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Meeting February 14, 2007


  • Herd 4 preparation
  • Call for testing
  • Fat-clients: compensating by using kiosk mode
  • Discussed 2nd CD application inclusions


  • kwii came up with new Edubuntu usplash screen
  • check on license issues with using icons on wiki page


  • New wiki front page
  • discussed edubuntu-docs package
  • stelis has docs that could be merged into handbook


  • Ubuntu Education Summit announced for Seville in early May

09:01   ogra    on my side there is not much for tech  ... last week was bus feautre freeze week ... this week is herd4 preparation week
09:01   ogra    *busy
09:02   ogra    so all i can say, help testing ! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ReportingResults has the new testing procedures
09:03   ogra    to compensate the not implemented fat clients i enabled the kiosk plugin in ltsp ... you are able to build a webkiosk now very easily
09:04   ogra    so we have at least the basic structure for a fat client ... people wanting a full desktop kiosk mode can even install (ed)ubuntu-desktop in the client ...
09:04   willvdl cool
09:04   willvdl had a chat with heno
09:04   willvdl seems LP is used mainly for test tracking (ooh what's that link again)
09:04   ogra    it explains how to use LP :)
09:05   ogra    what i'd like to point out to everyone is: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla
09:05   juliux  evening
09:05   juliux  sorry i am late
09:05   ogra    we will have our next educational conference in may
09:05   willvdl ogra: yeah :) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-iso-tests
09:06   willvdl v. excited about this
09:06   ogra    from may 3rd to may 4th we'll try to gather as many educators as possible in sevilla
09:06   ogra    anybody is free to come indeed :)
09:06   Spec    in spain?
09:06   ogra    yep
09:07   willvdl yip
09:07   willvdl right before UDS
09:07   ogra    it is directly attached to UDS
09:08   ogra    anyway, thats all from my side unless there are questions
09:08   willvdl as RichEd would put it, it is a conf aimed at both "above the desktop" and "below"
09:08   ogra    oh, if you test feisty, please test the serveraddon iso as well
09:08   willvdl how's 2nd CD coming along?
09:08   willvdl haven't had a chance to look this week
09:09   ogra    well, i havent done the seed changes yet
09:09   juliux  ogra, when is herd4 released?
09:09   LaserJock       well, I still have a list of MIR Candidates at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanMantha/EdubuntuMIRCandidates
09:09   ogra    so it's still the same as last week
09:09   juliux  or will release
09:09   ogra    juliux, tomorrow is ETA ... dunno if it will make it
09:09   juliux  ogra, yes my fault i thought today is already the 15th;9
09:09   LaserJock       I've almost finished a MIR for rasmol (I had a nightmare the other day that iwj found a CVE I didn't find)
09:10   ogra    i'm planning to shuffle the seeds as soon as the Cd is out ... the dailies after that miught break horribly, so be careful
09:10   willvdl LaserJock, rasmol?
09:10   ogra    LaserJock, heh
09:10   LaserJock       molecule visualization
09:10   ogra    LaserJock, so we share some fears actually :)
09:10   LaserJock       it's like the first chemistry app I used
09:11   LaserJock       the problem I'm seeing is the field get's narrowed down very fast if you take out apps that have a lot of dependencies in Universe and ones that aren't maintained well (either in Debian or upstream)
09:11   ogra    yep
09:12   ogra    but the field of apps in main we dont ship yet is big as well
09:12   ogra    i'm pretty sure we'll get together something sufficient for feisty ... even if only one or two new apps come from universe
09:13   LaserJock       I'd like to get qcad, octave, and stellarium in
09:13   ogra    qucad is a good one
09:13   ogra    -u
09:13   LaserJock       drgeo has a dead upstream otherwise I'd do it
09:13   ajmitch is moodle going into main?
09:13   LaserJock       it'll have to be reworked
09:13   LaserJock       i.e. not for Feisty that I  know of
09:13   ogra    ajmitch, it would have needed to be in before FF
09:13   LaserJock       maybe ogra's worked on that
09:14   ajmitch ogra: a shame
09:14   ogra    yeah
09:14   LaserJock       I'd *like* to do it for Feisty+1
=== ajmitch of course has authtool still stuck in NEW, so it won't get into main
09:14   ogra    i'll package the most recent version for feisty+1 closely working with upstream (who will come to UES i hope)
09:14   LaserJock       I was going to do it for Feisty but my time has been severly short
09:15   ogra    it can be a ubuntuesque package that doesnt need to go to debian i.e. moodle1.7
09:15   LaserJock       as far as 2nd CD stuff goes
09:16   LaserJock       I really need feedback from educators
09:16   ajmitch ogra: I suggest looking at dbconfig-common to replace wwwconfig-common :)
09:16   ogra    that saves us headdaches with upgrade paths and gives us the possibility to keep the 1.6 package for people who want it ...
