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Meeting August 28, 2009

Minutes of Edubuntu Meeting at 17:00 UTC, 28 August 2009 on #ubuntu-meeting.


  • sbalneav (Scott Balneaves)
  • flint
  • ace_suares (Ace Suares)
  • alkisg (Alkis Georgopoulos)
  • Svenstaro
  • CAN-o-SPAM
  • dgroos (David Groos)

== Absent ==

  • LaserJock (Jordan Mantha)

  • Lns (Jordan Ericksson)
  • mhall119|work (Michael Hall)
  • Michelle_Qimo (Michelle Hall)
  • highvoltage (Jonathan Carter)
  • all others


1. Edubuntu Website & Wiki

  • Ace gets the go ahead to clean up the wiki
  • Obsolete teams may be contacted and possibly deleted

2. Monthly Team Reports

  • As an Ubuntu team, we must start submitting monthly reports based on our activities
  • https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports has more information on team reports

  • Monthly reports will be built from reports at weekly meetings and mailing list reports

<i> didn't happen

3. Weekly Updates

  • sbalneav: Sabayon's now in a useable state in Karmic and Jaunty. I'll work on Hardy packages.
  • sbalneav: Last night I branched the edubuntu-docs packaged, and started work on bringing the handbook up to date.

4. General Discussion

  • flint: Please note that the Barre Open Systems Institute held a Chautauqua here in Vermont last week with Dr. Walter Bender of Sugarlabs, his staff and our local organization. The result of this is the impending release of "maple" sugar for Ubuntu Jaunty. https://launchpad.net/sugar-jaunty

5. Next Meeting Time

Next Scheduled Meeting:

  • Friday, 4 Sep 2009
  • 17:00 UTC (If you live in a country with DST, remember to double-check your local time)
  • #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net
  • ace is bombarded to be the one to update the fridge and the agenda/meeting schedule

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