• Plymouth text-fallbacks
    • Have both text and vga16 logos for fallback on non-KMS hardware
  • Split edubuntu-artwork package to edubuntu-art, edubuntu-livecd and edubuntu-settings
    • Migrate the slideshow to ubiquity-slideshow-edubuntu and have it merged inside the same source branch as the others (ubiquity-slideshow)


  • Edubuntu remote network installer
    • Basically like Live LTSP but booting the DVD, letting you install more computers from a single DVD
  • Quiet down PXELinux
    • Not really Edubuntu-specific but a good idea generally, would be interesting to poke upstream about it
  • Split LTSP packages so that scripts is not in main package
    • LP: #xxxxxx (that'll make lamont happy ;))


  • Remove less fonts at end of the installation (takes quite long currently)
    • Find a way to optimize removing of a lot of software (session/talk with Colin about that at UDS-M)
  • Move our current post-install scripts to actual ubiquity code
    • Get them translated
    • Have them use nice screenshots to show the various options Wink ;)

Packaging/seeds work


  • Edubuntu-specific translations (like ubiquity-slideshow)
    • For that specific case, it'll be solved by merging our slideshow with the "upstream" package (ubiquity-slideshow)




  • St├ęphane (stgraber) to schedule something with Colin (or a beer ? ;)) at UDS to discuss optimizing the installer
  • Jonathan (highvoltage) Group above tasks into sessions for UDS

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