09:16   LaserJock       I have some ideas of packages but I'd rather package what educators already know they need, rather than what I think they need
09:16   ogra    ajmitch, well, either that or totally without ***config-common
09:17   ajmitch if you want to write all the db creation & management scripts yourself
09:17   ogra    for new packages we have all options :)
09:17   ogra    notMax, but i can ask upstream to maintain them in a way that my postinst doesnt need to be freakys
09:18   LaserJock       ogra: how strict is the "only one app for each task" for Edubuntu?
09:18   ogra    that was supposed to read "no", sorry notMax
09:18   ogra    LaserJock, depends, what do you propose ?
09:18   LaserJock       I found several good calculator/function plotter type apps
09:19   LaserJock       but they are really for different levels
09:19   willvdl LaserJock, I would imagine they would also tie into different backends?
09:19   ogra    do you think you will find more of such apps ?
09:19   LaserJock       lybniz is a really basic and usable function plotter that would be good for younger kids
09:19   LaserJock       but qalculate is a really cool and powerful calculator (I hate to even call it that)
09:19   LaserJock       it does unit conversion, plotting, etc.
09:19   willvdl and the kde one? kplot is it?
09:20   ogra    kig i think
09:20   LaserJock       yeah, there are a few kde ones
09:20   LaserJock       qalculate has both gtk and qt versions I believe
09:20   willvdl yeah, kig
09:20   LaserJock       seperate source though, which is weird
09:20   willvdl LaserJock, what about Logo/Squeak type thingies?
09:21   LaserJock       Squeak is non-free
09:21   LaserJock       not sure what we have for Logo
09:21   ogra    we should go with the best still ... if we find more apps to categorize them i.e. in an edubuntu-science-advanced metapackage we should do so ...
09:21   ogra    we have kturtle
09:21   willvdl love kturtle
09:21   LaserJock       ogra: my point was, if I find apps that are sort of the same thing, just designed for different age ranges, is that considered a duplicate?
09:21   ogra    thjats apparently still the best logo app
09:22   willvdl kturtle :)
09:22   ogra    LaserJock, not if we can group them into install tasks i would say
09:22   ogra    if its only one single app i'd say we should consider exceptions on a case by case base
09:22   LaserJock       ok, that's sort of what I was thinking
09:23   LaserJock       so far calculators are the only ones I've run into
09:23   willvdl LaserJock, I'm not familiar with the packages but I woudl assume it's OK if one=primary and the other=secondary
09:23   ogra    i'm all for replacing the gnome default calculator for example ...
09:23   ogra    that leaves us with only one additional app ;)
09:24   LaserJock       ogra: ok, so what is your feeling on me doing some more MIRs?
09:24   ogra    since i expect at least one of them can work like a standard calculator
09:24   LaserJock       I asked -devel if FF applied to these 2nd CD apps
09:24   LaserJock       and they said it was basically up to you
09:24   ogra    LaserJock, itz wont hurt ... if we dont get them in we still have MIRs we only need to update
09:24   LaserJock       ok
09:25   ogra    concentrate on the ones with the lest deps
09:25   LaserJock       I'll continue working on them, and hopefully at a much more rapid pace
09:25   ogra    *least
09:25   LaserJock       yeah
09:25   LaserJock       that's why I started with rasmol
09:25   LaserJock       rasmol, lybniz, and qcad don't need any deps from Universe
09:25   ogra    great
09:26   LaserJock       octave is one that has a few
09:26   LaserJock       but in my  thread on the forums it comes up a lot
09:26   LaserJock       as the best free Matlab replacement
09:26   ogra    is drgeo in main ?
09:26   LaserJock       but it needs lam, mpich, hdf5, gnuplot, libgd
09:26   LaserJock       no
09:26   ogra    its an often requested app
09:26   LaserJock       and it's upstream is dead so I didn't know if we could do a MIR or not
09:27   juliux  octave is the beste math tool i ever used
09:27   ogra    drgeo ?
