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Meeting February 7, 2007


  • libpam_mount: has problems, might defer
  • ltsp-sound: done
  • thin-client-manager: uploaded but buggy
  • edubuntu-on-two-cds: needs testing
  • ltsp-manager: ogra working on it
  • 2nd CD needs inclusions

Technical Documentation

  • Handbook needs contributers
    • sbalneav has included LTSP sections


  • kwii wants us to pitch designs that he will work on

Community & Documentation

  • cbx33 working on Edubuntu section for Ubuntu Book
  • willvdl working on wiki revamp
  • RichEd gave overview on new community education site

  • Announced UES in Seville

01:07   RichEd  okay, ogra ... technical ?
01:08   ogra    well, some good and some not so good news
01:08   pips1   give us the good news first :)
01:08   ogra    libpam_mount has a good bunch of problems, as well as i didnt find a proper method to replace the files in /etc/pam.d ...
01:09   ogra    wihich is a bad thing foe edubuntu auth server and client
01:09   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, sent
01:09   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: tx mate
01:09   ogra    i think i'll defer these two to feisty+1 since i think the implementation needs far more testing than i could give it tis cycle
01:10   ogra    that will block fat clients as well ...
01:10   pips1   ouch
01:10   ogra    well, i dont want to go with a half baked solution
01:10   RichEd  pity ...
01:10   pips1   right..
01:11   RichEd  agreed ... stability is essential ... else we fall into the rest of the grey muddle
01:11   ogra    well, it's not only stability, but also finding more proper ways to implement it
01:12   ogra    ltsp-sound: is done so far, tw packages waiting in the mai inclusion queue for review but thats it, its implemented ...
01:12   ogra    thin-client-manager: (student-control-panel) is uploaded since yesterday, still pretty buggy but getting there
01:12   cbx33   sorry guys
01:12   pips1   \o/
01:12   ogra    we al owe cbx33 a beer
01:13   cbx33   heh
01:13   ogra    for his awesome work
01:13   cbx33   ogra: have you heard of TCOS?
01:13   Fujitsu I must say, TCM looks absolutely great!
01:13   cbx33   it will work great soon too :p
01:13   cbx33   jus a few bugs to iron out
01:14   ogra    edubuntu-on-2-cds: ready for testing .... if you run a decent feisty with up to date gnome-app-install and update-manager packages, it should work like specced
01:14   ogra    please test
01:14   ogra    ltsp-manager: im still working on that one and hope i have uploaded a gui till tomorrow
01:14   ogra    the backend part is done though
01:15   ogra    which brings us a great set of modules for all kinds on ltsp admin work
01:15   cbx33   nice
01:15   ogra    (clicking together a web gui with python-ltsp will be a charm ;) )
01:15   cbx33   ogra: seems like someone else is working on a TCM-esque tool
01:15   cbx33   http://soleup.eup.uva.es/trac/wiki/TcosMonitor#Capturas
01:15   cbx33   looks pretty feature rich actually
01:15   ogra    yes, i know that
01:16   ogra    i think tcm is on par with it, dont you ?
01:16   cbx33   ahh...I'd never heard of it
01:16   cbx33   yes
01:16   cbx33   the guys as TCOS commented on my blog post
01:16   cbx33   s/as/at
01:16   ogra    you should write some documentation how to write plugins for it after release :)
01:17   cbx33   i will
01:17   ogra    so we can get some external contributions
01:17   cbx33   nice
01:18   ogra    so i think thats about it with y specs .... i'm really sorry about the auth server stuff, and i already thought about only having ldap auth with no homedir mounting ... but that doesnt seem the right thing
01:18   cbx33   ogra: we have a fair amount of new stuff
01:18   cbx33   ;)
01:18   ogra    so i'll put my focus on it next release and take less new specs
01:18   cbx33   Jordan and I were looking at packages last night for the second cd
01:18   ogra    cbx33, yes, but its a *hype* feature
01:19   ogra    its the most users requested feature we have ...
01:19   pips1   yep
01:19   cbx33   Jordan wanted me to ask you....are we tied by the deadline of FF for MIR's on the second CD
01:19   ogra    eve though i found the 2cd spec far more important i agree that we need something in that area
01:19   cbx33   as someone said to him that it was largely up to you
01:20   ogra    my plan is to have at least the essential bits in main and on the CD
01:20   ogra    so people dont need to download the bits and pieces to set it up
01:20   cbx33   cool
01:20   ogra    i have three main inclusion reports pending for it ... lets see what pitti says :)
01:20   pips1   ogra: what is blocking the auth?
