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Meeting June 27, 2007

02:05   ogra    please este tribe2 images !
02:05   ogra    http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20070626.2/
02:05   ogra    and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily-live/20070627/
02:06   ogra    please test these
02:06   ogra    the server CD will suffer from bug #121547 atm
02:06   ubotu   Launchpad bug 121547 in ltsp "[Gutsy]  LTSP chroot building process hangs at 50% on Tribe1 CD" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/121547
02:07   ogra    beyond that i heard that sbalneav got the new ldm working with feedback messages to the user yesterday ...
02:07   ogra    i havent merged that code yet
02:07   ogra    i started the work on ltspfs hal integration on the weeken
02:07   ogra    http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/ltspfs-hal-root.png
02:07   ogra    thats my first result, we have an ltspfs rootdevice now where all volumes that get mounted will register under
02:08   ogra    well, thats been my week, mainly ltsp and CD building releated
02:08   ogra    any questions abotu tech ?
02:08   ogra    *about
02:10   ogra    hmm, doesnt seem like
02:11   RichEd  LaserJock asked me to raise the following queries:
02:11   RichEd  "How do I install language support from the add-on CD"
02:11   RichEd  he saw that in the forum ... is is a simple process ?
02:11   ogra    synaptic atm
02:12   RichEd  ogra: ^^ query ?
02:12   RichEd  and also: <LaserJock> another was how to get all the gcompris languages installed
02:12   ogra    the language selector should work as well if the CD is mounted, but dont quote me on it, i havent tested that
02:12   ogra    the gcompris language stuff is a bit complicated
02:13   ogra    we dont have enough langs to just add them to the langpack selection in the seeds
02:13   ogra    so they need to be special cased either or i need to build funny scriptbased metapackage sor other weird stuff
02:14   ogra    in former releases we just installed all the gcompris sound packages
02:14   ogra    now that its on the addon CD we would need some new way to handle them
02:14   RichEd  so how do we move forward on this ... log a request / bug in lp
02:14   ogra    i'll talk to LaserJock about that
02:14   RichEd  okie
02:15   ogra    well, thats all from my side about tech, dunno if you want to add something RichEd
02:16   ogra    RichEd was busy with tech stuff as well this week :)
02:16   RichEd  just the comments from LaserJock ...
02:17   RichEd  and some spec work for the Edulinux Moodle project
02:17   ogra    yeah
02:17   RichEd  I was just chatting to pips1 about that ... we will let you know when the project server is up ... if people want to read or comment
02:18   RichEd  just to fill you in: we are building an single CD bundle: edubuntu / moodle / database ... simple install
02:18   RichEd  this is part of an EU project ... with schools / universities as partners ...
02:19   RichEd  they request various features, and we are evaluating which moodle add-ons to bundle
02:19   RichEd  the results will be public
02:19   RichEd  and prepared as an .iso for all to download.
02:19   RichEd  --- that's all from me
02:20   RichEd  anyone else with technical ?
02:20   ogra    doesnt look like
02:20   RichEd  moving on to artwork then ...
02:20   RichEd  still no sign of cbx33 lately ... anyone seen him in #edubuntu in the past month ?
02:21   ogra    as i said, he told me he wanted to draw back a bit from all the duties he took himself
02:21   ogra    he felt it was to much
02:21   RichEd  i'll need to check his level of commitment ... as we may need a replacement if he is too busy with other work
02:21   ogra    but he didnt want to drp all
02:22   RichEd  do we have anyone else who is keen to help with artwork ... not necessarily as creator, but also as organisational ?
02:22   ogra    yeah, i need to check what up with TCM as well if he doenst want to maintain it anymore
02:22   ogra    *what's
02:23   RichEd  ... okay let me check with pete re his availability ...
