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Meeting May 16, 2007



  • all artwork contributions to go in art.ubuntu.com
  • kwii does final selection for default themes
  • new theme being developed by kwii for www.edubuntu.org
    • to look more like new www.ubuntu.com
  • consistent look 'n feel across www, wiki and desktop
  • drop edubuntu-artwork, use ubuntu-artwork package


  • opening up wiki for contribs
  • script & scrape off wiki into XML

  • feed relevant info into TBH as available
  • Need to publish list of Edubuntu apps


  • Creating an education community within overall community
  • LoCo's will elect education representative, promoted through edubuntu channels

  • Encourage School LUGs etc. work from ground up
  • Georgia (exUSSR) schools to start with translation project

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