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Edubuntu LTSP servers often have many users and the users and groups often change. Also, many LTSP servers are put into a Windows environment and user management needs to be easy in this situation.


In any Edubuntu setting, being able to manage users in on an LDAP or Active Directory server is key.

Use Cases

Jane runs an Edubuntu server in her Windows network and wants to be able to have her students login with their AD user names.

Matt is about to start a new school year and needs to import a large number of users at the start of the new year.


This will cover changing the basic user admin to control LDAP, along with two GUIs, one to setup the LDAP connection and another to do bulk import. Out of scope is the actual setup of the LDAP server, as is a more complex tool to control LDAP. The users-admin tool and the system-tools-backend tools will need to be patched in order to talk to an LDAP or AD backend. A second tool will also need to be written in order to setup the LDAP connection. A third tool will be for mass import of users into an AD or LDAP directory.


There are three pieces of work:

  • system-tools-backend change to allow users-admin to admin network users, which will display users from LDAP/AD users if a server is configured in the 2nd capplet and local users if not
  • a new capplet in the System->Administration menu that lets us select the ldap server to manage which will use gnome-keyring of the local admin user to encrypt and save the credentials for the ldap servers admin user.

  • a bulk import tool should be added to import csv (should not be "in your face" since we likely only use it once a year if the school year starts for example)


The system-tools-backend work will need to be in perl, as it is written in that language. The two new tools will be written in Python and GTK. All tools will be in the System > Administration menu. Adding a user will add it to the LDAP directory, whether it is a single user via users-admin or multiple via the CSV import tool.

Outstanding Issues

Contact with upstream for system-tools-backends should be made in order to make certain that the patch to system-tools-backend will be accepted by them.

BoF agenda and discussion

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