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Meeting January 17, 2007


  • SCP now known as LTCM (Linux Thin Client Manager)
    • split into frontend and backend


  • More discussions on merging/leveraging the Edubuntu and Ubuntu communities
  • Feisty has a closed design involving Cliff and sabdfl
    • Find out more on the policies for contribution


  • Discussions on online vs offline docs
  • Discussion on processes for generating docs from online content
  • Consider scope of Handbook vs what priority docs we need for Feisty
  • cbx33 is going to write Edubuntu Chapter in the Ubuntu Book

09:05   pips1   willvdl: will you pace us through the agenda?
09:05   willvdl Well, let's get started anyway
09:05   willvdl === TECHNICAL ===
09:05   willvdl If ogra were here, I'm sure he'd ask for testers...
09:06   willvdl not sure how much we can cover in tech
09:06   sbalneav        I'll be doing some testing of thin client sound this weekend.
09:06   cbx33   nice one sbalneav
09:06   willvdl great, ogra mentioned sound architecture last week
=== cbx33 has an update on LTCM(SCP)
09:07   cbx33   I have started the LTCM spec
09:07   cbx33   it's now successfully broken up into front end and back end
09:07   cbx33   which is awesome
09:07   willvdl aha. saw those discussions
09:07   cbx33   today I worked for a little while on the tiled vnc feature that everyone wanted
09:08   cbx33   and I actually got it working
09:08   cbx33   borrowed some code from somewhere else
09:08   cbx33   but it's all GPL so we're good
09:08   willvdl sweet
09:08   cbx33   that's me done
09:08   cbx33   anyone who wants to test it for me
09:08   cbx33   shout
09:09   willvdl what does the "split" mean as such?
09:09   cbx33   well
09:09   cbx33   it will allow a KDE developer to write a kde front end for LTCM
09:09   cbx33   since they can just import the backend module and all the hard stuff is done for them
09:09   willvdl ah. with clear api etc
09:09   cbx33   indeed
09:10   cbx33   and the backend is actually tiny
09:10   cbx33   the gui takes up most code
=== pips1 is trying to figure out the acronym... Linux Terminal Control Manager? Erm...
09:10   Riddell cbx33: what is LTCM?
09:10   cbx33   LTSP Thin Client Manager
09:11   cbx33   however for now the vnc stuff will only be in the gnome version
09:11   willvdl looking forward to seeing it in action
09:11   cbx33   as a) no one has stepped up to write a kde version yet and b) the code I hacked up was from a gnome app and I'm not sure how well it can be split
09:12   pips1   so LTCM (LTSP Thin Client Manager) is now the official new name for SCP (Student Control Panel)?
09:12   cbx33   yes
09:12   cbx33   oh and I spotted a bug in SCP which should be fixed soon
09:12   pips1   right
09:13   willvdl I can't imagine you've had much time for the MOTD thingy?
09:13   cbx33   unfortunately no
09:13   cbx33   not yet
09:13   cbx33   It's still a possibility
09:13   cbx33   infact it's SOOO simple to implement
09:14   willvdl shall we move on?
09:14   pips1   Is anyone present expecting to be able to test Herd 2, 3, ... (besides sbalneav)?
09:14   cbx33   sure
09:14   cbx33   unfortunately I won't have time
09:15   pips1   let's move on..
09:15   willvdl let's skip to Artwork if no-one minds?
09:15   cbx33   sure
09:15   cbx33   Lisa is sorry she can't attend this evening
09:15   willvdl === ARTWORK ===
09:15   cbx33   she hasnt had a great deal of time lately....been very very busy with paid work
09:16   cbx33   but she is still working hard...and really really needs your feedback
09:16   willvdl Canonical is going to employ an ubuntu artist
09:16   cbx33   for edubuntu too?
09:16   willvdl need to see how that works out
09:17   cbx33   ok
09:17   willvdl cbx33, feedback on templates, pallettes etc?
09:17   cbx33   I think shes talking about the mock wallpaper she did a while back
09:17   cbx33   but
09:17   cbx33   I think they'll be some more before not too long to comment on
09:17   cbx33   also
09:17   cbx33   if anyeone knows of any budding artist
09:17   cbx33   please get them involved
09:18   willvdl let's tap the Ubuntu Artwork channel
09:18   willvdl make a formal "call for contributions"?