09:27   ogra    hmm, that ssad
09:27   LaserJock       yeah, Burgwork found it for me
09:27   willvdl octave upstream dead?
09:27   LaserJock       not octave, drgeo
09:27   willvdl ah
09:27   LaserJock       drgeo really looks like a good app
09:28   ogra    yeah, but nothing for now ...
09:28   LaserJock       anyway
09:28   LaserJock       I've been digging around
09:28   LaserJock       trying to see which ones are worth it, etc.
09:28   LaserJock       and I'm almost done with rasmol
09:28   ogra    good
09:28   LaserJock       but I should have more up by the end of the week
09:29   LaserJock       I got some gchemutils work out of the way last night
09:29   ogra    i'll kick kdeedu and gcompris off the CD on friday then ...
09:29   ogra    and have a look around main for apps we could use
09:29   LaserJock       oh, and I talked with jono about jokosher
09:29   LaserJock       I don't know if I mentioned it to you ogra
09:30   willvdl intersting angle
09:30   ogra    yep you did
09:30   LaserJock       k
09:30   ogra    inkscape looks like a good one ...
09:30   LaserJock       yeah
09:30   LaserJock       I'll go through Main too, I hadn't really thought about that
09:30   ogra    with the free space we can finally ship mono ...  how about f-spot by default ?
09:31   ogra    *f-spot
09:31   willvdl interesting, these are not what one "traditionally" lumps into educational tools?
09:31   LaserJock       willvdl: it's still a computer :-)
09:31   LaserJock       I think f-spot would be good
09:31   LaserJock       tomboy too
09:31   LaserJock       as students can keep notes
09:31   ogra    willvdl, well, an app for vector drawing should be a standard
09:32   ogra    we ship gimp for pixel pushing ... so we can as well grab inkscape :)
09:32   willvdl ogra, it should be in main as DTP app...
09:32   ogra    inkscape is in main
09:32   ogra    it's just not on any CDs yet
09:32   willvdl ah. there we go. gotcha
09:32   LaserJock       is there an easy way to see what's in Main but not on the CDs?
09:33   ogra    there are a bunch of such apps, i need to dig through that ...
09:33   ogra    the seeds ...
09:33   ogra    and germinate should be able to help you as well
09:33   LaserJock       well, I could grab the Packages.gz from Main and subtract out what's in the seeds
09:33   ogra    right
09:34   LaserJock       I'm sure Pete could write something ;-)
09:34   ogra    heh
09:34   LaserJock       he wrote me a little script to check the deps
09:34   LaserJock       for MIRs
09:34   ogra    i'll need him for the TCM fixes ....
09:34   LaserJock       :-)
09:34   ogra    so dont put to much on hi,
09:34   LaserJock       how's TCM going?
09:34   ogra    *him
09:34   LaserJock       I won't I promise?
09:34   ogra    i fixed the final glitches with the package today
09:34   LaserJock       s/?/:-)/
09:35   LaserJock       sounds like big improvments since SCP
09:35   ogra    the vnc part on my side is missing ... but thats a trivial one ...
09:35   LaserJock       I haven't had a chance to use it as I don't have an LTSP setup
09:35   LaserJock       but the screenshots look pretty cool
09:35   ogra    will be fixed with the next ltsp upload i think
09:35   juliux  ogra, is there a working TCM in herd4?
09:35   ogra    juliux, kind of
09:35   ogra    all old features will work ...
09:36   ogra    there were no regressions ...
09:36   juliux  and the new ones also?
09:36   ogra    the new features still all have bugs
09:36   juliux  ok
09:36   ogra    but try them out and file them please :)
09:36   ogra    so we get a list together
09:36   juliux  we will do
09:36   willvdl is TCM registered on Malone?
09:36   ogra    great :)
09:36   juliux  we have the whole sunday for testing,)
09:37   ogra    willvdl, only the package i think ... not sure pete has an LP branch for it
09:37   willvdl so no bzr branch, but can catch bugs
09:37   ogra    as long as we're only two devs its fine to play pingpong with the source package
09:38   ogra    but it should have a branch indeed
09:38   ogra    i'll talk to pete about that
09:38   willvdl not really, maybe as it's released
09:38   ogra    oh, one other thing ... if you test, please give feedback about the new usplash :)
09:39   juliux  ogra, ok
09:39   willvdl got a snpashot?