02:24   RichEd  and also see if he can put together a short list of responsibilities / items he used to care for
02:25   ogra    well for edubuntu tech thats specifically only TCM
02:25   ogra    and artwork indeed, but i count more on kwwii with that to be honest
02:25   ogra    i think doc was before art :)
02:26   RichEd  ogra: kwii helps out with production but will not lead ... we need to give him requests / guidelines etc.
02:27   ogra    RichEd, we can care ourself about coloring as long as his pics are easily chngeable
02:27   ogra    *he* shall give *us* the specs for his pics ... i'm fine with changing colors or logos then
02:28   RichEd  okay ... I will review the artwork process that willvdl has put together and see where we have gaps ... and chat to you and/or kwii
02:28   ogra    (i can even script that if we make up a proper palette from the colors we have atm)
02:28   RichEd  (just saying we need someone to keep an eye on the overall process / deadlines ... to free ogra up for tech focus)
02:29   ogra    but i have no idea where we stand atm
02:30   RichEd  highvoltage: ogra and I saw you chatting to willvdl re the website ubuntu uprade from dapper
02:30   RichEd  any news ? status ?
02:30   highvoltage     RichEd: yes
02:30   highvoltage     RichEd: server was upgraded to dapper last week
02:31   highvoltage     RichEd: edubuntu.org was upgraded to drupal 5.1 friday evening
02:31   RichEd  upgraded to dapper ?
02:31   highvoltage     RichEd: most of the canical2007 theme is ported to edubuntu
02:31   highvoltage     RichEd: yes, it was still running breezy
02:31   RichEd  oh ... any reason why it did not go to feisty ?
02:31   highvoltage     RichEd: I didn't mention it before publicly, since there might have been security risks attached to it
02:31   RichEd  okay ...
02:32   highvoltage     RichEd: well, dapper is the LTS release
02:32   highvoltage     RichEd: matthew is doing some colour work on the theme
02:32   highvoltage     matthew uses photoshop, he says he can do it quicker than me
02:33   highvoltage     I'm just going to put it up as I get it, faster incremental changes work better than the big bang stuff
02:33   highvoltage     we can even have it up today or tomorrow, if you'd be happy with a brown backround gradient
02:33   highvoltage     pips1: yes, even SSL is working ;)
02:34   highvoltage     pips1: it was also relient on the server upgrade
02:34   pips1   what about the content?
02:34   pips1   ic
02:36   highvoltage     pips1: depends what kind of content you mean. we can have forums now. now that ssl works, we can have users register themselves, so that will work.
02:36   highvoltage     pips1: in terms of updating existing content, I suppose that's willvdl's baby
02:36   pips1   We had a meeting at UDS Sevilla about the websites of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu... an idea that was discussed was that it would help the new site visitors if there was some kind of consistency across all sites... not so much in terms of "look", but more in terms of navigation
02:37   RichEd  pips1: that is part of the move to the canonical theme ...
02:37   highvoltage     we can be consistent with canonical and ubuntu
02:37   highvoltage     Kubuntu's look is a whole other discussion
02:38   RichEd  the idea is to keep the horizontal toobars at the top, so that, for example, if you are on edubuntu.org but click on support / marketplace, then you go straight to the area on ubuntu.com
=== RichEd goes to get an example quickly ...
02:38   highvoltage     the canonical theme is way superior to the ubuntu theme. I think metthew will eventually re-do ubuntu's theme
02:38   highvoltage     it lacks some features, which the canonical one has
02:38   pips1   Yes. RichEd, I remember your idea in particular, that even the page hiearchy could be the same, e.g. /getubuntu/download should be the same for Ubuntu.com, Kubuntu and Edubuntu.org...
02:38   highvoltage     (such as support for a right sidebar)
02:39   RichEd  pips1: the download will need some work ... there will need to be some decisions taken on the naming ...
02:39   pips1   right.
02:40   RichEd  they have embedded ubuntu in the name in some locations, and do we swop out ubuntu for edubuntu or make edubuntu a subset of ubuntu ...
