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Meeting April 11, 2007


  • Google Summer of Code apps being evaluated
  • edubuntu-docs package is final for Feisty

  • Need an About Edubuntu menu item on ths System Menu


  • Handbook updated
    • TCM and 2nd CD material added
  • Translation templates set up for edubuntu-docs


  • Themes being designed for Edubuntu drupal site (like new Ubuntu site)


  • UES coming up
  • Schedule an Edubuntu community building BoF
    • With a preliminary discussion before UES on IRC

Management & Planning

10:00   willvdl Hi folks, shall we get started?
10:01   highvoltage     hi willvdl, RichEd and LaserJock
10:01   LaserJock       hi
10:01   LaserJock       no ogra?
10:01   willvdl haven't seen him
10:01   RichEd  helllo highvoltage ... willvdl will chair tonight & i will be a fly on the wall
10:02   highvoltage     cool, I'm also doing some other work (have a very early deadline tomorrow morning)
10:02   willvdl Well let's kick off anyhoo?
10:03   willvdl == Technical ==
10:04   stgraber        (Ogra is in #ubuntu-devel but busy with testing the isos I guess)
10:04   willvdl ah.
10:04   LaserJock       well, I guess we need .iso testing
10:04   willvdl Who here is busy testing?
=== LaserJock looks around
10:05   willvdl meaning, not at this very minute :)
10:06   willvdl alrighty, shall we move down the list to Docs?
10:06   pygi    sure =)
10:07   willvdl I'm a bit out of touch over the last month
10:07   willvdl LaserJock, anything specific to mention?
10:07   LaserJock       ok, well couple things
10:08   LaserJock       1 SoC apps are almost done being evaluated
10:08   willvdl SoC?
10:08   LaserJock       Google Summer of Code
10:08   willvdl ah
10:08   LaserJock       lots of Edubuntu related applications
10:08   LaserJock       hopefully we'll get a few
10:08   ajmitch morning
10:09   LaserJock       2nd thing, Edubuntu doc package
10:09   willvdl hey
10:09   LaserJock       hi ajmitch
10:09   LaserJock       edubuntu-docs is pretty much final for Feisty
10:09   willvdl sweet
10:09   LaserJock       we added an About Edubuntu menu item in the System menu
10:09   highvoltage     the edubuntu universe is eternally grateful for that
10:09   LaserJock       we got the Handbook cleared up a bit
10:10   LaserJock       sbalneav rocked the house
10:10   willvdl woot
10:10   LaserJock       we added TCM and 2nd CD material
10:10   pygi    pardon me, may I interrupt with something?
10:10   LaserJock       I also got translation templates set up
10:11   willvdl pygi, shoot?
10:11   LaserJock       pygi: go for it
10:11   pygi    from last SoC we've got couple of nice things which we never got around to packaging
10:11   juliux  hi all
10:11   pygi    I think we should set some goal for feisty+1 to get those packages
10:11   willvdl pygi, such as?
10:12   LaserJock       pygi: we need sources
10:12   pygi    LaserJock, willvdl : the quiz thingy from ryan
10:12   LaserJock       I asked about that a while back ago and nobody knew where the source was
10:12   pygi    LaserJock, they do exist
10:12   pygi    LaserJock, I know
10:12   pygi    we'll talk about those later then
10:12   willvdl LaserJock, 2nd CD: should I look up in Launchpad for details?
10:12   LaserJock       the addon cd
10:13   LaserJock       btw, translations for edubuntu docs is at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+source/edubuntu-docs/+translations
10:13   willvdl excellent
10:14   willvdl seems I got some serious catching up to do
10:14   LaserJock       also some other good news, sbalneav just got svn access to the Doc team repo
10:14   willvdl sweet
10:15   willvdl other than cbx33, who else has access?
=== pygi also thinks he should work on getting access since he worked on the book =)
10:15   pygi    LaserJock, I need to prove to you I can write docbook, right ? :P
10:16   LaserJock       willvdl: actually cbx33 doesn't. it's just nixternal, sbalneav and myself
10:16   LaserJock       and also jsgontanco
10:16   willvdl LaserJock, I thought Pete had for ESA?
10:16   LaserJock       I don't think so
10:16   LaserJock       he just sent me patches
10:17   willvdl oh. anyhoo, how did his book chapter go?
10:19   LaserJock       not sure, fine I guess
10:19   willvdl pygi, want to move back to SoC questions?
10:20   pygi    willvdl, like what? :)
10:21   pygi    I was accepted this year for SoC as a student, but my tasks are not connected to edubuntu in particular
10:21   pygi    however as I was mentor last year, I can help and will gladly do so to manage edubuntu students
10:21   willvdl pygi, just looking back..something about sources?