09:39   ogra    kwwii made us aa new one :)
09:39   willvdl snapshot rather?
09:39   ogra    not of a running one, but i can upload the pic, one moment
09:40   willvdl coool
09:41   LaserJock       is the other artwork new yet?
09:41   ogra    http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/usplash_1024_768.png
09:41   ogra    nope, not yet
09:41   LaserJock       k, I just wondered
09:42   LaserJock       hmm, I like the usplash
09:42   juliux  nice usplash
09:42   ogra    ken will develop an ubuntu theme weher we will just apply color changes as i understoofd his plan
09:42   LaserJock       the lettering looks a little too "fuzzy" for me but I love the logo
09:42   ogra    i'm currently hacking on svg support for ldm ...
09:42   LaserJock       doh
09:42   ogra    LaserJock, you need to scale it right :)
09:43   willvdl LaserJock, zoom in
09:43   LaserJock       I just needed to get it at 100%, my browser was shrinking it
09:43   willvdl as you mentioned it, I thought the same thing :)
09:43   LaserJock       ok, yeah, I really like it
09:43   willvdl snap
09:43   ogra    we have a nice redish progressbar for that ...
09:43   willvdl same style?
09:44   ogra    same style as ubuntu
09:44   ogra    just a different color
09:44   willvdl I'm not mad about the 6.10 progress bar
09:44   ogra    test the herd4 liveCD :P
09:44   ogra    there you can see it in action
09:44   willvdl ogra, I wish. bandwidth is a commodity here :)
09:45   LaserJock       willvdl: I didn't like it either
09:45   willvdl fortunately I sit next to marilize so I can steal CDs :)
09:45   ogra    willvdl, you should get a cdimage mirror to the hbd office ...
09:45   ogra    rsyncs are cheaper than downnloads
09:45   willvdl ogra, there is one but that's another story. perhaps not in here :)
09:45   ogra    ok :)
09:46   willvdl I guess we're in artwork?
09:46   ogra    well, i guess that was artwork
09:46   ogra    unless someone else has anything to show :)
09:47   ogra    i'll talk to colin after herd4 if we can get the usplash pic into the CD bootscreen as well
09:47   willvdl is that guy on https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuArtwork/Palette modelled on Pete? :)
09:47   ogra    that urgently needs an update
09:48   ogra    thats from pete and his wife afaik
09:48   willvdl looks a bit like him. if you squint jsut right
09:48   willvdl ogra, I presume the motd thingy will wait a bit?
09:49   ogra    i'll look into it ... might be only a trivial confiog switch in gdm
09:49   ogra    if not it has to wait, yes
09:49   ogra    really depends how big that change might be
09:50   willvdl the icons that get shipped, how are they genrally licensed?
09:50   ogra    i think they are gpl ...
09:50   ogra    not the best for icons
09:51   ogra    let me look it up ... one sec
09:51   ogra    the debian package says GPL
09:52   willvdl so if I reuse on the wiki and the wiki is CC-BY-SA...
09:53   ogra    F.A.Q:
09:53   ogra    Q: What's Gartoon License?
09:53   ogra    A: Starting 0.5 Gartoon lincensed under GPL (read GPL.txt)
09:53   ogra    aha
09:54   willvdl I should then just make a reference/attribution where I reuse
=== LaserJock loves licensing :-) *cough*
09:54   willvdl e.g. https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu?action=show
09:56   willvdl anyhoo, above link is not "live" yet but is the culmination of work I've done trying to cleanup and organise our wiki pages
09:56   willvdl I think I need a "misc" section though
09:57   LaserJock       I think nixternal is getting the edubuntu-docs MIR written up
09:57   ogra    yippie
09:58   LaserJock       we have a few bugs to work out in the yelp frontpage
09:58   willvdl now we jsut need to get the edubuntu-docs written up :)
09:58   LaserJock       but mdke said he'll work on that
09:58   ogra    i thought there is a lot
09:58   LaserJock       we dep on ubuntu-docs
09:58   willvdl just kidding
09:58   ogra    we just need them imported into the package
09:58   LaserJock       so people will get all the Ubuntu documentation
09:59   willvdl LaserJock, I can't wait to see the end result cause then I reckon I'll finally get my head around the technicalities of TBH
09:59   LaserJock       so the "bug" we need to fix is to remove About Ubuntu
09:59   LaserJock       well, it'll be interesting
10:00   LaserJock       but at least better than what we've had in the past
10:00   willvdl one option is to make the "About" page generic to all derivitives
10:00   LaserJock       I think Feisty+1 will be more consistent
10:01   willvdl which could possibly make sense... less duplication on common features
10:02   nixternal       LaserJock: I am looking at the MIR now, sorry but I have been so bogged down this week
10:02   nixternal       Availability:  Not yet?
