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Meeting August 8, 2007

This is the Edubuntu Team Meeting, started on 08 August 2007, 02H00 - 03H00.


  • orca
  • RichEd

  • highvoltage
  • pips1
  • Riddell
  • cliebow_


  • Technical
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Documentation
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Art Work
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Web Sites
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Community
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Management & Planning

    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Any other Matters Arising


  • Artwork: Nothing to report. Will wait until next week.
  • Documentation: Nothing to report.
  • Website / Community Items: Bill Hilf (head of Open Source at MSFT) has mailed me after meeting (bumping into) Mark Shuttleworth at OSCON in Portland. Action: RichEd will phone Bill Hilf and discuss collaboration.

Any Other Business

  • RichEd noted that at the previous Edubuntu meeting it was discussed and agreed to separate the original 2 hour meeting as per the mail lists into edubuntu-devel and edubuntu-users. Action: RichEd needs to get a wiki page up for discussion.

IRC Logs

02:04   RichEd  and ogra kicks off with TECH
02:04   ogra    yeah
02:04   ogra    i'll try to keep it as shoprt as possible
02:04   ogra    mostly we had ltsp code merges last week ...
02:04   ogra    new ldm is in since 5.0.22
02:05   ogra    i'm preparing tribe4 since monday ....
02:05   ogra    sadly there is a bug (apparently in apt) that prevents ltsp clients from building on the server CD
02:06   ogra    beyond that the liveCD is heavily oversized ... sadly digging for the server CD breakage didnt leave me time to investigate that yet
02:06   ogra    so i'm not sure we'll make tribe4 at all
02:06   ogra    thats it ...
02:06   RichEd  ogra: what are the consequencesof missing tribe 4 ?
02:06   ogra    less testing
02:07   ogra    less feedback
02:07   ogra    i'll try to make it happen, but currently its not clear what the exact bug is
02:07   highvoltage     so if the tribe 4 deadline is missed, there won't be a tribe 4 for edubuntu?
02:07   ogra    without knowing we cant fix ...
02:07   RichEd  and will you be able to get it right for tribe 5 ?
02:07   ogra    sure
02:07   RichEd  okay ... good :)
02:07   ogra    but i wouldnt like o go without tribe4
02:08   ogra    deadline is tomorrow ...
02:08   pips1   what's the status with the moodle packaging ?
02:08   ogra    so there is still hope :)
02:08   ogra    pips1, moquist knows about freeze dates and works on it
02:08   pips1   ic
02:08   ogra    http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=6347
02:09   ogra    hrm
02:09   ogra    revu seems down
02:09   Riddell it is
02:09   ogra    on a side note i discovered this horrible doc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/TroubleShooting
02:09   highvoltage     ogra: I think it's down along with the other community sites (like the loco teams)
02:10   ogra    which shocked me quite a bit ...
02:10   ogra    especially:
02:10   ogra    We've found some bugs in a number of components in the Ubuntu LTSP kit, hopefully some of the developers will take a look at this page at some point and possibly integrate some of our fixes back into the mix. Until then however, below we detail how we got around some of the more interesting issues.
02:11   ogra    most of these "helpful" things are just using the defaults we use anyway ...
02:11   ogra    others like the sound hack are just utterly wrong
02:11   highvoltage     how did that get into help.ubuntu.com? and who wrote it?
02:11   ogra    it has a history
02:12   ogra    what worries me most about it is that it exists since 2006
02:12   ogra    created under the assumption "some developer will see it"
02:12   cliebow_        hmmm
02:13   highvoltage     heh, so they basically filed 'bugs' on help.ubuntu.com. how bizzarre.
02:13   ogra    which i didnt until someone asked me about it in support this week
02:13   ogra    a) they filed bugs in the wiki
02:13   ogra    b) they gave wronmg solutions
02:13   ogra    (which is not remarkable since no dev ever saw that page :P)
02:15   ogra    i'm not sure what top do with that page now ... i dont want to wipe others work ... in bug reports i would have responded to tehm properly ...
02:15   cliebow_        perhaps a disclaimer??
02:15   ogra    yeah
02:16   highvoltage     ogra: well, it's clearly not of much use, shouldn't it just be deleted with a reference to the correct documentation?
02:16   ogra    hmm, probably
02:17   ogra    but i'd also like to prevent such stuff from happening somehow
02:18   highvoltage     I thought there was some kind of process for moving pages to help.ubuntu.com from the wiki
02:18   ogra    we need to make launchpad more prominent in the community somehow
02:19   highvoltage     ogra: for support?
02:19   highvoltage     oh, and for bugs, of course
02:19   ogra    yeah
02:19   ogra    bugs mostly
=== RichEd thinks that a clear way of moving / guiding and advising what can be found where will be useful
02:20   ogra    all ltsp devs are autosubscribed to the ltsp bugs now ... so proper bugfiling gains better answers indeed
02:20   RichEd  (which sites) it is a bit confusing for some people
02:20   cliebow_        be nice to make an obvious index
02:21   ogra    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+filebug is the general ltsp bug url ...
02:22   pips1   yes, and the wikis are open... for wikipedia, I think there is always at least one person who "claims" a topic, but in technical documentation, people don't feel attached / "own" an article. at best, the write it down and forget it... :-/
02:22   ogra    well, i'm subscribed to UbuntuLTSP on help.ubunru.com
02:23   ogra    but that page wasnt added to the index ever
02:23   pips1   wiki = low barrier for entry, but no real quality control either..
