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Meeting June 6, 2007


  • Auto X detection dropped -> faster boot times for thin clients

    • issues are odd mouse and keyboard configs
  • Jordan started categorisation for Add-On CD


  • Doc Team meeting coming up
  • Will is on help.ubuntu.cm wiki editor team
  • Gavin started EdubuntuFAQ on help.ubuntu.com <- also used for capturing info to go in handbook

  • Discussed new documentation idea
    • MOTU style recipes for TBH articles, best practices and test cases
    • can be grabbed for handbook and edubuntu TBH
    • still need to decide on tools/method, i.e. what goes into xml, stays on wiki, goes on web
    • need to define scope for handbook versus recipes


  • create planning page on wiki
  • get template & theme onto sandbox


  • Bite Sized Tasks nearly ready
  • Make Edubuntu Membership procedure clearer
  • EC memberships have run out... renew?
  • Jordan applying for core-dev

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