10:02   LaserJock       the package *is* in Universe
10:02   LaserJock       just not the final form
10:03   ogra    ogra@edubuntu:~/packages/gartoon-0.5$ apt-cache madison edubuntu-docs
10:03   ogra    edubuntu-docs |      0.4-1 | http://de.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/universe Packages
10:03   ogra    edubuntu-docs |      0.4-1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com feisty/universe Sources
10:03   ogra    if you need any repackaging etc, ping me
10:03   LaserJock       I had a look at nixternal's packaging
10:03   ogra    currently it installs two html files without any integration ...
10:03   LaserJock       built and installed it too
10:04   ogra    i'm fine with replacing whats there
10:04   LaserJock       it seems good, it's based off of the ubuntu-docs source package
10:04   ogra    LaserJock, if ayou are fine with the package feel free to upload
10:04   LaserJock       nixternal: we should check the firefox page though
10:04   LaserJock       ogra: k
10:04   ogra    the firefox page is in edubuntu-artwork
10:04   ogra    please check for other clashes as well
10:05   nixternal       LaserJock: yes, I will work on that unless you want to rock it out quickly
10:05   nixternal       LaserJock: whoa whoa
10:05   LaserJock       nixternal: what?
10:05   nixternal       LaserJock: the Firefox page is packaged with edubuntu-artwork
10:06   nixternal       so you need to fix it there, unless it gets removed from there and incorporated into the edubuntu-docs package, which of course only makes sense
10:06   ogra    its the only doc we have, it didnt really justify a whole package ...
10:06   LaserJock       nah, -artwork is fine for now
10:06   LaserJock       I don't want to "rock the boat" too much at this point
10:06   ogra    well, it should move eventually ...
10:07   ogra    but that must not be now if it generates extra work
10:07   LaserJock       anyway, we can talk details later
10:07   ogra    really up to you guys ... i'll do what the docteam says ;)
10:07   LaserJock       we need a MIR and get it going
10:07   ogra    right
10:07   LaserJock       we can fix bugs a bit later
10:08   ogra    just wipe the existing package with something with a higher version
10:08   nixternal       LaserJock / ogra: we can always start out feisty+1 with the new implementation to save issues?
10:08   ogra    as long as we keep a working upgrade path we can do everything ;)
10:08   nixternal       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportEdubuntuDocs <- LaserJock
10:08   nixternal       oh shoot, I forgot that we were in a meeting right now :) I just connected from school
10:09   nixternal       haha, I thought we were in #*-motu
10:09   ogra    well, i dont think there is much left oin the plate for the meeting
10:09   nixternal       LaserJock: that MIR is rough, but started :)
10:09   LaserJock       nixternal: I can tweak it when you're done :-)
10:10   nixternal       I am done for the time being if you want to tweak it a little
10:10   ogra    so we could as well end it here and you can go on with packaging in #edubuntu :)
10:10   nixternal       that is the first time I have done one, so I am expecting it to be horrible
10:11   ogra    well, its our own package so there wont be any external CVEs or something ...
10:11   nixternal       true
10:11   ogra    and its only docs
10:11   nixternal       ya, how dangerous can they be :)
10:11   ogra    i dont expect problems with the MIR
10:11   nixternal       oh wait, I have been working on them, so be careful ;p
10:11   ogra    ujnless iwj complains about the format ...
10:12   nixternal       sure, whatever that means
=== nixternal whips out a perl script to decypher
10:12   ogra    make sure to not use the plain template ... but put some formulation work in etc
10:12   ogra    he wants to see some effort from a MIR writer
10:12   nixternal       ahh
10:12   ogra    so you show your intrest in the package
10:13   ogra    (thats how he said it )
10:13   nixternal       very well put I must say
10:13   nixternal       gotta sell it!