09:19   cbx33   well we have done that in the past
09:19   cbx33   I'll get lisa to mail them tonight
09:19   pips1   Does the Artwork Team have its own introduction/welcome page somewhere?
09:19   willvdl sweet. just good to voice ourselves I guess
09:19   cbx33   yes
09:19   willvdl EdubuntuArtwork
09:19   cbx33   people just don't seem keen to help out Edubuntu much
09:20   willvdl perhaps we need to make it easier for them
09:20   willvdl somehow...
09:20   highvoltage     willvdl: i agree with you
09:20   cbx33   me too
09:20   cbx33   I just don;t know how
09:21   willvdl I'm don't hang around the artwork channels much or browse the contributions but there are a lot of folk contributing to Ubuntu art
09:21   cbx33   yeh
09:21   cbx33   ok I'll draft up an email...
09:21   willvdl if we have representation in those channels then well get stuff I'm sure
09:21   cbx33   ok if I run it by you willvdl ?
09:21   willvdl sure
=== pips1 glances at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork
09:22   willvdl Is there anyway we can merge our Artowrk "space" with the ubuntu artwork "space"?
09:22   cbx33   hmmm
09:22   cbx33   possibly I suppose
09:23   willvdl quote: feisty will be designed by cliff
09:23   LaserJock       hi everybody
09:23   highvoltage     hey LaserJock
09:23   willvdl as with dapper. how did that affect edubuntu back then?
09:23   LaserJock       uggg
09:24   highvoltage     dapper was a tough one
09:24   LaserJock       willvdl: armed revolt? :-)
09:24   pips1   "Feisty artwork will be design by Cliff -- the fellow who designed the Dapper look. Do not expect to be able to contribute until sabdfl releases the official work. It is closed design involving Cliff and sabdfl only."
09:24   highvoltage     ogra and janew weren't very happy that they didn't have any say in the artwork
09:24   cbx33   does that include edubuntu do we know?
09:24   willvdl did edubuntu do its own artwork in dapper?
09:24   highvoltage     willvdl: hired artist
09:25   willvdl for backgrounds, splash and icons?
09:25   highvoltage     willvdl: except for icons
09:25   cbx33   we had a wallpaper in main though didn't we
09:25   pips1   "Currently we are attempting to collect all art related people under the ubuntu-art team on Launchpad. This has been quite successful thus far, and therefore one should consider the ubuntu-art team as a good starting point for work. For links to legacy pages, please see the following links: EdubuntuArtwork ..."
09:25   willvdl legacy pages
09:26   pips1   hmm
09:26   cbx33   sounds old
09:26   LaserJock       is there a rationale behind not letting the community do the artwork?
09:26   LaserJock       it seems to go back and forth, kinda annoying
09:26   pips1   yeah
09:26   willvdl http://art.ubuntu.com/main.php
09:27   willvdl anyway, it is still very valuable to have contributions regardless of closed design
09:27   cbx33   well for a start we have more than just one wallpaper
09:27   pips1   oh, I didn't know they had revanped the art.u.c site
09:27   highvoltage     LaserJock: I don't think there's anythin wrong with Canonical hiring people to improve Ubuntu's artwork... but... \
09:27   pips1   *revamped
09:27   cbx33   highvoltage, I agree
09:27   highvoltage     LaserJock: if there are better community submisions, it should be considered too, imho
09:28   cbx33   maybe for get someone behind it to drive it in right direction
09:28   LaserJock       highvoltage: but they won't consider them if they are already contracting people, it would be a waste of money
09:28   willvdl highvoltage, LaserJock : that is how I would expect things to be run
09:28   cbx33   so will that be for Edubuntu too.....?
09:28   cbx33   can we confirm this
09:29   willvdl just like Canonical hires kernel developers
09:29   highvoltage     cbx33: by ubuntu I mean *buntu
09:29   willvdl cbx33, I will check
09:29   cbx33   ah ok
09:29   LaserJock       willvdl: it's a bit different, IMO
09:29   willvdl LaserJock, only if handled badly
09:29   LaserJock       which it seems to have been historically
09:29   LaserJock       artwork that is
09:29   cbx33   basically how much should we push the artwork in Edubuntu
09:30   cbx33   and how much is going to be forced upon us
09:30   LaserJock       the Canonical hired kernel guys work in the open with patches, ML etc.
