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Meeting August 15, 2007

This is the Edubuntu Team Meeting, started on 15 August 2007, 20H00 - 22H00.



  • Technical
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Documentation
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Art Work
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Web Sites
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Community
    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Management & Planning

    • Progress over past week
    • Issues/ Blocks
    • Planned Activities for coming week
  • Any other Matters Arising


  • Technical
    • ogra noted that there isn't much more involved than maintaining seeds, building metapackages and ask for iso rebuilds.
    • Spec's for Tribe 5:
      1. Translated into C: check
      2. Eliminated delayed mounter: check.
      3. Greeter: check.
      4. Selectable lang, session, and host: check.
      5. Fixed up some server side things for handling multi-hosts: check.
      6. Better password handling: check.
      7. i18n: added tonight (ogra: don't know if I did it right).
    • ogra noted that ldm finally will be translatable.
    • ogra noted that LaserJocks changes are now in the server-addon CD, we still need icons.

    • ACTION: ogra needs to copy icons as well as the .desktop and .directory files for the seeds.

    • stgraber noted that he'll have a working version of the reworked TCM by the end of the week.

    • pips1: what about schooltool, will it be included by default? ogra noted that it won't be right now, but will be included in a later release.
    • Update on Willow: ogra noted nothing as we require developers.
  • Artwork
  • Websites
    • pips1 noted that there has been no changes.
  • Community
  • Planning
    • ACTION: RichEd to split Meeting Agenda(hour meeting for edubuntu-devel and an hour for edubuntu-users) and mail to the lists.

Any Other Business

  • None reported.

