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Meeting July 17, 2009

Minutes of Edubuntu Meeting at 19:00 UTC, 16 July 2009 on #ubuntu-meeting.


  • LaserJock (Jordan Mantha)

  • Lns (Jordan Ericksson)
  • alkisg (Alkis Georgopoulos)
  • ball (Andy Ball)
  • sbalneav (Scott Balneaves)
  • dgroos (David Groos)
  • highvoltage (Jonathan Carter)
  • mhall119|work (Michael Hall)
  • Michelle_Qimo (Michelle Hall)


  1. Edubuntu Website
  2. Monthly Team Reports
  3. Weekly Updates
  4. General Discussion
  5. Next Meeting Time
  6. Post-meeting Discussion on #edubuntu

1. Edubuntu Website

  • Phillip Schroder has indicated that he won't have any more time to work on website
  • Content needs to be divided in archive and current, for example, there should be a /ReleaseNotes and /8.04/ReleaseNotes, /8.10/ReleaseNotes, etc. Archived documentation that are release-specific can live inside that distribution's namespace

  • Archive content should have a subtle warning banner indicating that the page relates to an older version of Edubuntu
  • Contact members of the edubuntu-website team and get them involved.

2. Monthly Team Reports

  • As an Ubuntu team, we must start submitting monthly reports based on our activities
  • https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports has more information on team reports

  • Monthly reports will be built from reports at weekly meetings and mailing list reports

3. Weekly Updates


  • Scott has received feedback from 5 users on Sabyon, it works for 3 users and not for the other 2, big improvement from getting feedback from 0 users
  • LTSP upstream handbook now up to 84 pages, Edubuntu handbook will be updated from there
  • LTSP doc is in need of internationalisation, contact Scott if you're interested in helping out, especially if you have some Yelp experience

4. General Discussion

  • Michael and Michelle Hall from Qimo joined the meeting and we had a brief discussion on getting Qimo packages into Ubuntu
  • Jonathan will work with Michael to get the Qimo desktop setup from a skeleton home directory to Xfce XDG settings.
  • If possible, we'll try to ship Qimo packages on the Edubuntu disc as well.

5. Next Meeting Time

Next Scheduled Meeting:

  • Wednesday, 22 July 2009
  • 13:00 UTC (If you live in a country with DST, remember to double-check your local time)
  • #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net

6. Post-meeting discussion

We moved to #edubuntu after the meeting was adjourned for general technical discussion. Jonathan will contact Colin Watson to arrange the seeds for generating DVD install Edubuntu media.

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