A Spec defineing the procedure for imaging (cloneing) workstations in an Edubuntu environment.


A procedure is needed to have clear means of imaging a complete workstation and being able to distribute that image to other computers in a lab. A clear Edubuntu method of imaging will produce effective support from the Edubuntu community for those installing and maintaining Edubuntu lab environments.

Use cases

  1. A quick and straight forward way for a tech to setup and clone a whole lab of computers with the same image.
  2. Easily reimage a workstation who's installation have become corrupted or unusable.
  3. Image a new machine or a workstation that has a new harddrive.


The GRUB configuration would have to be amended to include a block for booting with Etherboot-PXE.

The Clonezilla package (a combination of partimage, udpcast and DRBL) should be installed, as part of an Imaging Package, during a server installation.


Each workstation would have an extra boot option in their grub menu which PXE boots the machine. The workstation would then receive a new image from a preconfigured server.

This design provides and advantage over the old Linux Cloning Howto because it provides Multicasting, control from the server, can be reconfigured without visiting every workstation.


Once the Clonezilla package is installed the administrator will have the option of creating and image from a workstation, imaging a single computer, imaging a whole lab using multicast. It provies a complete imaging solution with a simple user interface.


See DRBL Documentation.

  1. Copy the file "/tftpboot/etherboot-5.4.2/etherboot-net.zlilo" to client's directory "/boot/" in its harddisk.
  2. Append one block in the client's /boot/grub/menu.lst or /boot/grub/grub.conf (depends on your distribution) like this:
    • title Etherboot-PXE
      • kernel /boot/etherboot-net.zlilo

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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