59   cjwatson        CD image building, yes, but the explicit intent of the way we did that spec was to decouple it from installer considerations
10:59   RichEd          cjwatson: but loosely, connected
10:59   cjwatson        I actually don't see how
10:59   cjwatson        we can discuss it later perhaps, I don't mean to derail your meeting, just a point of information
10:59   highvoltage     cjwatson: our meeting pretty much just ended
10:59   willvdl         thanks
10:59   cjwatson        in any case my point is that implementing that spec doesn't require any installer modifications IMO
11:00   highvoltage     we can add it to the next meeting agenda, if needed.
11:00   RichEd          acknowledged. Just terms of making the process smooth and seamless for a user, we want an integration of experience.
11:00   ogra            RichEd, edubuntu ion 2Cds is rather about gnome-app-install integration
11:00   ogra            and update-manager integration ...
11:01   cjwatson        right, when I personally talk about the installer I very specifically mean initial install only, which is how the code is structured
11:01   cjwatson        d-i and ubiquity
11:01   ogra            right ...
=== RichEd was thinking in more general terms about accompanying release / install notes ... and guidance for the user.
11:01   cjwatson        ok, that's not so much what highvoltage has been looking at :)
11:02   highvoltage     RichEd: perhaps table it as a documentation discussion in the next meeting
11:02   RichEd          okay.
11:02   cjwatson        anyway, I only saw this due to a nick highlight, so I'll go away again ;)
11:02   RichEd          thanks ... for paying attention ... not for going away :)
11:02   cjwatson        heh
11:03   RichEd          Well in winding up ... for those of you who are not aware of it, there is a week's break for the company between Xmas and New Year.
11:03   RichEd          So the meeting next week may be sparsely polulated.
11:03   willvdl         cjwatson, that was me :)
11:03   RichEd          *populated
11:03   highvoltage     RichEd: noted.
11:04   highvoltage     RichEd: would it perhaps be wise to postpone next weeks meeting?
11:04   ogra            no, lets just skip it
11:04   RichEd          highvoltage: next week won't be any formal meeting
11:09   willvdl         I'll do minutes again

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