IRC Logs

10:05   RichEd  back ...
10:06   RichEd  ogra kicks off with technical
10:06   ogra    well, tribe 4 is out ... it was a heavy baby to raise this time ...
10:06   LaserJock       \o/
10:07   ogra    took me quite some time to make the CDs work at all this time
10:07   ogra    lots and lots of thanks go to LaserJock who took care for the live CDs
10:07   LaserJock       it was fun
10:07   ogra    and was well done :)
10:08   LaserJock       well, it made it anyway
10:08   ogra    i wouldnt have managed tribe 4 without you, kudos, really
10:08   LaserJock       blah
10:08   LaserJock       I just help where I can :-)
10:08   LaserJock       I can't do the real stuff like ogra
10:09   jono    hey pips1
10:09   ogra    LaserJock, there isnt much more involved than maintaining seeds, building metaoackages and ask for iso rebuilds
10:10   ogra    no magic anymore :)
10:10   ogra    anyway, beyond that scott (who went camping with his family today) wroked his ass off to get ldm2 complete before feature freeze
10:11   ogra    i'm working on merging his last changes before tomorrow
10:11   LaserJock       three cheers for Scotty
10:11   ogra    yeah
10:11   ogra    i havent gotten his stuff building yet though
10:11   ogra    will keep me busy tomorrow
10:11   LaserJock       it sounds great though
10:12   ogra    yeah, its all complete
10:12   LaserJock       really what people are needing
10:12   LaserJock       how are the spec doing as we head to Tribe 5?
10:12   ogra    a list of features (c&p from a mail from scott):
10:12   ogra    1) Translated into C: check
10:12   ogra    2) Eliminated delayed mounter: check.
10:12   ogra    3) Greeter: check.
10:12   ogra    4) Selectable lang, session, and host: check.
10:12   ogra    5) Fixed up some server side things for handling multi-hosts: check.
10:12   ogra    6) Better password handling: check.
10:12   ogra    7) i18n: added tonight (don't know if I did it right)
10:12   ogra    sooo
10:13   ogra    ldm finally will be translatable, it has proper error messages now, we support multiple application servers to log in to and its a lot speedier ...
10:13   ogra    oh, and we have autologin and unencrypted X transport ....
10:14   ogra    not perfect yet but looots better than any ldm before
10:14   LaserJock       \o/
10:15   ogra    i merged some other fixes, we now support serial lcd touchpads (in some industrial PCs)
10:16   ogra    oh, he's here ....
10:16   ogra    toonix wrote an article for the german linux magazin about ltsp ...
10:17   ogra    everybody take a bow
10:17   toonix  whoops
10:17   ogra    ;)
10:17   LaserJock       toonix: cool
10:18   toonix  Well, I hope it's cool ;)
10:19   LaserJock       well, I don't know german so I can't say it's not anyway ;-)
10:19   ogra    LaserJocks changes are now in the server-addon CD, we still need icons, if you have a spare Gb of bandwith, try it out and do some testing of the UI changes and give feedback to the mailing list or irc
10:20   LaserJock       btw, to test the menu anyway, you don't have to have gutsy
10:21   ogra    feature freeze is tomorrow (as well as upstream version freeze) i havent heard anything from moquist about moodle yet :/
10:21   LaserJock       it should work in any Feisty or Gutsy Ubuntu or Edubuntu machine
10:21   ogra    LaserJock, did you ?
10:21   pips1   toonix: nice nick :-)
10:21   LaserJock       nope
10:21   LaserJock       I'm pretty sure we can get a UVF exception for it
10:21   ogra    i hope so
10:21   ogra    pitti will be on hneymoon
10:21   LaserJock       how hard is feature freeze for the Addon CD
10:21   LaserJock       I was going to try to get a few more apps on
10:22   ogra    as hard as always ...
10:22   pips1   re moodle :-/
10:22   toonix  Normally I call myself Tunix, but this nick is already occupied by someone at FreeNode.
10:22   ogra    no freeze without exceptions ....
10:22   ogra    its just a lot of paperwork
10:22   LaserJock       ogra: but does a new app on the Addon CD count as  a Feature? I'm a bit fuzzy on what counts
10:23   ogra    nah, i dont think you can call that a feature
10:23   pips1   interesting
10:23   ogra    adding a new category for it to teh code might be one
10:23   LaserJock       oh interesting
10:23   ogra    but thats would be small enough to easily get an exception
10:24   LaserJock       no, I don't think categories should change
10:24   LaserJock       I think the ones I wanted were still Science/Math