01:21   cbx33   ogra: did you see my question from Jordan?
01:21   ogra    pips1, the fact that i'd have to fiddle with /etc/pam.d/* files
01:21   ogra    and a bug n libpam-mount
01:22   pips1   right
01:22   ogra    pips1, imho the pam.d structure needs an overthought before we start doing stuff like replacing login methods in there
01:23   ogra    it's not pluggable at all, you have to modify textfiles line by line ... i'd like to address a mechanism to properly change these files through just dropping files in place without the need to modify existing ones
01:24   ogra    but time was to short and this wasnt specced
01:24   ogra    (it's underlying architecture we didnt take into account during the speccing sessions)
=== pips1 searches packages.ubuntu.com for libpam-mount.. "PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session"
01:25   ogra    since the fat-client bit is doe but cant be included, i'll chop it down a bit and we can at least ship a kiosk module
01:25   ogra    s/doe/done/
01:26   ogra    pips1, its responsible for mounting the users homedir at login
01:26   cbx33   yeh that stuff is tricky
01:26   ogra    we dont gain anything without it apart from a more complicated user administration
01:26   ogra    just ldap doesnt really help ...
01:26   ogra    you need the combo of the different pieces and the integration
01:27   ogra    there are pleant of howtos to set up ldap auth with pam-mount, so having the pieces needed for it on the CD shoud be a first step
01:28   ogra    *plenty
01:29   RichEd  we can also have a wiki page with the how-to info linked or embedded
01:29   ogra    right
01:29   RichEd  recipes for idjits
01:29   RichEd  (my sort of level ;)
01:29   pips1   so you are suggesting to re-package libpam-mount ... for debian?
01:29   ogra    well, its not easy ...
01:29   ogra    you need some small skills ....
01:30   cbx33   small skills
01:30   cbx33   hehe
01:30   ogra    editing the right textfiles and working on the commandline and with apt there ...
01:30   ogra    but if you have these and just follow a good guide it shoud work ...
01:30   RichEd  that's why I said recipes ... people can follow step-by-step instructions withought understanding the theory
01:31   RichEd  *without
01:31   ogra    right
01:31   pips1   would it be possible to configure auth manually on a feisty ... while keeping an upgrade path to feisty+1 intact?
01:31   ogra    it should, yes ... i need to talk with moquist about it ...
01:32   pips1   ok
01:32   ogra    anyway, please test the serveraddon iso ...
01:32   ogra    thats the most important spec we have so it deserves plenty of testing
01:33   pips1   gotcha :)
01:33   ogra    sound tests on thin clients are appreciated as well btw
01:33   ogra    is rodarvus here ?
01:33   pips1   so the serveraddon iso is now built with every 'Herd' release?
01:33   ogra    yes
01:34   ogra    and with every daily
01:34   pips1   what is currently on the second cd?
01:34   ogra    currently only tuxtype is on it :P
01:34   pips1   ah
01:34   ogra    i'll chnage the seeds before the weekend
01:34   ogra    so there should be more apps then
01:34   cbx33   ogra: Jordan and I worked on that last night
01:34   cbx33   did you see my question above?
01:34   ogra    right, you said that
01:34   pips1   cbx33: what is the status?
01:34   cbx33   well Jordan has 7 apps earmarked
01:35   cbx33   with a total of 15 MIRs
01:35   ogra    cbx33, i think we can add software later as well, but not add features to it ...
01:35   pips1   he did the 15 MIRs himself? already?
01:35   cbx33   no not yet
01:35   ogra    somewhere n the wiki is a detailed definition of the freeze states i thin
01:35   cbx33   but I wrote a script to make it easy
01:35   cbx33   ogra: that would be useful
01:37   ogra    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze hmm
01:37   ogra    edubuntu on 2 cds is a low prio goal ...
01:38   pips1   doesn't look good
01:38   cbx33   no
01:38   ogra    we have some stuff in main we can add though
01:39   pips1   "we ship a add-on cd with ... with ... 3 apps on it!" =8-o
01:39   cbx33   one pacakge that won;t be getting in anytime soon
01:39   cbx33   celestia :p
01:39   ogra    pips1, nope
01:39   jsgotangco      2CDs?
