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Currently, Edubuntu ships with the Gnome desktop environment by default. We would like to ship the Sugar environment, the netbook interface and an alternative Gnome configuration called Qimo as another alternative option. Ideally Ubiquity should present an options page with descriptions of these options that allows the user to make an educated decision quite easily.

Release Note


Alternative desktop environments could alternatively be available only in the software center, however, having it in the installer makes it more intuitive and wouldn't require much further research or reading up from the user.

Use Cases

  • Tim decides to install Edubuntu on an old computer for his 5 year old daughter. He has an Edubuntu disc handy and installs the Qimo Desktop
  • Anna installs Edubuntu on her netbook and chooses to use the netbook interface since it's more appropriate for her display
  • Jason is new to Ubuntu and Linux and wants to try out Sugar, he's able to try it out real easily by doing a quick Edubuntu installation


  • This will be implemented using a Ubiquity Plugin that essentially selects tasks for installation. Packages will be available on the disk.

UI Changes

  • An additional Ubiquity installation step will present the user with the available desktop environment options. This page will contain screenshots and descriptions of each desktop environment making it easier for the user to make a good choice.

Code Changes

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