09:30   LaserJock       generally we get to see the artwork when it's released
09:30   willvdl My opinion is to push contributions anyway
09:30   willvdl what we build now can always be used later or even make it in if the process allows
09:31   willvdl plus we keep the community active
09:31   pips1   willvdl: but it's not very encouraging for designers, if the aren't any clear known "rules"
09:31   cbx33   exactl
09:31   cbx33   y
09:31   pips1   clear procedures... so you know what to expect and what not to expect
09:31   cbx33   it's pretty upsetting infact
09:31   willvdl agreed, but note that art.u.c gets contributions regardless
09:31   cbx33   when someone has worked really hard ....
09:31   cbx33   willvdl, it's a little different
09:32   LaserJock       especially when the dev community all say the want a community artwork and are ignored
09:32   LaserJock       *they
09:32   cbx33   because edubuntu last relase had 2 contributors
09:32   cbx33   so it makes it a little more personal
09:32   willvdl I hear you guys and agree
09:32   willvdl I'm just saying we should not stop contributing
09:33   cbx33   no, but can you see how.....in a big community like ubuntu it just means a drop in contributions
09:33   cbx33   but that with a tiny team....2 people that can make or break the contributions full stop
09:34   willvdl yeah.
=== pips1 reads the introduction on http://art.ubuntu.com/main.php
09:34   willvdl OK, PoA:
09:34   LaserJock       especially when the community isn't consulted at all
09:34   pips1   cbx33: good point
09:34   willvdl will check on procedures, policies etc internally
09:35   cbx33   also....
09:35   willvdl and, seperate issue, try and integrate more with artwork team for leverage?
09:35   pips1   ok, willvdl to report back at the next meeting :-)
09:35   willvdl just not sure immediately how to achieve the latter
09:36   willvdl There's definately enough concern on the issue to raise it
09:37   pips1   how relevant is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art ?
09:37   pips1   ... to edubuntu artwork, I mean
09:38   highvoltage     pips1: fairly
09:38   highvoltage     pips1: edubuntu inherits some of the ubuntu artwork stuff
09:38   highvoltage     pips1: like firefox themes, etx
09:38   highvoltage     *etc
09:38   willvdl any *buntu artwork work should include/be relevant to edubuntu IMHO
09:38   highvoltage     pips1: and the edubuntu gtk theme is normally derived from whatever theme is in use on edubuntu
09:38   highvoltage     I mean, Ubuntu
09:40   willvdl Okie, lets discuss further on ML and I'll try find out what I can
09:40   cbx33   ok
09:41   pips1   In that case, it might be a good idea to link to that launchpad specifications page from the artwork wiki page, so the community artists (i.e. AliasVegas) know what is done for ubuntu...
09:41   willvdl from EdubuntuArtwork?
09:41   pips1   yep
09:42   pips1   just a thought
09:42   willvdl what interests me is that the artwork team consider EdubuntuArt as legacy page
09:42   willvdl assuming the community is already integrated
09:42   cbx33   yeh...funny that
09:42   willvdl We should fix that
09:42   cbx33   i don't remember anyone talking to Lisa about it ;)
09:43   willvdl it's a perception
09:43   pips1   well things are always moving fast in ubuntu land :-) and it's hard to keep up with what is going on everywhere
09:43   willvdl :)
09:44   willvdl shall we move to docs?
09:44   cbx33   ok
09:44   willvdl === Documentation ===
09:45   willvdl I've been thinking about doc contributions somewhat
09:45   willvdl and have chatted to a number of folk
09:45   cbx33   ok
09:45   willvdl on wiki contributions vs SVN contributions
09:46   willvdl meaning wiki = open collaboration
09:46   willvdl and svn = open collaboration but large barrier
09:46   willvdl how do you folks feel?
09:47   LaserJock       depends on the doc, IMO
=== tommy [n=tommy@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
09:47   willvdl true
09:47   pips1   wiki = medium barrier too, AFAIK
09:47   LaserJock       if you want it stable and need to be in various formats do docbook
09:47   LaserJock       with svn
09:48   willvdl yip, but the svn authors can pull their info form the wiki
09:48   willvdl if the wiki is used as the "development" space
09:48   pips1   hold on, we are talking about a variety of tools and formats here...
