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Meeting September 11, 2009

Minutes of Edubuntu Meeting at 17:00 (or 18:00?) UTC, 11 September 2009 on #ubuntu-meeting.

Raw Logs



  • youcanlinux
  • ScottK
  • sbalneav
  • ogra
  • noy
  • imlad
  • highvoltage
  • alkisg
  • Ahmuck
  • ace_suares1

== Absent ==

  • who knows?


  • Weekly Reports


  • ScottK notes that sabayon got removed from Debian and there was some discussion on #ubuntu-devel today about should Ubuntu remove it too.
  • ogra doesn't like that and clarifies that we have an active maintainer who even participates upstream and just cant package (meaning sbalneav)
  • it is thought that this person/IRCnick/Email should be contacted: pitti in #ubuntu, pitti@ubuntu.com or pitti@canonical.com or Martin Pitt <martin.pitt@ubuntu.com>

  • sbalneav sent a mail to pitti.
  • Ahmuck recaptures that, if he recals correctly, sabayon was supposed to be included in karamic and then if something different that might peform the task easier and was easier to program became avaialbe a re-evalutaion would be done

Edubuntu DVD

  • some people think LaserJock is into the 'seeds' that create the new Edubuntu DVD

  • there is a DVD that people can download, but it's basically a plain Karmic DVD, without any special Edubuntu stuff.
  • It can be found here: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/dvd/current/

  • Ace has tested it in a virtualbox and it installs and runs normally
  • highvoltage is burning to have an actual edubuntu disc that we can test
  • sbalneav downloaded a DVD image last night, and is planning on testing the install before he heads out for the weekend.
  • highvoltage and colin watson requested that DVD to be build nightly
  • highvoltage alarms us that the DVD is our biggest priority atm, because if the seeds aren't finalised by the next alpha, there won't be an edubuntu 9,10.
  • the next Alpha is September 17th, 2009 - Alpha 6 release, according to http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-9-10-Release-Schedule-105924.shtml. That leaves 5 days to get the seeds right!


  • sbalneav reports that he is making some headway
  • youcanlinux introduces himself, and offers to do technical writing, among other skills
  • youcanlinux is told he could help sbalneav with the handbook or ace with the wiki


  • I have a hard time summarizing this, maybe someone else should do it.


  • one person proposes to recshedule the meeting to Wednesdays, with no specific time mentioned
  • no one reacts to that proposal

5. Next Meeting Time

Next Scheduled Meeting:

  • Friday, 18 Sep 2009
  • 17:00 UTC (If you live in a country with DST, remember to double-check your local time)
  • #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net

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