02:23   ogra    (index being https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP in that case)
02:24   pips1   i.e. you can't guarantee that someone applies the proper tag (UbuntuLTSP)
02:24   ogra    pips1, well, h.u.c is just a wiki as well
02:25   pips1   doesn't h.u.c have locked pages... erm, no, different altogehter... i thought it was static html pages created from versioned docbook files?
02:25   ogra    might be, but apparently every ubuntu member can edit it ...
02:26   ogra    it == content
02:26   pips1   ah
02:26   ogra    for me it doesnt behave differently than the wiki while using it
02:27   highvoltage     that's interesting, I thought only docteam members could. I just logged in to doc.ubuntu.com for the first time and noticed I can edit. that's quite cool.
02:27   pips1   right, you are talking about the 'community' part of help.ubuntu.com...
02:27   pips1   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/
02:27   ogra    rigth
02:27   pips1   oh, they must have changed that?
02:28   pips1   I didn't know that any person can edit h.u.c/community ... I only thought that only doc.u.c is editable by anyone
02:29   ogra    i wonder what makes it different to wiki.u.c then ...
02:29   ogra    its the same but different url ... so we have two places for docs
02:30   pips1   doc.u.c is supposed to be the drafting place for documentation and help.u.c the "approved" documentation...?!
02:30   ogra    well
02:30   ogra    h.u.c/comminty == second wiki.u.c
02:31   ogra    *community
02:31   ogra    thats just scattering info over various places ...
02:31   ogra    anyway, lets not hold up the meeting with that now
02:32   ogra    tech done (in case nobody has questions)
02:32   RichEd  artwork ... any progress with our new volunteer ?
02:32   ogra    she seems not here
02:33   RichEd  she's based in the US ... so I think the other meeting time is better for her
02:33   RichEd  we'll check next week ...
02:34   RichEd  documentation ?
02:35   RichEd  anyone ?
02:36   highvoltage     nothing I can think of
02:36   RichEd  okay ... pips1 any web site / community items for today ?
02:37   RichEd  from my side, on a bizarre community related note ... Bill Hilf (head of Open Source at MSFT) has mailed me after meeting (bumping into) Mark Shuttleworth at OSCON in Portland.
02:38   pips1   RichEd nothing except for the update i told you about already
02:38   RichEd  he wants a call & a chat to see how we can collaborate ...
=== RichEd will chat to him, but will be very wary ... and cautious
02:38   cliebow_        MSFT:that what i think it might be?
02:39   pips1   what is the FT part?
02:39   RichEd  indeed mr cliebow_
02:39   cliebow_        8~)
02:39   RichEd  that's the stock exchange abbreviation ...
02:39   pips1   oh ic
02:39   RichEd  so I use it as better than quoting the full name ... and not as emotiona as all the M$ approach
02:40   RichEd  *emotional
02:40   RichEd  ---
02:40   RichEd  On a final note from my side:
02:40   RichEd  to fill the others in on the discussion last week:
02:40   RichEd  We're more or less agreed to separate the original 2 hour meeting as per the mail lists:
02:40   RichEd  into edubuntu-devel and edubuntu-users ...
02:40   RichEd  LaserJock has been making good suggestions ...
02:41   RichEd  we're still haggling about
02:41   RichEd  * how long each meeting needs to be
02:41   RichEd  * the exact agenda points
02:41   highvoltage     RichEd: I've been wondering, have you ever considered an education meeting too?
02:41   RichEd  highvoltage: the users will be education
02:41   highvoltage     ok
02:41   RichEd  it will have "using Edubuntu" topics
02:41   RichEd  as well as "teaching / content" etc
=== RichEd needs to get a wiki page up for discussion ... but I missed that for this week
02:42   RichEd  will try to get it up over the weekend
02:42   RichEd  (for the new agenda ... with items to prompt discussion)
02:42   RichEd  we'll try out the new structure next week ... i'll separate the meetings on the fridge schedule along with new agenda page
02:42   RichEd  we'll also announce each meeting each week, and call for discussion topics
02:42   RichEd  especially the user meeting
02:42   RichEd  LaserJock suggests we have a weekly problems and suggestions slot in the user-meeting to get feedback and direction
02:42   RichEd  and get the user community to feel that we care about their issues, and listen
02:43   RichEd  and also encourage schools / teachers to create shared projects ...
02:43   RichEd  and help with our communit needs
02:43   RichEd  *community
02:43   RichEd  ^ comments
02:43   RichEd  ^ suggestions ?
02:44   cliebow_        moodle support is a big step that way
02:44   RichEd  I'm happy to put this into a mail and send to the two mailing lists
02:44   RichEd  ---
02:44   RichEd  that's all from me for today
02:45   RichEd  anyone else with topics ? or agenda items ?
02:45   RichEd  if not we can wrap and allow ogra to get back to his tribe issue
02:45   highvoltage     nope, except that if anyone needs me for anything, please send me a message, and I'll try to help.
02:45   ogra    help testing ! (in case i ever get the iso working proper)
02:45   pips1   RichEd: nothing for the meeting, note, I'll send you that email about the update in a sec
02:45   highvoltage     ogra: righto
02:46   highvoltage     ogra: if an iso works, please ping me, I have good bandwidth now and can sync quite easily
02:46   RichEd  ogra: I'm busy setting up that test notebook next to me now ... so I can help
02:46   ogra    cool !
=== RichEd is having screen issues :(
02:46   RichEd  old mecer
02:47   ogra    i'll send a ping to #edubuntu if i have something working
02:47   RichEd  --- going once then
02:47   RichEd  --- going twice then
02:47   highvoltage     *BONG*
02:47   RichEd  thrice ...
02:47   RichEd  thanks all
02:47   ogra    RichEd, i bet gutsy would solve the screen issues ... new intel drivers all over there


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