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Meeting May 23, 2007


  • Classmate PC:
    • squashfs is done and running well: leaves about 1GB user freespace and about 300 for extra SW
    • good for 1.0 but probably develop ground up for Gutsy
  • New Canonical employee coming in to work on LTSP
  • RoadMap - https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Devel/RoadMap

  • wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuKDE - Riddell working on in kubuntu seeds
    • link from roadmap in "related projects"
  • edubuntu-addon-enhancements spec nearly done
  • variety of meta-packages coming for Main & Universe

  • set a task to install the apps that were on Dapper & Edgy


  • set up wiki space again for collaboration
  • looking at FAQ style contribs
  • handbook stays in XML
  • need help on TBH topics

Websites & Community

  • Matt Nuzum going to help with new template integration
    • Jonathan Carter to work on new theme for template
  • www.edubuntu.org moves to Drupal 5.1
    • look to storing in bzr
    • with use of launchpad product and team for catching usability bug reports etc. (like kubuntu-website)
  • Edubuntu vs. Ubuntu Education (site) differences need some planning/explanation
  • Beta site needs contributions, perhaps blogrolling and aggregation
  • Byte Sized Tasks coming up!

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