=== jsgotangco shudders
01:39   ogra    we'll ship an add-on CD with 3 apps and 90 langpacks :P
01:39   pips1   hehe
01:39   ogra    notMax, i really think we'll have a lot more on it
01:40   pips1   that will make the south american ppl happy :)
01:40   ogra    sorry notMax ... autocompletion
01:40   ogra    right
01:40   ogra    and others as well
01:40   pips1   sure
01:40   ogra    i think xcfe can go in it as well
01:40   ogra    so highvoltage gets a chance to realise his edubuntu-xfce spec one day ;)
01:41   pips1   what's the status of edubuntu-menus-completion ?
01:41   ogra    dunno
01:41   pips1   on LP, it says pending approval
01:41   RichEd  ogra: that's good news ... the buy from NorhTec ... low spec appliances is pushing hard for us to work on education projects
01:41   ogra    i havent seen jordan for quite some time
01:41   RichEd  s/buy/guy
01:42   cbx33   we were working last night
01:42   cbx33   he's been pretty busy
01:42   RichEd  ( laser has been in edubuntu )
01:42   ogra    i know i see him in my backlog ....
01:42   ogra    but not at times where i was in there ...
01:42   pips1   hmm
01:42   ogra    but the spec isnt approved ...
01:43   pips1   feisty+1 then..
01:43   ogra    Keybuk is listed as approver
01:44   pips1   so when is the feature freeze date?
01:45   ogra    ok, if there is no moodle update from rodarvus i think tech is done
01:45   RichEd  pips1: tamarra : 8 feeb'
01:45   ogra    pips1, tomorrow
01:45   pips1   rodarvus: ?
01:45   RichEd  rodarvus appears to be here, but is not reponding :( ping
01:45   willvdl I'm back
01:45   RichEd  hey willvdl
01:46   RichEd  just a quick highlight for you from a few mins ago:
01:46   RichEd  <ogra> i think xcfe can go in it as well
01:46   RichEd  <ogra> so highvoltage gets a chance to realise his edubuntu-xfce spec one day ;)
01:46   cbx33   heheh
01:46   willvdl woot.
01:46   willvdl ogra, 90 language packs?
01:46   RichEd  I said this was good news re Mike Barnes and his ubuntu on edu appliciances.
01:46   willvdl that's going to take some work
01:46   RichEd  *appliances
01:47   willvdl RichEd, true.
01:47   ogra    RichEd, that wont get us official support for xfce from canonical though
01:47   cbx33   is moodle likeley?
01:47   pips1   RichEd: expand ?
01:47   ogra    cbx33, i havent seen anything yet, according to rodrigo it is ...
01:47   willvdl ogra, are language packs maintained acording to relevant package? or is there someone overseeing it in general?
01:47   ogra    willvdl, pitti and carlos
01:47   RichEd  a thai company under US management produces low spec machines, targetting africa and developing countries
01:48   willvdl ogra cool. I know some of the african langs are a bit behind and just need to be repackaged
01:48   ogra    willvdl, carlos for the rosetta side, pitti for distro
01:48   RichEd  they are low cost, and importantly low power devices ... suitable for non-airconditioned batter environments
01:48   RichEd  battery / alternate power
01:48   RichEd  they are using ubuntu with xfce to reduce spec requirements
01:49   willvdl ah, I didn't know he was using xfce
01:49   RichEd  they are pushing aggressively into S America and Africa, and are wanting to meet us to work together
01:49   pips1   nice one
01:50   pips1   ... more testers for edubuntu .. hopefully :)
01:50   ogra    yeah
01:50   willvdl as long as the testers feedback to community
01:50   ogra    ok, i'm done with tech next ?
01:50   cbx33   what's next?
01:52   RichEd  tech documentation
01:52   willvdl Cool. Handbook needs contributions! There are a few indipendant efforts, I'm just trying to merge them
01:52   cjwatson        ogra: FWIW I think the important bit of edubuntu-on-two-cds to get in before feature freeze was the infrastructure; obviously the earlier the better for the rest of it but I don't think FF is really a hard deadline there
01:53   cbx33   nice cjwatson
01:53   ogra    cjwatson, its about the MIRs
01:54   ogra    we dont have MIRs for all apps yet ...
01:54   cbx33   jordan is working on them
01:54   cbx33   I would have helped but i have the book deadline tomorrow
01:54   cbx33   so i wrtoe the script to help him out
01:56   pips1   ogra: do language packs for edubuntu-desktop exist, in Main, yet?
01:56   ogra    pips1, define "language packs for edubuntu-desktop" ?
01:56   ogra    what would make them special ?
01:57   pips1   nothing, I suppose
01:57   ogra    right
01:57   willvdl stelis has written some stuff and is going to merge into doc-team SVN
01:57   pips1   language packs are handled differently in the distro process though, right?