02:40   RichEd  small matters just to clear up.
02:40   RichEd  here is the example I mentioned:
02:40   RichEd  http://chi.ubuntu-us.org/
02:41   pips1   Let me just throw in this idea again: why don't we copy the entire ubuntu.com content (i.e. the whole database) and use that as a "base" for the edubuntu relaunch... we can delete pages that aren't relevant to edubuntu, modify pages to make them specifically relevant to edubuntu, and add a few pages that we need in addtion. What does everybody think about this approach?
02:41   RichEd  if you load it, you will see that there are a small set of chicago specific pages, but the main links back to ubuntu are direct and consistent
02:41   RichEd  pips1: that is almost exactly what the example does
02:42   RichEd  oops ... let me clarify ...
02:42   highvoltage     pips1: I don't think we're going to do the big-bang-relaunch thing
02:42   RichEd  i don't think we want to have duplicate pages on our site ... if the info is accurate on ubuntu.com
02:42   RichEd  we should only host major deviations ...
02:43   RichEd  minor deviations are best covered on the ubuntu site as a flavour change I think ?
02:43   pips1   highvoltage: it doesn't have to be a "big bang" type of thing, I am just suggesting that we could re-use the content from ubuntu.com...
02:43   pips1   RichEd: hmm.
02:44   pips1   Well, the big question is really: how to we insure best maintenance with the least effort?
02:44   pips1   *do
02:44   highvoltage     pips1: yep, absolutely
02:44   pips1   so we don't want *double* content
02:44   highvoltage     pips1: you have editing right, don't you? If you want to re-create a page, feel free to do so
02:46   pips1   nah, I'm just trying to figure out a way to align edubuntu and ubuntu.com sites (both in terms of look/template, but also in terms of navigation structure/content) with as little unnessasary work as possible
02:46   pips1   *unnecessary
02:48   RichEd  pips1: i think you and I should have a meeting with will and highvoltage to get a plan together ... before will leaves next week
02:49   pips1   so my idea was to copy the whole ubuntu.com site's database and simply tweak the content here and there... hmm. I realise this not ideal. We really want most content on the ubuntu site, and only some additional content that is relevant to edubuntu, i.e. mostly content about the educational applications and about our specific community (communication channels such as irc channel etc)
02:49   sbalneav        Will going on holidays?
02:49   highvoltage     pips1: I tend to think it's more efficient to link to certain pages than to copy the entire site over. we have help.ubuntu.com for documentation
02:50   RichEd  pips1: there are a lot more resources working on the ubuntu.com site, like the marketing people, so their content will change more quickly .. and we may struggle to keep up with the mods
02:50   pips1   sure, linking is preferable
02:50   highvoltage     so I think it will get messy copying over the entire ubuntu site
02:50   RichEd  sbalneav: will only had a short contract specifically around a project (NEPAD) and that expires end June
02:50   highvoltage     pips1: what's the state of the community site? did I miss the update on that?
02:50   pips1   in addition we should have some redirection happening also... for some crucial / very popular url paths that exist on the ubuntu.com site...
02:51   pips1   highvoltage: nope you didn't miss anything
02:51   pips1   the beta site is still unchanged ever since UES :-((
02:51   pips1   i've been too busy :-((
02:52   highvoltage     there's an edubuntu-website team in launchpad. perhaps you should ping the group and ask if anyone wants to help out with the areas you're too busy with
02:52   pips1   hmm.
02:53   pips1   I don't know if that will help
02:53   RichEd  well now is a good time to bring up LP and community applications ...
02:53   RichEd  we are getting more requests by people asking to become edubuntu members
02:53   RichEd  some spam, but quite a few are real ...
02:54   RichEd  so: 1. how do we streamline the approval process (I get too busy to attend to all)
02:54   pips1   I think it's too difficult to communicate the overall idea/vision... I think the most effective will be if I set aside a block of time and then just get it done.