10:24   LaserJock       I might need to get debian-cd patched to get the icons
10:24   LaserJock       I suppose I should do that ASAP
10:25   ogra    how big is that patch ?
10:25   LaserJock       very small
10:25   LaserJock       just a cp
10:25   ogra    trivial enough ...
10:26   LaserJock       I've already got debian-cd to use the app-install-data-edubuntu .deb
10:26   LaserJock       I just need it to copy icons as well as the .desktop and .directory files
10:26   ogra    oh, remind me to add that to the seeds
10:26   LaserJock       that's only if we use new icons
10:27   LaserJock       if we use existing icons (say from one of the apps) we don't need it
10:28   ogra    well, we still have enough time until final artwork freeze ...
10:28   ogra    (and even then ... its a bugfix)
10:28   LaserJock       mhm
10:28   LaserJock       so I'm pretty set
10:28   LaserJock       I've marked the spec as Beta Available
10:28   LaserJock       I didn't get to dynamic menus :(
10:29   ogra    right, i'll go through the specs on the weekend and set the latest status
10:29   LaserJock       but I think I'll start work on it soon so that it'll be ready to go for Gutsy+1
10:29   ogra    that'd be cool
10:30   ogra    i have a good bunch left from this round but LTSP got new blood at ubuntulive ... :)
10:30   ogra    Francis Giraldeau is caring for clustering solutions etc
10:30   ogra    he did mille-xterm before
10:31   ogra    a solution built around ltsp with clustering for really big setups in universities etc
10:31   ogra    i hope we can offer such a solution inside ltsp with gutsy+1
10:32   pips1   nice one
10:33   ogra    there was also a guy who is very intrested in implementing fat clients for us, i'm still not done writing the basic howto for him to get him started (lack of time) but will do so the next days
10:33   ogra    with the planned authentication server the server team wants to have in gutsy+1 we hopefully will have fat clients then as well
10:34   LaserJock       awesome
10:34   stgraber        main thing would be to have some kind of scp-client working on a fat client, that'd allow easier management of mixed environment with both fat and thin clients
10:34   ogra    stgraber, i'm pondering to switch to italc ....
10:34   pips1   re network-auth for gutsy+1 fingers crossed
10:35   ogra    it would need ltsp5 integration which doesnt exist yet
10:35   stgraber        (btw, hi here :))
10:35   LaserJock       ogra: is italc the gambas one?
10:35   pips1   hey stgraber, you nastly lurker, you!
10:35   ogra    stgraber, italc is what guadalinex uses everywhere ... but its a bit scary security wise ...
10:35   pips1   :-)
10:35   ogra    LaserJock, nope ...
10:35   stgraber        oh, I didn't know of that tool, looks great (as always I only looked at the screenshots :))
10:35   ogra    LaserJock, its in the archive
10:36   LaserJock       openSUSE wants italic (I've been checking out the Edu efforts)
10:36   ogra    and provides pretty much what SCP does ...
10:36   LaserJock       but they also want webmin so ...
10:36   pips1   ogra: I'm surprised about your italc change of mind...
10:36   ogra    it has the advantage of not being bound to a speific setup ...
10:36   ogra    pips1, the code quality didnt get better
10:37   ogra    but teh tour at guadalinex was pretty impressive
10:37   pips1   aha
10:37   pips1   ic
10:37   pips1   i didn't realise they are using it
10:38   ogra    its what the teacher uses to control the classroom
10:38   stgraber        this italc tool seems to be pretty similar as what the school I'm setting up my edubuntu network at are using on Windows (they are using Genevalogic Vision 6 (was Mastereye))
10:39   ogra    thin client manager was always planned as a small tool for single ltsp servers to maintain sessions ...
10:39   pips1   i noticed people asking for the SCP features on the mailing list... dave trask trying to get the VNC stuff to work...
10:39   ogra    currently i dont like the way it goes, it seems to develop bloat ....
10:39   ogra    yeah, after feature freeze i'll concentrate on bugs
10:39   ogra    i'll look what we can do with vnc
10:40   ogra    stgraber started some work on a vnc tool ...
10:40   stgraber        looking at how the Windows tools are working, we'll have some problem with VNC and demo mode
10:40   stgraber        Windows tools are using broadcasting
10:40   stgraber        where we have to use unicast ...
10:41   ogra    and brought me to a simple script that doesnt generate much load to have small screenshots of every screen ...