01:57   ogra    the language-support packages have translations for all apps in main ....
01:57   pips1   right
01:57   ogra    right, their creation is handled differently
01:58   willvdl does anyone know if sbalneav has written any LTSP stuff?
01:58   cbx33   there's a lot of LTSP stuff
01:58   cbx33   i saw the other day
01:58   ogra    willvdl, most of it
01:58   pips1   good question
01:58   willvdl urk, I must of botched my svn update
01:58   pips1   hurray
01:58   ogra    at least in the edubuntu book
01:59   willvdl handbook?
01:59   ogra    yeah
01:59   willvdl ok, I definately botched my update
01:59   ogra    the ltsp section was written by him
01:59   willvdl sweet. stelis is writing an install guide
01:59   willvdl we jsut have to merge his efforts
01:59   ogra    for edubuntu ?
02:00   willvdl yip
02:00   ogra    for which installer does he write it ?
02:00   ogra    the text one i hope ....
02:00   willvdl well, it's background stuff at the mo but for feisty I hope
02:01   ogra    for ubiquity the instal guide is: pop in livecd, doubleclick "install now", answer the questions, reboot :P
02:01   willvdl yeah but some screenshots and default info would be nice :)
02:01   willvdl plus theres stand-alone vs ltsp install
02:01   cjwatson        there is already an installation guide. I would much prefer any guide for the text installer to be merged into that
02:01   cjwatson        see help.ubuntu.com and the installation-guide source package
02:02   ogra    as long as we ship the server cd i'm more intrested in d-i howtos :)
02:02   willvdl cjwatson, is it not in the doc-team repo?
02:02   cjwatson        willvdl: no, it comes from Debian
02:02   ogra    willvdl, nope
02:02   willvdl hmmm, we need to make it _very_ accessable to new users
02:02   cjwatson        it's important for me to be able to keep it reasonably in sync with Debian
02:02   willvdl I didn't even know about it
02:04   willvdl do we have one for ltsp install?
02:05   cjwatson        not yet, but it could be added as a section
02:05   cjwatson        the stuff I think it's important not to reinvent is all the automatic installation bits
02:06   cjwatson        those change from release to release
02:06   cjwatson        I don't much care if there's a separate easy install guide that doesn't refer to that at all :)
02:06   willvdl agreed. I'm more concerned about having it boldly linked from somewhere obvious
02:06   cjwatson        but I don't want to have to maintain preseeding documentation in multiple places (and it's the installer team that will always end up maintaining preseeding docs, in practice)
02:10   willvdl ok, I'll look into it
02:10   willvdl can someone link me to the install guide? I can't seem to find it
02:10   ogra    willvdl, the ltsp install from d-i is only one menu item ...
02:10   ogra    you select it and watch a progress bar
02:11   ogra    (or use edubuntu and its selected for you)
02:11   willvdl ogra, it may be simple but I believe there's great value in referencing it somewhere
02:11   willvdl for example, install guides seldom include partioning guidelines
02:12   pips1   what about the documentation for TCM ?
02:12   ogra    right ...
02:13   ogra    pips1, in the works afaik
02:13   pips1   will that live on the wiki only for feisty?
02:13   pips1   cbx33: ?
02:14   pips1   ogra, does ltsp-management-gui need doc?
02:14   ogra    pips1, it will ship what it needs
02:15   ogra    app docs are usually in the package
02:15   pips1   i.e. a 'Help' button that triggers yelp with the according help text..
02:16   pips1   ?
02:16   ogra    well, as apps do that, yes
02:16   willvdl pips1, integrate help is a coming spec
02:16   willvdl "more" integrated rather
02:16   pips1   ic
02:18   willvdl shall we move on?
02:19   ogra    sure
02:19   ogra    whats next ?
02:19   RichEd  willvdl: anything more, or can we move on to artwork
02:19   cbx33   artwrok
02:19   cbx33   right
02:19   ogra    is kwwii here ?
02:19   willvdl well, from my side it looks like I've got some exploring to do
02:19   cbx33   http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuArtwork/Palette
02:20   ogra    http://sinecera.de/edubuntu.png i got that one recently
02:20   cjwatson        willvdl: it's linked from the front page of help.ubuntu.com.
