Since Edubuntu has been established as a project, it has relied on contributions from individuals and companies to survive. Canonical has been recognised as the primary sponsor of the project, having sponsored employee time in the form of engineering and project management, sponsorship to UDS, hosting, build services, media distribution and more. Canonical is an important part of the Edubuntu eco-system and we wish to continue that relationship.

Additionally, Edubuntu has also received sponsorship from outside of Canonical. We wish to set up structure to recognise contributions from other companies to the project and provide credit where it's due to the organisations that make Edubuntu possible.

By building a better relationship with our sponsors, we wish to improve the sustainability of the project and grow it further.


  • Recognised project sponsors will receive a page on the Edubuntu website listing their contributions past and present.
  • A link with the company logo will be displayed from the project home page.
  • An official project sponsor may also state that they are an Edubuntu sponsor on their organisation website.


Factors that contribute for consideration for sponsorship regocnition:

  • Development time
  • Relevant hardware donations
  • Covering travel / accomodation costs
  • Other in-kind contributions

Edubuntu can not accept the following type of sponsorship:

  • Monetary donations, we're not set up as a formalised organisation
  • Old hardware that are meant to go to schools, we can only accept hardware meant for hardware enablement or for experimental purposes


The Edubuntu Council will vote on whether an organisation is eligable for recognised sponsorship. The Edubuntu Council will review the current state of sponsors annually and if a sponsor is no longer active, they will be moved to an archive page of previous sponsors. A link to the page of previous sponsors will be made available from the front page.

Sponsors will be contacted before the review phase to assess whether they are interested in renewing any current sponsorship or would like to persue any new sponsorship opportunities.

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