09:48   willvdl true
09:48   pips1   docbook = format
09:49   pips1   svn = versioned repository
09:49   pips1   wiki = versioned repository with web frontend
09:49   pips1   no?
09:50   willvdl yip
09:50   willvdl also docs in svn get packaged
09:50   LaserJock       wiki also = format
09:50   pips1   willvdl: how do you imagine your "perfect" documentation process?
09:51   willvdl perfect? :)
09:51   willvdl well, I'm just again trying to leverage contributions
09:51   pips1   LaserJock: ok, wiki stores the information in its own format, that's right
09:51   willvdl and was thinking back to a conversation I had with pips1 vefore the holidays
09:52   willvdl and others
09:52   willvdl being that the wiki is the easiest and most open tool and repo we have for contributions
09:53   willvdl Would something like this work?: Docs get planned and "authored" to a degree on the wiki. At logical times the SVN authors pull this info into the docbook files
09:54   pips1   well, ideally we could have a super userfriendly "frontend" tool combined with the benefits of a standard format such as docbook...
09:54   willvdl although my suggestion is contrary to using Launchpad, bug-reporting etc
09:54   pips1   how so?
=== pips1 isn't sure he is following willvdl
09:55   LaserJock       I'm not sure that easy contribution is always the way to go though ...
09:55   willvdl perhaps LaserJock can help me here, but LP tracks the docs (in whatever format) and contributions are made in patches, bug-reports or specs
09:55   LaserJock       sometimes a little barrier isn't a bad thing
09:56   LaserJock       well, we have an upstream product
09:56   LaserJock       people can file bugs against that
09:56   LaserJock       and we can write specs
09:56   LaserJock       patches are sent to the ML
09:57   willvdl perhaps we should take a step back here
09:57   willvdl and look at what docs we are needing
09:58   willvdl We need an install guide prob
09:59   willvdl release-notes & about page
10:00   willvdl and LTSP info as it forms part of our release
10:00   willvdl given the topics, and the authors, what would the best tools be?
10:03   willvdl pips1 what are your thoughts?
10:04   sbalneav        Sorry to interject, but is the svn repo for the handbook still on digitalredneck?
10:04   willvdl nope. moved into docteam.u.c
10:05   sbalneav        Do I still have commit?
10:05   pips1   Off the top of my head: About (Intro/Overview, Release Notes, Sources of further help, ...), Installation and Configuration Guide (Desktop Guide, Server Guide, plus specifically LTSP), Customisation ("Cookbook"), plus How to contribute to Edubuntu Project.
10:05   willvdl sbalneav, best check with mdke or someone
10:05   willvdl not sure
10:06   cbx33   sorry guys I'm gonna have to duck out, splitting headache
10:06   willvdl pips1 the "guides": meaning the ubuntu ones or our own?
10:06   cbx33   and tired
10:07   pips1   willvdl: we can probably reuse the "Ubuntu Guides", but I haven't really looked into that, so I don't really know.
10:08   willvdl I'd like to open a discussion on the handbook aim again. I think things have move along alot since it was created
10:08   LaserJock       well, it's also noteworthy that Ubuntu and Kubuntu are moving away from "guides"
10:09   pips1   The Desktop Guide and the Server Guide from Ubuntu are shipped with Edubuntu anyway, right?
10:09   willvdl pips1, have you looked at the Topic Based Help spec?
10:09   willvdl thinks so
10:09   pips1   LaserJock: tell us more?
10:10   LaserJock       right now, Edubuntu ships ubuntu-docs
10:10   pips1   yep
10:10   LaserJock       pips1: the doc team is going for a more topic based approach
10:10   LaserJock       so if we just basically created add-on topics to cover Edubuntu specifics
=== pips1 reads https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-based-help
10:11   LaserJock       we can "blend in" with the rest of Ubuntu docs
10:11   LaserJock       and there would be no duplication
10:11   willvdl LaserJock, this would be the domain of the Handbook right?
10:12   pips1   In the spec it says "The Ubuntu/Kubuntu documentation teams do not have the resources to implement a topic-based help system from scratch. So for now we should restrict our efforts to reorganizing the Desktop Guide and Server Guide, to make the documentation easier to navigate."