02:20   cbx33   yp kwwii did that
02:20   ogra    yep
02:21   cbx33   lisa's done some concept characters
02:21   ogra    looks great imho .... even i dont like that glossy style we shouldnt step to far away from ubuntu
02:21   cbx33   and will be making one more with the three characters as at graduation
02:21   ogra    so its about time to adopt it
02:22   willvdl cjwatson, I'm aware of that link. Can I chat to you afterwards?
02:22   cjwatson        sure
02:22   ogra    cbx33, so do you work closely with kwwii ?
02:23   cbx33   ogra: kwwii wants us to come up with some designs that he'll help us refine
02:24   ogra    ok
02:24   pips1   that sounds like a good way to collaborate
02:24   cbx33   yup
02:24   cbx33   when i say us
02:24   cbx33   i relly mean lisa
02:24   cbx33   she's doing all the work
02:25   ogra    its very important that he's in the loop
02:25   cbx33   yes
02:25   cbx33   he is
02:25   cbx33   we keep meeting
02:25   ogra    good
02:25   RichEd  agreed. early appoval or awareness will short-cut any crunch deadline issues
02:29   RichEd  ping ? has the conversation gone dead ... or me ?
=== ogra is still here
02:29   ogra    are we done with artwork ?
02:29   cbx33   thinkso
02:29   willvdl looks like it
02:30   ogra    willvdl, pips1 ? and news from the web front ?
02:30   RichEd  okay ... other documentation ... community docs ...
02:30   willvdl yip
02:30   RichEd  I'll update:
02:30   cbx33   the edubuntu chater in the book looks good
02:30   cbx33   ogra updated it
02:30   cbx33   and made usre I hadn't made ny big mistakes
02:30   willvdl https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Wiki/SiteMap is coming along
02:31   willvdl it is an overview of what I'm putting in the wiki
02:31   willvdl WIP, still adding bits on how to contribute
=== RichEd is loading
02:31   willvdl remeber that page is just a site map, not a landing page
02:31   RichEd  let me add my 2c here ... as it will have some impact
02:32   RichEd  newz2000 (matt nuzum) is doing a revamp of ubuntu.com and is moving it to Drupal
02:32   ogra    does it have any impact on us ?
02:32   willvdl yip. spoken to him at length
02:32   ogra    we're using drupl since the beginning
02:32   RichEd  he is going to create sub-areas for "portal like information" with www.ubuntu.com/education being one of the first areas he will look at with us
02:32   willvdl static info goes in web. dynamic info moving to wiki
02:32   ogra    and our server is separate, isnt it ?
02:33   pips1   ogra: yes
02:33   ogra    ah, so *we will have impact one the ubuntu page* now :)
02:33   pips1   :)
02:33   willvdl what will be in that portal?
02:33   RichEd  well what it means that we'll have an "ubuntu and education" area on ubuntu.com
02:33   RichEd  as well as our edubuntu.org which we will continue to look after
02:33   RichEd  and also the wiki
02:34   willvdl the wiki's at least are the same thing
02:34   RichEd  so matt will look at the education solution space, and edubuntu and ubuntu and kubuntu will all have a spot in the education picture
02:34   ogra    which doesnt make it easier
02:35   willvdl ogra, I imagine it will jsut be general overview stuff
02:35   willvdl the meat must stay in the wiki
02:35   RichEd  it will be aimed at decision makers coming into ubuntu from the top down, and wanting to explore education solutions
02:35   RichEd  so, yes, it will be overview info, and will link to our own pages where there is any real meat required
02:36   RichEd  but it will give an education department (for example) the idea that they can use ubuntu servers in the datacenter / server farm and edubuntu in the classroom ...
02:36   RichEd  and get support for both from canonical ... as well as the community
02:37   RichEd  the main impact it will have is that the community area that pips1 and I have been planning will now be more clearly defined.
02:37   willvdl how so?
02:37   RichEd  we'll keep the user space for fringe stuff that does not fit in any official resource areas.
02:38   RichEd  so the consideration will be by default for any information we want to add: "does this fit into an approved ubuntu or edubuntu space" ...
02:39   RichEd  and only exception information or discussion etc. will be in the ubuntu-education area
02:39   RichEd  I'll be putting up a wiki page to work out what goes where.
02:40   RichEd  So if kids are joining up to post news about their school, we do not want them to create a launchpad account before they are able to post a news item or comments on user issues.
02:41   RichEd  But by the same token we do not want people posting news etc. to areas where it looks as if they are speaking on behalf of our community.
02:41   RichEd  So we'll have the fringe space as a place to catch info, and revise it for quality, and then move it to an official space when it is cleared.
02:42   willvdl same with the forums?
