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Meeting September 5, 2007

This is the Edubuntu Team Meeting, started on 05 September 2007, 12H00 - 14H00 (Etc/GMT).


  • ogra
  • RichEd

  • Kamping_Kaiser
  • pips1


  • Technical
    • Where are we in the development cycle:
      1. What was the last deadline?
      2. What is the next deadline ?
    • Progress over the last week?
    • Items needing to be sorted out for the next deadline.
    • Issues needing assistance for the next deadline.
    • Any Other Items under Artwork.
    • Any Other Items under Documentation.
    • Planned Activities for coming week.


Any Other Business

  • None reported.

IRC Logs

02:02   RichEd  ogra ... you ready to go with technical report ?
02:04   ogra    sorry i didnt prepare anything (i have about 10h to fix bug 121547 and am under heavy pressure atm)
02:04   ubotu   Launchpad bug 121547 in ltsp "[Gutsy]  LTSP chroot building process hangs at 50% on Tribe1 CD" [Low,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/121547
02:04   RichEd  pips1: fine ... it will mainly be a short tech report ... oliver is in debug mode ... and I have another appointment soon
02:04   ogra    i'll try to do it on the fly
02:04   ogra    next milestone is beta release
02:04   ogra    (sept 27th=
02:04   ogra    )
02:05   ogra    stuff to be solved is the artwork (i think we got that, needs packaging but thats trivial)
02:05   ogra    bug 121547
02:05   ubotu   Launchpad bug 121547 in ltsp "[Gutsy]  LTSP chroot building process hangs at 50% on Tribe1 CD" [Low,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/121547
02:05   ogra    and some smaller stuff (i.e. non critical bugs)
02:05   ogra    ltspfs needs some updates sbalneav already prepared (a security fix)
02:06   ogra    most of that stuff can happen during the next weeks, only the installer bug is high prio on my desk atm (its very very tricky and more so its very time consuming to test changes)
02:07   ogra    scott is very busy on the doc front atm and uses his PPA for daily debs with the changes
02:11   RichEd  hi karl
02:11   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, hi mate
02:11   Kamping_Kaiser  just noticed the meeting call :$
02:13   RichEd  ogra: is that it from you ?
02:13   ogra    right
02:13   ogra    beyond that we have new artwork :)
02:13   ogra    please comment on the wikipage as usual
02:14   RichEd  let me get the link
02:14   RichEd  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Volunteer
02:14   ogra    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Volunteer
02:14   ogra    first ! :)
02:14   RichEd  looks like we are going with Edubuntu_global-sept307b.png as default
02:14   ogra    yeah
02:14   RichEd  so make your comments now if you want changes :)
02:15   ogra    unless someone heavily objects
02:16   RichEd  also let us know which of the others should go onto the CD as optional choices
02:16   ogra    the wiredubuntu one would make a beautiful usplash artwork ... but i wont have time to take care for that
02:16   ogra    that would be up to kwwii
02:16   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, my only question with that is the english on the image
02:16   RichEd  ogra: what needs to be done to get that right ? can anyone else help ?
02:16   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: let me look again ...
02:16   ogra    Kamping_Kaiser, better than german or italian :)
02:17   ogra    Kamping_Kaiser, what would you suggest? latin ?
02:17   Kamping_Kaiser  ogra, latin has class ;)
02:17   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: not sure ... I can ask the artist if you are interested
02:17   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: sure ... but is it relevant for modern kids ?
02:17   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, just a thought
02:18   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: I'll ask where she got the text from ...
02:18   pips1   well, there is already lots of latin text, if you noticed :-)
02:18   ogra    make a comment on the page :)
02:18   RichEd  the olde style writing is very nice methinks
02:18   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, i object to having <random culture> forced on me... i'm sure others do as well.
02:18   Kamping_Kaiser  ogra, ok
02:18   pips1   the only english text is "cell membrane" and "cell wall"
02:19   ogra    Kamping_Kaiser, but latin might be better, suggest it :)
02:19   RichEd  should we offer wallpapers in different languages ?
02:19   RichEd  :)
02:19   ogra    ugh
02:19   Kamping_Kaiser  lol
02:19   ogra    thats possible with svg though
02:19   pips1   and there is a greek symbol too.. pi
02:19   Kamping_Kaiser  localise it on the fly
02:19   ogra    you can embed translations
02:19   ogra    Kamping_Kaiser, dont laugh, its a cool concept :)
02:20   pips1   the whole artwork really says western scientific tradition.. :-)
02:20   ogra    oh, as you all might have noticed, there wont be a tribe 6 CD
02:20   ogra    and no freeze is going on
02:20   pips1   renaissance
02:20   ogra    beyond that we work *as if* there was a tribe 6 CD
02:20   Kamping_Kaiser  ogra, ii'm only half joking
02:21   ogra    (thats why i am so focused on the milestoned tribe6 bug)
02:21   pips1   Kamping_Kaiser: all art is rooted in culture
02:22   pips1   Kamping_Kaiser: are you suggesting we should have a 100% culturally free artwork?
02:22   Kamping_Kaiser  pips1, no.
02:22   pips1   :-)
02:22   Kamping_Kaiser  i'm aware of art+cultures links.
02:23   Kamping_Kaiser  its just there are some i like to be involve with/exposed to more then others
02:23   pips1   I'm sure you are, just pulling your leg
02:24   Kamping_Kaiser  not sure this is culture, but i'm wearing a powercalbe as a decoration ;)
02:25   RichEd  Kamping_Kaiser: well from your side ... why not try to find someone who can do us some maori art ?
02:25   pips1   ogra: what did you mean by "no freeze is going on"?
02:27   ogra    pips1, we can upload to the archive all the time
02:27   ogra    its not frozen for iso building
02:27   ogra    that makes bugfixing a lot easier
02:27   Kamping_Kaiser  RichEd, not sure, i certainly dont have any links in that area
02:28   pips1   ogra: ic, thanks for explanation
02:34   pips1   ogra: good luck with the bug fixing!ng
02:34   pips1   I got to go...
02:34   RichEd  ogra: any more from you ?
02:34   ogra    if nobody has additional questions i'll go back to fighting with debconf
02:35   RichEd  issues or questions anyone ?
02:35   RichEd  okay ... going once
02:35   Kamping_Kaiser  cant think of any
02:35   RichEd  okay ... going twice
02:36   RichEd  thats a wrap then
02:36   RichEd  thanks
02:36   ogra    :)
02:36   ogra    that was a quick one :)
02:37   RichEd  not many people here ... hence less discussion

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