10:41   ogra    i think i'll switch TCM to this for the preview ...
10:41   stgraber        ogra: btw, I have a little problem with your script :), it freezes the screen while taking the screenshot :)
10:41   ogra    i'm not sure we can get vnc in the client by defaul
10:41   ogra    stgraber, for a millisecond, yes
10:42   ogra    that xwd's fault
10:42   ogra    so manually installing x111vnc might still be necessary
10:42   ogra    *x11
10:43   ogra    i'll look if that can be solved somehow ...
10:44   ogra    ok, i think thats all from my side today ...
10:44   ogra    questions ?
10:44   stgraber        btw, I'll have a working version of my reworked TCM by the end of the week (as it's my deadline for the school I'm testing it at)
10:45   ogra    stgraber, oh, you didnt say you work *on* TCM ... i thought you developed something new ...
10:45   ogra    thats cool
10:45   pips1   ogra: what about schooltool, will it be included by default?
10:45   stgraber        weel, due to the massive UI change I've started at zero and copy/paste some stuff from the current tcm
10:46   stgraber        (proccess management for instance)
10:46   ogra    pips1, oh, thanks for asking
10:46   ogra    no
10:46   ogra    the only schooltool packages we could use need the latest alpha version of zope
10:46   stgraber        (and I use the studentcontrolpanel python thing to access the userlist and all other actions
10:46   stgraber        )
10:47   pips1   ogra: ic
10:47   ogra    which we cant add ...
10:47   ogra    so it will have to wait another release :(
10:47   ogra    stgraber, ah, so its rather a rewrite
10:48   stgraber        yes
10:49   pips1   ogra: oh, btw, what is the state of affairs regarding willow? has that progressed?
10:49   pips1   i mean upstream
10:50   pips1   sorry, this is rather off topic
10:51   LaserJock       pips1: I think Amaranth is gone on to compiz heaven ;-)
10:51   pips1   oh
10:52   ogra_   grr
10:52   ogra_   <ogra> stgraber, ah, so its rather a rewrite
10:52   ogra_   <stgraber> yes
10:52   ogra_   ^^^ the last bit i saw
10:52   pips1   <pips1> ogra: oh, btw, what is the state of affairs regarding willow? has that progressed?
10:52   pips1   <pips1> i mean upstream
10:52   pips1   <pips1> sorry, this is rather off topic
10:52   pips1   <LaserJock> pips1: I think Amaranth is gone on to compiz heaven ;-)
10:53   ogra_   pips1, what LaserJock said
10:53   ogra_   pips1, we're clearly lacking developers
10:54   pips1   hmm
10:56   ogra_   baltix ?
10:56   LaserJock       maybe we should let them write it then ;-)
10:57   ogra_   well, target is dapper
10:57   ogra_   and it was created more than a year ago
10:58   ogra_   if someone is intrested in it they are free to take the willowng package
10:58   ogra_   its only missing some pieces actually
10:58   ogra_   but anyway, our hour is up ...
10:59   LaserJock       lots got done and there is lots yet to do! \o/
10:59   ogra_   yeah, heh
10:59   ogra_   and gutsy will rock
11:00   RichEd  Artwork ...
11:00   RichEd  Our volunteer sent me a mail this week ... thanking LaserJock for his help
11:00   RichEd  and a sample 1st effort that you can see here:
11:00   RichEd  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Volunteer
11:01   RichEd  She would like some comments on her first effort.
11:01   ogra    its a great start ...
11:01   LaserJock       oh, that's nifty
11:01   pips1   how do we comment?
11:01   pips1   is she here?
11:01   LaserJock       you can edit the wiki page I imagine
11:01   RichEd  I'm going to try to hook her up with cbx33 for guidance ... she felt a bit bad taking LaserJock's time when he is more of a "coding person"
11:02   RichEd  add comments to the wiki page pips1 ...
11:02   pips1   ok
11:02   ogra    pips1, she's jillc
11:02   RichEd  I hope she will attend one of the next meetings ...
11:02   ogra    (and not here atm)
11:03   LaserJock       RichEd: I don't mind either, but I'm not much of an artist
11:03   RichEd  I like the sample myself ... the quality is certainly decent ... and I think if we put her onto a specific task with a "spec" she would be able to be a help
11:04   LaserJock       we need to make sure it works well as a wallpaper
11:04   RichEd  LaserJock: that's where I think pete will be able to help out with guidance ...
11:04   ogra    yeah needs a bit more abstraction
11:05   LaserJock       ogra: I agree
11:05   RichEd  comments like that would be good for the wiki page, and then I can mail her the link