10:12   LaserJock       willvdl: what I'm saying is that I'm not sure that a "Handbook" fits in with the way documentation in Ubuntu and upstream are heading
10:13   LaserJock       it's fine for a book, or an all-inclusive PDF or something
10:13   LaserJock       which I think there would be a demand for
10:13   willvdl LaserJock, I chatted to Sean Wheller about that earlier
10:13   willvdl and looked at the original aim of the handbook again
10:13   LaserJock       but I think you could do that with the TBH approach anyway
10:13   willvdl and I think you're right in a sense
10:15   willvdl But the handbook aim was as an install/customisation/basic usage guide?
10:15   LaserJock       it was meant by Mario to be a book
10:15   sbalneav        LTSP, though, isn't something that fits well into TBH.  There's a lot of pre-tech stuff, and the whole "integration into my windows network" thing's a pain.
10:15   LaserJock       the one-stop shop for Edubuntu
10:15   willvdl sbalneav, I thought you might say that
10:16   willvdl LaserJock, it can still be but we need TBH to "mature" first
10:16   willvdl IMHO
10:16   sbalneav        The problem with LTSP is, it's really a "tech" thing, and not a user thing.
10:16   LaserJock       sbalneav: well, I'm not sure why having a "Configuring an LTSP Server" would be a had topic
10:16   LaserJock       s/had/bad/
10:17   LaserJock       ok, so I think the decision needs to be made there
10:17   willvdl it becomes an interesting topic to squeeze in since it depends on the specific network topology
10:17   LaserJock       what do you want to present in the user's help system
10:17   LaserJock       and what do you want to provide online
10:17   sbalneav        It would be a big topic.  Usually TBH is supposed to be "short snapper" type help, isn't it?  Or am I smoking crack again?
10:17   LaserJock       sbalneav: ideally yeah
10:18   LaserJock       sbalneav: but we have the Server Guide in there
10:18   LaserJock       which isn't all that non-tech
10:18   sbalneav        I'm good either way.
10:18   willvdl LTSP would fit into the server guide logically right?
10:18   sbalneav        Right.
10:18   LaserJock       I think you guys should take a look at the feisty docs
10:19   LaserJock       just to get a feel for what it's like
10:19   willvdl but, as I understand from ogra, installing it ontop of ubuntu versus out of edubuntu is slightly difference
10:19   LaserJock       and see if you think it could fit in well there
10:19   willvdl *different
10:19   LaserJock       willvdl: Ubuntu users wouldn't see it
10:20   willvdl LaserJock, the doc? or ltsp?
10:20   LaserJock       ltsp stuff
10:20   willvdl but thry could if they chose
10:20   LaserJock       that's what I'm saying, LTSP would be inserted into the help system on Edubuntu machines
10:21   LaserJock       if they installed edubuntu-docs
10:21   willvdl cool. so we definitely need LTSP doc & LTCM (SCP) doc
10:22   LaserJock       well, you don't have a ton of time for all this
10:22   willvdl plus install guide & customisation guide as a first priority?
10:23   LaserJock       String Freeze is March 8th
10:23   willvdl I know
10:23   willvdl and I'm not around for much of Feb or March
10:23   LaserJock       well, I still think you need to seperate out exactly what you want for shipped material vs. online material
10:24   willvdl trying to
10:24   willvdl personally I'd like as much as possible shipped.
10:25   willvdl sbalneav, you're putting your stuff in the handbook right?
10:26   pips1   sbalneav: regarding your 'short snapper' comment earlier... I just discovered the useful tips on writing help docs here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHelp/PageStructure
10:27   willvdl pips1, something else we should maybe look at...
10:28   willvdl some of our docs are in the drupal CMS. maybe start moving them to the svn?
10:29   willvdl I've also been reading your various planning pages for the web/wiki
10:30   pips1   did you make any sense from them?
10:31   willvdl yeah. alot had to do with setting up drupal site. looots of info
10:31   willvdl good stuff
10:31   willvdl I'd like to chat to you later or tomorrow about some content?
10:32   pips1   willvdl: I agree with LaserJock that there is a difference between shipped / "solid" documentation and online / flexible documentation...
10:32   willvdl yes.
10:32   willvdl just trying to decide what we should work on as priority for shipped docs
10:32   pips1   ok
10:33   pips1   and there needs to be a process for moving and refining online/in flux docs to shippable documentation
10:33   willvdl yip. what I was asking earlier
10:34   willvdl depends on the doc and author
10:34   willvdl Specifically the release-notes and About page can be handled like that
10:35   pips1   They way I see it, we will have community members' "input" in both drupal and the wiki...