10:21   pygi    willvdl, ah, yes, the source's for ryan's work are on sourceforge
10:22   willvdl pygi, that reminds me, want to ask you something afterwards...
10:22   willvdl alrighty, who's here from Artwork?
10:23   pygi    willvdl, ofcourse, whatever you need
10:24   willvdl hmm, seems we are attendance challenged tonight :)
10:24   LaserJock       pygi: can you perhaps make an Edubuntu SoC page where we list projects and links to sources?
10:25   pygi    LaserJock, for this year?
10:25   pygi    LaserJock, TBH not needed. Google has requirements to post all projects sources to google hosting
10:26   willvdl maybe still link via LP or something
10:26   pygi    from last year, it was Amaranth with willow-ng and ryan with his quiz thingy
10:27   pygi    willvdl, well, last year I wanted my mentors to write a official spec in LP and open a product
10:27   pygi    this year you should do the same IMHO
10:28   willvdl well, at the least we can get something going on the wiki as LaserJock suggests
10:30   willvdl next on the list is Websites
10:30   willvdl I see the Ubuntu site was upgraded while I was gone
10:30   RichEd  yep ... matt nuzum's work
10:31   highvoltage     yep. RichEd said last week that themes are being designed for the Edubuntu website too, sot htat the sites look consistent.
10:31   RichEd  to fill you in, he is producing a drupal template for other variants
10:31   RichEd  highvoltage: yes.
10:31   willvdl cool
10:32   highvoltage     RichEd: will the education website still take place?
=== highvoltage has been out of touch with the education website progress
10:32   willvdl Will need to look again at what goes on web and what goes on wiki
10:32   RichEd  highvoltage: yes, needing more time to get around to it :(
10:32   highvoltage     ah
10:33   highvoltage     time is a scarce resource
10:33   willvdl highvoltage, only if you sleep
10:33   highvoltage     willvdl: I'll sleep when I'm dead ;)
10:35   willvdl alrighty, coming up to "Community"
10:36   willvdl Who's coming to UES?
=== willvdl me
=== RichEd me
10:37   highvoltage     willvdl: can we have a session to brainstorm on expanding the edubuntu community?
10:37   LaserJock       I'm coming!
10:37   RichEd  highvoltage: we will have one at UES ... chaired by jono
10:37   willvdl highvoltage, sure. you mean at UES or IRC?
10:38   highvoltage     willvdl: preferably UES, but either way.
10:41   willvdl highvoltage, you want a community session before UES?
10:42   highvoltage     willvdl: perhaps a preliminary one before it, possibly even during one of our usual IRC meetings (with warning on the mailing lists)
10:42   willvdl cool. good idea
10:42   highvoltage     willvdl: and then we have a face-to-face meeting in UES and bash out some ideas based on previous discussions
10:42   RichEd  highvoltage: do you want to start a wiki page ?
10:42   RichEd  and i can add it to the discussions for UES
10:42   highvoltage     RichEd: yes, that sounds like a good idea
10:44   willvdl okie, lets pop something on the list and chat in one of the meetings
10:44   highvoltage     ok
10:44   willvdl I think the 8pm UTC meetings are easier for most to attend?
=== highvoltage didn't know there were 8pm UTC meetings
10:45   willvdl but then only really two opportunities left so maybe enxt week
10:45   willvdl highvoltage, this is one
10:45   RichEd  we have more attendance at the midday ones lately
10:45   highvoltage     willvdl: ah ok
10:46   willvdl moving on: Mngmt & Planning?
10:46   RichEd  willvdl: just UES from my side ... let me get the launchpad page ... brb
10:47   willvdl cool
10:47   RichEd  https://launchpad.net/sprints/ues-sevilla-2007
10:47   RichEd  create & add meetings here ... and make a wiki page link for comments / input
10:49   willvdl are these official scheduled meetings for the UES programme?
10:49   RichEd  those are the list of potential BOFs yes
10:49   RichEd  we may add / remove / refine ... but that is the start
10:49   willvdl ah. gotcha
10:50   RichEd  also presentations from a lot of people ... am adding to the UES wiki page tomorrow morning
10:50   willvdl can they link to UDS BoFs as things progress? Haven't played with the LP meeting functionality yet
10:50   RichEd  not sure ... will find out :)
10:51   willvdl no biggy
10:52   willvdl "Any other Matters Arising"?
=== RichEd is done
10:52   willvdl Shall we wrap this up on the hour?
10:52   RichEd  fine with me
=== willvdl notices there is a new "Scribes" team for meeting logging and minutes generating
10:53   willvdl going to take a little research
10:55   willvdl https://wiki.edubuntu.org/MeetingLogs
10:57   willvdl ===== </Edubuntu Meeting> =====

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