02:54   RichEd  and 2. perhaps we should have a wiki page outlining how the people could get involved, with the subgroups, and a short intro on what they do ?
02:55   RichEd  (like the edubuntu website example)
02:55   RichEd  ogra: any suggestions on how or who can do the approvals ?
=== pips1 looks for the "teams" in launchpad
02:56   pips1   arg, where the **** do I find the team search on LP?
02:57   ogra    RichEd, EC approvals ?
02:57   RichEd  people requesting to become an edubuntu member
02:57   ogra    we should have anoother EC meeting for that and announce it loudly
02:57   jsgotangco      yep
02:57   RichEd  I do not get around to them all :( ... they can get lost in my inbox at times
02:58   RichEd  pips1: my point exactly ... ^^ ... if you can't find all the edubuntu teams / education teams ... we should perhaps have a guide page ?
02:58   highvoltage     pips1: I understand what you'd like to achive, but we also have to be realistic and get done what we can as soon as possible
02:58   highvoltage     some ideas are a bit big for right now.
02:59   RichEd  pips [Home]  [[People] ]  drop down
02:59   RichEd  pips1: ^
02:59   ogra    i dont really care about all the other teams atm, but we should urgenty go over membership stuff and have the EC meeting for that
03:00   ogra    its just a lot of paperwork (mailing all applicants etc)(
03:00   pips1   finally found it: https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu
03:01   pips1   There are five applicants listed
03:01   pips1   Has anyone ever heard of anyone on that list?
03:01   RichEd  pips1: there are also some education teams
03:02   ogra    pips1, no, but we need to tell them about the process and mail them a date for an EC meeting
03:02   jsgotangco      hi
03:02   pips1   ogra: ic, right
03:02   RichEd  pips1: Halmeren (jonasgauguin) ... new user in #edubuntu ... spoken to him ... enthusiastic
03:02   pips1   ah, this is the full team listing: https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu/+members
03:04   ogra    there are a *lot* of pending members
03:04   ogra    *sigh*
03:04   pips1   oh, there are 31 (!) applicants waiting
03:04   RichEd  shall we table a slot for the next meeting ... and give 30 mins to work through all the issues ?
03:04   RichEd  it will also be the 1st meeting for July which is a potential EC meeting no ?
03:05   ogra    yep
03:05   jsgotangco      just my thought: its perfectly fine to delegate approval of membership to specific teams if there is a reason to do so (language for instance)
03:05   RichEd  so 1: manage the approvals ...
03:05   ogra    jsgotangco, well, thats why we have the edubuntu team :)
03:05   jsgotangco      yep
03:05   RichEd  but 2: shall we also draft a welcome email with some ideas on how the new members could gt involved
03:05   RichEd  like artwork / web site etc. with the names of people to chat to ?
03:05   ogra    yeah
03:06   ogra    and outlining the membership rpocess
03:06   highvoltage     sounds good
03:06   pips1   oh, and then there is edubuntu-members too : https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-members/+members
03:06   RichEd  would a wiki page be a good idea ... make an agenda for the meeting ... and also some guidelines
03:06   RichEd  pips1: mail me the names of any edubuntu / education groups you find ...
03:07   pips1   which lists another 23 applicants waiting
03:07   RichEd  i'll create a wiki page, with descriptions,and we can see if there is any duplication / overlap
03:07   RichEd  and get a tidy up going
03:08   RichEd  any suggestions for a sensible wiki page name: EdubuntuCommunity ?
03:08   pips1   ++
03:09   RichEd  ahh ... that page exists, created by Willvdl
03:09   pips1   sorry, folks, I got to get back to work. :-/
03:10   RichEd  it is a good start, so I will expand on it ... and we can use it as the base for the discussion next week
03:10   RichEd  Any other pressing matters for today ?
03:10   ogra    nope
03:11   RichEd  Okay spread the news about an EC meeting next week when you see people in the channel ...

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