10:35   willvdl well not the drupal... ?
10:35   pips1   drupal will have forums, and eventually community members will write stuff that is worthy and valid documentation... ?
10:36   willvdl but there is ubuntuforums.org?
10:37   willvdl anyway, I am following you
10:37   pips1   (drupal also has a nice "book" content type, for "sequential"/ordered content).
10:38   willvdl pips1, how do you envisage using something like that for community contribution?
10:38   willvdl sine it is not really a versioning tool...
10:38   pips1   willvdl: RichEd and me discussed the "filtering" process at UDS MV... we haven't quite gone into implementational details (with Drupal) yet.
10:39   willvdl ah, you mean the community education site? or www.edubuntu.org?
10:40   pips1   (willvdl: note I'm not sure if / I don't actually think we want to use the "drupal book" content type at all). I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it.
10:40   pips1   willvdl: I'm talking about the community site
10:40   willvdl no worries, it's the concept that's important
10:40   willvdl pips1 something else I'd like to push with doc team is the Quality Assurance spec
10:41   pips1   link ?
10:41   willvdl which has policies for Release sensitive help pages
=== willvdl looks
10:42   pips1   ohhh, that would be very interesting indeed
10:42   willvdl https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+spec/help-wiki-quality-assurance
10:42   willvdl so that we don't confuse edgy docs with dapper etc.
10:43   willvdl I think it's very easy to do.
10:43   pips1   willvdl: explain how...
10:43   willvdl edgy pages go in a edgy sub-page
10:43   willvdl or have an edgy name space for example
10:44   willvdl EdubuntuEdgyXXXXX
10:44   willvdl or EdubuntuXXXXX/Edgy/
10:44   dsas    Or says at the top of the page. "Applies to Edgy and Feisty"
10:45   willvdl dsas, yip. or even categories
10:45   dsas    easier then for docs that apply to multiple releases to not have redundant copies.
10:45   willvdl but namesacing makes it easier for scripts and preserves namespace for future release docs
10:45   willvdl dsas, redirects
=== pips1 notes that the spec is for improving the functionality of moin moin wiki, but the spec is new, so it probably won't be implemented shortly (?)
10:46   willvdl anyway it's a topic for debate in the doc-team
10:46   willvdl not edubuntu
10:47   willvdl OK we need to wrap up. Let's flag the Online/Offline doc inclusion as an Unresolved Issue
10:47   pips1   I will just note that on the future edubuntu community space, we can simply use drupal's tagging feature
10:48   willvdl cool. tags will work too
10:49   willvdl pips1 are you around tomorrow morning?
10:49   pips1   hmm
10:49   willvdl or friday?
10:50   pips1   friday is better, I got a bunch of work I need to do tomorrow
10:50   pips1   let's set a time
10:50   willvdl cool. just want to confirm some stuff with you
10:50   willvdl let's set time after meeting
10:51   pips1   ok
10:51   willvdl Anyone want to bring anything else to the table?
10:51   willvdl Oh, cbx33 is going to write the Edubuntu chapter in the Ubuntu Book!!!
10:51   willvdl He wants a call for suggestions/ feedback etc.
10:51   pips1   heh
10:52   willvdl Let's give him some support on this, it's good for us :)
10:52   willvdl Okie going once?
10:53   pips1   are you talking about the printed book, or wha?
10:53   willvdl yip
10:53   pips1   *what?
10:53   pips1   ah
10:53   willvdl official ubuntu book
10:53   willvdl going twice?
10:53   pips1   ah.. an updated version, I take it... what is the timeline for it?
10:54   willvdl no idea unfortunately
10:54   willvdl best ask cbx33 :)
10:54   pips1   righty
10:55   willvdl Okie, six minutes short of two hours and we've covered some serious debate :)
10:55   willvdl let's take the edubuntu doc discussion to the ML and to the ubuntu-doc team
10:56   pips1   Good to hear about all that documentation thoughts..
10:56   willvdl pips1 it is a big and confusing monster
10:56   willvdl but fun
10:56   pips1   :-)
10:57   willvdl OK, thrice. thanks folks. I'll have minutes up as soon as possible
10:57   pips1   Thanks
10:58   pips1   cu all!
10:59   willvdl ciao

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