10:13   ogra    heh
10:14   willvdl stelis, are you in here?
10:14   stelis  Yes
10:14   willvdl can you paste the link to the docs you're working on in here?
10:14   willvdl I lost it in my logs
10:14   stelis  http://www.elsn.org/downloads/edubuntu/drafts/edubuntu-quickstart.html
10:15   willvdl thanks. sorry for the noise folks but I want to start integrating more from other peoples docs
10:15   nixternal       stelis: you think that your docs could be incorporated into the current Edubuntu Handbook?
10:15   nixternal       willvdl: I take it you are on it already :)
10:15   willvdl nixternal, time :)
10:16   nixternal       woohoo, one less thing for me to worry over right now
10:16   willvdl but if things don't go according to pplan then I will have next week relatively free
10:16   stelis  I'm not actually sure where the current HB is
10:16   ogra    instead of https://wiki.edubuntu.com/EdubuntuLtsConfParams you should rather point to /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples/lts-parameters.txt.gz that will have always the recent supported list
10:16   ogra    stelis, ^^
10:16   stelis  I pulled a SVN before Xmas
10:16   willvdl https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Documentation/Handbook
10:16   stelis  ogra: Thanks
10:17   nixternal       stelis: the docs are stored at https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk
10:17   ogra    apart from that this is a really beautiful doc, kudos
10:17   stelis  Thanks
10:17   nixternal       more info can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository
10:17   stelis  FWIW, the idea was to have a stopgap until there is a HB
10:17   nixternal       stelis: yes, it is an awesome doc, and just what we needed! As it stands, this makes the handbook almost complete, then you are my new HERO!
10:18   nixternal       hell, all the work you put into it, you are my hero :)
10:18   stelis  I guess it depends how comprehensive you want your HB to be
10:19   willvdl stelis, as comprehensive as possible
10:19   nixternal       stelis: we shall leave that up to willvdl, I am just a docmonkey
10:19   willvdl as as many audience as possible.
10:19   willvdl v. ambitious
10:19   stelis  This Quickstart is enough to get somebody going
10:19   nixternal       they feed me bananas and I type, quite horribly I might add
10:19   stelis  The text is complete enough as is
10:19   stelis  Bananas are good :)
10:19   willvdl nixternal, as long as you can fix my broken links I'm happy
10:19   nixternal       willvdl: what broken links?
10:20   willvdl you'll see
10:20   nixternal       lol
10:20   willvdl my docbook is still rusty and frayed
10:20   nixternal       ahh
10:20   willvdl stelis, I wanted to this week but hopefully next week I can dedicate hours to integrating your stuff
10:21   stelis  OK.
10:21   willvdl now that I've got the wiki under wraps
10:21   stelis  FWIW, this works as a standalone
10:21   stelis  So you could just add screenshots
10:22   stelis  I'm conscious that time is short
10:23   stelis  But feel free to use it as you need
10:23   stelis  There's some other pieces in the same directory
10:23   willvdl stelis, thanks to you we now have options
10:23   stelis  I don't have lots of time myself
10:24   willvdl I will, hopefully, up until march
10:24   stelis  But I could write up some Release Notes or a few sections of this and that
=== ogra looks up "lots of time" in his dictionary
10:25   willvdl nixternal, who normally does our finals for the release notes?
10:25   nixternal       willvdl: dunno, but I can probably work something out for you since I do the Kubuntu ones
10:26   willvdl I got very confused with the old releases: there where wiki versions, docbook ones, release notes, install notes, release announcements...
10:27   willvdl ogra, clearly you have enough time to do that :)
10:27   ogra    :P
10:29   willvdl ok, cool. I'll work something out with stelis and find a path of least resistance
10:31   willvdl shall we wrap up?
10:31   ogra    yeah
10:31   willvdl just want to punt my mockup for https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu?action=show again
10:31   willvdl shamelessly :)
10:31   willvdl I will work on maing it easier and easier to read as we go
=== ogra does the same with http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla :)
10:32   willvdl something like henrik's testing page
10:32   ogra    yep
10:32   ogra    ok, any other business ?
10:32   willvdl and since we normally end with community: UES Sevilla!!!
10:32   ogra    going once
10:32   ogra    going twice
10:32   ogra    COME TO SEVILLA !!!!
10:33   ogra    adjourned !

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