02:42   pips1   I think of the community space of "where all the action takes place" and the ubuntu.com website as "official top-down, settled info", while the wiki is somewhat an intermediary place for people that want to contirubute to edubuntu more extensively (i.e. documentation, packaging, bug fixing, rather than "just" discussing).
02:43   RichEd  yep. if someone wants to create a forum topic for swopping cool pictures created by 8 year olds using tux-paint ... then that stays in the user communtiy space.
02:44   RichEd  similarly, for people to discuss *any* application they are using, regardless of compliance to our policies, they can create a thread.
02:44   pips1   willvdl: ubuntuforums is focussed on *buntu foremost, and slanted towards helping to use/configure the OS and Apps in *buntu...
02:45   RichEd  if lots of users comment on the application, then we will review it (using the users to do user level reviews) and then move it "across the border" into our official space if we want to serioudly consider it for universe or main
02:46   RichEd  at LCA, everyone was very keen to have a space where kids and teachers can review an application, for age level, usability, curriculum fit etc.
02:46   RichEd  and as the cream floats to the top, we'll tackle the good bits
02:47   pips1   in the education community space, the focus should be on education.. not only apps, but also content.. even references to content available elsewhere on the web...
02:47   ogra    well, depends on your POV
02:47   RichEd  same thing for resources ... if we see that there are useful helpful people in the community space, we'll encourage them into our core community to help them skill up via the path of documentation contributor etc. to add bandwidth
02:47   ogra    for me from a tech side the focus *is* on apps :)
02:49   RichEd  agreed ogra. but people also want to swop content links, school-projects etc.
02:49   ogra    indeed
02:49   ogra    i just wanted to poit that we have to cover both :)
02:49   ogra    *point
02:49   RichEd  so we'll keep that away from our core space, but provide an umbrella where people can swop that info, and feel that ubuntu / edubuntu is a cool community to help them find a home
02:50   RichEd  so we'll even encourage skolelinix and debian-edu and k12ltsp people to share in the education conversations
02:50   RichEd  and hope that they will "all see the light" and have a religious revalation at some point
02:50   RichEd  *revelation
02:50   ogra    heh
02:51   pips1   maybe think of the online education space as "additional services, from the (greater edu + foss) community, for the (more specific edu+buntu) community"
02:51   willvdl and fall of their horses?
02:51   RichEd  the idea is that we use *as little of our resource bandwdith as possible* and it must be driven "by the users for the users" etc.
02:52   RichEd  we can look at the wiki page I'll have up next week and discuss
02:53   RichEd  willvdl: any more doc / web stuff ? we've got 8 mins left
02:53   willvdl not from me. just that:
02:53   willvdl keep looking at https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Cleanup to see what we can fix
02:53   pips1   well, that is putting it negatively... I think of it as: offer a platform for community exchange.
02:54   RichEd  I was hoping to be able to officially announce our Ubuntu Education Summit, and release the web page I have ready to go ... but the powers that be want to announce the Ubuntu Developer Summit in one jpint release.
02:54   RichEd  *joint
02:55   RichEd  So. I'll just be able to give the overview for today.
02:55   pips1   Also, i want to add, that the new community site will only fly if we get quality contributions from the exisiting edubuntu core ppl and hopefully some early and good input from other communities (guada, etc)
02:55   ogra    well, its on the public wiki :)
02:55   RichEd  ogra yes, but clan sayes silbs wants to let the balloons go herself :)
02:56   ogra    oki :)
02:56   ogra    she gets all the fun :P
02:56   RichEd  We have had approval for a 2 day education summit, which will be in the first week off May in Seville, Spain.
02:56   RichEd  *of
02:56   RichEd  Thursday & Friday.
02:57   RichEd  The summit will mainly be aimed at Educators and Decision Makers ...
02:57   RichEd  With presentations on success stories in FOSS in education ...
02:57   RichEd  And discussions around training & support etc ...
02:58   RichEd  The idea is to provide a high confidence level to people contemplating the awful future that Vista promises for them ... in terms of licencing, costs, and the migration issues.
02:58   RichEd  And to show them that Edubuntu is a viable alternative, mature enough to do the job.
02:59   pips1   Seville, looking forward to it ! :)
02:59   RichEd  We will have some technical discussions, but these will mainly be with tools & 3rd party developers arond relationships and integration.
03:00   RichEd  We'll have some discussions around "feature requests" and "future direction" but the meat of the feature work will take place at UDS as already established.
03:00   RichEd  UDS follows 2 days after our summit.

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