This is the proposal from Tecnocimiento gang.

Please, do provide feedback and let me know if you need some changes in concept. I am no english native speaker so edit my words whenever you see mistakes.

Info <!> Please note this work was all done using Free As In Freedom software only (Inkscape) and of course, Ubuntu/Edubuntu OS

why this design?

  • We thought of using white mainly because it represents escence, new born, purity, etc.

    • I have been told that for some cultures, 'white' is used for burials or represents death instead of new born. If this is so, then maybe it is good we're using white because it could mean that old way of teaching has been put away by this new way Edubuntu is trying to show.

  • The children rounding up the world speaks for itself, I guess.

  • Using red for CD label was just because I thought to much white would not be ok for many people, but if it were my decission, I'd go with white there, too.

PNG's (just a preview)



Warning /!\ Note that resolutions has been decreased for web only purpose.

SVG' (download and work on them)

Warning /!\ These .SVG version files keep the 'technical' text (x86) because eventhough new breezy CDs mention for your 'PC version' ogra, Pablo and I do think PC = Personal Computers, and so, that will apply for any architecture. -- MauricioHernandez 2005-11-28 18:54:59

edubuntu_CdLabelV3.svg -> 'free to copy' instead of 'free of copy' (x86)

edubuntu_CdSlipV3.svg -> idem

edubuntu_DvdLabelV3.svg -> red label (x86)

Previous/Other SVG's to play with if needed

They'll be uploaded ONLY upon request as these are unnecessary, IMHO -- MauricioHernandez 2005-11-26 12:59:14


Please feel free to provide as much feedback as you wish/need so we can consider it for potential changes on the current proposal.

(i) To provide feedback, you could add this @SIG@ to the end of your comments. That will place an automatic timestamp if you are logged in.

  • I like the cdslip, I think the cd should be more colourful - Yagisan
    • How about this version? -- MauricioHernandez 2005-11-07 23:24:15

    • I like it, the red CD looks better IMO. Also thanks for adding the CD cover text. One note, please change 'Legally free of copy..' to 'Legally free to copy...' Thanks and well done for sorting this out. Mauricio Smile :) -- JaneW 2005-11-14 09:57:15


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