11:05   ogra    RichEd, well, i dont want her to struggle with procedures, she shall do artwork
11:05   LaserJock       it gets busy when there is a "real" looking desktop
11:05   ogra    for now i'm fine to act as proxy for pics
11:06   RichEd  LaserJock: agreed on the above ... for a default ship wallpaper, "muted" graphics work best to avoid "eye clutter"
11:06   RichEd  but i think that kids would dig the sort of thing she has provided as an optional choice
11:06   ogra    yeah
11:07   LaserJock       I think the key is to get a good number of choices
11:07   LaserJock       not perfection first round
11:07   LaserJock       then she can refine them with feedback
11:07   RichEd  For attempt #1 ... I think a fine effort
11:07   ogra    thats definately a good starter for the kids desktop ...
11:07   RichEd  What default wallpaper will 7.10 ship with ?
11:07   RichEd  ogra ?
11:07   LaserJock       I hate for her to go through all the trouble to get it perfect and then have  use "well, I was really thinking ..."
11:08   ogra    RichEd, abstract, somewhat educational
11:08   ogra    RichEd, apparently everybody loved the edgy wallpaper
11:08   RichEd  do we have a viewable sample ? so that I can show her ?
11:08   ogra    so we should probably try to go that way
11:08   RichEd  of gutsy ?
11:09   RichEd  I'll try to get a page up with all of the defaults we've shipped ... to show her the "abstract" concept (of such a page does not exist)
11:10   RichEd  okay moving on ... to WebSites
11:10   RichEd  pips1: any comments ? news ?
11:11   pips1   well, none, I'm afraid. I've been busy with my day job non-stop
11:12   RichEd  okay :) we understand
11:12   RichEd  and community ?
11:13   RichEd  LaserJock: do you want to mention the fridge story you are putting up ?
11:13   LaserJock       well, check out Fridge
11:13   LaserJock       :-)
11:14   LaserJock       it's an interesting project FOSSCom and Ubuntu Education are doing
11:14   LaserJock       about how formal education might learn from FLOSS
11:14   LaserJock       kinda "hackers turned education research subjects" sound ;-)
11:14   RichEd  that comment is about FLOSSCom ... the project about taking the lessons of Open Source developement collaboration ... and extending into other general education areas
11:15   RichEd  they are hosting a summer university ... and are using Launchpad and the Ubuntu wiki for hosting projects and info
11:15   RichEd  check out the fridge for more ... LaserJock does the story have a link to the ubuntu wiki page ?
11:16   pips1   no, but to launchpad project
11:16   LaserJock       hmm, it does to the list of meeting
11:16   LaserJock       s
11:16   pips1   ah, correct
11:16   LaserJock       but it does to Launchpad and FOSSCom website
11:17   RichEd  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FLOSSCom
11:17   RichEd  ...
11:18   RichEd  And finally on the Planning Topic ... I still need to split the meeting agenda's and mail out to the lists
11:18   RichEd  Just a comment to LaserJock regarding our discussion 2 weeks ago ...
11:18   pips1   I think the links in the announcement work well ... I vaguely remember recommending Andreas NOT to link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FLOSSCom directly, because the information there is a bit overwhelming
11:19   RichEd  tonight used up a full hour for tech ...
11:19   RichEd  (^ pips1 makes sense)
11:19   RichEd  So I think an hour meeting for edubuntu-devel and an hour for edubuntu-users is not unreasonable
11:19   RichEd  ---
11:20   LaserJock       RichEd: well, we didn't at all go according to the new scheme either ;-)
11:20   LaserJock       but point taken
11:20   RichEd  Any other topics anyone else wants to raise for tonight ?
11:21   RichEd  ogra: any other points / discussions ?
11:21   ogra    not really ...
11:21   RichEd  going once ...
11:22   LaserJock       nope
11:22   LaserJock       go for it
11:22   RichEd  going twice ...
11:22   RichEd  ! BONG !
11:22   ubotu   Sorry, I don't know anything about bong ! - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi
11:22   RichEd  thanks all
11:22   ogra    thanks :)
11:22   ogra    yay, bed ....
11:22   pips1   LOL about ubuntu
11:23   pips1   LOL about ubotu
11:23   pips1   I meant
11:23   pips1   good night
11:23   RichEd  ubotu does not know want a bong is ... he clearly was not a student ;)
11:23   ogra    night
11:23   RichEd  night all


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